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"arbi saddam" Discussed on Stories Podcast

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"arbi saddam" Discussed on Stories Podcast

"Yes glad i had written in god hussein you of raise by jurassic the place to be a party china appears as paul harvey pitt dinosaur you know the chinese and also that dan well you man watson raptors stance i smith you are three guy deal jurassic the place to be china ceric in china soared dinosaur christmas party shankill at restore a body you now jurassic slip place to be guarding lightest man a man they see it's a dinosaur quiz nurse arbi saddam is dinosaur christmas party the end today's story dinosaur christmas with an original story written by daniel heinz performed by me amanda weldon with an original song written and performed by kelsea lee with lyrics by daniel heinz stay tuned for another installment of firefly recoil book two of the firefly trilogy which will be released next week thanks for listening.

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