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"arc saunas" Discussed on Dressed: The History of Fashion

"Okay cast. Is it time that we get into some specific characters? That's why we're here. Yeah I think it's time Have to admit working on. This episode was a little bit intimidating due to the sheer number of characters. That appear within the series. I mean I kept asking myself. Who SHOULD WE FOCUS ON? There are so so many characters that I love and we're not going to be able to go into detail about each and every one for the sake of time I mean it's little things like Clapton saying about the character of various the robes have enormous leaves that conceal his hands. I like the idea that virus could gather secrets inside them. And for any of you who might need a little reminder or haven't seen game of thrones virus was a spy master with constantly shifting allegiances. So Clapton's costumes. Were very poignant for his particular character and while we can't dwell on various we'll try to include as many of these little bits and bobs of information like this about as many of the characters as we can so CASS. Who Shall we begin with? How about some of the ladies? We meet in the very first episode. There are so many strong female characters in this which is one of the reasons I love it so it's really hard to pick one to begin with but let's go with Sonya Stark. She's particularly interesting because she like her siblings really has to grow up quite quickly on the show When we meet her. She's a spoiled. Teenage Young Woman living with her family at their ancestral home in the north winter fell as a backstory for the stark women. Clapton actually imagined that to pass the dark cold evenings of the north of favorite pastime. Might be embroidery. So we see quite a lot of embroidery on their garments. And even at one point we see them. All embroidering. Together caitlyn stark's sitting embroidering with her two daughters Samsa and the youngest daughter of the Family Aria and cast when I say that some of the decisions that were made or so smart and nuanced in terms of character development that you might not necessarily notice them on screen. I'm not kidding. Clapton has said that in this scene. Saez EMBROIDERY IS NEAT. And precise will that of her younger sisters is always messy not necessarily due to her younger age but rather her willful nature because it turns out as we find out that she's far more interested in the art sword. Play than the art of embroidery. Sandra however was conceptualized to be quite an accomplished seamstress in her own right. Clapton imagined her making Oliver on clothes. And executing her own embroideries which is lovely when we first meet Sansa a winter fell. She wears the star blue however the shade. She wears is a bit lighter than that of her family which was intentional. It really set her apart in a way. This makes perfect sense. Also because once she becomes betrothed to Prince Joffrey. Her family allegiances become tested when she moved to King's landing. Her clothing quickly makes an abrupt shift away from those dark blues and she begins to favor the Komo asks styles and pink and green color palettes worn by her future mother in law thirsty CLAPTON SAYS STONE SET. Even switches up her hairstyle at this juncture to more closely resemble servcies. Long twisting locks. These costumes are prime examples of the importance of costume as a vital storytelling tool this goes any production of course but especially in a show. Like game of thrones where they are incredibly important and not only distinguishing worlds from each other but helping to show a character story. Arc Saunas costumes as with all the characters. We we'll discuss today relate an incredible amount of essential information to the audience. Even if you might not have consciously perceived it yeah for instance You mentioned that Sansa begins wearing pink and Mauve in particular now becomes a favourite of stances because it somehow a blend of stark blue with the traditional Lancaster. Red and this shade is the ground color for her elaborate gown for her nuptials which is the first garment. I'd like to talk about in detail. Because Clapton has noted that she chose a quote gold and Mauve shot brocade fabric that was embellished with metal hip pads to make the gallon. Feel slightly. Armored cast is really the embroidery on this piece that is spectacular in symbolism. Clapton says the seizure of the House Lancaster. The lion was stamped at the back of her neck suggesting that Sansa was now their property. However the embroidery on the girdle that criss crosses her chest and encircles. Her waist includes Dire Wolves. The schedule of the starks as well as fish which was essential of the family from which her mother. Caitlyn comes from additionally we see embroidered. Dragonflies assemble that seems to be unique to sponsor herself her own invention which symbolizes her feelings of captivity. You also see that. She frequently wears dragonfly necklace as well during this period cast. Clapton designed the jewelry. In addition to all of the costumes on this show on how right no small fee and and we must say that. Clapton did seven of the eight. Seasons of game of thrones we should of course credit April fairies wonderful designs. For Game of thrones season six. And that's when ferry took over for Clapton when Clapton was taking a small break to design the costumes for the Netflix series. The crown which I'm sure many of our listeners have also seen but because Clapton designed the preponderance of this season's. It's really her work that we're focusing on in this episode. But I digress. So let's get back to this jewelry. Class has said that she always designed the jewelry with great intention and that the jewelry pieces seen in this series were oftentimes some of the most deeply symbolic items that a character would rare and that rarely if ever to she create a piece of jewelry which was not in service to the story arc or character development so basically the jewelry was just never gratuitous embellishments ornamentation. Command makes sense too because if you think about how. Tv's filmed you know you're seeing close ups a lot on the character's faces so you're really going to see a lot of those jewelry pieces highlighted on the screen close up and so take for instance the necklace that Sauna adopts after she escapes the clutches of the Lancasters. She wears different variations of the same style throughout the show. It's this large ring. That's about three inches. In diameter. It hits her high on the chest just below the neck and threw it is threaded this long chain which dangles well below her hips at terminates with a long pointed sewing needle at the end and as. Clapton is noted. Quote this is an unbroken circle. Symbolizes strength is symbolic statement indicating that sauna is ready to fight. It's also a reference to her sister. Arya who carries a sword called needle likewise on says white wedding coach for her marriage to Ramsay Bolton the front closures feature two clasps from which dangled to large metal fish. And this was a nod of her mother's family tolleys. So the last and final ensemble of that. I'd like to speak about. Casts is another giant Norma's spoiler alert. So we will issue this once again. Fair warning friends. I'd like to talk about her. Coronation Ensemble from the final episode. Of all of game of thrones you know samsa has now prove yourself one of the most resilient characters in the entire series you know. She's often abused as a female pond. By the men in her life husbands or otherwise but in the end she outlasts all in his crowned Queen of the North. Yes and her own. Samba really is a metaphor for her journey. Clapton states I have given her a costing that featured imagery referencing the events of her life and honoring family and friends whom she had loved or at offered her guidance along the way although saunas coronation gown was blackish Grey Clapton. Actually use the exact same textile as the one she used in white for Marjorie. Tyrrell's wedding to King Joffrey who was formerly Saunas betrothed. Are You with me here? Despite their common fiancee Marjorie was Kinda Sansa in King's landing when no one else was so using. This textile gained was really a nod to the shared experience and their friendship. The style of skirt seen on says coronation gown was once seen earlier in the series worn by her mother. Caitlyn stark. And that's not the only familial connection referenced. In the silhouette of this unsolvable the cloak she wears is asymmetrical similar to the one that her sister Aria in the final season and the embellishment on Santa's cloak is laden with meaning one shoulder and sort of pseudo sleeve of the cloak is embroidered with fish scales again a reference to her mother who was murdered during the slaughter of the red wedding earlier in this series where. I know soda of My Life. But you got you have to watch. Don't watch it. You have to watch it. Because it's a pivotal point in this story so back to the clock descended from that same side. Just below the fish scales. The cloak also features motif of beaded and embroidered. Red Leaves which Clapton says were inspired by winter fills crimson leave. We're would trees on the other shoulder of the cloak. We see a beaded embroidered head of dire with an merges from the for trimming at the neck of the clock this is a tribute to lady. Saunas dire with who was killed by in the first season and the dire with monty appears again in this. Assemble this time a tribute to her brother. Rob The former king of the north at the red wedding where he too was murdered. He wore a class with the motif with the heads of two dire supporting each other Clapton. Smartly reused the same Motif in Santa's coronation crowned and we're not done quite yet of beneath the cloak and over her gown SANSA. Wears a metal corset. The sculpted motifs cut out of the metal. Corset are kind of sinuous and they reference the branches again of this. Where would tree? And while that's has now forsaken the metal ring of her favorite necklace the long chain culminating with the needle at the end now hangs from her waist which is yet another reference to her absence sister. Aria who has fled the capital for parts unknown. And my question is. Will we see an entire series? That is just about Aria. I hope so much. Sandra had many rivals if not outright enemies to defeat to get to this point of course perhaps none so formidable than sixty lancaster married to king. Robert Baratheon Sir. She was also the mother to the heir of the throne Prince joffrey along with her two other younger children Moore sell it. The latter was sent to live in Dorn at the age of nine to be more or less raised by the family of the Dornoch Prince Tristan to whom she was promised as a future bride that surface. Three children are not her husband's the king and instead the result of this ongoing incestuous relationship with her twin brother. Jamie isn't exactly common knowledge to everyone else in the show we were. We learned quite early on but in a circles that are aware or suspect. This cast the entire right of succession to the throne into question. Serious deception in terms of the paternity of children would be far from her last and over the course of the series she really emerges as this protagonist villainous. Par EXCELLENCE HOWEVER. This wasn't always necessarily the case. When we first meet seriously as Roberts Queen she had very little agency of her own and for one of her very early ensembles Clapton designed Pale Blue Green dress which was embroidered with bird motifs. She says quote. I love the idea that she sees herself as a cage bird and just to drive this point home cast this blue green shade for the dress was also used in the wall coverings of servcies bedroom as if she was little more than decoration or ornamentation for the palace itself and how quickly things would change. I actually think that we could. I personally think she's like one of the worst greatest villains of mystery so after King Robert Dies of wounds sustained while hunting. Thursday is now the Queen Mother meaning. She's the mother to the king and as inexperienced as teenage joffrey still is Sir holds considerable sway over him and her own. Political ambitions quickly reveal themselves not only in her actions but also in her costumes. The changes in costumes for instance. She now adopts the Lancaster family read and increasingly wears the families lion single April. You noted earlier in the context of sunset. Sir Sees Gowns were Komo ask and Clapton has noted this as a reference as inspiration for these designs. She also looked to the silhouettes of the Middle Ages as inspiration for much sir style. Yes and that medieval inspiration is quite evident in the long trailing sleeves. That sir she is so fond of the dress that she wears to Prince Joffrey wedding term. Margery Tyrell is a wonderful example of Clapton skill at layering. A lot of these aesthetic references a gold ground with a subtle gold fully MOTIF. The dress features signature hanging sleeves golden embroidered lions at the shoulders and a highly unusual neckline..

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