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"associate professor psychiatry" Discussed on Note To Self

"So she called me in a panic and i got to explain that when you send a text everybody gets everybody's phone number needless to say she is not dating any of them anymore but she is happily married and she knows how to group tax mm that one at a happy ending communicating by text or email or social media you told us so often results in misunderstandings especially between different generations sometimes those results are funny but often the interactions are also kind of painful my neighbor k was really sick and my mom texted me one day and said k died today and then she put the laughing so hard that you're crying emoji or tears of joy emoji and it was so unsettling that i called her immediately and she had no idea that did not mean crying and sadness some of these interactions even end up being divisive siro my mom along email and buried in the middle were four short sentences about having a girlfriend as soon as i hit sand i felt like a planet a bomb what is the best way to talk to your parents or your child other than face to face should kids tell their parents about their inappropriate postings what should parents tell their kids when the president himself is an aggressive some would say trolling social media user how can grandparents and grandchildren find middle ground so i am gale salts empty to answer these questions and more we brought in a specialist i am clinical associate professor psychiatry at the new york presbyterian hospital while cornell medical school time for some family therapy everyone dr gayle says whenever someone sits on her count to talk these days they have to start by being clear about what tools they're actually using to interact with the people in their life.

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