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"aretha nisar" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

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"aretha nisar" Discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily

"Police, say at least three people were killed on the streets of Harare troops, opened fire earlier today on rioting opposition supporters. They have accused the ruling Zanu PF party of throwing sue wreak Monday's presidential election for more joins in the studio by Winston mono director of the Africa media censor at university of Westminster and also joining us on the line, his grace unto Ariso in Harari grace. If if I may start with you, I, how much more can you tell us about the unrest in your city? Things are bound to go south because as from yesterday, soon after ten day BT here depressed on spoke to the media and save that Nelson Chamisa hit one and accused general Chiwenga of floating to assassinate him in Nossa Chamisa. We were expecting things to go bed. This support is them, this is operatives will ready celebrating because they believe that they hit won the elections and today just didn't degenerated because in the morning, when I went into town, people talking about, you know, the possibility of disturbances and they way people reports of people going around telling vendors to get off the streets and some of the vendors didn't heed that warning. So they lost most of their goods. They, we bent some was stolen. What is the reaction be into today's violence? You say it has been very much expect it. It's been expected because. Right from these. Tat when Nelson Chamisa was complaining, you were saying that they wouldn't accept any any any result that didn't except that he hid one old and he's supporters. Also, they've been reporting, they will not accept any result that doesn't show Nelson Chamisa if we know of the election. So we were expecting that they were going to be. There was probably going to be some disturbances because those young people were really hyped up. Emotions are high, but I didn't think it was going to go is bed is the did. I thought they would just on-street peacefully is they have done in the past few weeks demonstrating against sick Winston, if I continue with you homo suspicion is that wards Zanu PF party in Zimbabwe. Think it's a, it's a very good question. They've been a lot of expectation of speedy disclosure of the results, even though these Imbaba electoral commission, which is a new body as you know, which I was created so that it's more independent. Everybody believes that this was a necessary kind of, you know, institution and. The head of the extra commission head together every political patent disclosed that the results process would take at least five days. Yeah, and they all did not raise objections at stage. So I find it very difficult for you know, leaders of politico Patty to become very impatient and in the social media, these these social media was busy with messages. We seem to suggest, you know a lot of cynicism on the process and fewer suspicion to highest high levels. And this is unfortunate, particularly when you know for narrow bore, people then sent to the street before the ju- process so far Lois been excised and the killing happening in front of, you know, international observers, it's not the best message that Imbaba. Wanted this stage exactly and supporters of the MDC alliance. For example, say the vote has been richt is there much reason to believe so. The, I think the process was bit tighter than before, you know, in the past they've been, you know, concerns about rigging. But this one came with a lot of verification, like the verification process was open to political patties to start. You know, they could challenge that in the court. There was possibility that if there was anything untoward, this can be challenged. We've seen that in Kenya example, you know the high court overturning you know elections when they discover that computers, I had been hacked, you know? So so. So we, we can, you know, I think the movement for democratic change and as new PF they both the the leading of very competent lawyers that should use the legal process. I and they should lead their supporters and and guide them to do things. And the government should also act with restraint. They should. Not send soldiers to the street with instructions to shoot. They should show maximum restraint and they should control. You know, the the USA pheno live ammunition. What is happening? Aretha Nisar. Nobody deserves to die. Yes. The youth were being routed. They were bending, you know tiles..

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