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"armagh milton" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"And it's Joel Arnon Nilsson has flown and the Greek producer from the twentieth century new regency and a couple of other people, and they they pick this scene. And I I go I look at him, we lock eyes, and he looks at me, and I take my fingers like a gun, and I put it, you know, I'm gonna kill a call on comb at him. And he just flips me over in the middle of the Marco telling I hit, I bang my head on the side. I come up, and I'm I'm in there's Wilson. And I'm like, I'm Mona kill. I'm what I'm bleeding. I'm leading outta my I in it's but it's in there. It's nothing nothing unsafe. We both know and we get done, and we're breathing like two bulls. And Joel stands up and Joel there and Schumacher and Armagh Milton and are not I'll never forget, this aren't onset. This is why I love making movies, and they go you both got the role. Oh, wow. Wow. I couldn't I mean thinking about it. Now, I get even emotional thinking about like, I ran down that street down park. Screaming? Anybody would? And these are the days to like when I was. I I figured out a way after graduating from SUNY purchase how I wanna be around greatness. It'd be on feel greatness and acting. So I got a job as a night guy fill in at at a central park ho building Dustin Hoffman lived there. Steve Morton live there. It was. And I got to see Hoffman at least twice a day walk out an end of the Bill, and he was getting ready for like just unhook and Gary Oldman would walk by. And I'd be like, I'm gonna work. Would you someday? Gary Oldman, Michael Douglas, live next like these were people, you know. And and I remember Gary all those these were it was you know, that romantic time that you hope you never lose as an actor. Right. You know, I think if you lose it you just go do something else. You know? That's it though, something that we say all the time. If you don't think this is cool, then you should probably do something else. Because it should always be not every aspect is going to be the greatest thing in the world. But it's pretty cool and an exciting. You know, I think I do you work with somebody were very fond of no we've had here on this show. Catherine hardware. Luther talked how she she who know their special called her early. She was coming off of, you know, set designing hell, yeah. That's a it's a whole. She was in a whole other. It's it's crazy to think of you know, you come across you come across people in you. You just know they're special and new in the room with their Jeremy Renner, and I played Reuters in that thing he and you knew she was special you knew she loved actors and she loved the process of, you know, building, you know. And I that's to me. I that's what I become really fond of directors that they love actors that you bring stuff in. And you know, you're calling them at three in the morning are texting in at three in the morning, Tim, Ben, Pat, and and at three oh five about a fight scene. In boardwalk, you're hitting Catherine hard with about, you know, I think I I remember God crazy stuff. But I did and do. Played one of the two brothers that were from the beach, and I would go every morning on the way to the set down there and at a milk jug. And I'd go to go to the Pacific at put salt water in it, and I would pour all of my because salt water in the air like he'd been surfing that morning. You know, a that was the thing that dropped me in on on that character, you know? So, but yes, she special and we knew she was special. So what did you study at purchase? Well, it's a conservatory. So it's four years mandatory for years. So you're there with either with acting first year acting speech voice, and then you're studying the classics, everyone shit Shakespeare Strandberg Ibsen, do, you know, check off everything you just immersed in it. And I got lucky I had a had a woman..

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