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"arturo merino" Discussed on KNST AM 790

"This is Fox News. Nunchucks are a step closer to becoming legal in Arizona. I'm Debra Dale t news, the state Senate Judiciary committee votes to remove the ban on nunchucks under Arizona law. The self defense weapon is prohibited. A federal judge struck down a similar ban in New York willing that nunchucks were protected under the second amendment Senate Bill twelve Ninety-one now goes to the full Senate for debate. The no gala city council has voted unanimously to demand the removal of razor wire added to the barrier along the border with Mexico. Mayor Arturo Merino says the federal government security build up turned the town's main street into something that looks like a war zone. He wants to wall all two thousand miles from San Diego to Brownsville. What what are they gonna do next put concertina wire up and down the whole wall from Brownsville, Texas like they're doing here? You know, what border patrol told me today when I met with them. I asked them are you going to take it down? They said, no, the mayor says he's considering a lawsuit to try and force the administration to remove the wire, I'm Debra Dale, Cayenne AM seven ninety. Tucson's? Most stimulating talk. This report is sponsored by edible arrangements. When you feel love share love. Casino. Del sole the solitu- Saen traffic center, I ten eastbound hill and with the snag near sunshine. We've got a road closure here due to some spilled asphalt all over the place. It's a mess. So it was St. route seventy nine in the meantime, crash fort Lewellen mountain first avenue, or Glenn and get you a around it. Another crash just in irvington east, Albert, I'm Ryan LeVine. S T AM seven ninety this Valentine's Day.

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