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"ashley kinsley" Discussed on 103.5 KISS FM

"Shogo was thrilled with her boyfriend proposed during a birthday getaway to Portugal and just hours after Aldo. It's holiday pop the question the couple got even better news. He was a match and could donate a kidney to his new fiancee. She'd been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in her family members weren't compatible donors, and all those tested, but Geraldine wasn't sure he'd be a match because they're of different ethnicities with the love birds from the UK turned out to be an ideal match in more ways than one they had a successful transplant surgery, and now she's thriving with their new kidney and they're planning their upcoming August. Wedding Geraldine says, although saved my life, and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with them. Don't George Lopez and take the kidney then divorced lady. Yeah. Right. Don't do that. Yeah. Together gala he cheated I know about it worse. Worse shit to hickory. North Carolina Charlotte hickory, crystal Hopson end Kaelin found this one. By the way, crystal Hobson director, rescued hartman's haven dog rescue and hickory stumbled upon a box of abandoned poppies, while she was rushing you at ten her friend's wedding rehearsal. Already running late. I had to pick up some last minute supplies. But I'm driving pass a box that said free puppies told the NBC affiliate, there's notice the puppies in a rundown area. I was afraid that they weren't going to survive without hesitation. She scooped up the four puppies and brought them to her. Friends versatile, actually, I had been friends forever, and we've rescued hundreds of dogs together, said it was almost like fate of all the weddings. Of course, it's Ashley's wedding that I find free puppies on the side of the road. She wouldn't care by bringham so she plays all four puppies in the back seat of her car and drove to the wedding rehearsal. I want you got to the venue. I was like I've got puppies in my backseat. The right told her to go get him bring them inside. She saw the puppies and noted that all four of them ivory in color match. Her wedding theme almost perfectly. So she decided to add them to her wedding, the following day, the groom's when we're tasked with tasked with holding them as they walked down the aisle, and funny, enough guest new destroy behind the puppies in the wedding until after the ceremony during the actual ceremony, people didn't know the story, they're like doing it. I what are these puppies doing here? Anyway, the puppies were in the wedding all four now with a foster mom, and they've decided to name the puppies, after the bride actually her groom Andrew and their two children. So meet Ashley Kinsley Andrew and GARRETT'S. Isn't that a great story door of Angie traffic.

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