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'Complete evil': Texas gunman kills 19 children, 2 teachers

AP News Radio

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'Complete evil': Texas gunman kills 19 children, 2 teachers

"Families are coming to grips with the deaths of 19 children at an elementary school in uvalde Texas ten year old eliana Garcia is being described as very sociable She was very happy and very outgoing Love to dance and sing and play sports She was taken to family and enjoyed being with the family Garcia's aunt Syria aris Mende spoke angrily to the AP through tears about why this happened I just sort of just don't know how people can sell that type of a gun Toolkit 2018 year old like what is he gonna use it for But for that purpose A parent of another victim said her ten year old daughter did not want to go to school and that the girls seemed to sense something was going to happen I'm Ed

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