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"arn arn anderson" Discussed on Fight Boyz: A Pro-Wrestling Podcast

Fight Boyz: A Pro-Wrestling Podcast

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"arn arn anderson" Discussed on Fight Boyz: A Pro-Wrestling Podcast

"I'm like gross but yes yes you're right. Let me introduce you to fifty of them at once. Meanwhile i would've said i agree with you. And yes. I also didn't know and also don't want to look that term. It's pretty self explanatory. The internet's weird. You need clarification. Thank you don't. That's how you end up making a google search that gets you on an fbi. Watch list blake. It's pretty self explanatory. Unmarked van parked across from my apartment. I live in a house dylan it. It'd be proud you're your boy. Main invented dynamite and no one gave a shit being my boy. Once he teamed up with. O- with cody had an entire discussion about that. Everything cool about him died the moment that he started coming out with the nightmare family. It was capable one of eighty members bugging hilarious because like malachi black merger brock anderson wall. The whole time arns like you and i didn't get seen this komen then. Tries to black mass arn arn anderson catches the leg throws it back down. Malachi says funky kicks him in the nuts and then black masses them and then they they're going into the obvious. This has been dynamite. This is the show and then the music changes and no one talks about it. There is an auto pop commentary. Does it reference it and it's until like slate did you mean main event dynamite or imbed. Dynamite i i know i wrote. Impact impact erode impact in the notes. Shut up a anyways. He made a vented dynamite. Are you drunk chicago. Got that good. Good and i just remember the music hitting and going who the fuck is this and why is no one saying anything and excalibur said what that's lee johnson. And i said. Oh that's why no one saying anything that makes sense He has uninteresting music and his His titan tron is just the nightmare factory logo which is cody's neck tattoo. Shit i do like. I do like how valentines black new is. I'm going to murder the nightmare factory. And i'm just like mad. And i get that on a shirt dylan. Say black new thing. Yeah yeah because he's a dark man. He's uses black magic's is getting bigger and speaking of black magic's a couple of boys. Stage are also getting into black masks because of the young bucks said new bio so obviously i clicked through and it was a youtube link to the most horrifying seances ever conducted. And then i start where they been hacked. Then i thought about it and went. Oh i see. They're learning how to raise someone.

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