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"Earlier. We'd get our boat in. And that way till Election Day, the better voters standing in line in ST Joseph County, where over 1000 showed up to vote in Marion County over 1200 showed up one of them. Arthur Wickware, who tells Wish TV he was surprised at how long the line Wass You just kind of walking and walking out. But things change 1300 voters between Clark and Floyd counties in Southern Indiana 2106 voters in Hamilton County, which is a record Kirk darling 93 w. Y B C Mobile news. Security issue with some of Indiana's voting machines. Aging buildings do not have a paper trail for their paper. Let Jody Martin with the Public Policy Institute, says That's a problem because the papers the permanent record of the vote, Indiana's forcing counties to upgrade but that could take 10 years for nine months. You're hearing 911 Audio from July 27th and karma when Julio overrule a shot and killed his girlfriend and wounded the woman who called 911 Officer James Semester. Officer Van Adder ordered Mr Haru what to drop the gun. Mr Roulet did not comply. Officer Van Adder shot Mr Verona, which ended the threat, and officer Van Atta is reassigned. Police air still conducting an internal investigation. Ah, multiracial panel of Indiana police and prosecutors is trying to feel its way toward more color blind law enforcement, Eric Berman explains. Miranda Belay CP leader Benjamin Chavis moderated the Indianapolis discussion. Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter says the US is still suffering from segregation, which is outlasted the laws which once enforced many of my attorneys to come in. About 26 years of age, they have never in their life had any substantive conversation with an African American until they get to college, Indiana Opie President Bill Owens be insists racism and policing has been overstated. But he says the growing use of body cams will help to weed out the bad cops who are out there. Eric Bergman. 93 W. II, D C Mobile news and the chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court tested positive for Corona virus not long ago, but now she's back at work, Chief Justice Loretta Rush told the court late last month. You just finished isolating, but she continues to see your doctor and she has since tested negative for the virus. She's been the chief justice since 2014. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the go and on Twitter at 93. W A. B c and w e vi si dot com 805 Traffic on the fives Mad Bear. If you're living on North bound 65 on the Northwest side, Here's your answer. We have a vehicle tab down block in the right lane is just shy of 86 3 there and causing a bank of 24 65. I mean, we are Time to stop and go. It is a bad toe lay back to that Ram system. And then we're looking at the Northeast side. We hit westbound for 65 between Alison Ville Road in Keystone Avenue, right there at the White River right. Two lanes are blocked, causing the slow down back to 75th and then on the East side north bound for 65 separate delay about to merge with the other one. We're looking at slow 56 trees shameless near 71st Street Traffic, sponsored by Loew's pros may close Your first stop for Florida see the latest entire vinyl laminate hardwood. They have The quantities. You expected that both pricey shop in store online at lows for pros dot com. I've met Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. W IBC traffic. Randy Hollis, which TV meteorologist What's going on? Hey there, Tony Boy. Beautiful day outside today. Her, in fact, not as windy as yesterday. A lot of sunshine and unseasonably warm to the high writer on 80 degrees. Clear skies turn cooler, low temperature 47 Tomorrow Sunny, pleasant high temperature of 75 degrees Friday more sunshine. Back up to 80 for hi. By the way, hurricane doubt made landfall down across the lands of northeast Mexico. But the last hours so some of the moisture from downtown may come this far North. So I think Saturday so an Indian a pretty good chance of rain showers and then on Sunday, even here in South India, at least a chance for a few scattered showers. Heister in the weekend. Tony should top out into the seventies. That is Randy Hollis. Of which TV Randy. Thank you. 55 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is 807. This hour on 93. WNBC is powered by the home loan expert dot com. Early voting has begun in Indiana and people being taken advantage of it. Long lines and Hamilton County long lines and marrying county good. Good people out there doing their thing. Get out there and voting. What does it mean for each party? I don't have the answer for that question. I don't know in the benefits Republicans or Democrats or libertarians. Meanwhile, Mike Pence and Comma Harris Are going to debate tonight. You can catch that here. WNBC on Facebook. Facebook page facebook dot com slash nine www. ABC. You've seen pictures? I've told him Shabbas Rob Kendall. They will be talking us up to the debate. I will be tweeting as well. They will take over the WNBC Twitter feed. I'll be on that Tony Cats you can. You can follow me there. If if you.

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