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"ardell moscow" Discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed

"Artery to me. And he was being serious. He wasn't kidding I know he loves. Loves bet you love Google van don't. Know there but certainly too shy shy. By the way go ahead. You're welcome. Honestly though what can you think of 'cause I love Joshua Tree I mean it's not even my favorite youtube. The eighties. Yeah. That's got to be right up there. What else is I the seventies? Right? This is from radio to which would be on the Mardell boy Joshua Tree. Radio too. That's UK. Right and we're fighting over here about Youtube I know K. boy is not better than. So much better. But that's okay. Go ahead according to radio to. Google shut up. Number one well, let's start at ten. We've already you number one but I'm GONNA start at ten ever wrote this article messed up this list. Backward Prince Purple Rain. I don't like that either. number nine ABC lexicon of great album. Elbow. I love that album. Album is excellent and the look of Love Elba's tremendous. Okay. yes yes. It right and. What you said Paul Simon Graceland another unfavored of mine. The smiths see this is this shows the British leaning here because the Smith so nice. Not a thing in America the Queen. Is Dead thing that America not a thing never six the. League dare. Mind, Human League for the eighties you know that was kind of that kind of exemplifies the eighties number, five guns and roses appetite for destruction. Thriller Number Four by Michael Jackson that of them was. The decade. Now, these favorites behind the stone roses stop by the stone roses I don't even know who the stone roses are, but they had the number three album in the world in the nineteen eighties according to the Brits. Dire Straits brothers in arms album number two, and then Joshua Tori at number one. That I, I recently learned a fun fact about appetite for destruction I should've set this the other way but anyhow did we talk about this on air already? Okay, Bob Newhart had a comedy album in nineteen sixty and it it was held the record for longest. Number one position. Until. It got knocked off in you know late eighties by appetite for destruction. That story sucked. No. Let's be riveting. Jeffey speechless. SA-. Let me talk some more about Bob Newhart albums. New Ardell Moscow he had the records if he has four for best for number one selling album and it was considered as an album. And he held the record that album held the record for nearly thirty years until. Guns and roses not. Record. Stores. And it's still suck on. It's fun fact. That sucks. Specific Flavors in there. If you WANNA talk about bestselling albums of the eighties. Okay. These are the ones that sold the best. The other list was just the opinion of radio the. Ten. Madonna True Blue Yeah number nine you to Joshua Tree. Number Eight, Phil Collins. No jacket required. Home anybody else gets sick and tired of Phil Collins or is that just me? Just you lose. Booth Tango in the night by fleetwood MAC number seven. Whitney Houston not a fan. was. Huge At number five, Kylie Minogue only at the time on now. Leans. Greatest hits. Number four shouldn't count greatest hits shouldn't count although good stuff. Yeah. A Michael Jackson Thriller Number Three Number Two Michael Jackson bad. Man Number One dire straits brothers in arms. This is obviously you cake is that would not be the case in America Michael Jackson was by. Radio by I mean, it's not even close. Number. Two and number three album in the eighties probably. Boston. And certain third stage. That's your favorite stage by laws your favorite group in the favorite album. My favourite album from them I. Yeah. Yeah but over no foreigner and therefore you and the eight hundred, four, hundred yes. Foreigner Four. Yes. Yeah. would be there as well. I actually liked to Chicago seventeen a lot and was good. Yeah g-go seventeen was really good. Eighties is overrated for music. It's doll, I. Had you know one or two hits that weren't as good as far as well. You mentioned Google already, I, mean yeah. You shouldn't have led with you and your best answer there. then. Who is the band that did? Always Aha. Aha and take on me Oh. Jeez. Those videos were German band with a DA DA DA jose name. Yeah I've remember been don't love me I love you. I'm weird stuff. I love that stuff. Do you. Brings Back Good Memories. Does does get those days back simpler time? Really Simpler don't get those days back. also, we WANNA thank another lesser sentence another bunch of stuff Kenneth Springer. Like these? No no no. No. No stress. No, he didn't know. He sent us. Last week we got the the Koran. Heaven record. Okay. Well which. Stress Balls. He sent us the stress balls and the. twizzlers okay so. Rocco right. At first. He sent the stress boss. So thank you so much. We absolutely need this and twenty twenty. Yes. But Kenneth is the one who send us these. Citizens twizzlers. Okay. Twitter thing. He's or someone punch sour patch and they're very our thing Laurie. Yeah they're really good. twizzlers. So thank you, Kevin and Kenneth, this is really awesome I. Love. This is. We need more squeezing food obviously the ball all. You did not actually correct. Yes I loved that. you. Try tried again when he's not looking. We do have something for you though Jeffey. Bacon.

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