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"asensio benza" Discussed on Caught Offside

"Got Off to a a pretty poor start well with the club. Reported out of shape suffer. Sorry, it was funny he he came down near. You come back from vacation. Yeah it didn't it was. It was visible to the human eye. Those training videos last August. The goat. I mean come on. Now, there's no way around it right then he suffered the ankle injury came over the United States had surgery in Dallas and that was what we believe to be. The last week we're going to see of Aden hazard in the two, thousand, nine, hundred and two thousand and twenty season, and then a pandemic happened, and now he has a chance to kind of rewrite the script of what this season is for him. and. It's interesting because. I, mean by all accounts. He's come back in training and he's looked fantastic. He had a hat trick in a recent practice game for whatever that's worth like. All of this is qualified with that as as kind of like a statement. Whatever that you take this for whatever you want to be But it's just interesting to me. That now is the dawn has a decision to make not only with him but with. Marco's ASENSIO as well who suffered an injury early in the year against Arsenal that was a preseason game I think and was supposed to have been done for the year. And now he's back and so Real Madrid could be gearing up for this title race in a way that was just not expected. And as reported that the Belgians Physical State has surprised club medical staff and has looked sharp, enough and training to suggest that Dan maybe inclined to start him against EIBAR. Talk about being handed a second chance to rewrite. You don't. We know what it's like a Real Madrid? You've got to make an impression immediately almost and he hasn't really done that. I mean under his focus was at best making it back from Euro. Twenty Four. Euro twenty twenty when he got injured. And now he's got this chance to kind of rewrite things. I again you know fitness. He won't have played very much when he goes into these Games bought. But I pictures of him today where he was running, and he was doing fitness work. And he looked a million times better than he looked. Coming back in August so. I it's a huge boost and a huge chance for it's going to be. It's going to be very interesting to see if sedan pulls the trigger on them. Being positioned as almost a hazard or Venecia's decision, that sedan is going to be faced with. I mean right now. It's just funny because they'd be. They could be coming out with front. Three of ASENSIO Benza and has are two of the three of that guys who had been ruled out for the season and now here's another fighters. Magnificent ship. I mean I think that something but? I! Don't know what Saddam event I mean downhill running bail against rusty players. Oh Yeah I think great. I I actually kind of. Something immediate fancies Real Madrid to do something. Win It. Trying to if I would, if I were to make a pick right now. I might agree with you. And it's it's strange to kind of. Had that viewpoint on it with Barcelona bars. Remedied has spotted Barcelona two points for this final run I. Mean normally you take Barcelona. With that. Like hands down but yeah I don't know. I think I might agree with you. And then finally jj the. We want to talk about the battle for the top four because. I mean some some good teams are going to miss out on this. I WanNa go through what the table looks like right now with respect to that right now, severe third on forty seven. Points Rail. Socio Dad. And Gustaf ar both tied at fourth and fifth on forty six points Athletico Madrid right now down six on forty five points and then Valencia still in it at forty two points. I. Don't know where you WANNA. Go specifically with this, but I can tell you that the medical Madrid story lines in the is an absolutely fascinating one. Because yes, I know all about the that. They were a club in transition more than most I know. You can say the same in some respects about what Barcelona were. This Yard Rail Madrid as well, but Athletico Madrid I think more so having lost. You know key players of their of this recent simione run and most notably Antoine reason, but I'm sorry. Thirty one goals in twenty. Twenty seven Games is rough. It's not acceptable for a club that just that still has sowell. That's shout out over one hundred million euros on Zhao Felix I mean thirty one goals in twenty seven Games Lavar. Aunty right now have thirty two goals in that amount of time there thirteenth in the table I know that they wanNA play defensive style, and I know they lost grease man. I I I understand all that, but I'm sorry. The players that they have on that team their way better than what they've been performing at the season. And we just have to wonder now. They've just beat. Liverpool in the Champions League. Like. Were we just getting to a point where we were going to start seeing that medical Madrid, that we were expecting and maybe kick on and take this. It's amazing. How that victory over Liverpool as kind of. Reset the narrative somewhat like there's no escaping. The fact is been really disappointing season as you as you laid out. An. Here's something we don't talk about on on the podcast at all I. Don't think it's ever come up. Do Know How much Diogo semi only earns. As manager. Best Manager in the word. He owns forty two million Euros A..

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