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"around 90 temperatures" Discussed on WBAP 820AM

"Duty I boulevard he's found by 30 just before just Thomason and the Skeet. You've got an accident taking away the left lane traffic is backed up just before Motley Drive the W B A P. First traffic and weather on One on David Classic Chevrolet. Relax, Enjoy the difference. Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, 800. Pre owns all classic certified for Peace of mind, that could mean a lower payment. Trade your car today online with their easy past. They're paying top dollar find new roads, enjoying friends by new road to Eldorado chevy dot com It's Eldorado chevy dot com. W B A P forecast mostly cloudy this afternoon with storms moving through a high around 90 temperatures have plummeted down to 74 degrees with rain in the area at the F. W airport. This news brought to you by Reliant Air conditioning. It was a violent weekend in North Texas, bringing on multiple shootings, including one that left eight people heard at the Dallas banquet hall. Dallas Police Association President Mike Motta says there's been an increase in violence among family and friends since the pandemic began. One uncle who gets mad at another uncle at a family party and One is up shooting the other. All those people are standing around. Put needs to put a stop to that before that 911 call comes in and the police arrive and we have a homicide on our hands. Police believe the banquet hall shooting happened after an argument between partygoers at two separate graduation and birthday parties. The White House, announcing new plans to share more vaccines around the world. An additional 55 million doses have been set aside for global distribution on top of 25 million that have already started going.

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