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"assistant secretary public affairs" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Her in in a moment, and it does it. That's the announcement to wear a mask where everybody's wearing a mask so Keep wearing them. Theater thing is wash your hands. And what did you just say? Wash your hands for 20 seconds. You know, that's a big thing Every time you come home. Don't touch your face when you're out, Don't touch your face. But when you come home, you gotta wash your hands. Very important. Some people some people say sing Happy birthday. I always say the way to know you wash your hands. Wash your hands like you're trying to get a club stamp off before your wife sees it. That's the way to know anyway. Monica Crowley, Who is Theus, Assistant secretary, Public affairs. U. S. Treasury. Ondo, Of course, great broadcaster herself, and we're always happy to have her on Monica Crowley. How you doing? Hi, Mark. Always great to be with you and happy New Year. Happy New Year We got lots of issues. But let me just bring this up. First, I was making fun of Jill Biden, Dr Jill Biden. A woman calls before. She's a physics professor. She has her doctorate and she says, I demand to be called doctor all the time. She was very smart woman. Now you are a PhD I've done. Have I ever called you, Dr I don't think you have mark, but I'll take it. But I always think that's a secure person who doesn't demand they be called Dr. Everywhere they go, but Well, what do you think? I mean, you like when people call you better You don't care. Well, you know, Of course, I like it when people referred to me as a doctor, but it's not necessary and and I don't walk around with the PhD plastered on the top of my head. But, you know, I will say in defense of those of us who have gone through the process. It's a lot of work over very long period of time with a lot of different steps to it. And it is the thing that that one of the things that I am most proud of. Of course, it's my my career is achieving that that PhD so I have it with pride. My doctor, it is is framed and on my wall and in a place of pride for me. But you know, it's everybody's different choice. Some people choose to use it often. Some people don't It's up to the individual. If I'm not mistaken, your doctorate is in foreign policy, right? That's correct. Okay, if God forbid this abide administration What does that mean? Does that mean China is back? All our jobs are back over there. Where? Manufacturing over there. Does that mean we re sign that stupid Iran agreement is all that stuff could all that stuff happened again. Well, as you know, I am still a federal government employees. You can't come in political. I know how tax violations for me mark doing that. But I will say that under this president under President Trump He put America first from the very beginning and continues to put America first on one of the big pillars of the America. First agenda, of course, was Taking on China countering China in every way Now that China is incredibly aggressive, militarily, culturally and certainly economically at the church, three department were I've been over the last almost two years. I've seen firsthand how this president and his economic team have taken on China. Primarily through trade, but other lovers as well. But that phase one agreement with China negotiations, you know that we're underway to make sure that America's industries and businesses and workers were put on a farm or even playing field. Of the the candidate. Biden did not talk about that at all. And in fact, what he has been saying with regard to China has been relatively soft compared to what President Trump has espoused and put in place in terms of policy. So if there is a new president, there may very well be a shift. And my fear is that it is going to return to the battle days where the United States is that a significant disadvantage with regards China economically. Mm. Now we're talking about a car crash. Excuse me, which I want Dr. Monica Crowley. Uh, I listen. We want stimulus. We want people to get us much help us they can get. But a lot of us were horrified when we saw that spending pill with money going to the Sudan for the gender studies and money. Are we the only country that taxes their citizens and then sends the money to another country. Does that happen anywhere else in the world? I think you'd be hard pressed to try to find another country Who does that, at least to the extent that the United States does. Of course, the United States and the American people are the most generous on the face of the earth, and we do want to help those who are in need around the world. But there has been a concern from the very beginning of this administration about spending levels. When this pandemic hit, it was akin to a war. President Trump made this this comment many times. This is akin to a war and when you're in a war you have tol spend what is necessary in order to win it. And that was the view since this really hit in in early March, for example, you mentioned the spending like to Sudan, and so on. I want to be clear. There are two separate bills that were smushed together into one big bill that was passed called the Consolidated Appropriations Act. All of the spending that you Haven't issue with that was in the omnibus part of the spending bill. Okay, So was I think $1.4 Trillion on the bus money to keep the government going through the end of the fiscal year the end of September of this year. The Cove in relief package was a separate bill but put together with the other spending, and that's why everybody is completing the to the covert relief bill. Had certain items in it, not the extraneous spending that you're talking about. But a renewal of the paycheck protection program for small businesses, this stimulus checks going out additional support for the aviation industry and those jobs and so on. Mm. But when the president he was right when he fought for 2600, didn't he mean take it out of that omnibus, take the waist and pork out of the dominus and put it over in the stimulus the relief side. That was the argument that he was making Yes, Tol well, he wanted Congress TOC omit torto couple of things, bumping up two additional money to $2000 per person and retrieving some of the money to cover that cost from some of this other spending. The problem is that other bill that the omnibus spending bill had a whole list of things that others in his administration and have asked for and that were already in that bill. And so the the idea that they would have to go back and revisit all of that, and then to another vote, I think from the Congress is perspective was too heavy a lift. Yeah, Well, what about Congress? If you want to increase something, there's never any chance of taking the money from somewhere else. And they just increase without removing any. They just they never cut any funding for anything ever. Uh which is what you doing? Ah, the states like New York, which is 30 billion in the hole. How did they ever get out of that? I don't know. I mean, you were looking at physical nightmares in many, many states that have had poor governor governance for a very long time. You know, I know you talked about Governor Cuomo in New York. And there's Governor Newsome in California. And certainly you know they there are big concerns with how they've governed these states. But it didn't originate with them. This kind of poor governance in these blue states has been going on a very long time. And that's how you get 30 billion is in the hole. Right on Dad. Of course, those states were the ones first in line for a federal bailout. But this administration was not interested whatsoever in bailing out these states that have been so poorly physically mismanaged for so long. Hey, Monica Crowley. Before we run out of time, I was looking at your Twitter. I'm a huge fan of bar stool sports Day. Portnoy love his pizza reviews, and he has put together a program. Raising. I think he's raised 19 million to help small businesses. I see you posted on your your big fan of his too. Yes. Ah, huge fan. And in fact I reached we did one of the videos with this sweet older gentlemen who was helped by his small business fund. It was just an adorable video and I am so glad that he is doing it. We were doing our part in the Public sector with the Paycheck protection program. We have infused new money into that of from the covert relief bill, so small businesses if they meet the requirements will be able to have a second bite of that Apple So we're doing our part of the government side, but it's really nice to see the private sector like Dave Portnoy stepping up. Yeah, so And if you haven't seen a check out Monica Crowley on Twitter. Are you in parlor yet?.

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