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"armstead wesley hills" Discussed on The College Draft with Ross Tucker

"Mm spouse himself on special teams because that's a big part of it as well. If he can do those things I think that he's got to believe to be drafted a lot earlier than some people think potentially as early as round three. The south running backs Reich. Well, Armstead Wesley hills, Bruce Anderson and Trevan west go, and I think Anderson is getting a little bit of buzz coming in was very productive player for the bison and North Dakota state coming off their championship run. But to me, I think you look at Rockwell Armstead from temple. He's got a lot of tools that you can work with you know, he's a bigger back. He's a fiscal downhill guy. I do like his vision and his patients he works well zone run game. He's also got some quickness to them the big thing with him is that he just hasn't been able to consistently stay healthy. And it's not it hasn't been anything serious Ross. It's just been little injuries here and there where he's just kind of been dinged up. And that's just something that he's got to work through in gen true that he can be more durable. The only way to do that is to try and save you can get through this entire process without in the issues. But on Phil I think he's got pretty good film. Overall. Taking a look at the wide receivers on the north team Keelan dos. Alex, Wesley, Jalen. Smith penny. Heart Terry MacLaurin and Jacoby Myers. Yeah. And I think the. The three best. I would say the three of the four. Three of the four best players to be the small school guys. You know, you look at Keelan dos from UC Davis. I mean, he's worried we'll find out fischel numbers here today. But I think he was listed around six two and change two hundred pounds. He's a good size kid, but he moves well and he plays the ball. Really, really? Well in the air. He was very productive for them. He's a very interesting player. I had a chance to study him for the first time over the weekend. And I get with all the buzz about he's a very intriguing player with his combination of size and movement. Alex wesley. We've talked about before from northern Colorado guys speed guy. I mean, he can work vertically. But he also has a pretty good route. Right. I honestly I haven't talked enough about Alex Wesley coming into this week and all the other things that I've done because to me he could be the guy that really really helps himself because small school guy showing up that he can prove that he could show up here and create separation himself and run by people. I think that could play really well outs Wesley. Really impressed me on tape. Keep it rolling friend talking about the south receivers deebo Samuel, man. We've talked a lot about him Tyree. Brady, we've talked a lot about because I saw him hunter Renfro, David sills. You did a great story on David sills that you wrote Anthony buffalo self interesting Travis full them and Gary Jennings. A lot of people in buffalo going to be surprised that they're in the south. Yes, they do that. Because you know, they're trying to spread the town out evenly. And then also he's from I believe he's from Florida a little try and justify it that way with our main goal is to make sure that there's an even amount of talent on both sides from my is Ross the three best receivers here in terms of how they can play right now are on this roster. The depot Samuel Andy Isabella from UMass entire Brady from Marshall on all three of them win in different ways. Samuel. I love after the catch is probably the best overall receiver here in my eyes Isabella is both fast and quick. He's pretty crafty route runner he's good at the catch. Point to me. He could we could be a walking away this week thing saying like man is any Isabella's going to go first or second round and Tyree. Brady. I've said before he kinda reminds me of alshon Jeffery watching Shawn up close the last couple of years seeing what he can do Tyree Brady has a lot of those same qualities. Let's get to the tight ends. Then the north Andrew sample, Tommy Sweeney and Donald Parham. Yes..

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