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"asano mckenna" Discussed on The United States of Anxiety

"When when you first saw those images. What was that. Like a one Had the likud unattached asano mckenna him so in images surface. It confirmed that this actually happened to me where nobody believed me. Because it hadn't approved. So now i could see see. These are the facts second. Everything was coming back to me. The insult the beating. The pain statutory marriage again. Much of the sword can run as if he the Rushed back in. Canam is feed them so beckham yes every single second came back. It was as if i was back there. I look at the images and say this was the person in the cell in my ride on my left i recalled every single instance of torture and solid believes that. He's in one of those photographs that a group of lawyer showed him later to photograph. Shot from above of a man chained to a post inside of a cell and in front of this. Man's body is a puddle of dark liquid. Vomit it's exactly what sola said happened to him. hockey with the falsely weeks. I had told them all of these details and these shocked me when they showed me this video and told them yes. This is it. President bush said today that he was disgusted by pictures of iraqi prisoners. Being abused by american soldier treatment does not reflect the nature of the american people. The scandal it was abu ghraib immediately kind of expose the lie of a war of liberation. Which is how the bush administration had tried to justify the invasion and eleven people members of the american military were charged disciplined for their part in these abuses for men are charged with maltreatment and indecent acts for someone to prison for shoving and stepping on detainees solo. Watch these prosecutions. And he couldn't but feel that this wasn't enough going. After a handful of american soldiers see in these pictures may reflect the actions of individuals but by god it doesn't reflect my army in fact what we now know. What salad now notice is that responsibility started. Far further up the chain and that there were others involved including people who weren't members of the military these civilians people working for that company called khaki coming up what happens when solid tries to hold khaki accountable for its role naba grain. It's much harder than he ever imagined. And we'll speak with one of those private contractors. Who was there. There's no excuse for me at the time having to have been able to look at those things and recognize that. I didn't want to do them. But i did. And it frightened me. How he was to cross that line and.

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