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"armie stephen" Discussed on The Ralph Report

"Basic different types. Now, of course, there's as many different kinds. I'm sure as there are three groups three people in a group together. These are the basics one is called a closed romantic triad. This means that the three people in the situation are all in relationship with each other. And that is the extent of their romantic and sex life. So that they find every. They need sexually romantically. They don't go try right one of other partners. So this is a closed relationship. They don't have sex or date other people the three of them are a closed romantic or sexual relationship now, depending on the dynamics which is who's involved usually one of those persons is bisexual, right? You have to assume if women and a man, and they're all involved with each other than the women have to be bisexual or vice versa. If there's two men in a woman, the men in all likelihood will be by sexual as well, but you can have three women together. Three men together. You would think they'd have to be comfortable together. Exactly. And they have to find what they want from each other. And I think that's the one not the one I don't wanna judge. But that's a upside to having a romantic relationship in a throttle, which is you can get different things from different partners and still be in a closed romantic relationship. You know? So that's one type then there is the close. Romantic to one partner triad. It's called witches. How's the best way to describe this? If it helps think of this relationship as a V, so if you look at the capital letter v at the bottom, there is the point that would be the one person, and then they're dating each person that shoots off to the left and the right to people are dating one person. Right. But the people at that that person is dating aren't interact with each other. Okay. So that is called a V relationship or a closed romantic to one partner triad would and that person in the middle called the hinge. Shale that works that would require a lot of scheduling. I think I would think so too. Yes. And that case it's often, obviously, a heterosexual, man or woman has to opposite sex partners that makes any sense, and if the women aren't by sexual than understandably, they wouldn't be in a relationship together. Another type of triad is the open triad, and this would be like any open relationship where all the partners are free to have sex or romantically John's with anyone that they choose to. So the primary relationship is the three people together, but they're also free to date and have sex outside of the relationship that's known as an open triad. And then this is interesting. This is called a closed diatoms, which means to people with open partner that means there's a basic couple at the center of this relationship and their relationship is with each other and with the third member of their triad, but they are exclusive to each other and that partner, but the part. Owner has an open relationship where they can go off into people. Exactly. So it'd be like having a marriage with a boyfriend and girlfriend on the side. But that person does not have to be exclusive to the married. Couple of cents got cell as you can imagine all of these can go up in many different directions. But those are the basic breakdowns of the trials. There's even something called an ace sexual triad, which is three people living together in a relationship with no sex involved whatsoever. Sounds like roommates basically, but they have enormous love for each other. And this is often case where three people who identify as asexual people who don't aren't interested in sex with anyone they form a three way relationship, and they that's that's their family unit tribe. So there you go those are the basic breakdowns triad relationships. I thought it would be interesting to talk to a member of the Garvey who has been in a triad for some time since Tanner's just getting into one. I thought it'd be interesting to hear the perspective of someone who's been in one for a while. And so I sat down with member of the. Armie stephen. And we talked about his relationship. He's bisexual, and he has a boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are a couple with child and the three of them live together as a family unit. Interesting. Very interesting. I sat down with Stephen. And here's what he had to say about try. It's great to talk to a member of the garment who's actually currently involved in a triad. It is Steven how you doing, sir. Do a wonderful. Ralph and yourself, I'm well, thanks so much for taking some time to talk to today. Of course, of course, I'm really glad to help. And I think it's going to be fun. Yes. Should be an interesting topic. A lot of people have a lot of questions, and I hope we can cover some of them here. How did you first get involved in a try it? Well, I've only been in one and the one I'm currently in. And it's actually with two of my best friends one. I've known him since practically preschool and her I've known her since we were in high school where they couple first. And then you joined yeah. Actually, we we were all together friends like best friends, and I ended up joining the military. So I left her a few years. They got married while I was gone. I came back for the wedding, of course. And then after I got out we ended up getting altogether, and I eventually moved in to the house with them about two years ago. Okay. So let's talk about how the decision came about for the three of you to enter into a relationship together. Because a lot of people. I think a lot of hard time even wrapping their head around. How something like that happened? Right. Well, it took us a little bit too one night. We were all just hanging out, which we did every night practically we had a few drinks. And apparently they had a discussion about me joining them one night in bed. I'll was always attracted to her end him some that we never discussed and apparently both of them were the same way with me. So one night we all got together. And after that, we had a discussion the next day or something. And then we thought it was a one time thing and kept happening. And then I was over there more often. And then eventually said, you know, what we love this. We're all in love with each other. We can do our things together. And or what he's happy. So they invited meetable event with them. Okay. So I'm assuming then that you're by sexual correct? So that is a three way relationship where you all have sex with each other. Yes. Or as coupled off to okay, you're living together. What is the living arrangement like to you all sleep in the same bed is they're rotating schedule. Right, right. Well, we do have an extended family home here. So it's a full house downstairs in an apartment upstairs. So they do have a child together. So I live upstairs in the apartment upstairs with a couple of my roommate friends, and they live downstairs her and him their child and her mother lives downstairs as well. And everybody knows everything with the exception of the child. Of course, there's no reason to bring that into a young kids world yet. So pretty much uncle Steve lives upstairs. They all our friend best friends in love each other. That's pretty much what gino's so the Paris still sleep together each night. I just come up here. So you guys are open about this to all your friends and family, correct? Yeah. Actually, it's wide on Twitter. What is the reaction been of those who maybe are unfamiliar with this unconventional relationship? Funny because it's F. I I was definitely apprehensive town, my parents, especially coming back from the military and everything and they're like what happened and I'm like, well, I'm the level. Both of my always have been and they both understood my parents are very day are a little traditional. But my father always told me do what makes you happy. No matter what took that to heart, and this makes all of us happy. So we did that and they all understood my

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