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"assistant coach flavor" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Bass drop supreme lending Tito's handmade vodka, our bank and Sue Patrick. Obviously the big news around the world of college football. Tom Herman is out as head coach for the Texas Longhorns and Steve Sarkisian, the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide is in hired this afternoon to take over. The duties as head coach for Texas. He will be coaching in the national championship next week. We know that so it is kind of a dead period because usually you'd want your head coach to get to work and right away. You want to meet the recruiting trail, but right now it's sort of a dead period so he can stay focused for the national championship and prepare for that, And once it's over, I'm sure he'll be making his way back down to Austin. To get to work a lot of questions. Still around. While that need be answered a whore is guys who who's gonna pick Who's his offensive coordinator? Abuse defense coordinator gonna be? There's already a swamp full of rumors around on who he might pick. Feel which or or quite confusing being will must champ, the former defensive coordinator, Texas a lot of rumors that he might be coming to Austin and I don't think so. Mike Stoops, the foreign defensive coordinator for Oklahoma can't be on higher God that hated Texas become coach of Texas Reese Ash might be sticking around. That would be kind of awkward. How about this? How about a guy who's been coaching alongside Steve's occasion the last few years? Be defensive coordinator. Charlie Strong. Now, that would be the switch roof Switching. How about a guy who's been coaching me? Steve Star occasion to be the offensive coordinator? Major Applewhite. Major Apple. I don't think he's legally allowed to step on the 40 acres more. What about? Well, you know, actually He could. He could be really what I think will must damn it would be strange because at one point he was the I'm gonna put the air quotes here, coach and waiting to take her for Mack Brown, and he kind of got the boot. Um, I would. I would welcome will must ship back with Texas. He's a brilliant coach. He wasn't a good office. He wasn't a good head coach. But the guy is a great coordinator. It just you know that this offseason will be very Entertaining for cultural fans watching How Texas the thing about hiring a coordinator rather than a head coach, you can build coaching staff where when Tom Herman came to Texas For the most part, Texas got Houston's coaches. A lot of the guys came over with Herman. And so now Steve Sarkisian can pick his own guys. He can build up and I know that one of the first I said this in the first segment. A lot of the current Texas players, mainly defensive players were tweeting their vocally and supportive Brian Carrington, coach for Texas. Who's the main recruiter who has great relationships with Ah, lot of the players stand. Drayton, the running back. Coach got a lot of support. There was a lot of Keep Stan Drayton keep Brian Carrington. So I'm wondering if Sarkeesian will usually it's Hey, recruits his friends in approach people He's he's coach with before and money is no object here. That's the thing that's going to be interesting Been to Tom was making a little north of $6 million will make more and see. That's ridiculous. You made that is patently ridiculous. But money's no object over there. This whole higher. Let me get back in again. I wish Steve Sarkeesian the best. You clearly do not like that. You know, I could tell you if I could tell your voice. I don't like the higher I don't know to think it because I think we're trading apples for Apple's Steve Sarkisian. Mediocre it wash sideways Pick. Let me let me finish. Steve Stark Asian was 34 29 in Washington. He was 12 at six at USC before he got fires, drinking for being drunk practice. He was having drinks and practice what his drink is. I don't know what his drink is. But his overall record was 46 35. This is a huge gamble. For the University of Texas and others. This is a huge gamble band. You not to mention that Austin is home to Tito's handmade vodka exact with no drink here, but the thing is to been we've we've heard all this time Christo Katee saying, Oh, Tom Herman's gonna be our coach in 2021. We hear all the time from the regions and people. Oh, we're gonna get a proven champion. Stage starting stage. Stark Asian has not sniffed ID any type Initiative championship. He never wanted to have a ship watching old lawns fixing win one. He's not the head coach. He's a coordinator. He's a coordinator that let me say that again with with an offense three of three of evolves out three of his offensive players are gonna be in New York of the Heisman finalist ceremony. Who's that remind you of Tom Herman. He was a coordinated for Ohio State when they won the national championship. We're getting we're getting Nick Saban Light. Yeah, we got we got urban Meyer. Like with time. Herman. This is the University of Texas. And you're getting a guy who got fired for being drunk at USC. And you're saying oil? Interesting. This is gonna be the greatest star of all time and This is a great investment has burned said, though, if Nick saving Trust the guy, Texas fans have to trust the guy. Why don't we go get next day? If you get this if you get the stamp of approval on Mars said the same thing about time, Herman so MMyers not Nick statement? Yeah, He's a great coach. He's not next week. Seven. It's the Most brilliant mind ever coached college football. You know, it's actually kind of the irony of all this right now. We're watching TV. Right now. We're watching. I was state Matt Campbell Defeat organ and Matt Campbell, his players. They're going absolutely nuts for him right now. And this is a coach who I think probably would have would have been a better fit in Texas. Undoubtedly he would have and he's a winning head coach. He's not an assistant coach. Let's go to the phone lines. John is calling on Lamar. Hello, John. Welcome here on the end Zone Club on K. L. B. J. Hey, I want to let you know that I was lying when I said that I wanted to talk about what the pics will be for Steve when he comes in. What I wanted to let you know is you guys don't have to worry. I heard that Herman is not out. And this phony from Washington. He is he is gonna fail and they're going to go ahead and they're gonna recount all them board of directors. Oh, boy, Your whole thing is gonna just blow up and we'll keep Herman for another couple years, So it's a fraud by now. John. Thank you for the call very much. Yeah, it's this is not like politics back on serious stuff. Matt Campbell did a great job at Iowa State. The Big 12 did a great job in bowl games. I, you know, I hope I grow to like Steve Stark Asian. But right now, this is same is business as usual from the money people in Houston and Dallas. And you have people in power coalesced to the money, people and again we're giving Tom Herman and its assistant coaches $24 million to leave town, and that sounds really, really unseemly. Unseemly in the time of a pandemic, But it gets kind of the thing you know he does have. He has a lot of, you know, incredibly high upside and he is still pretty young, who has upset But you know what? We've seen that before. With Tom Herman? Yeah, Tom Herman. It is almost young and he has a lot of upside, but again, like you said, it's a big gamble here because he's very unproven. You know today, The trend is to get an offensive guru. You want to get the next office of genius? See, that's what we thought. We have a time. Her I know, but it's just like we saw with Tom Hartman to see the flavor of the week right now. Steve Sarkisian. I think we're looking at the flavor weekend. Matt Campbell. We can't text that even we didn't weigh. Don't see him in Austin. Right now we got we got the assistant coach Flavor of the week. We're looking at Iowa State's head coach for the next probably 15 years. Texas. I don't know. Is this gonna be the cycle of 34 years head coach, then move on 34 years to move on. That's the thing that bothers me because we never should've fired Mac Brown and Charlie Strong was a disaster. Nice guy, but disaster Tom Herman. We thought was going to be a great hire. From what he did it Houston from what he did in Ohio State, and it didn't turn out that way. I am just shocked because we've been hearing for the last month that Tom Herman was going to be the head coach at 2021. They win big over Oregon. We see glimpses of be John. Excuse me, Colorado. We see great glimpses of John and Casey Thompson and Josh mourned, thinking Well, maybe he can win with this group. But and then today, boom he's fired. Well, he got his is buyout went down $5 million at midnight last night. Five minutes make probably about $7 million when he sells his house out in West leg. Comanches hit the big old lottery..

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