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"ardmore sorority" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"The street mccain ardmore sorority where doing good is that haven't you'll up he was hugging wave all it's a small van everybody knows man if it were up to stu this town would never change it would stay frozen in that quaint norman rockwell candycoated image from his boyhood the weird thing though is it that image in his head would probably never have included a guy like steve at least do as he is now and if this is a show about change here is a story three money pretty radical bit of change for we are would expect find speaking of which can you describe where we are more looking at our standing in front of the palace theater on the corner of open water straight this is one of those gone with a win theaters with the big marquee and the bulb lights and everything built in nineteen 35 and in continuous operation ever since staples out some keys and opened it up by thirty really cold he suggested that we do the interview here in the town's only theater and even smells like a gilded age theater which at one p m still smelled like popcorn from the previous night and was filled with nothing to two hundred empty red velvet seats not what you expect in a small town theater now this is beautiful yep okay thank you it left ourselves if think think seats now threatening benefiting pretend we're watching a movie of your life while ariza dole milk hardly sell the movie of steel begins in 19th 75 27 theater just like the seminal moment in my life who's when the rocky horror picture show kmeil still is in the projection space because that's his job is changing the rails and at some point during one of the musical numbers he glances at the screen and who was like oh what was what was the imo near was this movie with a guy in drag on square deserved sweet trance for spike russian transexual france winger his words that i've never her.

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