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"arash shaw" Discussed on For Your Reference

"Get a how you gallant. I think these enclosed spaces are bringing out my alsi accent. Don't you reckon that's all you all on mate damned welcome welcome back We as sliding off with your phrase all mine and wouldn't you know it hurts. He is the somewhat Sage all is the WAD sage the wide. Saying I was coming all right. So this phrase is from Arash Shaw Movie. I'm not gonNA tell you should so you'll have to guess which movie it is and you'll have to tell me what it means. You think it means anyway. So he goes a dunk. His lips will not feet on a horse's mouth. I didn't know you're ready to share your epitaph. I think I use this as an answer for another your phrase online and it's agos should stay with Albers and early. Hot PEOPLE SHOULD KISS other hot people plenty hill but you know what Oh and which Russia Lovie d come from the most recent one did we just just in. Your memory may also at the same time. Dumb people should only gives dumb people together. Hey friends and lovers welcome boy reference. You goes to her skating. Not you've caught me with a big gulp of wine but I survived exam brave to acquire your FBI headsets and have your hands empty. Fulsome supple Musha as we head into traffic with the rush hour franchise mother fuckers who and you know. Cisco has been around quite a few soundtracks but how deep is your love or not. Oh tell me what it's GonNa be to leave you know Welcome welcome welcome friends and lovers. What a time in the best. The ways and also in the west of ways to that. And you know what it is quite is quite relevant. We all of us are experiencing some sort of Rut earthy and I have literally just moved so all of those sort of usual stresses as well as the world's full initiate guys and a handful of Dick Heads. Just can't be right so recently it's been hard for us to watch and enjoy stuff if we're watching something it's too light and it's not grabbing our attention For watching something that's too real to the real world. It's hard to get into as well and the shining beacon of Jackie. Thank you all and Chris Tucker home. How quiet while we fucking lovey guys? Hold yourselves because you shouldn't be as arrested development. No touching right so you know. Keep your love to yourself. It's all about self love Until we can Get out into spaces and touch. Everyone's holes if you've listened to how bad boys episode. If you've listened to our John Wick Episode. It will follow that sort of format. So we have quite a lot of stats. We are covering the Holy Trinity of the Rush Hour Franchise there is a TV. Show that not and I did try. It came out in two thousand sixteen and we actually tried watching it back then but you completely forgot we did yep and then we tried watching it after rush hour two because we didn't want to end on the TV shirt because life is already on fat. We needed to have some sort of happiness. We go five minute. Hashtag rush hour. Tv challenge if you can get further than five minutes. Good for you. There is no reward. Because again you spent more than five minutes in monstrosity. So let's quickly guard into the stats of the three films. And then we'll get into first impressions. It sounds good all right So rush hour. The first rush hour came out in September of Nineteen Ninety eight. I feel like it mid to late. Nineties was like the Golden Age of buddy cop sort of films not to say they didn't exist before then but you know obviously. We talked about bad boys that came out a few years earlier. we'll Smith Martin Lawrence the sodium lovers. Go and listen to the episode. You know you really have. Jaguars and you have dynamics that you want to see in that buddy. Cop SORT OF FORMAT. I'm not sure aside from Ratna that wanted to have this dynamic but Four shift kisses full quarantined chef kisses to everyone because it was pure magic it was pure. Magic Brett Ratna. These characters were actually developed by Russell. Amana we also have Jim Cough as a rider credited as well again. Ot early allows me to google sell To be able to credit the right arm show. There are more people that contributed in regards to rush. It came out in September of Nineteen Ninety Eight. Oh Wow what is it was a good e. Was it okay? I'll law preparing for Y2K. So if you don't remember that Jesus I slip through the Millennium. I wasn't a wee baby. Shame but I was close the budget for the first rush hour already. Thirty three million dollars quite nice. Yeah quite tight. The gross from thirty three million dollar budget was two hundred forty four point. Seven million dollars. Wo- yeah that is a lot It really did well. I guess maybe as like a burners we can do like all the buddy cop films that failed that you thought would have done well but this. Wow just completely blew out of the water right. Interestingly enough I correctly said that rush hour two came out in August of two thousand one so there was a three year gap unless that was like the normal amount of time. It took take a film you would think that they would you know in these days. They milk everything every franchise for what it's worth so like before you have time to wipe your ass if you'll pardon the sad timely There's another there's another sequel coming out. You know what I mean so three years. Wow so we still have bret right now. We still have Ross and then we also have Jeff Nathanson. The budget for the second rush hour was ninety million dollars. That's always three times the initial budget. Yeah it grossed worldwide three hundred and forty seven point three million dollars. Yeah get out of team and I. It's not even surprising. People knew other going to expect and they got it towns. Hold Yeah Yeah I we can talk more about it as the episode goes but I really didn't see the need to up the budget like what they had was magic not to say that the rest of the films like two and three or bad but like for me. Everything worked in one. But I get that as you have success as you can have a bigger budget. And that's a little baby consultant foundational Quam. I'm happy Katie. So when you're going to have little gripes over nothing there was something you mentioned in rush hour three. Oh it was spoiler spoiler. I guess it was when there was a coal back to a previous saying about Chris CA- saying that Jackie Chan early h rice and he's constipated and then later on in the film he says I'm not constipated anymore and arty is someone that doesn't notice a Lotta things he's not. He's not petty too like acknowledges starbucks cop in a game of thrones sort of episode but way he took Kwame was there was no brown surround. Jackie Chan in the you gotta use the Wasi. Might as well go for it. Yeah because your Shit Talk. Hey you made no comments about continuity or anything or accuracy and to that moment. The water was clear who gives well. Jackie Chan is very fuel so I would believe that he does clip. Did I just thought Burma who knows common. Fight me So yes We have rush hour two and then rush hour three came six years later now six C. Yeah just leave my Chris Taco if men the deleted vision so I'm not sure three of easy we have Brett Ratner like I mentioned before August two thousand and seven the budget not so the first one was thirty three MIL. The second one was ninety mill. The third rush hour was one hundred and forty million dollars. Qui- blow it didn't need to be but again they spend a lot in a totally totally but again friends in love is that doesn't get me off unfortunately But that was a low budget and then the worldwide gross for the third rush hour was two hundred and fifty eight million dollars. Oh so they don't really rick that INS much not as much it. It made more than the first but less significantly less than the second. Yeah but also at the same time I feel like people didn't know what they had going for them. Unlike bad boys which has spanned three decades but again going listened to that episode. So thank you guys we love you guys I'm feeling like you know maybe you don't need to hear it and that's fine I can. I can shout at you and it can be just as pleasurable. But I don't know I feel like at this time. It's just nice to give an express love. Oh Yeah it's lovely. It's lovely lovely. I even forgot how lovely was until our wash. It right So let's do it. Let's get into first impressions? I am handing the reference baton To not because he is the author of this podcast. Wow Okay I tried to compliment you with you same boat. Yeah Yeah's ago new. You don't care for it to context mate got on your So first impressions. I am passing the baton on to you. Because you're the honorary residential expert in this franchise. So far away you in your life When you I watched it was was the experience. Like if you want to you know pull in the oval sort of body copy can do that too And just how? How did you feel overall watching this series or loved it? I loved it so much. You know Back then I was. I think into all this sort of martial arts movies okay and also the lost member of the whig thing or your Turkey. Though was I was really into a lot of Russia movies back. Then you know from Tai Chi to whatever tight change. What the Old Lady's do at the park. You Not Watch martial arts movies until you've accepted the glorious form of Taichi Ache because you mentioned it and I showed you on a Google search yet. You continued to reinforce. The Tai Chi is some bad things that we see what we've been doing. The pox nominee now yoga with their leader. Gwyneth what is it on? And whatever she calls a product I really love this movie. Ages broad. I was young. So does all my brother and he would bring all this movies and I just remember myself creaming my pads and thanking like Jason. I'll watch this so many times and I'm going to believe that that crane was a reference to retain but anyway of course go like some counterfeit can they originated from Kenya. Didn't baby I like cooked. Anyway it was so great watching this like you don't get this. There's lethal weapon with Mel Gibson and then go over and and you love the. I haven't watched far. Well we've got a lot of time now..

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