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"aron hoskins" Discussed on 94WIP Sports Radio

"Sarangani going to take over there? What do you see? You know, my feeling on Kappler I had questions about him last year. But I was willing to wipe the slate clean coming into the season. And so far Dunn's up. Dumbs down the Phillies manager gets made you up from me. I think he's got a real nice job with the team. So far this year. Just judging by his actions, ended statements. He's not ready to name a closure yet and truth be told I'm in agreement with him. I would have been okay, if he came out at the beginning of the season and said, hey, we're paying David Robertson. He's closed games before he's close pennant winning, and if he'd named Robertson, I would have been cool with that. If you'd said, listen, a we love Saint Anthony. Now, we've got him even protection with David Robinson to lead to him. And we say, and I would have been good with that too. Let me let me finish. Neither one of those guys in spring training went nuts. And just pop the eyes and looked dominant. So Kappler's call was to let's let this play out which I was also completely cool with and guess what? Nobody's grabbed the closer role the throat yet. The one guy the best guy in the bullpen. So far has been captain Morgan. And I don't think they look at him as a closer. So they weren't going to name just the first guy at three weeks in whoever's are most dominant relief, but we're going to name him the closure. No that chose not to do that. Now, if Sarangani gets a chance to close over these next ten days with Robertson on the injured list, and he comes in and shut them down and has to strike out innings doesn't put anybody on. I would not be surprised if Gabe takes the step and takes a stance and says, we'll now sir, sir. Anthony are closer. But it took to the players. It's not really up to Gabe. Somebody has to go out and and demand, but close a role rattling engage just say I pick, sir. Anthony, I pick Morgan I'd pick narrows I picked Robertson. No. He's not going to do that. And I don't think you should. We'll forget one one reliever throws eighty three out there. It was bad. Neat checked. That's not. Yeah. Which way did you wind right game last night? Yeah. Well, I listen to it. Okay. So did you see the play that the Mets scored the winning run in extra innings on? I seen it in a highly highlight Hoskins had to die for that ball. It goes off his glove Caesar scrambles to pick it up. The guy comes all the way around from second on a bullet just makes it into the shortcut grants in the outfield and seizes throw is nowhere near home plate, and they call the Aron Hoskins going, wait a minute. First of all, I thought it was a base hit. And if you're gonna give anybody in era, it should have been on Cesar for that pretty awful throated a plate. Now. I can't guarantee you that if he strike he was dead at the plate, but I can guarantee you there would have been a play. It would have been close the Puerta had to make a call. A guy would add the slide. I mean put out to make a decision. I didn't get that. A little bit. And it's a Philly game. I know the official score is now more independent major league baseball heart as it's not as controlled as it used to be by the home team. But if you watch baseball as much as I do, you know, there's still some hometown scoring are they really trying to protect Pattni shacks ERA that they're going to stick a questionable era on Hoskins on that play. I didn't agree with that a little bit eight seventy nine ninety four ninety four got Dustin from the northeast going to join us soon as we get back after the update. Join amac working the phones go until two and big daddy Graham. You forgot my birthday. You forget everything you're to to WIP radio.

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