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"assad mike tyson" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

"At one point in time. I was but I chose to believe in the fact that I'm gonna let God lead me, and I'm gonna follow his direction as opposed to me trying to lead 'cause I'm bad at leading. So once I started letting him take children me and leave me certain things start to happen. And and and things would, you know, show me better vision Ohio needed to move and how react reacted things, and I'm still here because that's the that's the plan. I've been going with and I think that's a tribute to who. I am by keeping God and everything I do. Yeah, I'm leave as well. That's amazing. L I tribute, my grandmother, and my mother, and you know, the people in my life who, you know, put this only at an early age to give me understanding, and and have me aware and to know that there's a difference between good and bad, right and wrong. And as a purpose of of of why we do what we do. And what's not understood that purpose? I tried to practice that by being a better person. And just trying to be a better me and being a reflection of what I'm supposed to be. And it just becomes a part of me now to where it's just every day. I wake up to it. It's not a routine is not an act. It's just me being me, and I've learned to love more than hey. And that's the overall thing of it all just to try to learn the love more because it's easy to hate. But it's hard to love. Yeah. Oh, I never really my life. And I really believed in God. My life. I had to learn the believe in God late in life by. Go with the game playing the game gets done at one. No, It's just. it's just the well I came from everything with the game with the boat. The means of getting something with nothing was real. In. Oh, and. Ooh. Doing told, you know, took mix another expectation of God in oh, my whole experience about God. It's always been with foreign told you it God would and the book told you Godwin Zoe somebody third party. Yeah. Though. A third party Zoe familiar debate and familiar, maybe a Muslim or he wants to debate the bible or somebody wants to debate the Koran Khurana, whatever it is always conflict and religion religions conflict. Right more than right. Hateful nece and fight for their. No. And it's only love among themselves, and you only get love from religion. Unless you follow our religion you receive love, right? Okay. Right. And it's just off until this day. That's what it's been right speak on Kate up until this day. That's what it's been going. And so. I did this toll does that they yesterday matter of fact. And you know, explain what the told us to some people that don't understand it until it is. Yeah. Because it's like you told somebody. I'm like, I hope you ain't told them. Nobody might intentionally. Hold a toe, which what is it? True. Shelby total. Explain it team. The toad. It's a it's a mystical creature from the Sonoran desert at hibernates for ten months of the year. And it comes out during the reigning during the monsoons, and they get this towed. And they. Milk it for lack of a better term of its venom. And venom contains this molecule called five EMMY O D, M T. And so when you take five D M T U Apor is a it basically takes you through your life and shows you your traumas and releases you from it, and you have to surrender and it releases you from your pain. So that's that's a little bit about what the Toda's. That's just crazy. I never smokin issue right on another note. Especially if they like dog, you know, you're going to die in a buffalo hours Cup. I cut call mica. Get told I wanna experience it hit that more vocal photons and our like cut that toll was amazing. Yeah. We Assad Mike Tyson podcast. What you snowed deal double G taken over this motherfucker leaning maintain in banging swinging..

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