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"arturo vidal samuel" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Ditch. Arturo Vidal Samuel, Um, tt even club legend. Sergio Boost gets. Meanwhile, rack one radio reports. A new manager Ronald Coleman has informed Luis Suarez. He isn't in the club's plans moving forward. The 33 year old is third all time and goals for Barsa with 198 283 appearances. ESPN reporting that Manchester City is crunching numbers to see if Lena little mess he could potentially fit financially if the Barcelona star decides he wants to exit Cam no. While city would need to be concerned about financial fairplay rules, the club wants to do its due diligence if the 33 year old becomes available. Sources say that Patty State German captain Thiago Silva will sign a two year deal of Chelsea. After the 35 year Olds contract in Paris ended with the champions. They lost the buyer Munich on Sunday. The center back joins the Chelsea club that has already brought in team over in ER and Aqim's yes with a move for Biolab acoustic sky. Harvard's imminent Philadelphia 76 years, firing head coach Brett Brown after being swept by the Boston Celtics in four games in a disappointing first round playoff exit. Brown lasted seven years and led the team that three straight playoff appearances. Sports say that Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue as well as Villanova head coach Jay Right, are the leading candidates to replace Brown NHL second round playoff action game won the Islanders leading the Philadelphia Flyers. One to nothing. Andy Green with a goal to 606 mark of the first period. Major League Baseball scoreboard local teams in action heading to the fifth inning in Washington Nationals getting destroyed by the Miami Marlins seven to nothing in about 30 Minutes. First pitch. Oakland is at Texas here on Bloomberg Radio 9 60 in the Bay Area. Dan Schwartzman thatyou're Bloomberg World Sports Update. Home. All right. Thanks very much for that Dan and just reminded to a tune into a special coverage off the Republican National Convention That's going to be tonight on Bloomberg Radio. That'll be hosted by David Western. It'll kicks off a 10 PM at Wall Street time and in terms of the Republican National Convention. We will be discussing that in a moment when we're joined by Rick Davis partner It's starting Court capital, former campaign manager for John McCain's at 2008 run staging for that conversation. This is bowling. I've always economics. All this doom and gloom was out there financed. You See, this is a technical correction. Investment. What are you looking at, to give you some sort of compass Through this period? The Bloomberg surveillance podcast lots and lots of talk about what the Fed should and shouldn't does..

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