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63. Shooting for 40 points!

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63. Shooting for 40 points!

"Everybody happy Monday. WHO had agree weekend? We get to watch games Be totally honest with you. I didn't really get a chance to watch too much this past weekend. I did catch you know a couple of games here and there. But. Nothing where I got to watch, you know an entire match from start to finish. Just didn't happen but there's a lot of football that went on over last week. I mean, we had Champions League we had you wrote bullying all the leagues in Europe. Mls there's just a whole lot going on. I mean, it was it was a great i. mean if you're a fan and I'm always happy and excited when the Champions League is back in the Europa League as well. So yeah. So I'm going to cover some of these scores and. Start. Off With Champions League match day one. You know some decent matches that went on a of surprises in there. Let's see. So last week, last Tuesday match day one, we had Chelsea and severe play with. Zero zero draw. Those are the last two champions of the Europa League too. So that was pretty decent match. And then we had renee in Krasnodar polluter one one draw. Zenit Saint Petersburg. Clip ruge to. Lattanzio. Surprisingly. Defeated Borussia Dortmund three, two one. Event has had no problem with Dynamo Kiev won that game two zero. Barcelona. Five Fearing carbs one. In another surprise match least to me men many united fans didn't see as a too big of a surprise, but we had PSG one. Man United to that game was played in Paris and I couldn't see menu winning that at least on paper you know they did it again, they wanted to Pearson. Took some points. Took points away from. PSG. It's only match day. One is a group stage, but that game is still still surprise. You know you don't. Plan on seeing PSG, driving points at home to a team like man united had their struggles. Of course they've only really been struggling at home in the PL not literally at home in the PL l.. I person I think PSG. It's a better team but. You Know I. Mean if you don't show up on Game Day then that's what happens. Then you had arbi light to Istanbul bushell here zero. Then, on Wednesday, we had a South Berg and Lokomotiv Moscow pleaded two two draw. Buyer Munich for Athletico Madrid zero I definitely expected more out of Madrid here. I I can't stand how goodbye news like it really bothers me how good Byron is. You know they've been like steamrolling teams I mean they had a couple hiccups here in the Bundesliga but buying is just been killing teams I mean. I think since the start of the season, they probably already scored well over twenty goals in all competitions which. is just nuts but you know to push aside a team like athletic Madrid is surprising. another shock we had a shocked her nets. Beat Real Madrid in Madrid three, two two never would've saw that happening. Inter Milan. Gladbach play to draw. Man City defeated Porto three to one. Olympiakos one, Marseille's zero. I X. Zero Liverpool One I didn't get a chance to watch that game but you know I x is one of those teams that constantly surprises people and to be able to hold Liverpool to one goal the loss but I think that's still still an accomplishment. And we had meeting land zero antelope, Atlanta Four. For the Champions League will be back tomorrow and Wednesday. And some of the notable matches that I have here we got Marseille hosting. Man City. Atalanta hosting I X.. You. Venice Barcelona. And the man united in RB Leipzig now that you've meant his Barcelona win, the draw happened everybody was really really excited about that match 'cause we're GonNa get to see you know after seeing for two seasons. See re Cristiano Renaldo in Lino Messy playing against each other and then. Christian Rinaldo tested positive for corona buyers so The last thing that I read. last night or this morning was that he's trying to. Get a negative test. If he gets a negative test probably before tomorrow, he should be able to play the Yes to have two consecutive. Don't quote me on that but if he has two consecutive negative tests, then he should be cleared to play We'll see I mean a lot can happen between now and tomorrow. but new, I'm hoping that hoping those two teams can play I think it would be. A great. Even though. look kinda shaky in. Syria. Champions League is a totally different story so We'll. We'll see what happens. not going to go over the standings match day one in the Champions League over that next week after two was completed. When things are Kinda SORTA taking shape and We'll see but those four matches that I just mentioned those are definitely wants to to look out for. Switching, over to the Europa League matchday one, I'm not going to all of these scores just some of the notable matches. Arsenal defeated Rapid Vienna. Rapid Wien depending on who you ask to one. Beyer Leverkusen absolutely destroyed niece sixty two. Roma. Beat young boys to one. In a surprise in. The Rope League meet least acid from the Netherlands defeated Napoli one zero. A C Milan. And Celtic Milan one that three to one. And often Heim. Two zero over Red Star Belgrade again. After the next matchday, I'll go over the standings like I said. As you know, the groups day starts to take you know a little bit of a better shape The notable matches that I got for match day two, which will be on. Thursday. This week we got moulder hosting Rapid Vienna. Benfica playing standard the age. Three Hour Socio Dodd who right now is on top of La Liga. Will be hosting Napoli. And what I'm calling the the Timothy Way. Darby we got Lille his current team hosting. Celtic. Now, I don't know if he's GonNa play much in that match. He only played like I think ten minutes this past week for Lille but we'll see you know it'll still be a good game regardless even though Leila's actually look really really good. They're they're surprising a lot of people this year but playing in your league playing in Europe, it's completely different. and then we got get. Hosting in high so Those are the notable matches from Ashley to in the Europa League, and you know there's plenty plenty of games going on this week for everybody to be able to to to catch up on. Champions League, Europa League lot of good Games so are moving onto France where in league match day eight. which is crazy Francis farther along in anybody else in Europe right now. On, Friday Rene one on gear to. On Saturday we had FC lowering. Zero Marseille. One PSG. Four digital zero ps used to work in their wake up In League on Dijon. They're looking like they are not going to be in league on next season Killian Bobby didn't even start this match he came on later but he still scored that they're looking pretty good. L. Let's see for Sunday. loans in. That match was postponed. I'm not sure when it's GONNA be rescheduled. Breast Zero Strasbourg three. Bordeaux defeated them. Two Zero. Mets to eighteen zero. zero them? For. Lille in niece played to way one one draw and then Leon. Defeated Monaco fo one. So the table as it stands right now after matched eight in league on we got PSG on top. LILLE THAN SECOND And third. Marsin Fourth Niece in fifth. In Leo in six. Bottom of the table. There Strasburg in eighteenth ram in nineteenth in dijon the bottom of table. With the only two points in last. Notable matches for me matchday nine, we got versus Leon. To me that just seemed like it would be the most competitive match to watch for a neutral somebody that really doesn't have a fan. Or a fan of a team in legal that game might be the one that provide. Guess like the greatest benefit to a neutral person just watching it. But. I'm also at Timothy Way Fan so. He. Hasn't really been playing much but he's still young. You know it's all good. Let's see moving onto Italy Syria. They're up to matchdays five on Friday. We saw solo in Torino, a three three draw. On Saturday Atlanta one, some story three. Inter Milan defeated Genoa two zero. Lot Co two Bologna one. On Sunday Calgary Four. Zero. Napoli defeated been. Two to one. Par spots the apply to a two two draw. Fiorentina three Houdini to. Surprise like I mentioned earlier that you vent is has not really been playing that. Will you've antecedent Hilas Rona plead to a one one draw. Now you could say there without Cristiano Renaldo plus keep in mind they have a new coach in under your pillow, but it's venter's they're playing at home against Hellas phenomena. Stuff does happen but that's not a game that I definitely saw event is not getting the full three points for. And today we got. You know at the time of this recording. AC Milan will be hosting Roma so I don't have the results for that because the match hasn't happened yet. But the Syria table right now, the way that stands AC Milan is actually on top even though they have only played four matches now believes in second followed by South Wollo. Inter Milan's fourth. Event and fifth in Atalanta is in sixth bottom of the table in eighteenth we got donating. Nineteen th Torino they've only played four matches and bottom of the table very bottom crew Tony. Twentieth place with only one point. To show for. Notable match. I. Put for Syria this coming week from today six. I put Napoli hosting us. We'll know because as of right now that's to win three in the table. had a chance to see. Susilo play at all this season. They're just not a team that's ever really been on my radar but I will probably watch a little bit of that match this week. All right. So also in Italy. Coming up. Next week. We got the cope. Italian. Read the third round. That'd be matches on Tuesday and. Wednesday. I am not going to go over the names because some of these teams I've never heard of. And Might Talian is not good at all so. Just keep that in mind though if you're looking especially for next week when there's no Champions League and there's no Europa, league? On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week there are Copa Talion matches going on. Can't really see any that are you know jumping out at me? You got some teams that are. You know plant planning series be in May below. You know there's a couple Syria teams in here. Sorry to Gino Kinda Giddy. Genoa. But. Yeah. You guys take your time and just just check that out and You know like I said, plenty of matches that that'll be going for next week when you're going through your Champions League in Europe withdrawals. All right Spain Lalita messy seven. less Friday we had. L.. A. To Valencia one. then. On Saturday, we had also SUNA one athletic club zero. L. Classical thought this game was GONNA be a lot better than turned out to be. Well, I guess it depends on which side you're sitting on I guess. barscelona one Real Madrid three. To me. It just seems like was not the same. Now the Cristiano Ronaldo's left I know that's a terrible thing to say especially for all the the Barcelona fans out there because that Barscelona team if you look at that team is actually really good. They had a lot of issues recently because the messy thing they lost Suarez and even going further back than that when increasement joined the team, it just seemed like a kind of through a lot of stuff off you know I, mean, you can even go probably further back the net when Neymar left the team you know I mean. Just I dunno with this Barcelona just isn't the Barcelona that we're we're used to seeing. Now you can say the exact same thing for Real Madrid the team is just completely different from. What we're used to seeing but I mean, they're holding their own in they're just they just one classical. So. they won the league last year. Sergio, Ramos was the hero this weekend. I Dunno say. Let's see Soviet zero eibar one. Athletic Madrid to Real Betis Zero. And yesterday we had I liz. Excuse me. By lead zero to. Kazan Hillary Al. played two. Zero zero draw. Hit Tuffy zero could not a one. And leading Real Sociedad. Four. One. So oh. Sorry today Monday we got Levante Hosting Celta Vigo. Game hasn't happened yet so but here's how the tables looking right now. On. Top. Got Real. Sociedad followed by Madrid Granada's in third bill reality in fourth. Athletico Madrid in fifth and cadets is in six. Bottom of the table. We got Celta Vigo and eighteenth. Levante. In one, thousand, nine, hundred and Korea lead in last now notice I did not say Barcelona they're sitting somewhere midtable right now. Hopefully, they have a little bit of a bounce back but you know obviously, we're only up to match the seven. Tables going to change a lot. Remember like this time last year match seven Granada was like sitting on top of the table. This year just so has to be Real Sociedad. So a lot can happen. I. Don't know WHO's I. Don't know who's going to win the league. Who knows what's going to happen between now and even Christmas? You know this thing completely be shaken up. I don't know we'll see. We'll see that's all you can say. All right moving on to England in the Premier League. On Friday. We had Aston Villa. Zero. I should say Bamford three because he scored all three goals for Leeds United but Leeann is looking pretty good. I mean you know scored three goals even though you know Bamford, had the hat trick on the road in the premier league is still pretty impressive. So leads been doing doing really well, you know. It's team I'm following. Up Only because I watched. That Amazon. DOCU series about. Them. And you know they're doing, they're doing pretty good. They're holding their own so. We had West Ham and Man City played with one draw. Fulham Won Crystal Palace to Man United and Chelsea played. Two zero zero draw. Liverpool to. Sheffield United One. Yesterday. We had Southampton to Everton Zero. wolves in Newcastle United played a one one draw. The My beloved Arsenal Zero Leicester City one Jimmy Bharti came on scored that goal. Yeah, it was it was pretty upsetting. I. Think he's scored like the eightieth minute or something like that. I thought it was going to finish zero zero I was Kinda hoping it would finish zero zero but you know it is what it is. I mean he's Jimmy already. So today we got Brighton and Hove Albion hosting West Brom and then Burnley hosting Tottenham. So right now the way the Premier League looks after a massive six at Everton still on top followed by Liverpool there's both sitting on thirteen points Ashton villa is in third but they've only played. Three matches that doesn't that doesn't seem right that that's definitely a Typo in my notes Aston. Villa's asked him bills in third. But they have a game in hand see that lesser cities in fourth lead united in fifth, and then Southampton is in six. Bottom of the table. We got Burnley Sheffield United and Fulham all sitting on one point but Burnley has a game in hand. Let's see. So notable matches I got Man United Hosting Arsenal and Leeds United, hosting lesser city. So hopefully, leads can embarrass Vardi for me. Maybe make up for this past week when Arsenal wasn't able to get the points against Leicester City. but we'll. See. Her moving on to Germany. the Bundesliga. Friday. This is a match that I did watch but not the entire thing. WE HAVE ESPN STU Garden Cologne Cologne. played a one one draw. Mean it's fine, it would have been better Stewart got the full three points, but he didn't really hurt them too much. I guess. that Saturday we had union Berlin and Freiburg. Clear one draw. Byron Munich put up five. And had a clean sheet against Amtrak's Frankfort they're just killing. Rb Leipzig to Berlin one. Bruce Routine gladbeck defeated minds three to. Bruce. Dorfman. Three Shoka zero shaggy has really fallen off. yesterday, we had Wolfsburg to build one and then. And Hoffman. Heim. Played to a one one draw today by Liberals by Liberty cousy excuse me is hosting Augsburg. Game. Hasn't happened yet. So don't have the results for it but So the table is looking right now after five matchdays. Rb Leipzig on top followed by Byron Munich. Bruce Dortmund third. Vs To guard is in fourth there in a champion expire get ahead of ourselves. We just trying to shoot for forty points I mentioned that last week, forty points that's the goal that will keep us up. So we won't get relegated Bruce Gladbach is in fifth Verte Bremen is in sixth bottom of the table we got Cologne. shocker. And might might has yet to get any points from any of their matches in Cologne they have two points one of them they got from the match with with US Stewart that that's pretty upsetting. Notable matches coming up. In matchday six gruesome and Glenn back hosting. Rb Leipzig. Hoffman Heim hosting. Union Berlin. and SHOKA hosting. Stewart. So hopefully. Should be able to get the points from that, but you know anything anything's possible. Maybe Schulkin needs to fire another coach. But who knows cigarettes? Well, I guess at eighty points is the goal. As. Long as we can get to eighty point or forty points, I'll be happy that will prevent us from getting relegated and guarantee that we're in the Bundesliga again next year now if we can finish in a Europa League Champions League spot because that Champions League and Europa League money is always good for getting new players. But that can't be the goal for this season. Maybe next season we're in the Bundesliga again, we'll shoot for playing in. Europe. Are there's a loud truck driving down my street. For Right now, we need to just solely in strictly focus on staying in the Bundesliga we just lost two points. Messing around with Cologne to Stewart scored in the first minute of that match and somehow was not able to you know to close it out but. Whatever forty points is the goal and you know that. That's what we're shooting for at least. That's what the fans shoot for with the team players are I'm sure they're shooting, win the league, but fans we are shooting for forty points. So let's get stood guard to forty points. All right Moving over to analysts. I'm just going to go over these. Really quick. playoffs are coming up soon mls So some of these races in both conferences are. Getting tighter. Let's see. So last Tuesday, we had Nashville three. Dallas zero. On Thursday Seattle sounders and the Portland Timbers play a one draw. On Friday Nashville in the New England revolution also played a one one draw. Than Saturday we had Inter Miami to Orlando City One. Atlanta United One. DC United. To NYC AFC three. Montreal impact one. Chicago fire in New York rebels played a two two draw. FC CINCINNATI ZERO MINNESOTA UNITED ONE PHILADELPHIA UNION FIVE TORONTO FC Zero Houston Dynamo in the Columbus crew play to a one one draw. Real Salt Lake in Dallas played two zero zero draw. Sporting KC four. Colorado rapids zero. And whitecaps see to. San. Jose earthquakes one. Then yesterday we had. L., traffic oh the La Darby. GotTa look this up but I'm pretty sure that the galaxy have not one more than one match. I think they played a total of ten. I. Think in a pretty sure that Elliot C has the advantage they've won four. Lost, one in the restaurant draws might be eight matches if they played but. I know that the galaxy are not. Doing well in L. Traffic. For one and they're not really doing too well in the League in general, they signed teach Rideau. Everybody thought he was GonNa do well, and he absolutely has not maybe he should've tried to stay in Europe maybe went to Mexico. Someplace else. But playing in La is is definitely not a it's not for him. So let's see we got the look at the top six in eastern conference. We got the Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Columbus. Orlando City NYC, AFC, and then the New England revolution. Top six in the western conference, we got sporting KC on top Seattle sounders Portland Timbers. L. AFC MINNESOTA united in doubtless. So. As the playoffs get closer and closer. We'll see if there's any major shifts in that but. I mean right now, the galaxy. One of the worst record sit on the bottom of the western conference they got eighteen points in eighteen matches. Its that's terrible. So I. Don't know. I mean their season is over basically they're not going to the playoffs but I don't know I just thought never not used to seeing the galaxy of the bottom of the table like that. And if it wasn't for Cincinnati. Elliott would be the worst team in the league. The Colorado rapids have played four fewer matches. THAN THE LA Galaxy. Yet The Colorado rabbits have nineteen points. Ella Galaxy only have eighteen. I mean, I should tell you need to know about the the galaxy at this point. So. Are I'm GonNa take a quick break. Go get something to drink and I'll be back. Welcome back everybody. All right. So for the next six episodes starting today I'm GonNa do a new segment I guess and I do a confederation breakdown of all six of the. Confederation's The you know the geographic federations that are that fall within FIFA. So today I'm GonNa. Start with the smallest and going to work my way up probably do UEFA last because it's the one that's you know totally one the most the most people were cups and it's where everybody you know generally tries to get to play. So I'm GonNa do them not not in order from Actually I guess it kind of is order from smallest to largest but not really because actually Africa and Asia are both larger than comparable but come before I do Europe but anyway. With the. The Oceanic Football Confederation. little bit history they founded in nineteen, sixty six and its headquartered in Auckland. New, Zealand. The smallest of the continental confederations is comprised mostly of island nations were soccer or football is not the most popular sport in those countries. in two, thousand, six Australia who was. Probably the best funded, most successful nation in the AFC they decided to leave and join the Asian football. Confederation. This was to make it easier for them to qualify four. Fever for competitions the World Cup. Because right now, the NFC they're just not in a position to have a whole lot of power within the footballing world. So when Australia left New Zealand became the most successful nation the OFC. it's the only confederation that does not have a guaranteed slot in the FIFA World Cup. So whenever you hear about those continental playoffs it's usually dealing with either an additional slot for confederation or the only potential slot for the NFC. Technically the of C- only has a half a slot because they have to fight against condemnable the fifth-placed team in the Campbell qualifying in order to qualify for the World Cup. no member of the NFC has ever advanced out of the group stage in the World Cup. And in the Confederations Cup Australia has finished second and third in nineteen, Ninety, seven and two thousand one respectively. But as I mentioned Australia's no longer part of. The Oh. So right. Now, the OFC, has eleven full members when I say full members talking about teams that are members of both the NFC and fee members. Those are American. Samoa. Cook Islands Fiji. New Caledonia New Zealand Papua, New Guinea. Samoa. Solomon Islands Tahiti. Tonga. And Vanilla to in the three nine FIFA members that they have. And I'm going to butcher this first one. Kiribati. You. In to blue. Those last three I'm pretty sure that I pronounce them. Wrong. So anyway, listening feel free to correct me. So. Let's see the the major competitions that they have. The national team level, his the OFC Nations Cup. So, in the OC Nations Cup, it's their equivalent of the CONCACAF, Gold Cup or the Copa America. there are two groups of four teams each. In. Each group every team plays opponent once. the top two teams from each group not only advanced to the knockout stage, but also qualify for the third round of World Cup qualifying. the semi final and final or both single leg matches and New Zealand right now is the current champions of the. NFC. There have been ten versions of this competition. New Zealand is also the most successful team in the competition winning it five times in Nineteen, seventy, three, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, two, thousand to two, thousand, eight, and two, thousand sixteen. Former oh of C- member and current AFC member. Australia's the second most successful with four wins while Tahiti has won the trophy one time. The Twenty Twenty Oh, nations was canceled due the COVID nineteen. The next version will take place in twenty, twenty four. But before its cancellation of the Confederations Cup the winner would represent the OFC in competition. The last representative was New Zealand in two thousand? Sixteen So the current fee for rankings for have members. Full, members. New Zealand is at one hundred and twenty one. The Solomon Islands at one thirty, nine, New Caledonia one, fifty, six. To hedy at one, sixty one. Fiji in Vanuatu. At one, sixty three. Papua New Guinea at one sixty five American Samoa at one ninety two Samoa at one, eighty, four and Tonga at two o three. So club competition they have the NFC. Champions League it's also called the old league. it was organized in two, thousand, seven, hundred current format, and before that, it was called the Oceanic Club, championship? the group stages made up a four groups of four teams. Each team plays every team their group one time. The top two teams from each group progressed to the knockout stage. In the knockout stage, every match is single elimination. The winning club represents the OFC in the annual fee for club World Cup. Auckland City from New Zealand. has won the OC Champions League title nine times but right now, the current champions are high in game sport from New Caledonia now when you see the name If you get a chance, look it up who are the current champions of the NFC. Champions League. But when you look at the name, the team name I remember 'cause I've talked about them before probably you know maybe a year ago talking about the club World Cup and I remember I had to. Listen to a youtube video in order to be able to pronounce that team's name rate because it just it looks nothing like how it sounds at least not to me maybe to somebody from the OC region. It looked like something that they'd be able to pronounce pretty easy. For me it took me a while to be able to look at it and be able to pronounce it correctly, but it stuck with me because I, was able to pronounce it now with no issues. So. Yeah. That's the NFC. Next week I will either do conflict CAF or. CAF. The African Federation. We'll see figure that out you know do my research and it'll be a surprise for you guys I guess. So before I go the last thing that I want to talk about and I mentioned it last week and it's been all over the news. Was this project big picture in the. UK. Now we constantly here in Europe actually even after this story came out, I was hearing a lot of stuff about European Super League. Again, it seems like that's that's an everyday occurrence This current iteration something that's being pushed by fee for to weaken I guess the Champions League or I don't know the last thing that fee for once is a European. And then the last thing that UEFA want is a fever sponsored. Super League. So I don't know the constantly going back and forth but. This project big picture dealt only with football in. England and guess you know the broader UK because there are some teams. In. The NFL in the Premier League will not in the this year but in the past that were from Swansea and then there's teams that Kinda Cross over in the championship league one and League two. But this project big picture was gonNA. Give more control to the teams. The big six teams in the Premier League. And it was Kinda do it like in a little bit of a sneaky way so we all know right now the because of the global pandemic of nineteen that you know there's been limited amount of fans and for a long time, it was fans in any stadiums now for premier league teams huge teams in Europe and you know maybe South America where rails that's not really a big of a deal. Some of these clubs are worth. You know multimillions in some cases, billions of dollars. and. You only have advertising deals sponsorships and whatever. So they're going to be okay. But like teams in league. League to. League one. You know having the money from ticket sales is something that they were relying. So basically, it was Liverpool. Knighted primarily that were pushing this thing they were going to give money to some of the lower level teams in the EFL English football league, which is comprised of the championship league one and League to the Premier League is separate from the NFL. They were going to be pumping money into the lower leagues and they also wanted to. Change the amount of teams in the Premier League and drop it down by two teams. This was gonna just give them a whole bunch control, not only over like decisions made for the Premier League but also for the lower, leagues like the Championship and League one and League two now, most of the clubs. All throughout England have rejected this they don't want it to happen because nobody really wants a certain small group of teams. You know especially teams that are have like. Super rich owners we're talking about Liverpool Man United. Man City Chelsea Arsenal Tottenham those teams would have basically total control of football in England and they would have like their vote would be worth more than all the other teams in the Premier League and Be Controlling what was going on in the lower leagues as well because they would pump money into. Into, you know championship one league to no. I don't me personally. I don't agree with that. I don't like the way that is the only thing that I do agree with this. Is. I think that the champions James at the Premier League probably would be better served. Same thing with La as well if they drop down from twenty teams to eighteen teams. You same thing for Syria is well, I think that it actually helps with the teams that do get promoted to those leagues from the Lower Leagues it helps them. In helps teams to not become constant. Yoyo teams because you know for a while in certain leagues it just seems like teams get relegated. They come right back up they get relegated to come right back and if you have to less slots, it will make the teams at the top of the table from the lower the in the second tier that much better. Like I think you know the. I'm kind of biased because I do follow the Bundesliga you know tighter than any other league or closer than other league and I think that the way that the Germans have is actually better than the way that some other leagues happen. To All the other leagues, the of the Big Five, and that's the one thing with this project big picture that I do agree with especially now. but at the same time. What a lot of people don't know learn this from another podcast. Another book was that when a team gets relegated from the Premier League for like three seasons, they get what are called parachute payments. So. The first she has relegated they get like I. Don't want to say it's like fifty percent or something like that of what they were making from. The Premier League, the the season prior. Then if they come back up, then they're good. But if they stay down, then it goes down to twenty five percent, and then after that, it goes to like fifteen percent or something like that. So a team like Sunderland that. was in the Premier League and then they fell down and they got relegated again they were in league one from the championship. It kind of hurt them because they were expected to go back up and now they've been languishing and now they're in league one and they've been down there for a while those parachute payments are either up or they're about to be up. So That's something that that helps those teams. But in a situation like this, with this project, big picture, I guarantee that that money would probably come in different form or it'll be limited based on the. The the whims of the big six clubs who have those billion dollar owners. I Dunno I for me. I don't know the whole the whole money aspect of football while you know they put together super teams and everything Kinda cool to watch from whatever. But I think it does take away from the game a little bit and you definitely don't want certain small group of teams and owners in essence having that much control over the game that we love and follow you know that's just my two cents on it but Yeah. I don't know I think this is also something they're trying to do to prevent a European, Super League which I think a European Super League would be cool for like a year or two to watch as a fan to be able to see. But right now I'm stuck in the United States. So for me watching it on TV, it would be nice. But if I was a fan of a club and I was actually like in Europe. And it'd be nice to see. Barcelona play against Liverpool twice a season or whatever over multiple you know seasons or whatever. Or even like you know seen PSG play against Bayern Munich. It would be great outside of the Champions League. But at the same time. I don't WanNa have if I'm a fan I don't like Byron. But. Have to travel to Pairs to watching him much rather see the games in the country that I'm in. You know. And then I don't know. Plus, I'm a big fan of the Champions League as well. So. I don't know I think too many people are constantly trying to. Tinker. With a formula that in my opinion is already working in working well so. I guess fee for pushed a plan. Something in the news about it this past weekend where they're talking about like. A. European type superleague but it's like the European Premier League or something I need to do a little bit more research might have that you guys next week but I don't know it seems good on paper. It's nice to do when you're playing fee for whatever to mess around with the League's and move teams in different leagues. Having like I dunno Napoli play in the Bundesliga or something stupid like that. But. When it comes to the actual football I don't really really WanNa see that the Champions League for me is enough. At least when it comes to European football. So This is my two cents. Let me know what you guys think My contact information in the show notes and Yeah. Thank. You guys for listening as I mentioned earlier. Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday. Two days of Champions League one day of Europa League back to. To League play on the weekend. Hopefully, you guys get a chance to watch some games games coming up. Take care of yourself. You guys know the cases of Kobe Dr Going up here in the United States. So just make sure you're keeping yourself safe keeping your family safe. Wash your hands, wash mass and. You know to be safe out there. Thank you guys for listening. Have a great week. I'll talk to you next week.

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