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Navajos Say New Arizona Restrictions Will Complicate Voting

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Navajos Say New Arizona Restrictions Will Complicate Voting

"At least a dozen bills impacting voting in arizona have been signed into law this year. By the state's republican governor but leaders say the measures will limit turnout in the elections and disproportionately impact native voters arizona. Public radio's ryan hinds just reports. Gop members of the state legislature say. The bills are necessary to make arizona's elections more efficient insecure but to new laws signed by republican governor. Doug ducey have navajo. Nation officials worried that voting could become harder for tribal members especially elders one limits. The amount of time voters have to add missing signatures to early ballots in another purchase inactive voters from arizona's early voting list democratic state representative and navajo nation tribal member jasmine blackwater. Nygren sees them as retribution. We saw the power of the native american vote in this past election. We know that the native americans specifically the navajo population came out very strongly in support of president biden and now we see their voting rights being attacked block water nygren says because of the vastness and remoteness of the reservation the new restrictions put added burdens on an already challenging process for many tribal communities she and navajo nation president jonathan nez called the new arizona laws voter suppression another bill. Still under consideration by the legislature would require. Id numbers and other documentation be sent with early ballots. Tribal leaders also opposed that measure for national native news. I'm ryan hinds in

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