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"ashleigh graft" Discussed on WGN Radio

"20, a state trooper was taken to a hospital after his squad car was struck on the Eisenhower early this morning. Illinois state police say the trooper was helping a motorist involved in a car fire on the Eisenhower just after midnight. Both were in the March state police squad car with flashing lights near Harlem Avenue when it was rear ended by a red Ford, the trooper stranded motorists and the driver of the Ford. We're all transported to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries. The back of the squad car was badly damaged. 69 year old driver John Salvador of West Chester's been arrested for at Pervaded, driving under the influence of alcohol and violating Scots law on top of other charges. Bryan Burrough, WGN News and Elgin couple engaged for 11 years were the first to be married in 2021 by Cook County Clerk Karen Yarborough. Today Ashleigh Graft and Andre Baldwin. We're married via Zoom, you're now legal. Yeah, cry. You're gonna make me you are married. Okay, Finally, The happy couple were high school sweethearts and have an 18 year old daughter. But they've always put off the wedding because of financial reasons. WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell lose to the Packers. But get into the playoffs was the Bears Sunday, falling to the Packers 35 16, But they got some help from the Rams, who beat the Cardinals Cardinals. There's Head coach Matt Maggie this morning and put this this Packers game behind us, because now it is a new season. And I think already just from talking to some of our coaches in here and some of the guys in the weight room today that they're really excited, and it's just a little different feeling than what we had last night, which I think was natural. So guys are locked in and we're excited to play the Saints on Sunday, and we gotta have a really good Really good week of practice. Linebacker Roque Juan Smith and receiver Darnell Mooney. Suffering ankles in the law of injuries in the Lost should know more on their status later this week by Cox banged up, but the started training camp today was the first on ice practice Kirby Doc out with a broken wrist, Brent Seabrook deemed unfit to participate. Jonathan paves, announcing last week he would be away from the team while he deals with an unspecified illness. Illness. Here's Patrick Kane. I'm not having the captain around. It doesn't really feel like like a team without giants as your captain, so we definitely miss him. But He's got take care of his first Hawks Open up a week. From Wednesday, the NC double announcing this year's March Madness will be played entirely in Indiana. Multiple venues will host including Lucas Oil Stadium College basketball tonight. Indiana taking on Maryland Women's Hoops at Wintrust Arena Today number 22 Paul Topping Villanova. 94 82. John Bookshop B Is the new TV play by play announcer for the Cubs, replacing Len KASPER..

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