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"ashley sharp" Discussed on The Manic Pixie Weirdo

"And then he looks. He looks up on the stuff and he's like okay. Do you have like your social security card. Something like that. So i had a copy of my security guard. It was a blog. My copy Was like i cannot take the block copy. This is not his fault okay. I am not trying to complain about this. Dmv work none of this is fault He did not do this. I'm just more frustrated that the situation in the system is stupid. I think the system dumb but whatever but he can't take the black and white copy of my social security card. Luckily i had copy. I had a copy andrew seat for the my birth certificate because i needed it for the regular. Id card that. I got back in twenty twenty and it's you can go to a pretty sure any any county in this in texas you can go And get a copy of your birth certificate. It is the short form Which is used for like driver's license. Ad cards voter-registration. That kind of thing but if you want like a passport then it has to be the long form. I don't know if that means. I'm still trying to figure within this doesn't it. Nobody asked me. Nobody cares doesn't matter. So i i had that so i. I was able to give that and he was like. Oh yeah this is perfect this work. We're just talking. And i'm just music so you from your like no. I live in dallas like in the dallas area. And he's like oh most of the people that come here are from the dallas area so most of the people that come to the dmv in the town six hours away from dallas or from dallas the majority of the people at the dmv in the town that my parents live in our driving six hours because they can't get an appointment in the dallas metro area. Driving six hours. One way just to get this done. Oh my god dear. Jesus that's stupid. that's so dumb. There's oh my god that's so stupid. There's just insane. What the fuck what the actual fuck. So then he looks over all my stuff and he's like okay rasiah right arm like raise your right hand and i was like. I don't know what's happening right now. What and. I'm sure the look on my face was just like Just very much did not hide the fact that i was like. I don't understand what's happening. He was like no. We just need you to razor their bible like do i need to get like pullout a copy of sutra like what's happening And using not just you just raise your right hand okay. And he was like. Do you swear. Use this where now. This is not completely accurate. Because i don't care but it's something to the effect of. Do you swear that all the information that you're providing is accurate and only pertains to you. I was like. Yeah yeah i do. Who the fuck else am. I filling this shit out for and if they like. Why would is that a problem. Is that a serious proper. Like how many people go to the dmv. Every i want to know the number like if it's like seven people that go to the dmv every single year and they did a an identification card..

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