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Episode 1089 - Randall Park

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Episode 1089 - Randall Park

"Hey folks it's a new year and it's time for new ideas that you can turn into a reality. Would squarespace squarespace makes it. Easier than ever to launch your passion project. Whether you're showcasing your work or selling your products with beautiful ten put in the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful info website yourself with help from squarespace's twenty four seven award winning customer support head to squarespace dot com slash W. t.f for a free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code W T F to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain right all right. Can you dig it. Then do it all right. Let's do this show blocked all right. Let's do this how are you. What the fuckers? What the fuck buddies? What the fuck? And here's what's happening. This is Marc Maron. It's my podcast. W T F welcome to it Right up front. Well let me tell you I. I'm I'm prerecording this. It's a couple of days before the day you'll hear it. I'm in Atlanta Georgia. I'm sitting here in a hotel room. Twenty two floors above the ground. I shot all day today. I was in the studio all day today doing a bit a bit of doing a seen these scenes that we're working on they have did. They revolve around songs for the movie. Respect with Jennifer Hudson myself and others and Marlon Marlon Wayans and these are long and fairly complicated scenes to shoot in that. There's no stunt involved but they're singing and there's musicians and it's a whole day to shoot To shoot some of these musical sequences take place in the studio. But I gotta be honest with you. It's been pretty great. It's like I'm just I don't know what it may be. I'm just figuring out how to be on a set maybe just accepting that. This is a job I do. It's part of the things I do with my life. I don't know what it is but Being in this character and in this situation and in the late sixties at Atlantic records recording aretha Franklin is kind of an exciting thing man and it. Just I I've just sort of locked into the gig of it and I'm not even talking the these few days but I'm enjoying the work is that okay. Is that okay if I enjoy the work. Thank God thank God him. I'm enjoying doing my work folks and I also want to tell you the w. f. Cap mugs that were available for the holiday. Sold out really fast. You know they always do so. Brian Jones made a brand new batch. These are the handmade ceramic mugs. I give to my guests. You can get one for yourself right now. People love these things. You can go to Brian. Jones dot com slash shop starting at noon eastern today. Okay so that's happening. Those mugs are nice. I've run out of them several times. I don't stay on top of it as well as I shouldn't. Brian's churning them out so there's a good chance that some of you will get these over some of the guests some guests. I have to admit it leave empty handed. I feel bad about it. I don't make choices around it. I don't decide who will get a muggy won't but some of them we've empty-handed and I don't even even telling the mugs exist. They don't know what did they know. I will say this my guest today. Randall Park You know him from fresh off the boat you. I know him from the movie that he did with Alli Wong. You'll always be my. Maybe he's been around a long time. He's done a lot of things but he brought a gift he gave. He gave me a little Swiss army pocketknife. That was a crew gift for the fresh off the boat people and it was. It was nice not very many people. bring bring gifts and oddly andrews impact and Randall Park both probably gifts chiefs. I don't know what that's about. Is it the peace the peace. And I don't I don't know I'm not making connections where they aren't perhaps I am. Maybe it is the peace out my dates they do this. I feel like I just talked to you and I've really been doing nothing but shooting and trying to to not eat onset all day that I mean that's been what's been going on and listening to Jennifer Hudson sang a lot and having some laughs with Marlin Wayans and hanging out with the crew. You know doing that thing and being in Atlanta but exhausted so I mean the room I okay. I'll be honest with you. The reason I waited needed song because I'm recording this way tonight is The town came on TV. The Ben Affleck movie and I thought I just watch a few minutes and I watched fucking thing. So that's what's happening in my life. I missed the debate and I watched the town and You know just hoping for the best for the future with with with very little faith so here. My dates Thursday January thirtieth Cleveland Ohio at the Gore theater this for the tour. I'm doing when Dean Delray. You were sort of half tide and it's it's the the freezing leg of the. Hey there's more tour Friday January thirty first I'm in Grand Rapids Michigan at the fountain. The street church Saturday February first of Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom. Friday February Fourteenth Orlando Florida at the hard rock. Live Saturday February. Fifteenth in Tampa Florida at Destraz Center Thursday February Twentieth Portland Maine State Theater Friday February very twenty first Providence Rhode Island at the Columbus Theatre. Saturday February twenty-second New Haven Connecticut. At College Street Music Hall and Sunday February Twenty Third Third Huntington New York at the paramount. You can go to W. t.f pod dot com slash tour links to all of the venues. And that's that tickets are selling well and I appreciate that. Though I've got word I got word came in that grand rapids needs a little help Orlando Florida needs a little help so those those are the markets That I'm having a little. That are moving as quickly as they could Michigan again in Florida Grand Rapids Orlando. I don't know what the connection is. But that's what's going on you guys man and I don't know sometimes when I'm on the road I am much more relaxed still. Have I think I broke my back into places. I'm still walking and obviously exaggerating by. Guess I've hit that age. Where perhaps maybe? It's not a great idea to go heavy. Do you know what I'm saying. And it's like just stay in shape. There's no reason to go heavy. I think I popped a vertebra. I don't know what the Hell I did. I guess I could ask the crew doc. The DOC doc over at the at the shoot if there's a chiropractor situation. I've never been to a chiropractor in my life. I don't really know what to do. My my best thinking gets meet the regular doctor. Where I get x-rays like a regular person and I find out if there's anything seriously wrong and then I figure out from the x rays? What what the prognosis is probably from aback? Guy And then I waited out. That's that's how my brain works. Some people apparently are like. Maybe you just drink some green juice. I go to a chiropractor and I don't know if that's GonNa hurt me more isn't but nonetheless. I think I might have done it. I think I might fucked myself for the rest of my life in in the back area which happens to a lot of people over lesser. Things I did it. Who Roic we at the gym? I'll deal with it. I gotTA deal with it. I know it. I'm not complaining of here making a movie but I realized my life revolves around a certain amount of food panic and then a certain amount of introspection. Listen and the way. I- situate my life on the road. I I come back to the room. I walk a half a mile to the whole foods and I I make myself dinner dinner at whole foods and I sit there at. They have a beer bar at the whole foods downtown here our midtown Atlanta and I eat it and I watched the TV. There would no sound. That's how that's that. That was this evening I was actually there and I forgot to tell you about this. I was there on the night of the Golden Globes eating a sad salad at at whole foods and And next extra the only other guy sitting there was a guy wearing three different types of Cammo Komo hat different kind of Cammo shirt and different CAMMO pants and he was wearing sunglasses and he was five beers in to a six pack of cans of some Mexican beer and I told them that I had interviewed Brad Pitt and Leo Dicaprio City grew up by Brad Pitt went to different high school but they had common friends and that he he would like to listen to the podcast but he does not have a phone or computer and that Isa a country singer songwriter but real country. The conversation got weirder as the last couple of years went down. But I told him I'd I'd look out for his music without knowing his name and he said he'd he listened to my podcast without having a phone or computer so I think that went about is as good as it could with folks every year. There's probably something you want to get started on but you just let it go and let it go and then all of a sudden the year's gone it's overkill well. Don't wait this year. Turn your dream into a reality with squarespace. You can easily make a website for whatever it is. You're looking to do start a new business showcase your artwork. So you're pottery launch a podcast. squarespace makes it easy with beautiful templates created by world class designers. And the ability to customize just about anything with a few clicks sell whatever you want to sell using square spaces ecommerce tools used a score space analytics to keep. I'm tracking your growth and take advantage of squarespace. It's twenty four seven award-winning customer support. Your site will look great on mobile devices. You will never need to do a software update and you can buy domains and a snap. squarespace empowers millions of people to turn great ideas into something real. So what are you waiting for. Head to squarespace DOT COM Tom. Slash W. T. F. for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code WTN to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. That's squarespace DOT COM so I w T.F. Offer code WTN. So yeah I I did just changed. Changed the title to my special. It was originally going to be Jeremiad. This the comedy special I just shot for net flicks six because there was complications with the name. Jeremiad in that the folks that net flicks saw no one would know what the fuck that was probably true that they might have to look it up on a deeper note. It was that if they saw it would they know it was a comedy thing it just in the menu. I took that note. I realized they were probably right so now the name of my special is going to be an times fund the UP. Just I'm just telling it like it is it's going straight. That's I mean I'm going. That is what it is. It's end times fun. That's that's what I tried to do. That is Tony Owned the special also on the cat front. Got Some good news about my cat monkey. I'm just keeping you up to speed. I brought him in which was an ordeal when I was just home just last week to check. Because he's got the hyperthyroidism giving him. The medicine hit so his thyroid right. Now is a little low so we gotta bring the you know decreased medicine get the Roy level kidneys for his age. Just starting with a little kidney disease. I think it told you that. The the boardwalk outside of that is spectacular so it might have a little time with the old fucker and I guess you know despite what anyone says despite the outliers despite bite the people that say hey man I had. I had a cat that died at age forty. He lived forty years. I this one cat was fifty seven years old. When it died I had a cat? We don't even know how old it was but we think it was one hundred two outside of those rare stories fifteen and a half is old for a fucking cat. I have an old ask cat. And he's I think might hang in for a little while. I'm hoping I need to pay these things out. I don't think could handle putting another one down inside the same year but I if you gotta do what you gotTa do it the other cat buster he buster kitten bringing him in Shortly to get his levels checked because he's been on the kidney food since the renal failure after he ingested what I believe to be lily pollen. So that's it that's what's happening. I had Randall Park over my house before he left. And I have to say it was A. It was really a great to talk to him and I talked October Alley Wong about him and I talked to a notchback con about him a bit and now talk Randall. The final season of fresh off the boat on ABC returns this Friday January seventeenth. And there's a special one hour series finale Friday February twenty. I this is me back at the house. Talking to Randall Park. Uh home is the right time. This is A. Everything's right time right now for I. I gotTa Root Canal yesterday. Oh really It it it. For seven days I was in severe pain really. Yeah I'd had this abscess in my tooth and couldn't get an appointment right. I managed to get an like to squeeze in Dan Sometime. Identity gave me these antibiotics kick in. They'll kick I seven days straight severe pain. Nothing I mean I'd buy down on this tooth. I'd be rolling on the ground down-home okay so you couldn't even enjoy the food couldn't couldn't eat. Oh God and then i. I got an emergency appointment with this Endo Dante specialists that my dentist said yes. The they'll see you. They'll make time right. See you and they did some work and I got a new lease something like I'm like you caught me at like one of the greatest. This is it a high point in life right now. Yeah I mean. I'm just like walking on the cloud right now. Oh my God so a whole lot of it is because of all the Monterey now but yeah but I feel. I'm telling telling you this is the root canals of wild processes isn't it. I got sort of kind of zest with the help. They think that yeah to you know to sort of clean out these channels that go inside of a two way up in there with these little brushes wires and out of your mouth. Yeah they did all that channels cleaned out the channels and and just keep the base so they can drill the new one on there. They just WANNA keep that in here because extract extracting and fake like a temporary. I I actually don't have anything that I have like temporary Just pay so. I had crown on this before. They took off the cry. And it's so but they filed it all down right there's just all down just a little nub that's filled with this and I'm thrilled ah I love but now you're waiting for real tooth right. You're waiting for the chair. Yeah they're going to put one in there and that's fine. I'm I'm just fine fine. I'm just so I'm telling you seven days of just intense torture. Some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my life and he threw the worst scary scary man. I can't even go the fucking dentist without being terrified. Oh Yeah but you gotta go go. Every I go every six months to a year. Yeah and But like the cleaning just the scraping. I can't like we've been dealing with our whole life. Yeah but I'm just like clinched in. It's just horrible. 'cause you're that one sensitive you're just waiting for that one moment. God Oh nothing yeah. That's this can worse and afterwards after I got the root canal escape still scared to eat just because off. I can't even imagine I was eating Matza ball soup and sent me to the ground. That's how they sent me to to grab took me out. I was roll and underground. where'd you multiple soup? I from from arts on Ventura ordered it. Because you know that's the are Delhi and Delhi. Yeah Yeah it's about. We go there every week long time. Yeah so real Jewish Style Deli. I don't know how it really is. I mean I never heard of the like like I know one day or two Delis go to cantor's and then yeah yeah You know there's green blasts which I never go to. I don't know it's it's it's not something I do all the time I I I actually grew up going to my my family. We went to Jewish Delis. All the time we actors on Pico actors out on peak of. That's gone now. That's it's fair. Yeah Oh you mean by Fox yes what am I. Thinking of Juniors is gone. It's another Deli now. Grew up at Factors Yeah my my family. We went like every every Every couple of weeks we'd go to factors and then we go to juniors. Yeah Yeah So. We grew up in that part of town. Yeah your whole life foreign born and raised. Yeah but your folks are not from here now. They emigrated from Korea in the early Seventies. was that like a time. Where a lot of people emigrated? They just came Came I think before the bigger way. Yeah Yeah Yeah. But but that's when that's when a lot of Koreans started and how come why do do you think they settled in Los Angeles. You have family here Well my dad had a job here so my dad was here before my mom. He had a he he and I don't know what exactly xactly brought him to. La He lived in San Francisco. Yeah a lot of a lot of Asian immigrants they go to San Francisco. Why is that? I don't know whether other other people like them there. I guess because I never I guess there's a deeper history to a lot of that stuff 'cause like I am living here you know. Apparently it's like a huge Armenian community. Yeah that's right and Koreans here. I just don't know how that starts. Who makes the decision? Is there a newsletter. That goes out that we've decided this is it. I think it's just friends and family and And they say hey. It's safe here right enough of us here to Ed to find solace in protection one of US gets attacked. LP A couple of us to watch back so they start in San Francisco discarded Cisco Yeah and then He. He was a busboy at this restaurant in Sausalito. This French restaurant and and then he ended up in Paris. Chris Perez studying French. I don't know I I don't fully in this part of your dad's why vague a little bit busboy. Themselves also Ledo and then Perez. Yeah and then Paris and I think the owner of the restaurant and Sausalito had something to do with him. He really liked my dad right and then he and then he ended up in. La went back to Korea. Met My mom who was still in college at the time and when she finished she came down it. Does he know French. Yeah yeah they'll do it. Yeah Yeah and we're what he ended up doing. He ended up Well he he. For a good part of my childhood he worked for this stuffed toys company just like in the offices and apparently I was named after one of his CO worker. He liked at the stuff. Yeah at the stuff toy factory and then he and then that company moved and he didn't I want to move the family out to another state so so he ended up just working a bunch of different jobs and then eventually he ran one hour photo. His own one hour photo franchise no no just one little shop one little shop on Main Street and Santa Monica and and and you know the digital age just kind of pushed him out at out. The bitter one hour photo. We had our time he was was just bad timing. Yeah like just all you know. And then and then he Now he he works He's actually had a souvenir shop and working with family members and on Hollywood boulevard really. Yeah he can't stop working. He doesn't doesn't want he doesn't want what about your mom. My Mom. She's retired and she she ended up working at UCLA for like thirty. Plus years as an accountant Fr- uh for the students store. So that's that's where the family got the the health insurance sitting area. Your mom had stable. She had the stable job. Yeah and she she. She was there for a long time. When I was a student there she was working there sibling older brother? Yeah he's a he works at a Orthodox with a at an optometrist office. In Los feeless. So you you're the you're the only one that's in show business You only one. Yeah and now what what. How did that Like because it seems to me that certainly people I've talked to children of immigrants. Yeah there's a lot of pressure. I've talked to several to to sort of really kind of like be the one that you know. That really becomes a success in. Yeah unquestionable way. Yes yes we we we weren't you have sacrificed their lives for sure I did. You did did. Yeah Yeah I mean I got a lot of that pressure growing up what they want you to do. Come on Mark Dr Low. We know this do lawyer. That was it that was it because I don't know is. Are Those still good jobs. So they still considered good jobs jobs. I mean I know the respectable the doctors are at least I don't know his lawyer really something parents went there do still they make money. I guess I mean they're they're safer for bets in terms of. Yeah if you if you if you follow this path right these classes security. They WANNA know on. They don't want it to be questionable. Sure they know that. If you take these steps you will get to this place. Yes yes if you're I mean you start a start up in an actor. Comedian like there's no path I I'd like to think that most of the judgement that parents have about that stuff is concern like more than anything else you know. It took me Nia long time to realize that you know I think early on. It was a lot of jobs. Just you don't believe in me. You don't think talented you know which they didn't but but ultimately maybe it comes from a good place it totally see they. Yeah they love us. Don't want us to to you know be broke and a burden on them. Yeah burden on them. All of those things I want is for a good part of my adult life. So when do you were you did. Did you make any movement towards being a doctor or a lawyer or did you Well when I was in college at. UCLA I I would. I was not going to be a doctor or a lawyer but I thought maybe I'd be a professor and I thought of I was thinking King of Asian American Studies History things that I was interested in at Ucla and You know I would. I would as a professor published books. You know that sounded pretty good so yeah I saw them so I I kinda started gearing myself towards that route even though at at at the time I had a CO founded this theater company on on on the college campus and I was spending most of my time doing that stuff really. Yeah so so you you studied you. Did you did study like A. What would I majored in English in like creative writing? Yeah and and then I minored in Asian American Studies. I ended up doing two two years Masters Program in Asian American Studies and they can always going to become this professor of evasion American Studies when what is the reach of that when it seems like it's pretty broad so yeah so what. Do you study exactly. Well I mean my like the primary interest was actually in like media an Asian American kind of representation in in and and the depictions of Asian Americans in media so it was always like geared towards this this interests that I had in my heart. You know you're putting the the philosophical foundation of your acting career. Yeah and then. Meanwhile I was doing this theater company company. It was this Asian American Theater Company Avenue that That That I was I was involved with on and I had co founded on campus. What was what was that called? It was called el-sisi or it was called La the coyote be that cares theater company. And and it's still going on to this day really. Yeah it was it was. The wrong was a member of that company. That's crazy. Yeah Yeah how are you older. Like older yeah then ally. She joined after I graduated. So because you guys do that. Great movie together and and And she's written for fresh off. You guys have a long. He didn't know each other in college. We didn't know each other when she was in college. Yeah and and I was just just out of out of Grad school and you know still kind of hanging around that theater company because I was comedy driven thing it it was. It was for sure but it wasn't kind of conscious like we're going to comedy. I think that was just kind of our natural. That's what we'd liked to do. And and sort of the intent of it was to to sort of bring Asian Americans together to at the time it was primarily these what we called South South campus majors which was like Asian American kids who are majoring in math and sciences and becoming doctors right you know and and who who kind of wanted to to do this right thing. Just kind of as a hobby so we had a lot of these these These kids who raining Yeah yeah who are or at least like artists who were trying to please their parents. Then we provided them this kind of outlet to kind of like I was at the time and and and yeah we just put on we wrote all our own original like plays and and material and you were performing at the school performed at the school. We did a show every quarter and it was. I mean that was that was pivotal for me that that was when I was like okay. I know I WANNA do this. I know like I'm supposed to be a professor fesser now but this is what I really WanNa do. And we'll see what did you do. Did you maintain did you keep that sort of the spirit of like Your Knowledge College of a lack of representation being one of the driving forces. Yeah yeah I I think that time it was definitely a you know you're in. I was in college. I was uh for the first time in my life surrounded by Asian Americans and very kind of Suddenly conscious to these things whereas growing up. I didn't think about right now. I didn't need weren't surrounded by Asian Americans growing now. Now I mean I had a couple of Asian friends that I grew up with but it was predominantly everyone else is a part of La That was very mixed but there weren't a ton of other Russians. Yeah so so. We grew up knowing about about race because we also you know different different backgrounds. But it wasn't like this kind of conscious Asian American an identity right and and so. Did you find that at the time when you're in college. I wave of that awareness culturally for me. Yeah General I I 'cause I what do I. I don't know much of anything that you know. You start to realize as as a white person and one that you you know now you have to admit a certain amount of privilege because it's true but you don't thinking those terms your rent. Yeah Yeah and I don't think it's racist but you're just sort of like you take everything for granted you just going through life. Yeah yeah as a white person you without. Everything's working out well. That was me growing up too though I was just this is great. Yeah I I'd Watch A. I'd Watch Indiana Jones and put myself in the boots of Indiana Jones own. Sure not not short round. You know what I mean like and I ran. I thought short rounds funny. That's not me. I'm Indiana Jones income. Grow up a little bit step out in the world. And everyone's like you're short round like no. I'm Indiana Jones. You don't get it. I got the hat and everything. Yeah I got the hat and the win- ah but you did feel you come up against that. You felt and in college. Yeah in college and I think that's what led to the formation of that theatre in college in in which sense in the sense that Because you just being in the population of college ah in actually enacting. 'cause I don't know when bullying happens and that sort of separation we're younger. Everybody sort of integrates great. Yeah but I I when you do get to college. It's odd because you start to add groups aggregate. Yes whatever reason. Yeah Yeah and you felt that their first. Yeah I mean growing up I I got bullied. Yeah bullied it wasn't always like at least in my mind because I was Asian. But you know. In retrospect that might have played a part out of it right now but But yeah I think just being around a community that was that was thinking of these things right that was thinking being of issues of representation. Yeah because it seems that you everybody gets characterized a certain way and lumped together her. Yeah but it's weird because even you saying like all these kind of these kids that were trying to please their parents by doing math majors. Biology majors had an outlet pursue. Something there was something. So the whole sort of like I think that that expectation of immigrant parents kind of helps set sort of the context of how Asian Americans are judged in a way yeah sure visions and and what they're supposed to do for sure but the parents aren't thinking of that type the my parents they don't to this day there they don't care about the issues is that I think a lot of US Asiana Maher right kind of who were born here. At least you spent a good part of our child at he right here about you. They're just trying trying to provide right. Yeah Yeah and so when you guys Writing to this we creating pieces around. Yeah Yeah were we were. I mean pretty pretty bad stuff but yeah we were writing about about kind of everything. We didn't know what the hell we were doing right. Insures we didn't. We just didn't have a a lot of us. It was new for all of us. We didn't go to plays growing up We didn't know what it meant to write a play watch. Sketch shows we watch. Sketch shows watched. Yeah we watched movies write rush TV and we were we were we. Were just kind of figuring it out and it was. It was so find because of that we know what the hell we were doing right. No no no rules. Did anybody step in. was there anybody among you that knew how to direct or anything. How many people are in the core group I think there there must have been like twelve thirteen and that corker ended they do register it as a as a club on campus. Yeah we did so you had your own room and we had space to rehearse we had A. We had a theater later on campus the North West Campus Auditorium which was kind of tucked in by the dorm and he said all this emotion me into other three of us. Yeah Yeah we put it together and I can't believe it's still going on it's crazy. Have you checked back in with it. This show's now over over the years though I mean here and there would come back and talk to the kids and I think I'm due to come back and Oh yeah yeah so they know that you're the guy that it started it. I think so. Yeah the historical figure this small picture of you somewhere hanging. Maybe now yeah yeah out of that original original crew. How many people sort of went into show business a bunch? We made a lot of parents. Math succeeded pollution. Yeah a bunch of bunch of especially from that early group you know like I don't know I'd say a third a Of of that early group ended up going into it. They still in it. Yeah Yeah Lot thriving a lot of a lot of them you know in different capacities sure. L. Writers Yeah Yeah executives you know are you guys still in touch Yeah Yeah we all keep in touch. When we had our always be my maybe premier Allie was in the journey punch of and it was our premier was in Westwood by UCLA? Punch a bunch of us from the old back in the day came to the premier and it was real cool. That's like that's great. Yeah yeah it was really cool now do you have you do you feel. They're obviously. There has been progress. Do you feel in terms of representation in terms of like 'cause it's like it's a really odd thing. I the struggle struggle for African Americans to to against this depiction of them In general in film and Television You know it was always part of the culture awareness. But I don't think that I really took into mind. You know the struggle of Asian Americans to sort of find that place. I knew there were movies but it was always really a big deal. Feel when the movie was made about multigenerational Asia family like look at the food. It always. There's always a lot of food involve food. Ah Do you feel that now. There is a broader acceptance Yeah Yeah Yeah I think I think fresh off the boats good example. Alex Alex Wong success is a great example. So I think so and You know just kind of the fact that these projects and these people are out there in the mainstream not just is performing for other Asian Americans or that's usually what happens to. Yeah it's it's amazing there's Yeah I mean it's a broad. I mean alley successes like inside. It's insane it's amazing. It's it's amazing. I mean it's not surprising No yeah right is amazing. I don't I I have to assume that those audiences dances aren't all Asian American ninety shows that she's doing in San Francisco. She's still naive. It's crazy it's crazy as we're here in. La at the one on Wilshire and Wilton. Yeah yeah it is crazy but it's great. It is great. Yeah I think it's empowering for not just women but I obviously for Asian Americans to right I mean I I don't know why AM I. Sometimes I like I. Don't talk to her about asian-americans now you're the representatives but it but it's amazing how much you know white people take for granted. 'cause you know we've all been eating Chinese food or or or Thai food or Korean for whatever we eat. Yeah actually where it starts you go to that restaurant. It just sort of a lack of empathy to connect lives in struggled to the people that yeah for sure there. Yeah Yeah I think that's why you see it so much. Our projects is like. Yeah we are so you did a Master's program. You did a master's in what in Asian American Studies. So you really Kinda hung in there with that. Yeah I was so yeah for sure for sure it was something I was very interested in. That was two years two years. Yeah and then when you just decide I'm going to ask How did you go about well? I think it was many many years after I know. Yeah I really. Yeah Yeah I mean I think You know the expectations of my parents were it was like they were just fighting up against what I really wanted to do. And and I kind of after after Grad school I just kind of work these regular jobs. I was a graphic designer Just trying to figure it out where you fighting with your folks. Yeah Yeah Yeah a little bit and then a slow slowly. I'd Kinda hint then. Yeah I think I WANNA do this and they be like no. You're not going to do well in that. It's so hard so the character in the movie is sort of like something relate to. Yeah Yeah like that could have been your destiny cutoff. Yeah it was. I mean I was. I was in my thirties thirties. Living at home. Oh yeah because I was at that point. I was like actually pursuing acting. I wasn't really telling my parents because every time I tell them they would they would Stress how much of a failure. I would be really. Yeah I mean because you look my mom worked at UCLA and she. She worked with a lot of students or former students who had just graduated. UCLA and we're now L. pursuing acting but needed a job on the side so they'd work in this accounting department with my mom. She's like reels and she she I remember. She showed me one of her coworkers. Like real like this guy's incredible. Yeah but this guy's working with me that's how hard it is and I remember looking guys real. It's like this guy is incredible so it scared me scare you straight. Yeah but I mean again. It was because she loved me and she didn't want me. You know you have a tough time. You're at home in your thirties. Yeah Yeah and I had a tough time and graphic designer. Yeah because when I was at that theatre company in College I we. You know we'd we'd may have to make flyers for our show to put them all around camp right so I picked up some like a th. That's that's your chops in pretty basic graphic graphic design skill. Carried me into these. These jobs post college. But didn't your parents know that you were kind of like you know unhappy in Wallo or floundering in that. What were they expecting to happen with the graphic? I think they were hoping that I would. You know kind of be like okay. I'm done with this. I'm Tom went to go to law school right or or you know. I think that's right now. So meanwhile I was. I was going to these auditions I was doing. I was doing Improv. I was doing stand up for a little while I did. I I I. The at a certain point alley had moved up to San Francisco. I remember this go and sheets show me all around the rooms. I perform with her at all. These different rooms in San Francisco made a bunch of You know your friends in San Francisco at the time it's okay. So you're you're you're you're sneaking around doing this because you really are doing graphic design and you'd go in Y- it when you wanted to San Francisco. How how many times do you stand up or a bunch of time? Oh really yeah. How was it for you? It was great it was so oh fine. Yeah yeah I I loved it I especially going up there and I was an and I wished that I had lived up there sometimes because just it was a real community. You know a comedian comedy city. Yeah Yeah here too. But it's different here. It's different here. I mean if you're if you were where I was at at the time you couldn't booker. Ah Fi five minutes in. I guess it was really before all the bring your shows but I was doing those British shows I was I was is performing for me up there. She featured for me once the punch on I remember. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah crazy crazy. So how how. How much time did you were you in college together? We weren't well. I had a master's program. Yeah I it was right when I graduated that programs when she joined joined the company. And you guys stay friends. Yeah we stayed friends like these stories. Yeah Yeah because I I've known comics for thirty or forty years but like when he both kind of do different things and still stay ahead. Yeah Yeah it's pretty. It's pretty cool. She did you feel bad for you. Were you like when you were back then. Yeah like sort of like. I don't think so. I mean she lived in San Francisco at the time because she had moved back up and I was folks. Were there her family. Yeah and I was I was just doing. I was just trying to make it down here. I don't think she you know she has sought to much of my my struggle. When when did you sort of get Like any sort of thing going like what happened. you know it was just a slow slow build you now like book commercial You know and I'd I'd be like. Oh Wow I I felt like I made it. I booked my first commercial. Yes like it was on the Asian channels all manner and I didn't even know what the Hell I was selling but I was like. Oh Man I made it and then and then you know and then a year would pass book another commercial and I'd be like Oh this one's in English and and then another one the national one. Yeah you know it's just the kind of and then a co Star on a show and then dishing didn't beat you up. I mean you weren't had had beat me up Dan every every time you come home and see your mom. Yeah Yeah you could you know. I couldn't tell her when I booked something because you know it'd be like okay. How much did you get paid where you know what does that? What does that lead to well? Writing Kinda Airs Komo. You didn't have any lines matt. Yeah I know but I I was featured prominently it just. It was for many years. Yeah for many years after so how so after. What was a you would you? What was the CO starring role? You got the first one was a show called fast lane on. It was on Fox right. So you had representation had representation and you know. I had a commercial agent at rice and just kind of kept that it was and I kept doing these live shows. Sketch shows rose. And where were they. They were all around town. So you're part of that the UC be trip. Or I wasn't wasn't what were the sketches. Were they Asian sketches Some some of some of them were and some of them were were just kind of With friends from these comedy schools that I was in at the time to comedy schools. Well I mean like you know like Improv Rob. Kind of there's this place called acme. Oh yeah yeah it was Kinda like the groundlings Breyer's yeah exactly. Yeah I was I was you acme comedy theatre. Yeah Yeah and they had their own kind of Improv school. And what happened in that place. I don't know it away. Yeah I think it's a rental full space now. I think I really didn't take too. You're just doing learning at those kinds of skills. Doing Group Improv. Really just keep doing doing stuff because that was my thing you know I'm not like booking job right. Just WanNa keep doing every didn't lose your mind and yeah I felt like I was was actually like acting and doing comedy and And I just kept doing it or else I would definitely like quit and try to become a lawyer. You're so so when when did what was the first you know the first one. You could really be proud of and show your parents. You know what I still haven't still haven't showed them. Yeah well you know I think Gosh I think the interview was a ironically of all projects. That was kind of one that really early like my parents were like. Oh He's like he's working he's working and he's He's taking care himself right right because they've seen they saw you in other movies. Yeah Yeah but you know in small parts small parts and little mad up to a life didn't attitude right. Yeah Yeah and Ah but I had a certain point. They would just see me on TV all the time and they were. I think they really kind of put it together. Like oh he's he's working. which is amazing? I'm working towards something like soap operas and every night I did anything I would do anything I needed. I needed literally needed the money because I ah certain point what certain points I moved out of the House got my own place to move back then moved moved out again. You know really kept getting becoming broke. You know Oh my God so you had these parents and you'd have to ya go back. Yeah but that's the thing and and and I only realized this with perspective back to your House that they were supporting my dream all along they were like literally housing me and leading me during this time they they could have. I guess they could have held harder. Line yeah yeah you know you can't come back. Yeah yeah they didn't. They would never do that to this day. They'll take me in you know they're great parents. You know but but yeah yeah I think when the interview came out or Kinda China came out because it didn't really come out but at least he had some notoriety Korean newspaper that way. They're getting calls Awesome Korea from their family. I mean so I think at that point. They were like He's he's playing a big part in a in a big movie and a Ah I think they they kinda turned around there. Well I mean that part was a very specific party. You Play Kim John Thune. Yeah Yeah I mean was were they nervous now. Okay now what the entire rest of the world was you know your parents happy were worth a year. Ah Yeah I actually like you know. I talked with them before. I even took the part like. Do you think this is GonNa be A problem or you know. And they're like no. I mean to play the dictator. A yeah yeah. I talked to a bunch of people because I didn't you know I I. They really wanted to do it. I I love felt like it was. What were your concerns? Well I mean. I didn't know enough about the dynamics namic so in South Korea or a little bit right now right growing up but I didn't know enough and I and I learned a lot during that time. Would you learn. I did kind of gave you a enough confidence to do it. Well I learned that It wasn't at least in my head or at least from what I people would tell me. It wasn't as as scary a threat threat as like everyone to to to Korea to South Korea right right and And as far as even living with it for years yes exactly exactly and I don't know all of our everything that eventually happened was a big surprise. Put it that way like as far as Jusuf in terms of the whole way. Yeah yeah he was that sensitive and we were all. I thought we were on the precipice of nuclear war. Because of you. Yeah Yeah and yeah and my parents were just like thrilled. They were who you are now. It kinda right. Yeah Yeah and Yeah so so so. When that came out it was it was it was insane and then it just kind of one day all to stop it? was you know the next news item came on and that thing just got pushed aside and you have to move back into the house now. After that your at that point I was married. Yeah and working in a yeah we had a we had a kid and how many kids you got. Just one one but you you do but you were doing like I. It seems like you're doing a lot of TV. Bits Funny Shit I was doing. I was at a certain point. It just kind of the work. It just became kind of steady and I kept working and we did now at that time there. Were you feeling you know. Given the you know your past You Studies and and and also some of the intentions around creating the theater company did you. Did you feel that you were being treated as something other than Eh in Asian prop for the most part I think early on. I definitely felt that a lot. Yeah but I I needed money I'm not judging it. I'm just saying like give him from intellectually. Yeah I mean in Asian prop in the sense that I was there to kind of add color to a scene right now. Yeah Yeah here to to to to create the world around these main characters. Did you ever have those moments. Because I noticed that all the time where you see this kind of like multicultural a group of friends and you realize that would never happen. You know I yes but also that was my childhood does have yeah it does happen. I mean not all contrived yeah I mean. My my childhood was was it was a Benneton. Add it was just completely diverse is really I think for the most apart. Yeah yes but when I do see that yeah I mean especially being an actor and being a playing that you do realize that it's it's really you are kind. I have a prop you know like you. You are there to to to to show the world that this main character isn't racist yet. He has friends of collar. It's like it's so hard for me to judge what is real. What isn't because I've lived the life of a comic for so long I don't go to a workplace? I don't have regular friends just have regular. You were jobs. I've no idea how anybody fucking lives. Yeah maybe it's all a lot more integrated than I have. I know I don't know about that but but certainly my life has has been that especially my childhood. I saw somewhere at some point you wrote and acted in some movie movie of future. Yeah yeah well aside from always be my maybe there was one way back in the day with a friend and I just wrote and shot it independently Pantley and it was real scrappy and made it still in college or no no. I was out of college at that point. I was definitely. What was that about Gosh it was. It was called American fusion and it was A. I don't even remember it. I don't remember but it was definitely a for me kind of my first taste of actually seeing something I I wrote. Ah in feature form and yeah that was really like thrilling and and definitely kind of planted the seed. I gotta do that again. You know and I get into it again so it's always be my baby. Oh really you didn't do shorts or oh yeah did a ton of shorts. I mean after that I started making stuff. Yeah and I was making shorts and web series series and there was this there is this group called Channel One wine and its web series kind of showcase slash competition. I was was involved with those those people and making web series and shorts and just exercising that muscle so it was all rooted in that college. Sure Theater the company just wrote stuff and performed and got the house it gives you more control. Yeah Yeah for sure and keeps you sane. Yeah Oh yeah I don't hold on. I told these guys to come. This is like the bane of my existence. Either are they in your yard. Yeah Corsair there but like I I called the guy yesterday and I said can you come make sure they come between eleven and one. Yeah no oh dice. People have learned how to deal with. I'm okay with it doesn't it doesn't read as much as it bothers me but the idea of 'cause I just being an actor like I've noticed this because I've been doing acting lately and it came to a very waiter liar. Amazing well. That's very nice. Yeah yeah is is a t- to actually have that your life and to be beholden to other people and just waiting for material and and just showing up to do it as satisfying as it might be incrementally br mentally. It's really a compromise position in a weird way especially if you're not in the power you don't have power over you know or enough traction action to really decide what you WANNA do. Yeah Yeah I mean I'd imagine you as a stand up for all these years you are telling your story. Yeah right and when you're acting and someone else's thing when you're you're you're telling a story right but it's not your story necessarily I didn't think of it in in you. Just sort of like a guy working there. Yeah yeah which I'm fine to do. Yes just from all those years of just like oh I just need to work. I'm how I'm happy to do that. But there is take it is a very special feeling to create your own stuff. So what was the process. Because I've talked. I talked to Allie. I think like wow I mean I don. I talked to notch. Yeah Yeah about the movie. But I didn't talk to Allie specifically about the movie because I think when I talked to her she was just starting to break as a comic. Yeah so when you started working on it but I I talked to Allie and she You know breast Fred in in front of me. I remember that I think I handled it pretty well. That was really in promotion for Baby Cobra. So were you guys already working on it. Then and now we weren't we weren't it was after Baby Cobra. She well after baby cobras. The New Yorker did a profile on her. That's how big she was at the New Yorker did it at the time though she was writing for fresh off the boat right I think I think she was her just stopping she. She was off fresh off the boat at that. You've been the F.. Fresh off the boat since the beginning six seasons. Yeah Yeah we just got cancelled. You did but isn't a new season. Starting this is our sixth the sixth and final. When did you hear that it was done? month back own really. Yeah Yeah So. We just finished our last episode a couple of weeks weeks ago and you did. What were the cycles? They were thirteen season or twenty first first season with thirteen after that it was mostly twenties all the way through and this last season is fifteen. So you there's enough to syndicate. Oh yeah yeah we hit a hundred. Yeah we hit a hundred and it's been so yeah. Okay okay I guess before we get to this. So how did you get cast on that during the movies after the movies or you know I was doing I was doing. Hi Jake Kasdan movie. And he's a producer Ryan. Yeah Yeah Yeah and Nice Guy Yeah Great Guy and I I was doing a bit it part another bit part in a movie that he was directing joining in Boston and his which movie. It's called sex state. Yeah Oh yeah yeah. Yeah and his A his produce produce co producer. Melvin Mar was there and who also produces fresh off the road and he'd knocked on my trailer Taylor door and I was just doing a couple of days on that movie but he handed me. This book called fresh off the boat and was like hey read this book we want to turn it in TV. Show and we're thinking about you for your dad and I was like your good luck with that. Why because there were no Asians on TV like that at the time? I mean the the the last one before that was Margaret Margaret and that was like twenty something years because through a Asian family. Yeah and so I was like that. That's a that's a great thought. I probably won't happen and yet but I will read the book and I read the book. This book's amazing. Yeah and Still not going to happen right you know and then one day I got a call. We're we're going to make a pilot we want you to play the dad and I can't believe that let's shoot a pilot and because that's all it is going to be a pilot so let's on this pilot. You know had good attitude going about that. Sure you know. What are the possible? Yeah what's the possibility of any pilot. You're going to see her right. Let alone Asian American and Asian family with me as the lead. I'm doing a day on sex tate and I'm I'm going to be the leader of a show like not going to happen boy. The notion of failure really got pounded pounded enemy and Completely okay with that's how how pounded it wasn't so used failing and and then and then we made the pilot it Lynn Shelton the great lynch directed it. It was a great Ila so fine I I was like. There's no way there's no chance we picked up the series series We got picked up the series. I was like. Let's enjoy this one season. I guess there's something good about looking at things like that. Yeah Yeah Yeah in a way that you keep your expectations in check total. Yeah Yeah and not even in a dark way right way real like let's really hit just enjoy enjoy and you did. I did I did. And then and then after that season hey we they wanted to another season. No really this. This is definitely definitely it and then we kept going for six seasons. It's so nice I did. Your parents come to the set and stuff and now did they watch it on television now. Oh yeah yeah no no did. They actually watched every episode. They they didn't tell me that recently. Really Oh my God. They watched every episode. They're they're very proud. Yeah and they're they're able to show that yeah. I mean I think they're happy because I'm taking care of myself right of course and and the families so there's no hint of them saying if it still doesn't workout workouts now nice point at this point. 'cause like you know when you think about Dr Ken. He had to deal with that she like he. He actually did he he did. It was expected of him. Yeah and now it took them years even stop. Renewing is licensed to practice medicine and then he pivoted and they I mean he kind of. That's that's kind of the ultimate what he did. You know right right his parents because he can always say like I can always go back to being don yes. He started his license essence and he amazes me. I can't believe she pulled that off but I remember the first time I talked to him. I had to fight the urge to you. Know I had some I thought I had some health issues. They came very close to me asking him for medical advice. I think I might have called him once. I right to get some medical advice as funny. I don't blame you. I don't blame you This past week I was on the verge of calling. I'm in pain man. You guys friends. Yeah so six seasons and this is it this is it so now. How did that was With with in terms of writing the you'll always be my baby which movie dual ultimately. He went to great. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's great. I mean I think it was in the in the first four weeks thirty two million households. Nice which is real nice. I don't know what any of that who knows waiting but it add supposedly as it was I regret I thought you were great in it. I thought that character. Sort of a heartbreaking. That's a I think it's across the board relatable. Yeah Yeah Yeah you know when she goes back. Dan Van so harsh. But that was sort of living at your parents house heavily the equivalent. Yeah you like you knew that guy. I was yeah. And what was the writing process. How'd you guys do it? It was fun we you know we. We had the idea of the story. I think we just Kinda came up with together. We just we just met regularly. Talked talked through and started working on an outline and put as much of our lives in it that made sense and made up a bunch of other stuff and I it just it felt super organic and I think it helped that we were all friends and we ended up bringing in another friend. who was a writer who didn't do in real well in the industry as a writer who also Oh came from that theater company in college really and and the three of US ended up crafting the script and the there was a deal with Netflix? Or who were once we once we finish. Finish the draft at the script. Sent it to Netflix. Do you WanNa do this. And Notch go is always on board not at that point when she was attached to another movie okay because she was supposed to direct another movie as her like direct Oriole debut and then that one kind of fell through and then we gotta get her and she was cool she was open to because because we were working with her on fresh off the boat for love her and worship her in many ways and she was down and we felt also lucky. What happens now? What you've been doing? I'm unemployed but I'm feeling again. I'm feeling incredible because of the tooth because of the root canal root canal works out. I don't care today you don't give a shit tomorrow. I'll be miserable but like in in terms of I'm going to wait till they get off the porch I can feel them vibrating. I've lost my shit about this before. Uh and it's like completely within my control but I thought I took care of it yesterday. I texted the garden and I figured you'd tell them between eleven and one 'cause I got an interview Lily Tomlin. Yeah you know and I didn't want to. I just didn't want it to better them doing this on me then You know I I I like I like that stuff when I listen to podcasts and I hear sirens in the back then I sure love it but no I think it's really adds texture. I know but like I get. There's some days with this thing where you when you live in La. We realized there isn't really a an hour our to where it's not happening so close by like I noticed that now and it just waking locked into it it drives me. Nuts is if it's not my yard. It's across the street or next door we're here just ongoing leaf blower noise but you had no control over that. How are you glad and go things you don't you? Don't get obsessed. I just got root Canal Martin. I'm cool with anything and I don't care what drugs you want. I didn't they give you before you left the Dennis but there is has no pain with the root canal right not now. Yeah now the seven days before pain I just can't I got so upset like I kinda it got sort of like. Who the hell this figured that out like? It's like it's almost like making jewelry that they would know that. Yeah and they're scraping out these nerve canal. Yeah Yeah it's it's amazing only to fill them up to make a post for a fake to as opposed to bolt one into your head. It's amazing it really is. Yeah all right so all right. So you're done but like Don don now is it in syndication. I mean I don't I don't it really means nowaday technically yes. Yeah yes technically. Yes so that's nice because you've done enough episodes to where like even if you don't work for year you're probably making enough residual money to keep your health you train. I'm not gonNA work for the next. I'm just no no I'm saying that. Ah so you've influenced me. I'm just I'm just saying you won't have to go back home at this point. Yeah no you're right you're right it's I it's it's incredible you're vested in In the in the Union I usually as I get older. I think about health insurance. I'm not count if you worker for year long as you can keep the insurance. That's it that's it I mean During said during the seven days of extreme pain At one of the days I was in so much pain my my Wife was like why. Don't you just go to urgent care. You know good and right uh but I I because of all those years of being bro Yeah and not having health insurance and I had just had it stuck in my head that I will never go to a doctor. I don't care what's happening right. I will not go to a doctor. Can't be saddled with bill right now and it's just kind of stayed with me. I didn't even think think of it as an option it's it's it's sort of terrifying and and it's a weird scramble but you realize that like so many people don't do that's why so many people get sick. Yeah they're afraid go the doctor. They'll bankrupt. It'll bankrupt country we live. And but but what are you thinking about doing. Are you thinking about writing more. Do you WanNa yeah for sure for branch out. Do you want direct things. Yes for sure actually directed the series finale of our show. Oh you did. Yeah I did and that was really fun. Were you were were you in it though to to Kinda tricky right was a little tricky. It was it was a little tricky but had been on the show for six years right at that point and you take a Lotta help hell. Yeah it's a nice way to enter the guilt. Yes on the best way to sort of get the one under the belt war shore for like you don't really feel like you really no no because it's a show jumping out in front of the camera every five minutes. Play back in the show that ah been around for a while and sound sil- right now and you know everybody on the set at that point knows what to do. You didn't need to be tour you weren't you weren't breaking any rules. Rules are pushing the envelope. No was not doing any single shot sequences to be in the guilt. Your Yeah Yeah. We're ready to go for sure. That's something I I love to do and are you writing now. Writing now started started this production company. We gotTA deal over at Twentieth Twentieth with two friends from my on the Greenwich Yeah. It's crazy it's crazy and their writers or one of them's a ride or one of them had come. I'm an executive producer. And so he's working with the production of us. Yeah that's your production company. Yeah we're like we wanted to sell Asian American stories. Uh who who wants to give us a deal right and we got a lot of offers and I was like. I can't believe this that we're getting offers to tell these stories in college. You know. It's amazing amazing. It's your Jackley what you set out to do. Yeah Yeah it is amazing and it honors your your intellectual sort of ambition. Yeah now you are sort of a professor and I'm working with for that's interesting that you know that what you're able to teach in light of what you wanted to teach you probably have a much broader and and bigger audience to do it now. Yeah Yeah and it's I'm having more fun. Yeah and doing it with friends. Hand was always the goal. What are some of the first projects you you got anything on the on the docket or nothing just started started? Yeah well that's exciting. Are you taking submissions. And that kind of doing all that and try because you know because because I right and and we have another writer in our in our little group that You know we're kind of creating stuff in house and just try and got offices on the lot. Yeah Yeah Yeah Super Cool. That's big time. So you're down. You're down by where you grew up. Yeah right where I grew up. You can go right to factors a couple of times me right down the block. Yeah yeah do that. I knew that I'll cruise over the fact is does your folks eleven the area. Yeah they're right there same house. No we're up in your office down the street right down the street. I little league across the street from Fox. That's hilarious. Yeah Yeah it's it's all very the real. Have lunch with your mom. Yeah all that yeah. It's really nice well. Congratulations thanks mark. It's great talking to you. Great talking to you too. Glad I got you on the Nice Russia on the upswing with the two best day ever pleasant into a conversation that was that guy's great is funny sharp. I really enjoy talking to him. The final season fresh off the boat on ABC It starts starts Friday January seventeenth. And there's a special one hour series finale on Friday February twenty. First you can go to W. T. F. pod dot com slash tour breath for links to the tickets. For the winter tour dates with me in Delray Orlando and Grand rapids step up. STEP UP YEP no music today. 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