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Have Some R-E-S-P-C-T, Mr. President | 10/30/20

Pat Gray Unleashed

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Have Some R-E-S-P-C-T, Mr. President | 10/30/20

"Path, grade is here on the please radio network. Morning American. Friday it feels good triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three also at pat unleashed on twitter. went out and voted yesterday finally. Finally got their another one for Biden another one. Is a matter of fact it hit me on the way there. I decided I do want America to build back better. I do want that who wouldn't right who wouldn't want America built back better will I do? Why would I want my kids to get Free College Why do we have to pay for that look I I'm sick and tired of paying for stuff tired of it. Plus you know what? Else me on the way there. Jeff Bezos has what one hundred and fifty, seven, billion dollars more than I do all right why? Why he had one good idea I've had a ton of good ideas you like thirty or five lot of good ideas but nobody paid me any money for them. I say we roll up a guillotine cut his head off. That's what I say. Guys Gotten Away with it for far too long. The disagreed getting away with Donald. Trump, let me ask you another thing. Why won't he denounce White Supremacy Neo Nazis the KKK HIT ME Y. Yeah couldn't couldn't abide voting for him. Right? Right. You can't do it too dumb voters. Now, if you're a reasonable person, what are you talking about Keith I? WHY WON'T DONALD TRUMP DENY or denounce or be little or say he doesn't want to vote for or he doesn't want them to vote for him right You, know why? Because he's a white supremacist racist. Xenophobic Beslan misogynist. Thank you. Yes. Messiah almost forgot misogyny. You don't ever WanNa forget misogyny. Plus a few days ago. You know I saw an ad from the Democrat Party. And after it soaked in and started percolating in my mind a lot. Let me play for you because I think you'll be moved by two. It's kind of five here. Look Democrat add this is going to move you. Okay. Hi. I'm the spokesperson for the Democratic Party and I'm back to tell you why you need to vote blue. This November you know what's his the party of love tolerance and compassion but We're much more than that. We're the Party of science and the science is clear men have periods, babies, clumps of cells until they're born and maybe a few minutes after vaccine save lives in the less developed while trump is president and voting for us, we'll end hurricanes wildfires. Tornadoes musician deals from a candidate with at least ninety eight percent survival rate. We need a party that understands that riots liquor stores and abortion clinics are immune to the virus while churches and schools are dangerous and must be shut down. Its work your safety. Democrats, Stanford Justice. That means will ruin a man's life based on no evidence because we believe all women in less your name is Tara Reid as fighters for justice we have. From our activists base abolish the police imprison systems. At the same time, we'll push to take away your guns and eliminate single family housing zones. It'll be fine. To justice also means we'll stand by is the lives, businesses and property of people who did nothing wrong destroyed that's because we believe. Black lives matter trump is a racist. And even though he's explicitly condemned white supremacy multiple times, it's not enough and it never will be come to think of it. He's been quite clear enough on his stances on cannibalism pushing people in front of moving trains or Ted Bundy either. It really makes wonder. In Joe Biden, we have the champion for the bypass primarily by offering bill that sit thousands of prison. And most recently, he compassionately pointed out that all black people think the same way and that if you don't vote for him, you ain't black he's right. Of course, the only real black people are the ones who agree with us on everything and those who don't. Well, we have every right to Lyndon them. That's what we call. anti-racism Democrats are the Party of the poor the marginalized people of color as is reflected in our leadership inter-parties biggest donors. Llamas Espanol One thing Democrats are best dad is fighting our base. We do this by coming up with stories. We know will make you angry and then dropping them entirely without corrections when they get old like accusing cavenaugh of gang rape or trump of stealing mailbox. Fun. Scary evil dictator. So scary that absolutely no one is afraid to criticize him lie about him openly wish death upon him or call him a clown in life debate. That's why we believe. He will concede November sure it's been four years and we still haven't accepted the results of the election but. That's because. Reasons. People. Do anything to stay in power. Democrats are just trying to preserve our democracy by packing the courts, abolishing the Electoral College and reconfiguring the Senate we go back and forth between believing trump is a conniving genius or a bumbling buffoon. But one thing is clear. He is not mentally fit to be president. Our candidate is sharp in valley cognitive decline I mean. Really knows what the Declaration of Independence says anyway. and. Who are you to say corn posit real the choice is clear and once again we're confident that through censorship manipulation bullying in maybe a little ballot harvesting, we'll get our way. Why Because we care about you. So much so that we're willing to wear you down until you fear getting silenced docs fired or ruined if you don't agree with our agenda, a lot of care. I spoke person for the Democratic Party for us in November. Those are compelling reasons. That's what. Yeah. Well, it's percolated for awhile and that along with some of the other things I mentioned already. Like trump's ability to denounce racism and white supremacy Of course, Basil's making a lot more money than I. Do for one stupid idea that he had. That's not fair. You know I've Free College. And don't forget building back better and build better build back better international slogan I. Think I'm going to introduce you to a show I listened to called PAT? Gray unleashed. What you don't let show. Wh What's wrong with that show? When cooties tell me what you read? About that show. Allie did such a great job? Posting at PAT unleashed on twitter. Unloaded different. Pop up she walks up behind the. Difficult part of a different wall. Got To see it that three bushes in front of her face at first slips out from behind them. It's good stuff. Right triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three. At Pat unleashed on twitter and by the way, you can watch alley. You can get a blaze TV subscription, right? That's yes he's TV DOT COM. Yes. Pat Offer. Code Patton. So do that That's good. It's incredible. It's really just never stops Jewish no off switch for this genius. Just isn't. So, I could not push the button hard enough for George Trump for trump. Tunneled earn. Donald J trump man I couldn't. I almost my finger almost with through the machine because I punched it. So hard I almost cared all the other races all along. All those cared about the only one the only other one I was really passionate about was cornyn because we can't lose. The Senate can't cannot and I'm not passionate about John Cornyn but we can't lose the Senate member Hagar. His opponent is giving away free shawls. That's right. That's right. So I mean there's some serious fraud happening whilst. It's her people. She has no idea. What's Oh. Okay. Oh I'm sure that's okay. Right. Above Board. But I mean, it doesn't matter anyway because four point eight billion people have already voted. That's substantially higher than yesterday. It's really skyrocketed. This is a an unprecedented historic election. Keith. I don't know when that's going to. So how long did you wait all of them voted for Biden. Four. People have already voted for Joe, Biden four point eight, billion people voted off. This is for all of them voted for by. Going to the polls we're not know who won on Tuesday though that can't happen. I already know who one? Point eight billion billion people. Yeah. It's it's a record-setting election. Every person just can't wait to vote for Joe Biden every single person, and so they've run out and do that except for the tens of thousands of show him every trump rally. If you were to look at the anecdotal evidence here of what is really happening in? America and you look at you look at the size of the rallies. The campaign stops. Trump out draws should I what a thousand, one, ten, thousand to one. It's believable and I mean he was at another appearance yesterday I think he's still running around in Georgia. And their relating Florida yesterday, and there were like Whoa Florida and they're you know they always circle the put a little circle around where you can be, and then they put the chair in the circle and then they put socially distanced Kinda like this in Georgia here and it looked like that. Yeah they got on. There is a big gathering right there and then air it is. He had he had one of those little rallies in how we've never seen. The, who's doing the honking during a biden thing. Yeah. So don't ask why somehow I was on. ABC Jonathan Karl doing a live shot from the Biden Rally yesterday. I will kill you. So, anyhow, behind him was the stage and it was Iraq focus, you couldn't really see what was between him and the stage, but there were no more than. Two to three rows, Max of cars, and you know Jonathan Karl standing where it was the most flattering shot for Biden. Bad, there's There's there's a reason why they're not panning camera when he's speaking. It's nobody's there. Nobody is there. and. You look at that Georgia rally again, what other eight people maybe terracing more press than people that's incredible. Intimate settings. Right you would think again with the evidence. You think feel that the four point eight billion people are voted. Yes yeah. No nobody needs to show up to the Joe Biden rallies when they've got plenty of ballots floating about. Well. WE'LL SEE Just don't like it. Don't like that. Harris County Texas is going to be. A lot of fraud going on here Scott going on there. Yeah, and and other places as we know scouting's by the way we're Houston is so. Little Wayne is officially on board with. President. Trump. Oh Wayne. No this is no you're thinking of city. And fifty is still apparently in trump's campaign. That's what they're saying anyway do we have the photo of low Wayne with president? Maria's snazzy dresser. Okay. So here we go. Here's here's here's Lil Wayne in his tweet yesterday that said just had a great meeting with President trump besides what he's done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership he listened to what we had to say and he assured he will and can get it done. So there you go nice that's great. Just throwing endorsement go meanwhile. Joe Biden being the racist he is out given the white power sign no. Yeah. The white supremacy this. Is the okay sign. Oh Yeah. We're going to address that a dog whistle for white power right right there which of course, it is not but that's what they do to conservatives every time flash the okay. Somehow there was some weird Internet rumor that was spread. They were just making fun of people I. Think that's a white supremacy sign which it isn't an as far as I know never has been. Where is he in? That is it looks like he's in A. Warehouse Sam's Club or something. Yeah. But no Biden Harrison. Mail room, and some water. We got a good spelling lesson though from yesterday. Oh. Good. Yeah he's well first of all. He was on some morning show or whatever. I don't know who these people are, but they're good. You can tell you can tell how good they are, and they asked him for his favorite songs and why would you you've Miley man running for president and he's been in the Senate for forty seven years sure. You WanNa know Louise Favorite songs yeah. So they asked him that burning question. What's Your Go-to Song on your music playlists for Real Mr Biden like what is the song? HYPED UP From the old days. You know the Franken respect our. Respect. As peasy to. That's what not being able to spell millions to me. Rocking a idiot. Okay. It's your favorite song. Let's say you can't spell and you're having a hard time at least Yudo the lyric right or the e sing it in your head. Yeah. Can you not spell it out like she does in the song of your favorite song which you know it's not. The day, she'll be Biden's favorite song respect by Aretha. The other thing, the other one he loves dispositon. So, expanding dispense pendry blacks. It's just so pathetic I was be one vomit I would say that who has ever misspelled that song and and I guess we do have an example I don't know about that. So in the words of my late friend Aretha Franklin show some are ESPN T. Are ESPN ICT OUR ESP CD That's what respect means to the. You can't even spell it. You don't have enough respect for Aretha to Speller Song, right toes of believable, but it is believable. You couldn't make this stuff up seriously you could not make it up. That sounds like a good morning show like they didn't. Hear that song the easier favourite one. Real for reels used. Yeah I mean here with my real ones and we all WanNa hear it. Song on the. For. Real, mischief. Play to get you hyped up. Old. Is. Wow Yeah no follow up with their real. How about you spell it and follow up like Joe You misspelt Adam sorry that was pathetic reels. Have you ever even heard the Song Joe? Wow that's. Sounds like a fun morning show doesn't it? It does off new traffic and weather together over there. every six minutes on on the nine when they remember to do it wouldn't they care about love the audience like we do So we want people to be able to get places safe. took. Do that's why we do it every three minutes on the to. On this show. I got to tell you about not free America. One of the most interesting books you will come across this year it's written by Mike Donovan. This guy has fought against tyranny for years. He's the founder of the nation's largest pro bono civil rights law firm. And as he puts it in his new Book Not Free America, our bill of rights has been under attack for a long time since way before covid nineteen way before the George. Floyd murder. Not Free America. If you refuse to surrender your liberty to any earthly power. You need to get this book, and by the way, it's not just a book of. Problems and what we face it's a book of solutions. VISIT NOT FREE AMERICA DOT COM to take the liberty pledge and order your copy today to find out how to stop the overreaching abuse of government and what actions you can take to do better. We can unite around the concept of liberty we can create lasting greatness. The most important significant changes usually come from crisis do your part and visit not free America Dot Com today not free America Dot Com. Order you're right now. Is Pat. Gray unleashed. Triple. Eight. Nine hundred. Thirty three, ninety, three, also ed pat unleashed on twitter. Is there another Biden video that missing so far this morning. He was in Georgia the other day. I just trying to figure doing here. It's just weird clip play that WHO. Am I doing this? I don't know why. What is my real? That's what we're all wondering. He's wondering that too. Yeah. I should've actually called for the Admiral Stockdale Clip to who am I? Why am I here? It's the same thing Dan. You know talking about right back in the ninety two. Pain me was the running mate for borough. Yes, and he had that debate and right fun line. was there a? Vice Presidential debate thing is that what who was part? That was that was a big night for me. That was the debate and a braves playoff game I remember that. No better combination in the world. Knows some people would ask, why am I here? Why. What is my real agenda I? Don't know what don't you share it with us now. Since. No kidding. Nancy Pelosi very confident about the outcome of the election on Tuesday. Maybe a little too confident listen to this. But we are ready. I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president. On Tuesday but ever the. and. Count is. On the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected on January twentieth, he will be inaugurated president of the United States. So while we don't want to be overconfident assume anything we have to be ready. For how we're going to go down a different path Yeah, and is UKIO. Doesn't matter what the tally is. Where we? We figured out ways to get Joe in there Yeah. That's what it sounds like. Doesn't it That's exactly what it sounds like. Tight I mean. I don't WanNa believe that that would take away all the hope that we've been trying to interject into this thing the last several weeks. So I'm going to ignore that particular reference to choose to just that didn't happen. Fast. Rigged already don't worry about very fashionable mask she was wearing wasn't it? We have a still shot could we that she's been wearing some? Really hip masks of late and that's another one right. There is nice. That's a good looking mask. Good And again, it doesn't do a thing but. You're welcome to wear it. That's great. You know what's interesting is here we are all wearing masks and what's happening according to them right now it's spreading faster than ever everybody in this country is where it a mask we have to. Everywhere we go. It's a rule that you have to put your mask on inside have to wear masks get. Right. But if you want to go into a restaurant, if you want to go into a seven eleven, if you want to go to the grocery store, if you want to do any kind of business, you gotta wear the. Mask. So where you're ask and we have so what's happening? are the infections going down? No, they're skyrocketing if you're to believe the CDC right and Who by the way has been he was on ship Smith show yesterday. And looking to see you. Again that over here ship Smith talking to Anthony. FAUCI. Won't even let him finish sentence now these two are on the same pay. With the end but SHEP Smith. Is showing you why he has no ratings won't wrong CNBC the he's trying to make some news, right? I mean. Trying to make some news no question and no regionally, it was with this show was going to be just the facts and we're just GonNa do the stories and now is seeing you know maybe I should. Yeah. Well, that's never been chip Smith he doesn't just do this story. Interjections Liberal bullcrap viewpoints into everything if Ouchi. Now, the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases joins US DR FAUCI. Thank you. Good. To be with you you've said a national mask mandate is maybe a good idea. Why maybe? Yeah. Why not? Definitely why not order every? Time why? Why Dr? Algae. Well, the reason is I would hope that we could pull together as a country have realized the we have interrupted importance. Not, and that's the reason why I said very clearly is it time? We lean on you for advice. Do we need a national mandate? Answer. Well we do. If we don't get one, then I would hope that the governors and the mayors do it locally if it's not done nationally, Dr Foul we need to get. Done foul chests are you still are deposits? Are you still in the president's E. or no and if so who if not who is? Well I haven't spoken to the president in quite a while about the situation with regard to the outbreak until the answer's No. But I can tell you right now. Why regardless of that? What we why? Why shouldn't they do a national man I don't know have you heard of this? Freedom. Of the United States Constitution why? Why wouldn't you want everybody to do your will why? Why don't you put everybody into an internment camp who won't wear one why you need is adherence to mandate or not? If mandate is needed, let's do a mandate. One, who for? He's not. GonNa let me Finish Finish Any urgent the situation I know it is very urgent then that's Urgently saying every single day that we've got to do things that have not been done uniformly and consistently throughout the country, the numbers that you put up our stunning this is going to get worse because we're going more into a colder season as we get through the fall and into the winter holiday season going to. Win something different. We can't just let this happen. We're going to have many more hospitalizations and that will inevitably lead to more deaths. So this is untenable situation and that's the reason why I say we have got to do these things you're using the word mandating mass. Yes. If that works, let's do it I. Don't think it's going to happen nationally if it doesn't nationally again free reason is because it might. Not come from the White House to do it. Then I think that the mayors and the governors should do it their mandates and more than one hundred countries even Russia's on board as of yesterday you love that all wait even Russia like the bastion of freedom Russia even they were on board as Gore's Russia. Doesn't mind mandating stuff that's what they do a even. That's not a we are. Wile hundred countries have mandated. Yeah. We have a constitution we have freedom here. We show people the way to liberty not the way to oppression for no. Yeah for now. Yeah, and that's that's pretty much changed here. Incredible right right. Is there any? Who does who does the White House listen to on this? You. Know. There's a lot of input from a number of different sources into the White House. It isn't only one person. Okay. So we did learn something there though the voucher. DOES HAVE THE PRESIDENT'S EAR new out. He hasn't talked to him. I haven't walked in quite some dime. At least not about anything important. To him about why I talk like this. But I didn't talk to him about nothing involving the virus. Okay. So Great. Why. Even Russia and China are making people wear masks what what's us. We appreciate finding that clip considering you're the only person watching apparently I've watched. I've. Seen. Chip show you. I I 'cause I expected it to be actually better than it is. But I really did. Same right The set isn't as good as what the city. It's still a nice set, but it's not the Fox. And all the reporters wear masks when he's when he goes to. The. Own. There was only well, you heard his attitude about math. There was only one reporter, the White House reporter that wasn't wearing a mask and she made a point of showing her mask I. Have My mask in my hand I've just took off to do this report which I appreciate it Belies to reporters. Please take your mask off while you're giving me the report. Yeah and. Mouthful arts talking with your mouth full eating with your mouth full is probably. Have a question. I have a question when when it comes to wearing the masks. Are. You wearing the masks because you want to or you're required to know because required to? Why don't you try just try the next time you go to the store to not wear the mask I just I do it out of our E. S. P. C., T. for the other people around me who were saying if I. WanNa ask on yeah. We're GONNA fight are. Really. Don't have mass killing people. Killing, people have any respect for Jefferson no, I've got nine. Zero. But I just don't want to I don't want to cause panic to be. Worth. It to me I. Don't WanNA. Hear is that's the only reason I do if if it's if it's required in the store says, it's required please put your mask on before. They're silly. Company policy what every? Yes whatever. And that's GONNA. That's GonNa last a while obvious. Yeah and it's GonNa last even longer because complain news stories. So you go into places you're required to have it on and you don't have it on. Required how? From the. Stores the policy. Go to Walmart walk around without a mask nothing will happen to you. It's Pat. Gray unleashed on the Blake. Welcome. Got Some tweets here the bearded beekeeper tweets. Voting for Socialists is like a cow voting for the butcher. Young. Jimmy dimples tweets I wonder what would happen if they asked Biden dispel the band name ACDC. Abraham Lincoln and the poor boys a tweet Merriam Webster to add respect Ari Spic and respect our ESP CT is legit minute spellings. Just cover for our frail. Yeah. It'll be perfect comrades newbridge tweets I'm sure Biden has a gramophone in his basement till listen to aretha Franklin. Keystone pig I don't think shepherd understands that there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to force everyone to wear a mask. Yeah. He doesn't care. But Russia I know even Russia you're right one hundred countries. Even Russia. Not, the the BASTIAT. Liberty. We've all the love and respect. Really. Yeah we should look into that. Yeah. Because if even rush even Russia's doing Verne Lundquist tweets masks are about as effective as faculty. As a starting pitcher. We'll see got the do have the ear of the president are you in the ear of the president? Blocked him about anything important. Long time now. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you for that insight and I do appreciate having that insight. It's good to know that he's on the AL standouts. Thank you. It's about time. I'm tired of the Guy I like. Ice Guys. Wonderful. Great. They have great relationship job. Trump is trump is played that He's played that card pretty well I know. I'm ignoring everything says, but he's a good guy. Relationship is fine I talked to problem with him. We talk about what we talk about the Washington nationals from time to time. So we do even mocked. On hold the other day when he called. But only for thirty five minutes this time then I got busy and I couldn't get them but. Yeah I sent somebody. Else's is one of my aides. To hang up on him. Ivanka those fine talk to by the way, the economy grew just bid. Last quarter. record-setting just a bit thirty, three point one percent unless you be positive economy shattered a record thirty three point one percent from July to September. Wow. Now okay. That I mean you need you do need the context of okay. We were way down we don't need contact still, but still you just need to tell your friends look you want the economy is still records vote trump. That's all you I'm okay with that. Juncture yes. Tell them what what what records is the economy setting just grew by thirty three point one percent look at this though this is this is interesting. Fastest pace since the government started keeping records in nineteen, forty seven and followed the historic shrinkage rate. Okay. So it's shrunk. Do you remember much? No, it shrunk or shrank. Or shrinked. Thirty one point, four percent in the second quarter. So how wrong? So still grew thirty one, point zero percent it went back three point one that's why I give you those stories because then you can work out the math I can't quite figure. Almost two percent points. So it didn't really give everything it lost it less coordinating, right? Yeah. Because the article says, but we're still in a deep downturn caused by lockdowns but we're still we meet almost everything and according to this percentage ways we meet up everything in a little bit more which is great. Shut. Up Right. Up Shut up, shut up and re-elect trump if I could just give you the technical lingo that we all can relate to shut up. Okay O'Reilly. Yeah. And and honestly if you do try to discuss. Any kind of story like that with your undecided voter friends, it probably will. Carling. You'll probably will lose their on decided voter. I don't know him if I don't either. This is quite Quite a clear edge serious very. Line right Yeah. If you find one capture them because like a Unicorn. Your basement or so. You can build a museum around somebody hollered downstairs down. An undecided voter down there. On A. Wednesday Wednesday I WANNA see. I built a really nice cage for him. It's really. Nice. About. Recommends Kidnapping. Up again shut by Michelle. Here's some. Here's some real bad news. You really slow down there. Yeah. Well, this Bruce Springsteen says. If Donald Trump wins the election. He's going to move to Australia. He's on the next. So trump lane to Australia. So we've got a golden opportunity. Okay. All right. We can vote him out of the country I. Here we go. Water. Cooler today. Your Co worker and you gotta go. He Uh. An Economy Guy Conversation or let's get Bruce springsteen country guy. Tell you what I'm GonNa. Do this, yeah? Yeah. But springsteen said in an interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph. If trump is reelected, which he will not be I'm predicting right now he's GonNa lose if by some happenstance he should be all. See you on the next plane what's stopping you? Yeah. Don't make the province without full them. Okay. Get Out. Get like who's going to be people in New Jersey are going to be brokenhearted by that Bruce Oh please stay ono if we don't hear your off key voice into banging around in this country I don't know we can make is they still live in New Jersey I think so and then he still has his they've got some new documentary out now that's motivation enough to earning a seat. On. Amazon I think or am I might be Netflix I don't know one of the One of the services has documentary. Sure. Does I think it's apple? Is IT APPLE TO APPLE TV? That sounds very apple. It is I might be ads. I see the PROMOS for it and it makes me ill now. nothing still nothing. The same nothing. I was GONNA play I. I was going to pay before the springsteen announcement. Youtube Joshua Tree has been voted the best album of the nineteen eighties. this story they must have ignored my vote because wouldn't have been. We've. been of the eighties. Access Fan and I did like it exists not the best of the eighties now I'd say. Joshua tree come on Google. Road comes to. DEBAR Jr.. says. He's Actually like them. You're going to have to shoot a little wider with shot. Well I mean he would. You would google. That's pretty far. That's pretty far far. Artery to me. And he was being serious. He wasn't kidding I know he loves. Loves bet you love Google van don't. Know there but certainly too shy shy. By the way go ahead. You're welcome. Honestly though what can you think of 'cause I love Joshua Tree I mean it's not even my favorite youtube. The eighties. Yeah. That's got to be right up there. What else is I the seventies? Right? This is from radio to which would be on the Mardell boy Joshua Tree. Radio too. That's UK. Right and we're fighting over here about Youtube I know K. boy is not better than. So much better. But that's okay. Go ahead according to radio to. Google shut up. Number one well, let's start at ten. We've already you number one but I'm GONNA start at ten ever wrote this article messed up this list. Backward Prince Purple Rain. I don't like that either. number nine ABC lexicon of great album. Elbow. I love that album. Album is excellent and the look of Love Elba's tremendous. Okay. yes yes. It right and. What you said Paul Simon Graceland another unfavored of mine. The smiths see this is this shows the British leaning here because the Smith so nice. Not a thing in America the Queen. Is Dead thing that America not a thing never six the. League dare. Mind, Human League for the eighties you know that was kind of that kind of exemplifies the eighties number, five guns and roses appetite for destruction. Thriller Number Four by Michael Jackson that of them was. The decade. Now, these favorites behind the stone roses stop by the stone roses I don't even know who the stone roses are, but they had the number three album in the world in the nineteen eighties according to the Brits. Dire Straits brothers in arms album number two, and then Joshua Tori at number one. That I, I recently learned a fun fact about appetite for destruction I should've set this the other way but anyhow did we talk about this on air already? Okay, Bob Newhart had a comedy album in nineteen sixty and it it was held the record for longest. Number one position. Until. It got knocked off in you know late eighties by appetite for destruction. That story sucked. No. Let's be riveting. Jeffey speechless. SA-. Let me talk some more about Bob Newhart albums. New Ardell Moscow he had the records if he has four for best for number one selling album and it was considered as an album. And he held the record that album held the record for nearly thirty years until. Guns and roses not. Record. Stores. And it's still suck on. It's fun fact. That sucks. Specific Flavors in there. If you WANNA talk about bestselling albums of the eighties. Okay. These are the ones that sold the best. The other list was just the opinion of radio the. Ten. Madonna True Blue Yeah number nine you to Joshua Tree. Number Eight, Phil Collins. No jacket required. Home anybody else gets sick and tired of Phil Collins or is that just me? Just you lose. Booth Tango in the night by fleetwood MAC number seven. Whitney Houston not a fan. was. Huge At number five, Kylie Minogue only at the time on now. Leans. Greatest hits. Number four shouldn't count greatest hits shouldn't count although good stuff. Yeah. A Michael Jackson Thriller Number Three Number Two Michael Jackson bad. Man Number One dire straits brothers in arms. This is obviously you cake is that would not be the case in America Michael Jackson was by. Radio by I mean, it's not even close. Number. Two and number three album in the eighties probably. Boston. And certain third stage. That's your favorite stage by laws your favorite group in the favorite album. My favourite album from them I. Yeah. Yeah but over no foreigner and therefore you and the eight hundred, four, hundred yes. Foreigner Four. Yes. Yeah. would be there as well. I actually liked to Chicago seventeen a lot and was good. Yeah g-go seventeen was really good. Eighties is overrated for music. It's doll, I. Had you know one or two hits that weren't as good as far as well. You mentioned Google already, I, mean yeah. You shouldn't have led with you and your best answer there. then. Who is the band that did? Always Aha. Aha and take on me Oh. Jeez. Those videos were German band with a DA DA DA jose name. Yeah I've remember been don't love me I love you. I'm weird stuff. I love that stuff. Do you. Brings Back Good Memories. Does does get those days back simpler time? Really Simpler don't get those days back. also, we WANNA thank another lesser sentence another bunch of stuff Kenneth Springer. Like these? No no no. No. No stress. No, he didn't know. He sent us. Last week we got the the Koran. Heaven record. Okay. Well which. Stress Balls. He sent us the stress balls and the. twizzlers okay so. Rocco right. At first. He sent the stress boss. So thank you so much. We absolutely need this and twenty twenty. Yes. But Kenneth is the one who send us these. Citizens twizzlers. Okay. Twitter thing. He's or someone punch sour patch and they're very our thing Laurie. Yeah they're really good. twizzlers. So thank you, Kevin and Kenneth, this is really awesome I. Love. This is. We need more squeezing food obviously the ball all. You did not actually correct. Yes I loved that. you. Try tried again when he's not looking. We do have something for you though Jeffey. Bacon wrapped oreos. Are the sweet and salty snack. Every barbecue needs it apparently some southern food website put all these weird So there's NABISCO crank in those out or is this just a separate? Separate. Thing Bacon wrapped you're GonNa make them yourself that does not sound good to know it. Things, when they're. That's that's Crisp. And wrapped around his oriole like that, it's not gonNA be well well said indeed plus indeed are you going to dip the Orioles Baker in milk? Will you probably would give it a shot that might be better guessing that You'd eat virtually anything that's edible I. I say that only because you're probably right you're overweight that's the only reason I see what you're doing there. Yes you're right. That's a good. Analysis. Is the that's funny. Are you pulling out the sad facing? The sad face. Come on. Now, all home don't pretend no fed jokes. It's funny I said it was funny. No you if you're really getting offended by this now we'll. We'll just stop stop stop. Good Cutting No, you tell me right now tell me right now at grade. Feelings. You don't love it because everybody signed with you. Right now you don't. End I was stopped. Will you? Yes. Yes. Framing. Tiny. View are heard by now and if. You Go. I will stop doing. Roll tide. Yeah. Four four. You gotTa have a heart. Different thing. And the fun had to resume. The FUDD funds. I say the word. He'll stop. Actor Sad. More on. Trivia. Next Pat Gray unleashed. On, the frozen Tundra of the human mind which country borders the united. States to the North about Mexico. Wow. That's a great answer exactly north though man to. As infinitesimal intellect to lie in a cloud of glory, The ten commandments were carried down the mountain by whom. You don't know. His name was blame mental gladiators capable of taking a minor in Glen and turning it into an unscheduled summit America claimed its independence from which country. Dome. Yeah dealt versus devoid. What territory did the United States purchase from France in the early eighteen hundreds New England. Duds versus. What is socialism come ninety? Out to the. Thanks. Moron versus more on what does USA stand for. Pass, Paso. It's the upstairs attic. You'RE GONNA. Pass. What does you as far? Epic Battle of midway if a show airs at six PM Eastern Time what time is it in the Pacific Zone Four five is not about football I don't know after on China tell Ya. Because you know. Jim. This Is More on Trivia. Morning American. Friday. More Trivia Day triple eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three if you have a flag on the field. Got Some tweets here to get US started on the our biology damn tweets. Pat I. Think he misspoke I think you meant to say you wear your mask out of respect for others? and. beautiful stable genius tweets. If someone is undecided at this point they should not be allowed to vote I'm sticking to that. From spoons thirty, one percent down, and then thirty three percent off believes you eight percent down from where you started not two percent higher a-. Jeffey math is really contagious. Along with the southern together got twenty two minutes, you sell it eight minutes ads, you gotTA thirty minutes. DALO DOC you. It's just that easy yet thirty minute. Swank thing tweets, I mean picking the best album from the eighties is like picking the best candidate from the Democratic Party. True. That's true now so I feel about the seventy Chacho man so fun fact biting was still an idiot. Back when Bob Newhart was ruling the charts. You Go. All right. All right. So let's see. We are here with more on Trivia are big matchup today, San Francisco Forty niners, Seattle seahawks. Commissioner to tell us the rule, we are going to predict the outcome of that game by calling stores in those particular areas could be a long game as the San Francisco Forty niners take are. Like one quarter, the Seattle Seahawks, and we do that we ask the people at the stores in the general areas for questions the same questions for each city and the city that answers the most questions correctly in four quarters Wednesday. Now let me ask you something Chevy. What if we get somebody on the phone, they agreed answer the questions and then they hang up in the middle of because they get too nervous because these questions come Adam fast and furious and they're tough and sometimes people can hang up diagram that eventuality. Yeah. Okay. Well, what happens is is that the more on trivial policy is that the coroner is four fitted for that city and they get a big Eg. You got the first answer, right? Well. Jeffey want anyone seahawks. Nothing. Wow It's tough to get people on the phone in both cities. So it's might might be a difficult more entrepreneur they. Match up the Greater West Coast area do their metropolitan areas are gigantic Out of The Seattle from. Austin Texas in nome Alaska come on. Yeah. By the way I posted a tweet you'll see it at pat unleashed if you'd like to vote and be honest because nobody can see your vote. When it comes to mask wearing how often do you comply never is at sixteen percent occasionally is at forty, five percent. Most of the time is twenty, seven percent and always eleven percent. So. There you go. I. What? It doesn't matter who wins on Tuesday. The, this mask overreach is just going to be parlayed into a vaccination overreach will say. Oh. Yes and I will say I find myself forgetting my mask more these days because it's in the car and I forget it I'm almost every time I start going in and I'm like. I'm not I do I do my mask now? Okay them. And then I go without it. But if if I think about it, if I think if I have it, I, put it on it's no big deal face shield. But most of the Ooh, that's a good idea most and wear that all the time exactly and then people won't give you crap because by the time you've passed them, they're like, oh wait that's not. Whatever bef- as far as the vaccine and everything goes, you know most of the new stories now are all we've bypassed twenty, twenty, one, twenty, twenty two, and now we're into twenty twenty three right in wearing the mass in what they're saying. And how the outcome and how we're GONNA we're going to have to be suffering. I have not heard twenty, twenty three. Twenty Twenty, two, twenty, twenty, three. Is Ready to come on your guy. No. No kidding. Okay. There is no way. The American people are going to put up with this to. Mean they're locking down Europe again. I know the UK France Germany. They're all and Australia's ready to go locking locking down again man yeah and there's well and and Italy is having their. People fans. Of a little bit of freedom are not happy I mean they're protesting. The logged. There's antilock down protests going on in Italy and I think that's what will happen in America and Russia though even. Even Russia. We heard from Shep Smith even Russia has some rules about mask-wearing. Oh. The most, oppressive regime. Take. Your best example WANNA lead was. Even Russia I'd. Will years hitting. Know what have we come to win the former Soviet Union? Pressing people warmer. Up Best Free To. Know Right. Do when you think of People's liberty the first country that jumps to mind. Russia. ASININE board. Survey said. One hundred. Two points Nice. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety, three also at pat unleashed on twitter by the way. We, we are playing more controversy back DAB in the middle of it but as we anticipated, it may be tough to get somebody on the phone in the respective cities of San Francisco and Seattle who is home team Seattle. So we're looking for somebody in the greater Seattle area which stress stretches all the way to spokane. I mean that's non stop city from Spokane. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, it's A Maho even is. Seattle Marcus sprawling. Metro. Today's world the South Dakota. Yeah, they predicted this was gonNA happen I know he's GonNa be Garoppolo Alice's, and they are so slow rewind that I wanna hear Tom Brokaw say the word megalopolis please. Mega. Operas. Go, that exciting for. Very didn't yeah. No, it's good. I've your example another example for you know they keep saying how climate change is killing the earth and we're losing the water's rising. The ice is melting animals are dying. They just discovered a new coral reef, the size of the empire. State building off of Australia, they've discovered thirty or thirty, one species of new fish. Already I mean, well. Are. We really dying or is the earth I actually doing what the Earth does? Yes, it is the answer's Yes. Yeah they You know those documentaries that the do with. Is it, David. ATTENBOROUGH. David Luiz the guy we've done this before. Long. ATTENBOROUGH boys. The other ones alive and does all these, Google. Nature. Vow to well the show you the see in the coral reef that's dying at the very end of one of them all by the way. Yeah. A lot of times these regenerate. Button. Almost every time they do that but we still dying still global warming. Wait a minute they regenerate. As a couple of this, this one that they found out. This new one didn't even know existed, right? Gosh. I. Mean. And this happens all the time and then they wonder why we don't buy their Sayas right and say that again the. Coral as tall as the. Large as the Empire State. Building. New Coral Reef. That they found on top and the bottom of the story, they talk about all you know we found like thirty thirty, one new species of fish to hear that we know everything. Science. Knows every it's just it's amazing. We're supposed to believe what well because it's. That's why that's all right. They're also going to ban glitter. This year retailers. Are Clerk. Blunt and unlikely enemy Christmas glitter. sparkly bits of plastic that make ornaments twinkle wrapping paper, glimmer and wreaths. Shimmer, are increasingly seen as environmental hazard. Gets husbands busted so maybe for it. Glitter is just it's you can't get rid of it. Right I don't care what the justification is. Yeah. I don't either seriously I don't care if that's through global warming environmental hazard go ahead and glitter I'm that's one thing. Oppress us the ability to use glitter glue maybe. Thing. To realize the hated Russia allows. Is the. Is My pet peeve is just dealing with. A nightmare. All right since we don't have a contested yet, but we're still awaiting one in Seattle to get started here, Seattle San Francisco, the match up on more on Trivia today. Let's Do our other big competition and that's the cackle off Oh. Nice between Hillary Clinton. and. Comma Harris that's a tough one man here it is the cackle off. What difference at this point does it make? It says We can't. Let's say, yes, we can. Okay. So we have. All right. That is a hard choice hard. It's it's tough. It's got because Hillary. That's an all time classic right hated CACKLE, right. In comal is a little bit newer. So I don't know if it's worn on people as much. So. What is still on the Charts Hillary's kind of faded down we're going to get that that poll up there and then you get to vote for what? What what's the going to be rob it's like who has the worst cackle Have until Sunday at midnight to vote. And we'll have the results for you Monday morning. So choose one or the other there's no option of Dr, I don't know. And everybody knows. So be looking for that poll here shortly pet unleash. Something to tide you over to stand by that's a standard. Hillary Standard. and. We've lived with for a long we have, and if you can't get enough of those cackles that will be embedded in the tweet later. So that'll be good share that with your friends who you hate. I mean. Just. So agonizing now though yeah, the thinks she was doing during the interview minutes. Are you a socialist. Here. It's Reasonable I mean look at your policies. Why Why Are. You laughing. Senator. Serious. Your? Our. Government and it's very socialist of you to have those. Take a break senator. All right. So let me tell you first before I do pass out about real estate agents at trust dot com if you are trying to sell your home or maybe you're trying to sell one by one because you're relocating, you definitely need really good realtors see through the entire process. And whether or not you should repaint a little bit before you try to sell replace countertops, update bathrooms that kind of thing these are the experts. These ages have been really closely vetted by glints team because this Glenn's company wanted to go with only the best in each market you're GonNa, love the people because they're also fans of the show. So you've got that in common with them from the beginning. You got. You got things that. You can talk about while you're going house to house. so whether you're buying a new home or or selling your home or doing both real estate agents I trust, the name really says it all real estate agents I trust dot com go there today real estate agents I trust dot, com. Gray. contested. More on Trivia right now two zero zero right now man on Sam's are battling who will be the victor in this donnybrook three game win streak on the line here too. Yeah. Yeah. it's it's the San Francisco Forty niners Seattle. seahawks probably shouldn't have done this game because These are two really tough city if we had fans what fans out. Yes Stadium Ryan what our score right now commissioner zero, zero, zero zero. Why? Because we've gotten no one on the phone. That's a relevant. Don't worry about bogged down with facts zero zero. Okay. So as we await a contested, let me tell you about Duck Cosco. They're dropping coconut milk. Produced by a major thailand-based manufacturer. CHALCO. From its inventory because there's accusations now yes. Allegedly forced monkey Labor I know they're using they're using slave monkeys forced monkey labor. How how often have I spoken out against forced monkey I mean that's your thing that's been my thing for. Our ripping monkeys away from their. Families there. Separating monkeys and monkey children from their monkey parents. These farmers, these farmers rope and chain the monkees up and make them climb the trees. And twist the coconuts off to fall on the ground? No I no, don't say that. Well, it's what's going on. What's going on? You know I'll I'll meet people in the grocery store and say, Hey, you know pat I, love your show but. please. You gotTA stop. Talking about the force. Monkey. You have to breaking my heart. It puts me a bad mood every day, but I can't I must speak. To. Care about slave bats right important. Now, get this The. You know the the Thai company, the manufacturer and distributor of chalco coconut milk. CEPA Deng porn coconut it. Company Ltd Stop What? CEPA EPA Deng porn domes. Coconut Company. Now perhaps, the Thai people pronounce that differently, but it's spelled T. h. e. p. a.. D., U. N. G., ok P., O. R. N., FEP, Adang porn up, and dunk porn couple Joe Biden. I'm thirsty now. Going to open up my Well, let's coconut. Cup have flatly denied this claim Cherie dispute, and apparently they believe that they're trading the monkees just fine right let's be. Let's be clear. This is the same country that has hundreds if not thousands of monkeys terrorizing cities. Terrorizing Cities Company is taking these. Monkeys. From the Mafia that are terrorizing cities, monkey mafia, McCain, giving them work I see. This food this is berry rounds and jobs for monkey. Thank. You how many monkey jobs are there in America? Not that many. Many many but in Thailand, there are some. So this really gives new meaning to that. You know that job. I. Mean Monkey could do that I mean literally a monkey has been doing this. In fact I because they're doing work like Monkey Paul, they're doing work than that humans just won't do human doesn't WanNA climb with they do not go cut treat nor. Nor can they in many cases? Climb one of those streets. No probably. With the rope died do you know If you had to come up with a job for a monkey. This is. Thank you a they loved to climb. Be They're good at it right see Coconut. Stuff. Nothing. Else right up. There? L.. Coconut stuffing envelopes things you like. Shot it. The streets like jeopardy set. Terrorizing Great. Them. This though despite that the Deng Porn Denial Yup, he does COSCO has become the latest in a slew of realtors real retailers that have dropped coconut products from suppliers that have been accused of using monkey labor to harvest array. HAS TALKED COSCO. This off the shelves man Oh, come on. Here's what PITA president, Ingrid, newkirk CEO. Here we go. No kind of shopper wants monkeys to be chained up and treated like coking machines met. Honestly I don't really care this is. I know it doesn't matter to me. Now I will say I've not been coconut milk purchase on. I. Never. Say. Never purchased it but I but I couldn't say I'm not a big purchase criminal monkeys job program right now that's what this whole it's not. We're not taking. We're not taking well, I will say according to taking them off the streets where their. Grip pig. Creating. Monkeys vamping their alleged. Everyone listening right now it's like, oh, how could you talk about the animals like this? Remember the video we had of the Monkey. Kid never that yeah. Now imagine that monkey is now forced to climb trees and get them off the streets. That's right. It's safer because of this according to Pita? President Ingrid. NEWKIRK COSCO made the right call here to reject sexploitation. moved to do so comes after P to disclose that investigators found cruelty to monkeys on every far. Oh, that's. True every monkey training facility, and doing to every coconut picking contacts so now. Used Monkey Labor. This is an example. Oh, it's an America becoming fat and Lazy, right? We want coconut milk, but we don't care how we can. We don't care how we get it. But now well, we're supposed to care how we get it but we want the coconut milk stop it look at that. Thank you rob ceiling that the. Might being taken away. Yeah you that but those there's other videos of the thousands of monkeys that attack people right now especially. Tourism and there's no food for scavenging for food. They're they're people are free to come out of their homes because. Let's be clear. We don't want them monkey monkeys tortured, but we do want them to have a job. I don't even care about that to be honest. I don't care at all about the monkey labor. Don't care. Other things that are more important to work. I. Want to know that there's going to be cooking on Shell. Now you can drag me outside and beat me with clubs 'cause I don't care but go ahead I still don't really. It's not a passion issue for me. It's really bad we should were. Grade on page. Thing is people say we we monkey around? But we're too busy singing to put in doubt. We're trying to be friendly. I see in fact, come and watch US sing and play because we're we're the new generation and I really think we got something to say. Don't you think say the monkeys. Monkeys hey we shouldn't be forced to write up trees and get coconuts we shouldn't. Jeffey. said that they're chained right when they're not yet be the monkeys are chained. Some of them. Are Putting collars on them, putting collars on them and chaining them. But you know that means that they you know are safe. Means saying, what would it mean? Say Well it can't run into the road get hit by a car. Okay. Me Kids are safe. Kidnapped now as funke's chained. Okay and then they do they train them to go up the tree they go up to three they twist coconuts and coconut drops down. Why is that so difficult to understand? I don't understand why I have to care about these freaking monkeys I really don't the world is on fire. Fire diesel are rioting and burning down buildings. are closing because they have anybody in them. and. We're worried about monkeys climbing trees were coconut. Yes I don't understand also found out this week. You were here yesterday we had the story, but we also found out this week. Men can now have periods well. So, well, mean have you ever had I had some pity periods. payday period periods, and always have a lot of women in the house. And they're all. They're all menstruating just kind of a pity. No pity period with them. Sure. What does your? Bloated. Okay well, yeah you're. That's what I mean. Make any but you're always bloated so you're always into always Late right is you're showing or are you saying hurt your feelings I said Alan I. Heard the words coming out that it makes you sad than it hurts your feelings and I will stock. has made a fat joke. About himself, how much he loves it, you need to tell us what you're saying. He will never tell us what you see more it's to hurt. First of all fat people have feelings to do. Even, athletically overweight people. Do Yeah. Okay Yeah but you're right though you're right. Though society is no longer at the point where we can prioritize monkeys and it. I don't understand why I'm supposed to care about that. Really I mean I do I I'm sorry should be beating the monk now we should. Do. I do I honestly. CARE. I don't want that to happen though, but I don't want the coconut. So get your ass up there to get the coconut. I will say we turned on. Documentary or I guess. It's a sort of a nature show from Disney for my grandson the other day it was about monkeys gay and at the very beginning of this monkey show. They tell you that these are all refugees. There's three hundred of them in their this monkey reserve now where people take really good care of right. Things, and they've got fun things to play struggled before they got their struggled big time because they were research monkeys. So. They were no doubt experimented on. Feel sorry for. Not. I. Don't want that happened. Why do we even let him out research monkeys they should have just be done with them hold on. So what? About. It we're taking care of them still what level of animal Testing on then you know what? Yeah. Well I. I have. No living should be tested on isn't that are that no living no animal whose be tested on however if it's saving human lives, right? We are not sure I can go there with you really if it. If that means the difference between curing cancer and not. Are you going to test on monkeys? I must say, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. If. That would be. Absolutely big time animal lovers grid. So. Pita she's she doesn't care without hesitation we would say yes. So we have to factor in two things the the animal, right there's that one sliding scale and then also the disease or whatever. We're trying to figure out you know, and then somewhere that that meets for. I don't know where mine is I have to really sit there and think I mean that's the same with cattle right? Do I want them? Yes. Yes. We want eat up yet. No what do we do? I, want him killed so I can have a stake. Yes. Sure. Yeah. So does it really matter to me that they suffered? Brier to become an. ON THEM TO SUFFER Steak Buzzed I. DON'T WANNA. Know you know what? I WANNA know? Don't tell me about. I like to think that it used to be cal. State. Where came from? Care it tastes good. This particular refrigerated she'd at the store. Yes. Sprouted that's. And that's where we end that discussion. Your pipe. Smoking right there. Can you believe? Okay going on forty five. Seattle, not one yeah. Should we switch to try to get? Let's try let's split and maybe we go. San Francisco I. Let's let's try something San Francisco and Seattle perhaps that's why we. Metropolitan area. Yeah. At least I'd like to ask one quarter of questions. We got tweets here gear bear tweets come on pad. Big Guys have big feelings Jeffey has elephants sized feeling. Song. Funny. Keith can you finish this thought? Is overweight you also we got joey's Joey digits advocates. Thanks guys I just punctured. eardrums because of these stupid cackles this the cackle pick law. Vote on that. It's PAT unleashed. Bob. Blah Blah nothing gets me into the Spooky Halloween spirit like a Hillary Harris, cackle, right Halloween. Difference at this point does it make it said is saying no, we can't say, yes, we can. Man Grotesque. Wow, that's a tough one. I don't know who I vote. Were there I no. I don't either the tough one. All Right Oregon health official This is interesting because you're talking about the coronavirus deaths and I guess how we can. Mitigate, them. and she dressed up. To announce this corona virus death. Announcement. In a clown outfit. Tell me what's going on here Sharif. My colleague who's also senior health. Advisor, and we thought we'd start by giving you a quick update on where we are as a state with covid nineteen. As of today, there have been thirty eight, thousand, one, hundred, sixty cases of covid nineteen in Oregon with three hundred, ninety new cases being reported today. Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today bringing the statewide is it for a second? You're talking about people dying from a disaster. Dressed as a clown, he started, what are you doing what she had a mask while when she started the didn't show that here but you had a mask on. So you could only see just the the upper part of the of the Glenn face which she better have registered with the cloud union say that. They don't take kindly to mess with the cloud. Serious OH I. Don't mess with the clowns don't do it. You're Siri they registered the faces on every cloud has to be registered I mean look there's eggs there's an egg clowns face registry. That goes on and look at that right there. Each clown faces different. Don't mess with the Cloud Union Man I. Hope they all registered but these Cheddar Mascot and she's supposed to get the idea was that she was going to be the sad clown because was reporting sad news and she's smile face. I mean it's not a sad cloud and she says and I don't know if they have it but she even said in the in the interview I. Hope to get back to the happy days Can I just suggest that maybe when we're talking about death and disease, you don't wear a clown outfit. All. Will any sort of thinking outside the box? A little bit I grant you that. Say. Don't do the clown outfit real at all what is happening to society look Come, on and. Health official. So reworking for. The government. Post this. Too. Unreal. To believe I know the study of a real world anymore now seriously not even. I. Don't even know what where we are seriously living how this is happening. It's camping real madness. It feels like it can't be real does it does feel that way but there she is. In all her glory with a better be registered cloud face. Since we've got Seattle in the more on Trivia L. tied up. Let me tell you about this Seattle Story Seattle Library. The King County Library in Seattle Washington is still open. yes. However. there. Segregating, their meeting places the for people. They've got people of Color in one area and white in another area. They've decided to segregate into separate but equal training sessions for their employees this because of social justice. So I thought it was right social justice that stopped segregation now it's sewer bastos encouraging. Yeah. We sure segregating. Gordon to Chris Rufo filmmaker. Director. Of Discovery. Institute's Center on Wealth and poverty at the King County Library System of private consulting firm called Racial Equity Consultants recently I love the. Who Does Racial Equity Consultants Group. They held a racially segregated listening session as part of the libraries ongoing racial justice programs. The consultants begin with an anti oppression framework. Of Yours, you can't start a study without that, and then just that's the beginning. That's the beginning, and then of course, you use the segregated sessions in order to root out institutional privileges. And systemic inequities embedded in the current socio political conditions that influence and affect our institutions bunch of even if you don't realize it. Oh, sure. I mean this is actually Thank you the people who think they're not racist or the most racist among us a many? Yes. Thank you. Yes you are you. In fact you've never been more right? I just can't even take we're back. To segregation and the other side this doing it. Yeah. Yeah, it's the rate racial justice warriors the Social Justice Warriors. That are segregating want equality yet separate. We'll wait. Hold on I thought. The also seem to be discouraging. We had that Those two COMEDIANS was one was supposedly white supremacist in the other. Justice. Warrior. And you're one of the things was that neither side wants interracial marriages or interracial couples. Well wait why. That's a social justice issue now that you don't want the races. To. Intermingle will know you want. I don't know what? They found common ground through their eight. Yes. Yeah. I mean the whole thing's it's unreal. Amazing upside down world. These consulting groups are Making a charging a lot of money for this Gobbledygook. Yes. Oh yeah, and every. Every business you just read is Gobbledegook. No, you didn't like all it is really you didn't. agonize. So how would you? How would you advance Western society my bringing everybody together, Jeff instead of separating. With fricken free in the monkees. Tired of slave. Day One day one, I'm free the slaves, monkeys, Fisher Administration thought you didn't care about that. I thought we agreed that the. Political winds are blowing a different direction. They were five minutes ago. I never played the tape you put on your website if I ever said that I didn't care about the monkees. Okay, I'll do that. Is just insane. It is just insane. It is. I'll give you another in Saint Story. Socialist. Alexandria Cossio Cortez's in Vanity Fair appeared is she was on the cover. That's a cover shot urban. There she is. Wearing her fourteen thousand dollar designer outs, outfit at. So t can't believe that it was that expensive dollars I. Remember the first time I saw this couple days ago I thought boy she has stepped up she is moving up to that deluxe apartment. There is no doubt about it. She's in her what her second term now, right as as Congress as a congressperson. About to be I write, US. Oh my gosh. We to tolerate her for less than two. Yeah. Coming up on shabby. She is now starting to Red Wings Man I know. Dog She's she's on the way. Yeah. So so if you had to if you add the place, a Bet Alan does she serve in public office before she loses or oh, she`ll Tires. He's got a couple more years in Congress and then the senator from New York Oh forty, fifty years of her. Oh. Yeah. She could. She could be enough fifty years. Isn't that frightening happy. Halloween. Everybody Iran is sufficient. If if you say Biden wins wins that cannot happen the way but let's just for an example, let's say Biden wins and something heaven forbid happened to Joe Biden and he not be able to. pull out his whole term and Kamala. Harris becomes president. Why would she pick AFC to vp can't yet not old enough? She's not thirty five years. She would pick any female. She doesn't want that kind of competition. Bogged Down with rules. Yeah where where did you get that information? Pat The US Constitution come back the United States. Constitution doesn't ring a bell. Yeah I know that's our problem. We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. When are we to? The we need an extra hour halloween effectively right I. Got a full moon. Zero Zero and more on Trivia so it doesn't get much better. seriously. I don't think we're going to get. On the Games we're done eating. Doughnuts in the other room. Really Sad. All right. So who does Missouri play this weekend. Seriously don't. Don't care are they out for this season? Good. They won last week play a good. Did they lose their opponent though or because of covid or they usually we for the actually I think I actually I think we still have a game this week. Excellent. That's that must be nice. Rascal lost their game. Nebraska. Lost their game well the. The opportunity to play their game or any game they scheduled ut Chattanooga, and then the big ten conference. That's not happening. This week scheduled somebody they scheduled someone. Wow. Wisconsin. Wisconsin had six players they really wanted to walk and and so they they they weren't gonNA. Let Wisconsin show up with. Six less players, and so therefore, they cancelled the Game Nebraska schedule this other conference I swear it's time for a divorce incredible I I remember now why I forgot Missouri Game Oh who you're GONNA lose to. Okay Yeah. Going into the swamp get to play though, right. What's that feel like feels good. This has been a great season for me. Yeah. Top Ten team now. Yeah. Byu plays Western Kentucky. Yeah, they're number ten in the coaches poll their eleven in. That's the other ten and eleven. So they got Western. Kentucky. Who they should demolish next week and A week from today boise sat the game. Okay. What time is it starting? You know next running. Time. Yeah, shoot. Yeah eight o'clock so Those games they massed. Window. Yes. But don't over this this weekend to win older look game. Yeah that's I. I got a quick question though Boise State What's their record this year? If they WANNA know. Who One? Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. The Mountain West started Okay. Yeah they play Air Force this weekend. So hopefully, they'll be to know by the time. Well, Hey. Yeah. So that'd be a rent when because Boise State's twenty five. Yeah. That'd be a quality win everybody knows Boise State's good and then so they've got them into got. San Diego State on December twelve th. Those are the two big games that we got to win. We gotTa Win all but those are the tougher ones. So we'll see we'll see but I will say this has been the most exciting year. Missouri can get out in a time. Which is Also, we'd be. We'd be making some noise then. Yeah I don't know must be fun. Yeah it is. It is actually it's too bad. You probably never understand that a terrible conference ever they waited. So long they spent forever mocking Nebraska, for wanting to play football. They now have no by weeks and no way to reschedule these Games, what an some conference Hannibal. The. Big to the leadership. Oh, the only conference that has handled it worse is the PAC twelve because they're getting does everything. Does everything is. Spike. Man. Precisely. Pretty cited. Across Room Nice. I you know it's kind of fun for me because obviously the the. Animals part of the PAC twelve and so it's Fun that they're Because well immersed in that whole. Stupid seen. What's the leg twelve this year the league that. The Independent Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They're not only which is why they're able to pay off. Ten or fifteen games this year who knows how many the lineup playing anyway it all might be for not because Neil degrasse Tyson says an asteroid could hit the earth. The day before the election. Well, yeah that's. Completely. And none of this will matter. Oh. So that's one way to rock the vote. Thank you. One. Way To. SAY THAT'S ONE WAY TO ROCK The vote. Yeah we here's what I was saying. That's one way to rock the vote. It was. Already, had a couple of asteroids passes by. A couple hit us and this one might hit us right and it's a size of what like. Cana. Coke on your this one's pretty big. Actually this one would do damage. It said it's not large enough to do any serious damage. So it's between cocaine and A. Yeah. Yeah. The famed astor. Okay. So he says that it's coming at a speed of twenty five miles twenty, five, thousand miles per hour who twenty five miles per hour wouldn't be that. That wouldn't be that dangerous. Schools. Out For schools on. Twenty, five thousand miles per hour. Make clip the planet November second. It may buzz the Earth November. Second the day before the election. If it buzzes bigger deal, it doesn't matter. especially, if they're. Actually. Here. Yeah, and then we also have another asteroid that's out there and they keep talking about this asteroid and a few months ago they said it was worth. Seven. Quadrille. Dollars Wow the asteroid the asteroid. Yeah. Because it's got those that many minerals metals hall now they're saying it is worth. Ten Thousand Quadrille yen is we've we've got a we've got a son. About getting dirt from. that. We need to be sending those. Eighteen minutes together along with the settlement together got twenty two minutes you sell it with eight minutes ads you got thirty minutes. Right yeah. That's how we got to the we got there. I don't know why you to the value of the phone that again. Hurt your feelings. Saying I. Don't know why you doubt the bath on that. But my point is, is NASA sending probes up to get dirt off of asteroid. Why aren't we? This one. I think it's two hundred and thirty million miles away. Is that right? Now. It's Out there, it's to yet two hundred, thirty, million miles from Earth. Well. And if it's only moving twenty five data parameter. Today said that thing up today? Will. Be Tough to start mining operation two, hundred, thirty, million for Titan. Quadrille dollars that things work. Yeah I know Jeff going for lunch by the way don't forget to set your clocks back in our week.

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