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"asami medeiros" Discussed on The Daily

"Now. So Nick, you're saying that the fact that you're able to tell the story to see this dossier is significant unto itself because it means that there are people in Madurai government, specifically, it sounds like in his intelligence apparatus who aren't as United or loyal to Madero as he would have believe these documents came from someone who has held very high rank in Venezuela's intelligence community, and the fact that they're published in the times shows that there's something going on with the spies in the country. I can tell you. This person was a true believer in the government for years, but doesn't believe it anymore and has some real doubts about who is running the country right now. And I think the goal in handing over documents like this was trying to show the rest of the world that the people running Venezuela couldn't be trusted. I think it was that simple. If you're a spy, you have access to all kinds of information and your powers when you give that information out when it's released turning something secret into something public as a huge thing when it comes to espionage. And this was what was happening. This is the kind of stuff that wants compile shouldn't see the light of day, if you're the intelligence community, this is stuff, which are basically state secrets and put these out in a manner that they're going to get published for the world to see it's making a big statement about who you wanna see in charge of Venezuela. So you have always made clear that what really matters is what happens to the military. If there are mass defections from the military that would almost assuredly mean the end of the Madore regime, what about the intelligence community? What happens if they started affect each or constituents which are key to keeping Madero empower? Both are looking at the other to see which is going to take the first move. And I think these play off of one another. So it's dynamic, which is really important. Does that mean that even though it felt like one Goydos latest call for the Madero government to turn on it? Even though it looked like that fizzled. Maybe actually it's kind of working because you're seeing this deep state actually begin to break away from Doro in a pretty meaningful way yet. We the thing that you got remembers that the protesters are outside right now, they got quashed, but they're not inside the prison. Palace. If something is storing to break inside that's much more scary situation to wrote those are the people that Medeiros seeing when he's at these cabinet meetings. And if he's just gone through this day on Tuesday, where the US said that there were top officials about to betray him. And then by the end of the week. He seeing all these pages of information that had been assembled by his intelligence agency, getting published in the New York Times, if he's looking around these cabinet meetings, and he doesn't know if he can fully trust these people, it makes you think that you don't know what the next step is. And how am I going to keep myself in power? So why does call is actually being answered by the most dangerous people imaginable to nNcholas Maduro, which are powerful individuals within his government. Exactly. Remember, the reason why J Edgar Hoover was. So feared in the US was because he had information on presidents these presidents more than anyway. One fear the people running their intelligence agencies. Those people can be used to squash their opponents, but they can also turn on them too. And I think that's one of the fears that the government has and so this dossier is no doubt kind of message to Madero that the intelligence community could very well have the same kind of information about him. So I've seen the file on Asami Medeiros confidante. But if there's a file that's there on Madero. That's something that Venezuelans would really want to see and that file would be a lot more damaging. Thank you. Thanks, michael. Make that oral care. Yesterday's news. Over a million mouths agree. Quick makes daily brushing better for the whole family. The quip electric toothbrush has time sonic vibrations and signalling pulses for more thorough clean in two minutes. Plus fresh brush heads delivered automatically to keep your brush fresh quip starts at twenty five dollars with refills delivered every three months for only five dollars. And here's some great news. You can get your first refill pack free at get quip dot com slash daily. That's G E T Q U I P dot com slash the daily. Mine is Lindsay garrison. I'm one of the many producers behind the daily was pretty early days of the daily when all of a sudden Charlottesville happened. We were trying to figure out ways to cover this. And I remember thinking of this one guy Derek black. His dad was the Spain Mus kick aka leader. Derek was basically like white supremacy royalty. But then in his twenties, he completely disavowed the movement I called him up. And I said, hi, Derek. We wanna give your story. Space, and I don't wanna chop it up into soundbites. He said, okay. And this interview was one of the most arresting interviews I've ever done in my life. Derek story represented something that we're trying to do every single day on this show stories that get to the messy -ness of humanity, the shades of gray that I believe are behind every single news story out there without the support of the New York Times. I wouldn't have able to tell that story. If you want to hear more stories like this, please subscribe, go to NY times dot com slash subscribe. And thanks so much for listening. Here's what else you need to know his deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America is not telling the truth to the congress of the United States. That's a crime on Thursday. House speaker Nancy Pelosi accused attorney general William Barr of mine to congress when he testified that he was unaware of concerns from special counsel Robert Muller about how far had summarized mothers conclusions of the Russia investigation that claim now appears to be contradicted by a letter sent to bar by that laid out Muller's concerns about bar summary.

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