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"ashley goodwin" Discussed on Every Little Thing

"I love these little teeny tiny baby bottles sippy Cup kangaroo stoneware pieces and it gives me like a more hopeful picture of the past that they were just cute little babies still with all bottles. Yes you could just make little utilitarian vessels that do the job if if you choose to to the trouble of making these lovely little pots expression of love. I think maybe I should go. Chisel a little stone sippy yes is giving you any ideas yeah. I'm super quarantined right now. So what else am I doing? We go find a rock. Be Right back Before we go a shout unless we show we asked you to call in and tell us who grateful to right now so many of you did. I thought we could share them on the show title. I WANNA take a shot. It in law Ashley Goodwin. Who's been working eighteen hour shifts in I e you local hospital? She's been overwhelmed and going crazy but she's doing his darn good job and I love her so much and she listens to this show when she had the break. So love you Ashley. Good Job Lady. People shoutouts coming and if you have a burning question you cannot find an answer to give us a ring. Eight three three ring e Lt. Every little thing is produced by Emily Forman phoebe Flanagan Annette Heist and flora lick me and with help from Nicole. Pacifica and Doug Barron are consulting. Editors are Caitlyn Kenny and wore. Hey just scored by Bobby Lord Emma Munger so widely and our version mixed by Dara Hirsch high. Love Marina Goodbye. Thanks for sponsor the all new twenty twenty Subaru outback with available nappa leather upholstery as well as heated seats in the front and back. It's designed to be the most comfortable outback every learn more at Subaru dot com slash outback. Hi Jonathan Goldstein. Host of the podcast heavyweight on our show I returned to moments in people's lives when something went wrong and then set off on a quest to help them make things right. We're looking for stories for our fifth season. So if you have a moment from your own past that you wish you could change a confrontation. You've been avoiding or question from your past. You want answered. Send us an email at heavyweight at Gimblett media DOT COM..

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