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"around 80 75 degrees" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"News Center at my Northwest, calm at least three homes and 11 other buildings in eastern Washington. Get eaten up by fire. Everyone in the Okanogan County communities have Nispel, Um Buffalo Lake and Cache Creek is evacuated. There are power outages in the area and phone lines are down creme TVs. Nicole Hernandez is there. The wind right now is really what's noticeable. That was soon as you kind of get out of the car. You start feeling that wind and that is what Cruz say is pushing this fire and, of course, making it more dangerous. There is no detour around a portion of the North Cascades Highway shut down by wildfires. Road workers say drivers are showing up at closure points, asking if they can get through on forest service roads. Seven mile stretch of state route. 20, west of Winthrop is expected to remain closed through the weekend and as fire season hits full swing jet fuel shortages are threatening to hinder planes and helicopters that drop fire retardants in the northwest. The federal government reports short term problems at bases in Oregon, Utah and Arizona already Jet fuel supply chains are still ramping up with the return to mass travel. Olympia City workers shut down a road to remove the safety hazards left behind by a homeless camp Carry, Redland tells Cairo seven TV. The cleanup is part of a new management program. We're going to provide more cleanup, more case management and other services between those three organizations. Here and some other sites around the community. Right now. The program is funded for one year. In your Cairo radio forecast calls for this afternoon to bring our warmest temperatures all week with high around right around 80 75 degrees in downtown Seattle at 305. This weather report brought to you by molecule dot com. That's molecule with a case. I'm Diane. Death. Weather. Cairo Radio News. Tell your smart speaker to play Cairo radio here for what's next. Wow. Wow. I didn't make a chance. They got it Cheap bitch. Wow. Oh, hey, hurry. Well, look at you a shorts on diving. It does the candidate Tom addressed much.

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