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"arthur banks" Discussed on The Ortho Show

"We're going to do the nerve block for you. But it's amazing still that you know physicians out there as things change in. Innovate right people. A lotta times are very slow to transition to something new and different. We hear that all the time when they were those show as we have great. Innovators are always coming up with new and great ideas but look. We're really happy to hear that you're using the the the blocks and you're seeing good results within thrilled about the opioid faction rothman. Kudos to all of you guys do an amazing job. I want to sort of pivot a little bit now. We'll talk a little bit about research because you doing a great job. And you're you're pumping out the papers. You're really putting out some really important work and there's two studies that i thought i bring up. That's okay and we could just discuss those. So i'm a big you know. We talked about if anybody that's listened to me on. The show knows that my arthroscopic ladders j. experience that we've talked about that multiple times and you have a an interesting paper which is great. It's a ladder. Shaper talking about complications at a single institution for ten years. Just give us an update as to what was going on there and what you guys found. Because i thought that was a really good paper. You know part of the reason why we wanted to do. The study is because you know. There's a huge push to to do ladder. J. for primary instability now especially coming out of europe and so there have been some recent studies that have been published. That show that you're almost doing the wrong thing if you do. And arthur scott bank heart repair for some of these patients. You know the wreak recurrent instability rate after arthur's bank. I don't know what you tell your. Patients i tell my patients about fifteen percent But you know the current instability right after ladder jays less than five percents so obviously if you do a study comparing those two arthroscopic bank heart will will lose every single time But the problem is a lot of..

ten years europe two studies arthur scott about fifteen percent less than five percents two arthroscopic bank Shaper arthur single 's bank single time