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"astatine island" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"From NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. US terrorists have taken effect on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods imported to the US. But NPR's rob Schmitz reports that surprisingly Beijing has held back from immediately retaliating shortly after the US raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports. Beijing promise to retaliate, but it's held its fire. China's delayed reaction is a departure from past rounds of tariffs when it would retaliate immediately with like for like measures analysts have surmised that Beijing is taking its time to weigh options amid uncertainty over how the Chinese economy would weather a full on trade war the Trump administration. Raise tariffs last Friday after accusing Beijing of backtracking on already made agreements of a draft trade deal. President Trump also ordered his staff to begin paperwork to impose tariffs on the remaining three hundred billion dollars worth of everything else. China sells to the US Asian Mark. Were slightly down on Monday on the trade war news. Rob Schmitz, NPR news Shanghai. United Arab Emirates says four ships have been damaged off its coast, the Saudi government says two of them were Saudi owned oil tankers and claims they were sabotaged the tankers were passing between the Arabian peninsula, and Ron the BBC's. Warren bull reports the Saudi energy minister colored I'll follow said the attacks of the Emirates of Jetta caused significant damage to the structure of the tankers. He said one of the sips was on its way to be loaded with crude oil from Saudi put to be delivered to customers in the United States Iran's foreign ministry has described. The incidences worry Symon dreadful and called for an investigation. The allegations of sabotage come at the time of rising tensions in the area. Where the US has sent additional warships in recent days warning Ron would respond with force to any attack on its interests all those of its allies, the BBC's Warren bull reporting a disciplinary trial. For New York City. Police officer opens today, he's accused of using an illegal choke. Hold on forty three year old Eric garner who died five years ago in the altercation with police on Staten Island from member station WNYC Cindy Rodriguez has more the video of officer Daniel Pantaleo aggressively taking down garner ignited demonstrations in the street, even some NBA players wore t-shirts with Garner's last words, I can't breathe emblazoned across their chests when car Garner's mother is frustrated with the process, and accuses Pantaleo lawyers of using legal tricks to try and delay the trial. More penta was never charged criminally astatine island grand jury declined to indict him and the Justice department with investigating possible civil rights violations, but never brought charges Pantaleo is currently on desk duty and his lawyer say he used a maneuver he was taught in the academy and is not guilty of misconduct for NPR news. I'm Cindy that he is in New York. You're. Listening to NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC in New York. I'm she meet the best sue New York state controller Tom de Napoli says he's seen firsthand. Why so many central Americans are fleeing their countries and seeking asylum in the US he traveled to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala last month with the head of Catholic charities of New York, which provides a support network to refugees and migrants here to Napoli spoke on John cats, Matiz radio show, very clear, we all belong Jari event at great risk are are trying to get in to this country to escape situations to see if they could get a piece of the American dream to Napoli says most are fleeing gang violence, kidnappings and extortion. He also says a threat by the Trump administration to cut off funding to Central American countries would only make a bad situation worse. New York Senator Chuck Schumer says ending the scourge of robo calls is one of his top priorities. The senate. Minority leader is co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation that would require phone carriers to filter out automated calls before they reach customers. The Bill would also increase fines on robo collars Schumer, says he's confident Republicans and Democrats can come together to pass the Bill most things in Washington fall.

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