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Mets vs. Yankees  Believe | 5

Sports Wars

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Mets vs. Yankees Believe | 5

"It arm in the mets bullpen trying to stay warm before taking the mound for the start mm session is all about shaking off the anxious energy radiating from the thousands is two one in a best of seven series they're on the verge of losing the series so he's big game tested like many of the Yankees he'll be facing and unlike mm fearless and fueled by adrenaline. He pitched brilliantly to help the Florida Marlins win the mets on his shoulders to force game six he thinks to himself really impressive holding the Yankees down for seven innings before being taken out is determined to live by the old adage if you want to get something done right do it yourself this one is all over the series the season the chance to finally be the talk for the game he makes a joke with a little too much truth to it he tells the I hope and believing it's an old mets tradition that goes back decades into the idea that it's not over yet and lighter loves it he's with them he believes thousands shivering fans crammed into Shea and the millions watching on TV lighter this is in the zone he's given the Yankees serious problems jamming the Yankees can't do more than scratch across a couple of Solo home runs against lighter never things the later it gets the more tense the atmosphere everyone in the seventh inning hollow Neil strides to the plate the thirty-seven-year-old I'm back the comeback that spoiled lighters impressive start and immediately put the mets Walk Yankees put the lead on man on here the seven him from the game but Bobby V. doesn't budge he's sticking we've got all off season to recover we don't take this tonight lighter makes his he made who need to step up the match helping to put the subway more like the mets were right to call on their scrappy bulldog lighter is given them sports wars is sponsored by Wicks so you want to build your brand online fast or go deep with advanced code capabilities when you choose Asia Ladas with various Saas options maybe only one way to find out what about sounds yes I am building a website featuring Mexican food pictures and accompanying sounds online community also get the best. Seo Email marketing and branding tools go to Wicks dot com and use the coupon code sports wars you'll get ten percent off when you're from wondering I'm Dan Rubenstein and this is sports wars deep down just about every sports fan clings to hope even when everything on the field hope has been a rallying cry for them for decades you gotta believe so often apps in game five of the two thousand world series hope it's all mets fans back to the wall if they're gonNa win it all the mets will have to win three straight they're team isn't ready to quit they're in this this is episode five the Yankees went to their bullpen in the last half inning and kept the mets off the scoreboard but on the other postseason five by the way he's writing the emotion of the moment

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