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"arthur goodman" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

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"arthur goodman" Discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins

"But we did this lock. Down that venue pumped to record a new special video and audio now time to get medieval on your asses. I love this little break from the recent heaviness and darkness, and it only is going to be a little break. So hope you enjoy, because next week we're going to be talking about one dark, motherfucker, Albert fish Jesus, so weird. And so dark, let's just say he and Ed Kemper had lived during the same era and had been prison, cellmates. I think Ed Kemper will be the one tap out. I think he'd be the one asking for new cellmate because fish would have creeped even that psychopath out mother pushed Jill the ward, nurture, taking mother or do not enjoy listening to this discussion pervert Muller. My Zappa's just threw up. But not today. None of that today. Let's get to the legend of King, Arthur. If King Arthur, and his band of interesting characters did in fact, exist, they supposedly existed in the fifth, and sixth centuries. Lot of quickly written web articles say, that's when the deeds of some battle-hardened legends were first recorded, however, when do just to bid digging you, learn that if someone did do the deeds of King, Arthur. They weren't recorded when those deeds went down, and they certainly weren't called Arthur, no one named Arthur was mentioned doing anything remotely cool in England before the ninth century, there may have been some dude named Arthur, like, yeah, I don't know beaten often wheatfield, maybe making a fool of himself in an in or could have been at Arthur now, and then we tell you know, thing sig. Sagawa n-, Pena's, attorney, lia- hours, pay for my drinks is a misunderstanding now the past that once in his in alone to three times a week. That's wench accuses I've Milena. Where my I but again, this is unfortunate. It's not bode. Well for my case that could've been that Arthur Goodman, some putts like that, but not some bad ass. The Arthur, Ian and Marlin are Merlin Marlon Marlon the wizard. Right. And Merlin legends as we know them today, we're really created didn't really get going until the mid twelfth century. So why did it take seven centuries for this tale to to get moving along? If Arthur was, so legendary, probably because he is just that, that is what I strongly believe a legend, a story told to inspire, and the story may have really gotten going in the mid twelfth century because England desperately needed a noble leader for people to dream about, at that time England, had devolved into anarchy literally in the mid twelfth century in eighteen year long fight for the throne sued when king, Henry, the I died in eleven thirty five CE left, no clear successor to the crown for nearly two decades for nearly two decades. Lawlessness ruled the land during a period that would become known as the anarchy a lot. Was being shed in the name of misguided attempts to take the English throne by variety of claimants for years, villagers didn't even know who ruled them from one day to the next. No one was protecting them lawlessness abounded guessing the story of the noble king who protected his people in unified, a nation was very reassuring. And comforting in the twelve th century English trying to form a new national identity land of present day England been home to numerous different kingdoms for centuries. It would take some cultural unity to take Britain from being in the midst of anarchy to become into colonial world power will examine some of those early English kingdoms and come to an understanding of the origins of modern England in today's times a timeline, but first, let's look at the literary basis for the arthurian legends the tale of king. Arthur begins with a brief ninth century mentioned of a legendary British fighter like the best fighter ever, like fuck everyone a game of thrones. This do would've made short work of the mountain dew to chop down the mountain, and Jamie land. Mr. in his prime with one hand while calmly just munched on apple with the other, the history of the Britons is the modern English name of a book, generally attributed to a Welsh monk named Nene us sought to have been written around eight thirty see an in this book, or through makes his first cameo that we know of what has come down to us throughout the years..

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