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"arman redfield" Discussed on The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

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"arman redfield" Discussed on The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

"Masks. It's going to be weird. It's going to be weird. But if there's a baseball game happening in front of me and i can drink a beer. We they need one of those a mask with like a retract when straw goes in and then it seals when it comes out goes in and it seals when it comes out you could just never take the straw out you could just cut a little hole. Keep the strong tire time. Keep it all sealed. Seal thing yeah. I don't know. I don't know man i talking about that is just is off putting because it's i know it's a long shot but i so badly wanted to happen. I mean i'm. I'm gonna put it on record right now. I give away of the seasons. Gotta be yankees face masks right. Probably i mean. I assume that they're going to give everybody one when they come in any way. Yeah i if that's a giveaway. That's some bullshit. The polite way of saying please wear mask. Well yeah this could be mandated. I'm sure it's not going to be. It's not going to be much of that. Is something that will be the no loitering policing of from the ushers went away in the new stadium and the new reconstruction of the stadium in the outfield. Everybody lawyers now. It's just like what you do. You don't sit in your seat for more than ten minutes. Whereas in the old yankee stadium you couldn't you would get moved along very quickly so this this will be the new policing mask mask on. Imagine no things you can get away with now also be interesting because obviously spring training happens in arizona and florida and the those states are a lot more lax than some of the states in north so the yankees could have fans in the stands at spring training and then no fans in the stands at opening day in new york. Yeah yeah assuming they open things up for. I think that might be a not even just a florida rule though that's going to be. Mlb's probably going to be talking about the fans in the stands in florida as well if they get to that by spring training. Like that's a yeah that's soon so it's it's a month. Yeah it's an away before. I know this because that's when the baby's due throwing around when pitchers and catchers report. So yeah it's going to be here before we know it right so i i have a difficult time for them making these mandates and not having mobile involved with with what's happening in spring training. Well we'll yasuo puig beyond on the field for the yankees because the annual yasuo peak to the yankees rumor has been Released mark san yesup is drawing interest for multiple teams red sox yankees astros marlins and orioles appear to have varying levels of interest. I feel like every year for the past three years. The yankees have been linked to yasser. Whether it's a tweet whether it's an article whether it's actually serious they might sign him whatever. He didn't play last year because remember atlanta signed him and then got like a day after they signed him so he had to basically bow out of the two thousand twenty season. I want to end this right now. I want no part of yasser on the yankees and it has nothing to do with his his his boisterous nece or his his flair or anything. Like that like that part of it. Yeah he's just not that good of a player for what the yankees you rocket arm. Great do you need a rocket. Arman redfield he is an average to below average defender. According to statcast he's got good exit. Velocity which is good but he doesn't walk a lot. He strikes out a decent amount. He's eight percent walk rate. Twenty one percent k rate. He's an average player. He doesn't suck. He's not great. He had a very quick rise with the dodgers. Back in two thousand fifteen two thousand and fourteen to it was like a long time ago. Historians nuts crazy historic getting into into the country the the kidnappings a wild story so but think about it from what the yankees need on the field and twenty twenty one. They don't need seo. They need a guy first of all. He's not a good defender he. He's a rightfielder. Has he been playing in different. Outfield positions single teams. Well i know once he got to cleveland. I believe he was stuck in right field. But i think he was fly floating around the dodgers towards the end of his. Tom and he wasn't good rightfielder. Floating around doesn't doesn't make you much of a better team. And the yankees. Don't need another another outfielder. That's you know of the same proto tight. Basically that that you're like stanton stanton strikes out. There's more production. Obviously a hell of a lot more production on. But he's just he. He's a problem when you're looking at the fit. So he plays right. Field stanton could play right field or left field. I guess but at the end of the day where would value. It's at the plate and there's no room for that. There's this he's not flexible. It doesn't fit at all. it doesn't find. Would you rather get four hundred plate appearances and twenty twenty one which is like a playing sixty percent of the time. Week or clint frazier. It's not even close right starting field. They should be. But i but even if he is the starting left fielder. I still expect the yankees. Bring back brett gardner and have him play a decent amount and there to be some sort of rotation. There's going to be injury. So i say four hundred plate appearances as as like a a ballpark yet. I mean there's no reason for. I think this is more of the fact that tweaks agent is now trevor. Bauer is agent. And we're going to put the yankees in every single conversation because that's good for us business. Yep and so. I don't expect the yankees to sign yasser peak but i can't wait next holding see now. Is he thirty three thirty. I mean he's anywhere from thirty three to one hundred seven. But i mean he's not he's not a young guy either and he's he's already pretty much it is pekan and he has learned. He was born december seventh nineteen nineties. So he is thirty eight younger thought. Yeah and pull up his baseball reference page right now because i want to check when he did actually have that he started with the dodgers in two thousand thirteen and he finished second in rookie of the year. Voting fifteenth and mvp voting. He had a one fifty nine. Oh ps plus in his first season awesome probably actually should have won the rookie of the year. I'm going to look up. Who won the rookie of the year and the year and then two thousand fourteen. He played a full season. He got six hundred forty plate. Appearances finished nineteenth and mvp voting yet. Another great season hundred. Forty five opiates plus. And it's really kind of been downhill since then. He's had some good years. He's that some average years when you add up his two thousand nineteen he had a one. Oh nine oh. Ps plus that's nothing to sneeze at but but not a fit for the team at this point the way that the yankees have to construct this team. They have to do it. Smart in a way that's going to complement the players and the existing assets..

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