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"archie andrews betty" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"archie andrews betty" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"A woman as we learn with Miss Martin all my God everything is like? Oh whatever? Whatever bra the t? Rex I will say I think is probably a male doj looking at fashion from the fifteen hundred s seems to be more traditional male dress. Let your specialist all of a sudden based on my cursory googling however we did have seal which was very wonderful costume so you never know. You never know okay. Well THAT ABOUT WRAPS UP. All the mass singer conversations. We're going to have today just before we start talking about. What's coming up if you are a fan of the podcast and you'd like what you're hearing. Please go ahead and leave a rating or review for us. It always helps. It really does at ROBA's website dot com slash mask singer. One word now Liana. Where can people find you? And what are you up to? You can find me on social media at Liana. Boris so speaking of box shows my sister and I got back together. Talk about Lego Masters. We covered episodes two three and four. So that is out there if you're interested in any Lego masters coverage I'm also doing the RHA PB NBA with. Mike Bloom our guest. This week is a wonderful Matla gory which should be a lot of fun. I'm actually I'm actually really excited. I've Mad libs prepared spoiler alert which I'm looking forward to not lives Taco lives. Nope not a thing. Okay and then. Also doing rupaul stress. Shut up shop. I'm also doing repulsed drag race season to season twelve. It's a second premier. It's coming out. It's out maybe whatever anyway. Look for that Brent. Welcome Alma Mater and myself are all getting together. Talk about the amazing season is repulsed season twelve so much goodness and you can find me on social media on all major platforms at ISM. I can no longer say. I'm doing nothing because big brother. Canada eight is officially here. And we've already got the premier. I think the second episode is going on right now. Ashby record so I'll be catching later but you can catch me on Fridays doing the morning. Updates with Taryn talking all the big brother stuff going on. They're very excited Catholics. Good I'm excited your for that and this week I will be appearing on another podcast I will talking riverdale with the Wonderful Mary Caskey. And Kirsten McGinnis over on the couch cast network talking Archie Andrews Betty and Veronica Jug head and What bombastic show. This has become so that'll be fun. You can check that out as well. Also if you have not become a patron of rob has a podcast. What are you waiting for? We put out so much amazing. Content and ROB has a podcast is supported by patriotic. And so that seriously supports wrap ups. That's why we're all here today. Because of the patrons of rob has a podcast plus you get a bunch of cool benefits. You get extra podcasts. You get extra videos and get access to the facebook group which an IRA part of so you can come. Ask questions talk. Everything Massingir definitely do it. Wait till the first of the month to become a patron because then that way your benefits are right away you get charged right then and join us for all of the amazingness that is being a patron of his until group. C comes along. This has been me the grilled cheese and Liana. The baguette will unmask you next week with six brand new performers until then take care and ideas..

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