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"archbishop new york" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"Cuomo's top aide and right hand man, Joe per cocoa. But sentencing in Manhattan courthouse late this afternoon to six years in prison three years under supervised release for accepting more than three hundred thousand dollars in bribes in exchange for state government favors for CoCo was the campaign manager for governor Cuomo in two thousand ten in two thousand fourteen prosecutors are asking for a five-year prison sadness attorneys for CoCo said he should have brought only a two year prison sadness judge. Valerie Caproni allowing cocoa to spend Christmas with his family brokos prison. Reporting date, December twenty eighth woman accusing. Supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh of sexual misconduct. In high school says she is willing to testify in front of the judiciary committee. Fox's John decker has more from the White House. According to her lawyer, Christine Blasi Ford, the woman who's accused supreme court nominee, brick Cavanaugh of sexual assault is willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee, if a hearing is fair, and if Ford safety can be guaranteed Ford in a letter sent to the committee said he's open to appearing though not by the scheduled Monday hearing Ford had previously requested that the FBI reopen a background investigation into judge cavenaugh before she would agree to testify. Judge Cavanaugh has denied the allegations that he sexually assaulted Ford when they were teenagers in the early nineteen eighty s at the White House, Jon decker, Fox News. President Trump has named to soldiers whose remains were identified from among those return to the United States from North Korea. Trump said Master Sergeant Charles McDaniel, a thirty two year old from Vernon Indiana. An army PFC William H Jones nineteen years old from Nash county, North Carolina had been Trump saying these heroes are home. They may rest in peace and hopefully their families can have some closure. President made the announcement over Twitter in late July North Korea gave the United States fifty five boxes that contained the remains of American Korean war dead. Four people are dead, including the suspect after a workplace shooting today in Aberdeen Maryland. And after news conference the county sheriff said three others were wounded the suspect died from her self inflicted gunshot wounds. The sheriff identified the suspect as a temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center, where the shooting happened archbishop New York bringing in a federal judge to review policies and procedures in the archdiocese in light of the sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic church. Speaking New York City today cardinal Timothy. Dolan said the recent scandals left Catholics angry and confused calling recent weeks, quote, the summer of hell so cardinal Dolan opponent. Former federal judge Barbara Jones to help Jones would recently involved in the case involving former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will thoroughly review policies procedures and protocols WG Y news time coming up to five. Oh five. Let's get the latest on Wall Street. Good day on the street with the Bloomberg market minute. This Bloomberg market minute on WGN is presented by Fagin associates. It's your money, and we know that stocks rallied in Thursday trading. The Dow Jones industrials rose two hundred fifty one points or one percent to a record high twenty six thousand six fifty six the NASDAQ gained seventy eight points. Also one percent the S and P five hundred advanced twenty three points or eight tenths percent. Michael Houston of CMC markets tells Bloomberg radio stocks are reaching levels that could raise concerns we all looking a little bit frothy for US equities. And I think if there is any signs of the US. Economy slows down towards the end of the year. Then there is a chance that people will look much more closely at those valuations and Houston says investors may be underestimating the negative impact of trade sales of existing homes held steady last month. The national association of realtors says contracts were closing nationally at an annual rate of five point thirty four million in August, the same as in July, but here in the northeast sales were up seven point six percent from July levels from the Bloomberg newsroom..

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