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Off Script: January 12, 2021

Christ United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

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Off Script: January 12, 2021

"The fruit of the spirit is love. Joy peace patience kindness generosity faithfulness gentleness and self control galatian chapter versus twenty. Two and twenty. three everybody. I'm chris dowd. Reagan gillan and this is off script podcast for every week. We take a deeper dive on last sunday sermon. Talk about the theology behind it and get a chance to discuss. Anything ended up on the cutting room floor. I we're excited to get started for today. We're starting new sermon. Series is our first sermon series of twenty twenty one and we should probably just say here at the outset that we are recording. This podcast Oh i guess in the wake of a pretty tumultuous event in the nation's history so Are talking of course about the gosh. What would you call the storming of the capitol. I guess so. Whatever that was yesterday as congress was certifying the election results. So if some if some of our commentary ends up talking about that It's pretty recent more recent than when you'll be hearing this but anyway. The servants series is about the general rules of wesley United societies that became the general of the united methodist church It's a great subject for any day. Just happens that this particular sermon was on. Do no harm. Which i guess is timely. Yes you know. Good timing. I guess to really dig into it. Because as you were recording it everything was unfolding as you were speaking yes insane. Yeah and we should say because we're in this weird time where we're recording early so that we can put together an online experience. That's as good as we can make. It takes a couple of days to do that. So the sermons up getting preached again to those who were on campus on sunday morning and we have time obviously to update things and and tweak or whatever but it's kinda fresh for you and i right now and for guess for the nation right now so do no harm so i love the three. I love generals of love them and so. I'm really excited. That we're digging into this again I know i emailed stronger. leaders A book to lead their their classes through three simple rules It's a tiny it looks. It could fit into your pocket very tiny book by rueben p job or but i think these are such a a really good way to guide us as we go into this new year lot of are going into this new year thinking about how can we just be better because i think a lot has been revealed and twenty twenty. I'm excited to into them. So i didn't wanna talk. You know you. Open your sermon talking about you. And whitney i finding a home at arapahoe methodist church so i how do you feel court. How do you feel a rep. Who has gone down the toilet without leader. What do you feel aren't tcu that they've Horrible leader now. You gotta explain that for. Anybody didn't know. My husband is a senior pastor right. Now yeah rapper. Who so. I you know everybody who has been listening to us for a very long or has been around. The church very long knows that i was raised. Catholic went to notre dame spent. We were very active in the church growing up. We were there every sunday. That i can remember The pan times that we missed somebody the sick we were small country parish so we my stepfather and i helped mow the lawn and care for the grounds and we're pretty close with our priest and so the church had always been a central part of my life in my twenties. My one of my undergraduate majors was in russian. So i spent a fair amount of time. In russia the russian orthodox church greek orthodox church like that that stream of the christian movement. I think we can still call it that. Really kind of occupied much of my formative years so Eastern orthodox and roman catholic candidate ancient pre reformation strains of the church. My father is a member of church of the incarnation which is in. My family are members at the church. Incarnation down seventy five and that is a very church. It feels very catholic very formal and so we were getting serious in our relationship. We were looking for churches that that felt right for both of us. And you know as often the case you meet with a lot of couples who joining the church and done this lovers. Well it's often the case that the methods churches is landing around people from different traditions. Ask for a lot of reasons. Four reasons in our case with had said in the sermon is that she had gone to the preschool. at first arbor. She grew up in ann. Arbor michigan and thompkin is the name of that preschool. Okay and her family had always had very tender feelings for first arbor because of that her mom and grow up methodist. Her sister-in-law was methodist. So her brother. At that point was in the methodist church. They had methods connections but really for her. It was about the preschool. And i say i'm a big believer methods preschool. So that's what got us to the church to begin with both of our both of our kids that our products methodist preschools. Anyway i digress. So she said bus tried methodist church. So i was living in addison at the time and working on a consultant. I was working on a project up in mckinney. And so i would drive down. Arapahoe go to seventy five. And go north mckinney for work and i drove past arapahoe. Every day is the only methodist church that i've really noticed which is kind. I mean at the time i richardson was not on rapper. Who was donald beltline. And i said well there's methodist church not far from my apartment. She was living in atlanta at the time and so one weekend we just tried arapahoe and from the moment we walked in that church. I i love that church Obviously we have a lot of relationships still with folks that church so there's personal connections but it just when you go in that sanctuary it kind of feel like you're in somebody's living room smaller church. I mean it's twelve hundred member. Church is not a small church but the building itself seats. I don't know four hundred. Maybe four but i feel like it sits more than it looked. It just feels really intimate very intimately the music like it was enough liturgy that i felt comfortable having been raised. Liturgical tradition but it was Kind of community feeling enough that Really appealed to wit. And so you know. We walked in the door and never left. I mean it was twenty years ago twenty years ago this month called ministry. It's where Like the passengers. That church went to first arbor to marry whitney and i Where max was baptized in that sanctuary. So fond memories that church mother dearly and you. It's a shame that they're under such questionable. You're not getting scott's awesome. Got his awesome. He's i was so excited. I think i found out that scott was going to wrap ho before we found out you were coming here. I was just really thrilled for them. That they that they got a wonderful human being scott and Thrilled for him that he got to be such an amazing church. He loves it so knowing that you have studied you know being raised catholic the all that did you ever feel like something was missing or i mean you fell in love with methodist theology. So can you talk about what kind of sets us apart. Yeah so it was a couple of things theologically. Speaking the fact that we we begin and in the middle we focus on and we end with grace. I mean were shot through with grace. It's the core of the understanding of the christian. Faith that very much appealed to me and historically speaking. I was really Captivated by wesley lease. I mean focuses. I think the right word has focused on improving the social condition of the society in which he lived. You know what i mean. He he For example From very early on in methodist movement Had an intentional outreached alcoholics. Well i mean that's centuries about before his time He was very clear that slavery was evil at a time when that was an economically unpopular position. And then just the the whole notion of reinvigorating people's personal faith so that it was not just about church membership. It was not just about kind of a casual affiliation with a building or the local priest. Who could do your wedding and bury you. And that is your kids. It was more than that. It was about developing a truly relationship. With christ i just the whole. Ethos of earliest early methodist society in the foundation of wesley. Theology is just it's just incredibly compelling to me. It always has been from from the moment. We started learning about it. And i mentioned the sermon. I'm an oldest child. I'm also an anagram one. I'm a rule follower. And i love the general rules. West super opinionated. I'm not sure he would be a fun guy to hang out with. But he like his his clarity and his focus in describing to people who wanted to grow in their faith what specifically that looked like. I think awesome. Yeah i do think that's one thing you know i'm not trying to bash other Denominations or mainly like more non. That are these new church. That don't really have the rich deep history. The fact that You know you can go to usc dot org and look at you talk about the the confession of faith in our articles religion. Like if you really want to know what we believe in. Maybe hallows came together and how long they've been. I mean i know. Book of discipline isn't like a total tate. Played a page turner but it is it for me to to see that we have such a strong foundation that were just not throwing things together. I mean that gives me in a. We have that firm foundation So that's one thing about the methodist you'll sometimes hear people say methodism believe anything that's garbage we'd be. We believe a lot about a lot and consistent with our founders opinionated way of showing up in the world like we've got a whole book of resolutions that takes a stance on just about everything right. The social principals are pretty. Take pretty clear stances on most subjects that you can think of now we're not dogmatic which means that we don't insist that people have to believe this right. You know like with the social principals for example. We've got a statement on Warren piece. That i'm sure not everybody would agree with. We've got a statement on the death penalty we're very anti-death-penalty and social principles as is by the way the vast majority of christianity That people are free to agree with or not but we we have these very clearly articulated positions that are rooted in our theology and You know my work. As the chair of the board of ministry is specifically in the area of the allergy and doctrine and so the at the end of this month where we're going to be interviewing candidates for a commissioning who are kind of at the beginning of their journey towards ordain ministry and then in february. We're going to introduce our interview candidates for ordination and your theology has got to be wesleyan or you won't yes Someone that's it does need to be able to form a sentence answering and then you've got to be able to like like was the were looking for maturely engage with challenges to your assertions because i mean good lord we do that every sermon and every interaction with the congregation member who disagrees with the other thing so Yeah the the methodist tradition. The wesleyan tradition is rich. One and obviously i'm a company man sold out. I totally agree to i. Just think he's his interpretation of the christian. Faith is entirely consistent with my own. Okay so in your sermon. You say This believing that his church meaning john. Wesley had lost. Its passion for the gospel. Wesley wanted to inspire people to deeper discipleship to more disciplined meaningful life as followers of christ and so people don't like the word discipline a lot. I feel like Because in the context of do no harm it takes enormous discipline to not harm someone else. I think people don't realize that And wesley lissa ways that we do harm people Stu name just a few things you brought by discipline. So i've got some in front of me great and it's it's written in seventeen thirty nine english so i didn't read all of this in the sermon. But it's really good so it is there for expected of all who continue their in like in our societies classes at the time church now that they should continue to evidence their desire of salvation. I by doing no harm by avoiding evil of every kind especially that which is most generally practiced practiced such as the taking of the name of god in vain the profaning of the day of the lord either by doing ordinary work in or by buying or selling a pro blue laws statement. Burly he does. I think we're talking about drunken the separately slaveholding again. that's pretty radical statement fighting quarreling or brawling the buying and this shows you leslie no flaming liberal the buying or selling goods that have not paid the duty the to operate. Pay your taxes The giving or taking things on ussery that is unlawful. Interest uncharitable unprofitable conversation particularly. I didn't bring this up in the sermon. But i feel like i maybe i should just like maybe i should put this at the bottom of commentaries and shit. I'm i'm looking at it. S heritable or unprofitable conversation particularly speaking evil of magistrates or of ministers Read that again and then there are some other things that i think we would consider pretty controversial today the putting on of gold and costly apparel. Got what's your is. Your wedding dangled now shares it from ebay so mine's platinum soccer okay as it platinum silver color. I think it's of the taking such diversions as cannot be used in the name of the lord. Jesus as again. I'm not sure. Wesley would be the most guy. Hang out the singing. Those songs or reading those books which do not tend to the knowledge. Your love of god. No harry potter harry potter softness and needless self-indulgence come on man wayne up treasurer upon earth. Yikes that's i mean. That gives you a sense of where. Wesley was theologically. Borrowing without a probability of paying again. He's not a flaming liberal on this or taking up goods without our probability of pain for them. No credit cards right. I mean where we're pointing kind of the historically particular things in some cases but the general idea is this very. I think Practical like very. I would say in arguable principle of human society and certainly christian theology that we don't hurt each other You know. I said the sermon that this year like our bishop bishop mckee in texas conferences talked a lot about doing no harm in the context of pandemic which means wear a mask and stay six feet apart. Like let's all get through this together But ever your own personal level of risk tolerance got responsibilities people other than ourselves and the titans of the glaciers text is that paul says the entire law arche. He's making an argument about how you don't have to follow the law. Like the story of the relations is the pod planet. The churches in that region's not a city. It's a region and then some jewish christian evangelist come hind him and said no paul's wrong. You need to be circumcised. You need to follow these particular We don't know exactly what they were. Were inferring from paul's arguing against but it's the certainly circumcision probably following some kind of sabbath or festival rituals maybe even following dietary laws. Impulse ain't no your free in christ frees you from the limits of the law but the entire law is summed up in the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. And here's what it looks like to not love your neighbor as yourself and he does this long bicyclist. Where he was drunkenness. Actually in the shows up on wesley saying he looks idolatry for example where the wesley. Clearly alludes to hear dissensions factions quarreling anger. Anything that rips apart the community. Wesley clearly talks about that when he talks about fighting correlating abroad. There's a lot of echoes between. I mean obviously. Wesley new his bible and go paul's vice list in colossians english shows up kind of obliquely rules of wesley. In the general. I general rule the specific kind of the first general rule And then he says that's what it looks like not to not to love your neighbor. And here's what it looks like to love your neighbor. And then he gives us the fruit of the spirit. Which i know. We'll talk more about no. It's it's get so you know what you can read. Wesley do no harmony think. Well those are so outdated but if you really dig into them so if you were to maybe throw some if you were to look at some of the ones that he wrote and put them in like twenty twenty one language or an example. What what might be a few so you know. I think he talks a fair amount about economic responsibility. Not just in general talks about. He talks about a lot of places which by the way. Jesus that's to and his point when he says when argues against the ussery for example usery is economic exploitation of the poor economic exploitation. Those who don't have economic power themselves. Well that's right in the line of the prophets open the old testament and they don't use the word ussery but they're talking about the same thing people with money and power exploiting those about money and power. You know i think of i. I think we could talk in terms of do no harm. We could spend a whole probably podcast series on criminal justice reform for example. We could certainly like the way. I categorized in the sermon in the context of relations is do no harm to yourself. So this is the don't be promiscuous. Don't abuse your body. Which is the temple of the holy spirit. Paul says elsewhere. Don't abuse your relationship with god. So don't have idols. Don't take the lord in vain. I mean that doesn't mean don't cuss that means. Don't swear an oath on god not intending to keep it all. That's that's a very specific thing and then don't do things that harm society like the community. Now paul specifically talking about community of believers in glacier but clearly the the law that is summed up in love your neighbor as yourself neighbor is very clearly defined by. Jesus not just mean fellow methodists. Right for fellow christians. It means a society in general. And it's really striking to me. Have as we were preaching this assault. As i was preaching a sermon and we were putting together. A service that was based thematically on the ice list and prove the spiriting relations the news was unfolding of pause list coralling dissensions factions anger and matisse i mean that those those things policies fully on supply. And i don't wanna get into what aboutism you know and both sides of and all that but clearly i mean but i mean we need to make the point that clearly there are factions within our society of a variety of political persuasions. That seem to have if not in goal than certainly in practice. The effect of tyrannus apart. Yeah and that's not christian. That's not faithful. That's not love your neighbor as yourself. It's not consistent with fruit of the spirit. The power gives us stephanie. Not consistent with wesley's rule to do harm in this Little book that we'll probably post about just loved this this quote This active disarming lane aside cider weapons and our desire to harm is revealing in other ways as well we discover that we stand on common ground and common precious space sir. Common faith feast at a common table and have an equal measure of god's unlimited love. When i'm determined to do no harm to you. I lose my fear of you and i'm able to see you and hear you more clearly and i guess that's i was reading this last night after. Listen to your sermon. And everything unfolding. And i just thought man everyone harmon one another and we just we just don't care and i'm like no one to winning this game I think this just this concept of doing no harm is really good for us right now to here. So what do you think was a shot or yeah. That is a very worthwhile book for small groups. It is simple rules on. You've talked about it to sunday. School classes already but yeah Three simple rules ruben. Job you can get it on amazon. You can get it at cokesbury which would be better. It's like seven dollars that means it's a little little tiny book So what do you think we an order to not harm one another and look at the galicians list and all that like what do we really need to lay aside and refrain from order that we can love one another Love our neighbor. What do you think what's her hold up. Or what do you think we need to do. More of what. Paul talking about in the nice list. Is that the human tendency to be like. We need to name it. As sin not little s sends like the things we do wrong but big sf like the power of sin in our lives is that we are so focused on our own on ourselves on what we want what we desire what we think is right on. What how we think things should be To the exclusion of bigger principles and broader faith. Like so we lose sight of the fact that we are you know the way occupy on point. Mlk day and together by our common destiny. But it's christians as human beings you can think of it in terms of the planet you can think of it in terms of The various christian denominations you can think of it. Certainly as americans that are There are broader values and concepts and truths that should unite us beyond our petty factions. And when we are locked in our partisan factions. it's very easy to lose sight of the broader values. Narrative truths the shit holes together. And i don't know. I don't know there's just an preachers aren't speechless. Very often right. I mean we work in words for a living as art this our practice our craft kind of unbridled hatred and disdain that has been on display in the streets for a long time. Now is poisonous. I don't know do no harm. Seems like a very low bar. But we're i think we're just we're in love with ourselves and i think that's you know our commitment. Our our sold out were not sold out to christ or not. That's not our number one. Our number one is always ourselves. And i think that's what we've seen just unraveling like that. We just don't seem to care other. So i think that's kind of are you talking about the big send versus little. I think we are like let it mean to. Or i guess it's not that big of a deal like we really have just dumbed down so many things because well that doesn't affect me so it's not that big of a deal because i don't care about that person or that group of people or whatever and Ideology what we worship is. Just don't backwards. I feel like well and paul vice list includes all of it. Yeah there you know. There are plenty christians. You read that vice list and he opens up with Got it here Now the works of the flesh obvious. Let me say something here. So when paul says the works of the flesh he's not talking about the body is bad sex is bad. he's not where he's talking about he's talking about. We're either slaves to our ourselves. The flesh is a metaphor for our own ever idolatry of our own wants and desires. I mean have you been raised catholic. There's the characters is a fair amount of baggage around Well that whole phrase the the contrast is between that self centered focus. That's the flush versus the spirit which has got right. So he says now the the fleischer obvious and he starts with fornication impurity in licentious and for way too many people that's where the list starts and ends right but that's not really the focus the those three things fornication impurity lie sensuousness and then when it comes back to drunkenness carousing. That's how we abuse ourselves abuse our bodies but then their way there are things that are. There's other stuff on the list. Idolatry sorcery there. I mean. we don't seem to have a big problem with sorcery much Doesn't mean don't read harry potter. By the way it's just you know that's gonna take us on a rabbit hole so so idolatry and then this stuff between the community enmity. Strife jealousy anger quarrels dissensions factions envy. And then he comes. Back to drunkenness browsing. So it's those teams like the like the point. Made in the sermon is yeah. That's all good stuff to avoid That's really argue with the fact that those things are bad for us less. What is we. Gotta do the drunkenness. What it was. We say it is funny. It's the funniest okay. So he says the things you should not do include drunkenness buying or selling spirits liquors so buying or selling or drinking them comma unless in cases of extreme necessity. And that is. I think that's hilarious. Because he doesn't tell us what extremist as it is. But but i mean seriously in in the eighteenth century there were plenty of places where the only safe thing to drink had alcohol in it because it killed the impurities like drink clean. Drinking water was an issue to you know in fairness to wesley. That's what he's talking about. He's not talking about like for instance. My beloved irish. We were in corn teams. Were over the holidays. And the to notre dame games we saw were Them getting pounded by clemson in the acc title game and then just blown out by alabama seven times and there was a time in my life where that would have absolutely qualified as an extremist. Wesley would not give me a pass on that now. Not like all of twenty twenty. Twenty twenty extreme necessity. Yeah but seriously in his historical context. That was a real thing. But if you can't if you have to have something to drink and there is no clean water available ale is not like it's better than died. I yeah interesting. Most people read them. All i guess doesn't necessity signed off on me laugher. Okay you talk about the commandments. Are sixty percents shall not four percent. You shall as i do. Think this whole controversy. Do harm not so much about what not to do but what you should do so you don't do harm. You know i feel like i don't know where your thoughts on that because we pride ourselves like well. I don't do that. I don't do that and then people but what. What do you do to natural segue for good tease for next week. So i should rule do no harm second general rule. Do all the good you can wall. Let's bracket that okay. Correct that okay. Here's a question for you so you talk about how you've served in four different ministry context so moving around and they're they've all been very different. How do you feel like maybe you've been enlightened. How maybe you've done potential harm or have you learned. Like oh i shouldn't i can't. I shouldn't say that because it affects us person. Or i don't know or what some things in your ministry conduct. What are things. Have you learned over the years that maybe you're say that are do that because i i am doing harm. So here's the way. I think i'll answer that We've served in geographically diverse carnation settings. But we also served him very ideologically. Diverse conversations in terms of the population of the community and the church largely Very very liberal very conservative and centrist. And i think the gift of that You know i truly believe that. Every young pastor should serve churches very different context that they come out of. Because it gives you a You know if you're listening if you're paying attention the it gives you a different lens to see the world and so you know you can do harm by coming out. Guns blazing on this the other issue in such a way. That people can't even hear the gospel and That's not what we're talk called the do. I mean Wesley was opinionated. Paul was opinionated i'm certainly opinionated. But wesleyan paul. Both were very Keen on preaching the gospel in a way people get here and So paul was a master of it. And when you read the historic throughout the new testament. He didn't go to this pagan temple. And say y'all honor bunch of fools. You can only believe in europe. You're believing in a bunch of stuff that doesn't exist. You should believe he came he. He engaged them in a way that they understand to reveal to them that there is only one god this unknown god as a way. Put it in access to great story because the alternative is to do harm to talk to people in a way. They can't here I saw that story from paul. And you know wesley opinionated as he was Was all about gathering people in small groups so that we could grow together in our faith. And so i think i think the gift of being a variety of settings is that you you get to experience the christian spiritual journey from In a way you hadn't before yeah and it allows you to maybe be more sympathetic to of you. You wouldn't otherwise be And certainly to understand others experience otherwise wouldn't think it's important to do your best not to live in a bubble. I mean right now. We're all in and safety bubble Yeah i think it is good to to reach out. Read listen to different. People re different authors just to get a different perspective because you may come to religion. Oh i had no idea that maybe this way of living or what. I do might be contributing to some harm to someone else Just encourage you to to try to get outside your Your gruesome time-to-time. Because it's it's so easy to get sucked in to just all i'm around people that look like me. Think like me. Believe like me you know and it's not always the best for us. Well yeah i would say It's never the best. I mean even though it's more comfortable oh for sure From the most liberal person. I noted the most conservative person. I know people faith anyway They have reasons for the way they think the way and You know if we're if we're serious about the notion that wrong us together. Then seeking first to understand is a pretty good principle. That is a way in which we do no harm. Yeah so this is kind of like a very basic question. But i guess another one i think about do harm do no harm and i think about what do you do when someone does attack you or is it mean to you in specifically like what are you. Teach your boise's like if they're bullied or tea's like what kinds of things do you teach them. It's there's a tension between turn the other cheek and setting boundaries I'm i've i've heard this before. I've never been sermon on. The mount has never come. Easy to me I i think i to me. I think it's about setting polian or at least A letter attributed polynesians speaking the truth in love. I think is a really important thing and When you're being bullied when you're being teased for the boys timeout my children saying something is not okay walking getting help if you need help walking away from conflict of situations that's that's all really important. Those are important skills because it's very easy to speak the truth all the time and not really have a much love mixed in. It's very easy to ease word but there is a way in which people show up in the world speaking the truth all the time just cold hard truth and they don't have any love mixed in or they're so loving that they don't want to confront anyone don't speak the truth. It's a balance of both and as as christians were called to do. Both you know the when we when we round out the series do no harm to all the good. You can't stay in love with god or the wave. Wesley put it was attend upon. All the ordinances god then then. You're well equipped. I think to handle the situations now. That's good okay that you felt like you wanted to say in your sermon. Are you know there. Are i think wh the way. I wrapped up. The sermon is the list of ways in which we should do. No harm is you know if it's not infinite. It's certainly very very long. And so for me. The way to do no harm is to bear the fruit of the spirit. And i think i think th if that is our ethos in life than were the do no harm kind of takes care of itself so we should probably just wrap it up with the fruit of the spirit. Have we named him yet. I was just going to say. Is there one particular you wanna see us as a society into more than twenty twenty one. Any of them. I think they're all pretty important. Yeah it can't be one there nine of them right. Love joy peace patience. That's probably pretty good but right now. Kindness can't be kind generosity faithfulness gentleness and self control when he pockets all sassy he says. There's no log in such things you shake. That's actually the law of god for paul. Think that that will do it. That'll do it for this week. We got a couple more weeks to delve into this. So so thank you very much reagan for the thoughtful exchange as always. I know you. And i will both continue to be a prayer for this conflicted nation that we love and i think that as we as we seek to bear witness to the love of god in this world you know keeping in mind pulse for the spirit is pretty good way to go back so Thank you friends for listening. It's always wonderful to be with you. were super excited to launch into twenty twenty one and we will be back with you next week.

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ENZ 180  Money Doesnt Equate To Happiness Or Does It

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ENZ 180 Money Doesnt Equate To Happiness Or Does It

"Welcome to episode one hundred eighty. You're listening to escaping the rei. Podcast where you'll learn the underground closely guarded secrets that will revolutionize your real estate business. This podcast is all about helping you. Exit the real estate newbies zone and etter financial freedom building up your real estate thrown. This is escaping the rei own podcast. And now your host. Real estate investor entrepreneur world traveler and nationwide mentor. Chris bruce go back to another episode of escaping. rei newbies own. I'm your host. Chris bruce i want to thank you for tony game to this week's episode as you know today is tuesday and on tuesdays. We do our mindset type of podcasts and then we follow up on friday with our content based episode so I want to make sure that if you haven't already if you're tuning into podcast for the very first time make sure you use a scribe to the podcast. Are you do this by going to the app inside of items already. Podcast app on your phone. We have the stitcher app for android users. we're also google play You can go ahead and subscribe also from our blog escape the newbie zone dot com guinness escape the newbies zone dot com all right. Would you wanna make sure that you are locking in tuning into each episode day. Drop fresh off the press. You'll get notification on your phone so that way. You won't miss anything all right. So what i want to talk about. Today is why money does not equate to your happiness. Money does not equate to your happiness. All right what. I mean by that. Is that a lot of times. People think that you know money is supposed to be tied directly to happiness. Right moti what that okay. I'm going to be happy when i get rich right or i'm going to Finally you know. Be happy when i don't have to worry about money anymore. Okay and studies have shown that a money is rarely. The cause of someone's happiness okay is is not necessarily really tied to the cause of happiness because if you think about money is just at the end of the day. It's is trees. It's it's paper right paper that has been made from trees okay And and we think about a lot of times the the real thing is what he can do for us right the options that gives us the freedom that it gives us okay but money in itself you know does not equate happy. I mean look at how many of the biggest celebrities with bowl cool money. I'm talking about money out the butthole right. And some of them are committed suicide. Okay think about some of the people that you know Some of the richest people that they're miserable and they end up. You know leaning on drugs to keep them sane okay because money doesn't always equate to happiness doesn't all right and the thing is is that when you don't have a lot of money you put a lot of emphasis in time if thinking that it will make you happy. I remember when i first owns real estate. Journey aren't i was working a job. And i had a lot of bills at car. Note is shirts i had rent. You know I had a lot of bills credit card bills. You name it store card bills. Okay and i would always think that you know. I'm going to be a lot happier once. I'm making a lot of money if i make ten thousand dollars a month. I'm going to be happy. That's all. I need ten dollars a month and i kept chasing money and it was crazy because when i didn't have any money i felt very sad i would feel. I was surprising to get depressed. And i would lash out and do things out of my norm to try to cope with the sadness to be quite honest with you. You know when. I was with my daughter's mom a lot of times when i didn't have money i would you know. Go mess around with the you know doing cheating on her. You know things that. I shouldn't be doing at twenty three twenty four years. Oh you know. But at that time i was so tied to money right and that i needed something to cope with it. I never was a person that got into light drugs or stuff like that over. You know getting into alcohol anything like that. You're not drink here and there but never get into another level of the alcoholism or getting drunk everyday or anything like that. But i with mess with a lot of women that was kind of like my outlet. You know that was my high. That when i fell low i would just go mess around with other women cheating on my girlfriend and that was was bringing me my high beck and shave me to say it. You know but it's the truth art because money really ran my life you know. There's a quote the bible says You cannot worship. To god's you can't worship money and got okay you just can't right thing is. Is that add the really realize what it is that i was after an ad that realize also that happiness is a choice. I was choosing to let the lack of money at the time. Be the reason why. I shouldn't be happy when it was my fault. In the first place it came down to bat spending not being a good steward of my money and really just digging down arapahoe with collecting all these different things that we're adding abuse to me every single month. All right so i did a lot of soul searching. I read a lot of books. One of the books. I will tell you did recommend you read as secrets of the millionaire. Mind okay very very book. You've heard me record men. This book plenty of times on. Different episodes right abundance. Code is another book all right another book is the magic okay. Because i read these books and i started to realize that you know. Happiness doesn't equal to money our money. Excuse me money is equal to happiness. Noggin wrong okay. Yes you're going to be happy when you have money right. You've never had any money. You make your first ten thousand fifteen dollars twenty thousand nine thousand of course but you know my net worth should not equal to how i feel about myself all right so for those who has listening right now. Maybe you are struggling right now financially. Maybe you have bills up the eho okay. You know you have a family to take care of you seeing other people that are cashing checks and doing things in real estate in and making money in their business and you're looking at their numbers but you shouldn't let that get you down okay. You shouldn't let it get you down just because you might be going through a little trolley tribulation use it as motivation and figure out what went wrong. What did you do to cause this. And what can you do to turn it around now. Obviously investing real estate getting your hosting selling business up can definitely most one hundred percent definitely. Correct that okay. That's what i got into host for. Is that says. I was broke. I was at the bottom. There's only one way up when you're the bottom. There's only one way you can go. Which is up. So i invested all my time and energy into learning and i did that to make money those zero his episode. Obviously i'm pretty sure most of you are either wholesaling or to get into hotel and so if you're at the bottom. That is a way to get on top. That is the way to increase your finances and then you got to look at. What is your relationship with money. Okay how can you be a better steward of your money hockey. You start to invest more and stop being so much of a consumer always spending once you make that shift. You'll start to see that things will change with your finances. How much money you have in your bank account. The next thing is you need to actually choose to be happy and also look at being grateful. You have a very low. You have a very good job at. You're working all right now. Yes it might not be the the the the number one career choice that you've chosen but his paying you every single week or every other week there's people out here that will love to be in a position that you are and that's what you have to have some gratitude and be grateful for where you are and what you have been blessed with. Choose to be happy. Choose that listen. You're listening to this episode right now. You're getting knowledge of getting education that is going to help compel you right. Does going to help to get you to that next level. There's someone that's out here. Wishing that they had a cell phone to be able to listen to a podcast be able to access this information. Okay so be grateful for your at choose to be happy are if anything. Choose to be happy that you are alive alive today. Someone didn't wake up today. A fortunately so every day is a gift as opportunity for you to go out there and make your dreams become reality. All right it's a choice. Choose to be happy. Okay the life when you choose to be happy things start to happen for you okay. Money starts to come in you start to see life differently. I want you to make that choice and understand. Listen more money more problems that you heard of it. Okay so yes you might think that you'll be extremely happy with another twenty five thousand eight hundred thousand bank account but best believe listen. There's other problems that come with it. You know but for me. Perspective is mo problems. More money. I don't mind it i don't mind it at all because i'm happy regardless if i lose everything i have today. I'm still happy. Because you know why i got the education and knowledge in my head that i have not lost. I could go get a right back again. Okay a family that loves me a supports me. I have loving friends that are around me. Okay i have all of you at tune in every episode or reach out to me about how much you enjoy these episodes and that i should keep continuing putting out this great content so lives good. I'm happy regardless. And i want you to start looking at your life the same way. Okay you chasing after freedom not just money you freedom. Okay and don't let the lack of money gets you down. Let it motivate you to go out there work harder work smarter and make some happen all right. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure also leave us is review items ru appreciate it because he helped pushes up in ranking. So that more people like yourself can get this type of Information out to them. You guys know my quote. Don't live the dream libya dream. I'll see you on the next episode. Thanks for listening. To escaping the rei newbies own podcast at www dot escaped the newbies zone dot com.

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RTFP #971: Andrew Brandt

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RTFP #971: Andrew Brandt

"It's still Ross Tucker for all podcast. Oh, yeah. It is. But it's not just any Ross Tucker football podcast. It is a wisdom Wednesday presented by Sikh. You guys know the deal by now you get twenty dollars off when you put the code in Tucker in the settings tab on the app or just go to seatgeek dot com. Either way it's the best place best way to get tickets. It's Wednesday, which means we are only two days away from giving out. More winners spread the word winter just a little re tweet the like on on Facebook, or sponsor confirmation Email winner. Take advantage of any ever. Awesome. Sponsors send it to me. There's a bunch of ones you guys heard about borough yesterday. That thing's amazing. I love cutting out the middleman and buying direct. That's what all of life should be at this point. So a lot of good. Options over there on the sponsors page over at Ross, Tucker dot com, you take advantage of them. Boom. Senate to me Ross at Ross Tucker dot com, and you might be the name that I announced on Friday. And even if you're not the name, I announce on Friday, I guarantee to read and respond to whatever question you ever have for me on the show. It's Wednesday Bri allots happening. That means we need Andrew Brandt. I feel like it's brand season. Now, I feel like it's the playoffs when the playoffs start you've got playoff season draft season and Brant business season. And that is exactly where we're at Andrew Brandt and the big show. Uh-huh. Andrew it is your time. The shine my friend that business season has kicked into full swing. Obviously Monday was crazy with all of the different head coaching openings coming up eight of them. I guess before. I even ask specific questions just your reaction to everything that went down on Monday. Yeah. Happy new year Ross. This is interesting now because we have hit the offseason, but we're in this transition phase where we still have the playoff games, we have transitioned in so many staffs. I just think the numbers is everyone says are staggering were now a quarter of the league is changing head coaches eight. And it's after whatever it was last year, whatever it was the year before you're just seeing this constant turnover even going to Arizona, which is a one and done which to me just sounds if you're going to invest than someone in a staff like that only give them one year. Just doesn't meet seem to make sense. I guess my initial thought is just the incredible turnover. The lack of patience, and how much of a business this is where you look at again back to Zona. There's no patients. So we're business. We see other teams getting good fast. We hired some people. It's not working it will start over. And with these franchise is now worth two billion dollars. Plus, I guess you can look at it and say, oh, ten fifteen million for a staff that we have to pay going out. Cost of doing business. And that's what's amazing. And I don't think that would have happened years ago. Obviously the salaries for coaches weren't that what they are. But the lack of patience is really amazing now and. Teams owners are willing to shell out money. That goes to staffs that are fired. Just to get it. Right. And we've seen this in Cleveland for who knows how long and now we're seeing it around the league not just teams like Cleveland. It's really it's it's really incredible. And I think one of the big takeaways for me, Andrew is exactly what you just said. Which is that, you know, the success immediately of guys like, Sean McVeigh, and Matt Nagy, I think is really changed. How the owners and GM is look at things I think they really believe that if you get the right guy in there who can change the culture, and who is creative authencity that you can turn things around very very quickly. And I think that's that's what they're going for. I guess the other thing out to me Andrew was just it was like, no GM's, you know, all these places where we thought maybe the GM would be let go as well. You know places like the jets places like the bucks, you know. The general manager the head coach is gone, but the general managers getting getting another opportunity. Yeah. This is the push poll with looking forward and looking at the present. And I know how frustrated coaches get because their job is to coach the team, but they're being told by personnel, which has GM's management that you know. Let's just see how these young guys do because they're our future. So this happens I've seen it first hand, you know, I was on in Green Bay at the story. I've told so many times when we picked Aaron Rodgers now that was not a pick for the present and coaches were steaming that we used our first round pick on a player that was not going to help us in the short term and lo and behold that coaching staff under Mike Sherman had a bad year got fired, and of course, management stayed and reap the benefits of taking Aaron. Years later. That's where it is. I mean management is future focused coaches are present focused. I don't know how that's ever gonna change unless unless you have full head on commitment, Allah, Jon Gruden where you can step back and rebuild with draft picks because you know, management is not going to do anything. But you're right in situations where management hold sway over coaching that has happened. It's it's interesting because people don't realize the debris left behind when a coaches fire people are onto who's gonna be the next and the list, and who they interviewing and all that it's really a tough situation because I've been there a couple of times you have staffs that come into work every day. And just sorta check the internet. See what's going on hoping and praying when? The new guy comes in alike them enough to keep them. That's a really tough way to live your life for the next few weeks. And that's going on around the league. The assumption is most of these coaches on these staffs, which are dozens and dozens of people are going to be gone, but their hope is either latch on with a new staff or somehow the new guy coming in is going to like them enough to keep them or they have some poll for management that they can stay on. But this is a really tough time. So many families left behind in this that people never even think about. What do you make of Andrew all the firings coming down? So quickly. I mean, I think it was Monday morning by ten AM. You know, it was like Adam gays Marvin Lewis Dirk, I mean, it was it was fast. And it seemed like there used to be other years. They used to talk about it think about it and might be a couple of days and they come to a decision. I mean in all of these situations. It was like by ten AM Monday. Yeah. Well, of course, we had Cleveland and Green Bay weeks ago. And then I think is you know, we had Sunday night. I think we had a couple or three. So yet just happen faster and faster. And I think it is. You know, like I said. Would you do with that coach? That's twisting in the wind. You tell them to come in every day. Or did you just make the decision and? Yeah, that's the way it's happening now, and again, this sort of lack of patience, and you know, what Ross we sort of see one of these every year to where three four week seven eight days later, we have another one, you know, we have another one. So these things are weird. I just think we go back to our central theme. Here is. One quarter of the league head coaches have been turned over right now. That's after I don't know what the number was last year six or seven and six or seven year before you take that up to twenty twenty one over three years. I mean, that's some serious turnover. And I think you're right people say will we see these last two firsts happen all the time. Why can't we do that? And back to my area two billion dollar franchises. What's another twenty million to get it? Right. And as I said Jimmy has lem give him some credit with the Cleveland. He's paying out so many front office and coaches trying to get a right and see how he does this time. What what's your reaction to the Oakland Raiders hiring Mike MAC as a GM from television? And maybe you're next. Yeah. I'm not a personnel guy. I mean, I think that's what people are looking for some that's in and out of these college scouting situations that that's where it's going now. I mean, I look at all the people I worked with in Green Bay their bread and butter, John Schneider. John Dorsey, reg MacKenzie was Cal college. Scouting Elliott Wolff Brian good against you know, that's where it is. It doesn't have to necessarily be the died in the wool former player. Our scout. That's always come up through area scouting. And. Worked his way up. It can be someone from a different background like maniac. You know, the one thing about MAC, you can tell you know, through his commentary. He loves it. I mean, he is in his element. Being a scout. He just happened to do it on TV as opposed to in a room draft room. And now he's going to be doing that. I think it's a good hire. You know? I was just thinking that watching the NFL draft what three years ago two years ago on ESPN you have Gruden breaking it down and on NFL network yet Mayock breaking it down. And there they are together on Oakland. So I wanna get your your reaction. Also, Andrew to all of the interest in Josh mcdaniels. I really was not anticipating that after what happened with with him and the colts last year. He I think people make too much of that in that they'll never get a job again. Well. I guess as I'm thinking about it out loud. It goes to two things number one their continued success, and he has a continued interest. Despite this feeling that he's going to stay in be the ba- be the meant the air Tobel check, the other part of it is I guess the lack of hot qualified candidates because if that was a severe negative for Josh mcdaniels he'd be left behind right. But he's not. And in fact, he's a top of lists. And you're seeing with Green Bay in Cincinnati and others, but you mentioned it Nagee and McVeigh and everybody's looking for the next one. But who is it, and we're not sort of coming up with those names. And maybe we didn't feel that about Nate your McVeigh either. Of course. So that's part of it too. But listen, whether let me say this goes to Green Bay Cincinnati wherever you know, question number one. What the hell happened with the colts? Okay. Now, you're onto the interview. And of course, he's got an answer for that. And of course, he knows he's going to be asked that. And if he's now interested in moving, then we're sort of beyond it. One of the things I wanted to ask you about Andrew and something that a lot of people are talking about is, you know, it just so happens that a lot of the head coaches that were let go Sunday night, Monday were African American, you know, you lose Marvin Lewis and Todd Bowles and Steve Wilks and Vance Joseph and now all of a sudden, you know, one of the major topics of conversation has been now it it feels like the NFL has a diversity issue. In that. Sure. What's to say about that? I mean, obviously performance is going to be judged, and, you know, a case like Louis was forever. A case like Wilkes was one year and. He kind of look at these situations independently and see what went wrong, you know. I don't think there's going to be any inquiry into were they dismissed because of minority status. I do think is going to be a fresh look at what are we doing with diversity candidates? And you know, you see floors in New England getting a lot of interviews called wells getting some interviews. But it's the same thing we ask every year. Ross are these serious are these check the box interviews check, the requirement interviews, that's what we want to know out of this and. You and I talk about this every year with the Rooney role. How what what's the fix? I've always proposed the fix is having it start way before head coach because it's all about the pipeline and young coaches, and coaches, you know, that people identify early on like, they did Sean McVeigh. Who are African American who minority where are they? And are they being identified in? Groom the way that others are that's we have to look at here. I think it's going to be a big inquiry because as you said the numbers are dwindling. But how are we dressing it more grass roots than just focusing at the top. That's a we have to look at. Andrew there's going to be so much to talk about over the course of the next few weeks. This is a very very busy time. We'll see as different head coaches start to get hired. I wanna talk a little bit more about the hiring process with you search firm. Yeah. Like that. So we already have some terrific things to talk about for next week already as well. Thank you so much for the time as always very much looking forward to the businesses sports podcast. Like, okay, always do always a pleasure Ross. We've got some good stuff coming up love talking to Andrew love talking to you guys. I'm open more of you one of your New Year's resolution should be to become even more of a die hard tuck head. I love the shoutout that Betsy gave no Becky actually was Becky that gay the shoutout just saying how much she appreciates tuck catch dot com being able to. To engage and interact and talk with the other listeners Strilly cool. I mean selfishly it's great for me. Because it's the only way I get feedback on the show really from you guys can interact on topics and things we should do to make the show better. Very very cool. But I know the listeners love interacting with each other. So maybe give it a try for a month. I think you guys will really enjoy it. It is tuck heads dot com. Speaking of tuck heads, speaking of tux, it's time for tuck stakes. Jeez. I will. I let's start in Pittsburgh Antonio Brown who either did or did not request a trade. This is a pretty ugly situation. Bright really is. Now at should be noted that we are recording this at twelve thirty eight PM eastern time. And I believe Mike Tomlin just spoke with the media. I don't know what Mike said because I literally just finished the Dan Patrick show hopped in the car, and I'm driving to the airport to fly to San Antonio. And this was the only time that Brian I could get you guys your daily dose of the raw soccer football podcast. So this is a I I am recording this on my phone with Brian with his fancy device and computer while I'm driving to the airport. So I don't know. I wonder I would like be inches interested curious now, how many have you noticed or you could tell the sound quality wasn't quite up to snuff the way it normally is. But anyway, we. Wanted to make sure you guys got it. There's a lot going on. So I don't know what Mike Tomlin said. Right. But. I do know that. This is not the first incident with Antonio Brown. And I talked to Ed bouchette from the Pittsburgh post gazette today on the Dan Patrick show. And he just mentioned, you know, he got in trouble and Florida he threw something at somebody from like a balcony got arrested in Pittsburgh for going one hundred ten miles per hour or like a side street if your member he kind of blew up on Ed bouchette and another reporter threaten another reporter during training camp. I I don't know. He's got some issues with some of the the mothers of his children. It just seems like Antonio has got a lot going on right now. And you know, he's thirty years old now he's not like a young guy anymore. It's it's weird. You know, some guys mature as they get older other guys it seems like they they just get a little too big for. There bridges. You know, it's like they just they think that they're above the law. He's got a contract that kind of does make him above the law on some level. It'd be twenty one and a half million dollars of dead money. If the Steelers moved on from him, so I don't envision that happening. But you never know. I mean, you know, that the the cap it's the same either way, but the Steelers have to decide whether or not it's tenable situation with him moving forward, plus his salary's like twelve and a half million dollars. You got two and a half million dollar roster bonus or they they wanna pay fifteen million dollars again this year. And by the way, you know, there's a reason why the Steelers have underachieved, and I think one of those reasons I mean, you've got your star running back not playing all year. Tell me that isn't a distraction. Then you've got you know, a situation where big. Ben called out some teammates publicly on his radio show. Now, you've got the Antonio Brown stuff. I know this much. I don't know if that's a big deal or not. I don't know if it makes a big difference or not what I do know is that a lot of very smart coaches, like Bella, check, Parcells etc. They absolutely believe that it makes a big difference. And I also think there's something to be said there for juju. Smith Schuster being elected the team MVP because. I know for a fact that wide receivers, you know, it's the most dependent position in football. Right. I mean, they're they're totally dependent on the coordinator. You know, the quarterback all that stuff. And I just think sometimes they get frustrated. So I think that's a big factor in this as well. I know we talked about that yesterday a little bit on the power rankings Tuesday. So we'll see what ends up happening with Antonio Brown. But it sure seems to me like all these distractions have had an impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers a Bill fully to win football games. Tease some news in Detroit and Jacksonville's. Well, the lions parted ways with there. Jim Bob cooter and the Jags fired four their assistant coaches. Right. Why didn't you could kind of see Jim Bob cooter? You know, the writing on the wall, so to speak there when you consider the fact that he was the incumbent, you know, he'd already been there with Matthew Stafford. So Matt Patricia kept him on staff. But as soon as their production went down you had to know that Patricia was gonna move on from him. Now, I always think is interesting about that is how much of what Jim Bob was to try to keep and make map Patricia happy, right? Like how much of it was man. I got I gotta keep this guy happy. He's my boss. He wants me to run the ball more versus you know, Jim Bob cooter doing that on his own. You never know that at any level. You never know how much of an impact the head coach has on the you know, the coordinators and how they're calling the game. But it did seem like it was time. I don't know. Patricia will elevate George. Godsey or he'll go in a different direction. You know, that that will be interesting to see how it how it plays out. But he's gonna bring it his own guy. And I think this is probably best for both sides. And Jim Bob cooter. We'll get another gig elsewhere as for Jacksonville, and you know, this Bri from over the years. I'm not a big fan of just the seemingly sacrificial lamb position, coach firings. You know, you keep the GM you keep the head coach. Yeah. You keep the Tom Coughlin whatever his title is. And if you really felt like those position coaches did a bad job. Okay. But who's the one that hired him? Right. I mean, I always think that that's a little shady. Stays next up. Jay Gruden told reporters he does not know what his status is yet in Washington. Yeah. That's bizarre. I don't expect him to be gone. I don't expect anything to happen. But the fact that he described it that way and talked about it like that makes you wonder a little bit, right? I mean, you know, you're talking about a guy that. They had a bad year. Now, there was injuries and stuff. I think it'd be crazy to fire him. But I understand his concern. Usually there is end of the year meeting. I guess they haven't had that. I guess he doesn't know for sure that he's safe yet. But if he hasn't been fired yet, my guess is he is unless the Redskins can figure out a way to get somebody they deem better, which I think is a possibility too. Teas. And finally, we're going to see some more retirements coming in the next few months, but I one that hit hit the news titans edge rusher. Brian arapahoe play ten years. I think I saw on the commercial Sunday night. He's got a cupcake company in Nashville cupcake company, not what I expected but good for him. That's awesome. That would that would actually be one. I could actually do and not eat all of the inventory. I'm not a big cupcake guy. I met a big cupcake or cake guy that those would be low I like cupcakes more than cake, but they were both be low on a now if it was like an ice cream business. We would go out of business because I would eat too much of the inventory. I would eat all of our prophets. But. Good for him. I know for a lot of guys ten years is kind of a marker. And I I'm actually surprised we don't see more guys retiring at seven eight nine ten years. Once they've gotten a big second contract once they played a while just because of not only orthopedic issues, but you know, the the C T E concerns that people have now. Wanted to ask in NFL player question will here's your chance? It's time to ask Roz Email address Ross at Ross Tucker dot com, you guys know how to get at me as the kids say Ross at Ross, Tucker dot com. Absolutely love your questions offended a zillion times. I'll say it again. I'm not that imaginative. I'm not that creative. So your questions that make me think are usually better than what I can come up with myself. So what do you up, right? A ross. Hey, Brian longtime listener from Birmingham England here, I've sent an Amazon confirmation, plus it pay pal contribution attached to this Email. I'm also the author of a series of trivia books based on NFL teams each one has five hundred questions have so far done the Broncos twice. Patriots. Steelers. Packers Cowboys eagles Redskins chief Seahawks and giants and I've managed to get Rawson. Andrew Brandt into the books as quiz answer. So far. Squeezing Brian and Greg Cosell in is the next challenge. Well, I can interrupt right there and say that getting Greg ins not going to be a challenge getting me and his challenge, and you really don't need to do that. But anyway, here's my question. It's about scripted plays. At the start of a game. What are the advantages of doing? This are these setting stone or teams move them up or down the script given the game situation for example, quarterback sack early in the series could lead to a third long. If a team is scripted run for that third downplay with a carried out or would they do something different. Anyway, keep up the good work with the podcast. It's great for us overseas listeners to keep up to date with everything going on in the NFL. That's from Chris. Awesome. Thank you, Chris. So the major advantage of scripted plays. Is that the offense? Well, first of all, it's what you think are the best place for the game. I mean, it's it's what when you gain planned, and what you what you've looked at your opponent their weaknesses, considered your strengths. It's what you think gives your team the best chance to win. Right. You're like, okay. Here's some place. We think we can do. Well, and then you put them in the scripted plays. That's number one number two because you're the offense. You can really know what it is a head of time, and you can practice it Friday practice it Saturday, and the players can really, you know, mentally, put themselves in positions of what could potentially happen on those place who they be blocking or in my case, or what might happen in those plays and just have a real good comfort level. And for me with what they're going to be asked to do early in the game. Now that said if you go off script, and you're not having success than they change it. Right. So like if the third play in the script is a run, but it's third and seventeen because the first two went terribly wrong. They're not calling that run. I mean, they're they're going to call play for third and seventeen. So the script can change very quickly. And then really they might not even come back to it the next series because then after that series. They've already kind of seen what the opponent was doing. And maybe they changed things on the run. And as a result of what they saw him do the first three played wherever long the first drivers that that's an excellent question those the advantages, and that's also, you know, why they would why they would change it. They would absolutely change it. And it would change based on the situation for sure like if I play was a deep bomb and you're already at the one yard line. They're not calling a deep bomb. They're calling a goal line play. So you can go off script for sure very very good question. Absolutely love questions like that. Please keep them coming. You know, we get two more questions now that we don't have power rankings Tuesday. And now that you know, we're into the playoffs and stuff. So I love to get to allow your question over the next couple of weeks. Take advantage of any of the sponsors over on the sponsor tab at Ross Tucker dot com or hit me up on Amazon hit up at Amazon banner ad on the homepage. And it to me with whatever question you have. And I guarantee I will read and respond to it on the show the net our first show ever from my car. Hopefully, you guys enjoy that. This is not going to be. A routine thing for different reasons. But we wanted to make sure we still got you guys a show today. And so we did other net. I think we're done here. Hey Ross before we go honk twice. Listening to the Russ Tucker football podcast. Make sure it wants to subscribe to the fantasy feast even money and the college draft podcasts all available on itunes and Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found.

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7 Ways to Earn Customer's Loyalty for your Business | MAP51

"He guys before you tune into this episode. I want to give you a free gift. Which will help you allot to convert your prospects into high bain customers. I'm talking about by free. E book which will be super duper valuable for you. The title of the uk's powerful words that said so grab your free copy now from the link mentioned in the description all right now to the episode for which you are here right after this intro. Hello you awesome and fantastic people. You are listening to the podcast. Mounting academy off rationing. I'm your host of the pool. Child la lincoln sales coach. And this show. I will be sharing anything and everything about sales closing. I will also talk. About how roy on fossil brand through linda. Alright every episode will be garnished with business motivation and loads and loads so value for you. If you want to know how. I can tell you to elevate your business without spending a single door on ads than visit. My website got really good. Dot com acquiring new customers is a must in growing your business but it's also equally important to build arapahoe with your current customers right. It's not enough to be the chosen brand for a one time purchase. You need to become that good to brand for their desired products or services. So how do you become the jews in brand in this episode. I'm gonna tell you seren ways through which you can cultivate loyalty with your customer base right. So let's talk about the first. We you have to establish a unique brand seeds difficult to become customers goto. If you don't have a strong unique brand identity you must separate yourself from your competitors and improve bran stickiness with your target audience. Otherwise people will forget about you as time passes. However if you have a distinct brand identity customers will likely remember you and return to you for products or services right so do create a strong brand identity you have to define your company values and mission end shooting dad in line with the values of your target demographic incorporate your values into your visual assets such as your logo or newsletters right you have to create a visual presence that will make your brand memorable also create a unique brand voice that you will use to communicate with your customers whether dad's still social media post or press release right now the second ways create valuable and high-quality products. Of course you can't sell one high quality product and expect us to mars to pledge loyalty it takes more than five parties. Who decide whether they want to be loyal to a brand. When you provide high-quality products customers will have more confidence in your brand eight now the third we's but a wide excellent customer service see customers unlike louis. Don't do a brand if they had a difficult or unpleasant experience however the i'd like to turn if customer service was able to meet their needs or solve the problems deer that many ways to deliver excellent customer service for example if customers need to return a product because it was defective ordered arrive in the meal. White a full refund offered a free exchange. Authorship a brand new product for now coming to the fourth way is provide a personalized expedience c. Personalization helps customer feel ready. Spatial dad nor does one in a million moneymaking. Machines are people contrary to common belief. Personalization isn't simply addressing customers by the names in every email right it's also about tailoring. The indicted brand expedients duty needs and desires of course using personalize expedience requires collecting customer data. Mitch you're to abide by the regulations in the handling of the data right now. Coming to the fifth way riches be etiquette. See it is important to run your ethically. How can zuma's expect to trust a brand. That has no moral compass then. Zuma's brands that have ethical standards. That please people before profit right. You have to promote the ways that were helping the community. Show how you're treating your employees as human beings north as moneymaking machines right again that full bad company values does your company value sustainability. Does it value implies safety or prophet. Made this known across social media and radice man's your websites and newsletters now the sixth ways be diverse and inclusive bride to feature more people of different cities genders sexual orientations or sizes in your ads or social media post menu branch shows diversity and inclusivity descend nation will be more responsive and more loyal now. The seven and the last week is bromide convenience. It's very very important to ensure customers that they can purchase or products all services in the easiest way possible the faucet they can get their products the better will be dead. I'm many ways to provide convenience. You can offer free shipping or you can offer live chat services in addition to phone or email support if customers remember the interaction with your brand to be a pleasant one. They will be more inclined to purchase from you again so in the last. I just won't do say that cultivating customer loyalty takes time. Some customers are more difficult to win over the another's be fast in your strategy for your customer first and everything will fall into place right. I'd be shoe all based all right guys. Thank you so much for investing your precious time at the end of this episode. It really means the world to me. Thanks once again. I want to tell you that. I'm mostly on online and you can also follow me and be a part of my family. My followers blues. Two thousand people right now one lasting if you're took any value from content then kindly to my podcast episodes or my apple podcast or dead just right additive you right that it you and kylie subscribe to my podcast to get updates about upcoming episodes as well right. So that's it for disappeared. And i'm looking forward to have you on the next one this is a host whipple signing off from your own show moderate of his relation. Take very good care of yourself. And i love you. Took just

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January 10, 2021: A Simple Guide, Part 1

Christ United Methodist Church - Plano, TX

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January 10, 2021: A Simple Guide, Part 1

"Before my wife. Whitney and i were married. We began looking for a church home. This was a couple of years. Before i had heard a call to ordain ministry. We were not yet engaged and it would be more than six years before we would have our first child but we knew that we would someday want to raise our family in a church and we wanted to find one that thought like home although not raised in the church per se whitney had gone to a methodist preschool. And she remembered that you methodists. Were really nice to her when she was a kid. And so one sunday actually. Twenty years ago this january we decided to visit arapahoe united methodist church. Which is just down the road a few miles from where i'm standing right now. Arapahoe was on my drive from where. I was living at the time to where i was working at the time. And that was the extent of my research into methodism before we visited that methodist carnation but clearly the holy spirit was at work in that limited research because from the moment we walked through the doors. We felt like we had found our spiritual home shortly thereafter. We took a methodism. One sunday school class to learn about the denomination and we fell in love with methodist history and theology so we began to volunteer in the various service ministries that congregation offered. We officially joined the church that fall and began volunteering with the youth group. We even did that. Most methodist of things. We joined a committee of the church. So for twenty years and now as part of our forth congregation in four berry different settings I have loved and more importantly been inspired and sustained by our methodist approach to the christian life in the united methodist church. Our theology and doctrines are shaped by our wesleyan heritage for example methodist preachers. Study the standard sermons of the founder of methodism. John wesley as well as his commentary called explanatory notes upon the new testament in our book of discipline we have articles of religion and a confession of faith that articulate our our foundational beliefs and then we have something called the general rules. The general rules date back to seventeen thirty nine to the very beginnings of the methodist movement. John wesley originally had no intention of founding a new christian denomination he was the son of a priest. He was oxford. He was himself a priest in the church of england and his original intention was to reform and revive his his own faith tradition believing that his church had lost. Its passion for the gospel. Wesley wanted to inspire people to deeper discipleship to a more disciplined and meaningful life as a follower as followers of christ and so what he did was formed small groups of christians who met together weekly both to grow in their faith and to challenge and nurture each other on their spiritual journeys. Our current practice of gathering and sunday school classes and small. Groups is a modern incarnation of wesley's founding idea which itself was a continuation of the way that followers of jesus have abandoned together in small groups since jesus himself gathered together. The original small group of twelve disciples. Now before i go any further. I want to offer here. Quick word of encouragement. This is something we're gonna be talking about in the coming weeks if you are not yet connected to a sunday school class or small group. I really hope that this year twenty twenty one is the year that you join one because in my experience of the church over the past twenty years there is simply no substitute for a small group of committed. brothers and sisters in christ. These small groups are where we most closely connect to the body of christ there where we most intentionally grow in our faith groups that show i when we need help whether in times of sickness or death of someone we love or crisis. I personally believe that everyone should have the joy of being part of a sunday school class or a small group. And if you need help getting connected to one. Reagan would love to talk to you. Reagan is our pastor of adult discipleship. You can start that conversation by emailing her reagan. R. e. g. a. n. at c. u. you c. dot com and to plug for now for the small groups that he organized. Wesley wrote what he called the general rules which are three simple guidelines that wesley believed summarized the wife of fate. When methodism became a separate denomination these became the general rules of the methodist church. Today inspired by these general rules. We begin a three week sermon. Series that we're calling a simple guide to a new year as we turn our attention to a new year of life and ministry. The general rules can be a guide for living. That really works because while our doctrinal beliefs are vitally important. It is ultimately the way we live our lives as disciples that shapes who we are as followers of christ which is to say however clearly. We understand articulate christian doctrine. Which i believe is a very important thing. It rings hollow if we do not bear witness to that doctrine with our lives so today. We're talking about wesley. First general rule which is to live our lives as christians quote by doing no harm by avoiding evil of every kind in the methodist tradition. Do no harm is the first rule for christian living so with that in mind. Let's turn to our reading for today. We're going to be in paul's letter to the galicians. The fifth chapter. I'm going to read right now versus thirteen to twenty one and then we'll come back and read a bit more later. Listen friends for the word of god as it is proclaimed by god servant the apostle paul for you were called to freedom brothers and sisters only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self indulgence but through love become slaves to one another for the whole law is summed up in a commandment you shall love your neighbor as yourself if however you bite and our one another take care that you are not consumed by one another live by the spirit i say and do not gratify the desires of the flesh. The flesh years is opposed to the spirit and with the spirit desires opposed to the flesh for are opposed to each other to prevent you from doing what you want but if you are led by the spirit you are not subject to the law now the works of the flesh are obvious fornication impurity licentious nece idolatry sorcery enmities strife jealousy anger corals dissensions factions. Envy drunkenness carousing. And things like these. I am warning you as i warned you before. Those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of god. This is the word of god for the people got. Thanks be to god. It's interesting. I think to read wesleyan general rules side by side with the passage from paul. Because both wesley and paul are pretty passionate and pretty opinionated. And that's not intended to be criticism. I've been known to be a little passionate and opinionated myself. So i totally respect that. The letter relations is one of the earliest books in the new testament was written probably around the mid fifties. Ad that means that it was written that predates the earliest gospel by a decade or more. Paul had founded the churches in the regions of galicia and then he had gone on to other churches as was his practice. But then apparently some jewish christian evangelists had arrived in malaysia. Teaching a doctrine that differed from what paul had taught. They were arguing. That followers of christ had to follow particular tenants of the law of moses specifically circumcision some sabbath and festival and maybe even the dietary laws and so paul writes the letter to relations to correct this false teaching writing passionately and in some places angrily to clarify what the christian life does and does not look. He tells the glaciers that they do not in fact have to follow the law of moses. He says instead that the law is summarized in the commandment that we love our neighbors as ourselves and then he details what that looks like. He starts by giving them some very specific domes. In a common literary device in the ancient world known has a vice list. Paul details examples of behaviors that are inconsistent but the christian life and so echoing his other new testament writings where he talks about the body. Being the temple of the holy spirit. He says that the relations should not abuse their bodies for example should not be promiscuous nor should they give themselves to drunkenness. Echoing the beginning of the ten commandments. Paul warns them about abusing their relationship with god for example they should not practice idolatry because we must keep god is our first priority and then echoing his other new testament writings about the community of the church being the body of christ holding warns relations about abusing their relationships with each other. They should avoid things that cause division within the community. All these things are comprised or included in this vice list according to paul if we are to care for ourselves and to care for our relationship with god and to care for our community faith. We don't do the things on this vice list. Likewise wesleyan's first general rule includes a very specific list of what it looks like back to do no harm to avoid evil of every kind especially. This is a direct quote from wesley. Especially that which is most generally practiced and then he gives specific examples. Like the taking of the name of god in vain. Don't do that. Wesley says doing what we know is not for the glory of god. Don't do that. Wesley says fighting coralling brawling returning evil for evil. Wesley says don't don't do that. Slaveholding buying or selling slaves which we must say was a pretty radical stance in seventeen thirty nine in england doing others as we would not they should do unto us that old english language. Don't do that. wesley drunkenness. Buying or selling spirit liquors drinking them and here. Maybe the funniest caveat and all of wesley's writings quote and less in cases of extreme necessity with further clarification. Wesley leaves it to us to determine what constitutes extreme necessity. When you read wesley list side by side. With paul's list. They have a lot in common. Paul doesn't give us the caveat. Except in extreme. Necessity on drunkenness. But that's a subject for another time. Now it's important to remember. I think that before. Paul became the most important christian apostle in history. He was a devout jew. He was raised in and was committed to the law of moses. There are six hundred and thirteen commandments. In the law sixty percent of them are negative commandments. You shall not. Forty percent of them are positive commandments. You shall and so of course when thinking about what it means to live. The christian life often articulated our practices. In terms of do's and don'ts and in the case of paul's letter to the galatian he follows up that vice list with with a virtue list that has become central to our understanding of christian living. So let's finish the text this morning. This is the fifth chapter relations versus twenty two through twenty six. Listen again friends for the word of god. So he's just given us the vice list he says. By contrast the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace patience kindness generosity faithfulness gentleness and self control. There's no law against such things and those who belong to christ. Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the spirit let us also be guided by the spirit. Let us not become conceited. Competing against one another envying one another. I'm in one christmas several years before we had kids we were at whitney's parents house in ann arbor michigan over the holiday break we were we were hanging out with another young couple who also did not yet have kids and we were playing with our oldest nephew. Nick playing this board game on the floor of the living room. Nick is a senior michigan state. Now but this is a long time ago. He was around four years old at the time. He was the first born and that generation of the family so most of us were just kind of getting used to being around kids. The knicks mom has both a bachelor's and a master's degree in early childhood education. So she is an expert and how to relate to kids plus she was next mom and so she knew how to relate to him specifically whitney and i learned a lot about parenting watching her parent their kids and so whitney nick and i were playing a board game on the floor with friends of ours who also childless. At the time. Nick's mom was reading a magazine on the couch. Sort of half paying attention to what was going on in our game and at one point nick who again was around four years old at the time got bored with the game we were playing and he started messing up the game pieces in our friend. Jeremy said something that i was frankly about to say said whoa. Whoa whoa nick. Knock it off man you're screwing it all up next. Mom looked up from what she was reading and she said just as gently as she could. Jeremy let's turn that around to a positive because the expert in early childhood development understood that positive messages are typically anyway much more effective the negative ones. I'm pretty sure that paul was not an expert in psychology and we know for a fact that he never married. He never had kids. But i'm glad that he followed up his vice list in galicians. With one of the most famous passages in the new testament. Of course we should pay attention to his vice list. We should avoid things like idolatry and jealousy and quarrels and dissensions. And things like these as politics but i am sure glad that he took the time to turn that around into a positive because it seems to me that the fruit of the spirit are worth committing to memory as a way of of checking in with our emotional and spiritual state to be sure that we're living the kind of life to which christ calls us. This list is actually in my daily prayers each morning because i need a regular reaffirmation of what the christian life looks like in practice the list of all the ways that we should do no harm is if not infinite than it is certainly very very long and what it looks like to do. No harm evolves and changes throughout the year over the past ten months for example It's come to include the simple practices of wearing a mask and keeping six feet apart until the pandemic is over development. That wesley never could've tour seen but i'm sure he would have included on his list. Had he known what we know who now in this particular circumstance but it's the principle underneath this rule that is the theological truth that paul proclaims in relations that we are we are called to live our lives bearing witness to the fruit of the spirit. Love joy. peace patience kindness generosity faithfulness gentleness and self control. It seems to me that working to embody the fruit of the spirit in our lives is the simpler path because if the fruit of the spirit is evident in our lives that long list of don'ts we'll take care of themselves. I'm the oldest child in my family and as an oldest child birth order. Psychology tells me that. I'm inclined to be a rules follower. Now it's not always true of course that firstborn born kids are rule followers. But in my case this general rule is absolutely true. I'm frankly comforted by clearly. Articulated do's and don'ts because for me they set clear boundaries and expectations. And so i've always been drawn to west lease general rules. I'm guessing that if you're a rules follower they resonate with you two but even if you're not these timeless principles offer us a wonderful guide for the christian life. Wesley would say do no harm. Paul would say bear the fruit of the spirit either way. We're called to a life of love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and generosity and faithfullness and gentleness and self control a simple guide to a new year.

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Ep 53  Getting political with Andy Flannagan

Together Podcast | A conversation about faith, justice and how to change the world

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Ep 53 Getting political with Andy Flannagan

"Before there's climate change do don't get involved in politics. 'cause we need to sort some stuff. Right get voted politics. Because human beings dachshund where coal to do. We're called image as good rule ran on or were involved in. Imaging has good read and read in the systems and structures of our world than systems instructions. Wouldn't be in such a pod. Hello and welcome to the together. Podcast a conversation about faith justice and how to change the world. I'm dan today. I'm joined as ever by emma and chris. How're you arrive bags. Funny i who i think guys see. That's just because i'm agenda. Yeah well i just thought. I did wanna always pushing so i still arcadia fast. But you didn't take it just to home below this cost. It's nice how you know we don't normally ause. Nobody ever asks episode fifty three and nobody is ever actioning. All i've ever wanted someone to china. I'm okay. Yeah i'm actually here. Thanks standard on our fortnightly. Checking on the roadmap. How you guys doing today is the day. We can actually go have a drink in a pub outside if we want to have a male outside some brunch son. We we've take another big step guys. What your what your plans. I'm doing oh no every wherever we can do. Now obviously i'm not going to become a superspreader that's a for. I will be working in oaxaca. Are we doing this. I'm ready for a bit ready. I am well. I thought my friends very organized. Something getting a lot of text messages. I have booked this face. I've booked to the space but that already random times because no one can get like normal perkins because everyone's never left six. Am lunch sure fair. I don. I think everyone is just getting excited night. But it's Individuals slots like you forty five minutes to quickly enough data and then you gotta get out air will say we'll take anything in a moment. We i guess for five minutes is forty five minutes more than yesterday so in this episode. We'll be hearing from self-described political rabble-rousing singer songwriter. Andy flannagan the executive director of christians in politics share with us. His passion forgetting christians to engage in the political sphere and to make a difference. It's a really great conversation to make sure you stay tuned for that but i it's time for emma's dilemmas. Okay sorry this one actually probably is really tied is more of a would you rather i saw it on the internet. Somebody posted on instagram on. It made me laugh. 'cause by grace and so rather never brush your teeth rather never brush your teeth again or never have a shower or bath again bass talks we've russia russia's if you will just end up losing them Shirley yeah. I mean we the smell my life sort of wash. That's why i was thinking is like can i dissolve some teas paste in the bath. And then just use it as mouthwash now out loud is in a way even more disgusting washing. But could we be inventive. Here move. I mean we would either though. We've all been locker festival and gone without showers for like at least two. Maybe even free days the origin can can save you up to fail after that. It's just like he does desert tipping point enough people on away though. You're like a festival i like. Yeah i've been using deodorant is fine and you're fine. What's what's the deal with with. Mouthwash and deodorant is acceptable. Emma feel that we need to get question. Muster a okay right. In which case. I think mouthwashes pre solid right particularly if you had like four different types of mouthwash that covered everything he needed a dumb industrial your finger in between scrape off vieques. I feel that's doable. Without brushing their teeth. So i'm going to say i'm gonna say i draw the go without brushing. My teeth are just do account with with mouthwash and floss. Yeah yeah right now. i'm i'm down in down. Yeah you sold me. Then as i actually sounds very through i was rice. Go go look for us but hey become showers for the rest of my life. I'm living a mouthwash. Plus then you should be allowed to use like baby wipes the same. The same baby was in the in the same thing as a shower. Is the trail eighteen if you haven't apparently if he apples that cleans your teeth sharp. That's true actually. Few questions an apple it cleans. Yeah non. i'm afraid. I'm not believing that i'm going to call that. Fake news can say about that. What you choose choosing the baby wipe group when when i was trying to get you guys to choose the shower one because i wanted to go with the not brushing tastes discussing their away more options but he by sweat out for yourself so yeah i think we're a unanimous vote today that we would rather never brush off either say like now now things opening up again and we can see more people. I wonder how i mean. I'm not saying. I'm just sitting here without shower in for the last spa like i haven't had to think about being that presentable for for the last fourteen months. I wonder if some of my opinions around this change when i've actually got to re engage with the world. I mean other thinks a summer as well you're gonna get them showers and i mean i agree if he died. I have been like wearing the same talk like a little more than i would. I mean again washed early. when they're like dismiss relate. That's one thing that i we've considered is highly offensive. Is the fact that when you wear a mask. If you haven't russia tape you'll out of all of that stinky sister right back in your own. Is we rainy. Think this through the point but again a pilot will saw that right out great. Well thank you for this week's stinky dilemma. If you're listening at home and once submit your head to instagram and leave us a message next stop. We're going straight to chris interview with andy. Hi there. I'm on the flanagan and the data to beautiful kids jubilee and jesse the husband of a beautiful life jan. I live in luton the most beautiful place in the world and And i on the executive director of christians in politics. And i do a lot of music stuff. Israel and speaking on writing songs in january making making trouble and raising ramble. Lissome sounds busy. Sounds busy but they should eight. Try not to go into to keep you grounded. I've never been myself by a decent things. Good welcome anytime chris. Shit yes so you said you are a man who likes to close by trouble. I guess some cycles in trouble a lot to say up. Someone who's engaged with politics which i think's trouble i think he's just song we should them and by. It'd be great to talk about that in your for you. What came i. Was it your faith or was it your interest in politics. Yeah it was very much the Thing i am on actually ironic that we're doing to your fund podcast. This this wasn't planned. This is the and qc through the work of tier fund. A student. I was reading a lot of tear fund literature. I also did a few tier funds. Summer teams during which time i guess is exposed to high much. There was in the bible. But god's heart for the poor. How much gold catered by high societies. Or you know thinking the jubilee principles thinking about south Knowing us in our full inness than our selfishness that actually the wealth and power will inevitably trickle up towards the powerful and the wealthy therefore things like jubilee being required and other intentional rhythms are required to offset as some of that selfishness. Unrealized got we. We really need our systems on our structures to be better we. We can't just leave it. Got into human beings. Leave us to just do whatever we want whenever we want because actually just that leaves the wealthy in the bottle more wealthy a more artful and therefore we need to come together to collectively work. I'd high best organize society stood that it can actually benefit everyone that everybody gets a fair shot and boy. I was exposed to so much stuff that she would not. Everybody was getting a fair show up global economic system understanding the challenges of water shortages in sub saharan africa. Not understanding you know the realities of Countries couldn't actually you to pull themselves out of debt on. Hi there needed to be changes with the wto. There needed to be changes with with debt. Debt regulation so you know learning that stop at learning alongside seeing god care deeply about stuff in scripture so it was very much an office that inspired me to get stuck in get involved and do a lot a lot of stuff with tamdan christian aid oxfam folks. At that time. I was learning to write songs. And i started getting angry about some of this stuff in writing songs. Solution started being used by people like to your phone. Christine aid oxfam on You know for for example going off to bind the dash to investigate the garment industry in dhaka. You know the oldest sweatshop labor this going on there and you get from the factories and make some of the people involved then write songs but dot com back sing them just make people aware of of the challenges at sing highly are laziness as consumers in the high street has a huge impact on their lives so joining those dots was an incredible experience. And i'm really thankful to tear fund for for doing that to egypt kicking me often. That journey on them. And then the more that i was doing stuff for to your fund has been off. Speak to your sing to what you might call. Brokers new members of parliament are those you know involved in the financial system to raise to those people and then the more time that i spent around parliament the more i realized. Gosh there's no magic dust here. There's no burger are not a group of people operating a higher intellectual and moral or spiritual plan. You know i'm thinking gosh if if we could be doing a bit yes. Let's keep doing the shooting from the outside. Because i've been part of the marches the make poverty history sending millions of emails standing all those postcards all not campaigning from the outside stuff which are still doing nine on climate change in various Propagating or whatever but you am. There's only so far you can get by shouting from the outside on his realizing. The more time spent in parliament serving into the prayer and the bible. Study in the worship stuff there. I realized there are some huge opportunities to get involved on the inside as well. And then i started to see the connection between those campaigning. From nightside on those of goodwill those who were believers working on the inside effective that can be to bring change when you go those two working together but but sadly often especially as christians we are inclined towards the shutting from the outside thing more than we are inclined towards working on the inside thing. Because it's more fun sometimes. It's been more creative rather than Sending emails run government departments. so exciting. I guess the more the more i saw the more i realized that we need the people shouting like elijah from the desert either province in the desert but we also need the folks in the last exciting rules like the oba. Diana's are working in the palace for king a hob even though it's not agree it regime. It's a terrible regime in k. Moments you're there to effect kingdom change as who. That's why go to the door to be involved with christians in politics on to help make the case for christians to get involved in politics on sorta helped look after the usher them across the bridge and the afternoon vet once. They're here you prophet silence. Arapahoe sounds like is it. Just soviet people come and taught by organization on oxygen. Like you said that whoever may be everyone goes away and says you know. I'm gonna get stuck in on gonna guy. I'm gonna join them on. She's going to send the emails. I'm gonna tell my friends. I'm gonna start whacking politics. So what was it for. You got kind of like what was happening in your that time. That switch which directory. To that i just think i just desperately on air. I thought what's going on is just all i just thought. I think it's just the extent of what i was seeing. You just even that trip. I just mentioned dot com to be ended in the midst of dakar seeing the accommodation. That these girls on women who lived in the garment factories that are living six or seven people to room in places where you leprosy we still actually reaching an some human and twenty percents you to say somewhere where they're still leprosy going because people are living in such close proximity. This is just like so on. Just this is so unfair. Come from northern ireland which has its own problems but so privileged my going just so privilege there on. It was wonderful and beautiful. I love but you just you become aware of of your privilege. Basically you know on on During that time in my life something. I noticed that i was different every time i came back from one of these tricks on plans myself you know that i am going to try on mixture alex but weather here in the uk or whether overseas. I'm gonna make every two years on like majorly exposing myself. Inoculating myself knocking to expose myself to to only not inoculating myself to situations that are really challenging of great made that the actually sort of somehow reset knife thermos dot. The for i start thinking of what is normal. Realizing is just not normal for so many people ridden high much comfort. We live in high months privilege. We have you know just realizing that even even to have Account that puts me in nyc being the top five percent of world. Earners you even have a Because we said we t- we tend to compare ourselves just to the next person beside us as usual. Media is such a disaster for just making constantly compare ourselves to other people in our social media bubble not comparisons going on. We're not comparing ourselves. We're not getting perspective on just high blast. We are Incredibly blast we are annoy. You know we have to be using some of what god has given us to. To god's given you know given lots there's an expectation scripture says you know to him much given much expected. We have been given so much unsolved. We start to believe that we haven't been given much so therefore we hideaway. Just keep ourselves. If we're given a huge head start on yeah. I just felt like gospel. I've been given the headstart to the purpose of trying to help others on you know but to try and do that and try to learn to do that. In a way. That's not masonic again utah. Good i'm going to sort this all night but just going dogs to help people understand and you felt for me. The call was a it was a fascinating thing. As i was doing mets medical student at the time so i thought i was going to be a doctor in uganda or something. Like i'd say like many of my first experiences in church we're seeing people you give talks on slides remember you. Thanks chris you know. Young people working at an in the midst of uganda. zimbabwe That that was my model for mission really. I was going to medical degree thinking that. That's what i might end up doing then. Suddenly i was like singing. Two or three gigs awake on the music thing. We've taken hundred. Does this make sense. If i'm gonna end up in a in a mission hospital somewhere on there was a night in belfast. For a guy george. Vera was speaking for organization called operation yogurt. -sition on he said the study of missio. Today he said the big need is not for more missionaries. He said the biggest. Nate is for people who i call sanders. People who have a heart for away but who are gifted in communicating about plants at home analysis discount Is this thing just landed in my chest. that's all. that's what i meant dirty. That made sense of what. I had such passionate such anger at this injustice but that but but realizing that probably gonna be my job to join the dots on help people understand the rest of the world on find ways to connect them to dot mission failed rather than maybe in the one who's actually necessarily gonna go when the ground cedar of yeah i now. I'm feeling like that's what i'm doing. Now i often gets continued. But it's just like the mission field that should have a narrow. You say to politics that actually i feel like i'm saying that's not. My job is standing people on supporting them as i call them into the mission failed of politics not not the framing of politics is mission. Fingers really k. because otherwise we just see it as a functional thing to get a job done to get our campaigning better sorted lack. I said start. You need politics to get some of the change to happen. But it's not just a functional thing. It's it's actually a divine vocation holy call you know the the the coal to public leadership the and eve received in genesis chapter one. We often use those versus. You know th they're the the coal to kind of look after creation until thinking about climate change in thinking about you know the the climate we're thinking about creation we often use but we which brennan on we shouldn't but what we often forget is when those verses occur they they occur before anything was wrong. They occurred before the fall. That cole and publish at hopkins before anything goes wrong. That happens before there's any climate change so we don't just get in politics because we need to sort some stuff right. We get involved in politics because as human beings. That's what we're called to to image his good route and ran on an were involved in. Imaging has good ridin read in the systems and structures of our world than the systems and structures. Wouldn't be such bad for this. And i am meeting all in needing all this challenge but it's really important thing to remember amazon. Holy calling it. His mission failed. It is is fine vocation. I guess we're trying to awaken the mystery and the joy in that all in the people who are getting involved so that because it's a tough world you know often things will go wrong and you will actually be successful in the first campaign or the same campaign but if you're going in with a pragmatic mindset that you know just trump's and stuff as soon as you get something sorted you give you tend to give up or as soon as you hit some toxicity on social media you tend to get tend to give up but we know that you're in this because this is something we're program designed human beings and i'm coal holy colon then then you go into it and you can stay in it even when it's tough because you know you're gonna eat giving glory ultimately to your creator you win or whether you lose. Yeah i really inspired. And i just love array loved that kind of moment for you of like you might not necessarily be the one in low on the on the front line on the in the in the actual arena. I might be the one at. She sends them people. And i think as often this kind of this idea that actually to care about social justice means you all you have to be on the front line but we've usa sophomore kind of like outworked into every facet of your life even your music as well. Yeah how does your music and you'll engagement in politics. How do they impact each Each other while the the political gave it wouldn't exist without the music stuff. That's you know it was. It was doing those songs You know for those different agencies just screaming and rounding out the injustice and no songs on on were led me to then singing new songs two members of parliament and two other people. You people of influence. That's not admit to being involved in relationship with those people on. You know. I guess the doors that open to get more involved to yet the political stuff wouldn't actually exist without without the musical stuff with expression with i thought that heart wrenching. I guess it was a cry on a gas again from eight hours. I do things at work. I love things that i wanna know. What what what's the target. What's the point. I love you don into do less than getting it done but you think there are friends of mine who are incredibly talented gifted on artistic bought who you know who would say look at the needs of the world but look at the state of this estate. Look at this. Hi hi can. I be sort of just doing theater. What's the point of doing theater. When like people are going hungry or like hiking. I spent my time writing songs when people in luton here are being trafficked for sex. You know i can justify art on. Actually i think that that sort of misses the point of what we're what we're cold to as human beings in not just here to make needs. That's not what jesus that. Jesus just didn't make every need jesus day what he heard the father calling him to sometimes not meant leaving leaving village even when there's more stuff that he could have done because he he was on a mission. It's not it's not just about meeting needs. This is not just a functional thing. And i love what jim wallace says the american writer. He says you know find find something. You're good hot and find the need in the world and were those two things made. That's probably what you should spend your life. There is the best career advice i've ever heard on. It's probably not gonna be possible for everyone. But so i mean that's why i think you've you've got like the artists who are crying by the injustice of a world that is incredibly powerful important thing to be doing whether it's poetry whether it's art whether it's like street protests theater. Whatever it is that stuff that awakens our senses to that you know so. It's very easy to get stuck in one world or the owner the just ruled up your slaves grassroots. Let's do the hard work but actually you know. Have lots of friends do not on. They're not being the artistic creative people that they used to be anymore but then also got friends who are just involved in the just involved in the creativity just involved in the music making on another either in contact with not need anymore and so it's become a little bit self serving and it's become a bit whatever industry against like so. I think we are cold. We were meant Worlds in the two things are meant to interact. And we're meant to be one in. Hebrew sense went up and to be bodily minded spread separate. It's meant to be altogether not mean we are crying. I should me on demand thing for our world and boy you know. They've been a lot of lamenting today and use last couple of years. I there for so many reasons. There's been a lot of crying. I assume often the crying other people can identify. west is is wind as song or in poetry. Other people hear something go. Gosh yeah. that's my heart cry. I hear that. I hear on until yet anybody listen to this. I would price them. Go do not do not set aside. What goes put in you. In terms of creativity aren't is not k. Tim expressing his heart. His heart bank express his heart through that stuff. That's what really connect with people. You're hearing you too okay Truly genuinely passionate a moved by a of what you've come across like whether it be gone to countries spain in different communities or ever be just being aware of what's happening even from home as been philosopher a but even that said. I bet still of christians who lives to allow churches. Who like which i now if which goto and like enjoy service loved the people. It's at trump Turn around and say you don't want social justice. Politics is not really the churches issue. Would you say to those people. I would ask them. What bible rating have not been my first question. You know that actually all the way through scripture. Gold makes it really clear in the book that i wrote called those who show up which i which i wish i out nearby but i don't and not book at do gravity it's grant lonza stories of various people get involved on the biblical basis for getting involved is called those who show up. But there's a whole chapter called route sixty six on. It goes through all sixty six books of the bible on gives examples from each of those books out high gone in those in those words as screaming night his passion for good governance of his creation. A high you know whether you're looking at daniel whether you're looking at joseph whether you're going back to genesis as we were there whether you know pipe paul's writing by leadership and authority in his letters hide jesus speaking and challenging the religious leaders who are also the political leaders of his day. You know sometimes people say to me. Well yeah i get actually. I'll give you i accept. Jesus was politico but he but he wasn't. A politician should stay out of politics on at that point. I'll say well okay. But jesus also wasn't an airline pilot on an accountant. So are you seriously telling me that the only occupation that opened the christians is to be a carpenter. That is that what you're telling me because there's something very beautiful happened in the life of today's we gotta understand the incarnation. He was incredibly political and so much of boy did he was standing up against the to say that jesus lord rather than caesar is. Lord was a political statement. It was a dangerous statement but we gotta realize when he was standing up and saying saying what he said he. Jesus you know was the only way the best describe it. Is this that when you are go out of all the universe and you created it all and you're out the supreme authority but you're obviously through the whole of scripture clear that you are the god of the underdog you know made it clear that you got involved with the weakest most authentic tribe in the middle east. You got involved with gideon kind. Holy moses you got involved with mary. This teenager was like what may seriously on and the fact of mary knew that she didn't feel like she any status are privileged. She was going that. That's why mary signed the amazing. So instead you go you're going to turn the world upside down. The mighty are gonna come. Down from their thrones mary because mary was bailing it and our bodies going. Oh my goodness it's happening to me. This is getting emotional talking about this. But he is the god of the underdog he gonna the underdog on when you clear because when you're all powerful and you connect with humanity. You've got to make clear that you're not that kind of autocratic leader. That's just going to use his wit through his wit to get his way when you've actually created humans with free will and you're going to say i am on the i'm on. I'm on this side of the lowest on the latest on the loss. I am the god of the underdog. Because i think you'll talk bias to the for. I don't know if that's true or not. But i feel like we have to have a bias to the perfect. He has to have a bias to the perfect. Because we don't because we are so selfish and so when you are clearly the goal of the underdog on your wanting to make it clear that you're the goal of the underdog when when you are incarnated and human flashing human for the last thing you want to become like an earthly later you want to make it clear that this this is a different sort of kingdom is a different sort of leadership. This is a different sort of transformation. But that doesn't rule us fulfilling our divine calling to be involved in human leadership. Jesus affirmed that human authority you know. When he stood in from the pilot he said you know you would have no authority but it was giving you from above. I'm ultimately think well. That's jesus saying hello pilot watch i you know my. He's going to get you but interesting me. He's actually affirming has authority. He said you would have authority except it was giving you from above is reminding him where it comes from. But he's absolutely affirming. Human authority is absolute firming. The fact that we are cold and we we have this incredible delegation of goldthorpe to ruin rian onto manage this creation an all through scripture. Its promise that we will ruin ran with him forever and eternity and so you know back. In aden even perfection needed managed boccanegra dominate on for all eternity. Perfectionists managed to this in between aas being involved in governance and politics in public leadership. That's just speed apprentices for what we're gonna do for the whole of eternity anyway so sorry. You gave me on my soapbox. I mean i don't wanna answer up is interesting. You talk about kind of like the underdog. I what i see is that Like for us living in the western world where we're comfy record comfortable. Why happen is that even people kind of forget about on the dog or convince themselves that they are underdog themselves just like anita goes for already from. My phone is from my from my life but you will. Perspective is a lot wider than that. How do we. How do we kind of shot up. Perspective of people. Yeah it's it's a really interesting. A lot of people have written about this in culture minute. Delay that the rather than doing what. We're cole take in proverbs which is speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. There's a real danger of society fracture even more into just different bunches of people with different identities all screaming their rights. I'm actually no. I'm i'm more a press. No i'm more press no more but no more. No i'm not sort of like yeah whether you know different people call it different things in there. Some problems in mind highly. I we talk about it whether it's identity politics or culture wars or that sort of thing that we i think are distinctive as believers hostility. That we are the people speaking up for ourselves. Not just another minority groups speaking up for our rights that we are speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves that we make it known that we have up for our rights for all rights to be able to all we want to get back into our buildings or we wanna get you want the. Actually we're speaking of for those who don't have those relationships and connections. That may be that we do have or maybe we don't think we have any relationships or connections than we just. We are investing ourselves in our communities in a way that means that know the surefire way to connect with god and the know his heart the matthew twenty five stuff inasmuch as you've done to the least of my brethren you've done me for whatever place we are whatever we say we are in the in this in this in the what the spectrum of life that i sleep we are at our best when we are giving and we are serving we are designed for saranda and we are designed for service. We are at our happiest on our moves fulfilled when we are giving ourselves away. Not when they are building walls to protect us are fighting for our rights will mayor on our most miserable when we are angriest on save far too much sadly of christians trying to defend our turf on. That's why that's why. But but but not inevitably come sadly from a gas as some of the theology that we've had that hasn't talked the full story of the kingdom and the full story of the gospel where we haven't really understood that when in colossians chapter one we talk about all things were jesus. Jesus in the fullness of gold dwells reconciling all things to go out on by all things all things in heaven and earth. We made all things in creation. We are talking about politics. We are talking about media. We're talking now. We're talking about business. We all things coming under his rule and rian. We're talking about all things giving him. Glory being the best that they can possibly be like the arts being what they were designed to be an answer to you if we haven't had that sort of hedonistic jay that actually we loaned transformation in all of creation in all the of creation on if we're not therefore as believers proactively involved in all those different places that means what happens. Is that we just in the religious sphere and then we will get political but will only political when somebody what we feel that. Come knocking on our door. Come standing on our turf whether it's sunday trading whether it's by marriage or whether it's you know i'm doing me wrong. I'm passionate about those issues to baxley So often we've been in a defensive posture with an ugly or tone because we're like actually just being reactive. We're being defensive because we feel like somebody's coming stood on our turf because we haven't been proactively involved and all those other areas of life and society where we can be salt and light on where people can see the we care about more than just one issue and so for me. Like i believe god passionate about all issues right across right across the spectrum. Economy campaigning one day on trafficking and climate Become painting the other day on abortion. Jimmy that is not these are not we we. We allow ourselves to be fractured into this kind of sort of the left. And right thing. I love what toll right says that he says it would. It would appear to me the says that in life there are moments that cold for progressive response. I e things need to change under a moments in life the call for a conservative response over the smallest The that basically means things need to stand to see him. Conservative spots on the string of parenting so like with with them was may on jessie. I know there are times that call for progressive it's bolts so he's getting older ani's wanting to stay awake later and he staying away on getting annoyed so we have to change his bedtime. It's bad time. Let's move forward or a time when all he needs to start eating solid food. You know there are times on a progressive responses clarence mp but there are also times where conservative response is required. Note jesse. We still do. Not or milk on the laptop is district united states. Something we just don't do on the kind of things that are in our dna that means that when we go against them they're just not the those are things. Those are things we should not pull up an innocent sort of the progressive zeal of somebody putting up the wage. You sometimes pull up some good plans as well and so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work by the end life as parenting there will be times for a progressive response and there will be times for a conservative response but what happens too often as we get stuck in one of those tribes especially with the speed on the immediacy of social media that we end up just responding with the knee-jerk reaction of our tribe rather than going on this issue. Well can we stop breath mcrae. Can we consult some ancient wisdom. Can we look at scripture. Can we take a moment. And because of the toxicity of social media we need the protection of our tribes. We tend to just go along with the tribe sort of silencing of social media and the algorithms. you're we're probably only hearing from our tribe and so we're not even aware that somebody else might have a different viewpoint. And so i think as believers you've got this beautiful thing that do you need to model disagreed with l. a. we've also got to realize a gulch heart for good governance as huge haxhi cares passionately by all creation. He designed and has an opinion on all from taxation to healthcare broederbond to whatever anybody there are. There are lots of ways and we won't get involved in every subject but we gotta be really careful before we start playing. The game said all. Wanna know. But chris could be just talking about this subject. We shouldn't be talking about that subject. Be talking about this subject. We needed as blast. One another to say well actually not be god called you to compete on that subject to actually be a candidate politician. Let me go. It's called to research by god's called you to do the administration for somebody who is a candidate. Mommy you do the website for candidate. Maybe there are so many different ways to be involved in politics. And i fear that p. Specially folks especially when i was a student when i was like in my twenties. It's suicide spent so much time discussing the most strategic way like new should. We should definitely be doing it that way. No we should be on the streets. No we need to be in parliament. No we need to be reading books. No we need to be in academia. That's and you can spend so much time thinking which is which is most effective. The you get paralyzed and you don't do anything. When when the truth is the answer is all of the above golden call different people two different places to campaign on different issues on day in different ways we need to bless each other and work with each other as we do rather than play them off against each other. Why you doing that. This is much more effective over here. You know so animated yes. I'll get off my soapbox again. But i feel like a There is such such a broad wide world involved but we have to know are calling. We have two new are calling otherwise we just get miserable. I see too many people getting miserable. I seem to many believers. That don't have an easy. Yoke alight burden that you know that. It's not all responsibility that yes he. He wants our help. An incredible adventure of seeing a broken world may will but he does not need our help a once the transformation in us as much as much as he wants us to be involved in the transformation. Yeah that's awesome. That's the word i mean. We've scratched the surface on komo time share for our but it's always listening to this and they really excited that really like will come in that space. Maybe the maybe someone who's really four about this stuff much before maybe on who is live right very much like protests in getting the noise out that but hasn't really considered working in politics as you say what canada The tips of what a learned is that you had from entering into the political world. I would say pray. Plenty to seaward Again what other ways we get paralyzed is by thinking. I'd love to get involved in politics and political party. But there's not one party that i can agree with all our policies and believe me i get that but you'll never find the perfect party in the same way that you'll never find the perfect judge or the perfect partner you know. I'll i'll say there's one political party and i agree with one hundred percent of their policies but it's the flanagan party on it has only one member. Sadly it's you but that is that's the philosophical. Thick end of the wedge. We get to so often you know will be panter cells into the corner and there's nowhere left to go nobody to go with and actually the the evangelistic mission adventure is getting involved with people who will not agree on everything he will probably have large disagreements but actually we can find common cause you know an integrity knows that. That's that's what happens in even in church leadership team. You don't agree on everything but you you decide on something you find common cause you know there is. There is so much life to be working with on rubbing shoulders with people who you will agree with on everything. And there's so much temptation the church to just just set ourselves up at our little subculture and we feel like we're impacting the world. But actually we've just sat something else up. That had christians involved. You know it's so easy today on and so i would say jan volk get stuck in join a party. Pray by you know there are so many opportunities and your locality if you if you show up to a local political party in your vicinity if you turn up on time if you do you said you would do before the next meeting if you may even bring some biscuits if you bring him to shred of creativity or optimism tonight meeting you are you're straightaway in the top five percent of local political operatives. You will shine. I hear it all the time from friends in politics saying all your friend sue and so showed up. There's there's just something about her. It's just something to bite her emails. Some people sound like i. I turned up to my first meeting. And i'm already the vice chair on the six months time. I'm starting to be local. You know people shine still believe in the person of the holy spirit people shine on on. We forget we undervalue. What we learned being part of the church being part of the ngo campaigns. We not so much public speaking. We learn so much conflict resolution. We we learn. We learn so much ability to run meeting. Unless there's i'm not fat lot of other people do not have those things coming into politics at such a head. Start and the other thing. Is that the churches show. Engaged involved in so many communities across the country often christians. You have been involved in. Banks debt counseling and working with the homeless. They are actually best playlist to the challenges are in their community far better than lots of other people. So we have this incredible headstart if we would sort of take the leap get involved and i would encourage him practically come and visit our website www christians and politics dot org dot uk. We'll hook you up with other people who are on that journey and there's a specific wing of carson politics. Cold young christians and politics have a very dynamic young board just taken over this year and they're organizing events doing stuff on social media on coming together to encourage one another pray with one another we just that incredible. A couple of gatherings where people right across the political spectrum are praying together on zoom. That's just incredible. We were zooming with six people and in a breakout room and there was there was one yellow. it was great and it was just like an amazing you rick. These realize these guys didn't have three on and you talked about the kind of the divisions in our country where we can really come together. You know when you're when you're on your knees together in front of the one who knows it all thoughts when you start to realize that you don't know what of all at randers you more able to listen to other people who might have a different opinion to you. So it's a joy to be involved in that sort of work with christians and politics so adding cars people to come and get stuck in and get involved and you will be supported annual. Meet other people who are on that journey as well. You come and make a redistribute race of those folks who are mayors amd pays and who've been ami pays local councillors all around the country ham. See an incredible fruit from there. Being involved in the mission failed. I think you'll be encouraged by that and just come and join us on the journey. It's fun it's not easy but it's incredibly fun. I look forward to me. It was great to hear from andy. There what did you guys think of what you had to show. I really liked this challenge for us christians to take on that mental given to adam and eve and she nor just think about that as in how the cost of nature and creation by she how we organize all of life and the older society and The point that if we do that like it's inevitable that wealth and power trickles up woods and things become very unjust quite quickly. I'm just looking at things like the did you believe principles visually in the old testament and she. How god was blue as kind of instructing people to actually think about how you organize society in a way where there are no people left behind where the least is treated the same as those who have the most. Obviously i really loved that point. He made i think for me. It was an important reminder that we need vice progressive and conservative responses. And we can't just get stuck in one of those tribes. I think that's a real danger. We're in across the world based in the uk and everywhere you look america in ec. Two very polarizing approaches and and people forming identity within one of those tribes and completely disassociating themselves with the other. And i did about you guys. But i've i've had situations where my political beliefs lead me to a place where i can understand why someone else would think differently to make my car understand why someone words though in the in the way opposite to me and sometimes in in my thought process goto to thinking that some biblical and inhumane that somebody would do that at the end of the day. It's somebody belonging to a political party or political stance. Just like i belong to mind. I think there's a real danger that we keep polarizing that released taking it to the extreme where we can't possibly imagine why anyone would vote in a particular way or believe a particular thing whether that's conservative or progressive. The answer really needs a combination of those approaches and we. We need to make sure that we're talking to people outside of our bubble to make sure we have that perspective. Yeah i love what he said about getting that balance between find him what you'll good. I'm finding a need in the wild and then trying to combine the two. If you come by. I think it's just such an important point that we don't often think about. I think sometimes we see a need in the world and we think. I could do something to help that. And then we'll kind of with missions trips and stuff if you tend to build a school but you've never built anything in your life you've never uh and this is no shade to people. It's like i've had stories of people go into these projects and that after two weeks but then actually the kind of build in the stuff in the day in the night. People have to come and fix it so that it's actually built properly in the foundation correctly so that doesn't all fall down when people actually go inside and it's like good seeing anita wanting to respond to it by actually important to what has got gifted me with what gifts and talents half that i can bring to this world because that's valuable and they unique to you. You don't just have to do what seems the most obvious thing i think. Sometimes it takes if more looking inside of yourself ben. Same what you can bring a situation and yeah. I just think it's a great a great question to ask yourself and good challenge to try and find last balances and the two things of doing what you're doing what you're good at responding to needs in the world. Great thank you. I'm christopher joining me as well. We've got time for today thanks. Today's home for listening into we'll be back on the twenty sixth of april with another episode. Feel out what you heard today. 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Mark Harding  Pure Cycle Corp (PCYO) CEO  Follow-Up Interview  The Stock Podcast, Ep.35

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Mark Harding Pure Cycle Corp (PCYO) CEO Follow-Up Interview The Stock Podcast, Ep.35

"We do think shares are undervalued markets undervaluing us mostly because we're invisible. I mean we're not gonna get any love from the investment bankers because we're not any schumer right. I the last time i did stock was in two thousand and ten so oh that's not going to sustain a machine of bankers that need deal flown so we're not gonna get any coverage from investment bankers on that side on on an industry side. You know there's people that cover the water industry. There's people that cover the oilfield services industry that people that cover the housing industry but they don't cover us yeah you know so we're too small small on that site so we can get him in love on that so yeah. I do think we're undervalue. Welcome to the stock podcast the only investing podcast where you could hear interviews with public public company c._e._o.'s c._f._o.'s and this is nate abercrombie the host of the stock podcast in this episode. I'm really excited to give everyone the first ever follow followup interview that the stock podcast is done. Our guest on today's episode is mark harding and he's the c._e._o. Of pure cycle corporal ticker symbol appea- c._y._o. Mark first appeared on the program last year. In june of two thousand eighteen episode ten and that episode mark doc provided a really interesting indepth overview of pure cycles operations but he also talked about some really interesting subjects including colorado's role is the sole water exporter in the lower forty eight some of the history dynamics around water rights in the united states. He talked about real estate development comment and he also talked about some of the benefits his company is seeing from oil and gas development and activity here in the state of colorado and this episode so a year and in a few months after our last conversation mark talks about the progress his company is made on the first two phases of sky ranch which is a master a plane community is company has been developing over the past decade mark also provides his perspective on the oil and gas industry in the state of colorado his his current thoughts on the valuation of his company what he's been hearing from investors over the past twelve to eighteen months and he also provides some helpful insight into how he's currently thinking about the shareholder return story for pure cycle so just very quickly on the financials pure cycle is a market cap of two hundred and forty million about ten ten million in cash and short-term investments no debt which puts the enterprise value out about two hundred and thirty million now before we get to the interview. Ask do so you consider something for a moment. My goal in creating this program was to give everyone the chance to hear interviews with public company management teams for professional investors. This is called corporate access. An investment firms pay hundreds of millions of dollars every year to have access to management some asking listeners to consider supporting the podcast cast and there's a lot of different ways. You can lend some support. It doesn't have to be financial but donations are very welcome. All you have to do is go to the website the stock podcast cast dot com and click on donate. There's a lot of different ways. You could send money my way another way to support. The podcast is to tell someone about this program. 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Of pure cycle mark harding thank you so very much for doing the first follow up interview. It's a pleasure being back here in front of you and seeing you again well. Thank you a pleasure to be with you again this morning. How things been things have been very good. We have had a lot of activity in the last eighteen months or so since we first met and really excited about the progress that the company has seen over that period of time so i'm happy to have able to share that with you. I'm excited to talk about it and especially since i also get to see it firsthand driving down i seventy seventy and seeing all the construction out there so impressive you know and we're one of those companies that it does have an impact when you get a chance to visit visited the visual impact of seeing the development seeing kind of where we are positioned in the metro area the access that we after transportation however facilities come together the proximity of oil and gas development and kinda wish that that industry st has as it tries to co exist with an emerging in expanding residential area and then kind of where we're developing water resources all. We'll have a very good feel once. You have a chance to see it so i'm glad that you had a chance to drive by. Yeah you have your investor days out there right we do we do when's the the next one so we do those every summer to give everybody an opportunity to come out and see the progress that we're making that only in the development side of what what is overdoing sky ranch but also how our water utilities expanding some of the reservoirs giving everybody kind of that of what what is going to be like if you're somebody looking for a home out here what is going to be like you know delivering water or wastewater services to customers that we have in the area. Yes oh we did this one in july. I think that's been a good month to do that. I think it's it's with most folks schedule. It's been fairly well receive for the past two years so we'll keep that probably going every july patterns itself well within what it is doing on how we report earnings. We're an odd god. Fiscal year end. We have an eight thirty one fiscal year end which is kind of off cycle to most public companies and then that puts this right in squarely towards is the end of our fiscal year we typically do earnings calls twice a year rather than three times a year just because of it doesn't change all that much and so so i'm kinda low to being in a position of updating investors with the same information so i think a couple times a year presents itself well so we do one in november to report on our fiscal year end results than we do a one at half year which typically around april so then that july cycles itself very well and in between those two so it does give everybody a very good perspective not only in what's happening kind of the season of the building activity but also so cycling between our reporting periods yeah now. I really appreciate the fact that you do twice a year reporting because i think four times a year really is far too much. Watch very shortsighted but i agree so if you wouldn't mind just providing just a brief overview of your business i mean i know people can go back to the previous this interview and and listen to more in depth overview of your business and how everything is evolved for pure psych over the past well since nineteen eighties right when you first bought the water rights but a brief overview just for people who don't want to go back and look right now that would be really helpful yeah sure so. I mean a d._n._a. Level where water utility and we do what you would normally think of when you think of getting water and wastewater service from a provider typically that providers usually a city or municipality so they're government owned if you look at water utilities throughout the united states roughly eighty five percent of of all water wastewater activities are handled by governmental enterprises so only about fifteen percent of those activities are handled by private companies like beer cycle are operating model happens to be in the state of colorado in the denver metropolitan area and really the principal theory is owning water as a resource. We are in one of those unique areas where you can own water as a real property interest and it's an area where there isn't isn't a lot of water in so we have a fixed supply of water. <hes> colorado only gets about thirteen inches of rainfall precipitation any given ear and most of it's all through the winter and so what we have is a semi arid climate. We have a growing population base and so if you have a fixed supply of the commodity and a growing demand for that commodity that's kind of what you wanna own right. I mean you're you're macroeconomic. Glass tries to tell you if you have a fixed supply and demand price will adjusted adjusted end so we have been long on water owning water for a number of years and we continue to be in the market for expanding and strengthening running that portfolio we also look at how that component can add value in other areas and so we find ourselves <hes> in a position where we picked up a land interest in a number of years ago as a result of the fact that we had a water service commitment to that property and in the real realestate downturn that property ended up going into bankruptcy our water commitment was tied to that land in bankruptcy and no one was really paying any attention to the the water interest on at because adding water to particular piece of property here in colorado significantly answers the value of it in so because nobody wanted to own real estate in two thousand and ten we had an opportunistic by where we bought about a thousand acres it was ideally located it was right along the interstate had had an interchange right at the property itself and it presented an opportunity for us to vertically integrate not only being the utility provider but also then to be taking a look at the development side of it and it was something that we weren't exactly sure we wanted to develop the property were probably more inclined to partner with somebody to develop that property but that opportunity never really presented itself four us and so incrementally owning the property was a significant component of it being being able to develop the utilities with a significant component of it and so delivering a finnish lot for homebuilders seem to be that third leg of the stool that you had the first two the third one was probably not as challenging as the first and so we decided to go down that path really broke down batta eighteen months ago when we first met and really have had a tremendous amount of success delivering those lot so really taking a look at what the company does were our water utility we provide domestic water and wastewater service in addition to the domestic side. Sometimes there's an opportunity to preside raw water for opportunities. That's been another growing business of ours here due to being able to get oil out of oil shale and so we got a number berov major oil and gas operators that are in this field that are developing it. We've probably had a i guess water serviced about one hundred thirty wells in the syrian use a tremendous amount of water for that activity as well and so between developing the water utility using that water utility utility for the oil and gas space through industrial water and also the domestic side with a little bit of real estate development on the side really it all underpins to that water water opportunity yeah. No that's great. That's helpful. Do you feel sometimes though when you speak to investors the oil and gas component muddies the waters muddies story for for pure cycle because then may be curious. I go gets thrown into the energy investment bucket that that nobody really wants to pick up that. That's a common problem for us. You know if you really look at it or water company and really really participating in scarcity value water but it's almost three different looks at somebody can get their arms around the water utility very easy to understand in water utility companies that do that. They have customers. They deliver domestic water. They deliver wastewater service. They manage those systems to the customers and so that whole industry is very definable. You got comparable companies that do that. Then you take a look at providing water to oil and gas companies as well there's oil and gas service providers that do that and they transfer water from either <unk> water supplies that they own or contract for from a water provided that may not be municipal water provided. They're just sort of an agricultural interest or something like that and there's a whole segment of businesses that do just that and and there's comparables of businesses that do that and then there's companies that do real estate development and do that well and do nothing but real estate development in finding finding a company. That does all three of those. We find ourselves saying well. What box do you fit and we can fit in. All three of them with the underpinning that really is the value the water that makes the all three of them work but i do. I do find that challenge for folks to say what who are you like. And how would i compare. Are you to another company while there are individual companies that you can use as metrics for that but when you combine all three of them we sort of become a unique company yeah yeah so. Could you talk about what's changed over the past year <hes> if you like to start with sky ranch that would be probably most helpful because it's most obvious it is it is and i'd say that's probably where the bulk of our energies have been spent over the last year eighteen months in and really he breaking ground on that what we were looking to do is be successful on delivering finished lots and so the project as a whole is about a thousand acres it will have somewhere in the range of thirty five hundred residential dwelling units and then maybe another two million square feet of commercial the retail light industrial space at the interchange right along the frontage for the interstate and equate that in one of the things that we try to do as equate that to the number of connections that we're gonna serve from the water utility side. That's roughly five thousand connections. So what we look at is will deliver. Five thousand connections is two five thousand equivalent lots now. Some of those lots are gonna be commercial retail light industrial schools things like that but but if you go wait it out to the number of single family equivalents that unit number is what we're trying to deliver our first base. We went out with about about one hundred fifty acres. We had a small parcel in our first days looking to deliver five hundred five hundred six lots to three national production builder so we went out and started marketing are lots to ten of the top homebuilders here in the in the denver metro area and really were pleased to have three very good national homebuilders. We got richmond american homes k._b. And taylor morrison are three homebuilders on that they roughly about a third third each of them in terms of the number of lots of getting in really look to deliver lots finished lots lots on an incremental basis and one of the things that we tried to do is structure the delivery of lots such that our home builders can participate in that so that i manage the cash flows on that because it is a capital intensive model to deliver that yet to grade out the property sometimes that grading as kind of scale so you. You can't great at just one lot as we were looking at it. It really made sense that we would grade out all one hundred and fifty acres all front even though we will deliver individual lots over a number of different takedown intervals between the three builders but we wanted them to help participate to that so they participated in some of that grading activity they they were able to pay us on an incremental basis when we would deliver a planet lot them they would pay us roughly one third of the overall value of a finished lot at at the time we had that plotted lot that allowed us to use that capital to be able to incrementally do more with that activity then we got a second progress payment when we were delivering what utility so that would be the water sewer storm systems that we would put in and so as you look at the progression of that you're grading activity than what you get that dreaded to where you want it then you go back in you. Develop your utilities. Once you get that done then you start doing your curb gutter near roads and then you finish law so it was kind of matching the way you would naturally progress through investing into that property then so that's worked very well for us didn't overextend us in how how we were investing into the property waiting for that final payment so in the builders at that time they were also getting value incrementally so each each interval in each payment they made their lots that they owned because we delivered them at the first days of flat lot or getting added value to it so it was really a good partnership with our builders in doing that and so as of today we've kind of finished in around two hundred and fifty lots of finish lots lots of little over right about halfway point of how much land that we've delivered. We've closed on about two hundred lots so that's a terrific thing for us. We've been gotten full funding on those two hundred lots of the builders will close on another fifty lots in probably q. one of twenty twenty which is is coming up because we're sort of approaching the end of our fiscal year in and then you know can incrementally deliver the balance of it so we have the wet utilities installed for tall five hundred and six lots that will get payments for those we should close probably another one hundred and fifty lots of the total so we'll be right around that call it four four hundred lots of the five zero six by the end of next fiscal year and what we've seen from the builder market is that there's been a tremendous amount of demand for what is were doing. I think it's exceeded our expectations. Just because price of the product were delivering kind of entry level product that for them in each of the builders are finding it very challenging to deliver that here in the denver market the price of homes. The cost of developing lots the cost. The building homes has almost outstripped the market's ability to pay for it. You know i. I use this example all the time. One of the things that you will see the as you dig into some of the economics of home values and affordability index is here in the denver. Market is prior to the downturn in the real estate. Stay market roughly fifty percent of all new home starts or going to be in that entry level home market basis and and that changes right. I mean as as as time goes on the value of what defines an entry level market continues to grow if nothing more than just inflation and so what we define find a century levels sort of that three hundred thousand dollars three hundred three hundred fifty thousand dollar home price crazy say injury low home affordable home. It's three hundred fifty eighty dollars but that's really where it is here in denver and if you look you know maybe that two thousand two thousand six timeframe you know there was fifty percent of new home starts in that affordable night index area today that's less than five percent less than five percent of home starts now in the denver market qualify for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fact it's interesting because the number of our builders out there if you go to any of the model homes and you start start asking about the community they will tell you that this is the most affordable home in the denver market right now so it's it's translated into a lot of traffic doc for each of the builders to the builders of come back to us trying to accelerate the take downs of their schedules because it's going better than they expected allows us democratize that sooner to be able to deliver those finish lots at allows us to move to our next phase so all of those things seem to be really firing on all pistons today so happy that that's kind of been our experience the developers did they. They build a home on spec or do they build homes uh-huh based on an agreement with potential buyer by just which one is that is a good question. I mean i think all homebuilders would love to have have been paid for something before they break ground on it and that used to be the model before the downturn in real estate market and i think they've i've been very successful about kind of a hybrid of that and also modifying the public's expectation on buying a new home so used to be when you wanted to go out and buy a new home a new build home you'd go in and you'd say i want this house and you'd be able to move in the house next week. 'cause they would build them on spec did have a certain the inventory homes that they did that and so what they find is. That's been very difficult for them. They don't want to inventory that. They are not sure what that capacity is and so now while they'll build some model homes and they might start some of those homes in progress. They do want to actively get orders for those so it's it's. It's really changing the expectations from somebody walking into model homes saying i can deliver this home for you in five six months and it also best the buyer in that to say okay in the reason we want to do that. Is we want your preferences. You know what type of cabinets do you. How do you want this laid out what type of colors colors what type of carpet so they give them much more participation in the buying activity as opposed to buying something off the shelf so i'd say the majority of the builders will have a couple of homes and inventory <hes> most of them may do foundations for that and then when they start to go vertical contract for that i see okay <hes> yeah just a quick comment on housing prices. I got my tax assessment earlier. Her this year and it was up fifty more than fifty percent year-over-year stunning it is it is stunning the way that the county assesses the value of my house going fifty percent in one year and then it's just at and the year before that it was up thirty percent. I didn't contest it. Then i contested at this time i still haven't heard back but probably be challenging. Go back and say you know every house around you selling for this yeah yeah but as you were describing and the development process it occurred to me that you're not only the c._e._o. Of a water utility but you're also kind of like a developer i you are a developer and you'd been spearheading this process and i was curious. If is there something you would have done differently as a developer so not not wearing the water utility hat just as developers or something. You would have been done differently that something you've learned through this process. You know i'll say about about the road behind me on what we've done on the development of the last year or so and also the road ahead of us on how this thing's gonna unfold. I very much enjoyed it. I really really have i mean it is not that different than us. Developing the water utility. This business is about managing inventory vigne dory and our inventory happens to be capacity capacity in a water plant capacity in a sewer plant capacity in pipeline capacity indian water ownership water rights portfolio in so that capacity translates into revenue over a period of time and the development businesses. This is very similar to that how much capacity you're going to invest into earth work into utilities into roads curbs and gutters into offsite infrastructures. There's in kenya match that capacity to deliver to a market that's willing to pay for it on a current basis and so when i looked at how we were structuring these contracts with the builders was very similar. I found that to be rewarding. It's a new toolbox so i look in there and i sort of see how is it that we we can build the expertise around that particular business and what we've tried to do here in the utility side as well as in the real estate development side is really bring and smart mines work with talented people. Who've done this before you know when we when i first went to our board to say hey listen you know i think it would be in our best interest to develop the property ourselves jeez mark. I think we have a lot of confidence you but we aboard. Don't have that expertise. You know i won't will be able to evaluate when you bring us a proposal as to whether or not that's a reasonable performance proposal. We have a high degree of confidence that you're going to do the best job on it but as a policy nacre we need to have that expertise on the board and so they challenged me before we got into this to find some expertise on the board to do that and i i was very fortunate to find one of the more senior people's at at at <hes> poultry and he had just retired from pulpy a young guy poulty first job out of college spent thirty years at poulty going up and i think before the year before he retired from poulty responsible fifteen thousand homes in the western u._s. s. poultry and so he was here in denver. We admit through a common referral and worked out great. He was is at the time looking to buy contracting company so he became now the owner of the largest pipeline contractor and so he does a lot of work with cities and municipalities tallies on the utility side that benefits him to have a little bit of expertise on the side and benefits us a tremendous amount to have his expertise on the building side and so it was important to get that experience i you know i was. I was forced to do that by the board. They were very disciplined by doing that and it was the right thing to do. You know what would i do differently. Honestly you know we were very fortunate to have a low basis in the land and you know i i make lots awesome steaks on developing the land doing the stuff on utility. Try not to make him twice but having very low basis on the land for gives a lot of that stuff stop and it's not that you make large financial mistakes. I mean it's just it's you know time is a big component of this thing how you deliver things how you invest in that infrastructure structure how that capacity goes how you translate that into ownership and delivery of finish lot and if we had debt attributable to this i was chasing interest expense on this stuff. A lot of that stuff would have been a lot more difficult so i'm very fortunate that we were able to acquire the property at a very low basis. I think the property sold in two thousand six around fifty million dollars. We bought it in two thousand ten seven a million dollars so our cost per ladas super-low you know at the time we were engaged to be the utility provider there. I was buying the water beneath the property so i was gonna buy the water beneath the property anyway and it would have cost me three million dollars to do that so i got the water with the seven million dollars a really if you look at the basis in the land it's it's four million dollars for five thousand lots so i mean i'm blessed than a thousand bucks. A lot on my on my land cost so yeah. I'd be cautious to do that again. You know i don't want to be in a position of saying well. We're we're super good at real estate development and we should just you know charge off into the breach with more real estate development activity. There are opportunities where we can buy land that doesn't have water service and the fact that we have water bring water to it and increase the value of that land and so we are in you know have our nets out for opportunities like that but to the extent that i would go back into the development side side beyond sky ranch. It has to be a pretty unique situation to do that. So i'm cautious about what that road ahead looks like you know knowing that the road behind does has been fairly well received and i think we've done a fairly good job of that. I'm always cautious about how it would look for us in the future given the fact our d._n._a. Still really a water utility company yeah yeah so. Could you talk about phase two a little bit so i know that it's still it's it's down the road you wanna you're focusing on completing phase one but could you just talk about the appetite from builders and and then i recall call you saying that you're considering bringing in more than just the three builders that you currently have. Could you talk about why and just where you you are on the development phase of face to yep so we do have zoning for the entire project all thousand acres and then what you do is you take the zoning and then you melt that to what the market wants at any given time so we're working on that revised land plan right now with the local jurisdiction in which is warren rabb <unk> county here in so we're working with the county on that were we've got our second of three sets of submittal so we're at a very advanced in stage on this second phase. The second phase i phase was about one hundred fifty acres second-phase will be about four hundred eighty acres so be much much bigger and it includes clued the commercial components up at the interstate so we'll have a commercial component more residential component kind of a mix of product categories so when you have more or space will still have the same detached single family homes but we'll have a little bit more variety in that product we're going to likely to have some attached single family residential product so paired products and there's builders that berry are very interested in that specialize in attached product addict and again. I think a higher level of demand for that here in the denver area because affordability. We'll look at some multifamily gets an apartment type complex x.'s out there. We'll look at some commercial area so we can start to build up the tax base and continue to get some of the investment that we have in the roads curbs and gutters back through a reimbursable agreement and so if you take a look at the land development side while we do get paid by our home builders we also get paid by some of the reimbursement of the roads that others will own so when we build a road we transferred that road over to the county in the county ultimately will operate maintain matt but the local tax base in colorado sort of growth pays its own way tax stayed in so we have our own independent taxing jurisdiction that covers just the sky ranch development and us tax proceeds go to pay for those public improvements what will be reimbursed for those public improvements start to see some of that come on the company's balance sheet some of those opportunities later this year. We're working on a particular bond offering by one of the municipalities that we have on sky ranch inch to get a some of those reimbursable back but the commercial side has tremendous valuation near colorado commercials is valued at four times the residential so we're really a sales tax incentives state attributable to that but that second phase will probably lead with about another eight hundred word nine hundred homes as opposed to the five hundred that we have and we want to kind of keep that size in a good delivery capacity again we don't want to over extend ourselves because the market will ebb and flow but we want to have sort of a consistent demand cycle our existing three builders all indications. You're more than just indications. I mean they're very excited to continue on in the next phase and then there's a couple of other bills that we're going to add to it that wanted in the first face and we're gonna want to make some room for them so we might have as many as six different builders in a second phase as opposed to the first three that we have and then we'll also have some commercial building as as well so the commercial side were looking at you know how we would deliver a lot. We will go vertical on that lot but you know as opposed to delivering a standard standard safe forty five fifty foot lot by one hundred ten foot deep. We're going to be selling the commercial piece by square foot so that'll be a much more attractive opportunity for us then the residential side kind of looking forward to seeing how the market shapes up for that activity as well yeah yeah and have you announced a time line what you're aiming for in terms of breaking ground on face to generally talking about trying to break ground sometime next spring bring so colorado does have a season you know. We do have a bill disease. Although homebuilders can build year round and so part of the reason why some of the homebuilders will inventory the foundations are there is a window of being able to pour concrete and so they'll they'll get some get some foundations in the ground on before winter sets in and then they can build vertically year round just can't cure that concrete in the winter so they might have a number of lots where they'll pour for that and then some of the dirt work and it just gets us you know it gets soggy in the winter when you get a snow and then five days later melts. It's just about the time it dries out. You're gonna get another snow constantly chasing and so what will probably do a lot of groundwork on the second phase. He's probably next spring and then you know take a look at deleting agreements getting our builders lined up for very specific lots over over this winter and then being in a position to start the same cycle. You know where we'll do. I like the structure of being able to deliver incrementally being paid incrementally and you know take a look at how that's gonna work for delivery of lots later twenty twenty and then all the face to about. How long do you think if everything goes according to plan and let's just say that there's nothing significant that happens to the housing market and the economy in an ideal situation. About how long would it take for you to deliver all of those houses in phase two good question. I mean everything always goes according to plan. Yes correctly caveat it. I mean you always always good defense. Wins super bowls so at the end of the day you really want. I want to make sure that you're managing an inventory and when we look at how homebuilders large production builders look at various projects six they like to be in a project where they have couple three years inventory they like to do anywhere from six to ten homes a month in so oh a couple of hundred watts per builders good sweet spot for them so that they're not too long unlock commitments and you know understanding that cycle may come onto them and so when we're looking at a first phase of this. We thought that idea three year build out. I think that might be accurate or even conservative left just given the demand traffic so we'll see how it continues. It looks better once. You've got homes up as opposed to greenfield development so i i think the second phase having the first as nearly complete will also look very well and and i would say we'll with the six builders that should probably give us a little title quicker absorption of eight fifty versus five hundred because you'll have more players in there yeah but it's still should be maybe a three four year period for that. You'll have a little but overlap so we'll have some of the first phase winding down the second phase winding up and then we look to continue to do that so the next phase will be when the second phase as you know sorta maturing and bringing on the third phase and then the fourth place and what about outside of sky ranch is there anything any developments that you'd like to talk about or highlight <hes> with respect to the water utility business that have happened over the year eighteen months so we're very aggressive rested on that front as well we did an acquisition of a water utility towards the end of i'd say two thousand seventeen we picked picked up a small water system that had maybe three hundred homes they had maybe two hundred homes built in another one hundred homes to go and then a bunch of commercial judge. It's kind kind of us a small system good metrics in terms of what we were doing. The water utility was fairly mature. You had to do some extensions on that that and then you have to continue to build out the rest of your dance card in terms of the number connections there so there's lots of those out there that were evaluating. There's he's a ton of energy being poured into the i seventy quarter right in the sweet spot of where we're at in so when you look at the denver metro area. You can't can't grow west right. We've got a geologic barrier on the west side so it's almost as if we're on the ocean you just can't go any farther west so anything west of i twenty five has been developed over the last fifty years. There's really no available land on that side and then a lot of denver grew sal right towards the south side of love the denver area the land was more interesting. It was harder to develop. It was more expensive to develop but it was more interesting so you have a lot of higher priced homes in that that southern market that are very mature and then you had the northern corridor as you push up towards fort collins in a lot of growth activity on the west side of the interstate eight and even some moving northeast really the under served corridor has been the i seventy corridor and you have the airport that has been a huge huge driver in this area and much like you see with all major new airports you know they they position them far outside of town and then the town seems to grow out towards that airport and you see that right now i mean all of the projects that are being developed are all in this i seventy corridor and so there's a lot of land interests out out here. A lot of developers are accumulating it and a lot of demand for water on this area so that's our sandbox. We've got tremendous amount of infrastructure. That's already there. <unk> this ready to develop ready to deliver incremental service. You know we can deliver a connections one tap at a time so it's very attractive for other property honors to say listen. I think that it's time for us to put this property into the market. Were looking at breaking ground. You know would you extend your systems to provide life water and wastewater service to that and that's an easy opportunity for us and it's a very good relationship because it allows them to incrementally expand the into their property where they don't have to have these huge upfront capital commitments on the water utility side they can focus in on the landside that can focus in on just the building of of roads curbs and gutters so those are our target markets. Were targeting the i seventy corridor our service area lowry as you as you go down in lowering when you see all the extension on the city of roar were right up to the border of the property and so there's a tremendous pressure point there as well as you know. You've got this beautiful piece of property ready down there. It's ready for development. The city's grown out to it you know when we started this thirty years ago. There was nothing out here now. We've got development everywhere all around where we're at so it seems to be you know you would logically think area we grill out to it and i think we find ourselves in that position russian today yeah and how you position relative to your competitors out here who can offer water services to some of these developers so you know most of our competitors i would traditionally refer to as our competitors are gonna be cities and municipalities right so at tate's. It's probably the city of aurora. They have a tendency to only want to serve what's been annexed into the city matter of fact. They have a mandate. They can't serve unless you annex into the city city. The city went through annexation provision. Maybe twenty years ago in annexed a bunch of property on the north side of i seventy the south side and arapahoe counties largely unincorporated arapahoe county and so you know they've annexed more ground than they have capacity to serve their aggressively on in the market trying signed by moore water resources to provide service to that but any developers gonna look you know. Can i get my zoning in competing jurisdictions. They may get zoning in adams adams county they make it their zoning and arapahoe county they wanna get their zoning city of aurora and so they'll evaluate all of those opportunities and you know how much it costs them to deliver deliver a lot in any of those jurisdictions in way what the opportunities are. I think our experience has been that. It's been very cost effective to deliver lots in unincorporated apple county. I think others which share that expectation that it's generally cheaper to deliver a lot in an unincorporated county as opposed to the city aurora and they'll make their own decisions but i think we have a competitive advantage in you. If you take water out of the equation all things being equal. It's likely that they'll be more activity in the unincorporated areas yeah and that's what we try to try to take water out of the equation. Give the developer that service that they're looking for and happens to be contiguous in our area so it's easy to extend services for us yeah yeah so i would like to move on to to oil and gas and just computer your thoughts about the political climate has been a little bit challenging and now there's sb one eighty one so <unk>. I'm just curious how that has influenced lou inst- some of the operators that are here in your neck of the woods and just how those conversations have been going. You're very kind. That's a nice way of describing dysfunctionality functionality relates to a relationship with oiling us <hes> so colorado i mean we we have a beautiful state and you know people people have a preservation orientation to say hey. I'm here but i don't want anybody else to come here. I want to keep this all for myself. In any yeah that's just not the way the economy works in this state or in any state and so what i typically look at this as to say you know what we have is a very vocal minority of environmental interests want to define and protect their particular area in for lack of an analogy. Let's just say boulder. Ice boulder wants to say hey we don't want oil and gas development in the scene county boulder and they couldn't stop it at the local level because the state controlled it so what they tried to do is they tried to change the state law and they did they do this. Every cycle you say and the state consistently says resoundingly. No you know we are a mineral friendly state. We have had toiling gas development for one hundred years we want to continue oil and gas development and so it has always been no the most recent exercise was at the local level as opposed to the statewide level so instead of going to the voters who consistently say no we want to develop oil and gas and it is is too big of a part of our economy. They went to the state legislature and say okay you need to do more. You need to do more about you know. Increasing the regulatory climate protecting residents protecting the environment and the state came back said okay. Let's take a look. Let's take a look at get some input from the oil and gas industry. Let's get an input from <hes> other governmental entities and ultimately what they came up with a compromise is to say you know what why don't we push this down to the local level and if boulder doesn't want have any oil and gas activity boulder confused on tamla guests activity. If arapahoe county wants to have oil and gas actively they can have oil and gas activity so there could be a silver lining in that climate of increased protections in it at the local level because because those that don't want it can say no those that do want it can say yes and that's what we've seen in so in fact one of the things that we saw was one of our operators raiders who happens to be our large operator conaco got the first operator agreement in the state of colorado since one eighty one passed with the aurora and city verona came in and said yes we think gas is part of our economy. It's a part of our state are part of our local municipal revenue stream. We do agree the in respect. Our residents need for more scrutiny team more protections in all the different categories whether that's knows light air they're operating conditions water transportation all those sorts of thing so they worked with the industry they work with conaco for months to come up with what would be a good operator agreement and it's kind of set the standard for the rest of the state so a lot of other operators a lot of other municipal jurisdictions sort of putting these agreements in place and are continuing to move forward with it so what he has done is. It's allowed local jurisdictions local representations to say hey. I want more scrutiny on this or i want more limitations on this or i want more of this and without going by on a slashed earth statewide initiative to say i'm going to change it for everyone because i don't want this so i think there's a good balance that we've struck in. Maybe we can get more predictability to it. You know operators continue to drill. You know we still have that activity. It's a very good field so when you look at the cost as per barrel of producing water out of the shale it's competitive as almost any in the <hes> any in the united states so we're optimistic that you know that will continue to increase the certainty of what that climate looks like and then you know have continued development in this feel. One of the things we know is this field is very attractive right on top of where we're at. I mean there is a ton of very productive oil so yes the you know if you take a look at the regulatory climate it's it it still justifies developing it even though it might be more costly to drill here it would be in texas. It's still very very productive yeah and any other sort of headwinds or tailwinds. That may be different from the last time that we spoke that you'd like to talk about so so one of the things you never know right. Were in the eighth inning of this of this cycle or we in the second inning of this cycle. Well and i think we've been in the eighth inning for the last five years yeah so a lot of people keep saying i'll there's a recession around the corner. There's you know there's dark clouds ahead and so l. again that goes back to you. Defense win super bowls in sort of say. I'm out there making these investments with a cognizant view that if things do shift where are we going to be exposed and can we endure cycles in what are always. It's gonna be cycles whether that's in oil and gas whether that's in housing whether that's just the overall economy and so we try and make sure that we have a great balance sheet so at all. I'll defend and our balance sheet any day. You know we have terrific balance sheet. We have good liquidity on it. We have no debt. We have tremendously undervalued assets but there's he's not a c._e._o. That you've ever talked to you that doesn't say that but we want to make sure that you know we can continue to support that. Balance sheet continued to invest prudently where or necessary and monetize as quickly as possible yeah. It's it's good to have a cautious c._e._o. In who talks about defense a lot so you talked about the balancing i wanna get to that but before getting there and focusing on the financials so once phase one is complete. You've noted that revenues from completed phase one should be around seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Could you talk about what that means. In terms of cash cash flow operating cash flow just for listeners to understand wha how much cash your company will be generating once one phase <unk>. Only ten percent of the entire development is complete and then from my perspective. I i look at other water utilities out there and water utilities the big public water utilities are very expensive when you look at the different multiples and would love to get your thoughts on what you think that a multiple holiday cash flow would be an appropriate multiple for pure cycle the trade at save the last part of your question to the back half of my it's okay so one of the things that always interests me about this industry at about water in general is the perpetuate ritu -ality to it right in hundred years. We're still going to be doing the exact same thing with water that we're doing today. It's such an essential component opponent of our day to day lives right. Maybe we won't irrigate as much outside because we'll be much more conservation oriented and things like that but you know the amount of water that gets used at the residential level that customer is going to be around forever and so that that all investors want that cash flow. I want that year over year revenue and what raeside they're against that year over year reminisce industries about as good as against yeah right. I mean you're gonna again. People are going to pay their water bill every month. They're gonna pay that water bill and so you know when we're building these water systems and you know sky ranches case where vertically integrated delivering bring land as well as utilities that will be the case in all of them will be delivering we are portfolio can deliver water to sixty thousand connections and so if if you look at what we get on a monthly basis we typically get about a thousand dollars per connection per year on the waterside about five hundred dollars per connection per year on the wastewater waterside so call it a hundred hundred and twenty bucks a month per home per connection per single family equivalent connection and so you know that lags about call it when the when the homeowner moves in you know we do get revenue from our homebuilders when they when they pull a building permit. We get a tap e which we've talked about. You know we get these large upfront fees. Which are the capital side of the business. I get thirty thousand dollars per connection on the front fee and that's about a fifty percent margin business because we have to build the system right up to build the water system and the wastewater plan so so there's that capital component but the other half of that's four you know the water you know owning the water having the availability the scarcity value water in general and then the ongoing revenue that fifteen hundred dollars per connection per year really starts when they pull the building. I'll set the meter and then i'll build the homebuilder. I mean we have our home builder's paying water bills before a homeowner as a water bill so those those revenues become very predictable very stable and you're right right. You know i five hundred home too few equate that to that fifteen hundred dollars. That's about seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year just to build out a sky ranch those five thousand connections actions that seven and a half million dollars year over year in so those are good stable revenue strings. What's the multiple and something like that but you know i'd love love to be able to tell the market value that more than any other revenue stream out there because the predictability because of the security in it is that is that a five. Is that a ten. Is that a twenty. You know i'd put that on the back half of that but the market's gonna tell me what they think that's where yeah yeah going back to a a balance sheet statement that you are the statement that you made about having not having debt still and me asking the question last time and felt like you weren't punting but you just were essentially saying that you know we'll wait and see what happens but basically your company's. You think that it's undervalued. I personally think it's undervalued why not issue a little debt buyback shares and this point <hes> i mean your stock is done fairly well. Over the past eighteen months when we first spoke it was about at nine dollars and some change now you're at ten dollars and some change have you issuing some debt and buying back shares or using some of your cash on the balance sheet to buy back shares. Is that something that you would consider at this point in time so probably cadet side but then you sort of say look you know you're gonna be monetize in a lot of this land and you're starting to get a bunch of money back in. You're gonna have a big balance sheet on the liquids. Decide what you know. What options do you have. There you know and i can answer that by virtue of giving you a kind of a philosophy or give you my philosophy probably a philosophy lots of you have our board you know my philosophy is management says i think i have pretty good idea of how to invest that money. That would make more money than say an inflationary inflationary rate you know i think that there are opportunities for us in acquisitions whether that's an existing water systems out there whether that's a a little bit of land activity that we may be able to couple with water to make that land and water worth more. Maybe not developing it but still adding value on the landside. Maybe some some water to increase the portfolio to increase usability that portfolio those sorts of things are all where those investments assignments would interest me would interest are bored if there's not those out there that we don't find the right pricing on those because we're pretty disciplined about it. We were disciplined about the acquisition that we did when we did that and we want to continue that discipline because we're fiduciaries of this invested capital if that's not out there you know yes yes. We do think shares are undervalued in markets undervaluing mostly because we're invisible. I mean we're not gonna get any love from the investment bankers because house were not an issue right. I the last time i did stock was in two thousand and ten so that's not going to sustain a machine of bankers that need he deal flow so we're not gonna get any coverage from investment bankers on that side on an industry side. You know there's people that cover the water industry. There's people that covers. The field services is interested people that cover the housing industry but they don't cover us. You know so we're too small on that side so we don't get him in love on that so yeah. I do think we're undervalued. You know i i my laments on that typically are religious about that and just execute. I mean when you execute people will find you and they will. They'll they'll evaluate the stock the way they evaluate the stock but if that timing doesn't work out there's opportunities for share buybacks some of that excess cash and then at at the end of the day you own a utility for the dividends and so we do look to that as an opportunity for us but that's going to be more out of the recurring cash flow and the margins from recurring current castro so you want to match those two together so while i didn't. I didn't hope they didn't pontiac. I gave you kind of the ideology that we would look at for that type of decision. You did and i really appreciate it. So what about investors would have you been hearing from investors over the past year. Is there anything that has been a common theme that you've been hearing from the guys that either currently own your stock or have been interested but they just haven't dip their toes in the water yet one of the things that i find to be consistent case you know somebody will pick up on us at a conference or something like that present at a conference and it'll be the first time they hear the story and they'll say hey. That's an interesting company. They'll dig into the website a little bit. They're gonna listen to your podcast right <hes> and ultimately lately it kind of gives them a better flavor for what it is. We're doing where some of the value is kind of what we think about when you look at how we would invest i into opportunities and they come out. They take kick the tires. They see it in the biggest question they said is how does anybody not wanna own you. I mean it's so compelling and it is because it shows really well right. Now i mean ten years ago probably didn't show as well as it does today and so the lament i get more than anything else exposure. How did he get more exposure on me. I can't be on the road every day day job right. I run the company and we've gone from a twelve people to thirty people you know and i've got solid people that run this company. I while i try improvise some value. I try to get out of the way the smart people that know what the hell they're doing on it so let them do what they do. Well but that's i guess our biggest lament is is how to be more visual in the investment community and how to get people. Come in and take a look at it because if you do take a look forget it. I think we have a pretty compelling case. Yeah i hear that a lot from <unk> even companies valued up to two billion and they just don't have the exposure they'd i'd like to have and that's partly because all the big active investment firms are focusing on just the big names that are out there and i find that you know they they so much money gets put in index funds now because they can't get their you know they just can't meet with companies differentiate themselves and the people that do the work that out there and they meet with management as find opportunities you know they are differentiating themselves but it's harder and harder yeah. I gotta say it is getting harder and harder yeah so when you do sit down with investors has their question that comes to mind that never gets asked but you wish they would ask about your business good question collectively. They always wanna know. You know what are the. What are your downside risks on this thing. And how do we make sure that ah you're cognizant of them and that you're managing them. <hes> you know the political risk is always there and i think people put too much. Wait political risk because the politics change on a dime right. I mean what what happens at the national skill is just as silly as is what happens at the local scale so <hes> you know i find those questions meritous but probably overweighted in the individual vigil side execution is probably less ask but higher weight and so when somebody says oh jeez you have all these great assets but can you build them and so i think we've done a very good job of demonstrating that i think people make that assumption but we focus a lot on execution and making sure that i'm good at delivering that and we're smarter deliveryman you know we want to know how that capacity gets utilizing over what period of time so you know i talk about it a lot but i think a lot of people probably spend less time on the execution and more time on the political and i tend to say listen. I try to worry about things control control execution. I can't control the politics one more question. Will we ever let me go out to sky ranch and hunt on. I can tell you a story we had had a conaco. Employees called me up one time and says hey one of my guys just got hit with some buckshot and i'm like you've got to be kidding me and they were doing just that. We had reservoir out there. There were a bunch of keys and they were shooting over the reservoir into an oil and gas aside. I'm like <hes> guys. That's these what's happening now. We're two women for that. There are some people that used to go out there. Yeah eh anyway really mark. Thank you very much for your time. It's been a pleasure to sit down here in front of you and talk to you again once again about your business so thank you appreciate the opportunity. Thank you my pleasure well. That's it folks. I hope you got a lot out of this interview and you learn something. I know i did sincere thanks to mark for coming back onto the program. It was a pleasure going out to his office and sitting down with him. I'd also like to say thanks to dan heim. If you like the music on this podcast outkast you should check out dan heim. That's d. a. n. h. E. i. m. I'd also like to note that a transcript of this interview will be available on the website so check check out the podcast dot com and just click on transcripts. If you haven't subscribed to this podcast on the platform that you use please do subscribing subscribing will ensure that you download off future episodes and it also helps with the rankings which is also important for me and if you could give the podcast star or or like or thumbs up or whatever it is on the podcasting platform you use or if you'd like to give me a review. I really would appreciate it and then lastly. I know i keep saying this but the police spread the word. Tell someone who you think might get something out of these types of interviews well until next time. Take care and good luck with your portfolio the best buy side or the t._v.'s virgil all the comments to stay on the item u._t._d. Podcast into the general an impersonal nature the opinions expressed oppressed the companies industries and markets are the perspectives of the item b._t._v. guests and hosts. None of the opinions expressed on the podcast should be considered investment advice in the discussions on the podcast should not not be relied upon for any investment decisions. Insult your financial legal and accounting advisors before making any investments. I'd be personnel may own investments in companies discussed in this podcast podcast either u._t._p. Does not otherwise receive any form of compensation does not have worn tend to have any commercial relationships with the companies whose representatives appear on home.

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I12 Income Acceleration System  TR002

Total Returns Podcast

37:15 min | 1 year ago

I12 Income Acceleration System TR002

"Mega money one way is great but making money three ways is awesome. This is the total returns podcast helping grow your money with income investments that yield two big returns without big brisk. Now here's your host financial coach and creator of the twelve income acceleration system Susan Lassiter Lions. Hey everybody welcome back to the total returns podcast. I'm so happy happy to be here with you today. In this episode we're going to kind of pick up where we left off last time and we're going to talk a little bit more about the three investing styles. We're GONNA talk a little bit about really what makes income investing different the front and then I'm going to take you through deep dive of my twelve income acceleration system that tells you exactly how we make money investing in income so as we learned in last episode episode number one which is our inaugural episode assode <hes> there are three different investment styles value investing growth investing and income investing in value investing really. It's the buffet way of investing you're just looking for <hes> equities or stocks or anything that you can potentially invest in and make money from that's on sale right. It's <hes> currently going for less than its market value so you can pick it up at a discount and then you hope that it's going to appreciate appreciate in value and you'll be able to excel it and take your return and do it all over again. Growth Investing is essentially the same thing except your investing in new companies companies and these companies usually don't have any earnings yet they could be <hes> putting up negative earnings which means that they're not yet profitable <hes> and usually they're on sale anyway right. Usually growth stocks are overvalued sometimes they they are but usually they're not and you can pick these up and then the play is exactly the same you buy them and then you wait for the growth stocks to do what they do best on that's grow and as they grow the increase in value and then you can sell them at a higher price on you. Purchase some four and you can realize that gain and you can go on and do it again now with income investing we don't we can eliminate essentially one of the steps and that is selling out of the investment right so the the big problem that I have with both growth and value investing is that you have to sell that stock or sell that security or equity or whatever it is that you're invested in order to realize that gain with income investing we don't because we're investing for our total returns and remember total returns are capital gains plus that income dividend yield that income that we get from our investment now. I should share with you that our income investors there's academy portfolio which are members only investment portfolio where I share like all sorts of investment ideas and we track an income investment portfolio this week we are at thirty six point four two new percent total returns now that is made up of a twenty four point three five percent capital gain and a twelve point zero seven percent income. That's an annualized return so from our relatively actively small portfolio. We're able to produce over sixteen thousand dollars a year so far in just income from these investments without having to sell the stock in order to realize that now if I wanted to sell the stock I could the income yield would stop but certainly I could tap into that almost twenty five percent capital gain that we have tied up there but income investing I think is superior because we're able to not just put our money to work but our money then makes money that we can put to work and it can grow an exponential basis due to compounding so in terms of portfolio construction I look at an eighty fifteen five <hes> breakdown or ratio for my personal portfolio and for the financial students that I teach and coach. That's really what I recommend for them as well. What that means is about eighty percent of my investment money is in income investments? These are investments across twelve different types at all share with you in just a second make up our I twelve income acceleration system but they all pay income they pay some sort of income whether it's a dividend evident or interest or a distribution whatever it is they want to call it. All it means is that I am getting paid to be an investor in that specific company. Eighty percent of my investments are in some some form of income producing investment fifteen percent of my total portfolio is invested in <hes> value investments and value investments again are just those stocks are other equities that we think are trading below their market value so we can pick them up on sale and then we can hope that they appreciate in value and we can sell them off and realize that gain now about five percent of my portfolio is in growth <hes> growth stocks and in terms of growth. That's really where I like to target what I call speculative growth stocks and so that's a bucket where I take a lot more risk than I take in my income bucket. <hes> that's where my canopus stocks reside. That's where some of the penny stocks reside in fact I just <hes> <hes> made a trade in that bucket a couple of days ago and it was for a forty two cent cannabis stock so that's very much growth stock <hes> that's definitely going to grow over the years and <hes> increase in value so. Eighty fifteen five in terms of portfolio allocation now when we get into the fun stuff k. there are three different ways that we can get paid from one income <unk> stock. If it's publicly traded we can get paid three different ways. The first way is via capital gains and that is the increase in share value. That's the old buy low sell high the second way that we can get paid is with interest and dividends and distributions so that is the income yield that we're going to get so currently as I mentioned our academy portfolio were sitting on twenty four point three five percent capital gains so that's almost twenty five percent return return that we have locked up in those shares that we could realize if we sold those shares but we also have just over twelve percent income coming in so I'm not going to sell those shares because that's what's producing my income so if I continue to make Mike twelve percent that's GonNa make me a ton of money over the course of the coming months quarters and years that's all going to add up and compound and help me grow my portfolio exponentially now the third way that we can make extra money or cashflow these income stocks is by selling calls and puts to generate cash flow now that's an options strategy and that's certainly an advance strategy and we'll be talking a lot about that in subsequent episodes as we get a little a little more advanced than do deep dive into this topic but just know that there are up to three ways that we can get paid on income stock as opposed to just maybe one maybe two ways on a standard issue value or growth stock. That's also one of the reasons why I absolutely love. Love love income investing so much all right. Let's take a pause here and we're going to hear from our sponsor. You're listening listening to the total returns podcast with Susan Lassiter Lions. We'll be right back after this message. What are the questions that I get asked a lot over at the income investors academy is how do we track Iraq our investments and track our budgets well? I have a really great tool that I've been using and recommending for a long time. It's called personal capital now. Personal capital is a personal budgeting bill tracking hacking and an investment tracking APP. You can link all of your accounts for free to see a clear real time view of your entire financial life including your net worth end an analysis of your investments. It's it's GonNa show you all of your holdings and your allocations and it has a really great tool called the U.. Index which is a one day summary of your total portfolio. There's also a really cool feature called the investment checkup which will analyze is your portfolio and provide reports on target allocation historical performance future projections risk and return and a comparison of your current allocation against your target allocations. You know if I they wanted to get these insights before personal capital I had to log into several different accounts and crunched the numbers usually offline spreadsheet myself but personal capital does it all for me and the best part. It's totally free frigging love this APP and I think that you will too so head over the personal capital dot com or click through to the link in the show notes are right. We are back now. What I want to do is share with you? An overview of the I twelve income acceleration system so in the first episode I mentioned that most people when they think about income investing they think about fixed income investing and so they think about really boring things like bonds and annuities and maybe some dividend paying stocks and if I had to rely on just those three categories for income investing in a couple of things would happen number one. It wouldn't be any fun at all right because those things are the most boring topics in the world. The most boring investments in the world and the yields are really really low one of the things that makes our income acceleration acceleration program works so well is that we target what we'd call asymmetric income investing opportunities so we look for opportunities that give us the opportunity for higher yield with a relatively low risk. Usually people say hey in order to get a big return. You have to take a big risk. I don't believe that is true. All the time especially in income investing where these investments are some of the least volatile investments you could possibly make there are are ways that we can get in to a low risk investment and get a high yield when I tell people that are portfolios yielding over twelve percent income people look at me like I'm nuts they think invested in some super high risk equities is but we're not we're invested in relatively low risk opportunities in both the public markets like the stock exchanges and the private markets such as some of the crowd funding exchanges and other private platforms that we'll talk about here in just a second so again this is high yield relatively low risk and that really is the basis for the I twelve income acceleration system because we're not gonNA accelerate our income very quickly if the yield that our investments produce doesn't even keep up with inflation right we look at some of the bond yields we look at some of the <hes> low yields from <hes> <hes> annuities right and even savings accounts or C._D.'s right. We're looking at yields less than one percent sometimes and if we're going to even think of keeping up with inflation we have to look at yields at least two percent or more but I don't want to just keep up with inflation right. I don't want to just. It's kind of you know take two steps forward and one step back with every investment that I make I wanted to take three steps forward and no steps back and so that's really the why designed this I twelve income acceleration system the way I did and what I did was I went through the world of investment opportunities that produce income there are lots and lots of them and I narrowed it down to the top twelve that presented to me the most asymmetric opportunity possible and remember that's low risk potentially high yield and what I came up with is this list it starts off with dividend stocks. We go then to closed end funds business development companies master limited partnerships royalty's real estate notes baby bonds peer to peer lending reits tax liens options and finally revenue participation crowdfunding so those are the twelve different investing <hes> opportunities investment opportunities investment buckets that we talk about within the income investing style so let's do a little bit of a deep dive into each one of these you can just get a good overview of exactly what each one of these is and then we'll be talking about investments in these various buckets as we get to spend time together in subsequent podcasts so when most people think of income investing usually the number one asset that comes to mind dividend paying stocks hawks now dividend is just a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings that is decided on by the Board of directors <hes>. It's paid out to its shareholders. Now dividends can be issued as cash payments. They can be issued a shares of stock. They're usually paid quarterly but they can also be paid out monthly or sometimes even annual in sometimes companies make special distributions like a bonus so investing dividends is cool because it is first and foremost an income investment and we obviously invest capital growth and income and with dividend stocks we get both <hes> typically dividend investors like us or on the hunt for the highest dividend yield we can possibly get in the safest surfaced investment that we can get and remember com pounding is another great reason to invest in stocks that pay a dividend because compounding is the process where the assets earnings from either capital gains are interest are reinvested invested to generate additional earnings over time like I always say I like the money that my money makes but I like the money that my money's money makes even more to end funds sometimes expressed in the acronym C. E. F. Now closed John Fund is just a publicly traded company like a mutual fund. <hes> a closed end fund is a pooled investment fund with a manager that oversees the portfolio. It raises a fixed amount of capital through an initial public offering or I._P._O.. It's then structured enlisted and it trades like a stock on stock exchange so close funds also known as closed end investment closed and mutual fund. It's like a mutual fund but there are a couple of major differences than in my opinion make it better so a closed end fund. John Raises a fixed amount of capital just once through an I._P._O.. They issue a fixed number of shares which are purchased by investors like us in the closed end. Fund is a stock now unlike regular stocks closed end fund stocks represent. It's an interest and a specialized portfolio securities that is actively managed by an investment advisor and it's usually focused on a specific industry a geographic market or a sector and the stock price of a closed end fund fluctuates with the market both closed end funds and open funds or run by that management team that manages those investments and the both of them also charge an annual expense ratio and they can make income and capital gain distributions to shareholders now unlike open ended funds John's closed end funds trade just like stocks opening funds or priced only once at the end of the day closed and funds or traded in price throughout the day which means that their share price is going to fluctuate all throughout the day just like regular stocks closed end funds also we're going to require choir a brokerage account like a fidelity or Schwab or something like that to be able to buy and sell where you would be able to buy and sell an open ended fund a mutual fund just you could do it directly through the fund provider or even through your employer next up master limited partnerships or also known as m L._P.'s M._l._p.'s our type of business venture that exists in the form of a publicly traded limited partnership it combines the tax benefits of a partnership with the liquidity of a public company and M._l._p.'s have two classes of partners. The first class is the limited partners that's US investors who purchase shares in the pre M._l._p.. And provide the capital for that entity's these operations we get distributions from the M._l._p.. Usually on a quarterly basis but there are master limited partnerships out there that pay monthly as well now the general partners are the owners who are responsible for managing the day to day a operations of the M._l._p.. They're compensated based on the performance of that partnership now by Law Most M._l._p.'s currently operate in the energy industry providing and managing energy resources says for example like Genesis Energy L._p.. A Texas based company that provides pipeline transportation refinery services and supply logistic support services for oil companies like a partnership and M._l._p.. Issues issues units instead of shares but these units are often traded on national stock exchanges like the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange and that's where we get the liquidity that traditional partnerships usually don't offer and because these publicly traded units are not shares of stock. Those folks like us who invest in M._l._p.'s are usually referred to his unit holders rather than shareholders and the investors who buy into an N._l._p.. Are also called limited partners and. And were also allocated a share of that. M._l._p.'s income deductions losses and credits next up is income options now one of the ways that investors generate income from stocks that either don't pay income or for dividends or don't pay enough is with options specifically using puts and calls to buy and sell stocks now in addition to producing incomes income selling puts to buy stocks will lower the cost basis this of that purchase and selling calls against our own stocks will generate income and lower our cost bases and cost basis just means the price that we paid to buy that stock so if we purchase a stock for five dollars ars and it's now trading for ten dollars a share our cost base is five dollars and we have a capital gain because we've doubled our money so we personally have several hundred shares of macy's stock that my wife Net got his profit sharing when she retired tired from the company and I'll sell covered calls against those shares several times a year <hes> sometimes like every month just to generate income in addition to the capital gains and the dividend that that stock already pays now income uh-huh options is an advanced topic. I know if you have an interest in this <hes> about once a quarter I put on an income options masterclass and I'll put the link to the wait list in the show notes so that you can jump on the wait list of you have an interest interest in joining me the next time that I offer it the next strategy that will talk about royalties. A royalty is a payment to an owner for the ongoing use of their assets or property like patents or copy written work or franchises natural resources. A royalty payment is made to the legal owner of that property by licensees. Now royalties are often expressed as a percentage of the gross or net revenues that are obtained using using that owners property but they can be negotiated to really pay out just about anything and meet any specific arrangement that we want. The use of royalties is really common in situations where an investor or an owner chooses to sell his product up to a third party in exchange for royalties from the future revenues that may generate and royalty interests are the legal rights to collect future streams of royalty payments for example computer manufacturers pay Microsoft Microsoft royalties to be able to use the Windows operating system for the computers that they manufacturer right if you go and buy a P._C.. Right it's usually gonNA come already loaded with windows and it's probably already loaded with not not just the operating system but a lot of their office software like <hes> word and excel and powerpoint as well and those companies are paying Microsoft a royalty in order to be able to include that on their computer now now. There's all sorts of royalties patent royalties trademark royalties franchise's music royalties book publishing royalties art royalties fashion designers usually can charge royalties if they want to license out their names their designs to other companies authors musical artists and production professionals are paid for the usage of their produced copy written material and royalties are also really common in the oil and gas industries where companies is provide royalties to landowners forgiving them the permission to extract natural resources from that landowner's property next up is a real estate notes now here in the United States a mortgage note also known as a real estate lean a note or a borrower's note is a promissory note that secured by a specified mortgage loan and that mortgage loan than is secured by the underlying property now mortgage notes are a written promise to repay a specific sum of money plus interest at a specified rate and length of time in mortgage note buyers are companies or investors with capital to purchase either the whole mortgage note or a portion of it now. Somebody's holding a private mortgage than investors like us can invest catch we can give them cash and take over receiving the monthly payments that were being previously paid to that previous note holder <hes>. I'm mortgage note for these investors are <unk> home loans or mortgages that are secured by real real estate and mortgage notes can be anywhere from like ten thousand dollars to like tens of millions of dollars and it here at the Income Investors Academy the main source where we you buy notes allows us to invest in portions of real estate notes in increments as low as ten dollars and note buyers combine notes on nearly any type of property though owner occupied single family houses usually get the the best pricing the Nextradio. We'll talk about in our I twelve income acceleration system is tax liens. A Tax Lien is a legal claim by a government entity that completes a tax lien on a property if that property owner is not making their property pretty tax payments or if they owe income taxes so get rid of that lean taxpayer has to pay off what they owe after get the debt dismissed in court or they have to reach an offer in compromise with taxing authority so investors like us. We'll buy these leans from the county that issues them and they're usually issued at the county level and they're usually auction or sold at an auction and we will pay the amount of the back do taxes that are owed in return for the right to collect back that money any plus an interest payment from the property owner and when I first started investing in tax liens I was investing in a couple of counties in Colorado. Specifically arapahoe county was the very first one I ever did and back then they were paying sixteen percent. You can get interest rate ranging from five percent on the low side all the way up to thirty six percent just depending on the state and the county where these tax liens are next up. This is one of my favorites exchange traded it D- securities also known as baby bonds are notes that are traded on the stock exchange instead of the bond market which makes me happy for any number of reasons I I don't like trading bonds is hard to do. It's you know usually they come in minimum increments of a thousand dollars and it's just a tough proposition plus. The yields are just so darn low so I like baby bonds because they usually carry maturity's of thirty years or more although some are just five to ten years they pay US interest payments quarterly and they trade on a regular stock exchange and they're issued in increments of twenty five dollars a share right so we can buy them just like we do regular stocks and we Kim by them in increments of twenty five dollars share now the cool thing is that <hes> most exchange traded debt securities are what we call junior to the companies secured debt however they are senior senior to the company's preferred and common shares so what this means for example back in the day before the big mortgage meltdown back in two thousand eight my uncle bill was heavily invested in preferred securities or preferred stocks and I was trying to get him to invest in Real Estate Fund with me and he's like no. I don't WanNa pull money out of my eight percent. <hes> yielding preferred shares and I was like fine well when the big crash happened his preferreds were hit hard just like the common stock shareholders were hit but those of us that held the baby bonds right we were senior in the capital stack to the common shareholders and the preferred shareholders we were <unk> junior only to the company's secure debt so we kept getting our interest payments and <hes> we were able then when those baby bonds matured in the five ten twenty five thirty years that they mature in not only do we get all of the interest that we've collected on a quarterly basis for that entire time but they're callable at twenty five dollars a share meaning. We're going to get our twenty five dollar. Investment returned to us in full will when they mature the other cool thing is that sometimes these things trade at a discount to that twenty five dollars par value so if we can buy a baby bond for twenty four dollars a share for example then we get to collect that quarterly orderly interest and then when it matures they're gonNA pay us back twenty five dollars from that bond even though we only pay twenty four and we get to pick up an extra buck per share or per baby bond in premium income so I absolutely we love baby bonds and it's something that we focus on a lot and invest in a lot over the Income Investors Academy next up in our strategies is peer to peer lending peer to peer lending also known as P. Two P. Lending enables individuals individuals to borrow and lend money without having to use an official financial financial institution our bank as an intermediary it removes the middleman completely from the process. It's also known as social lending or crowd lending so the way it works with peer to peer lending <hes> is borrowers will take loans from individual investors who are willing to lend their own money for an agreed upon interest rate and this usually happens on a platform. Some of the most popular platforms for peer to peer lending are lending club prosper an upstart so the profile of the borrower and some details about their credit worthiness and the loan that they're requesting is usually displayed on one of those platforms and then investors like us can assess those profiles files to decide whether or not we WANNA risk loaning money to that borrower now we can fund as much that loan as we want or we can fund <hes> smaller increments of that loan <hes> we can fund it in increments as low as twenty thirty five dollars on prosper and lending club and we can fund it in increments as low as one hundred dollars over an upstart so in this way alone will definitely have multiple investors and the monthly repayment payment that the borrower makes than is spread among all of the investors in that specific loan and our interest payments can be either taken as income or we can reinvest that interest that are alone <hes> has made right back into new notes so that we can grow that portfolio of income producing peer to peer lending notes next up revenue participation crowdfunding now crowdfunding is just the practice of funding a venture or a company by raising small amounts of money from a big number of people usually via the Internet and crowdfunding is a form of crowd sourcing and alternative finance. It's a form of peer to peer your lending but for businesses as opposed to individuals so with crowdfunding typically what you're going to find is most of these companies offer equity in their companies to investors via the crowd funding so that's known as an equity investment but I always say equity doesn't pay the bills right what you're doing when you're investing for equity is you're hoping for some sort of a profitable exit and the profitable exit meaning the way that you'll make money is when your equity money or when you're equity investment has some sort of liquidity event and that can either be with the company going public in initial public offering I._P._O.. Or they can get acquired. I don't invest for equity. We are income income investors so we invest for income so we focus on a very specific type of crowd funding offering known as revenue share or revenue participation so revenue revenue sharing is a form of loan where instead. Instead of investing for equity we are investing for debt. We're making a loan to the business and the businesses paid lenders back a fixed percentage of their revenue on a quarterly or annual basis until are agreed upon amount is reached so you'll see these offered up for anywhere from like fourteen percent simple interest which is awesome we invested in a Ben and Jerry's franchise on the Venice Beach Boardwalk on that basis <hes> fourteen percent return on our money which I thought was spectacular <hes> and we have invested in startups on this basis for revenue share in <hes> where they've offered us a three x return on our money three times our money so these can be very very lucrative next up is real estate investment trusts also known as reits now a read is a company that owns operates or finances income producing real estate and they trade on major exchanges just like other stocks and they provide investors with the liquid would stake in commercial real estate portfolios that receive income from tenants right like apartment complexes and hospitals office buildings land where people are growing Timber Warehouses Hotels Hotel shopping malls you name it. The cool thing about real estate investment trust is that legally obligated to distribute at least ninety percent of the portfolios income to its shareholders in the form of dividends so as you can imagine atun these can be very lucrative income investments and we hold many real estate investment trusts in our academy portfolio both that are publicly traded and some private rates as well and our final strategy in our I._T.. Twelve of income acceleration system is business development companies also known as B D._C.'s so a BBC is just an organization that invests in an helps small and medium sized companies grow in the initial stages of their development so we're funding start-ups right so a major difference between a BBC and say a venture capital fund is that B._B._C.'s allow smaller individual non accredited investors to invest in these private private startup companies and some of the reasons that B._B._C.'s are so popular is because they provide permanent capital to these companies they allow investments by the general public and they finance other companies by taking advantage of a wide variety of sources like Equity Cadet and <hes> hybrid financial instruments so B._B._C.'s are also really closely involved in the operations of their portfolio companies where they mentor them and provide them advice on growing and <hes> stabilizing in their startup company <hes> and you know because they're regulated investment companies just like reits one of the things I love about it is that they are obligated to distribute over ninety percent of their profits to shareholders holder which results in above average dividend yields so I also referred to B._B._C.'s as my I._P._O.. Back Door strategy so if you've ever noticed there's a lot of excitement when a big company goes goes public like Uber or lift or facebook or <hes> you know <hes> beyond meat is one that we've just recently had and there's a lot of excitement where it's like. Hey you know we're now as individual investors able to invest in the common stock doc the shares that are going to be finally trading on a national stock exchange but I personally believe that when you invest in an I._P._O.. When you buy the shares the minute that they start trading that is probably the most risky time meant to be investing because as we have seen with a lot of these APP IOS lately and historically <hes> lot of times? They don't hold their value. Those share prices are going to <hes> decrease in value before they increase in value and I think that's a risky proposition. So what I prefer to do instead is to kind of back door an I._P._O.. So if I know that say beyond meat is has an I._P._O.. Planned in the coming months. I'm going to do some research to find out what B._T._C. business development companies have already invested stood in beyond meat when it was private and then I'm going to invest in that B._T._C. because the B._B._c. when beyond meat goes public is going to get a huge windfall of cash. That's their liquidity event. They're going to see their return happen when the company goes public and when that happens then they're obligated to distribute over ninety percent of those prophets to us the shareholders so that's the way that we come back door I._P._O.'s and make this an asymmetric investment opportunity where we get a relatively high yield for a relatively low risk so that's it my friends that is all twelve strategies that make up the I twelve income acceleration system them and I'm thrilled to be able to share that with you know obviously that is a high level overview of the strategies and we're going to be over the coming weeks and months and hopefully years that we get to hang out together on this podcast in future episodes says I'll be able to share individual opportunities and some cool things that are happening in each of these strategies as we dive more into the wonderful world of income investing and pump up the jam on in our total returns so with that I will see you in the next episode have a great when everybody and we'll talk soon. Thanks for listening to total returns visit our website the income investors DOT COM and join our Academy Academy for more Income Investment Ideas and the coaching. You need to accelerate your income because more income makes everything better see you next time.

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Column: I Wear My Son's Jacket to Remind Me Of What's At Stake in Fighting Gun Violence

TIME's Top Stories

04:42 min | Last month

Column: I Wear My Son's Jacket to Remind Me Of What's At Stake in Fighting Gun Violence

"Brought to you by hotseat. A new memoir from jeff. Immelt the former ceo of general electric. Emily explorers his time at the helm of one of the world's largest companies from navigating a post nine eleven world to the two thousand eight financial crisis and more by your copy today. I wear my son's jacket to remind me of what's at stake in fighting gun violence by tom. Sullivan sullivan represents colorado house district thirty-seven which encompasses most of centennial colorado in arapahoe county. Where he's lived and raised his children for the last twenty nine years. I wear my son's jacket as i travel down to the colorado state capitol building. His jacket is a reminder of what i've lost and how much work we have to do to end gun violence in our country on july twentieth. Twenty twelve in aurora colorado and assailant with a gun walked into a neighborhood movie theater to kill twelve people including my son alex ullivan and injured seventy others on march sixteenth in atlanta georgia. Where eight people were killed and then again on march twenty second we saw similar events play out as a gunman walked into a neighborhood grocery store in boulder colorado and killed ten people. These events are all too familiar from movie theaters. Schools grocery stores to everywhere in between our communities are being ravaged by gun violence gun. Violence affects all of us directly or indirectly. You may not know it but you are affected by gun violence. You are a victim and survivor of this crisis. That is happening all across our country. Some may say we become numb to mass shootings. But we've just grown accustomed to them. We say oh that will happen to me. We hear thoughts and prayers from our elected officials. We hold moments of silence. We post on social media and then we move on until the next mass shooting comes our way. It doesn't have to be that way. I believe we can do something. And i know that we must do something because every day more than one hundred people in the united states are killed with guns and two hundred more are shot and wounded data research and commonsense. Show that public safety. Laws can reduce gun violence and save lives. There are actions that we as a country can take to prevent firearm injuries and deaths in colorado. We've already passed commonsense gun. Legislation like background checks limiting high capacity magazines extreme risk protection orders and more this year. I'm working to pass legislation on lost and stolen firearms every year. Three hundred eighty thousand firearms are lost or stolen in america however less than two hundred forty thousand gun thefts are reported to police each year suggesting that nearly forty percent of the guns lost or stolen in the united states are never reported to law enforcement legislation on this issue can help reduce gun trafficking by requiring individuals to report loss or theft to law enforcement shortly after discovering it because those unreported stolen guns mean there is a forty percent greater chance of those firearms being used in crimes state policies. Like this one are important but we can't end our country's gun violence epidemic alone. We need action at a federal level so that protections are uniform across states. The american people need congress to pass expanding background. Checks require mandatory waiting periods to close the charleston loophole reinstate the federal assault weapons ban and make substantial efforts to improve our mental health systems to move forward to reducing gun violence. We need people from all backgrounds and political parties to come together and engage with one. Another talk to your friends and family about safe gun ownership donate to organizations that support victims of gun. Violence call your elected officials to demand action. We can do better. We must do better until then. I will continue to wear my son's jacket as i advocate to end gun violence from the day of my sons murder to my last day on earth. I'll be in the business of saving lives. I hope you'll join me.

colorado Sullivan sullivan colorado house district thirty colorado state capitol buildin alex ullivan Immelt arapahoe county general electric Emily jeff aurora america boulder tom atlanta georgia charleston congress
Future English Speaker, Can You Read Me?

Lexicon Valley

1:04:36 hr | 4 months ago

Future English Speaker, Can You Read Me?

"From new york city this is lexicon valley. A podcast about language. And this time we are going to talk about the pace of language change and no that is not boring. Because what i'm trying to do is answer a question that i get from a great many of you and this is a typical thing. I get the question. And i kind of let it pass by. But i'm beginning to realize that in a way people like me have created a misimpression. I always saying it is natural to language to change. It's always changing. It's not gonna stop changing. We just have to accept it. And you know i get the feeling that a lot of you are accepting that message to an extent that linguists would not have expected the public to get say twenty five years ago. It's actually getting out there you all are receptive to it and what it means. Is that in a way. We have created something of a monster. Because i'm finding that a great many of you and a great many people who are contacting me but who just happened to reader talk to our thinking that the inevitability of language change means that english language. I'm speaking now. In say five hundred years is going to be a different language or close to a different language. And certainly if we check up on this language that i'm speaking now in say fifteen hundred years then it's going to be something else because language always changes and the truth is that isn't true and i need to finesse. What me and other people have been trying to teach the general public about language and change. Where all shopping for essentials online these days and now you can get rewarded for it with the bank of america cash rewards credit card. You can choose to earn three percent. Cash back on online. Shopping essentials the essentials of never felt more rewarding visit bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation. So let's start with the basics and then try to get a sense of why we have to nuance the basic idea. That language change is like cloud changing if the cloud patterns. Don't change than something seriously wrong. That's also true of language change but does that mean that english is going to be a completely different language in a thousand years and if it doesn't and it doesn't then why not okay. Well let's start with the basics. The basics are that language changes all the time and now that we have longish depending on whether you call fifty five hundred years long a long history of writing we can see it very clearly and so for example august the month latin. i'll gustavus. okay. French that's all. It is latin acoustic french standard french. That's the parisian french that some people are under the impression which is mistaken that it somehow the best french. Ooh so there is language change in action. You say augustus but you know sounds tend to fall off. The ends of words sounds tend to fall off the beginnings of words. You've got continents in the middle. They're going to soften and then kind of kind of like if you put toilet tissue in the toilet and then it dissolves. I'm sorry to use that analogy. But it's what came to me and so next thing you know and gustav becomes just ooh all that's left. Is that middle. Ooh the hour is gone. The students is gone. And just do and you know that. This was a gradual process. It's not that all of a sudden one day. Somebody decided. I'm french and so i'm just gonna say ooh it's that. There was latin and latin. Gradually evolved into french and in old french which was written down. You can see that where they were was a oh u. s. t. And so there you go. So i'll gustavus say that enough times over a long long period century after century goes by gustav. Wanna say that. I don't want to say it. now you're going to start saying something like host. Okay right but after a while a host just becomes. Ooh at least in some places because even today in quebec and in cajun french which is just trench. It's canadian friends. that was taken down to louisiana. You can get out instead of just so. Augustus goes to so everything's falling away. Except the are in the but in standard parisian just ooh so there's beautiful language change a lot of it has to do with things falling off as i described in another show things get added. Words come together. We'll see a little of that at the end of this show but a lot of it is this kind of erosion or this is my favorite example. Ever it comes from the algonquin language family. These are native american languages. I talked about them back in. May these are many of the native american languages that we hear of in passing so pocahontas pow hatton for example or cre- which is one of the few truly healthy and unthreatened native american languages now ojibway to gym chippewa. Ojibway chip were chippewa. Those are related. Chippewas kind of ojibwa agip way up there too in the canada area and then somewhat down into the united states pot automony arapahoe narragansett blackfoot. Cheyenne kickapoo. i'm sitting here. Just enjoying the names. These languages out kian has a lot of cool language names. But let's talk about cheyenne and let's talk about pro algonquin. What that means is that there are specialists in just the algonquin languages. They are spoken. It's an interesting actually. You've got some that are in kind of splotch in the mid west. Then you've got those canadian ones up there sitting kind of like a hat on the united states if you think of everything is starting from the united states which. I'm sorry but i kind of do deep down. I know that's wrong. And then you have a bunch of them. The kind of go down the eastern coast of the united states it's a big giant splotch and enough people specialize in all these languages that just like there's this reconstructed language of ukraine that became all of the european languages. Proto elgon kian has been reconstructed pretty pretty well and so there are people who can tell you what for example the proto al algonquin word. When there's only one al. Goncane language had yet to spread throughout so much of canada and the united states. The word for winter would have been pep pun wheat and that can be reconstructed pretty firmly pawn we would have been the pro algonquin word for winter but then in cheyenne which is one of the elgon languages and cheyenne. The word for winter is So proto oncogene has pepponet. Cheyenne has now. You think well it must be that somebody made up some new word for winter in syon got the word for winter from some other group of native american languages but no peponis became Because language is always changing. How would that happen. It's it's just you have to take it step by step by step so pep we. That's winter about three thousand years ago when there's only one al gunky and language and the spread of them today doesn't exist yet. Well you know things tend to drop off the end and so we after a while. That's going to be just pep on. You just know that that's the way it's going to be. And they're all gunky and languages today. Where the word for winter is roughly that that starts there. Then one okay. But then you know pip on the ps. Maybe you're going to soften to bs because pm. Be of the same thing. But be salter and so pip on bevan now then think about spanish and you know what we're told our bees but they're kind of like vs villain something like that. We're pretty senior. Just going to drop that so live on about so pep on becomes just a on. The ps get dropped. Aren't the only things get dropped. So hertford hartford and hampshire. Whatever that my fair lady. That's not only h is you can drop other. Sounds ps go remember. I showed you in one. Show that in era coy in native american line. Just whole different group there. No ps nothing made with the lips. You don't have to have sounds made with the lips. And so not so. Papon becomes alien not an all conquering languages. But that's what happened in some of them so then after a while on becomes i mean why. What's a on become i. We'll just take a and the r. A. can become so think of someone today saying bed and you listen to them really closely more closely than you need to socially but you just listen to the bed bed you know. There's some people who talk that way. Probably under forty bed bad. Okay now emerson listening to that person. Say bad let's go to bed. Might hear them saying. Let's go to bud because they kind of are saying but is because There's a short distance. Let's go to bed. Let's go to bet. Let's go to bud okay. Well if you're going to bud let's go to bed. Let's go to bud little bit of us in there. well then suppose it becomes an so. Let's go to bad so bad but but bad but that is how you get from a to are so alien. I-in i'm gonna leave out the part about the but you get the point so i-i-in well what's at the end of. I mean well. That's now ripe for illusion and so i-i-in i eat. That was next now. It could be that you know the he gets longer. That might happen. Or something. Like i e you might say i e and that's what happened then instead of e might say e these things happen to step by step little differences that nobody thinks about at the time next thing you know. Nobody remembers it. Wasn't that way. So i e but the ends are fragile. And i swear to you. That's how you get from fifth bone week to and that happened in either twenty five hundred or my guess is probably three thousand years but that is the basics of language change that is what we linguist tried to get across and so you can go from capone we ta in three thousand years and so you start wondering well. What is english going to be like in three thousand years and remember that would happen in a cave. I'm not talking about what happens because of cultural exchange because people inventing things like bassoon viagra and psychoanalysis. I mean just that language changes bit by bit because we're always miss hearing a little bit. We're always randomly creating slightly new ways of saying things just because life is dull and next thing you know you have changes like pepperoni to We're goose to. That's just the way it goes. Well you know it is time for Song clipping you know. This is you know we're getting to the end of the year. I wanna get a little silly. I have played this before. I'm almost sure. And i know that i'm very flattered that a lot of you have listened to every show but you know most of you haven't and i wanna do culture club song because i'm just in the mood. This is church of the poison. Mind back in nineteen eighty three. You could not get away from this. And i liked it. It is a great little song. Culture club sucked live. They couldn't play but boy were they. Great in the studio. And you know this one. I like so much. It's not just because of helen. Terry and that marvelous vocal that floats over it. It's also because we're talking about me and mike doing another podcast at some point and a lot of you. Music people have written to me. When i dropped in these little music insights. I'm just going to drop this in the good thing. About church of the poison mind is that it relies on the here. You got the mix of lydian mode music people. You know what i mean. Just listen to this and so church of the poison mind. It is a joy forever sad. You've finally decided to learn how to ice skate. So you ordered the essentials. Every ice skater needs a pair blades. A new helmet and a good set of kneepads. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cash back on online shopping rewards that you put towards the cost of an essential piece of post skating recovery. A heating pad does it. Bank of america dot com slash more rewarding to apply now copyright two thousand twenty bank of america corporation. Here's where we need to nuance. So for example i talk about those magic changes. An english seems to offer some of the same thing in that. There's old english middle. English and modern english and old english is utterly foreign. Us old english looks like some sort of weird german to any english speaker then. Middle english looks weird but it seems like english and then there's modern english but especially from old to modern english. It seems like some pepponet stuff happened. And so for example. Say the lord's prayer because it's always easy to find dereck. Comparisons are father. Who are in heaven. hallowed be thy name okay so old english with the old english voice fast food fair torn on them. So that's our father you that aren heaven fat huda fu on your name hallowed hallowed be your name so see god be your name. That really is how they talked. Be your name honored now. Whatever that is fat or food art on on on c. thin albert. That is not effing english. We don't know what that is and then it goes on. You know they kingdom come by will be done. Tober wreak voter in we. It's awfully pick but then you get to middle english so this old english call it roughly eight hundred ad. Then you've got middle english thirteen hundred whatever. And you've got our father which art in heaven What's the middle english voice. You know i'm going to use Cartoon sweetest from the thirties because it always seems like the canterbury tales. Have that lilt although who knows whether they talk that way. So that's the middle and because so air father who art in heaven middle english. Buddha thought out. Inhale it's not english but it's english our father who aren't heaven so hit and this and that hallowed be thy name. How would be different. You wouldn't want to have a conversation with this person but still it's english. What happened in between old english and middle english. That would middle english. Somebody sounds to us crazy. Like you wouldn't want to hang out with them but you can kinda get it. An old inglis rare. You might as well be burmese. Well it's supposed to be. The language changes really quickly and so old english went to middle english and created this whole new language and apparently just a few hundred years. Now you know that's weird now you might just accept that because you're thinking that language changes like capone. We but the problem is that middle. English and modern english are so much more similar. Why is it that we can kind of understand middle english. And then you've got shakespeare and straddling sixteen hundred and that's gonna be five hundred years ago pretty soon yet. We can understand shakespeare. We don't understand this much of him as we think but still. It's clearly the language that we speak so clearly. Something's a little wrong there. If we're just talking about august and proponent and you know actually there is a book. It's called the secret history of the english language. It's written by one michael harper and they are completely wrong completely funny. It's one of the funniest books i've ever read. Because he's got that kind of british sort of raffish take-no-prisoners wit but what he's basically saying is that there's no way that old english became middle english and some short period of time. He finds that implausible in an actually makes a certain sense. And he's got this idea that you old english and middle english were completely different languages. It's all utterly ridiculous and hilaria cy. I recommend the book. I sat literally sides. Were splitting at. How kind of brit. Funny he is but he is asking the question and the truth is that the reason middle english is so different from old. English is not because of papun. We happening within that tiny period of time but because of contact between english and other languages so for example the difference between old english and middle english was because vikings scandinavian vikings had come over and they spoke old. Norse not old english and old norse and old english were different languages similar but they were different languages and their these vikings and they marry english women and they screw up english. And because there's no media and there's really no such thing as school kids grew up hearing faulty old inglis and next thing. You knew you had old english away. We would speak it if we had to learn now and so for example something like our father who art in heaven well in old english. That's on hell hell of a newman. Since we hear the neum were lost just right there whereas by middle english. It's in heavens in heaven so in the heavens little poetic but we get. What's his new. Well it's the vikings who got rid of the case endings of those kinds. Because they had them. But there's were different so you just gonna leave that often. Kind of generalize. The good old plural s and so just in heavens. It was contact. That meant middle. English was so different from old inglis. It's not that the language in a few hundred years started doing capone we to that extent or even with middle english a lot of why we find it so hard is because there was more contact. It's not just that. The language was changing willy. Nilly and next thing you knew you had ooh instead of augustus. It's because of contact with particularly french and latin so for example early middle english around the first time we see middle english there's a document called on kronos with an entrepreneur with you think on crime must mean ancient but no i'll ankara says roughly kind of nuns people who are cloistered and religious. So i'm gonna anchor is knowledge wiza- wit mother wit get it so ankara knowledge rules for the ankara's and when you read the on karenna wiza- what's interesting is that it's still english english and the reason that we have such a hard time getting it is because french and latin replaced so many of the words those not just the purportedly process. It's that there was contact so for example. At one point they say in conquering with Let's keep the only olsen scandinavian accent. And so it's those do is chad at t of shield her on plane in return through a okay. What the hell does that mean. It means this rule is the charity of a pure heart and a clear conscience and true. Faith isn't that pretty but the thing is we can't get it because the words that we use to express something like that are french or latin. So those who is charity so this rule is the charity. Okay of sheer her. She what no we say. A pure heart peers from french on clan in wit okay in wit in wit is conscience. It's like your inner knowledge. I love the word in wit. Can we please just keep using in wet. And so clan in they use clean and we say clear. Now you have a clear conscience could say clean conscience but you don't you say clear conscience clear and conscience are both not english words on tout a believer okay and true belief belief. That's a good english word. Faith is though what we use. Faith is one of these french words and so we read on cornelisse today. And i'm sure that we all do before we go to bed and we can't read it and it's not just because the language was different but it's because of context so the question is what would english be like after a thousand years. Let's say that old english ends roughly a thousand years ago. What would english to be like. If there wasn't the contact and the truth is a wouldn't be as different as old. English and modern. English are and we can no because of icelandic. English and icelandic are both germanic. Language isn't dramatic as a relatively small family and icelandic a spoken. Well i think you probably know and it's an island so it's relatively isolated and so it's been allowed to mind its own business. There hasn't been much contact with other languages in a very long time and the thing is that. Icelanders can read icelandic. Written from about nine hundred. Ad through thirteen hundred. A d. i supposed to say see these days so pretend is set it. They can read it. You know it takes some effort. You know there's a whole shakespeare aspect to it but they can read it. Icelandic is much much much less different from its earlier versions with we call old norse than modern english is from old english. And that's because icelandic has had very little contact so pep we. Yeah but if we're thinking well as english and five hundred years going to be completely different because say chaucer could not have spoken to the people who wrote bail wolf. No because really english is weirdly different from its ancestor because of added things and that is contact in particular. I'm gonna police mood this week. And i'm not sure why i really love. The police. no not sting. He's great. But i mean the police and the first time i realized i love. The police was wendy. Do do da da. Da was a hit on something called the radio. That was the first one of. I heard and i remember thinking i was this timperley cello playing loser at. I remember thinking that is a good song and what i liked about. It was that the guitar keeps hitting in before the chorus the second instead of the tonic. So that thanked bang bang. It's the second and you're waiting for it to resolve to the tonic. So it makes it sound. Like whatever they're saying is kind of urgent because there's a shoe that hasn't fallen back then. That is a quality piece of work. And i couldn't have told you why at the time but the reason to do is not boring is because of that. Deng thing the thing. Let's just have a little bit of du da da. Da i love. It reminds me of playing the cello in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. Love press the our law. Salau life can be stressful. Even under normal circumstances twenty twenty has challenged even the most difficult times of life. You need stress relief. That goes beyond quick fixes. That ted space head. 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There's widespread literacy language change slows down. And what i mean by that is for example. A question that we might have shouldn't icelandic be more like john. Shouldn't there be more. We you know icelandic has existed for a very long time up on that island. Why is it that modern. Icelanders can still read the sagas with a certain amount of effort. Wouldn't you expect more change even if we're talking about a thousand versus twenty five hundred or three thousand years. Wouldn't you expect more there. Two answers to it. One of them briefly. Is that some languages for no reason that i think anybody could actually chart change faster than others. Some languages are just more in a hurry because of a certain. Let me be a little bit. A certain intersection of various logical and fono tactic factors. So something just just go faster. And so for example. This creole language of suriname that i'm always talking about it almost seems like advertising it because i want you to purchase product. But it's really just that. I wrote a grammatical description of it with another linguist. Jeff good and so. I think of it often and it's spoken by descendants of slaves who escaped plantations in suriname. There are various creole languages. Spoken in suriname as the result of plantation slavery. There and we can know that the first word for brother in these creoles based on english brother was barra. Da so you listen to somebody saying brother us. Speaking african language where probably the structure is kind of japanese where you have consonant vowel consonant vowel consonant vowel. So brother you're going to unravel that into barracuda. Okay in run on which i've played on this show. This is the metropolitan lingua franca of all surinam. For natural language a creel bharata has become brought up its shortened product. So there you go in. Sarah machen though instead of just leaving out that first off so that you have brought up sarmutkin the word for brother from that same original word. Barada is bah bah. It's three years in a row. No are that's gone and the d. Has gone to so brenda and then bra and then by. So that's what it is. Sarah market in general has changed more from that original proto creal then stran- on has a. Nobody could tell you why or for example french. You know goose becomes in italian pasta. Italian holds back. French moves ahead. No one has ever quite explained. Why french weird. In that way so some languages are just more in a hurry become different but mainly the thing is once there's not only a written version of the language but also a critical mass of people are literate. Then next thing you know you have brains on writing and to be a brain on. Writing is a funny thing. Despite the fact that you're listening to this you are somebody whose brain is on writing. It's just like this. Is your brain on drugs. And they have the fried egg in the commercial. Your brain on writing is a really interesting and in some ways sad thing because it means that you think that languages that thing. That's on the page. Any departure from the page is somehow mistake so once widespread literacy sets in despite the massive benefits that affords to population. It means an ab. We don't care that language isn't isn't going to change as fast because there's always that written model peeking over your shoulder discs plane. Something like not. Only that icelandic hasn't changed as much as i would have if there were no writing. Part of the reason icelandic stays the way it is is because it's a highly literate. Society has been for a good while and the sagas in a way are staring over everybody shoulder. That's what the language supposedly quote unquote is. And so you're not gonna have pepponet because these ghanaian languages for the most part have been unwritten and so they get to do what language naturally does so. An example of this is Copper cola that delicious cured pork that comes from italy. You write it down. Copy cola in america at least so got biko okay but then if you watch the sopranos you notice that they call it. Gaba goule gaba google and it kind of got around with. Why do they call it. Gobble google and there were some interesting media articles that kind of road around it. But it's very simple. Gobble goule is what cop be called wants to. Do you take copy cola. And that's you see a praying mantis and you catch it and you let it die and you put a pin through and you put it in the box and there it is and you label it but that is not the dynamic nature of the praying mantis on the pin guppy cola. Well saying that certain point in the italian dialects that happened to make it onto the pages the standard. So oh well this is copy cola but copy cola just wants to be gaba google. Kerr becomes good naturally so copy. Biko gop be cola per wants to be a book. These are the software versions. Gob bug goule because la. What's at the end. You know it's going to go away pretty soon. Fecal becomes google. That's normal talk to many italian americans and they'll very spontaneously tell you that what we call rick. Cottage cheese is regard of course or ooh. I love manicotti now manigat. That's where the word goes in real life. So literacy preserves copy cola but real life makes gaba google so the question is. Why wouldn't a word go where it wants to go. That's why in english one thousand ad to say fourteen hundred a d you have this complete turnover you have old inglis become a completely different language but then we can still sit through shakespeare play. Hopefully having read it beforehand but it is recognizable as the language that we speak. And that's because after shakespeare literacy became widespread and the page hold back major transformation that means that foreigners who are speaking the language as a second language. They don't affect the language as much as they used to. It's not what would happen with vikings. It's not. What would happen with the norman french spewing all of these words into our language that can't happen once there's the printed page looking over our shoulders and making us into people's brains are on writing because however your dad talks however your mom talks whatever version of the language. They've created if you grow up as a native speaker when you listen to them and you're used to the way they talk but you're listening to the native speakers and you've got writing you've got media all of that affects the way you render the language which is going to be more or less the way everybody who is what you might call. An indigenous speaker is going to render the language so language always changes and language changes partly just by itself but partly also because of contact but once there's widespread literacy change gets majorly retarded. It's majorly held back. And that's true by default of most of the languages that most of us are going to know a lot about now to see however that change always happens. It's important to realize that writing is not usually our best guide to how much change has happened because writing systems are consistently ridiculously conservative. It's absolutely amazing. How these things go so for example even french with do. I'm saying that. August is ou in french. But it's spelled a. o. u. t. as if people are still saying which is a lot closer to a gustavus. That's because french. Spelling system is almost as sucky as the english spelling system. Where for example. I'm going to whistle a happy tune. No i'm not gonna play that song but notice that you have with stole so people say well. I prefer to say often because the teas in there but none of them would say whistle or stole or listen to me sweetie. This is he doing in. It's just because writing is ridiculously conservative or just something like made. I made a hat. Look i made ahead okay. Made a d. e. modern-day think about how weird that is. That's as odd as the fact that you have a tongue in your mouth. We don't think about it. But if i tell you this meet it's sitting in your mouth and it's you thinking well you don't well made is the same thing mudder and we just know that that's red is made writing systems are just stupid. Spelled s. t. o. b. d. my favorite example and. I don't mean to insult the burmese but is burmese. Because the ruling system preserves an amber the stage of the language from way back so just like one two three one in writing the way you write one burmese. Talk the way you say. One is the way you write to in burmese's knock the way you say to is knit so imagine you're bouncing on your mommy's knee somewhere in yangon and you learn that one too is t which is kind of fun but then when you learn to write you have to write talk knock. Tragic tragic or the word for three in writing is soom good. That's a nice little word but you know how they actually say it thaw and because the service came in the ooh became an on the these things happen. But you don't write thought you right soom. That's because writing systems are just insane. It's as if the world is just running down like the police. And i have a question about this song. He talks about his vcr in house the same when he's had for years. This is what i've never understood. This song is nineteen eighty probably written and recorded in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy nine yomata is at that time. How did he have a vcr for years. Then when at least in my orbit vcr's were not common until around nine thousand nine hundred eighty you got a new vcr. If you were a snotty rich kid in my experience which i wasn't in about nineteen eighty and then it's about eighty two or eighty three that other people have them. He sang turn all my vcr. Same one i've had for years. Why did he have it for so long. But it's also a wonderful so says there is an alternate universe version of this episode. Where you wouldn't have to listen to any ads and you would even get more show you get tag at the end where i just share some random stuff you know. Sometimes it's connected to the episode but frankly as often not. It's just whatever happened to flutter through my mind that week. While i was making the show but you get more stuff often with more clips and not always with musical theater. What you have to do is get what we call slate. Plus in for a nominal fee. You can have this extra and not just with my show. 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If you want to know why people on the steps in ukraine eight thousand years ago would have understood how easy it can be to get angry at a guest. You have to get slate plus otherwise you won't know in those people in that exclusive club will now. I want us also to hold the camera back. Because i'm telling you that language change is all about this business of sounds eroding et cetera. And that stuff is fun but there's more than that and so language is changing and it's always happening. It tends to be held back by print but nevertheless it is always happening. And even if you can't always have the experience of watching you know copy cola. Become gaba goule there things that you can see on the page for example and things that you can feel in life and so for example. We have to think about changes in the meanings of words. That's as important as copper cola to gobble google. We know that. Shakespeare wrote in english. But as i have mentioned on this show several times one of my first ones was with jack lynch where we talked about. How language has changed so much. Since shakespeare's time that there might be an argument for at least certain massage ings of the texts to make them easier to process in real time for us when shakespeare says generous he means noble. He doesn't mean magnanimous. And so there's been a meaning change since then or not. Just shakespeare but jane austen they're all sorts of little places in jane austen is easier read as she is for us because it hasn't been that long doesn't mean we think she means and so for example pride and prejudice. That does not mean us what it meant to her pride. We think well you know. I have a nice trellis or something. Or that's what they would be proud of because they didn't have penicillin yet so they have a trellis. I'm proud of my toes. But no pride meant proud nece to them. It was the negative pride so proud. Nece prejudice certainly had nothing to do with race and it wasn't as inherently contemptuous in meaning for jane austen. What she meant by prejudice was roughly jumping to conclusions. That you think something now that you end up being contradicted about later not just that you look down your nose it at something. But prejudice meant you fought that but then you learned later that it was that. So for example the estimation of darcy in that book so pride and prejudice was more like proud ity and hastiness. That's what she meant. We can't help thinking what we think now but that is natural to languages well so for example today when we'll say oh that's awesome. Oh you can come at five. That's awesome nobody would have said that even say nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy awesome meant a cathedral but then some centuries before that you could refer to. The cathedral is all full and all full meant what awesome means to us now. It hadn't become negative yet. You know why not and so your pride. Full your wonderful and that cathedral awful. That's what you may have thought. But even today the idea of awesome referring to that you put bacon. Bits and your scrambled eggs. I did the other day. I highly recommend at tarragona potatoes bacon. Bits in your scrambled as then you don't have to eat bacon itself and kill yourself just have the bits. It was awesome. But i would never put it that way. I'll bet james beard never talked about some food being awesome and that's because meanings change so meaning changes then also something else accent changes and we linguists call at stress. I'm talking about if i say aquamarine. The primary stress is on that last syllable aquamarine now. I know that in real life people call that sent. So i'll switch between the two but those changes of stress. Those changes of accent have a lot to do with language change and they can even make something seem like a whole different language. I don't talk much about sounds on the show because my sense is that sounds don't lend themselves as much to sharing with the public and i'm also not a phonology. I don't care as much about sounds as i care about words and grammar but these things do need to be attended to so for example there are two languages that are spoken in china and well one of them. Evenki is spoken in china and russia and are akin is spoken in china. They are languages related to manchu. And then again you know it's not common to know that man chu is part of a group of languages called the tungusic languages in any case there are over there. And there's a there's if you look at evenki and oregon on the page they look like variations on the same thing. They look more similar than spanish and portuguese. But if you talk to avenge arkan's they'll tell you that they don't understand each other and you can play recordings of the two languages to the speakers of the other. It's what what and a lot of the reason is just because they stress they accent different syllables. So the word for fish in evenki is roughly all in our can. The word for fish is alot. Well that can be a little confusing especially. If it's every second word it really does make it hard for people to understand each other and so for example you could listen to cultivate people. Speaking english in the late eighteen hundreds and based on the evidence of guides to proper speech for basically affluent or middle class and self conscious white americans living east of the mississippi in late eighteen hundreds. You know that somebody could have said back then and this is a cooked sentence but still somebody could have said i was trying to enjoy. This was melodrama but the despicable people up in the balcony made too much noise. That is a perfectly reasonable. Evocation of the way edith. Wharton people would have talked so not an exquisite melodrama and exquisite melodrama but the desperate couple not daffy yawn despicable but despicable people up in the balcony. That was a big one. You do not say balcony. That's gross balcony made too much noise and exquisite is not that old pronunciation. Listen for example. This is digging in the crates. But you need to hear this. Stephen sondheim broadway composer. Anyone can whistle flop. Show that now. People who love musical theater adore including me. That was one of my first. Ten cds cut song from it yes called. There's always a woman this is. Who is this sally. May's in kaye ballard. Doing the cut song. There's always a woman. I'm playing this part for you. Only so you listen to the way they say. Exquisite listen our john arena genius. Johnny with a lovely charming dishes stunning expert gone. What but see how. It's exquisite might plant one more time gunning a night would be so they don't say exquisite they say exquisite but sondheim does not mess up scancen. He makes sure that the music's cents parallel the words accents the reason that he has them saying exquisite is because people could still say x. Visit when he wrote this in the early nineteen sixties especially people of a certain age these are quote unquote ladies and so exquisite. He could do that because this business of accent. The stress changing a major part of how language changes and that sort of thing would make english sound really odd to us in the past even if it wasn't anything as dramatic as having to deal with chaucer and that's an example of how the stress can move forward exquisite becomes exquisite but then it can move back. I've seen that in my own now. Becoming lengthy life. I remember when i was rehearsal pianist for small musical back in nineteen ninety-three and at one point. The characters had to take out cellular phones. And i just remembered the director. Saying you guys are playing these really snotty people. These are people who used cellular phones. And so they actually got some props cellular phones and of course they were the size of of bricks and they had antennas alma is nineteen ninety-three and everybody had to hold them for one song. And the what you said. It was cellular phone because people didn't have them six or seven years later. It was cell phone so not cellular phone but cell phone so they've been the switch and then you knocked off the phone and you just said sell all of a sudden we're running around in the early two thousands talking about cells nobody twenty years before even ten years before would have known what we were talking about or my favorite example of this is what you can hear in the nineteen thirties with the word automobile. It's really a lot of fun. You can hear layers. And so let's listen to helen westley an actress who was born in eighteen seventy five and therefore would have learned to speak in the eighteen eighty s and has also playing a fussy older kind of character in the film as ation of showboat of nineteen. Thirty six which to many people. It's a significant as hamlet. So the film's ason of directed by james wale usually a horror film director and they put him on a musical. Imagine how deep that game out. Nineteen thirty six showboat and she's having a conversation with her husband. Listen to how she says. Automobile irony new beers. She don't shay get automobile automobile. That's where it starts but then you just know that if it starts as automobile then some people are going to start saying automobile as they become more familiar as i've talked about on this show so for example here is a movie called make way for tomorrow. I recommend it. It's about what it was like to be very old. Before social security it holds up. It is as modern as anything that is playing on net flicks right now. Despite the fact that it's nineteen thirty seven and at one point in a scene late in the movie. There's this sporting kind of fellow trying to sell a car to the old couple and listen to how he says it My name's ed. Well and of course. You don't know me from adam's father but you can judge something like character. When i tell you i'm permitted to represent this movie. Of course. the car sells itself. When i tell you it's considered the mechanical under the age you be surprised now. That actor is dell henderson. he was born in eighteen. Seventy seven so he was helen wesley contemporary. But he's trying to play a young person on the make whereas helen westley was playing a grandmother. Nevertheless you can hear that the different stages the word competing at this time. And if you've got automobile and then you've got automobile and then you've got automobile. Will you know that after a while just like when you have pizza pie and then after a while pizza you're gonna have automobile automobile and then just auto that already existed by the thirties. And you know it if you watch betty boop cartoons because listen to one of her many cute theme songs. This is the cutest one and listen to this business of an auto horn. Which means that. There's already a word auto so not an automobile horn but an auto horn on. And i'm calling at ten hebrew saxophone go off Down the now. Maybe that doesn't seem dramatic enough. And i i would like it if i could tell you that in five hundred years english is going to need a new name because it's just going to change so much in this business of the stress changing and shakespeare generous etc. Maybe that doesn't seem like enough. But i should say that we have to attend to the difference between written and spoken language and the truth. Is that if we're talking about slang if we're talking about very colloquial and often in group speech it does get opaque fast and so here's an example of how english is changing in ways that we might not know and in ways that will definitely throw people in the not too distant future. Let's take a very simple very plausible sentence. Brought like they totally dispossess. I'm too old. Say that but you can imagine the person saying it. They maybe into bernie sanders brought like they totally dissed his ass if somebody says that and if the day is the new gender neutral they were talking about somebody who is non binary and you're not gonna refer to them he or she but they and so brought. They totally dissed his ass. That is a completely opaque sentence to even a street person one hundred years ago. So that person is in the street drinking their ri- and they're cool and they're doing cool things and listening to ragtime but for like they totally disaster. They would have no idea what any of that that we're saying now means so brooke it starts as brother and then you hear black men saying bro. In the mid twentieth century and then white people pick it up and becomes bra and so this is a certain kind of white guy who is calling other white guys deer or buddy pro bra and that comes from a word that used to be brother as in not a sister and now it's brooke and so brought like they totally disaster so what does like mean here. Well doesn't mean that you like strawberry ice cream in. It doesn't mean that it's like something that you experienced before like they totally. This disaster is one of many meanings of like a highlighter. It means they really did like. It's like something more than you might think. Like means many things remember my so many of you will not that i did with belykh lady as i sometimes. Jocularly call her. Alexandra darcy like means a lot of stuff but you know given that like took over starting only in the late nineteen seventies. That you're gaslight era cool guy would have no idea why you were using like in that way. They would have been used to like being used. Maybe to indicate approximation. Like do it slow like something like that but not something like bro like they totally dispossess when you're talking about something extreme. Then they will. Let's face it. Many of us. Ten years ago would have had no idea how that was being used that they totally distant past. Now the totally doesn't mean they dissed his ass for real or in a total way. If somebody says this context what they mean is some people might deny that the ass question had been dissed but we in this group of people speaking to each other know that oh come on. It really happened. It totally happened. That's called a pragmatic usage. I listening to brother totally. This disaster in nineteen eighty. When i was fourteen or fifteen. I would have no idea what that meant because that totally had not set in yet so just forty years ago when i'm an adolescent. If somebody had said totally i would have thought. Oh do mean completely. I wouldn't have gotten the usage of it that really has settled in particular in the twenty first century so there's that then diss for to disrespect if i'm not mistaken in nineteen eighty if anybody heard disused started. It was very funny. It was major slang the first time that i heard disuse where i thought. Oh goodness that's actually become a word was in the year. Nineteen ninety five when somebody used it with a straight face to me actually and i thought amidst the actual social import of exchange which was unpleasant. That diss is now a word. It's time to put it in the dictionary but for a while this was like like but you're kind of shortening it and it sounds kind of black american or whatever so i would in one thousand nine hundred eighty brought like they totally as i as the person that i was in nineteen eighty. Would've had no idea what it meant and somebody told me i would have thought well. Isn't that interesting in terms of what it might depend for lexicography in the same time for example if this would have been hilarious in the same way asshole was. I remember guys in the bathroom. Yukking it up over the word asshole because it only came to mean what it means. Now as in jerk in the nineteen seventies if you see any recreation of the deep pass where people are calling each other assholes in one thousand nine thirty then however delightful whatever that is is. It's technically in accurate and speaking of acids. Frankly the whole business of you know bra like. They totally dispossess that dispossessed. I don't know when that particular his ass that usage of his ass as a pronoun started. But this i know it was not mainstream english in nineteen twenty. Nobody was saying that. F scott fitzgerald. He wouldn't have put it in one of his works. But i'm quite sure that it's not something. He would have been familiar. With so brian i totally. This is very normal sentence not cooked. That's not like i was trying to enjoy this. Exquisite melodrama but the despicable people up in the balcony made too much noise you know i made that up but bra like totally dispossess. I made that up. But there's probably somebody saying exactly that right now under my window and yet that would be utterly opaque to somebody even frankly depending on who they were fifty years ago so language change happens. This is the christmas show. And so i should have something in there about christmas. Christmas is what i celebrate. And you know what i'm gonna have. I'm going to have one of my very favorite christmas songs. And as you might guests at doubles as a show tune this have yourself. Merry little christmas. This is hugh martin. I did one episode. Where i had only hugh martin songs and ralph blaine. They wrote this for the mgm musical. Meet me in st. louis. Arthur freed musicals. Frankly overrated. i know. I'm going to get hate mail for that. But me and saint louis does have its charms and i would say the main one is just when judy garland sings. But i already did a judy song on the last show so you know actually whose version of this is my favorite. It's johnny mathis and so let's have johnny mathis who. I don't think i've ever had on this show before if i've had bobby short several times. No johnny mathis. Johnny mathis does a kind of an servers and of mid twentieth century. Have yourself a merry christmas. And someone who's listening to. This really loves the bridge and so i'm going to hold this through the bridge and then we will continue as we always. Do you really miss a i yours he from Would a old old a you can reach us at lexicon. Valley at slate dot com. That's lexicon valley. It's sleek dot com to listen to pass shows and subscribe or just to reach out go to slate dot com slash lexicon valley mike. Wallow is as always the editor same one. I've had for years but see that's the thing. Podcast editors were common by two thousand sixteen and so that make sense but nobody cares about this police question. Anyway i am as always john.

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Ep 110: 10 Nonfiction Books Ive Loved, finding our life themes in our reading lists

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

47:07 min | Last week

Ep 110: 10 Nonfiction Books Ive Loved, finding our life themes in our reading lists

"Michaeli wednesday your welcome. What was that. You're welcome hillary. Rush for your welcome in ed vans and low friends. Welcome back to this week's episode of the you're welcome podcast myself. Hillary rochford last week's topic was long and deep complex. deep emotions. Big questions all the things so to balance it out. I thought i would followed up with a lighter shorter sweeter episode also on a topic that was listener requested and what i thought was interesting as i wrote out this list of ten books that you'll ask that i recommend was noticing a fem- so maybe today it sparks your interest in a specific that i mentioned but i also wonder if it might make you curious to make your own list and see what comes forth from that because i think that we all have deriving questions like through lines and themes in our lives where there is some area some question that we are setting out to answer and if we are wise and intentional about it we come at it from a lot of different angles and it didn't occur to me until i made this list. Just how many angles. I have come at a certain question or a query throughout my life at an even the things that are that interest or delight us in a lighter way. I'll share a couple of those as well. They're still even is a little bit of a through line. So i'm curious. Maybe you take a book away. I love Maybe you really resonate with the questions i'm asking in. Its why perhaps we share some of our favorite books in common or something really stands out to you but it also just might be the idea of if you wrote your ten books down. What is the through line. What does it say to you about your deep questions for yourself. So i have linked all of these in the description below if you swipe up that way you can click through. You can find the authors. You can know that. It's the exact book the links below. Here's the deal. They are links to amazon. And i believe you. We have two choices as a reader. I personally believe that our best option all times as a reader is to buy local. I love bookshops. Amazon is notoriously very bad for authors. Because they get to set the price of what the book is at and they can sometimes put that at a real discount and that's at a disadvantage to the authors. I also grew up going to bookshops with my dad. I love going to bookshops. I do not want them to go away because of this online world we live in. I think that they were a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours wandering around seeing what you discover getting inspiration so i personally always make the commitment to buy local unless i am shopping from a used book seller on amazon. But here's the flipside of it. If you do by amazon just commit to writing a review. Because many many people do buy books on amazon and reviews are one of the most powerful elements to keep a book going out there and keep supporting the and the message so do not shame yourself if you choose to buy from amazon but just commit that you're going to it's like offsetting your carbon emissions or whatever. I don't really know enough about the environment to explain what that means but think about it like doing that. If you're not going to support local you are still going to support the author in another way. And i'm sure when. I have a book coming out. I'm going to be talking about both of these as well that they are both really powerful ways that we can support artists artists authors creatives and creator. So my ten bucks drum roll please number one if you have been here for more than five seconds you will not be surprised that it is essential as a centralism by greg. Mccowan the only book that i have read. I believe five times at this point The book that i have bought literally hundreds of copies of perhaps thousands four some of my entrepreneurs students years and have no-doubt had hundreds or thousands. More of you buy as well so my theme that comes up all throughout these books is being exhausted constantly. Wondering am i doing. Am i being too hard on myself or not. Working hard enough. Am i doing too much or am. I not doing enough and reading essentially which i read in april of twenty fifteen in milan it sitting by myself but a little cafe drinking cappuccino having croissant. I've a photo of it if you scroll all the way back in my instagram. I remember very few times in places where i was when i read a book. But that is one that i absolutely do. And it really was an offer me that it was not about hustling harder and i that there are more messages these days about anti hustle but in twenty fifteen. I feel that that was really the predominant. Narrative specifically in entrepreneurship was kind of this shaming energy. That you work hard. Play hard you've got to want it more than any. What else you got to wake up earlier just watching too much netflix's you've got to stay up later and i mean i just didn't feel like i could have been working any harder and it wasn't getting any easier. I told myself when i started a business. I could be crazy for three years. I was three and a half years in. And i was like something's gotta give because it does not look like it is getting easier right around the corner. And this isn't sustainable. And it was the first book that i found in the quest that i just felt so seen i felt such permission. I felt such hope that was saying actually. If you do less you will get further and here is here are so many examples and applications of that. It also mentions the concept of going on a sabbatical and i therefore decided in april twenty fifteen that the following summer. I would go on a sabbatical which was a big other part of my healing journey and really just became a lotta the foundation for my my sort of life motto of elegant. Excellence that we talked about a bit last week. And i have the next. One's mastermind accretive the elegant excellent skulls journal. So much from you really goes back to simplifying. So i actually did a podcast episode on centralism. I will link that Below if you haven't listened to that yet and i will also link to the elegant excellence goals journal. If you do not have one of those. We are just about to release our summer collection. We've very limited Amount of stock. But you can get a july december journal so i will link that Below for the wait list we will release it early to the weightless people to give them a chance because they might sell it out before we even go public from there so my second book. My disclaimer is that i am only halfway through it but i'm feeling so passionate about it. I'm going to put it on my top ten list. And that is the relentless pursuit of hurry. it has the same energy of centralism. But it's a deeply christian book. It is a very religious book. I personally believe if you not christian you can still read it and simply replace it with your beliefs and that all of the truths in there are universal anything. You can't get behind even if you just believe that jesus was a man and you simply him as a pass. Historical figure that you don't relate with it is none the less. I referenced. this in last week's episode. Something about we can go back and use something from the bible even if it doesn't speak to us religiously or spiritually as an ancient texts to sometimes go. Isn't this wild. The this is what people were wrestling with a century ago like from the beginning of humanity. We've been wrestling with this and yet today. I think it's because i have instagram. And i haven't iphone and you know we have electricity so we stay up late at night. We all of these things that we think are the reason we have these challenges and i always find it so powerful to go. This is not a unique to me problem. This is not a twenty twenty one problem. This is not a modern day problem. This is a human longing a human yearning that we wanna keep pushing me one a hurry we wanna be busy we want and it is so challenging for us to down and a really one thing that he challenges to which i have really come to believe for myself and fight for for myself over the last year. Is that being too busy or being in a hurry. Being overly full being spread thin being being behind being too busy is an excuse that most of us do have the privilege to control. Now i say most of us have the privilege because acknowledge that there are people that are working jobs that do not pay enough to live on and are therefore having to work multiple jobs and that is not a society that we should live in there some systemic gaps and issues there or that there may be seasons in your life when someone is in the hospital and you are needing to work overtime to lose your job etc that we go through seasons that are excessively busy but most of us who are blessed to not be in either of those positions. I just find for myself in having slowed down. I talked about this in our three week. Series on enough Just a couple of weeks ago that i am challenging myself to this year of boredom and to try to do as little as possible. I don't mean accomplish. I'm writing a book. I'm growing business but to notice in my off hours how easy it is to add on. And then i'm gonna learn french. And then i'm going to redecorate the living room and then i'm gonna do more online shopping for clothes and then i'm going to just add on all this stuff and the more that i'm like you know what actually don't really have anything on my to do list this weekend. I just. I literally don't have anything to do today. What do i want to do with this time. Seen what's come up from. I even just notice that it's so easy to find something else to put in our to do list. Like if i want to fix something in if i want to change something in my apartment i buy something and then it hasn't work and now i have to return it so now the return on my to do list and the item still has to be replaced. That's on my to do list. I won't go down arapahoe. But yeah i mean i went through this whole thing with our betting where he mentioned that he didn't like our bedding so i wanted to make him happy and redo the bedding. But oh my gosh the can of worms that we opened and then he was like this is not what i asked for. He didn't ask for this. Whole can of worms. and what. yes you did. You said you didn't like the betting. I was just trying to make you happy. But oh my gosh. If we could go back we'd be like keep them. Keep dot not worth the hours of the replacing on the returning and the like with. We don't like this. And what else do we like. What else do we wanna find. Let's read reviews. I mean you just notice like that. I must say it's bad to replace your bedding but there are times when you just realize. How much time. Am i spending your searching for these reviews and all of that and so his premise really is that when we when we are too busy. We don't have time for our spiritual life for our personal growth. I also realized shared a little bit. That i realize the last year because of choices i made coincidentally heading into twenty twenty which we did not know what become co ed. I had simplified in slowdown my business and because of that. I've really been given the opportunity to have a lot of hours in certain seasons to research anti racism and watch the idt. Tv's read the captions read the comments. Where if. I go back a few years ago when i was so spread thin as a new entrepreneur. I just think i didn't have these hours. I would not have been able to do this. So i think that a centralism to me is like the grandfather. Even though it's only like you know ten years old maybe but it is kind of gold. Started me of laying. The foundation and then relentless pursuit of hurry says i want to challenge you to take this even deeper four your spiritual life for your soul again. Whatever that means for you religiously or spiritually. I truly think that his message there is universal. Number three is and these are not an order by the way this is just kind of like the way the list came out on a ranking number. Three is how to do nothing. This is a book that i bought. Because i love the title and i loved the cover the cover and looking at it right now make. The cover is florals it's pinks and reds greens. That's all my car to handle wedding colors and it's it's just a bouquet of flowers. It's gorgeous truth. Be told us a lot more academic book. Once you get inside the cover would lead you to believe. I do not say this negatively about the author but i think she is. She works at a university. She is an academic. And i don't know if her intention was to make it a mass market book so it took me a long time to get into this book at took me lots of stops and starts because it wasn't just that instantly readable nature but a lot of times i'd have reread the paragraph multiple times to. What is she really saying. I really think about it. Whereas essentially is very easy to consume relentless pursuit hurry very easy to consume. How do nothing took took a little bit longer. But i'm grateful that i did make it through because it has its own perspective on how to do less that really her how to do. Nothing is not the same well maybe to an extent. I don't really think her thing though is like my year of boredom noticing. How much of what we do is about buying spending consumerism How much is sort of built into that whole marketing. Culture and Yeah it was just a more academic take on it. So i would say it sort of is the like like the anti religion berkeley progressive sort of vision on essentially two point. Oh it's just a very different perspective from pursuit of hurry. But i value them both because as i said this is my core question. I want to live a spacious. I wanna live slow life. I don't wanna be anxious. I don't wanna be exhausted. I wanna be really emotionally and mentally healthy. But i wanna live in extraordinary life. I i am an entrepreneur. I'm a creative. I am am passionate about issues in the world. So it's not about let me just moved to the country and work at the corner store and have like the simple life for me. It's more so the complication of how can i create a life. That has all of this complexity. I'm i'm doing the more challenging unique fulfilling career that most people won't won't make the leap are called to the complexity of while simultaneously not giving into the hustle and exhaustion of it and that that tension that and is really where my question comes from the fourth book one. Same lines is burn out written by twin sisters. I wouldn't say it's hilarious but definitely a giggle out loud book. It was a very enjoyable read. I really enjoy these two Sisters and other twins. I believe and they just come from very different backgrounds. They will have beautiful perspective that they bring to it and again it's more about doing less i would say. This is the specifically female perspective. Not that doesn't apply to men. I just felt like it was very directed towards women in the previous books felt very gender neutral but it includes more practical applications for how to recover from having done too much so feel like essentially on is the message of a centralism is due less to have a better life to be more fulfilled to have more impact to succeed more to the overall happier and then once we're on board with that relentless pursuit of hurry is due less to also have a more spiritual life. Let's go even one notch beyond a better life and really free up that time for contemplation in thought in personal exploration. How do nothing says. Let's also do last for a more conscious consumerism life. Let's let's think about the real big picture application of our cities and our states and our countries and our supply chains. And how how do we last is kind of a revolutionary act that that betters are our neighbors in our neighborhoods and then burn out says. Let's also do last for a healthier life physically and mentally if we have done too much as we read these books that educate an empowering compel us to do less we also might just be physically burnt out a knee to recover from that book. Number five is lost connections which is on the causes of depression and anxiety. I would say this is about what happens to us when we don't do less. We get burnt out. It may be level number one but in the last book but even below that is it may get so bad that we experience depression anxiety because we are too busy to get connected. We are so busy. We feel disconnected. Were too busy to explore. Why were unhappy so we looked to medication to help us. In by the vilified medication the author is someone who took medication for years and truly believed that it was the answer. Set out to write a book about that and spoiler alert through his discoveries ends up far more compelled by. What is it about us. That needs this medication in the first place and believing that they're actually are more routes to that even if medications serves you for For time. I did a three part series on that book. That's how into that book was so that part that i will also linked below if you wanna listen to those where we looked at the seven different reasons that he breaks out and we talked about each one of them and what the application is for us book. Six is untamed by the glorious glennon. Doyle this book is so readable. I read so many chapters to jeremy out loud. Where i was just like. I have to read you. This one read you one more. I just need to tell you this story It's it's so relatable there so many stories it's such an easy delightful read her way with words and language just so beautiful but i would say this is really about the aha's of the effects of expectations and pressure on women new. Why are we doing too much in the first place. Why are we pushing or putting pressure on ourselves or putting ourselves into these boxes so again. This is kind of a specifically female. Take in my perspective of doing last but less trying to be enough which which is still a posture of less less pressure less expectation and pulling back more of those layers from patriarchy stories of our childhood and how we can parrot well from that perspective so again it stays along those lines of. I wanna create space to be able to just breathe more and be more of who i am. Number seven is super tractor by gabby bernstein one of the core themes and that is do less attract more that i mentioned that there was a theme because at pretty much every has the two words do less do less but better do less like Create more space. Do less better human do less be Be physically mentally healthier. Do less have less mental health struggles. do less of the expectations. Everyone puts on you. That can feel overwhelming. This one it with you do less attract more. It is a spiritual from different perspective. It's not a christian religious book so to the Hurry book that i said. Hey if you're not christian you might need to put under different lens to reduce. I would say the christians you put on a different lens to read this. I am not a. I am not easily offended. -able personally about my faith. I can read something that has a different faith and be like no worries that works for you. I'm just gonna read it through my leads. So when i read super tractor. I read it. As a much more christian book than the actual words on the page because that's just my worldview. So when she says you know guardian angels. I say holy spirit and great but i can still take out what i believe in. There are the universal truths. I love that book. I would like to read it for a second time. It's an. it's one that i read. I think in today's actually will make no. I'm gonna put that one in the In the description below as well the episode on twenty two steps to feel better in a day that came out of having read that book And just really turned around a specific personal situation. I was having my life personal struggles. I will link back below that. That's another one that. I just really remember where i was. It was a saturday something that happened on friday night. Jeremy was out of town. I put that in my ears by the way about. I have listened to one two. I wasn't a four out of ten of these on audible to consider. If by any chance you feel like you don't have time to read nonfiction books or you don't have a window for it but obviously podcast because you're here so there are times when reading a nonfiction book on audio book allows me to be walking on an airplane doing doing chores around the house kinds of things and consume it. Sometimes if i really want to take in the content. I will sit there and take notes. That's what i've been with the pursuit of hurry book is. I'm listening. But i have my journal open writing down a lot of things. There's other times when a book is really powerful. i got to be able to underline it. I've i've used a different color highlighter. Every time i go through centralism. Because i'm that much erred and at i see what different things stand out to me so i love having that intangible form the loss connections book i i did three part podcast series on. I felt like there was so much information that i had so many things i actually had to say. I'm not going to underline this. Because the whole book will be underlined. So i'm just going to read it. And then i will come back and i will scan it again and i will will will leave. Little had little sticky posted on what the things were that. I wanted to talk about on the podcast so much so sometimes i will listen to a nonfiction book on audio book and then if i love it also pick up the physical copy of it and reread it or be able to go back and underlying because i need things multiple times in order to really stick with me. The things that are. I mean as i said these are all along the same lines and so when when this is the big question of my life i it's going to keep coming up you know i. I'm hearing something one. Time is not going to be like. Oh that's answer that it's not just a factual thing like you know what i didn't actually know that now i do instead it's not my scarcity mindset is gonna come back up my anxiety my perfectionism i so i need to keep adding this this information to my tool belt where the thoughts are more readily accessible and so in in works like this that are really powerful often will read them second time and underlying highlight etc in. Sometimes they're so good in the beginning. That unlike i can't do it or i will. Just underline everything so let me just allow myself. Just take it all in. It's fine that you're going miss some of it because you're going to listen to it again or you're going to reread it or you're listening to the audio book and then you're gonna get physical book or you're getting you're reading the physical book and then you're go to the audio book and let it sink in more but when you think about how much work goes into a book. I shared last week's episode. I spent three hours recording that script. And then however long the episode was and i had already spent a week really consuming in and being curious and having conversations around that broader topic but when my style book comes out i will have spent a decade exploring that one topic and then years saving up ideas for it and then months writing i draft for it. So i also really think as i love podcasts and this really conversational medium but i also said to you. Last week hey. I spent a lot of time working on the script. And i guarantee you. There's going to be things that. I disagree with myself on before too long because i i'm going to unpack. It's a complex issue. And i'm going to see it from different angles now. I reserve the right to do the same thing with my style book. There's no way that i'm going to write a book in twenty twenty one that come twenty thirty one. I don't have a fresh idea on it. I mean i would be pretty disappointed in my brain my creativity my personal growth. If i was like yeah. I don't have anything new. Wouldn't wouldn't change a thing so that doesn't mean that we're not going to evolve on those but i really do think when you find a book that speaks to you. There is value in returning to it again and again because often a book has been years in the making And does have so much of that depth so number seven was super tractor. Now we're into three. That are later ones. But i think that there still is a little bit of correlation. Even in some of the later things are interested in so eight is how to be parisian. This is a book. I read years ago but it came to mind because i read it. I believe in one sitting. I was on an airplane. Excuse me and i was like just kept walking through. It was just really delightful. And i think that what came to mind with me as i came to mind for me as i thought about this concept of doing less is that i think americans are especially hard ourselves and there is more ease in a lot of european cultures and as i pondered that. I think it's it's feels very poetic to me that i read a centralism in italy. One of those you know little tribute up you know the the suite life something. Don't you jaffar nj from eat. Pray love where. It's like the sweetness of doing nothing. Defiantly something like that. So in some ways i. This book occurred to me. I thought maybe there are more french. Italian they're more books from other countries on this kind of concept of the sweet life and ease and prioritizing they take longer holidays and they take longer afternoons and they spend more time with their people and somehow they seem to eat all the cheese and bread and drink all the wine and yet be in better shape than most americans. So what you know there is something to their. Et's or they're spending more of their time walking around and being outdoors worsening on computers. So while is kind of a light. Quickey cheeky sassy book. I still think that there's something to that vibe of the ease. The i feel like frenchwoman tend to be more easy in their fashion. Their beauty they're eating. It feels like there is a. I would say french. Fashion is do less were less color. They wear less accessories. They wear less makeup and so i think that there is just a general. Even those light things that we command trysted in as a fun read week might be like the through line is still here. It's about ease it's about lightness. And as that came up for me. I thought okay maybe. Are there other european books. Along these lines that i can think of. If you have any ideas please let me know on instagram. But when you're making your own list just noticing what comes up. Even if they are more of a fun read which is true of number nine. Why not me by mindy kaylene I also believe that. I read her wise. Everyone hanging out without me years ago. But i don't really recall it. I just happened to listen to her. Audiobook a few months ago Well violently ill for days. And i just felt so miserable from Vomiting from bug that. I didn't have covid. But jeremy night had eaten something and i just wanted to lay in bed in the dark and just listening to take my mind off it and so i started this michaela book and i think that there is i resonate with. She's entrepreneurial in creative and really her mindset is what opened a lot of doors for her at a lot of time. She didn't have the traditional career path in a lot of it took having faith in herself and being willing to think outside the box and And leap outside the box. And i resonate with that as i said i want to do less and have an extraordinary life. I don't desire to be celebrity famous. Like she is but there is a lot of commonality of wanting to be fulfilled and creative and kind of have a grounded confidence and to have a life of more joy. And so sometimes even just the fact that i like to. I know that. I like to read. Joyful books just says to me joy value of mine. Joy is something that i want more in life and i that comes out in some of my favorite nonfiction books and finally stories. I only tell my friends by roblo which i consumed completely different to being prostrate in dark room trying not to vomit with mindy kaylene. I was literally lying on a rainbow unicorn float in a pool. The whole time. That i listened to rob lowe You may recall. We were pandemic in phoenix in random. Airbnb this time last year and a sort of the precursor to the year of boredom was what really came up being in phoenix for us. Unlike many of you don't have kids. We weren't frontline workers. We weren't working overtime. We were in a random town. There was nowhere to go. We're not going to go to dinner. We're not going to Go shopping we're not gonna go to movies of all inside trying to social distance from one another and so we went into weekends for the first time being like. What are we going to do all weekend. And you may recall a call that big marker list get at a piece of paper at a bit colored marker and would just write in big block letters float in the pool. Go for a walk. Do a puzzle really being. Here are the options of things that we have to do this weekend but it ended up kind of inspiring. Actually once you've done that for a while. Is there something that comes up at the end of it. So one thing. I loved about this book. Which i've already shot previously on. The podcast is he did not speak negatively of anyone. Just didn't feel like you were getting any. There was not being spilled to hearken back to the theme of last week's episode where it just wasn't negative. He was all positive everyone he met. He had something positive to stay a and if he did have negative runnings with celebrities. He didn't put them in the book and so it just felt very positive and there is well just being inspired by different times when he had closed doors and creative heartbreaks and to see the that sometimes is the pursuit of a creative life and while my path is going to be different than his again. I don't want a hollywoodlife per last week's episode i do not want that level of critique but to notice there is in his story. His life seems to demonstrate joy. Ease affluence of creativity inspiring colleagues. And so that just shows us things that we are interested in. It tells us something about ourselves. We talk about this elegant schools journal. Which again i'll link below if you don't have one but we talk about going back and there's a bunch of questions that we ask on things that inspire us and books. Tv shows instagram accounts. Those kinds of things were just pulling out. What does this say about. What my daydreams are. What am i daydream. Say about what. I value what i'm attracted to and that rather than seeing that as like well. I'm never going to be blow a well unless you wanted to be an actor. You probably don't want to be blow but there is something in there that you you are resonating with and let's pull that out and then worked to add that into your life without ever having to be an actor a famous You know anything like that. I've to vote quickly for entrepreneurs number. One is the ms the meth revisited. It is a book from the nineties. Not as old as the bible that we were talking about earlier but nonetheless i think that it is powerful because of its still resonates so much today when i have my mastermind students read it and it was before instagram. It was before the age of the digital online business. And it really says these challenges that you're having you're not just having because a facebook ads and pinterest and should you join clubhouse beyond tiktok all of this these challenges. You're having of being overly full and spread to thin our inherent of entrepreneurship. And even before this whole internet game existed. They were still there. And i again. I just find that. So reassuring. I this is one. I remember exactly where i was. I was sitting on the east river here in new york when i lived in long island city. I was sitting on the water. I just wanted to scream. Why did no in tommy to read this book earlier. I felt like for the first time. I didn't feel crazy. I think i read it really early on in my business. Like your one or two. And i just felt so insane and i'd just underlying the heck out of it and felt like. Oh my gosh. I get that. I'm i'm i'm not crazy. I'm not weird. This is entrepreneurship. And so i think that validity can just be such an anchor for us at different times to realize this is part of the human condition. This is part of this general experience. And i am may not be easy but i am normal in that way and the other one is miami book which i never talk about but it came up recently in my mastermind and wrote this book after my first two years in entrepreneurship. It's called the part entrepreneur cocktail and it basically is a diary of my first two and a half years in business. it shares every six months. How big was my following. Where did it come from. How much money had i made. What was my prophet. What was my my expenses. Exactly what did i spend money on. You know how many followers that have on every platform. I just try a little screenshots. All throughout of my diary. I had an online journal at the time and was really just trying to capture the experience of those early years of entrepreneurship. We have we don't really have it on the website. We have not shared it far and wide because it was originally created to be a pdf and it has so many links and that our old and outdated and per essentially them it is just not my highest point of contribution to take my hours to reformat that. So i'm gonna share that as a link here because it was basically my master girls ended up asking some questions about early on in business. And i couldn't remember so. I grabbed the book off the shelf. I have the only tangible copy of it. And i just said i. I'm gonna talk to my team and figure out. How can we get you a link where you can get this. And i just need you to forgive me and ignore all of the links that don't work but i don't want you to miss them meet in this so i'm still not out. They're going to promote this publicly. But i feel like those of you that get to the end of a podcast episode or like be The inside crew. So i will put that in the link below but if you are an entrepreneur i would highly recommend that it's literally seven dollars and It has blessed a lot of people. So i am curious to hear what your theme czar when you make this list for yourself or if something even just brings forth through listening to mind if you would share that list or some of your favorite books or any of the books that i recommended that you love on your instagram stories and tag me. I think that we are always looking for a more book recommendations. I think book lovers love good nation just by being here. I know that you are fellow. Growth oriented growth minded person. You want to get better You want to work through your issues but also our time is limited and we do wanna be wise about what we invest our time and energy into and so even something like watching a documentary a tv show reading nonfiction book or a novel when we get recommendations. It can help us feel a little bit more confident about saying okay. I'm going to invest my my time into that. So i hope the today's bless you thank you for asking the question to the listener. That did an as a girl who grew up with a father who has a ten thousand book library in our home. It has been a joy to talk with you today. Wait one more thing. Miss this before you go love. Ps something. i'm loving lately. Speaking of books is a novel. The novels called minoan is watching. It is a hard novel to read but it is a good hard. Gonna try to unpack that for you. Because there are a lot of films in the world that are critically acclaimed that i know would be so educational insightful. Informative emotional to watch and i struggled to watch heart films. I pretty much. Don't watch any of them. I consume a lot. Already of articles of i tend to do a little bit better. In short form. I think a podcast episode ii. Gt be opposed on instagram. Where i can. It's hard but i can digest it bit by bit so just for you to kind of know where. I'm coming from on hard topics. And i would highly recommend this novel I didn't cry. I think that's also important what we're talking about. What is a hard thing mean. Prior to this. I read a much fluffier. Just modern novel. And i wept like crying on the side of the bathroom tub at three in the morning. And i kinda wish. I'd skip that book because i just didn't really need to like cry over random fictional characters and like a rom com kind thing. So there's that where i'm sort of like i mean if you want a good cry read this other. This one wasn't a crying. It was a a lot of deep breathing about present day realities of racism set in brooklyn and it specifically takes place on a street. That reminds me so much of the street that jeremy and i lived on before we moved to our current apartment Isn't it's literally i. I'm pretty positive is designed to be set one neighborhood over from us. Our neighborhood was more gentrified when we moved there. But it really is about the gentrification of neighborhoods. And i'm sure it resonated much more with me because of living in brooklyn but i know so many of you love new york who follow me that i think that that would be fascinating and i learned things about the his history of racism in this city that i had not considered before that i did not know. There are references in the back that i now want to go research more things from so i was very educational. It was also just so well written. It was really a cliffhanger to the end it's kind of it's it's a thriller I will also say. I saw an article shared when i was right in the middle of it about black authors. The the the the complex reality of black authors reliving trauma for entertainment and i. I thought that that made a lot of sense. I think it's one thing to be really coming from an educational perspective and we still acknowledge all of the the labor intensity of that if you're writing a nonfiction book if you were teaching on instagram. But sort of the the blend that it's a novel and it's a thriller and so it's kind of escapist but it's also very rooted in reality and so that that article just left me a little bit not sure quite how to speak about this book and how represented it. It's hard to be like was such a good read when you're like it's so real. This is absolutely happening today. And if i had read it a few years ago i don't know that it would hit me as intently as as as being more awake over the last year so i would say i was very hard to read but on the other hand there is a sense in reading that. It's something that we can change and we are working to change and i think in that way. It's like it felt intense because it's happening now but it also felt a little more hopeful. Because i see more people leaning into say. We don't want this to be the case so i don't want to sound naive but i do think the more that we bring light to darkness we change it and this book was written prior to george. Floyd i believe it was published in early twenty twenty which means that she would have had to write it probably back in two thousand eighteen but it feels very timely and i just highly recommend it so i hope that this many little book. That is every single. Podcast episode has blessed you. I would be so grateful if you would. Swipe up leave a quick review. Share this or any episode that speaks to you with your family. Your friends your facebook groups your instagram stories tag. Me and i can't wait to hear what comes up for you after this and every episode. See you back here next week with grace and gumption next wednesday.

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Dizzee Rascal on Mumble Rap, Dealing with Fame & Hating Social Media

No Jumper

1:04:34 hr | 1 year ago

Dizzee Rascal on Mumble Rap, Dealing with Fame & Hating Social Media

"Yeah but they saw it right away to like you know I. I didn't know what they would there so l._a.. I didn't know that necessarily like understand English kid but I send but he's quite clear. Though isn't it yeah yeah. I think I appreciate it all right. This is why I wanted to show you so. This is like the most influential early U._K.. B._M._X. Street video and also happens to be the first first time I ever heard you ever heard of U._K.. Rapper probably period and I just remember at this time being fucking shocked and appalled and not knowing what the Fuck I was listening to stop that see back in those days. Nobody was probably about two thousand five that that came out two thousand four okay so this was my first time ever hearing you know grime U._k.. Rab You anything like that and this was just these kids from Sheffield. They made this video and they were the first ones because I was like B._M._x.. It the whole early part of my life. This is the first time that I ever like the U._K.. had necessarily really like made its mark in terms of like <hes> the street B._M._X.. Seen Okay and of course they had you on the soundtrack. I never knew that yeah I know that's crazy 'cause like nowadays the shits on Youtube it gets claimed the money goes to your bank account back in the day. You know the press was that Youtube. It's on video or youtube now because yeah because what what would it come out just wanted him. D._V._D.'s before D._v._D.'s even it was V._h._S. tapes and and there's a couple of thousand of them floating around shit okay no crazy yeah. That's my because I don't even remember when you came on two thousand six or so I would say okay. I guess South over remember. It didn't pay attention to it's all maybe two thousand nine. You're late bloomer on the Internet. Yeah 'cause you could say that yeah when it comes to that social media stuff la into <hes>. I've never had a facebook lab face facebook fighting forever someone who runs it. I've never been on facebook. I don't know how to do that <hes> but I'll go into instagram I was in L._A.. In two thousand and that's been latte twelve or fourteen and snoop and he he showed me as I was there any any put in the the phone number on what is he doing Michelle this this instagram right this is before this was just photo follow APP for the video all all year lame if you're posting the photo because it's not gonNA as video but but I like that as well because I think the videos more interactive more and more interested in a like posting videos as opposed to photos I mean so easy to get lost and just trapped in that just sunk in place and just looking at this fucking concert on your phone for hours like that you know it's like anything interested in you can just go deep down that fucking wormhole now you can you you kind of need that it's good for him. What was going on somewhere in another place yeah so that's good to keep up with stuff but I mean I could definitely say flexible my brain to be honest when I get lost in just looking at all these hottest girls? I'll I'll never meet you can meet them No. Maybe if you're willing to put in the work but you got a girlfriend so I try to keep my mind. I'm not gonNA actually trying to quickly so that I give me the girl though shit swiftly moving against Nassar <hes> yeah I just feel like is appropriate that we have a conversation because I've been talking to all these fucking new upcoming Rab dudes and stuff so it's like it just makes sense go back to the the foremost elder statesman of the scene chase has failed even be talked about it in those terms because I feel like you're somebody who got the O._G.. Card like preemptively because you're like you're only thirty five right before but you've been up in his since you're a little kid so motherfuckers always when they see somebody like that will always act like you're old before. You actually really are old because they're so used to seeing you know that that's what I'm covering Nala people that is they placed around O._G.. Kind of rod now of me. Oh Jeez Latte Fu people don't understand that that's a little bit of a diss when it comes to rappers. It's like I appreciate in your jeep the same time don't act like a mold yet it could it caucus it got better and again marked by Bambi Docs he's O._G.. Jay Z. Audience People Call Oggi's sweat any for the late late late phase. I think chases definitely as forty. Israeli is about to hit fifty nine O.. J. is good to have oh Jeez in his game lot older rappers because it just in in other scenes. It's not a problem necessarily lab for the Frank. Sinatra made his biggest. When did he make my way was last sixty in Baseman baseman? You want a career light spending that long me personnel. I hope I'll get openness yeah yeah. That's the crazy thing too. Though is that you broke open these doors for this whole new generation of all the things that we see happen in U._K.. Rab Now but it was a struggle for you. It was action. You're going through the hell of breaking through in a way that people now stuff is sort of accept that there's no more everything from being festivals what working my way to the main stage and even they're making me do all the stuff that you love some Arapahoe me Mahatma and D._J.. But in this time that may cost us a band Greg they couldn't see division at how can you be there and do of all these thousands of people that there's times we have to use the bond showed any mush and then get back to what we do now. If you look at the wireless lineup almost every single person on it is just a guy he's crazy wireless other wireless two thousand eight or signed last night and one even a hip hop festival in really is it's crazy in Hyde Park it was he was why I listen to bands and deejays and should basically basement jaxx headland not one. I remember I'm as well I met Prince Harry and 'cause God in Islam is that yes crazy. I you feel when you look at this new generation of <hes> of these these kids who are coming out the get accolades getting recognized on a level that <hes> I guess you'd probably always you know you feel proud when you look at everything that your countrymen are accomplishing. Well see like the drew stuff <hes> lie I. I liked that music. I'll check for that long. I like Ross a lot low ski. I listened to them not right at the beginning of their careers because they're so much younger than me auto light but once they got a they come to my attention I was into that because I was into chief. Keefer no doubt when that came out and I was into soldier wearing migos when they first come see when Migos at the chew homes hold on I got with Gucci about nowhere and before that I was in a freeze on project PAT's one of my favorite rappers get green and missed the dog play Latte my favorite rap albums yeah. Those are two classics. I still go back to to be honest. I don't go back to that much old music for they. Just are what they are in it. Yeah I see all of that in the same lineage and I'm in there somewhere in between as what's funny is that you clearly from hearing you talk about music. You have like a ability to appreciate all all kinds of music including music that you know diehard hip. Hop Fans are looking at as being you know sort of a bastardisation of hip hop but you've you've got enough of an appreciation for all that kind of stuff like I heard you talking about mumble wrapping an interview and saying like you know. I don't think the mumbling I like what they're doing not knock knock because the seven drew to me La understand it because I've listened to Salva music that long and juvenile them will do the same thing really remember when you saw the heartier I didn't see it when it came out. I remember when McKay Markle's I remember Westwood used to play the Remix with Jay Z on you yeah and I wasn't quite into whereas and all that stuff then by just remember it being off key Lau discussing <hes> when what's the video layer I saw a sick. I'd love to do videos that just the way it's Kinda short lacquer lot almost photography in a way I never I think I was twelve when I saw that I'd never seen a video that made me feel like that or you felt like they were depicting a culture so sitter Ralway less crazy because I did a show. The Hassle Blues to be a few years before Katrina and just 'cause I was so insulate no limit and cash money and <hes> would without wind up when I went there I wanted I went. I said No. I have to go for food ninth nine food. I went there last. Take me there and went up there awesome yeah I've seen enough grimy as folk. There's of attach attention year in air and just lack of vibe of just see bad latte some anything nothing could happen laugh at that kind of and I'll shut videos in places like that win me and Bun and pimp c the song who wears the Jeez it was on March first album of maths English which which crazy in America came out on L._P.'s. He's label at the time they came out there but <hes> yeah we saw a video inferred would in in Houston and it was similar. I'm it was sold grab sole raw member yet to get permission from whoever the guy was Latin and they come in blessed the the the area for US wherever I remember I just knew poverty I remember there was one thing that you see some of them. Hostage lack now almost like shacks and I remember one of the film crew must have picked adore and used it for the puddle rates for random door and later in the days. I'm GonNa who who took my fucking door and that was the woman she's like yeah we can do. You could just easily remove the door like that but she still felt. That's what I'm saying. That's the kind of public speaking you're dealing with. They were all on edge because whoever from over there had been overshoot in waiting for the get back who was Kinda tense enough. That's how decide. ninefold in New Orleans fill and the crazy thing is that none of those places at normal yeah Latte obviously Katrina they knocked on thingy and then just off the West G.. Show up nowhere deferred would from what I saw guns are to see where dot music really came from the sovereign hippo because New York ghettoes at different. That's what I learnt an L._A.. Dif- different I mean I went to go. I've been touring U._S.. Ungodly essence Latte to five hundred free yeah. I was four so off by other ways wanted to go to the N._C._A._A.. Areas for myself so I went to turn by four content was nice because it was houses yeah this. This ain't not bad but then you understand that nice. It's not sweet. It's not what you think is here. It's all about the housing projects eh Yo states. That's where it's close enough. Close to new government hasn where everybody's sort of cooped up in the same place so that's where I was buried. Shit starts happening more or less right yeah. It was Gla- Khuda Atlee commentaries four Atlee. He's the one hundred years ago the first the first Wisconsin will state officially was the raccoon on right in shortage and that was the actual first one they built so government housing supposed to be affordable has him and then obviously it wasn't a full of most people couldn't buy and went into factor came along the way was allowed to actually buy it right way that's happen. It's interesting because when we talk about juvenile early on I think that's what he was. One of the best things that you can do especially if you're like. The first big rapper from an area is to really give the people that raw depiction of what goes on in that area and like how much of that what stood out to you when you first come into the game that you wanted to to really tell the story of the people from your area versus just telling your own truth like was that something that would even have sounded familiar to you when you were in your your teenage years or early twenties twenties if I were to be like you know you're going to basically be the one laying out the blueprint of helping the outside world understand what it's like to be a kid in the hood in the U._K.. I don't think that I knew I will do that. I just think the <hes> or a rapid the I was into did that so I'll begun to pack <hes> Jay z Nas eminem though good storytellers and <hes> same we'll at a sovereign stuff even when you even if you find project PAGNOTTA simple or masterpiece you definitely a sense of where they were from and then mob influence came from garage ABC's drama base emcees because they saw me laterals from Latte they say Pasni Day they were the ones who allowed me off feel to sidelight me and be well that makes sense they will make I mean you were just so unapologetically yourself and where you were from like when I was that video just played you. I still you'll remember exactly how I felt when I I I wasn't even sure that you were speaking English and I definitely never heard rather sounded like that at all and it was just the most you know it really helped with the the format of that video in the way made you feel because it was like no this is there. They were unapologetically English. Your music was yet yeah and by every Mo- most of the stuff admissions you wasn't big here right now enough. What one person might maybe one rapid are no of Latte who listened to lap Mazda? No L. Limit Religious Leonardo's gigs. I know that he liked the route that he was into Mr Serve on a new that guy the hard shit right so that stuff wasn't that popular annot up North Manchester Birmingham Latte. They were open to yet. Eh they really interesting. You will electron MC trigger. You used the fucking say masterpiece Luke's jungle lyrics include the it worked but but they those guys they love that but I will just open. I'll just open my wear alive Chicago rabbi. I loved fucking. I I even understand okay a lot of free six mafia stuff. They really influenced by what was going on Detroit D._J.. Get text. I mean as S. T. D.'s and also it was the one from freeze mafia yeah and then late Ernie laugh when I heard the old that's he's being right here and I have one and then all kind of comes from Los Sovereign influence anyway to soften migration for American learn about that yeah yeah. It's like that I think you're the same type of person I am where I'm just I'm interested in other people's cultures. I'm interested in what's going on in other people's neighborhoods etc and it's like that that primarily with rapids like you know most people won't ever get a chance to go check out the projects and New Orleans like you did but that's what the music was is like Oh. This is a way for us to understand the slaying and the attitude and the style and everything that everybody has from from different in places and I think that you know that that is a lot of people don't necessarily quantify it that way or think of it as being what they're actually doing when they listened to route but you see my somebody who's more understanding that that was part of your drive rat and understanding once I've got so does areas last hung around on as a close friend so yeah yeah when I'm in America that's usually who I'm with Irma so deputize while go might go to a show with him. He might have a big show him. I have a cooper show and he might have a show in a strip it club or or in some or be some super hoochie it'd be with him the gladiators what Adler and when I see the more underground stuff in ways moving us when our C. La okay. This is basically what I came up in in the U._k.. <hes> it will yeah London U._K.. Because it was started off you've club's getting up being on pirate radio plan on means a complete radio. I'm seeing on pirate radio but the kind of venues we did will real super hoot venues and and lastly when I'm over there in a miracle in dance will follow them around with the same people <hes>. It's the same situation before you get kind of the the come up Latte. They've Kinda clubs anything can happen right Latte light drug dealers of putting these things on people down on drug dealers and bought the truth is without those guys put in the things on in the first place own in the pirate radio stations and not. There's nothing for US yeah. That is no avenue because aware we're from so C._N._N.. Dissimilarity is a node is just pimping over there pimping things as big or as attached to are seen as that. It's way more colorful over there out in the Black America Org Black Black Hood American. You still still feel like you're you get that even from England in a sense that you listen to these new rappers and that sort of just like informs your view of what's going on in neighborhoods that you have no reason to go to at this point and stuff yes or no because when I listened to the kids here you can hear who des Listen to over there because I still listen to you mentioned show allow Murphy asked I listened to that now. I listened to Ghana I listen to so we're not going to hear a lot of these kids can hear their influence right or and kind of pretty much know what went in Wisconsin neighborhood unless up by somebody in their young for me so I know it was gone on the neighborhood when all was gone around the U.. K. Wherever fifteen years ago is different kids now so I don't know exactly what's happening by his flat. It's the same shit worldwide one thing that everybody seems like they keep mentioning when I talk to his younger rappers out here is that the cops are just on them is. Was it like that for you growing up. Do they even understand what you were doing yeah but yet they unto them yeah and at the same problem <hes> when I came up wherever with yeah please just be an onto and not really wanting us to do the raves dot bought to be fed. It's the raves the all came up in that people got stop them shot and murdered yeah or just there will always be a fight. It will break away we rare for part. It's a Finnish in it. That was Kinda. Normal <hes> Saturday kind of they're kind of target in new talk and those events by really the event it wasn't just US drama base up and engage happened in obviously the castle seen any kind of urban scene where we just so so close to the street or so close to poverty in the first place so stuff that happens in marriages. This is gonNA spill off people problems with each of our they're gonNA they're gone to pot in the same place when they see each other depending on how deep the issue is just going to get through forces coming together. It's GONNA explode in it. Isn't that odd to think of that kind of energy energy being around like raves and shit when you think about where dance music is that right now in my experience of having GonNa Raves or clubs or any kind of like dance stuff is one hundred percent devoid of any chance of violence. Oh because it's so top-end because as things have changed so much like ultra yeah kind of places year nicely in that transformation yeah because well it reached mainstream America was where basically the promoters Gotti superclubs and these deejays bringing so much as they console much alcohol to them. That's basically the game isn't it right but then you see the difference between when ultra is in over in Miami when <hes> was the one rolling Latin. was there exactly different different vibe in thirty rappers versus a double digits. Nah I mean this is a different thing is interested in Nevada in the police. They're not quite unser guys over here. Lack lack is over in America is sad. It's a sad state stuff on land near and some of his posted to get over as some of his satellite. There's definitely been times where police are taking liberties. There's definitely been times in dawn excuses for no one and not by most people when they get pulled over by police here. I don't think they fear for their life out here Nah. I don't think it's the same I don't want to speak for everybody. Oh everyone I mean because it's not really in that situation land that home about I don't feel that people fear for their GonNa get this policeman. Just kill you just because the Konta cut the lack of care and empathy or see on some of these plans phase in America that when when you see those videos slot rod you you really you you WanNa you WanNa kill him before anything. How did you get to that place in your life where you just was just wanted to see another human being? You never met just just be happy to for him to just beat did that. Just give me a reason yeah. It is a sick fuck discussing attitude for sure. I don't feel like I feel like you you you seriously get yourself in in in certain circle to even get covered by the. A police <hes> allow here really to get to get yourself shot in that kind of trouble you had to kind of a normal kid down as market harassed yeah but for efforts to really go along but then like I said I want to speak because there's definitely been incidents. The police have just taken liberties and it is a lot of people I've talked to out here have been basically making it sound as if just by default by being a rapper that the cops are on them and just like fucking with their shows or you know fucking with him about certain lyrics as having videos taken down because they're referencing gangs or violence or whatever it is is what is though that what what the music is exciting. If it wasn't true or wasn't about what was happening a lot and you know the crazy thing goal to wireless Lila Slat who who is listening to this music and keeping alive Latte a lot of young dudes definitely not running around doing that stuff here so is the fear is the fear too often disappointed. I don't know about fucking it's is way isn't it minus. It's not new as it's just new here for it to be so saturated La there was only a few of us when asked coming into my bills like the first one to really bright fruits of the mainstream and stayed at in travel be Gar around the world and that's almost that kept me out of trouble yeah but Nah I feel we have a corporate America with France because France was the other place outside of America the had their shit together how their own languages well and got their spas and got plenty of rapids doing stadiums live rat and sent lease. There's going to be at least ten rappers that can fill Bercy Stadium in Paris and untorn Dula West do not even dare but with catching up with Latte. There's a generation of kids that have grown up. We've we've de-block Europe is day care as much about de-block Europe as they do about Gano or whoever rose saying which is nice to see for sure Joe. Why do you have that sense of pride legs? Do you think about the sense or the the state of U._K.. Hip Hop overall as something that you have pride in the same way you would think of like a fucking sports team from where you grew up or does it too big to fail unified. Is it too big to fill you know it's always nice when people to poppy and so you you influence them Onoda but if you WANNA put on his true free feel might sound selfish. I'm always just trying to work for growls my next fucking Song GonNa come from. That's why actually care about just want. I'll just want to make another phone. That's why I've cared about. Since I've done this freaking eighteen years or signed lineup especially amazing insisting you've been in how prolific and how well your stuff still does and just the fact that you go out of your way eight to do stuff with all these new artists and stuff yeah especially 'cause a lot of stuff allow a lack last six seven Lao generally check for that we had the other day and for all for all at a demonize demonized some of these kids and it's not because don't help them demonize them with their with their content Varas by different. Solo Shit happens to us when we're younger anyway but when you sit down with these with these guys not only put him kids at this point when you sit authorities young represent every Unicorn latte properties conversations will learn them. Liden will out quite normal quite smart under splat there in other situations that icon of that we got ourselves in scrapes some some and get the biggest grapes bought airedales usually just get good kids Slough C._N._N.. Prescription him explain to me when let win chief KIEF DOT com out someone in their area shelter video of them like these kids are just like you <hes> and in Hyde if they were influenced by that by U._k.. Jewel stepped off in is his own thing the Niaz smashing wireless of their own mirror and Latte when you first came to America we talked about <hes> going to saint competent. Whatever what was your first time your first memory of seeing America I was I went to L._A.? To An <hes> to shoot fix up look shot video. That's the I what did I knew I went to New York. I in two thousand and Free Yeah Yeah L._A.. Was the first place I ever went to England and <hes> I'm sure it was so that might have been in the two thousand to see five hundred free and I saw a video for fix up look sharp shy in the valley and it was we've Ruben. Flash Ruben Flash made <hes> Zombie land. Okay <hes> Big Robin Black. That's he's program right. He's done a few things a couple of things out of member go in and stay in the what is the London. London hotel not used to be cool to win them Balaj over you know it's a phys- kinda round corner from sunset. Okay I used to stay there. I used to see Luke Goss older Taiwanese these the chat I remember going into the shop and and seen the wall of hats and trainers I remember Smokin weed and blowing my mind. I'll never smoke some media and not despite start at Dan oster outwit MoD just style buddy popping in the middle of the road rage is not pasta really yeah I remember I was some shit like that said on the couch and passed out or you pass on the mill the room and crater head open not deny not by just not I shut down for a bit but I I remember the first time I smoked weed and California really like you know having a period of months of sort of getting used to it and dislike not really understanding that I was being antisocial and weird and not talking and like just being sorted to reclusive because I couldn't stop hitting the blow my friends would light it up but at the same time it was clearly having a negative effect on my personality my ability to be on camera in particular at the time I call him up before I remember guy near year's layoff and learn to roll a blunt and then how's that changed everything where I became a smoker. I WANNA smoke before it always smoked weed on enough right and Ireland's a roll blunts in L. A.. O. Got an gone to their enjoying. You're still a smoker. Not Smoking awful lot five years really give it up just got to that point where Kapalua things up to that point whereas lap not a smoker. I'm smoking when you when you got so much free time when you're on the is musician you could around they smoke as much as you want way copies of smoke eight nine yeah and then I went out we've Dave Chapelle and donal rollins right. They were here for a show. I went out with him. We smoked wins with the Angelo show we went to chew and firehouse a Fried Chicken and listen to music that an assay office on not smoking weed and not stops spins that just did it yeah but that's a nice way to end in facial. That's great comedian. I always hear that the committee the comedy world is like tons of potheads now like Joe Rogan was saying that it used to be people it'd be doing coke and drinking and shit and now they're just a bunch of nerds to smoke weed. Smoke is the lack it yeah you just way you are trying to get your life a bit more organized and stuff because he felt like you're getting two grown up yet too much to deal with. I just wanted to clear my head again and just just do nothing. Well not big drink on in any way I can easily just not doing but an artist got that T- toll and then just really fired looking at what was happening in a row mean just fixing NSA Finland is Latin almost unafraid sixty and just became super unpleasant and shop and just now. I'm just beaming an an relaxed again but I can still be around it and to be fair. I've been in the studio. Oh where there's people smoking weed loud songs gets on. What was it last year in the room? Full of people smoking we you can tell everyone to get our but then you're going to kind of change the vibe it's all in it just through this and gay that doesn't tempt you at all though intrigued but Nah Nah Nah. Oh almost feel are fuck. I wish I would have carried on 'cause not everyone's fucking got kind of these companies and it might look a little disingenuous. If you go back into now yet I just don't care. I don't care enough about weed that Yes oh yeah by Misano Shitload of money. It's crazy because when I think about all my time come into England when I was more just it's like a B._M._x.. Guy Is that I just felt like everybody was just off. Cocaine Academy and everybody was drinking so much and all these fucking dorks that I'm hanging out without here. They don't party or anything. Everybody's got super squeaky clean lifestyles and stuff degeneration may look off themselves but maybe because Vodafone had love alcott remember anyway really in love with Oman <hes>. That's all we have is that the purpose of doing anything in life is to be able to remember it well because I think about that sometimes is that you know I've had people tell me like you've got to keep a journal might not keep combat charnel but that like I do get it because it's kind of like the value of having experienced is that you can reflect don it and if you're living in S- I if you're live so fast that you never really get a chance to sit back and think like about what you've been through then how much of those memories really worth you know. I've got photos but our print follows the Abu. A print are just a print follows follows in I've got black thousands of photos you look back on it always makes you happy to sign about having in physical yeah lattes every now and then even when post post most of my photos so after mark phone taking pictures of wherever events as any parent and there is nothing like through like now old school for a while but just go go boots by one four pound or Ceylon fill up night is national. You're carrying national came around for years yeah up in wanted them kids who for some reason even up all that little camcorder even before are properly blew up so I've got little videos of me gone around the area up to stop forever and and camera and his engano holidays and always maybe taking a disposable camera software. Salaam I'm happy I did that. I don't know why did I just wanted to document of Louisville incident stuff yeah when you look back at all the stuff that you've seen and everything what what stands out to you as the most shocking thing just that like. I can't believe that I actually got. It's a live this experience that I never ever just as a kid growing up in the U._k.. Would have thought that I'd be able to enjoy. I was looking at <hes> found old. Commerce found the oak done recently moss and <hes> I'll just look through it as I was over video of me backstage getting ready to go on a performance <hes> two thousand twelve Olympics <hes> 'cause I was opening ceremony while and even that was that was my that was my experience Olympics like how what are you thinking like you know where I come from. You don't know that I'm I'm not the Kinda guy that would ever be near the Olympics typically but the crazy thing is that the Olympics that ear was bill kind of where I'm from because you know they usually a lot rougher areas where an regenerate gentrify and it never works and I always end up losing tons of money on it and I mean there's not any so that's one of the craze while there's been of of a lamp Matt if we time out remember has been loaded up my stuff to it as I crazy stuff latte. What's your lifestyle like these days like in terms of how fast they're moving now because it's like you know you seem to me like you're still working your ass off off but how how things changed in terms of the speed of of life that you enjoy my slowed down a bit 'cause I'm not Latte does appear little time while I was just lap for maybe for about four years I was just bouncing around America between Miami L.? A. Vegas <hes> Houston and being a Caribbean <hes> but only because from when I was lat maybe sixteen are just worked. Non Stop still at holidays. What were non stop news? The first time well I must have gone to Miami for Christmas and then just they wanna come back at a place out there and it was just enjoying myself and so Naro fuel a got out of my system because I always went to America Okumu went to places that was mainly for work so you did the feeling wherever mess around Pie by your there for work this time I'll go there. I'll get some work done by their for work right but now Obama system. I'm kind of just level down in kind of like I said Saito wherever you want to call it for now and then is even more interesting time because you can almost do less than before because you can you come here and do this blog review few thousand people see it. It's more engaging people getting his whereas my goal Paris and do eleven twelve interviews awesome people asking me the same shit right and that's draining it. Is You know what I mean so ni- everything's ever fins more. I'll say it's easier in a way easier obviously as you need to get the songs needs to make the hits everything for me. I'M NOT GONNA do loads of different businesses everywhere else and other things that are part of me wishes. Maybe I wish I would have not <hes> bought. I've really just Latin Music Siamese a constant thing of after keep the music going yeah definitely no I mean that's a constant decision that you could be making in life like as a musician in particular myself. I always think of that. It's like you know in l.. A. There's different parties every night and if I were to go to those parties and you're just drinking beers and smoking with all these different people and stuff you could find yourself into a lot of good situations as rapper as the same thing where there's a lot of benefits that can come from that but then at the same time it's like at a certain point your personality I feel like has to shift where you get a little a bit tired of just living that life day in day out of just trying to socialize trying to reach that next level of society of Progression of meeting this person and that you know a lot of stuff is pretty beneficial to you when you're young rapper but felt like there's is always a clock ticking in terms of how much of that you can really stomach and you know what else will as you say and I may reminded me that Oh yeah that that can't be the problem will be in Arapahoe because you just when you know thinking about businesses much. <hes> last especially League game just keeps shifting this their stuff to assign those young however I'm not that crazy regretful Goodwa do that by as La. If I was just a bit more intruding on point I wouldn't have I wouldn't have gone for that. <hes> and there's other decisions that are made really Latte is made me comfortable now as well by La. I'm definitely more on our read paperwork now to know everything that's happening all stuff Li- guess getting older being an adult so yeah just just just being more point just not just trying to be bad for the sake obedient jet lag because a lot of especially being a young rapper. You almost encouraged to be more image base than like Oh look. He's acting crazy is that to not labor whereas whoever gets behind that <hes> some sometimes that's what propels you in it older wide air in the background is of course the teas and making shit Latte patent being a bit older. Do you see the the do you see the record companies that being at fault to a certain extent because they are in a lot of ways sorta just dressing up stereotypes of the worst parts of society like antisocial behavior and things that they would never you know a forty thirty year old fucking guy who owns the label in L._A.. Would be horrified if his kid was doing one tenth of the Shit that their star artists is doing and that we we let them skate off without any sort of responsibility about the stuff that they're promoting in a Lotta ways. It's the audience too. That's egging these kids on because they want you to get face tattoos. They want you to do prescription pills. They get arrested shoot. Somebody take your life in your hands and they celebrate for getting into those situations West now yeah and Modern Oh I dunno if he's dancing labels maybe dancer Oda heads <hes> in in the industry but in maybe a stanford to younger hit stood. Maybe try Brian listen more than ever. You're going to be an eagle at age when you're young. You're not really trying to hear nothing from no one so then you kind of put yourself in a position to just be taken advantage of is tough one month yeah it is because it's like you don't like on one hand. You just know Oh that audience wants with the audience wanted now more than ever <hes> the record labels don't really have the ability or the power to shape public opinion like they do they just have to fuck in fall in line with what they can already tell is working on social media and stuff like that and that's another strange thing to see develop with the labels that they're not really developing anybody there watching and waiting for something a hit off on its own and then they try to put their muscle behind it. They did a jumping behind it is something I wonder how much muscle that they got him. Obviously has worked but it's more than a label. A Lotta time is the unspoken people like maybe the D._J.. Or some other influences on you you you see you see the Black Godfather on Netflix no you you see it as a documentary by this guy in America is basically very involved in a lot of the big deals or very influential just kind of just in the music scene Orca and but you'd never heard of him and he pushed out of what I'm talking about anyone who's seen it like knows I'm talking about but you know there's a bunch of those people in every situation like someone linked someone up. We've slightly just top atrium shoreline. Murphy contain years tire named might be the big P.. Sometimes people like that do do as much as record labels if I'm making sense like that I think for people like us. That are like very like your entire business is based on you being in front the camera same with me. It's very intriguing to me when I think about the people at the record labels who get to just be behind office wall and that they get to just sort of you know pull strings and orchestrate. This businesses step in those kind of people are always the people who low key deep down down want to be celebrities but I'm always fascinated by that because for me it's like I don't really have a career unless I'm out put myself in front of the camera unless I'm talking about my own shit about what I've been through and stuff like that so I'm always kind of intrigued by what it would. We like to be the kind of person that doesn't have to monetize their own existence. Which is why anybody who's sort of a content creator basically has to do you kind of Horn yourself badly? It depends if you're if you're your own pimp. Guess you're still the best best case scenario in in a in a way right. Amazon people were just really making it what for themselves especially people that are on the social media just so when just really carry narrow empire Monte lie when I see that that's one fin after latte come in the communist will just go for it right. I'm not as in all out but then I guess I did it as a kid. I do hype whoever Matt Stuff guard on coming out of the think of think of Atlanta at the time it was. I was just right in the thick of it. A Lotta Shit was done on me. When I was young happening so fast I didn't know what to make of any of it was just kind of happening? Yeah so I'm old are back at RAF that that happened plenty of crazy star flat plenty of I stopped and then and then you have to deal with being in the public <hes> and then I've got to a point where I was really in the public right and then his lie it gets a bit much. You've kind of shunned social media for the most part yeah. I'm not overly big little appeared. When I was I was I was in? I was enjoying myself a bit too much now. Enjoy myself too much. I'll just read by posting stuff. If I was in England I might know posted it right because you when you when you away but then I bet in fucking wherever I mean a strip club however the mood like ozzy buffets posting it as eight in the morning England gone to work your friends you went to high school with have something to look got on the train on the way to work or kids this kind of stuff. You're just not thinking about because you're you're following a pattern of people that you watch. That's what they're doing. Now Sas News gone on when aside this one's gone on over there at the truth is even like that. That's you know this guy is no eight young yeah. We're from the same neighborhood. Oh laugher route lot so yeah I. It was well run around the Guy Yeah as about as far as private. I always been quite privates. I don't know I just kind of let loose and because it was just enjoying social media about really not not not really in Atlanta. I don't sometimes I have like sick. Twisted thoughts like I was at wireless. All Day is around a ton of different rappers. Whatever and I didn't like one of the days I just didn't even update my instagram story or snapchat the whole time and then afterwards? I'm just like God damn it like you know. Nobody's going to even know I was there. It's like I'm GONNA I can put out the youtube videos or whatever but in some sense if you're doing all this shit where you're like really going out of your way to put yourself in a social situation with a bunch of other rappers or people in the music and share whatever you're kind of missing out on a part of the yeah but you're missing out on part of the benefit if you're not depicting on social media even though that that stands out to me it's sort of a warped way of thinking about it is true. You're missing out on some value that that's where to kind of know almost bought with myself allow okay. Do you really want to do you really WANNA be crazy worldwide at this point. Stop putting because you're GonNa have to do that and I've got to the point. Was You know I'm not sure because one and a half since I stopped posting so much I've definitely been living <hes> <hes> light and just living in the moment experiencing stuff and almost kind of made me new Morgan which are Kinda. Maybe I missed out on when I was young because I was living a normal life. Do you think that you did you start to get to that point where you were becoming less of a real human being as you were experienced on the money and success and shit like that and then you feel like you've gotten some of it back by maybe like sort of living more of a humble existence compared to where you were at for a while not ladies. Everyone's doing notice stuff now that they're smush festivals that I've been doing that since two thousand four side like that so so when I was eight nine eight guy around Europe around America and go into work <hes> Mo- most people I know they didn't stop really really working to let twenties or whatever you know I mean so up just been been doing that so and then exposure to other kind of stops good I've got I've got to see your side America. I'm into coaching staff off. I mean to wrap so much. I'm glad to see that stuff and understanding differently but then I missed out on stuff here lot where my friends were growing up. I was away sin misconduct growing up with them in a way a weird one which almost don't mind cause. We're not Bobak time's gone by knowing liked each other. Everyone was fighting a beef in each other anyway. You know I was GonNa Levin Motto. We check for him no more so maybe I'll got to a point where I'm bit more nostalgic about it than everyone knows else's right but it's just may be homesick. It's a weird feeling when you've done so much more living than everybody that you came around like when I go back to where I grew up like a couple years ago I went to the mall with my family and walking around in the sears and there was like the two different people that came up to me and we're like Oh. I'm whatever from from high school you remember me. I'm like no rightfully happens you nominee thousands of people I met since I met you but to a lot of people you know that that being eighteen being a senior in high school that's like the fucking the highlight of from a social perspective of their entire life right whereas you in like a couple years after high school had probably lived more than most people that you grew up around Everwood and then and then in a weird way. I don't know nothing else <hes> so as well are supposed to be right in. I mean because it's not it's not age at entr triumphing just to see in the world in a different way of private islands on fuck in private jets and just order uh-huh still managed to come down and just be normal at the same time by then. It's only when you have these conversations of the people within us not normal yeah and you just try not find that fine balance of not Rian and many people don't even treat you when people go out of their way to say Oh yeah I thought really yeah yeah. I don't really know you are not but people don't say that who goes down to see us as also I don't really know you. There's not finger normal for over not behaving normally just pneumonia pitcher with somebody with some fan or whatever and then they come over are and ask you who you are and then like it's hard for other people to understand how fucking annoyed that I could be with just communicating with random people partially because that is like people just when they when they see somebody and the like celebrity starts to creep into their brain they just start acting in weird ways that like you never act towards Nola person so it's like free. I'm a lot more annoyed by at like just random people then people could really understand because you get to see all this weird behavior yeah normal people don't get to witness yeah yeah exactly sodas the word you could never see the world in the same lab because you WanNa go to normal staff and then people don't act normal when you're there yeah 'cause they're trying their best to act normal is not so you have to have a Lotta patience nations in the swing. There's times when you just wish you could just turn it off and there's other times when you don't because you go shop and no today they just love you is not all right. You'd have to pay for it joe another podcast. You're talking about like like sort of painted at this picture of what your life must be like. You're like you know I'm just at this restaurant trying to eat my fucking curry. I got some random guy talking to my ears asking me about somebody else friends with ten years ago asking me about this album and this that and you're just like what the fuck let me yeah yeah and then there's people with conspiracy theories and all sorts of ever all wherever they heard latte about you fifteen years ago this become Gus Buna and they think are after just be asking. Can you about it. Just is this just a witch and people it's just nuts. Bravo is just not scientists to come into software. I'm way more Nakasone normal. I'm way more Donald and kind of dancer from Qatar through try to trying to be cool with everyone in some of the shit comes on people's sometimes about just as much as not just shocking that what a fucking nuts right if you really knew what was relying on above it yeah and once you really have a <hes> sort of bird's eye view of the Kinda Shit that people are interested in then that sort of can fuck you up to because he starts to realize like out of all it is like fifteen years or so that you've been active. It's like people just want to gravitate towards these little sound bites of the things that were enough attention to be sparked and that's just I I mean it's gotta be. It's gotta be even more oppressive for you but I mean I noticed it when I do interviews a lot of times it'll be like you know you you had this one confrontation with someone all these years ago central focus forever lie you fucking still too can fucking Oh la Z my genomic done since then Shit fucking over here <hes> you know it's the same with music. There's some people that just they like one era of but then I understand that too because that does project pass to makes Music Bah I rinse Mr don't play I'm because it means more to lattice semi. You feel a certain way driving around listening to get his way about you. It's tough because you you can't live in the past yeah. If you live in the past you're using your energy to try and recreate recreate a vibe that was only in the first place because of the world around you know yet and well changed but it's kind of like the same way that every time you play a show you got to play you. GotTa play songs from ten plus years ago including songs that you. I don't like any more songs you don't you. Don't relate to the place that you were at when you wrote that song the same way that when you go to interview people want you to rehash all your old stories. It's like those are your greatest hits with the songs is different yeah because depending on where I happy Croats happy crowd last night one wicked let's do that. They lack you bless. We'll go home because your attitude too because if you see yourself as somebody who wants to entertain these people then that's good that if you see yourself as an artist that like you want the crowd to be on board for whatever you're trying to throw at him the could be a hard one not one no yeah trying to fool snoop musical and people <hes> and you wanted him to lack it more than your ocean of light of kind of you kinda matter strip ego bit Latin and just understand that will they lack not so just be happy. They like that you've been book. You've been paid. That's what they want with you. I've seen chief Keith do that. Though honestly I've seen them come to shows and test didn't play any any of his hits all stuff from the last year or two that he actually really likes and the crowd looked a little bit <hes> saddened by it but it was kind of amazing just to be like man. He really doesn't give a fuck Nah he by. You might earn laugh because when you do that you're taking away a moment. You can't forced on people like they've already come. They want that thing that they've listened to does that. They've they've got some of their best times. In Latin music can be a soundtrack to all ooh good shit in your life and the budget but even the budget you listened song you on that but let me food out budget so when everyone's communist nothing bed and when people coming together are all strangers for for life just to come and just enjoy and jump up and down offenses sign you wrote and sing it back to you. I've always been serious about live. Live News live whereas I fucking put this shit on on the main stage who all these festivals in England ages ago so I've been serious about old through doing the lighting at in my own conscience my own shows because I understand does the chance to bring the music to life there. They are actually the things that Matt Emmy making the music and performing the music. Everybody knows if I try to not do fucking views or wherever of a bollocks bullshit fucking radio stay in China and we've also though don't lacking don't let them by you have to do it for some reason then I would not do that. If you music you just go platinum and you didn't have to sell it at all I mean yeah that'd be great life and unless unless you send it was to perform it yeah and just meet people like that just generally just check your shit and leave out all the other tickets in between <hes>. Do you have any songs that you sort of dread performing. They not as happy with the then your other ones Nah no unless she is great. Do you have any lyrics that you use subtly changed the lyric because you don't want to mention somebody that you had shouted out in that song or those like something. Something where you're gonNA subtly change it and they might not even notice lodge is usually forget you and carry on yeah now see yeah that'll keep repulsive. You know what I'm so. You still are prolific do you do you still just hear a beat and it's still just comes to you like no no problem at all. Sometimes it don't really and this learn into an in his lap. Should I'll just move on <hes> especially right now I've been I've made so much B.'s. I was in dopey money recently. Yeah I was planning morning stuff and his what you fuck it what you do in mind. This stuff needs to come on and it's by. It's not like back in day. We was on pirate radio. I could just fling the be out on white label. Wherever an old beat slappers before I was on make songs I'll put the instrument was that one called whole go her strings orders stuff legendary but now trying to get my head around about? Could I just put an instrument of because I've got tons of there's a there's a hardcore doc Ramsey near that shit is damn but me I want to put lyrics on it doesn't bought sometimes. You just haven't gotten the buzz. You haven't got that energy. Sometimes you just got nothing to say you just eleven latte or does she know what to say. No one cares about like just yes. I'm bless airfields. Good on the best web. Does just you just feel like that. Yeah that was shit but just that you just feel so good you just Ri- bullish and as my ah good great you'll do in and sometimes people don't care people some people just went ahead and struggle a lot of young people really that's like why they make the bad antisocial decisions that they make early on like they will shoot somebody or they'll get addicted to drugs or they'll join a gang saying it's like more or less just as something rap about yet now could an concede if they have no struggle then there's nothing really talk about and they know that so they create a struggle for themselves even if they grew up in a place where they didn't have to struggle yeah or even you you can still i. I'm not adamant about even in the roughest areas in hoods. Wherever you WANNA fucking cooler I still feel out mature people just getting on with it? Everyone's no criminal everyone's not fog. Everyone's Nog ACCI even in the hottest areas <hes> so you you make your choice. Some people off grownup concede at wo- your dad was doing that and you're at move the subway. It doesn't know how to move another way. You got that from him by that. They're rare. I feel like they're real. Everyone knows is kind of housing choice. Yeah yeah scratches just to see what people sort of react to. I was interviewing daylight <hes> the battle rapper the other day and he was just saying he's like you know he's like just sickening how how easily people are fooled and he starts sorta like freestyle off the top and he starts saying something about having the gun on him or whatever and it just immediately sounded hard as fuck to me and he's like you see you say he's like I just did that to you like I just made you like that free style by saying something stupid as fuck about a gun but these tricks just work Geico over and over like I feel like sometimes that's that's part of the problem is people get more and more jaded as time goes by they start to realize that a lot of the rap shit is smoke and mirrors and that sort of takes them away fine attainment is smoke and mirrors is that's the whole point of it would have biggest entertainers evil. I think for Newark Wildlife Latte look yet Rockin Royer by the when they go into lie heavy all fucking black Sabbath <hes> what's my man's name was one yeah and Alice crew absolutely cool guys maiden lie it was all about that's what took it to that next level in it. Are they sitting there really worship in say that probably not lie and just on private jet so we'll just enjoying last stafa wherever crazy jobs at the same sometimes when you're when you're a young person starting a band like if you you probably really are living the crazy life you're talking about but then it's like as soon as you start getting money you start getting all this stuff starts to slip away or gets worse or I guess works said vicious and I'm GonNa be any went too far in it. It depends on it depends by it's all entertainment. That's the whole purpose of some of it's coming from web real hottest place and that's why some people that yet musikanth opponent because like I said people were ignorant they if they if they they wanna hear was the same reason they just lack fucking scoffing so wherever thumb fuel ask all phases of thumb film moves dumb people love scarface like he shy away was in at the machine gonyea lack of lacquer gangstar aw Yay if they come to and just let 'em up and if atop his relationship with his mom that his sister killed and he's made that's what happened yeah I mean the general lessons to be learned is like they don't join a gang. Don't don't start drugs on a huge scale properly yeah kid. I told you know woman. Okay three probably don't you yourself. Become regret saying kill the kid the kid play Avalon by by stupidity in it. Yeah people like black people are extreme ship the same people who watch <hes> American history x every fucking Nazis favorite movie and the whole fucking movies about why you probably shouldn't be a Nazi people they lack in why don't they fucking at work are along those the swearing in. I'm trying to keep Donald Swing but that was it. Maybe a hundred years ago where they beheadings in St Round the corner. People took their kids around around the corner. Lynch Lynch ins dread the coliseums bloodsport that that's our people are let's humanity. We like to see because everyone really wants. Let's through someone that we I know the same thing over here that they are not talking about. You got the whole stabbing thing gonNA stop in spots. It needs to be done by when you think what are the biggest experts in this country yet. Fasel people who've of millions of people from around the world comes London to see is to go on the Jaffna ripple walk disc as they still fucking what is was this guy riding and stopping to show people yeah and he's a legend forever and people were coming N._F._l.. What do you think the stabbing thing is? A little bit of like open also fought. I don't also no more questions about no much. Stabbing my point of course is that partially just like media hysteria like the way that they talk about it as if it's this very specific perfect thing is a specific thing yeah but maybe they should talk about murderer as a whole and input stats up an see what's happening yeah man. It's kind of interesting to me because I see like the the numbers in terms of murders in London and stuff versus the number of murders hitters in America and it just sort of makes me realize that the media and the government are gonNA treat. They're going to act like there's a really big problem no matter what because we're looking at like an order of magnitude difference in terms of the levels of violence but still you know this like they have to always focus in on something they have to find something for them to be concerned about. There is something there there is lie at the lattice is is not side. I'm still I'm still fat wrestling or fighting with is it worse than when when I was younger I don't know by <hes> because it wasn't as much of a media narrative when you were young. It was just happened right there was there was more a sweat. It was more stop in two five hundred free. It was more stabbings. They were last year or something like that also almost taboo but everything's reds a lot faster on social media. Everybody you know have access to the sort of stuff easier. No I'd obviously parents lose their kids so before wherever I think whoever stats views being dis the main thing because people are losing their kids saw. Maybe I should even leave that die is one thousand nine. That's not and a sort of comes back to just like hopelessness. I'll lay off trying to implicate you for Raza knife crime in London me <music>. I'm a Popstar me all right so <hes> for for you. Tell me what I need to check out from you in terms of your recent outpost. Should everybody keeping their eye out for. I'll put a wicked EP. Kutan gas meet thousand laughing up who are for it was it was last year and up are put out an album coup rescue. Maybe likely to twenty seven eight file just just all wrapping just wrapping up half of it produced by cargo condo really yeah yeah yeah. I should've kept the name tags on them on that's crazy or you took the tags up because you know what I wanted to sideline mix tape a finger by people four fucking paid for it. I always wonder if I'm the only one who feels is like the producer tag thing. A lot of times feels a little little. This is supposed to be art. Yes just stamp in your brand name on it. Even though you were you're part of it and you don't get to shut your name Metro boom in just note I official. What's a little bit of a cosign right there? Yes I should I should I hate people that only sing along to the producer tags though you know what's crazy. Is that the fact that they do and it just it is interesting because you're so involved in music sick that you forget our people respond outside of <hes> the industry as oh. That's a hook to them. Yeah they use it. That's part of the song so bizarre Moore wasn't mother or Nebi. Ho was yes loukas divas. Does that's interesting. Is there what people that's when you always learn this guy. You never stop learning even making peaceful awhile now. I ain't gonNA produce attack miles. I was GonNa <hes> I was going to go under a different name from production. Gone Does Open Twain with names spud gun on the spot. You Ain't GonNa work. I miss that joke spot gun which is stupid. I'm on I'm on the next summer potato go for that. No one say spot gone for a long time and the first one is getting too much. y'All thank you so much on it. It's such a perfect way to wrap up this ridiculous stringer U._k.. Interviews I've been doing on Yemen your hard work. I'm on we out here. Does he rascal no John cusack asking world tickets on Youtube sound cloud. I tunes.

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April 8th: VIP Guest  Mike Morris

NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

14:58 min | Last month

April 8th: VIP Guest Mike Morris

"Brace yourself northern colorado. Mike morrison's in studio on occasion specialists studios You're fired again today. Yeah yeah i. I was calm. Last week was yeah. I was calm last week. Yeah but there's plenty in the world to be fired up and and let's let's tone that down a little bit. Let's call instead of being fired up and angry and pissed and all the other things. Let's call it passionate passionate all right. We're getting we're getting passionate with. That sounds that's something we do so bad. Let's go back to fire. Yeah we're getting fired to table rats on for the blueberries all right. You could sit on my lap very uncommon right. Well we're joined by mike morris. Let's maybe life lessons might were mike. You talk a little bit today. We're going to get into it. You know there's a lot of things that we talked about today. So i don't know if you know anything about sp. One eighty two that they pulled that one out because there was actually some open dialogue between law enforcement and the political The politicians who wanted to put in sp one eighty two and they pulled it. They pulled the bill. It's no longer going up which is great news It's kind of crazy bill You know we've got a lot going on early but it you know it all comes down to like you're saying i think use it last week. If you tell the truth. Yeah and never have to remember what she said. Absolutely and the the problem that i have with with most of this stuff. And you know. I've been in collision business. Gosh since i was fourteen years old man. And i'm right i'm not going on sixty i mean i. It's been a long time. I scare you. You know yeah actually. Six years old scares you. I gotta be honest with you. I don't know whether i'm not. I'm surprised i made it this far. Is that when you start signing up for is a aarp fifty okay. I'm still be there. I'm going to be there when you just added several years now doesn't Doesn't hold a grudge. I it's not so much i just wanna see you. The look on your. It had to be similar to mind when i saw that. Because it up to that point you can always say well you know. I'm i'm getting older maturing. Now i would say that about me. But i'm getting older right but nothing says that more than aarp card in the mail and my wife got in the mail several weeks before i turned fifty and that was one of my gifts. I don't know how to feel about that. would you cut it up. Throw it away. I know i didn't know what to do. I'm not kidding you. I looked at that. And i'm not making this up. I'm i'm telling you. I looked at the colored and i just went blank. I swear to. God my my brain's shut off. And i you know i won't go quietly into the night i i've against everything he's still. I'd like to do fun things. I'm going to keep pushing it until i can't right and i think that we give up too easy and i think that happens away a lot in life. I the thing that i'm in like to set auto collisions specialists. We are a collision shop. It is very complex to do what we do. Well and then we're in a battle really in a battle for our existence with the insurance companies right and we're gonna get into that right. Because i think a lot of small businesses are fighting the same fight. Anything that's a lot of people can can relate to this adversaries because yeah absolutely but The everything's trying to get streamlined. Amazon's starship things with drones right to your door instead of going down the street to somebody local and buying it supporting the local community. Everything starting to get streamlined. Where it's just here's this here's what you're doing. And the convenience factor is what it is is sometimes lacks quality sometimes lax at personal service. Personal service touch you. Add another experience With a insurance agency. This was what. I was really fired up about today. You know you can't turn the television on and not cnn ad. Oh so wonderful so wonderful. We had a pretty brand new jeep. Wrangler that came in it had been a customer of ours And allstate in this particular instance had said well. They're not on our list and she's like i want to go to auto collision. That's where have always used in well but you could take it over to this shop and that's one of these big box store there You know they're basically consolidator just big companies that have mariah thousands and thousands of shops but so she said no. I'm going to go there so she brought the thing in. We took picture circle. Everything wrote an estimate senate allstate. That was over two weeks ago. Two weeks ago it was an eight hundred dollar. Hail estimate eight hundred dollars a much not much at all so a couple of days. Go by we call. Well it's in review. It's in review and then another couple of days go by ocean review. It's in review. We'll maybe just very slow at reviewing no systemic. They do everything they have geared. And it's not just all state. It's all of them. They have geared their business model. They have taken all of the that the clerical the paper pushing the writing the estimates and doing those things. They've taken that away from adjusters so they don't have many. That was one of the The off shoots of covid. They didn't send people out right realizing. Gosh if we can just get people to go to the shop of wheat we choose. They'll do all the work for escort. They'll do it how we tell them to do it. Which is not in the best interest of the owner of the car and we save all this money but yesterday we we were on the phone for forty five minutes at quarter to six. We finally hung up the phone. And i could see tyrod talk about fired up. Todd is one of your guys. My name energy manny's salt of the earth but He was fired up. And i'm like buddy what's up. Because they told us eight more days had been there for two weeks two weeks. They said it was going to be eight more days. And he's an. And i told him i said no. This is old unreasonable. She has to leave tomorrow. She is leaving friday morning and she was going to pick up the car. And then bring it back. I'm like she has been inconvenienced enough And so. I just told a buddy i go. Let's fix this. We're just gonna fix this. I don't care. I mean we're going to get paid. We will fight if we have to sue allstate whatever we have to do. Let's fix this car and get back in her hands. Nobody should have to go through that and again. Why can't people actually try. Does that make sense and actually care. And we've fixed the car. Now it's funny. We started the repairs yesterday We got a phone call this morning. And miraculously they agreed to pay it this morning after over two weeks and no point in time when we said this car has been here. We need to get this resolved. Could you please put it to the front of the line. Apathy nobody cared. I mean. there wasn't even gosh. I wish we could do this. And i'm not saying everybody at all states like right but this particular. I'm seeing that more and more and more Out of all of the the ten top insurers right you know there was a time when you could call you know say state farm and you could get somebody and you could have. They can make an answer. They could make a decision not anymore. Yeah it's just so and so riddle me. Why at at one point personally. If that had been my car about three days into my insurance that had been going on. I would erode eight hundred dollar check instead. Just get it done and and you know what's crazy about that. And i really big you know and this is one of the things i love about. Local is nine right right and their ads radio ads. Tell the truth insurances insurance. It's your agent that counts right and unfortunately this particular customer didn't have a good agent Because my guess is if this was happening to somebody. And i'm not trying to give a plug but i'm going to. Yeah yeah if at j nine my guess is they would pick up the phone and said fix this right. 'cause i know a lot of agents that will get that all the time that people ask me what's a good insurance company agent. I'll tell you who good eighteen is right. And and that's what. I think that sometimes people miss too is like you. There's there are good even allstate insurance agents. That are great local. If you sign up online ago okay. I want to go through all state here. You know here it is sometimes you. You'll get an agent out of denver or somewhere else in the state walk in. And knowing having an agent that's local sawyer out very and i tell you in in in full fairness i know a lot of really good allstate agents the right. They would have made the phone call right. They would've made the phone call. Because i'm going to tell you it is. It is tomatoes tomatoes. But it shouldn't be that way and you know systemic when when we say that tell the truth you never have to remember and i wish the claims offices and i want to be very clear. The claims offices could just tell the truth when it when somebody says. I want to go to this particular shop whether it's me or whoever right they should say how can we help. They shouldn't put up roadblocks and make it difficult and it is not for my customer the owner of the car. It's not for their benefit. Right it is for the insurance companies benefit. Make no mistake when a insurance companies claims office says used this big box store these you know. They're they're from out of state. I mean there's one consolidator that their home offices in canada so all the prophets they don't stay locally right and then the managers of those places come and go. Guess what. I've been auto collision specialist for thirty two years. I'm the same guy. And i don't think most of these consolidators can say they've had to say manager for thirty two months. No no no doubt. Mike morris articles specialist joining us. Well and we talk a lot about rhetoric on this program and when we talk about you know when it when the cdc director comes out and says she's worried about the state's lifting all the mandates and things like that that it turns into impending doom. Now wait a second. Let's break down the rhetoric on that. We're in a much better spot now. We've got enough vaccines out there that we're still going to be okay. Let's breakdown that rhetoric know talking about that that bill. Sp bill one eighty two You know some of the rhetoric on both sides right because you hear you hear the people pushing for The bill just talk about how highly in this. These are the things that it's going to do. And then on the opposite side like for example one of the The jason presley president arapahoe fraternal order of police says That this would turn a school into a breeding ground for crime. And you know how we talk about it like there's gotta be somewhere in the middle commonsense conversations and not home. I'm going to create a better headline than you have to take over at some point and it has to start in our everyday deals but well personal responsibility. You know what's interesting you know. You always worry about when whenever you go down a pather you worry about. The and everybody says unintended consequences right and because the wordsmiths. And that's what i call them because you know they don't they. Don't call the bill what it is like. It'll be some stupid name. what and it's like. Well we were talking about the beef industry but mother completely. I worry about the the intended consequences of these bills and my problem is i. Don't think that everyone is completely forthright. And honest with what they are doing and they start they'll take an inch and then they get that and then they'll go when they knew all along that their play was five or six. Does that make sense. Yeah absolutely yeah consequences and then just integrity say. This is what i want. But we play games and but we've come into. We've become a society quite frankly that you know having honest honest dialogue with you and i agree on everything. No and i'm going to be mostly right but yeah but if we could have that I know they're probably too old for you but William buckley junior used to do a show called firing line okay and he would bring people on and they have a debate. And you know one one of those i washed awhile. Back was from nineteen sixty eight and he had on stage with him the head of the black panthers and You know. I pretty much disagree with most of what the black panther stood for and i said most not all but to watch that inter that that exchange between the two of them By god that was refreshing. No we should all have to go back figuring out how to treat people with respect. And and i think that is where a lot of it starts right the name calling the have you say one thing that i don't agree with and then f you you're racist or the same thing or your your snowflake. It doesn't matter what side how we just shoot off insults to people. And i think that a lot of it comes from right here in front of me. It comes from social media comes from not being able to you know get punched in the face for calling somebody something and that rhetoric and how we talk to people a got to work on it. Yeah absolutely but you think about an and i. I was come back full circle to to what i do. I used to know the adjusters in my shop every day. They knew me. And i knew them and there was a relationship today. The way the game is played is. I don't know who i'm gonna talk to most the time. They could be thirty states away and they have no idea who mike is. They have no idea about my integrity. They don't have any idea of how we fix cars. They look at the screen like said. You just popped on your laptop right. This is what i say. This is what i can do. They become robots and. I don't think that's reasonable. Adjusters should be able to adjust the claim. It's almost like it's in the name who knew got We got to take a break here. Michael join me on the other side for the headline. That caught my. Don't go there co presented by the jeanine agencies in northern voice. Thirteen ten kfi k.

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The Big Sad 1900 Interview: Getting Locked Up at 12, LA Gang Politics in Music & More

No Jumper

51:56 min | 3 weeks ago

The Big Sad 1900 Interview: Getting Locked Up at 12, LA Gang Politics in Music & More

"No jumper coolest podcasts on the world today i'm in here with one of the hottest up and come in l. a. Underground artists in the streets reshape that big sad. Ninety-nine how you feel my mom just vibing just working yeah no. I'm definitely a big fan of what you got going with the music and everything and it's been It's pretty pretty dope on seven like keep an eye on it for like six months in senior make a lot of progress and just you know taking taking big steps and i feel you got you got some star power and affiliate. You definitely are going to be a name that people are gonna be talking about in la for a minute now. Reshape man as left. Yeah that's what i plan out to. Do you know what i'm saying. My rapper nipsy so i. I'm with taking the slogan if i got to building my catalog all the way up. Yeah that's interested in that. That's the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about nipsy because that very much was you know like the people knew about them for like ten years you know. Even if but he still was like basically about to take a big step in his career and he had been just progressive. The steadily building this brand. That's personal brand around himself. And i think that that in a in a of ways he was super early on that because you see a lot of artists now that sorta they realize they don't need to have a big smash hit. They just need to build themselves and make this business around themselves. Definitely i was young. I was a. I was in juvenile hall. I was a had graduated when i was in high credits early. I stumbled or stumbled across the computer. Mike danna shula just so wrong initiate hard. So i watched i watch ryan from way back when he was like still distant hers in. La notice he switched it up new. The growth from your family. Like i respect nipsy like his on the way. It is pretty crazy. I've had people send me cliffs before. I'd be like you know they used to be saying this about these people and saying this nine also though his career and that didn't exist so much growth and everybody out here eleven. Everybody left nipsy trying to be the life. I mean if you listen to my music is going to be growth by right now. I'm gonna be different things. So i might say certain stuff. Is israel life though is reality. But it's going to be growth with it as i keep going. I do now discipline and that type of i did notice that you don't seem like you really get into the the negative i might have my. I have a song. I'm like addressing something like that but not too much on early For the most part like to make music right. I mean that's the difference between we all know rappers who who deal with their issues rappers but they do it in a very vague way where they'll just say shit where the streets will know what they're talking about but the average listener is not gonna know but whereas now the the game has changed to the point where people just. Let's name the exact street. Your brother got killed here for him. He's a bitch. Tom stupid etcetera etcetera so specific that it feels crazy. Now it's different. It's a different generation. I felt like he and me. I is well. You found me so i listened to pot. It was still like it was still gangsta though up to pakistan's while shit so you never know what people on the street he was beefing with although like. Hey later on later. In his career he started to get messier messier to be real to park on some gangsta shit. He made this songs too though he had are like. Dear mama doesn't like the music was still there. The good music he didn't he didn't get too caught up in just to you. Know just making it about beef. That's why i never wanna do. I live a real life. I'm dealing with real shit right even when you films. Did you watch the hip hop uncovered shit on hulu. Catch recommend it because one of the things that this crazy that they draw attention to. Is that Jack like street dude. That pocket problems with pocket actually call them a snitch on record but then the record didn't come out after died so now you've got like a real street dude. That apparently has done all kinds of crazy shit. He's talking about her to the bottom a lot and he gets called a snitch but he can do like if i ever made a song on. Us senator you lose your fucking mind. You gotta do something about it. But like he passed and then the song comes on. The sound came out a book. I don't know So low sienna heights. Los angeles where i'm from china street. Yeah what was your upbringing. Like over there man. Just it was cool for me for the most part like did everything as a kid like shit regular kids do and then you know you still got to walk out your house and see the gangs the the drugs being so and as i got older I couldn't lena my people for money. You know what i'm saying. So that's when the hustling came selling doping fallen into street activities as a kid you know come. Jail came with that right so it was that shit. Just like right out there on the open to you when you were like a young kid like artists sort of getting an idea of what the streets were realizing that this is happening all around. You definitely got big brothers. Both of my big brothers is currently doing time on serious charges. First thing i. I'm seeing that hand. I got a big brothers and then my dad to my dad part of my game so it was like it was like a family thing. You know what i'm saying but always have my own mind to do something different But it was like you know. It's like being a being an environment and you. You have to adapt to the environment and everything going on but always had a mind like i wanted to do. Some nelson do music and shit but for the time being. I was catching them. Cases in growing in having to deal with what i was dimwit. You know what i'm saying. Do you remember when the conversations that you're having with your dad's started to change in a sense of like i feel like there's up to a certain point with your kid. You just want them to be a good kid. And then at a certain point you maybe have to start explaining the streets to explain like daddy was doing this and maybe is not not a good thing or a nice thing for data to do but he had to do it like like do remember when that sorta started to become a something that was blossoming. Your mind when my pops. I felt it was always like shit. Like he kept a real from today because he was always imprisoned even so when when i met my pops already i was already deep in all day. He already can i. it was. We wouldn't even know going back. When i finally i met him. You didn't meet him till whether each by like twelve thirteen and he was locked up your whole childhood in and out of prison. I i grew my grandparents my my grandpa while it's so interesting. So where was your your mom. How the unfiled is industry to. She was in and out of prison real. Yeah so a with with my grandparents and shit basically going up. And then as i got older pops pops always have been always tapped in know. Moms get phone calls the visit here in like that you know but so do you think your grandparents had a hard time sort of understanding what you were going through our understanding like you know when there's that big a gap that's how say the age guy. Definitely my grandpa was. He was an army. Let me was streak hangover. Nothing is going to school. You're gonna get up here you're gonna get out of here. You ain't no landing around here none of that so you think that that had a good impact on you think it may may be more of a hustler or do you think that you sort of rejected that and went in a different direction. Because of that rigid structure that you sort of grew grew up in with him not thinking. I was going to be what it was gonna be 'cause you still got to walk though and were you going to school You get you get tired at like being like look that as like when see. I hear you know gang culture. I here so when you gang banging on here is group says so you can be mad dog. You get tired of this. You gotta be. You'd become one of them. You can ask them for you from asking you where you from it. This you become a lion now you were you from you. Family shit like that definitely. I remember when. I didn't really get that and i had a close friend when i first moved to long beach. Do gay brooks who actually passed away a few years back but like you know it would blow my mind because we would be around vice and stuff and then i would realize that like all of a sudden like some of the dude were doing the way from shit in their face and stuff like that just like a normal guy to me and i'm sorta looking at them. I'm like oh that's like that guys like in the streets. I they have a reason why they have some kind of conflict they could tell they're they're both from somewhere. Necessarily it must be a weirdest thing you get used to that young out here site. I was in memphis though too. That's crazy because me and my boys memphis is like the stared down like that. I thought they only did that out here. Though no matter the just extra dodges sort of you know this hi how we treat ourselves out here and kelly is crazy life in la how we agreed ourselves. We don't do that. How you doing my name. He will for for the gang. Shit we like from with you know what i'm saying. All right. it's like that's i. Hi hi how how you doing this. You know i know and it really. It says a lot about the culture that people talk about. La like a so laid back and everybody's friendly and shit but the people really from here. It's like shit so territorial that they need to like do this little song and dance to establish dominance. I just see who like to like basically allows you to decide if the person that you're talking to is on your level so respect figuring out the respect and that's like with the music. I'll be I'll be. I'll be wanting to be like you know i'll be by me personally. I'll work with anybody. I'll be tripping off the the gang shit. But i know it is here. We serious about gang. It's like but me. I'm my own man. So i steno mount to right i know how it is know just different. I hear you know that's interesting because you see a lot of You see that situation come up quite often where arapahoe get to a certain level and wanted just be working with all kinds of different artists and then like the younger people from their hood. We'll be like now like you can't be working with someone so like they don't get along with us yada yada. I've seen that happen multiple times. You seem like you're getting ready for it in advance. I fly. I fly anything. You don't understand you're not gonna like i've done stuff i've done that. People didn't understand they're not gonna like it right but if you understand it like if you like your boy if you might explain certain things to your boy so he. He have lender standing more than another people. You might not want to explain it to them. It's all about understanding a lot of people when it comes to understanding not here. That's that's a lot of shit. Go left when people don't have understanding totally. That's how that's how it should be about here. That's why the game share really is about creating an understanding so that people will be able to get along by like thirty sorta like creating unity between areas and stuff but then ultimately it was like a negative side of that too. Because then there's gotta be gotta be people who don't get along right. The music shake good though. Because he's helping it out like you see you do see a lot of La like we came for like you do see a lot of different artists working with each other I guess it is like that. Though i'll i'll i'll i wish he'd get better like may be more. Let us know what's interesting thing about it. Is that the like basically i got hood needs to produce a big popular. Rapper like i can think of multiple hoods in l. a. that basically like now are cool and are like sorta on some industries shit and they get along with people and they're working together and stuff but it would not have happened unless they had artists blow up from their area. Because a lotta times clicks. Don't really wanna work with each other or don't want to have anything to do with each other unless it makes sense. Businesswise never really makes sense business. Wise unless you have a star rapper to it could be that too it can just be honest. And real. Nigga it just depends. You know what. I'm saying. Because i'll be i don't be as crazy honestly like i'll be wrapping. You know i. I started rapping to go to. I don't really be filling like no rapper. Life him but it'd be awesome ties. Somebody might run up on me. Line big saddle. I'd be like no. I don't be nothing about the bengals zone. Still adjusted to just the whole lifestyle and everything you know one hundred percent now. Yeah you're you'll get used to it but also like it'll keep getting more and more overwhelming as your star. Power grows bigger. You know i'd be like i ain't that big that'd be like damn i'm imagining the bigger. That's one thing. I have to get used to being just taking pictures in being on camera mortgage always been to myself. I've you hear my music is a lot of pain in my music. I live like a real exciting. I beach. I don't even got pictures on instagram. like that. you know what i'm saying was the cmo. You keep that pretty pretty hard myself. I don't be like this. I'll be dealing with shit. Everybody do something not just deal with the different Be wanna be seen on going on the road Lean but so. How do you make sense of that though. Like you be and that kind of person but then also trying to be a rapper. Where it's like you basically are. Only success was rapper. If you have millions of people that are paying attention you know. I do key wrapping shoot video. That's one thing. I'm always keep doing shit the instagram should. I gotta like somebody's gonna have to eventually start working marsh it you know. It does doesn't pop into your head to look at that throughout the day to look at instagram. Because i feel like. I know a ton of people who litter that are just flipping through instagram all day. That's all i liked. That's what i'd be saying could be a studio doing some music and really doing something with my time. You definitely so who gave you some of the game in terms of what what it was gonna take for you to get your your career off the ground winning pop in your head and gave you that confidence man. Youtube feedback instagram feed bag. Mommy's really i. I was just gonna do one song and get back to what i was doing them. What was the one song no hooks. Shoot the video me and my boy who's gonna shoot it drop. It didn't think too much of it. You know what i'm saying. What was the motivation for doing that. One song though you just fucking around or do you have something to say. I was trying to. I was trying to get some hose Excuse my language but trying to knock some occurs ministries. I'm trying to you know. I don't know i'm just. I'm thinking i'm not thinking like people go belie mixed tape take. I ain't even think that far out about no mixed. Hey you know what i'm saying. You're really thinking like damn if one hot song on you to help me out. These girls are gonna be fucking with me. I'm like i need this. Need to be said. I'm gonna say this i would. I what i was sending out song. No hoods i might this need to be says i'm gonna say i'm not thinking about nausea. Now the data talk about. I got one song more museum. Line more music announcing like that make state. I gotta get to work. That's crazy because i've talked to so many people who basically started rapping because somebody else their hood or this them or their friend. Nobody nobis honest enough to say. I was trying to make some girls appreciate me. I ain't gonna lie. Should be like cnbc. In a lot of cities they do be going back and forth with little wars. That's one thing. I think it's of fascinating. The la sort of like immune to that like la just doesn't really now in and always went to always wanted to speak for maasai to the kaleen. Have nobody likes west. La rimac we had rappers. But i am trying to take dish if our time. I'm trying to really be initiate definitely. So okay you do one song and then what was the feedback from that. Made you want to keep going with it. Ever saying umbrella like down. Just like yeah. I ain't never really been too hyped on. Com is though so to me. I'm just reading that. I'm digging whatever. But i'm looking at the views and i'm like damn that should lie down. Thirty thousand in light like a month on a brand new youtube channel is no has zilch drivers. I'm just thinking. Dan i was only five thousand. You heard me when. I started doing thirty thousand. I'm like damn just kept going going in the hit. A hundred thousand on all right. I can almost argue for me. That's i could do. Music fucking started donation. Where were you In your life before that we just purely in the streets really everyday in the streets you know not like not like just really fucked up in the streets but not fucked up just know. Ups and downs might have went to jail get. I'll be happy to have a little money. Catch a case not issued street chicago and now seeing. That's that's what it was too. It was the ups and downs for me. in the streets ought to have money and not have been down but bro not a half money. Been down flat broke. So then i see meek mill get out of jail and the helicopter with the fuck like crazy to me guys. Start doing something. I gotta start wrapping something. I gotta do like strategies. Ain't for me. i'm i can't be doing it. I got kids and shit. You know what i'm saying. Definitely yeah no i mean. There's a certain way you act when you don't feel like you have hope or like you don't feel that you can change your life and make your life better and then there's a certain way you act when you really realize like i can actually like my environment. I can really change the shit that i'm doing on a day to day basis like was there anything particular happen to you while you were locked up. That made your mind start. Start to change my whole life. I brother in jail for a case he doing thirty years for no. He didn't do really. Yeah i know for sure. He didn't do so mahalo slice situation. I'm not gonna change. Everything around me. Grew up is people. Were surprised that. I'm even that i that i made it like you know what i'm saying. They see what i'm doing and trying to make away and changing motherfucker surprise about that. You know people don't really make it from the they. They know how how my family is how we grew up me and my brothers. My dad is and just how we were. You know how we live in talking about six in the money. The peo- crash got the whole block lined up me my grandpa side on on my grandpa my brothers everybody lined up on the yard rage in like even that's like constantly. We showed that grownups line. So you senior your your neighborhood or your your house get rated like mad times as a young amazon now. We are on probation about me and my brothers. We all live in the same house. It's three of this gang members we and my little cousin and they can. we all know probation inserts. The shoot day. They come for him next tuesday they come in for him the and then the next week they come in for him. Did your mind state over time to sort of start to get used to have that kind of relationship with the law like just constantly feeling like that's what that's what made me mad like them. I get angry then. They got my grandpa. I wouldn't trim about me in my brothers school. Just their lifestyle. We chose My my grandpa here. Six in the morning that i for me right these crazy. That's fucked up for sure. So you you. I got locked up at sixteen or how you get right with twelve twelve and you got locked up at that time. I got locked up for burglary. Gta will when you young they let you go from the police station. I caught a burglary. They let me go. They gave me a court date to appear band called. Gta let me go. Gave me a court date to appear then. one day. I will just walking home and i. I was drunk. I used to drink to eleven as young i to be like you failed me gang. Bang down to eleven twelve twelve to eleven crash. Pull up on me. I'm on the block. They take me home. Bomb resistant me somehow. No long story short. We get to my house though in. I'm drunk and they say. Oh i they fired on them. In bentham around december. I ended up on the floor. You know they re rough me up a little bit in. They book me and that time they will. They let me go. Yeah they took me. I was like thirteen. The charges pending Thirteen months from there. I was like i got on. I was like fourteen fifteen to be fifteen in. What was it like being locked up at that age. Like what kind of should do they have you doing. Dated i was in central east lake Is jail in a sale day for me to let you all you play basketball. You might do watch a movie in a phone call for the most part you sale family. Yeah did you like the the thing. They always say like that. That people basically get into that environment and they just ended up being around mad. Bad kids like kids. That are way worse than them. I was already bad. I thought you know i was. I was that i was on some. I didn't did. I carry it every now it. I had big brothers so they was already older than me. Doing things like that go. He told me because i was just wonder. How bad could it. Twelve thirteen fourteen year. Old be like even imprison shit. I guess they can be pretty damn bad. Though i was in i got i got home you that was in there. Thirteen with neck. Tad's faced has thirteen. Were people talking about having bodies in there and shit or is that still too young had embodies. They'd be book with bodies they entertain. Be thirteen year olds. Dinner charged with murder with the foot talking the talking about of course not be talking about you know. People don't really get to be speaking to speak on it. Is you know you know everybody. Everybody knows everybody in there for san. It'd be like that. So okay you get home from that and then like are you thought of differently after being locked up for that period of time like in your neighborhood and stuff or how did things change. After that i got out fourteen fifteen. But i never really stayed out though as a juvenile there. Was this constant back for a bag on probation is like that. She like i said you for me. That's why i. I never wanna be on probation for that. Because they're not going to be able to you. You're not going to be able to avoid getting locked up again right. Basically that's it. I went to jail. They violated onto high school. Oh what they came. They came in my classroom. I have blue chung in a white t shirt. Blue laces my. Po came and got me out of class. Because you're dressed like that or Really i had to check in at the highschool appeal on campus at the time Wow that is a violation. Why are we going to fairfax. That's where i grew up at in area westerly. Okay pico cadillac. You know you gotta choice go to hamilton. You gotta go to fairfax. Our fare was way too far away. But i guess not okay. What was it like going to school in a fucking area like that where there's all this little shit shit omaha means went there to those regular but at the same time to jail. I come when. I called that charge when i tell you just about when i was thirteen i got out midnight. Great was eighth grade. I want to miss the whole ninth grade. Got already in tim. Great checked in homes are going whatever refunding. I always think about that because we have the store right around the corner and be thinking like. That's so crazy. That kids are really like going to school around the corner from my store around the corner from supreme. Right there for me as a kid. I mean you could have drove like an hour and you can go to like a decent store that you want to go to of them but like there's not like a a bunch of cool stores where people smoke mad blunts outside all this shit like within like a couple minute. Walk like that. I i couldn't. I don't know what i would have done with that temptation as a kid. I it being a little hot is now for some reason. You know if my mind was just. Because maybe i was only there for a little bit out. Kept going back to jail But the time. I was over there. I don't remember melrose being that. I'm pretty sure it always leads. Though it did mule probably wanted just to get back to the us. I didn't really even be down. melrose soon. obviously jumping the gate. Twelve o'clock the early. I mean i guess you have to be like tapped into a certain extent of really like even give a fuck about like the supreme store like what the like my mind. When i was a kid. I didn't know i didn't care about no designer. I just wanted to gang bang and sell dope right. You've heard me. That's all i wanted to go you me go from shea. You filming definitely So you you said that you just kept running it up and sorta losing it then and that just kept happening to you over and over like what what were your actual hustles that you had going on. How close was the closest that you felt that you came and got fucked up to how close was closed. Actually feeling like you made it in terms of like doing something for yourself streetwise. 'cause you're saying that like it just kept not working out over and over and i was pretty Interested in i have had a porsche as five fifty had condos on. The streets fed me while really. I didn't do some things you In his leg. But i'm still a game member so gang banging and dealing with lawyer fees Dealing with everything. I had to do it. I have been flat broke. You know what. I'm saying. Really as i say i seen meek mill get out of the helicopter might man all rappers get out of jail and they still got money. They'd be up. You tell me what is it. What is what is it can do. Did you Have you managed to figure out the business. Side of being a rapper. Yeah like what are your thoughts on on how that looks to you right now. That's the thing here I really i really ain't got into light which you mean for as me signing up for me just like making money off rapid i feel like there's a bunch of things that are starting to probably work for you but you know i'm interested in how you see that because you know it's like you have to get to a certain level as rapper before he can really start making the kind of money you can maybe be making on the streets a little bit more easily but of risk i got the passion for i think i just don't even be thinking shipping off the money like it's gonna come. I just put all put my passion into the music. And i always wanted to do it like i feel like eventually. I'm going get paid. But i don't think about the money i just go. You know what i'm saying. Definitely do you feel like did you. Try to make sort of specific Separation from your your old life in a way because the more famous. You get a rapper. If you're doing anything illegal on the side obviously it's gonna put a bigger and bigger target on you right. Yeah i actually. I've met i. Just i begin. Twenty five hundred for various. That's what really got me like rap shea light. What that's one of the first things that you can do as rapper before your youtube checks are streaming. Checks mean anything you could. You could sell verse right. I'm wanna give me twenty five hundred four verse right that right there alone. I'm like i'm this. I'm in my. I'm just wrapping a mistake to wrapping. And then you not. I did the distribution. We empire is all got a little stream and shakes cassia going. Be paying attention to the numbers. I am paying attention to the analytics And all that you know what i'm saying. I'm a growth. Keeps going out the idea that she can do. Some definitely Is there any artists in particular. Like la that you've kind of seen their hustle and you're like you know That that's that's where i could be at anybody in particular like of this generation the sort of Inspired ula nipsy. I watched nipsy grow flagged for like i mean. I don't know how everybody else upbringing. Beyond really i never really paid attention to too many other rappers but i i watched nipsy. I'm like i'm like he a gang member and i'm game members always watch that lie down. See how far nipsy could go or other game. Member snoop just different. You've me i'm high man. She can go far. Definitely not even just saying because i'm game because i always like you know. They put the stereotype on a gang member while he you know he's a game member he of still run. And that's not every game member femi- nipsy is like a perfect example in certain another like we all. We might be doing down in their environment. We are not thinking like kill. Kill rob still rise. I we just trying to get up on it even and like the earliest versions of gangs supposed to be like sort of community organizations. That is where it comes from is like the idea of sort of creating organizations within your community just sort of keep people in line and you you see that and a lot of different walks of life but it's interesting. How so often. The only time we ever hear about gang show is when it turns criminal or violent. Yeah like you got a lot Even today you got a lot of g.'s. Who do a lot of good shit But they don't really get that you give me but like that let one of these young cats go do do murder They don't have it you from your viral all on instagram pages in all type of shit like that like we just interviewed big you. And he's doing all this community organization share and all this stuff that somebody like clearly trying to do good things for the community. Make sure that all these like gang kids know that they have a choice to go on a different direction. But you know. Do you ever really hear the media. Talk about the fact that us doing that with his time and not really because it's anti gun talk about the negativity you know pieces boring to people wars interesting. You see that inter. I paid attention to that too. I can't be that type rapper before wrapping now. I'm news different lanes. You can take on my. I might be be myself. I can't do all the extra dial china. I'm not saying that. Wouldn't be real definitely the other day i was watching a blog and florida and they are talking to these these dudes who are from you know gang and a neighborhood or whatever and they're just of like now. Yeah like you know. We used to have problems with this side and the side and these people over here but you know shit is cool now like we all kind of have an understanding we all get along and i was just thinking i'm like that's that's amazing but that also likes something. I'm so not used to hearing anyone say when they talk about their gang shit because it's like if you're if you are from a neighborhood and you're not be with people then it's almost like you're not even in a gang won't ward. Oh like people want money right. You know you got some young calves like some mike crack off and it might happen but for the most part is like we. We know what it is who we got families to feed too. So it's like in reality is like a lot of people got kids. You got you living in his area. We're all ganging going on right. You've got kids. Do you really want you want the other side to really come over here shooting where your kids kids got play so for the most part you going to try to keep a coup right. You know what i'm saying but sometimes go there where you have to be what it is but for the most part you will try to keep the cool. Kids is in that area. You know you'll see your mom go the grocery store right here in yang t. Live right there to. You've heard me right so you like your cousin. You gotta think about your family members in a number. I really wanna go to war like that. Because if they did this video be upside down. If people really wanted to go to war says more about money you give. That's the thing when i when i heard that from florida say that i was almost like. Wow he just said something that most rappers will lie about the most most rappers would act like they had all kinds of crazy beef and shoot outs. Every other week can shit even if the if they actually were on some peaceful shit but you know like the gang thing that people want to be a part of is the the violence in the idea. That i'm crazy i'm out here bucking people. All the time in that come from like frustration. Come from being. Because i was like that at one point. I didn't know what to do. That's why i didn't know how to how to go to a studio in rap or on hat money for a gang. I cry see they tripping. I'm on my family. that was my mentality. i didn't know what else i can do. I'm like what else to do. But as i got older last are doing i start going different places and meeting. Different people learn. Matt can't be stuck in that little box seeing outside. The box is the big deal because like A d. who. I do the podcast with and shit. It's my boy. That's the homey he He's like you know. When i had a conversation with him and i start to realize like how into the gang shit he was and how he could have been and luckily he just happened to like become cool with a bunch of rappers who are happening in the come up even before he himself had a rap career and that like all of a sudden he's in clubs he's in studios. He's around famous people. He's starting to realize. Oh man like. I could've spent my whole life on this block. Just them with people just argument with the other side of town like just doing all this stupidest shit like what a fucking waste of time. When i could be out here making money and taking care of my shit and everything like like. That's a big thing to even. Just show a kid. What's possible because a lot of people they genuinely don't understand how to take themselves out of that position right. Yeah you gotta have a strong by. That's why i last one thing. I tell my little hamis. I'm not the type of person. 'cause i feel like we. I grew up. It was different. We didn't like it was more. Gang and going online is really game this game plan going on now but you got more. You got youtube now. You got all types you can upload your videos and different things and you know what i'm saying is so different now. You can actually. If i had youtube growing up. I would have said advantage of that. Definitely like just the idea. But that's what's funny is that you know if you are of like gaming songs and putting it on youtube and putting put out there people. That's that's very like a lot of people would say that's not really like the root of what that is about because you sort of putting it on display for everybody to see. Are you really make an art out of your circumstances that you grew up in and everything and you know it makes sense. That's why to lead a game bringing out. Because i feel like that's a whole nother. That's that'd be young. I don't like to like be too much banging on wax you from me right. I leave it. I find people know ron from Is written on my face by you. Know you not from la. If you see tattoos on facings move like how musso people like. I don't really do too much talking about it. hobby filling. Have you listened to my museum not gonna really just hear me saying crib. Been this game begging twinsies on the cops. They're like if you put in your fucking gang and every single song it's like you just kind of asking you're creating a case for the police to be able to say next time you get caught up like hey look. He's on this saying he's from here and he did this and yada yada. You know it's like this time. Make a change to so like. I ain't really even into that. You gave me laughter. Anything i ever react to is like something i i was. Somebody was poking at me. I'll never just come out in. Just you know it to be honest with me. I'll be wishing we all get along. I ain't chapman and like you know what i'm saying. It is about money but it's like who. Who am i the lying. I'm just big size family. I can only change. Change with me was around me and the people that have people think they minds around me. You know. I can't change with the other side of going on Definitely so on that song. Los angeles height you. Actually you talked about having a friend who got in the head when you're a kid. What was that story. And how did that you because it sounded like it was a pretty big deal to you and that's all yeahs muhammad deepak. We kid is crazy because I had another homey died. The same day day died at twelve one died at three. I went to mount vernon. I was in middle school at this time. Had kicked emerson going. I'm going to mount vernon this time on by washington crenshaw so Yeah i'm seeing the helicopter as As i'm getting out of school and i'm getting on the getting on the bus shit so i get off the bus but get to were. I'm getting off. The bus is right by my house. I live right here. The murder happen. The murderer hardly the first murder doin with mommy d. mc- doing it happened three streets up and then won't happen by maestro literally talking lip stanley orange orange grove streets. 'cause dmitri's run by melrose. And they run down where i grew up at all. Yeah down there. So you know what. I'm saying stanley orange grove. That's for one of the murders happened at orange grove. And what happened on stanley. United close won't happen at twelve won't happen at three. But one was a gang related shooting the one st down. Mommy tiny rest in peace. He died on the street. That was a gang shooting. Then the one with the humming saying we. We don't really know what happened with that one. That's why the sound like what happened if you. I'm questioning like you know. You never really got orange. Mommy demand them. He was shot in the heh charter and say i don't know what they said. I two months you've heard me but we never really figured out what happened with that. Well that's crazy. How you feel changed you as a person just seeing that much death at such a young age i mean you probably so used to it as hard for you to even wrap your head around how out of the ordinary that is but that's some traumatic. I keep dropping leading in my batman but You wanna roll in these months for me. We got this dirty ass carpet. My swab this carpet out after we might get a new carbonari six months because we got so much crap on it looking got clean this morning of the biggest blunt hall right. Here i respected batman embattled blends. That's one thing. I hate rowling's blends i hate him. Hey ron you literally. that's all you do. Every single music video. I've ever seen it you. You're on pot all times even notice. That's probably why you always see me. Because i'll be rolling that for thirty minutes. I'm sitting there trying to them like very avila. You're the kind of guy who could be like rolling up inside the backward pack and like if there was a shooting you still to have your hand. If there was ample fucking alien comes be standing. Still your hand shooting happened at my video. Five hundred markup and lost a pint wockhardt. Oh man my boy was said he was hot. I'm sick sale pint. Wildcard by star is on the floor. Us laws a former. While i was on the floor in shooter happy everybody started somebody kicked picked. It picked it up on Gone right sill paint. I ain't never lost his civil pilot's them it's crazy right. There was a hurt bro. One time some shoot a music video in the back of my store and it was like a white kid like trying to be a rapper and shit and he had like the lean man. Cain five point. Six pints laid out on the car and everything and the cameraman's film filming and he's walking backwards and he steps on the pints fucking explodes. The shit all over the fucking carpet and stuff or other on asphalt and there was like a bunch of dudes. They're they're like real deal. Lean slippers and you know how they felt and what they were thinking when they're watching this shit run out on the ground broncos building regular for a lean separate like you gotta know that you're going to spill yo you're gonna you're gonna tip cup You've heard me bob. The eyeing online grown grown. I was doing so much activist. I fall asleep while markup it a fall out my hand. I'm falling asleep. That's how much lean i'm sipping like. Have you really set me. You're gonna fall asleep. you'll you'll come on. You gotta expect that. But i just a loser so pint. Asha have me hot. That's harsh you definitely. When did you start drinking. Lean liam night really drinking laying or like when you try. Try to when. I was young but i was like man. I should put me to sleep and then put me to sleep. I was like eighteen. One thing that's gonna put me to sleep when i really started sipping eight dollars. I pride twenty not really got hooked. And i'm just every day spending spending a lot of money. Only i'll skip in activists was forty line right saying back then really lie and it was twenty five line and get some activists right. Switch starting came on all the way to the transformation to worry at with walk right. We went from old red new red i went. I went through all the you know. What do you consider like a normal price for lean these days. And what's the most you've ever paid. Because i began a lot. One hundred fifty align all that talk. May that changes everything. It used to be like ben baller posted a photo of one hundred sealed pints and said that he spent like you know two hundred dollars each one hundred dollars each back in the day for pint not align series. Ain't gonna lie. That's that's you asked me. That type of numbers just went off type of numbers is well just like i spent so much money. Only the most is the most spent line though Osei privately to to thirty to fifty. Maybe three hundred on a thursday Fuck it was you know. I didn't know who they would. And i couldn't find under some shit like that. Probably spent three hundred shit activist. I ain't gone. Lie when i see what was going on. They was trying to bank people. They was talking about some crazy number. I haven't heard any say six hundred activists going now. Ap it went too. Many breaks left me. I ain't gonna lie. Never really sold lean. I ain't never so. I always wanted to sit. They helped me with my music. You fem in. It helped me with my pain now. Helped me with my music but before i wrapping. It just helped me with my pain just to go through my day. Algae describe your pains like all the fucked up should be running around your head from seen over the years away. He got going on man. He told me this this. Everybody got some shade going on when you say i got. Everybody got gone on belied man. I think i made my. I made my bed like you know. I talk about it a lot in my music and shit like a lot of this shit like with my kids are baby mamas instead. My brothers road. Grandpa is maho lifestyle. I it's not. It's not and that's what i'm trying to make a. I'm trying to make I feel like your story your story one day. They make much marsha real. They're going documentary on my life. One day ru it. 'cause like my even with my music. Somebody asked me today like they were you. Come up with this. Might bra leadership like this me. I tom living like when i everything i'm talking about is really harm. Living i choose to speak on different. Beats me difference. I choose to speak on what. I want to speak on different. Beats you know what. I'm saying that they're piece long. Got i talk about pain and that could be was just like you know you got some different beats right and i got a five hundred. Markup songs rammed his pop mosh it. You might still get a little pain. I'm always say some real shit about me. I own just wanna just jump on tracking. Just get the. I always have either a message about something or just like some real shit that them forgotten dealt with feel. You gave me one thing. I hear you talk a lot about in. Your music is how you weren't turning down. Any fades in prison. Feels like that dynamic of being impact on you now. I did growing up as a rule in la even juvenile hall county. Joe wherever you at number one rule you turn it down. Oh phase you turn. It is that you turn on. The fate is like you're not you like less of a man you let take some from you. Janta that next thing you taking your style to take everything from you. Light is mine. Did you get that right away when you went in there and i need to defend myself of like from that from the very beginning. You can't let a motherfucker take inch you've got to be one hundred percent yourself. You can't disrespect me. You can't say nothing to me because if you let a little bit of that dow creep in an inaugural respect you. That'd be like that. If not gonna be having a hard time right better be one. You want basically loot dependence especially. If you're in the dorm said and don't be in the dorm set in like wayside dorm and some happen you you you let everybody in a focused. You just got marked out. I'll just watching the movie on athletes. That's crazy as you say that. I was watching a movie on netflix. about that. Shit you gotta. You gotta forgot the name of the movie. I wish i knew the tell you. But that's some real shit you gotta ain't get marked out took and when i hit the county jail i was eight caught a case when i was sixteen for attempted murder. Aggravated mayhem and get transferred to the county jail. Whatever i watched negative took. I'm just like damn. I'm not by the be hungry like i'm going to the whole be hungry and hove anything. Even me right here ya go to eat my food in front of me. We squabble. it get off. Whatever i'm going to i'm gonna be hungry in the huddle because if you let somebody take your food right in front of you they're gonna keep doing it forever. Yes and you're not like your respect is gone in jail. Shit what you got to get cracking already june. What you must have worse can happen anytime. i respect the for sure Okay so what do you feel like you need to do to progress your career take your career to the next level. What what is it all about at this point for you feel like I needed to get around the right people the right team. I got talent. And i'm only getting better so i feel like it could be the right team. I don't got a manager so it might be me having to manage. I think about all type of shit. But i try not to think about it too hard. I still try to put out the music and just keep going right without putting too much thought about what i really need but i know it's a few things that i'm on the number figure it out as i go. You know what i'm saying. But i know one thing i want i got. I got my labor started. Nineteen hundred other artists working with e. Delay stevo orca wearing here. He owned mild them not just put out to put album out. I got sons with a lot of different artists. I was in detroit. Fuck around baby face ray or for a year. I just in the studio. Amasi me a drako. Cyprus us on hardy. You sound like i've been working just got some shit with shaikh different artists. I'll be but for the most part really wanna build my catalog up so it is me. I don't want to lie. You know what. I'm saying. I look i look at like different rappers. Ib be pension today. Catalogs like i got a lot of sound body so features his co. Don't get me wrong right. I'm a fan of a lot of these records. I liked it. I liked what they're doing how they put on what they do. I like that shit. So i will always want to jump on you. Give me jump on regular for the most. Probably china lock in and focused on my shit. You went to detroit to meet up with baby face right let us everywhere outlook. I flew to miami to meet my boy. We flew in miami from there. We drove orlando. We was all like then. What were we got to that. Linda everywhere did everywhere between we stopped in like memphis and we always in memphis. And i did a song with one of my boys. I while i was in memphis. I did a song with artists from And he from vermont. That way you found me. I wanna say milwaukee wisconsin. He from wisconsin. He knew may ray. He'd like man. Bay face fucking with that song. We did in the bay face. I've seen them coming under state cheese post to before that oprah. He was a big side. Hard we gotta hear his whole album. Those the other base factory. I've been listened saddening away back. So that duggan had me gig right there. When i was talking to ya de on the phone the other day about baby face right he said man. He's number one Detroit now detroit. Flynn whatever he was like fucking using them on guy right now. I'm mike do it. I pulled up on a minute. Studios corona corona had hit hard time. When everybody was taking us so serious. That like i remember my girl. Want me to bring the postmates bag in second. My corona on it felt like the world is about the man. What the fuck on on the world in right. I got my career of the ground in other words. Going to end bro. But then i'm in miami and the projects and everybody outside so certain parts of traveling and we would just hitting the state to stay so everywhere. We was going. It was a different vibe. Outside and miami inserts stay inside california the everybody was inside looking at my instagram. Nobody people telling me back home. Nobody out yeah now that we survived it. We should've i should have just gone to miami and just been cool and for the year. I stayed in the crib for a whole year. With the was. I thinking. I think they shut the beach down over there from al mistaken. Let's get off the beach though. Show fisherman Okay anything else. We need to know anything that big says coming up that you want the world to know about or I feel the people are the very drawn to. They want to know what's going on in your world. Don't i'm just trying to stay out of jail really you know. That's number one east out of joe and dropped his music key. I'm gonna keep dropping. I got this out on job couple days ago. I got an every ninety days and will be trying to put out a project. He building key building video. Got videos coming different shit. You know what i'm saying. That's only just working man putting together. They're trying to build with my label to nineteen hundred china. Learn side of the business. Learn the business side of the game. So i can help by. I look at yo gotti He moved with his artisan. Your ross his artists. So if i can be like that for la help out these young cats. That's moving around. I wanna do music and might not know the way to go. Once are learning how to. I figure everything out is going to be on. I'm just going to put people in a position to help They families you know what i'm saying. Everybody got families they take care of yourself at the end of the day. Yes anything getting position rocking barry body where everybody be straight the people around me much speckman appreciate you man. Now like what you're doing and I'm definitely like you one rapper. Actually they've you drop a project. Today i will listen to the project today. Which is that's a rare not that many rappers like listen to you like the day you drop your shit but right now. I'm excited to hear what you got coming up next. I appreciate that much. Love getting better and better you know so big said during a big la. No jumper cables podcasts. In the world. Check us out on youtube. Sound cloud itunes light communist subscribe. Jabber dot com. If you want to support appreciate everybody out there so you fry too much.

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Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast

41:10 min | 1 year ago


"You're doing a full brush right now. These co cuts visit Def. Yeah I'm totally fucking Vegan. How feel literally die for was real via today? Started naming should V. C. P. V. Beef Again. Vegan is only plants. Yeah it's not announce so when impossible burger and stuff popped up your V. Yeah that's another option. You're out on that. It was actually bad too because it may remind you of something has not good. So why are you actually trying to substitute? Because every time we talk we just get into it. So Tyler's on skype right now for your headphones on so you can hear him tyler. All you bloody before just before we get into highly anticipated interview with our close personal pal walk a flock of flame. I just had to tell you guys about gametime my favorite ticket purchasing application yours too. If it isn't already it will be. Did you know that? Nba Ticket prices can actually go down right before the game starts. It's true I'm not telling tales out of school. That's where the GAMETIME APP COMES IN GAME. Time tracks ticket prices in real time from thousands of trusted sellers. Then showed you all the best last minute deals. It's like hotel tonight but for live events to date millions of fans downloaded the GAMETIME APP and scored big on last minute tickets. Saving up to sixty percent off gametime has panoramic images of the view from your seat. So you don't have to get stuck beyond a poll or up in the nose bleeds when you didn't expect it. The APP also as price drop push notifications letting you know when prices are dropping for events in your area you don't ever be. You could just be bored sitting there. Your phone goes off all on your concert. You're at a game. Fifteen twenty minutes later for a fraction of the cost. That's what gametime can do for you. You're a buffoon if you haven't already downloaded this especially since gametime that's right they're hooking you up with a fifteen dollar credit. Here's what to do. Download the Game Time. App on your mobile device. Click the my ticket section of the APP CREIGHTON account than under the billing section Redeem Code. Barstool once again that's Code Barstool for fifteen dollars off your first purchase. That's free money waiting to be claimed. The credit expires the end of April twenty twenty. That's April thirty twenty twenty so make moves quick. Download the game time APP now in score last minute. Tickets is upset about fifty minutes long Motion Vegas so today's pick staple be we'll we'll have some picks it'll just be the other half of this episode pretty much so here's flock now. enjoy this flock is always great. undeniable ball of positive energy flock is man and then you look for another hour or so later today joy. I took Florida search of bodies Beijing. This song brees in effect. Bet looking for the way out of someone with a k. out bending over my head head. Sue a running play. The you know that I'm doing like I'm okay. I'll be on the phone me. Who came from nine to did? Only on the sports off opponent took walk my friend. Good to see you again. Rich billions of dollars. That's what skype Kospi's Day. That's why did is he a doctor his pinky he said that's want to know more about the the first thing. I will walk the walk and he was I. Can I get a toothbrush right? Ready Smoking this cheeses. You stuck in my teeth man. Jesus hard to stop eating those delicious. That literally was like that was like the only thing I couldn't give up easy. It was that was like a lasting or anti vegan NACHO cheese. Not because what I'm saying Yeah. I always forget what the line between vegetarian and Vegan. Because I'm GONNA come on. It seems like a lot of work flexibly. Terry. What's explain? We reflects diets okay. One Week while we competitor Terry Okay next week. I'm chopping down lamb chops and then now I'm not making me so that's just not so. My months is fun like I wanted this one month one week. It is when we when we could then the next week I detox up. I'm like a big like pizza this week and I don't like donuts next week. That's my flex. If you WANNA get on the way then you go look like a big limp. But that's what I look like a little boy. I'll tell you that does that does not great. I have terrible genetics Skin really all of it. I was about and he came in here. He's like did you get taller. No I didn't get taller of always been tall. The only thing I've ever had you been it's been a while I'm enjoying I ain't been enjoying my As Art has been they want you to keep adding to adding stats adding stats with when he only time to celebrate these holidays right these championships like when one is it like a proper time to enjoy your career when you old. No you might not get old. That's not given this with Kobe. We're give people their flowers while they're here show. You gotta live man. You gotta live man and I've just been living. Actually he's been getting in different avenues and just educate myself. Because I missed that part of life Like I have time to educate myself. Was I was famous so actually brought myself like I don't. I don't know how I feel too Go to concerts. Honestly don't know as someone concert goers in the crowd I don't know I feel like a gold. Educate myself working jogging. Learn different strategies. Like I'm Arapahoe and you have to be smart. I tell you what you're not missing much with the work thing you cross that one. I'll think he's near Miss. Anything then F. on I was doing fucking security For years this guy here unique Security that was much different than what you will. You will go grab that guy and beat them up. That was using her status. What the what was the strangest thing you encountered the security got strangest count. Yeah was it do crying crying for the MAC eleven up to his Tampa? You couldn't believe he was trying BERTA. Smells like what he's like a streak because that's for Nikki Nikki. Okay for me I think. The weirdest The worst thing I've seen on a row. Yeah you know like the little one will hover boards. You can stand on one will actually seen a guy with a helmet on glasses on and I have video of it so he was just riding it. It'd be a Boston glass. I'm so serious. I got the video. The video is like amazing this guy actually on the highway with okay on the hiring right now we get. It was just some some nerd riding a two wheel thing. You describe the foot escaper. Toronto WITH IT snowing like actively snowing in this guy is just cruising crew. That's Daft punk. That's one of the two daft punk chugging along not a care in the world at least thirty minutes of he's going he's locked in. He's go forward. I always see random stuff late. I'm like the most random is already so I see the most like this. Why do you think of the most random because I love doing random stuff a typical artists things? I don't know I I WANNA do literally and sometimes been only be for money because I just want to do it like I go to. Certain cities like put dirt cheap. Just to go yeah. It's not like I have a show even near there. I WANNA GO WANNA go pick last place. You went through that. You just wanted to go last I went to. I just wanted to go Blace okay no no. I want to go to police. That's one of Gen Last place I went and I just wanted to go probably Jamaica. I never been there. I'm surprised last year was my first time in Jamaica. Yeah I'm like. How did I SKIP JAMAICA? Br I wanted something called a blue. Marlin who he'll minded you. Walk through the woods and jump off a cliff with my okay okay. It's nice. That sounds Nice. Is The rivers definitely like allure Where's your favorite place? You've been favorite place. I've been with Barcelona. That's why we talked about this last time But Beside Barcelona. Now it's time to become like video games on the late VR. Just going into a crazy. Like a lot of people are ill get on twitch like good crush twitch whether it's through money you don't have to talk to you can just be on it not interact with them at all and just they just watch you and you don't have to. Yeah I would dig into my is far in the why it'd be electric. Yeah that's that's why view this is why I think a lot of people love you. It's because you're just authentically you. You're never like trying to be something you aren't and that's what we do. We're just ourselves crack. It's like bras. Uplink call eighty five thirty in the morning at six thirty. I'll sleep like survival mode and call the duty. Bro. It's like to die for telling you got this one board or call the do the airplane in a rocket launcher shoots. You gotTA fight your way through it. I might be getting past the first second right way. Are you good at college duty? But I think you just answered that. Oh no I'm I'm I'm decent but there's levels just hard. Yeah if I get the good controlling the truth Buttons behind the Control of course like. Oh like the Advanced Combo. Come on then. I'm an intellect Financial Literacy dabbling into stocks are Providence Equity Worl- actually like heavily interested in it I think I'M GONNA. I'm actually leaning into starting to majorly. Yeah Yeah I think it's Why not now? Why not I put put to give a fun and creative really would not just accrue. We all got the same chain on like a real label. Yeah I go a one stop shop building like take a building from New York and sit in. That'd be nuts. I was GONNA say 'cause you I was watching. I took the train down from Boston and get here today. I was watching. Just old interviews like Not Breakfast Club Ebro. And you were talking about all the producers you had before everyone outset so like why what what spot in your mind to try and start that now like what. What is it about now because I know what I'm doing now okay. I didn't know what was going on. Business Young I ain't no. It's impossible for me. Know how to run the industry and I just got I share. My people want you to be a boss after two CDs. You'd like Oh calm down. Deady was still dancing and masons videos third album so yeah you didn't know not. Even he became a billionaire. I don't right now so I mean he got together right now. Jay Z. God himself to give thirty three. Yeah I like I'll see ever looking. Jeez OH JD career. I'm like Jay. Ziegler was in his thirties. I should pay attention to that so I think as men. We all get wiser thirties. I think thirties. That's when we we like we like okay. It's time I know exactly what I wanted to do. I feel like growing up because like we're just getting like people are living longer. Yes I feel like. They used to be a pressure like this shit figured out twenty and now it's not that way here right. Yeah like about twenty five. You'll be you'll be failures like you really away at thirty. Oh yeah like am. I haven't even started at twenty four. O No not even. I'm still partying us as we should be Palm Tomorrow. Bro. I live my life like some people want to make money young and say. I'm sorry buddy I blew it. I had I had having fun and education is way more fun to spend them to make that money came so fast. I'm like man. I'm not to spend this on education. Humbling you know right now. I got I fly around. Learn food learning finance people usually spend an are a lot worse so that cocaine process having said worse not better fuck euros bouncing around as always hard to harness your energy and try and figure out with Jim. You always say that to. Why are you starting a car company? So right now what? I'm doing Actually pardoned up. Well one of my best friends. He's he got a Lotta engineers and he's one of the lead developers in order. Okay he used to work for Apple Art of him he just my Dau- not just been talking to him. So and then We run across his ideal. We want the trains the transit. I think I saved to say that we That I got the next disruption. Ooh Yeah and transportation okay tunnels No it's not that advanced. I wish you well. That's what Elon Musk is on. That's why that's what made me think of that. Yeah I I if I had to align Muss money I'll be good Also I've been my family. We HAVE A COGNAC. Cor Premise. Okay it's a pink kai-shek Oud sandbars to box him. Yeah box of that. You can tell them big fan of color. Yeah birth fight I got a story clothing. Line drove drought. Okay we'll all social media edge row life street Whiz Kate with just like a call him. Manley close. Yeah at the half fashion and stuff like that man. We could be feeling like a man wearing sexy dad. I don't WanNa feel no good. Trucking company next nation transportation. Because if you think about it whereas all the money like transportation right now if you buy car you it's like a. It's not just lose all changes gas this all kinds of stuff you lou here losing. So what if I could take that pressure way for you to a? You Ain't got to worry about his expensive car. We're in my old changes all worrying about gas all the time where my registration? All the time insurance causes ripping apart. You keep talking. Like there's let's let's keep this onto low. Yeah Big Auto. They don't like people They've been trying to suppress electric cars for many years. And I'm suppressing gives twenty billion cowards. Do It do it. I dare you And also my my daughter. She invented these makeup mirror okay. I'm hoping the idea is that lesson. That make up lane is the one day. Go in go she. She's she's obsessed with it. Yeah then the top and our love on TV show. What the Come on March twelfth. We TV it premieres on the twelfth of March. Let's hear about it. Talk about him as dope. Yeah Hey incredible. That was that was the TV Team has put him. I was like Oh. That's so corny. Good I liked right. Yeah that's exactly what you need audrey. What happens on the show? Oh it's like an introduction was really going on around me island too far in the night yet. We'll get into it but you know I'm I'm much come into the daily Dad Life then I'm GonNa get into my life life life in the family in a funny stuff just reality my reality from from a different point of view. Okay Yeah I think it's tough fight. I have different like TV. Show though so I take that initiative one day Will embrace kids on his show. Be Dope Just WanNa be I WANNA be like the next Huxtable advocating they WANNA be exactly like. I want to be like bill cosby. Oh boy I'm sorry man. I don't look at this negative though this picture people painting. I'm just bill cosby I see. He's the reason woke. He started my weakness when he as a kid. I Never Forget. He put this thing in a classroom. Full of kids who is like Different races a kid and he took his paint. Which your child life I. He's a genius and I was aiming wannabe excellent. Learning TO BE GREAT. He made me want to be a father. WanNa have a family so I don't know he's like the billionaires chapelle talked about this too. I don't know if you saw one of his specials. Recent loves repel roses like legend. He was talking about It was like wow. Where do we draw the line? Like how much good does personnel have to do to outweigh the bad? That we've heard about badly like Brad ended a day early. I don't know the truth right. And if they really haven't as as messed up you know for sure what ended a Damon. Best Bill Cosby. I'm trying I'm sorry. Look as Bill God when when you get Walker you get someone for life. Wow you stand by peaceful by you man. Bye You unless you not taking taking crotch taking kids or anything in that crazy right since. Of course now you talk about dad life. I'm becoming a dad next literally next week. My first line girl boy girl Oh. Macabre bless. I'm very excited. You know what br I promise. Not It is I- everyone else's the opposite you were like no because it's a lot of your friend of mine ver- so stroke. How much how you some real stuff about Lou girls are. And why ask my Bro- my daughter's is like she's like she everything. Bro. I swear to God if it wasn't for her I would not. I'll probably it took me another eighteen years to be. Ym To okay like stay. Open something up in your heart and a mind how you feel the way you view life. They don't think nobody else can do. Okay but you jealous. She's going to be a hundred percent growth. Because all your attention going to your door feel charity knows that little girls wake up. Everyday Wannabe Sumner Princess Mermaid at Disney Ballerina dance. They'll Cheerleader in in. It's fun as a father. Because you know how do you got all these like I love my wife like dressing up like my daughter loved targets. Yeah Walmart's like she loved. I think like the high fashion because you watch TV with like the Disney is Disney. Close right keep it that lane. I'm fine with that. They'll follow the Kardashians. I I will not. I haven't yet I wasn't GonNa Start Disney man. Just just gotTa Watch out for little girls. Little girls are so anal in a little kid. They watch everything right. Detailed out in a follow habits I learnt my daughter. She followed habits so she listened to me was she follow my habits so if. I preach some and she didn't see me doing as you were respect right right so such by. How is Martin much smarter such about more than what I say? Definitely because all. Who's all for me? What I did for my daughter was now she no? I'm the first man to love her But I I couldn't remain. Laid her down right. So you WanNa be like you know what I'm saying. I just sets up the entire rest of their life all man so no pressure Donna. Good 'cause you'll good you cou so it's not like some of these guys ain't for sure. I'm saying they don't in the run-up ancient. Yeah they don't have love like if you see a lot of women's like out like doing while they they really don't love they'll have true low right and that was searching for many deeply but Dan Luger Homework Wade's you go through the MERMAIDS. They cover your favorite stay. I missed the Disney my daughter. 'cause she made me go back as a kid right right right like I was. She pulled me back. That's thing I've always. I've never really left kid mine state. So that's why everyone here. Who is a parent? They're like not super hard super hard. I'm like I think like the years are going to be very hard like just naturally Motorola fourteen. Yeah that's what I mean that said thirteen plus like that's when I'm like scary. Yeah that's what I'm going to get nervous my feel old because I've got four daughters. I can I you know right right well people. My daughter listened to. That's why I made. I'm forced to do business like I'm literally forced to be like this. She just jammed. You're writing into a different world. She was watching like the seventies western movie. She's like that's our right. Oh my grandmother is roasted you serious right so your kid actually remind you that. Would you talk about? Don't exist is Egypt. Yeah Yeah so Egypt poking in Ninja like Pau Power Rangers as old right like she don't want to hear that. Martin Luther King. They don't they don't over but you have to teach them if you don't teach you instill indicate you're kidding. Oh take back again is back to the habit right. If you don't have a habit of reminded instilling it to me with a little girl you got to do is create a strong mile away. Make a classy a classy woman. Always like any woman would classes the best. Yeah Yeah I'm excited. I'm very farnborough odd and egill like this coup sex appeal as a man gave my girl's not going to be pumped here that also you will you need for your confidence man. I mean my. Have you ever known to have low confidence but baby confidence? You're going to have yeah. He will be around all of the DAD. Dad Strength on top of the behemoth. I already am put your conversation. Actually compensation she's grow because now you can talk about your daughter right along. I talked about. He's GonNa hate it. Absolute Lights Go. He he he he. He got a one yard. It's all okay. You're going to challenge okay. Nine months from now on I'll be right back. I'll be right back making a baby solid goods nine months from now we'll see it So you got the show come in two weeks not even not even what else has come and Like because you you have all these things always always you have pots on the the fire. What what else. He like most excited about right now. In your life while most excited about is my wife I will Meanwhile closest friends Cooney started a management company soundcheck management auch about that. I like you know we move into them. Seats like we are not a dirty thirties is time to get down and dirty man like this man for. I just WanNa have like a whole bunch young artists. Yeah and his wife. Marie Yeah in Washington be grown up and teach them how to read. I was GONNA say like two years ago. You were given One of those those Ebro you were talking about like the young artists in just like how they weren't even like from Atlanta necessarily therefore all over just how much you enjoyed watching them man. It'd be having fun. Yeah Man. Who's in a Bugatti man? Knowing that no one alive has ever had more fun than lose evert. No if you could as me being artists that came out in in early two thousands and watching these new artists fate. I'm I'm I'm so happy to know. That was a part of something that gave them the opportunity to even live this life because these lifestyle living now is unheard of as artist daily. Lifestyles have pop artists. Who's living that wrap his dreamed about right. I mean young rappers are living the dream that are their life. That part's dream about young boys. Making like crazy amounts of money just off Youtube alone like he just upload video and he's is back just gross every day it's insane what's happening hockey's you. How could you not pay a meal and other and I never even mind you? I was GONNA say I was looking through When I was on the train today I was looking through all like all your stuff on Abba music and all of it said two thousand eighteen. And I know it's not from two thousand eighteen but that's just when you finally were like. Hey why don't I get paid for these streams row Guzman? Rodman bless Bro. Like I'm talking about. I've been soup like well. I've been blessed in. It's not like I wanted to money to keep. I always wanted to spend money on my friends. Right and people love is different. Shit I got like just give me a Lotta money. Talk is do what I wanted to do. I need a hundred mil again. Honey million bolic accompanies been at golly right. I'm GonNa go with the flow. Everybody tell you how much life was life of bowel and this. You don't know what life is about to. Et You make life C. Crew. Then you know elax about you actually see what life is from the ground up in his precious rose everything you make to me life. Is Everything like none of us live in the same world where we walk in the same universe? We in different worlds like everybody will have different. We live different. No matter wildly like that's what it is. Every we both the same kind of food we have two different tastes boats. Yeah Yeah I spit it out. You're like delicious. Yeah it's crazy true. Eat NASTY shes well. How many how many lives do you think you've lived like you specifically just from where you started to our hat band to where you are now like that. I had to live twenty. Love right it will grow. I PROMESSI MAN. I had fun. I no one's calling you alive. I'm talking to myself because it's incredible some rules. I being like what am I doing like? I'll say I'll go bar Mitzvah. I never know what it was. Just I'm I'm in Lebanon Afghanistan. I don't like all how'd I get here from an army base in Japan? Chair brew hard to paint. Wow that's the guy but then I realized that if that's not watching like a Lotta a Lotta other artists Shows as you know. Have no anything. Yeah what they say. They all corn is how and it's not default. You know what I'm saying because the industry and he's He's book and make them chase shows right and they don't get into the artistry like me. I gotTA fill the music. The music could be forty years old ARCA perform like I just put it out because you could fill up all my life. I Lo- partying though right like all movies. I like it was like you. House Party American pie soup Was that Surveyed Super Bad Old School. Yeah and those that. Don't drink juice like fun party stuff like so if you haven't life a party but I'm telling I'd have been about Richie. Rich of rich people in life is born. Yeah all the money in the world. We do not a party right. They spend like fifty. Thousand dollars is due on the barring one hundred dollars. Yeah we're cost them fifty. G's cost me two hundred dollars. Yeah and it's less fun. Oh God they buy fifty biles. I'll take fifty shots. Who's having more fun? It was the real win and in my mind you. Fifty dollars is not to fifty shots as ninety two bottles. His third two shots a bottle. Right I try to thirty two shots. Woke up again and a pile of your own shots of what thirty two shots at. What were we drink? Firewall Oh God even. Devlin shook his head. That's a bad sign over. I had two years like I said solid year a fireball. I think everyone has also my leg firewood. Yegorov sock vegas balls like Brian. I had a vegas bomb. Oh and all the rest A Kayak rebel. Oh boy but I just had I called the caboose Kogo. It was all the dogs back back back like people like you never see like blackout. Take man for the way you do this. I want them down like everybody got to the her about taking shots to the hood. It turned the party back to like normal people not part. Because I'm just being. Why would you go to club the flakes? I feel that that's where I feel like social media's made people trying to be too cool you know what I mean. They don't actually like let loose and have fun. I can't blame so's you mean. Social media just focus on one side of the of of personality not other sides so that's what social media missing because it's not a vessel is a platform. You know what I'm saying so to me social media's like the club all VIP's they just missing a dense flow over. Yeah that's all standing outside the pool. Man You'll need to dance will be baby. Yeah what are you in full without a dancefloor? Yeah you feel like I feel like you don't even notice people who stand like live on Sunday Miami like I've been there Mike. This is terrible his fellow. Vip's money right as the dance floor out young. Tony Bro Clubs Guy. Go back like silent headphones. Imagine Imagine Bro. Using a a club that holds A thousand people but all headphone. Yeah he gets his woke up a Yo me so Li every time like I think my toss. You'd be headphones out. I don't hate it. I have a headphone tool. Every time you walk by that at a festival like Coachella or some- you see those people. They're going harder than anyone familiar. Definitely not to be a headphone tour. Whoever knew that definitely Swaggie Jack? They know you gotta do. We gotta be passed the ten th anniversary this October right. Yeah to feels like you talk about lifetimes. That feels like it. That's twenty alone just getting back to that broke stories. Well I got a microphone off. You know what I'm GonNa do. I'M GONNA start writing down. I remember 'cause I'll be just driving and be like. Oh yeah remember brock. I start writing this down. I'm Michael Luck Olu cartoons Scott Hall. We've talked about cartoons before constipated. Ricky morty over my life what What was your. I feel like you've had many like what was your first like. I've made it moment like this room. I can't believe I'm with these people like I'm on. Tv What's what what was that like. What was IT Look I made it. Mommy knows you know when I honestly can say you're on famous like I'm really like Roh famous. I in Paris okay. That's when I heard it like boo by arapahoe I got invited out. There will be. That's when you like I make him and it was like riding go karts around like Lover Fun and then I like. I was getting out the hotel and randomly. I seen common. Okay Oh you taxi road the taxi together today so my air by always go. I'm like Damn I am famous. Yeah like I'm really famous Brahmin parison. They people going Handberg of him. I was surprised Gola. 'cause they they seem like on a different kinds of people very they so different growth so we post you be like. Hey Hey walk out kind of holding a bag at yes. They like European New Yorkers. That's pretty accurate. Yeah I like that news cool as aggressively so I ended up getting beat Also by beat die metis producers at the event like all we produce good. The event was like so weird to me and then fashion. High Fashion World was weird. Ghetto guy like me. Look I'm not supposed to be putting legal sex balls but mile for the platform leathers and that's how you that's not my style. I'm not saying it's not. Those styles is now walks out. I was I didn't go find me some chicken some fries and I met you guys you got some weaver. He's like yeah. We got anything else again. Eighteen forty seven. He's like breath. We got that. They had some kind of vocal tornadoes. Using the studio definitely chicken came partly getting US chicken and fries super cameras. Guide is not your five Walker we know. Would you like so next thing you know? They bought like got me to smoke but me as a studio and when we went to a hotel room mate studio made a song individual today okay. It was though my parents that was the French. We that was that was definitely own hills made really. Yeah I Bro. I I like him visit general so well for sure but I just don't deal with Zaza desires exotic exotic like we call the Zaza like designer. It's much too much like a drug definitely it too strong. Yeah all right Brian. I don't want nothing. I also had a wife and my baby. I'm too grown for Quinn. Yeah you can't do this. I don't know when they need to keep pitching it like. They need to be like a diet. We'd because they've turned up too. Hi there needs hall rows and move smoke. We lose weight that day. Oh that's clean living right there. That's why you need that. Those are the Greens I like. Those are the ones that we need to. Yeah we'll we'll get our top scientists on that we'll get figured out that that world events so much that now they like. They like stem cell in out of playing well they. I mean they didn't do any research at all until nineteen ninety-two because all the laws like they literally locked it down and it was right. It was one dude A believers Israeli who was like fucked. I'm going to study it. Like he applied for a grant or something. They're like whatever dude and he is the one who found out that we have the end Okinawan system. Like inside of us just like our nervous system circus. All that like we have one of those four the Canabal receptors. That didn't happen till ninety two. So you think about like even with like likes computers. Computer Technology started nearly a Hundred Years. Ago Point Cannabis. Technology didn't start until like three years after I was born. So it's still like in its infancy like the stuff they're going to be doing with a ten years from now we probably will be losing weight off of it. Wo- yeah you got some new. That's all I needed here today. walk that mean man over. There's telling us to wrap it up. I seen if he gets a role. Yeah no it's true You're going to be a million dollars worth of game Wallowing Gilliam sure. That'll be delight. Make sure you're gonNA listen to that and go ahead list everything else again. I don't want to miss anything SMART. Twelve we TV TV flocks TV show is official log in tuning in. I'm so cornea doing this. I'm sorry let's does way more authentic. Yeah too many people like roll it off like you didn't even want to be here music man. I got guessing prize music. Yeah I definitely draw some head banging music like some you party. I'm dropping like three different records. Everyone's okay three different two or two two different walkers. I'm looking forward to it. How Ya WanNA listen to it that will make you want to run through the sheet rock. It usually does actually before you got. I know you do have to go. I do genuinely curious about this. What's it like knowing because you music is so like head? Bang and high energy. What's it like knowing like every high school football basketball team pro athletes? Like you've gone through the headphones at some point in. Like you've like led to victories. You may cause people to get like concussed because of how like intensive videotape like. How's that how what's that feel like knowing that you have that range? That's how I felt me. It's funny because some songs I really don't be wanting to be a hard on. Come out I I appreciate it.

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AMR Answers #61: Washing Running Accessories; Easing Lower-Back Pain

Another Mother Running

31:00 min | 2 months ago

AMR Answers #61: Washing Running Accessories; Easing Lower-Back Pain

"Thanks to courses for supporting another mother runner and for making cute innovative running close course it is dedicated to delivering original performance driven apparel designed four runners by runners. Get twenty dollars off your order at road runner sports dot com slash aimar. Welcome to aim our answers. This is cerebral and shea. And this is debbie mcdowell shatkin in the end of february. Yes yes said team. I had a fun experience. Last thursday morning i went swimming. Which is always a cause for celebration here. Where everything's lockdown except for the pool that you now have to sign a bring assigned waiver every single time. You swim Wow yeah that says you haven't shown any cove symptoms in the last sixteen weeks sixteen. Read any of the print. I just just show me where to sign round me the pool tricia. My running buddy was there and she goes. I can't believe they sixteen weeks. I'm like what are you talking about. Like thing just signed my So yeah so anyway. But i had not just tricia there. But daphne my fifteen year old daughter went with me so that she could swim and we each had our own lane. Wow and because. I'm not sure you knew this dim but daffy was on her school's swim team This year where all the was dry land training all right. Well that's a good start a via via zoom and then and then it was only three days a week and then one day a week. It conflicted with her online therapy. So i'm like you know you can switch the therapy signal mike. Okay so So anyway so she did not have a swimsuit says she used when my own suits in the got. Some goggles from Jack and then our dead jack and then she just pulled her hair back into a ponytail but since then we have gone and bought a speedo swimsuit for her and got her a swim cap. Very nice yeah and so it just you know. It's a swing so funny jim. You know you. And i have gone to many a couple times together and i'll talk to the person really while they're swimming but yet don't you find that when you are the pool with someone you feel you. It feels different than when there's there's you don't know the people in the lanes next you like. There's like almost like this telepathic. Waves go out. Yeah oh for sure. Now it's fun to and those off chant on those on those random times where you do end up you know stopping at the same time at the end of the pool and have a little chat or something. That's nice too but yeah no. There's definitely something to be said for having you know a friend acquaintance in the next lane. Yeah yeah so. I reminded me. I felt like Tradition was was going on. You know because when my dad was alive and he was an avid swimmer. And so when. I would be visiting either home from college or i guess it wasn't a swimmer college. So am i talking. About like when i would come home from when i lived in boston or san francisco or something and we would go swimming and just being their necks and seeing a family member being there and So hopefully i swim better than my father and put your head in the water. Then you're winning yes so anyway. But gosh at one point. You'd like this. I saw daphne holding the the side of the pool with both arms behind her. And i'm like wow. She looks like she's about to start doing the butterfly. Yes ma'am that's what she star trying to do and you have to that. My kids are all self talk with swing. They've never had swim lessons like nothing. This is just herbie. How good for her. She went for it. A little. Flail did she. Oh she may be made it. You know. I don't know a fourth of the way down the with even just getting the arms out of the water. I couldn't see pass but yeah so anyway so yeah and then on the way back from the swimsuit bomb store at what you call. The swimsuit store This story i said oh you know. I learned how to swim by reading a book and i wish i had that book and then i said oh and there was this guy terry laughlin total immersion swimming videos. I'm mike he's no longer living. But i bet his videos are still up so kind of subtly suggesting that maybe that's what she so. She went home and watched them. All into your. Yeah that's awesome. I'm so guys did that. That's really cool. I mean it's it's both my kids are swimmers. But i've never swam with them. They would not want us. That's well because they they've been on a summer swim team or amelia's wrapping up her senior year at high school right now they She is enough to be. She goes to hybrid school right now so two days a week and then they they've shortened all the sports seasons to abc and they're all six weeks long. They're just zooming through them. So so amelia's. I don't know i mean she's just kind of having fun with it. It's not really volleyball sir. Her main am so and her shoulders hurt sometimes from swimming so she does what she wants but they have this coach. I just have to share this in case anybody. Because he's been there forever. Coach richmond is his name. I don't know. I can't think of his first name. But the best part about swimming and arapahoe is they have dress up days before every meet so so usually like this week. It's because it's senior day on thursday. Meet on thursday this address like a senior citizen kane argyle sweater on like sorry but anyway but they have address like richmond. Day which is richmond is like your classical like endurance athletes so like brides by practice. You know doesn't you know i'm gonna probably get emails. This doesn't really care what it looks. like right. he's like sixties. Probably late sixties is my guess and you know he just. He always wears jeans and a shirt and berkinstocks address like richmond. Day is very funny anyway. That's that's what i had to say about something but it's been good for her. I mean they're doing virtual meets. So that's interesting you know. But the thing about it is is daphne when she gets to go there when she gets to compete for her school. There is something about high school swimming that does not presence in in club swimming or summer swimming like it is a team like unlike my good friend and then we'll stop talking about this. I still talk about writing but my good friend cory has a daughter who just joined a diving team in a similar high school. Not not arapahoe. But she said she's never had teammates like this. She's never had an atmosphere. Like this like. Daphne will have that and the thing that actually made me start thinking about high school swimming. There are so many kids on the team that learn how to swim in ninth grade. Daphne's not alone in. I mean she she. She can get from one end of the pool of the other. But it's not pretty. Yeah no i mean. And that's what's i mean. I think that's so cool. Every school is going to be different right and might be very different in portland. But i'm just saying the team is just as fun and just as rock solid as the versity team but it's just a bunch of girls that like they're learning how to do flip turns they're learning. How do the butterfly and stuff. But they have embiid. It's really cool. They have as many means they have as much fun. They have as much spirit respect. Ooh i really. I really i embrace it for that. Yeah it's not because it's not like basketball or volleyball where you can only have twelve or fourteen kids. Seem like it's a no sport. Yeah yeah it's awesome good. I'm excited for her. Oh good good. Yeah yeah i mean. The schools pool is outdoors. So i don't know where they swim when times return to us but and it's also it's a long drive there so i if she ever looked up from her phone. We could talk and carlo that so you go yeah. She's watching those videos on our phones. Law that's terry laughlin okay. Well let's start off with janna who has a question about laundry. This is jonah from oakland tennessee. I am a many happy miles. Oji and i have a question that maybe you guys could help me. Risk outerwear. How often do you wash it. So i'm specifically talking about like jackets. gloves headbands. Like maybe fleas headbands things like that you wear every day. They don't really get dirty and you've got something underneath them so that's really getting all the sweat. I guess Do you wash ones that. We d wash them. More often I love to hear what you think. Have a great day. Bye gina you are an og many happy miles. Thank you for being part of our program from the beginning. You've been awesome. And i'm glad you called in with a question. Yeah yeah so all right janet. This is something. I've been pondering a lot this winter because you know i have nothing better to think about laundry but and we'd actually put this question on our to our facebook audience before hearing the message. So i'm obviously psychic as well and i was just amazed at the gamut of responses. They mentioned this this morning on our weekly status call. I decided that. I'm in the minority about laundry. But i'm just gonna read a couple of the comments from our facebook thing. They said rachel who wrote gloves go in every time just like my sports bronze sock. I often use. My gloves is a tissue during run. So it gets gross. My headband will get two to three. Wears before i wash it Joni said had as needed per knows test gloves. When i think about it buff and everything that touches skin after every ron and she says that she washes her jacket occasionally and then she says rain jacket almost never because it's not terribly waterproof and after a couple miles in good rain. It's soaked and has washed itself efficiency. Good job joni. Yeah yeah yeah and and already to more There's amanda who says. She washes things ever her accessories and stuff. Every time they get used with the exception of Like running belt says that her wife insists on doing laundry every day. And on all of those items. So i mean i think that's part of it if you did laundry every day than you could cause otherwise. I'd be like yeah. I put those in the laundry after my sunday. Ron and it's friday and they're still down there and then Holly was very similar in that people who you know if they wipe their nose on something. They'll wash it and depending on how heavy they sweat. But yeah so there you go. I mean that's kind of what i do and did when i was running a lot and even now when i'm cycling definitely the no situation that's the biggest thing was the worst thing to do is wash gloves and then pull them out again. And you're like oh everything else is clean. And i've got these like mucus covered gloves right. Now it's just disgusting so Hats i mean it just depends. It's really the sniff test right and how badly sweat my jackets are. i mean. I have one jacket that tends to hold onto the pit odor more than others. So i'll watch that one a little bit more. But yeah i mean you can definitely i mean basically. I think a good rule of thumb. And i'm just making up at the top of my head but like you know if you have a couple layers on like and you come in the house and you take off the top layer. Generally you're probably not going to have to wash that one but if you still have the other ones on and you put them on take a shower and you're like see the i'm thinking of like the 'bluestocking jacket that i used to wear a lot like i watched that a lot because it was often very wear something else over it or it would just kind of. I don't take the brunt of the sweat. Wow wow i just i just. I don't know like i swear. I didn't realize that people wash running hats. I run in a baseball style running hat every single time i run i profusely it. I didn't realize that you could wash that type of hat. So until somebody mention our facebook page on like what you wash boko. Gosh i mean. I haven't yours just been like i mean my mind used to get just like laced with white sweat like the line was like yeah and the ram to from all the crap on the inside. It would get really dirty dark. Yes so well first of all. Here in oregon. We don't get as much Sweat lines those white dried lines. I don't know why because it's more it's dryer dries quickly. I don't know. I don't know so so i don't get as much but then sometimes i would look at it and i thought. Well that's a bummer. Me to wash it i it. The only thing that can happen to especially if you wash them too much as they lose their shaved loser shape. That's why i going to say that. I was afraid that if i washed it once it lose its shape on. There's whole the frat boys can probably tell you but there's whole like youtube videos. Maybe daphne's wash them on how to like watch. A baseball hat in a dish. Washer did not lose the flexible. They have shaped just like it is mostly for like cotton baseball hats all the time and they work the brim like they work like the inside of a baseball mitt. You now so okay. So do as i say not as i do because i do rarely wash my accessories and i i would mitt that i oftentimes wear the same running capris or bras to runs in a row so So i can offer a couple of tips though definitely use a sport detergent like win or defunct i. You can add oxy clean something. If it has a particularly nasty stain enough you got mud from trail running. Or i don't know you know you get some grass out for whatever reason and then you know i always hang my workout wear never put it in the dryer and it irks me like business when jack misses something when he's transferring stuff from the laundry to the dryer and he you know so there goes my sports bra and it's come you know i pull it out of the charm like no i know i know it tends to be though that the doesn't sometimes i feel like the anger anxiety over something in the dryer is not worth as i mean yes i mean yes. Putting wall sweater in the dryer is going to have some. You're gonna see that impact but you know there's definitely been times where snuck by me or grant or something and da. I'm like oh dan especially i am. I am wake just festivus about cotton shirt. If i don't want anything to shrink because it doesn't necessarily fit me anymore now. This long arms long were so so. But but sometimes i feel i mean. They're definitely have been issues. Where i'm like okay. This is a lot smaller and then there are other times especially with like a sports bra in the dryer once like not every time. But it's it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. It's going to be okay. Sarah yeah timoti. And i love athletic apparel. That's fun and more importantly functional which is why we're head over heels about korcea because all the pieces we've tried check. Both boxes courses a collection sold exclusively by road runner sports last fall. I got to share course pair with women and an outdoor photo session. Women have various shapes sizes and pays to run stretching model in the cute functional tops. And bottoms they were gaga about the fabrics designs in the fit pieces. Flattered every gallup shoot and just minutes ago after recording this episode. I saw the course of introduced. It's spring twenty twenty apparel. I know winter still has units clutches. But i can attest from here. Portland spring is coming. Spring is coming. The course of tempo sleeveless is my new favorite warm weather running top. The lightweight yet still opaque fabric is delightfully soft and provides a very flattering drape translation clinging around my middle. It has a slight drop tail and arms and backer cuts covers any bra straps. The tempo sleeveless comes in a rainbow of color choices. You need to experience for yourself and we have an amazing exclusive offer for our community shop. The entire course of collection at runner sports dot com slash aimar to get twenty percent. Vip reward cash to spend on your first course apparel purchase plus free ninety day trial in the dr sports vip program who it's a lot to digest me. Boil it down for you. Go to road runner. Sports dot com slash. Amr you get twenty dollars off your first corks purchase plus with the vip program. You automatically get free shipping. Don't delay right after listening to this episode screwed over to road runner sports dot com slash amar to save twenty dollars on your first course apparel purchase road runner. Sports dot com slash. Am arm so we got kristen with a sore back now. Is that right. Yes yes yes. Hi my name is kristen. And i am calling from california and my question is I am a teacher and we're bullpen. Distance learning right now. And so i have been doing a lot of fitting in front of a computer screen way more than i normally do. And i have been noticing My back on my runs and after my runs my lower back is really becoming an issue and It wasn't before so In addition to like strengthening my core. I was just wondering if there were stretches. Or maybe other specific Exercises that you guys would recommend kinda help out In or relief from back pain. That i've having so Thanks led the podcast And many happy miles okay. Dim alaska's as a topic. I felt both of us could relate to varying degrees Mine's kind of intermittent although i've had some acute flare ups over the decades but mine's intermittent too. I mean it definitely comes it. Goes i mean i i definitely have issues with my lower back and i get them a lot and the bike actually with especially if you're like pushing bigger gears and climbing a lot it tends to kind of freeze up your lower back so yeah so i. I know what you're talking. I think we both know what you're talking about. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Okay so christner ahead of the game. Ra because you know that strengthen your core will help take some of that stress off your back and core Means the entire dim yuka pry express it better than i can. But it's the entire three sixty of your middle section from what the top of your gluts to the bottom of your gluts. Yeah i mean it's kind of to your belly. Button is core. Yeah yeah instructor i mean. I can't tell you how much taking a couple minutes out to do. Some good stretches will make a difference. I know sarah you. He mentioned in these notes that they make a difference for you too. I sometimes yoga with adrian who that that program. It's very very popular. She had a feature in the new york times magazine about her and she has a yoga for lower back program on. She's a number of them actually So if you have the time to lean into that and what she says at the beginning i think is really smart of one of them. She's like s. Doing this once is going to loosen your back a little bit. But it's a practice a practice so it's not like okay i do it once and alison. I'm better right. It's kind of staying on top of it and consistent stuff like cat and cow and childs pose and One that. I really liked that. I learned recently on a lower back. Yoga video was house. Happy baby so happy baby is when you lie in your back and you hold you ben both your knees and you pull your the bottom of your feet back basically down towards you line the way the baby's new right in a crib but you just do one leg at a time because i think sometimes doing two legs can be kind of intense if you're not super flexible but just doing one at a time and other like straight down on the floor. I felt really good. Point one knee into your chest again that one. I'm like this is like the equivalent. Of like i don't know vanilla ice cream like what. What what purpose does it serve. But if you let yourself you know hold that stretch is pulling one knee into the into your chest for a minute ninety seconds and just letting it all relax and release. That feels really really good. So yeah there's lots of things you can do. Yeah and dim. Would you suggest that something people do when they wake up. Because that's what i've been doing now. That i am recommitted to foam rolling. I've mentioned that a couple times. We've talked about formerly a lot on the show and so i now foam role for a couple of minutes. Spent a fair bit of time on my back and then do a few cows. A child's pose do the kind of Reaching under with one arm straight and kind of rotating a little bit. so that's before. I go running That good time it. Should we be doing it in evening. Should you come in from a run and do it. Just do whatever the heck he can fit it in. I mean that the answers the ladder. Like whenever you i mean. Because she's a teacher right. But i mean doing it before you run feels good. I mean that's a little bit of like a little bit of dynamic warm up just a more low key one as long as you're not like holding a static stretch right so if you're doing katyn cow you're reaching under you when you got you know when you're on a quadrupedal on the floor even if you're holding your to your chest you kind of maybe pulling it in a little bit pushing out a little bit just giving it a little movement right. Not a ton i think. That's i mean if that feels good before run totally if it feels good after a run great. I mean i think again. You know. we're not aiming for the olympic podium here so the reality is is what's gonna make you feel good. And what can you make work to your schedule. right right. have written that down. Because i was a mighty good quote. I said that earlier on the love run. Women are doing a A one one mile time trial in love with this weekend. And i'm like remember we're not. We're not looking at the olympic podium. Where you know it's okay. You're like that's a good line. I think i'll try to use it. Well and full disclosure. The reason why got the olympics on my mind because we have a diversion here is a million. I have been watching the bud. Greenspan olympic documentaries. They're basically they're just You know nine hundred six atlanta two thousand six torino go through and highlight like three or four stories like the human interest stories and stuff. So we're deep into like gary. How junior and other things. i mean. it's pretty fun actually. Because they often tell stories of of athletes that you know very much about low yet hardship all of that. Oh yeah gosh he. Just i mean and it's like oh okay. Here comes the tear jerker part here it. Is this go start crying now. Exactly one we just saw which i forgot you forget right. Nineteen ninety-six so it was a long ago but it was about jackie joyner-kersee and she had to pull out of the path juan because she had a hamstring injury and she came back five days later and took bronze in the long jump unlike her sixth job. She's has gold and silver medals and obviously a very decorated athlete. It's that last one. Then where you really really have to work for it and have to you know that means the most it was. Yeah they're good at producing them. Let's just say that and and there's lots of good narratives to follow. Yeah yeah awesome. Awesome share with her and it is fun. Yeah i have got a soft commitment from daphne that she will watch all of buffy the vampire slayer with me which i did with her older sister and i had watched it all on my own back when it was original. I realized the two are not the same. Watch with you so All right our final question is from kerry and her ten year old son paul who has some potty humor. Hey this is kerry and my son paul. Hi and we're calling from beaufort south carolina. We're out on a run. And paul who's ten has a very important question for you. What happens if you far agree. Far while running doesn't make your legs move better. So that's his question. I hope you have some great advice. And maybe if he's lucky there we'll tell a story about what happens when she has to key. She's on her run all right. That's your ten-year-old humor for the day thanks love the show by by okay. This question was just fabulous not to as pretty. It's a pretty amazing. And i will explain. What a greasy. Far it is. But i have to say i'm still a little. You know might be a little confused so okay. So i thought that greasy farces maybe just kid slash teen slang but no it's a real thing real thing. I mentioned on numerous health websites offering up an explanation on why one might have a greasy fart Which i have to say goes by the phrase fart with a surprise in my husband's parlance larry good. I mean we're talking shark here. We're talking okay. okay. That's that's that's what i thought it was but i just wanted to be clear i love you. I love you throwing that out. Because that is such a mi type of slang to know the youth threw it out is just beautiful. Thanks thanks yeah. I do know a couple swear words or a couple of star wars. So if you don't know if you're still in the dark basically it's from chewing gums. Smoking taking an excess air while eating it's caused by eating foods like beans and broccoli basically you experience a fart. That isn't just air. Escaping another little pocket of of presents comes out with it so so i think paul was getting it. You know. i couldn't couldn't then ask him for follow up right then. I did think about texting him. But i didn't And i think he's implying that if you have some you know extra shall we say lubrication between your legs like that little extra deposit would be that your legs could move faster Or maybe that it's someone would start running faster at the poop out of her pants by. Just be get home fast. Scott homeless. paul has a different ivy. I'm thinking when that happens to me. I'm like oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I need a bathroom right now. And that's when you start going into like the random. Construction bathrooms been out there for like three years. And you're like what it can't get any worse than this. So i do to say that during the pandemic i i have. I can't recall going into a porta potty during the pandemic because i'm just like they're already just festering with all sorts of you know bacteria and germs and stuff. I'm like you know slather some covert on top of that. It just like it's radioactive. So i haven't done so you know but i have. I have had a crouch behind a tree. Maybe three or four times in my running career to leave a pile of something there because i was nowhere near a bathroom report a potty because paul seemingly asked this question because he wanted to hear me talk about going to the bathroom i run so i'm not working in a peeing story but i figured i would confess pooping occasionally on around but it's it's it's mortifying but you know sometimes you just have to answer the call of nature when it's urgent enough is you. Just gotta get down hope. There's a ditch deep enough to find a nice big pile of leaves and do your dad. Just got your sometimes. And maybe not have brussel sprouts prior to that long awesome. Well hey we need some more questions like this because this is fun so our call for questions goes like this. Call us at four seven zero bad ass. One which is four seven zero two two three two seven seven one. Please give us your first name and where you're calling from and keep your message to about ninety seconds or less. Please yes yes so. And we're having a special contest. During the month of february where we're encouraging everyone to subscribe to our podcast. And that means that in the app where you get your podcast there. Show if you're not already subscribe. There should be a little subscribe button on them. And then you just click on that and then will automatically download for you. It'll show up when you need it. You don't have to remember dupe for you head out the door and then we want you to show that you are subscribed so whether you have already been a subscriber or your new one doesn't matter just take a screenshot shows you're subscribed and then post it on your instagram account and tag at the mother runner so that we can know and then you and you'll after that once during the month of february to be entered the entire month because each week we choose a winner who gets a fifty dollars gift card to the mother runner store so again you want tag pat. The mother runner in instagram. So keep those questions. Coming here with Some answers charts shorts. No sure yeah. Let's talk about doing laundry. I think you do that right after the.

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"The Inevitable Uncondoming" from my new book, Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender

Limitless Mindset

1:17:22 hr | 11 months ago

"The Inevitable Uncondoming" from my new book, Don't Stick Your Dick in a Blender

"The inevitable UNCON-, DEMEAN! This is chapter one of my new book. Don't stick you dick in a blender how to meet a nice girl instead frong a tantric husband with a better sex life than you. And this book I'm going to be releasing it on Amazon of course I know a lot of. Those of you out there do your reading on Amazon using a kindle device or cap, or whatever, but I'm GonNa, ask you to. Instead this time, go and pick up this book from my website. LIMITLESS MINDSET DOT COM and I've got a preorder page for the book linked below wherever you are listening to this and I would really appreciate it if you went and picked up the book four, eight, nine, hundred nine there on my website. What this does. Is it kind of gives me a good group of guys that I can get some feedback from the book on, and it allows me to start kind of building a bit of a community of like minded guys around the book, and of course I realized that Amazon makes things super convenient I realized that it's the kindle. Platform is a very intuitive platform. That's where I do the vast majority of my. My reading, so I realize. I got a reward. You a little bit four going in supporting the prelaunch preorder on this book, and so I'm going to give you an immediate download of five chapters that I think you're going to really enjoy reading. I've got a bunch of great storytelling in them I've got a bunch of relevant research in them I've got a bunch of pragmatic hacks and strategic stuff in them these five. Five chapters are this chapter? The inevitable UNCON- demean another chapter on dating in the Post Cova Nineteen era because the whole corona virus thing is going to change the dating game. I've got a real deep dive chapter fifteen thousand words on the topic of dating and marrying exotic foreign women. I know this is something that a lot of guys are curious about. That's what I did, and so I went really in depth on. On this I have a chapter on the topic of seducing a virgin, and then I have another real deep dive chapter on the Siren Song of the online dating because I know that a lot of you out there online dating and I know that a lot of you are real frustrated about it, and so I got into the research on it. I pulled out some real pragmatic stuff that you're going to want to. Hear so again. Please support the preorder prelaunch today for eight ninety nine. You're going to get that audio book when it comes out, and then you're also going to get access to a private exclusive readers community, which is going to be hosted on minds, dot com, which is the best pro privacy pro free speech social network out there on the Internet and that's where I'm going to be interacting with the readers of this book, and then you're also going to get access to. Some bonus content stuff that didn't quite make it into the book, but that I think you'll really appreciate. I've got for example a deep dive article on Dancefloor game. If that's something, you're curious about I really broke this down granularity and my wife was reading it the other day, and she was cracking up. She thought it was Hilarious, but also very very pragmatic, and also to also to life hacking dating hack. Nuggets in there that I think you're going to enjoy. Chapter one of. Don't stick your Dick in a blender. It's rough out there four a single guy trying to meet a not off full attractive girl. I know what you're going through. You are either sick and tired of wasting your time trying to meet girls online or in the real world who are astoundingly flaky and hard to actually get out on a date. You seem damned to flounder in the friend zone where nobody wants to touch your Dick. or You are actively dating, but the girls are so monotonously predictable in their shallowness, smartphone addiction and their general lack of putting in an effort towards having some semblance of a new relationship. Or. You are disappointed by the shoddy quality of the options. You have the girls you could date are just not attractive or Feminine Enough? To get you really excited. Whatever the case is for you? You're growing cynical about women. The reward is just so miniscule for the effort you put in dating or trying to date women. And since you're reading this, you're probably quote. Unquote. Red pilled on women you get that women are dangerous because of their amazing capacity to drain our bank account balances and lighten our wallets. All of the crazy demented narcissistic women out there. UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES AND NASTY STD's. The life ruining threat of. A false accusation that looms over heterosexual men in the historical me to era. Their, propensity to cheat and lie divorce and the tyrannical man-hating family court system and the minefield of dating and Romance Scams which must be avoided, the red pilled man has heard enough ridiculous, enraging stories of the fair sexes, inglorious, and Skanky, antics that he knows that sleeping with the wrong girl is metaphorically, and perhaps literally considering all the relentless venereal diseases out there akin to sticking your Dick in a blender. This book is unapologetically a right wing traditionalist. Take but I realized that might not be exactly how you align ideologically, you might be more liberal, progressive or libertarian in your views, and you may be thinking. It's not the nineteen fifties anymore. How is an old fashioned right wing traditionalist? Take on dating and courtship going to help me in the current year. As you're about. Put this down our hit the back. Button on your browser. All remind you what Aristotle said. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain thought without accepting it. I'm not trying to shove any advice down your throat. You're already well aware of the mainstream liberal take on dating sex and relationships. You get it from television. You get from numerous popular gurus. You get it streamed on Netflix. You get it from New York Times bestselling relationship books. You get it from your college professors, you get it from Ted talks, and you can even get it next to the gum in the magazines sold at the grocery store. Shouldn't you at least entertain the counterpoint to what's so mainstream? Secondly I'm a very happily married man. Vet Oral certainly has a better sex life than you. I won a greet woman's heart and undying commitment. She respects me immensely, and we have hot sex all the time. This is a result of integrating a traditionalist mindset which upholds truth beauty, and the sanctity of family with the cutting edge of accelerated personal growth tools and strategies. It's fine to disagree on politics or ideology, but you can't argue with the result. Read pilled. In jail. About thirteen years ago I was arrested and spent three days in jail for an unpaid speeding ticket. Here's the good thing about jail. It can be very educational. In the arapahoe county jail, south or Denver I spent hours talking with the other prisoners hearing their stories about how they ended up there, the commonality among many of them was that their troubles started with or were exacerbated by women, having sex with partying with living with and making babies with the wrong women resulted in a cascade of consequences that ended up with them, locked up, sleeping on a hard bed in a cell, and sitting across from me eating yet, another jailhouse meal of barely identifiable slop. It was a sobering lesson that was probably well worth going to jail for three days to learn. Although frankly I didn't heed the warnings unwittingly issued to me by my fellow inmates as much as I should have. I would go on to stick my Dick in several blenders, but fortunately the blend button was never really pushed. Dumb luck along with a modicum of common sense and self control kept me from getting really scorched in the ensuing decade I danced with fire. Metaphorically speaking, I did in fact catch on fire once during a date and was badly scorched. That story is in the next chapter. Given the danger involved with women and the seeming impossibility of meeting a decent girl. A lot of men are going MiG towel, retreating into the digital opium den Pixel pleasure world of endless Internet porn and video games. And many decent ambitious men given the state of the sexual. Market Place. Choose to just focus on their careers. They imagined that in just a few years. When they're making good money and can afford to status signal a little with a fancy apartment, shiny car or really fly close then they will take the dating thing seriously. Their Dream Girl will appear swoon at the sight of all their cool shit, and they will live happily ever after. In the current year, many men are in quiet desperation, doing something almost totally unprecedented in the history of life on this planet, they are shrinking back from their genetic duty to reproduce nothing else with DNA does that. But you wouldn't be reading this if you had already given up. Hope on women, and for that I, applaud you the challenges, your male ancestors faced were things like being sent off to fight in a brutal war, having to survive frigid winters in the unforgiving wilderness or breaking their backs, plowing a field to put just a little food on the table for their families. Contrasted against the harsh history, your genes have been through the challenging task of meeting. romancing and seducing a virtuous woman is really not that bad. storytime a malicious Modera- in medigene. I was in my co, working space in Medigene Colombia where I lived for three years win my Buddy Phil, and English guy also living there texted me. Mate you would not believe what I'm dealing with. Buy You a beer tonight. I agreed and a few hours later Phil Swung by by co working space, and we cracked open some beers at a nearby Patio Phil had stuck his Dick in a blender and was really starting to regret it. Sometimes. We all need a friend to listen to our woes. So that's just what I did. Fill was another pat like me living in Columbia and enjoying last hes-. Phil was tall charming. Spoke fluent Spanish was agreed Salsa Dancer and had that Regal Northern European look that the Colombiana 's fine so exotic. Attractive he had gotten a Colombian woman pregnant, she had recently given birth to a daughter they had broken up and now she was doing everything in her power to make his life hell as Phil finished his third drink. He told me how this utterly spiteful woman had apparently stolen his passport and told him. That she had sold it to some local criminals who he would have to buy it back from. But what made Phil really angry was that she was an awful, egregiously irresponsible mother to their daughter. Apparently she would do things like go out partying with her friends and just leave the very young baby alone at home. As Phil bemoaned. Predicament with this awful woman I stopped and asked man. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to stick your Dick in crazy? He, side and responded. I suppose I should have known better when she said we didn't need to use condoms. After the second time we slept together. I would try to impart a bit more common sense to my friend for the dire straits that he now found himself in, but mostly he just wanted someone to listen while he was drowning his sorrows. You might be thinking. I'm not a dumb ass. I wouldn't stick my Dick in a blender like your friend, Phil because I use protection. I wear condoms so i. don't get a crazy girl pregnant or catch some nasty bug. But this is shallow or perhaps naive thinking in a sweaty moment of passion, our primal instincts drag us against our best intentions towards reproduction. In case you haven't experienced it. Here's how the inevitable UNCON- condiment process goes. You sleep with girl for the first time, and it's very exciting despite the awkward fumbling with the condom before penetration. And she shows a lot of interest in your unsheathed cock, taking it enthusiastically in her mouth or rubbing it on her boobs. The second or third time you sleep together you engage in some extremely arousing unprotected genital rubbing. She robs your cock on the outside of her moist pussy. Just to tease you before the condom goes on. The first night I spent with my twenty one year old Colombian. Ex girlfriend she just about made me go crazy. Rubbing her wet shaved tight little pussy on my cock. Is, she gonNA. Fuck me raw I. Thought to myself as she purred in that sexy way that Latina's do in bed. But then she responsibly slipped the condom on me whether it's the second or the seventh time you have sex, inevitably, your uncondemned Cock is going to slip into her and the crazy thing is that it's usually her that sticks it in. If there's one thing that should confirm to you that meaning women our mental, it's that a lot of them will disregard a perfectly good condom, just an arm's reach away and play Russian roulette with a pregnancy or STI, having unsafe sex with a guy on the first or second date. Over a decade ago I was getting it on this nineteen year old with greet tits that I had met at an elementary onic dance club in the upstairs bedroom of a house party. The clothes come off and we start banking. Then she pulls the condom off that I had put on to give me A. Back below job, and then she straddles me. Just stick my dick back inside her unprotected. As my body quivered with pleasure while she wrote me. Cowgirl I thought to Myself Holy Shit. This is unsafe sex. We should put the condom back on. But if feels so good. funnily enough, we were then interrupted by cops who had come to break up the party that knocked on the bedroom door. While you may have the best intentions to have very safe sex with new partners. Intel you know they are disease, free using contraception and quote, unquote wifey material, which is to say of good enough character that you might like to have a family with them in the future. Women can be amazingly cavalier about the guys that they let raw dog them. They may disregard the condom telling you. Just don't come and me, okay. And all those good intentions to have safe sex will go right out the window as that wet pussy beckons your throbbing cock. You'll in a split second. Justify a really bad decision. She's okay with having safe sex, so that must mean that. She's certain that she can't get pregnant and she must really like me because there's no way that she would do this with every guy she sleeps with, so it's fine I'll just pull how before I come famous last words, and once you've had unsafe sex you to have crossed a rubicon together in the bedroom. In a future moment of sobriety one of you may insist upon using condoms, but condoms will be come such a cumbersome nuisance and just start raw dogging all the time. And that's how unplanned pregnancies happen along with potentially one day her crying to you on the telephone about deciding to get an abortion or you having to get genital warts painfully burned off your cock. With acid or a laser? The fact that so many unplanned pregnancies happen despite the simplicity and affordability of contraception speaks to our reproductive imperative that doesn't seem to give a damn about our intention to have safe sex like a responsible adult. Unless you and her have really Herculean self control. This is the way it's going to go. You're probably going to have unsafe sex before you really get to know her, and you may be sticking your Dick in a blender especially if she's coaxing your uncon- DM Cock past her jade gates early in the relationship. There's a better way of doing this gentleman. Oscar Wilde wrote. I can resist all things except temptation. And that's the truth. The fool tries to resist temptation while the wise man chooses to avoid it the solution to this inevitable. UNCON- Demean is simple. Keep Your Dick away from women who you would not like to make a baby with. Give half your money to. And hang out with for the next eighteen years. Apply the hell, yes, or no reasoning to this in less, you have evidence that she would make a good wife or serious girlfriend. Don't sleep with her. Unless you would like her to have access to your bank account for the next decade or two and are okay with reaping the consequences of her decision for a long time. Don't invite her to your bedroom. Keep your damn pants on around her and don't waste your time. On more than a few dates with her. I just saved you. Quick possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars and yours of living through hell. You're welcome. storytime a check agent goes awol. Derek a childhood friend of mine had been talking to online for some time. This sexy girl from the Czech Republic. We all thought he was wasting his time with a quote. Unquote Catfish Intel she actually flew all the way to Denver Colorado to meet him, and they promptly moved in together. We were all impressed that he had successfully imported cute young girlfriend, but they had a lot of issues right from the start. Derek is a black. Black Dude with a lot of swagger and confidence, he's a hardworking, ambitious charming guy who drives a BMW and listened to classical music, but I can just imagine the cultural gulf between his very colorful family and a small town girl from a backwater European country. Who didn't speak that much English. She got pregnant and they decided to mary, but they couldn't make it work. She eventually decided to abandon her beautiful baby, son and return to Europe. All, respected Derek four, manning up and taking full responsibility for raising his son. His mother's contribution I assume was much more than doing occasional skype calls. I. Don't know all the details and I'm sure I'm not doing justice to what was a very complicated in dysfunctional relationship, but we all found it pretty amazing that she just gave up on being a mom and went back to her country. It should also be educational to Western men living in the US UK Canada excetera. That think the solution to meeting in Nice marriageable girl, uncorrupted by feminism, and all the other evils of neoliberal modernity is to simply import a girl from a poorer country. There's always that chance that she might get homesick when she discovers that life in America or wherever you are isn't as fabulous as Hollywood. Movies led her to believe. Decides to go home, and then there's nothing legally you can do to stop her. Story time compelled kitty sacrifice is. This final story comes from a guy I don't know it's just something terrifying. I read online. There's this lonely single dude in Boston who gets a bit desperate for female attention during the COVID nineteen lockdowns. He's a bit overweight and not doing well on tinder, so he turns to the are for our sub, read it, and surprisingly he connects with a cute and very witty eighteen year old girl from Portland. He finds her to be very intellectual and politically like-minded I'm gonNA assume that she was liberal-leaning and he suspects that he's being catfish a concern that she is wages by sending him a verification photo of her holding her username written out. He can't believe his good luck and an online romance ensues. They spend a lot of time writing back and forth and skyping. After three weeks. She asks him where their relationship is going. She suggests that they meet and he responds assuring her that crew. Money was no object that she was legit. The most beautiful charming young woman I ever met in my entire life. She responded with a little bit of skepticism. Guy Is would tell her that sort of thing all the time just to try to sleep with her. He writes. She asked me how far I'd be willing to go to prove myself to her I told her as far as she needed me to go. At that she just laughed telling me how she doubted it. I was indignant. I do anything everything. She asked just to make her believe it. He affirms that he's willing to do anything to prove to her. He really likes her, so she tells him. Get a knife. Quote. I'm ashamed to say that there was barely any hesitation. I just trusted. Her. I trusted that she knew what was best for me. She already seemed to be able to read me like a book. She asked if I had an envelope handy I told her yes that I had a pack of about one hundred crisp white envelopes. She told me to open one up. I obeyed she told me to place the blade of the knife onto my palm I obeyed, and when she finally gave the order I pulled the blade across my flash, and let the fresh blood flow into the. Envelope. It didn't even hurt. It's the strangest thing, but for the first few minutes there was no pain at all just this Dole hot feeling as I watched the blood flow from the open wound, staining the perfect white of the paper, a deep crimson. I held everything up to the Webcam showing her exactly how far I was willing to go for her and Oh. My God the look on her face the way, her pretty almond I seem to light up. It just filled me with joy. Then, he mails the envelope as requested and a few days later I remember being so excited at the prospect of her opening that envelope. Of seeing her satisfaction at knowing what I done for her, and when she saw win, she showed me her opening that thing over Webcam. It was every bit as disgustingly glorious as I imagined. Her eyes lit up in that same adorable way, and she smiled in a way. I never quite seen before such a wide white smile, she giggled, as she held it up, bringing a hand to her mouth, and in one fluid motion, she brought the blood, stained envelope to her lips and kissed it. Only she didn't just kissed it I watched transfixed, as she began to lick at the dried bloodstains, spitting on them, and lathering them with her tongue, intel, the dried mess hydrated and formed a sticky Crimson. Residue Unsurprisingly then things escalated. A few days later they get into a conversation about cats. She tells him she loves kitties and he agrees to get a cat then she asks him if he likes cats more or her. Of course, he professes his undying love for her. She told him he'll have to prove it by murdering a cat. Quote. She told me I could get a really old cat from a rescue center one that was near the end of its life. Anyway. One. That might. Be Suffering from joint pain or breathing trouble. She told me to look at it like an act of mercy. One that would prove I was the right man for her. One that would make difficult decisions and own them too, and I'm ashamed to admit. I agree to every word. So this pathetic man with an injured hand, calls an animal center and inquires about adopting a cat. He specifies that he wants to adopt an old cat. Finally. The Insanity of the situation hits him win. The animal care worker tells him what a rare good hearted person! He is to adopt an unwanted old cat. I think that's what did it. The sobering moment that made me realize. How Got Damn Stupid? I'd been those past few weeks. How lust and desire and loneliness had driven me to the point where I was willingly, -Ly, relinquishing by humanity. I had never heard so much as a fly in my entire life and there I was planning the murder of an innocent, essentially defenseless animal. I knew I had to do something. He decides not to murder the cat. I thought about writing her along goodbye message explaining how I come to that decision hoping it wouldn't hurt her feelings too much, but then it occurred to me that she really didn't have feelings, not like you, or I might do. She had a fixation on what she could do. And it made sense in that context. She got off on power on manipulation and any way she could achieve. That was justified. And he makes a clean break with her online and moves on with his life. This final story I found so unsettling that I thought about it a bit and I suspect that the deranged Asian girl was not actually interested Romantically in this simpy wimpy guy, and really aroused by blyden mutilation. He had admitted to her that he had money that he was willing to spend on her. Before? She told him to cut himself. I suspect was running a black male scam. She would hook guys online. Ask them to cut themselves to see just how far they would go and then talk them into killing a cat on camera for her. which she would ask to watch live, she would be secretly recording the video, and then she would use it to blackmail the guy out of a lot of money. People have so much righteous indignation about animal abuse that if if video came out of view killing a cat, you would be one of the most hated people on the Internet. No girl that Google. You would ever want to date you. You would lose a lot. If not all of your friends, you would probably really hurt your career. Who'd want to hire someone that did that? You would have to pay up ten thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars, however much she wanted probably are an untraceable cryptocurrency transfer, and then she might release the video anyway. Scary rate similar online romance scams are waiting for you out there on the Internet. Lest you despair about the prospect of finding a nice girl. Let me tell you a bit of my story. I got married to a great Bulgarian woman. It was the best decision I ever made, and it has made me happier than anything else. I'll add that. Happiness is not my compass in life. At least not anymore. I spent about a decade pursuing hedonism, throwing crazy parties at nightclubs, World Travel, trying drugs driving fast cars, living in fancy condos, both of which had indoor waterfalls. Surfing in Costa Rica, eating a lot of fine food at fancy restaurants and drinking top shelf. My go-to drink used to be red bull and patrol on Tequila. This is what I was drinking when I. Literally caught on fire by the way along with all that degenerate stuff and decadent experiences I've also done a lot of quote, unquote finding yourself stuff all sorts of meditation and I Iowa Ceremony Tantric, sex etc and believe me when I say that being married makes me happier. Here's Win I knew that I had a marriage material woman by my side. We dated for about seven months. We had crossed that unsafe sex rubicon, so I was starting to think about what if I get this girl pregnant? If she got pregnant. Should we get married? If, we got married. Would I want to live in this country? She had been a great girlfriend thus far, but I needed to test her to see if she was really mother of my children type material and I knew just how to do that. Like many young Europeans, she smoked cigarettes which I disliked. It's the ultimate bad habit in my book. Because it's awful for your health long term, it makes you look and smell back, and it's not even that much fun compared with other addictive things so one night we had a talk about her. Smoking I explained very diplomatically that I wanted her to quit. Because health had by that time become one of my most important values. I couldn't see myself in a serious long-term relationship with a smoker. Furthermore my little brother had battled with cancer, dragging my family through the hell of I for genyk mainstream slash burn poison cancer treatment and I didn't want to take the chance that she might have to go through something similar. I didn't exactly make an ultimatum. quit smoking or breaking. I just told her that. I really wanted her to quit. Because it was better for her and I would support her in quitting. What can be a very hard to kick addiction? And you know what she did it. If you've ever known a smoker, you know that they invent an unending stream of delusional bullshit justifications for what's a really stupid habit that's not even that fun, which may very well killed them and also poisoned those around them with second hand smoke. You also know that they tend to relapse when they quit, they go a week or two, and then they get stressed or have a few drinks, and they are back to smoking, but not her. She cut down to just a few cigarettes a week and then stopped completely. I kind of see smoking as a proxy for an Iq test. Are you going to seriously jeopardize your long term health in exchange for a little bit of short-term pleasure? Are you cognitively capable a future casting your decisions? Do you have the empathy to see how your selfish decisions might affect people around you? But I also understand that smoking is culturally acceptable and even kind of encouraged here in this part of the world, and that probably nobody had ever given her a good reason to quit before and imposed standards. The fact that she did quit confirmed that she was intelligent. Enough to give up and addictive pleasure for health, not unselfishly hedonistic, not deaf, to reason and possessing more self control and disciplined than the average smoker who relapses over and over again this really made her stand out in my eyes from all the women. I'd known that were hell bent on persisting in their foolish self, destructive behavior, who seemed wholly incapable of thinking soberly about the future. But perhaps more importantly than all that it demonstrated that she would actually make sacrifices to yield to my values. It meant that instead of hoping that the perfect woman would come along I could scoped her into what I wanted. If you spend anytime around the red pills. Fear of the Internet. You'll find all these foolish single man describing. They're fantastical dream girl. She must be young under twenty five years old. She can't be a single mother. She should be beautiful and feminine. She shall maintain her hair at a certain length, wear dresses, and be mindful of her appearance. She should be playful and pleasant, but she should also be smart able to hold a conversation and not into dumb shallow stuff. and. She should be prepared to work. She can't be a lazy woman. She definitely can't be a feminist or other shade of liberal progressive. She must be a traditionally minded girl who wants to be a mother, not one of these. I want to focus on my career types. She should be able to cook and have some domestic skills. She should be sexually inexperienced. Ideally. Virgin but also not awful at giving blow jobs. She must not be a committed pet, mom to a dog or cat. She must not have tattoos. She doesn't need to be too political, but she should be right leaning. Not Hate President Donald Trump. She mustn't be into any silly. You. Liberal political movements social justice tree, hugging environmentalism, legalizing marijuana animal rights, giving all the poor little black babies, free ipads, etc, none of that stuff. She doesn't have to be an economist, but she should be against socialism and have a right leaning libertarian capitalist kind of worldview. She can't have majored in college in the Social Sciences Arts. Modern pet, psychology, or some other stupid useless degree. She must not be into any weird pseudo spiritual. Find yourself ship should probably be at least a little religious, but not too religious, because I don't want to wait until the wedding night to get laid and finally. I almost forgot she can't have too much financial debt. Newsflash Red Pill Bros.. This girl does not exist or is so rare that you have very little. Of. Finding her and even if you did find her, are you really man enough to woo her? Do, you deserve girl like that. What about her father, who would most certainly have extremely high standards about who he let his daughter? Would he be impressed with you? On one of the many Red Pill podcasts? These gurus proclaim that they would never settle for anything less than this Unicorn, right wing, Dream Girl, and what almost all of them have in common is that they are single. They haven't managed to find her and win her heart. Now. This doesn't mean that you have to settle for a washed up three six year, old spinster, who is super proud of her illustrious career as an HR manager in a corporation and lives with a colony of cats, but you have to drop a little bit of Naievety about the heavens delivering unto you the marriageable girl you deserve you don't find your dream. Girl you make her. The funny thing is my wife meets. Almost every criteria of the mythological read pilled dream girl now, but she didn't win I met her. She changed for me. I also changed for her, but she changed more, and for the better, certainly in this book will reexamine this list of criteria and discuss what you should demand and what's negotiable. We'll also discuss how to effectively change a woman in a way. That's not going to make her hate you. In a healthy relationship with a woman, you're not a dictator with absolute power, but it also shouldn't be a democracy where everybody has an equal say in everything. Having the talk or share another defining moment early in our relationship, having the talk about being boyfriend girlfriend is more challenging than ever in modern Cortra- men and women in our culture, our commitment phobes. They are regularly hanging out with and sleeping with someone, but they delay and delay in making it official. We're paralyzed by the illusion of choice. We imagine that someone better might come along. We don't want to buy the car. We've test driven and like because there's just so many other cars on the lot. I would contend that the modern woman is the worst offender in the commitment phobia department. She's dating a decent guy, but she imagines that a handsome wealthy Christian. Grey type character is going to come shooting down wearing an Armani suit out of the sky into her life one day, and she wouldn't want to be Joe. The lowly accountant's girlfriend if that happened. And the modern woman's commitment phobia is not totally disconnected from reality. We live in an unprecedented time of deregulation of the geographic sexual marketplace. A hot girl or a girl that can make herself look hot in photos is being deluge with attention online. Guys are offering to buy her trips and jewelry all the time. Most of them don't actually have the means to, but some do. I've known pretty Ukrainian and Colombian girls that would receive these unbelievable offers to go on luxurious vacations from wealthy man from Dubai or China, and sometimes the offers turned out to be legit. Thus many men who are casually dating a girl, they really like feel they shouldn't be the one that proposes commitment. They worry that it communicates neediness and that the girl might rejected dating can kind of be like poker game and men worry that they might lose if they show their hand. We all know that there's an undeniable power held in a relationship by the person who is least interested in the relationship who can take it or leave it in dating, women are revolted by guys who are very interested early on and attracted by guys who seem a big cavalier about the relationship in the past, things were a lot simpler when sex was clear line of demarcation between casual dating and a relationship. So that was the dilemma I faced after we were dating for a few months at the time. I didn't quite understand Bulgarian culture enough to know that she had all ready assumed that I was her committed boyfriend because we were sleeping together regularly, which is the way it should be? Really I didn't want to ask her to be my girlfriend. I didn't want to be the one requesting exclusivity. I was still kind of interested in playing the field. Even though that night. I was a little bothered that she had gone out clubbing with her girlfriends the previous weekend, so I proposed a double standard that I had two other girls I'd dated casually. I told her something like this. Look I'm going to sleep with other girls, but this is not going to be a two way street. You're not going to sleep with other guys. I will provide for your sexual needs I'm not going to tell you about the other girls. I'm fucking as that will hurt you and make you jealous, but I am going to do it. These other girls are just sex to me I. don't care about them like care about you. I won't be taking long walks on the beach with these girls. These girls won't be sleeping in my bed and I won't be kissing them in the mornings they will be fucking and then going home in a taxi, and I'll use protection. When asleep with them so i. don't bring you any nasty surprises. If you don't like that, you can leave me. and. She rejected my double standard responding I. DON'T WANNA be in an open relationship, which is of course how any decent self-respecting woman should respond to such and indecent proposal. Proposing this double standard would turn out to be relationship Aikido because she responded that she wanted to be my girlfriend, and put me in the position of being the when choosing if that's what I wanted, and it allowed me to retain a bit of that free spirited badboy allure. That's so. It probably offended her a bit, but women will almost always reward this sort of risk taking. Reject and scorn is neediness. In. Retrospect I didn't need to have this talk with her that way. She wanted a real relationship. Not some sort of modern doomed to fail poly-amorous arrangement and I would have known that if I understood the culture. They're just a little better. After. A decade of dating, American and then Columbian. Women who demand and emotional, roller, coaster rob, drama and jealousy from there among Tay. I had learned to signal unattainable easy. There's a better way to have the talk and make her your girlfriend simply refer to her as your girlfriend without asking her permission. Get One of your friends to call you while the two of you are hanging out and just cavalierly mention I'm hanging out with my girlfriend tonight. If. She really doesn't want to be your girlfriend show object as with almost everything. It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. What to expect from this book? The solution to not sticking your deck in a blender is to have high standards. This is counterintuitive to the mainstream. That you should not judge people. It's also contrary to the pickup. Artists Slash Seduction community. Advice that you should sleep with any girl attractive enough to give you an erection. Who will go to bed with you? To build up abundance with women, I'll explain why. This is such a bad idea despite being widely marketed. The challenge with having high standards is that you need to attract a higher quality of woman something. You may have failed to do thus far. We're going to delve deeply into the strategies and life hacks doing so most men's only standard is if a woman is willing to sleep with them. They are totally willing to go dumpster diving if it gets them laid, and they failed to become the object of desire of higher quality women. To get onto the radar of the kind of women you want in your life. You're going to need to implement and stack multiple accelerated personal growth strategies. Where to meet a nice girl, perhaps you're frustrated by the apparent stark lack of unity in your social circle or geographic locality. Some hunting grounds that you probably haven't thought about that, you'll find a lot more fruitful. Should you date foreign women in my eat? Years of living abroad in places like key of Ukraine and Messaging Mbia I talked with many single, handsome, somewhat successful younger men from. America Canada the UK Germany and Sweden among other first world countries. What did they have in common? They were fleeing feminism and seeking beauty, and femininity is a poor developing third world country. The place to go to find a nice marriage minded girl. Well that sure worked out well for me I'll explain what I did right, and the numerous pitfalls to this approach, many men who traveled to Colombia Thailand or Ukraine fail miserably in finding love. We sting thousands of dollars in the endeavor. Storytelling. I am an avid reader of non-fiction personal growth books, and many of them ended up being pretty dry reading because of a lack of good storytelling to illustrate the points being made. This makes me a little suspicious that the author lacks a breadth of life experience. Expect lots of storytelling in these pages which will help to immortalize the ideas and mindset that I want to impart to you. I'll include some of the risque. Of My past life of promiscuity I debated including these as I. Don't want to encourage you to be promiscuous. I have much hotter sex now as a married guy than I ever did as a pickup artist, but ultimately yeah I decided to include them as they are illustrative and often entertaining. The pitfalls and promise of online dating. Should you do it how to avoid wasting tremendous amounts of time clicking swiping messaging and chatting with girls who won't give a damn about you? You'll notice that. There's a lot of footnotes that's because this book is not the world according to Jonathan, I need to back up my assertions and views with evidence as a writer, I'm a big hyperlinked. I want to provide a lot of rabbit holes for you to explore, and it would break up the flow of this book for me to include a lot of links in the middle of the chapters. The red pills without the hopelessness. I'm not going to pull any punches to be politically correct and inoffensive to women, because they don't handsomely compensate me for my advice. Men Do in almost every business that I've been involved with. This book is self published, so I don't have some editor in New York telling me what I can't say. But along with some of the tough truths about women I'm also going to break down why there's a lot of reason to be optimistic about finding love and getting married one day I'm not one of these men that has idiotically spent half his life with awful women, and is now cynical and bitter I've mostly had good women in my life, and it's been a real pleasure. Dating for the logistically and economically challenged. Perhaps you're thinking. Meeting a nice girl would be no problem if I had a decent car or a car at all my own place in an awful location and money to take girls out, but I'm lacking one or all of those things. And will delve into some life hacks for getting around these apparent obstacles. How To date in the post covid Nineteen Era The world has changed the way people socialize and meet is going to change. Thanks to the global pandemic slash plan DEMOC. It may become more challenging to get girls out on a date, but in some unexpected ways it will make dating easier for the right kinds of guys. Deep dive on biohacking confidence, you may struggle with social anxiety. You have every desire to get out there and Meka, but frustratingly you just freeze up when it comes to making a move, I'll breakdown a biohacking protocol a shortcut to unlocking the confidence and expressive nece that has long eluded you. Overcoming physical imperfection. If you're like me every time you catch your reflection, enemy or You notice what everybody else notices your conspicuous physical imperfection. This will hold you back from finding love, but only if you let. This. Book will be out of date in ten years. In the Year Twenty Thirty, ask Your Dad for advice about how to meet a nice girl, and you'll get most likely laughable platitudes and useless tips that worked in the nineteen eighties viewed through the lens of decades of compromises that he made to live in a state of domestic tranquility with women. Our culture moves fast what I did the to meet Seduce and marry a nice girl in twenty eighteen will work now, but may not in the year twenty thirty all right a marriage book in the future. If I'm qualified to do so. How to lose your virginity. Perhaps you're a frustrated, virgin or in in-cell disappointed with all the crappy advice found online about how to lose your virginity. I break down thirty three steps to meaningfully. Lose your virginity here. Tantric techniques to up your sex game. There's a set of physical techniques refined over Millennia. They give you a lot more control over what your Dick does when you give it what it wants. Tantric practice is not. Pseudo spiritual degenerate nonsense, it's a heightened mastery of your body for powerful sex that imbues tranquility and deepens the love between you and your woman. If you want your woman to be genuinely excited about serving you day in and day out, cultivate yourself as a tantric male. The experience of happily married man. That has a better sex life than you. Pick Up. Artists and men's dating gurus are really a dime a dozen. The Internet is this tremendous factory for producing unqualified gurus with crappy advice. It is the temple of the cult of the amateur and I urge you to be suspicious of Gurus who never get into serious relationships or get married. Take with a grain of salt, the advice that comes from men well in their thirties or forties who spend half their time trying to have casual sex with different girls every weekend? This is justifiable in your early to mid twenties, but you have to question the maturity and wisdom Olbermann, still doing this, but their advice and teachings are not wholly fraudulent useless. If you follow the teachings of for example, real social dynamics or the art of charm, you will get laid more if that's what you struggle with. Although a lot of these pickup artists, training companies have removed a lot of their best material from the Internet because of growing censorship of anything, politically, incorrect or edgy. You wouldn't go to bicycle mechanic to teach you. How to performance tune a Ferrari, and you wouldn't take a fat guys diet advice if your goal is to not chase women perpetually, but instead to eventually get married and have a family like a normal person. This book will help you. Again, I won woman's heart and undying commitment. She respects me immensely, and we have great hot sex all the time. How many of the Youtube pickup artists Gurus selling courses can claim this. We've been together for three years now. It's twenty twenty and we are having better sex than ever before we've managed to keep the flame alive and I. Dare Say Stoke it a bit if that's what you want, read this book with keen attention. There will be pictures to keep things interesting I include photos and imagery each chapter all end with a photo of my wife's cooking or something lovely. She created in the kitchen. Just in case you need any more motivation to win. Yourself v devotion of a talented woman, and I've got a photo of. Salmon, very tasty. Salmon and fresh beet salad and married life is certainly better than the single dude who Hif-. And I'll conclude here with a summary of the chapter which each chapter has a summary at the end, so you can. pull out the essential points from each chapter. First of all women are dangerous. Inviting the wrong woman into your bed and life can cost you vast amounts of money. Ruin your life or even get you killed. You must have higher standards than. She's willing to sleep with me and she gives me an erection. Thirdly, because of the inevitable condominium and consequences make it a policy to only sleep with women who are wife material. It's getting harder and harder to find a girl who is going to align with the virtuous traditional values, instead seek a feminine woman with a Modem of intelligence, humility and rationality, who will naturally adopt these values from you? Dating a foreign woman from a poorer country. Be appealing to you, but there's a lot of ways that it can go. Wrong. And you want to learn from experience people who have what you want and then finally. I will give you some homework. Yes, you've got an assignment. To really drive home the point of this book tonight. Go Get your blender. UNPLUG IT importantly you should have a blender. Sa- get your blender. Unplug it and stick your Dick in it for just a moment. Look down those menacing blades, mere inches from your Dick. Burn that image into your memory. Then apologize profusely to your Dick and price the you'll never again stick it somewhere dangerous. And that was chapter one of my book again entitled Don't Stick Your Dick in a blender how to meet a nice girl instead from a tantric husband with a better sex life than you and please do head over to the link that you can see there in this podcast and pick up the preorder of the books that you can enjoy those five chapters. I'm really proud. Of those five chapters they aren't. They're great. Material I'd love to get your feedback on it and I've got that. MINDS DOT COM groups set up there so that you can connect with like minded cool dudes out there in the world on the interwebs, and so that I can interact with the readers. I'm Jonathan with limitless mindset looking forward to a continued conversation with you.

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Dayton Ohio Uber Strike, DoorDash Referrals and Safety

Side Hustle Kerfuffle

39:08 min | 2 years ago

Dayton Ohio Uber Strike, DoorDash Referrals and Safety

"Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of side hustle. Bustle? Be sure to check us out at side-hustle, kerfuffle dot com, and be sure to leave us a rating, if you're on I tunes helps us out tremendously. A definitely would appreciate that. This week's episode is called Dayton. Uber. Strike safety and referral. No. It's called daimyo astray furled and safety and is called year. Student has. What are you talking about stay? I am talking about how stupid you are known. Oh, okay. Just kidding happy. The case, I love you. Love you too. Okay. I am talking about referral guy and hell Burger King needs to get their shit together. Don't they and how just saying that your house is the green one is just not helpful right? Just not helpful. I'm going to be talking about a lot of safety issues and obviously date newer strike. That's coming up here on may may may eighth y'all. And I'm also going to be talking about a bunch of Nepalese guys serenaded me Jesse Jesse Dover. It will cover our income at the end of the podcast. Stay tuned. And yeah, that's pretty much. I wish it I had just sees girl. That's enough of that. So this week we're going to start a new segment way. Yeah. Questioned corrections in apologies. You really have to apologize. Yeah. We do. Well. Okay. I mean, it's not a big deal is not like, we, you know, decapitated babies ran over kittens or anything. Yeah. I mean that would definitely be something to apologize for. No just putting this out a day late. And yeah, we suck we saw. And that's not what we want to do. And so to keep ourselves honest were just where politics into our selves because not our audience. I mean, I'm just trying to be real. I know that there are not that many people listening yet Savater, maybe we get big. And like they go back and listen didn't even apologize to us. Well, okay. But put it this way if they were binging they wouldn't notice that it was a daily dot is true, see chill. Yes. To any one person who is listening live lake are, John. Yes. Yes. Hi, sean. To that one person who was waiting with baited breath. I do. Sincerely, apologize Gato. Or so that's that. We also had a correction last week. We mentioned that it was illegal to put a child unattended into a lift. And I think you had something to say about that. So. Yeah. One of the over this a little bit more. It is lift a new policy that you do not take minors under the age of eighteen so it is their policy company policy company policy that they do not take anyone of the team that being said it is not law. So what was this lady arrested for them? She was so we're talking about this to bring everybody up today last week. We talked about a rap lady should arapahoe her. She's of New Orleans and her name is rolled into Israel, Anna all of her and she her stage name his game ova reedy. And she put her five-year-old into lift to go to school. So I mean, not to go to the mall or nothing wrecked. Correct. And the lift driver objected to it, and she was having none of it apparently and sin several anyway center child anyway, so she went back into the building or whatever he drove instead of to the school. He basically kidnapped or kidding took her kid to the police station. Correct. And so then they they arrested her arrested the mom for abandonment. Yes. That sounds like fifty shades of wrong while there's there's now some debate about it online about how right this weather wrong. This was in whether this was a racist thing because I mentioned that last week you did you were absolutely right. I I based on what I've heard from all Hoover in lift drivers that I've been talking with online. I would assume that it was against the law. I didn't know that it was just policy for these companies. Now, there is good reason for these policies because sure sure absolutely. You can give you know, if you if something goes wrong with that transport of that. Child you're in so much more trouble in you're not CPR trained. You're not a babysitter. You're not. You're not supposed to be in charge of kids. You know, if you're if you're contributing to child running away about that. Like driving away with the kid anywhere other than where he was opposed to the driver. Honestly, I think personally should be arrested for kidnapping. I kind of agree. I mean, I think it's a very shady. I think if you wanna take the kid he should've put the kid out of the car Andro hisself himself to the police station. I think should have called the cops sit in her right, right? Yeah. That's what I think. I mean either way he's wasted time. You know as far as him getting money getting paid, right? He's out the money. Right. So he was going to do that on his own time. Yeah. He should have sat there and waited for the cops to show up because by driving away with a child and taking that child anywhere other than where she was paying him to take the child he kidnapped that child. Right. I mean, that's the debate that's going on online. So while I debate that up one side down the other. But I'm telling you what it is. Anyway, it doesn't surprise me that there's a question of it being racist because that was one of the points I raised in. I'm not shocked at all. And that sucks. It's bullshit. Quite frankly, what other questions corrections policies we have. Oh last week we asked what is the etiquette when you are driving passed a funeral procession coming the opposite direction in a non divided highway. Okay. So I I did find information about this today. It is on our website side-hustle ker dot com for last week's episode which was. We were strike funerals. Nice cream for those of you who aren't keeping upstate with all of our awesomeness. So. Much like we kind of soon last week. It is very much mostly etiquettes for the most part the law at least for a high on this goes for most states from what I read is that once a funeral the head of the funeral procession goes through intersection, they have right away through that intersection in total positions, and you do have to allow them to pass the section nine times out of ten though. There's a cop that's holding up traffic for that. Right. But even if there's not right? The they have a winning sent something you wanna keep them. Let them stay together. Now, according to law, you do not have pullover. Four funeral procession the pin -sidered rude if you don't pullover. Well, I think that it must be regional because Missouri yet you'd be considered root for not pulling over most people pull over out here at least in the country. Now, I you know, it can be completely different in Columbus for all. I know I I don't know but out here generally people do pull over and you would be considered rude. If you don't. Got it. So, but I did have somebody's food in my car that I was not required to show. I was an asshole maybe but with the purpose, right? And if you're gonna be an asshole, you wanna be an asshole with a purpose, and that's today's lesson. Well, now, there are fewer. So here the other roles that you wanna follow don't cut into the procession. We'll. Don't cut off the procession. God don't honk funeral. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. I'm so excited to see when you're relative awesome on and finally don't pass a funeral on the right on the highway in less. They are in the far left lane. Yeah. I mean, these commonsense in it makes me really sad that you have to say them late. I wasn't asking. I wasn't asking if I could cut them off. Or if I could, you know, cut in front of them or go around them. I don't want people be aware. Right. The rules. Are what I'm what I'm saying? Is just really sad that that even has to be stated as a rule right because that's just you're you're an asshole without a purpose. If you do those things, right, right? Okay. So that's the end of that section. All right. So this week on may eight is the over strike and restrict. Yeah. I mean, that's really cool set. Uber straight over strict. You're not saying, right. Yuba strike. I've been there was a correct or incorrect way to say Uber strike just fun restraint. Whatever you say. Okay. Sorry. There's an Uber. Strike gone. Saw may eight when may eighth the eighth of may may eight. Yes. Air number eight. So okay. The strike is technically all day Evans goes for passengers were drivers. Okay. So you're you're supposed to not utilize the app if you're a passenger. So nobody uses over on may eight cripe if your support left if you're supporting left right now, it's Uber. But you know, it's kind of all encompassing because they're just is so one of the other don't know the difference or whatever. Right. Right. And of course, this is about better pay for drivers better benefits, better recognition of like what we're getting into like, you know, we've been talking a lot about safety. That's one of the issues that we have we've been talking about. Knowing who gets into the car. And if we're accepting the ride, we don't we don't know there's a lot of things, we don't know. We're not getting paid enough to do a lot of the things that they want us to hypothetically, do is just there's a lot of things to it. That's why I wanna ever been Uber or lift drive her right? Okay. So Hoover strike on may aids all day all reiver's country across the country across the country for drivers. And passengers don't do it. Don't use it. But do go to the strike, right? And we are holding here in Dayton, Ohio. We're holding our strike or protest, whatever you wanna call. 'cause I've had some people call me out on the semantics of this online. But whatever you choose to call it. It will be occurring in Dayton at the corner of Brown street and Stewart street down by the university of Dayton campus. And they know how from two PM until five pm tuna fide may eight to five at Brown and Strube street by UD be there be there when you have for us this week. Oh me. Yeah. Okay. While I am very excited to report that referral guy. Yeah. Yeah. He he did his deliveries and we got money from him. I won't from him railway. Let me just explain I mentioned referral guide in the past. But I don't think I brought him up recently. So let's talk about what referral guy is. Okay, referral guy is somebody who signed up to be a door dasher under my link. John. So is long as he did so many deliveries two hundred two hundred within a certain time period through months, I'm seeing that the here. You know, what you're talking about? An I don't seem about right? So two hundred deliveries in two months is long as he completes that. Then we get money for having referred him as a successful driver. Jan should we were watching his progress? Frustrating. Oh, he he was at laid twenty short for like a week. He was at fifteen short. And then five, you know, it was just like oh my God. And then you know, he only has until may tenth. I think nineteenth. So joy about this. No, I have to nothing and that I think sums up our entire marriage. So anyway, he did finally complete his drawings. And we got paid for it in. It is very exciting, and we will leave link in if you would like to see me get excited again is actually link now on the if you go to the door dash tips on for new drivers on our website at side, hustle dot com. And there's a link there to sign up new driver, which helps you and us out actually now since I know nothing answer me, this do do the new drivers get paid. I believe they do get a bonus. It'll tell them when they click on the link sign Pashto, that's very exciting. I think it's actually gotten better and worse for us. Oh, yeah. Because when I first started they were offering referrals avows dollars. Right. And that changed right win our referral guy. Signed up under Miley. And it was no longer. They were no longer offering a thousand they were only offering a seven hundred fifty dollars, man. It's rough. I know I mean, that's nothing to scoff that, but it's like a thousand awesome. But now, they're only offering two hundred fifty dollars, and that's more with what? With what lifting Uber offering now? Like they've all kind of gone down down down down, which I I understand as they get more drivers row by. But here's my problem with that as they have also dropped the amount that they're offering board getting them new drivers. They've also made it more difficult for new drivers to actually meet those goals because two hundred deliveries in two months. That's a lot of a lot of deliveries that would be a lot anyway, so really pleased into apprised pleased that referral guy completely completed am, but I'm more so pleased that he did. So before the new changes that came into effect with scheduling, right? The new scheduling is really kicking a lot of people off. It's been really difficult for many people there been compl-. Lanes online on the Facebook support groups for drivers and on Twitter people have been complaining about not being able to schedule out ships, which you know, you wanna be able to do that. So that you can kind of plan your life a little bit. Well, that's we kind of discussing about you may be signing up for Hoover who were heats and stuff like grab and whatnot to fill in between my door dash right because they don't have those same schedule recession. Raymond, just it's door dashes really weird in this regard. Yeah. I like knowing that I have specific time periods during which I will this is what I'm doing. Sure. So but what they've done is. Drivers who have more than God. I really should have looked up remember high. No, nothing. I wanna say it's drivers who have more than fifty deliveries. Please check my mouth on that. I will look that up and make sure that we have the correct information in the Lebanon somewhere on website or. Cast liner notes. Stay tuned. We'll figure that one out. Right. But you have to have so many deliveries under your belt now and have driven so many deliveries within a day to be able to schedule ahead to have first pick at scheduling ahead difficult held to get on a shift in anyways saying like, how do you get that in the first place in the market like ours? Right. So if you are new, and therefore, you don't have a lot of deliveries under your belt if any right, and you can't schedule ahead. There is not a lot of incentive to stay with it. You're not gonna be able to get your two hundred in two months from what I've gathered in what I've seen you basically have to sit out there and wait for the dash now button to become available. Correct. And that doesn't happen a whole lot. I mean, it does happen. But it doesn't happen a lot. Well, let me just give you. For instance, today was different from how tomorrow will be tomorrow is scheduled ten AM to eight PM like the whole shift that whole time here aid is aiding care and many days. I am able to schedule that block ahead of time. That's that's the shift. I prefer to drive ten AM to eight PM. You know that way I'm not driving in the dark, and I have the whole day blocked out in. Yeah. That is divine like someone's Negus dinner shift. It's a good. Good mix. Yeah. Yeah. It's perfect. But today, for instance, I was not able to block out that time period starting from last week to today. So today, I started driving at about noon, but I had to sit and wait for it's become available because you know, the shift was not available right though. I was able to pick up an hour. Long shift. And then at the end of that I sat for about twenty thirty minutes before another one became available. And that's kind of what I did all day. And I was able to meet my daily goal of what I wanted to meet sure by just relentlessly checking, but thinking how much bash she might have been able to do it. If you had agreed or something could have tied that time through with something else. Maybe a couple of on another platform. Right. He might have been able to stop it an hour earlier or something and still get the same amount of money that you made having to wait all that time shows too. I just I haven't done it yet. I'm I'm really I I'm very scared. And I don't know why. But I am the scared of adding a different program into my mix genetic turn them on unless you're on downtime for. No. But it's different than new and different. In newest scary. Gotta what else do you have for us? All right. So I was gonna talk a little bit about passenger and driver safety here a little bit. So we touch on it away. Lot manager from you know, you get an attack by dog on door adds to you know, all the stuff that's been going on the news that everybody's been hearing about. I mean last week you told us about a passenger that murdered another passenger rights. Yeah. So you know, there's there's a lot of rules that you're supposed to follow through and lift as far as checking this doing that a lot of it is. I'm gonna have to say it's a little bit overboard like they want you to verify the address verify their name. And and you can't always do that. Because somebody might have ordered a ride for somebody else. But you wanna make sure that they at least aware who you are. And you wanna make sure that they are. But let's say a woman, and you've got a ride for John, right? Like, so obviously, this isn't more than likely. This isn't John. Okay. Let's give him in your car. So you say is this the ride for I say is this the ride for John Riley say yes, I say are in they're supposed to say, please. If you're a writer do this. You know, you wanna say are you Jesse? And or something along those lines, you both wanna verify that you're getting into the right car. And if your driver doesn't immediately ask you, are you this person, you should say, what's my name. Right. You know that that's what they want. You ask him when you up to a car, so they verify. That you're the right person. I mean similarly with door dash when I walk into a restaurant. I will always say I'm here to pick up in order for so, and so and you know, eighty percent of the time the restaurant, especially Chick-fil-A where you have to check check in. But most restaurants are very happy. You do that. But every once in a while, I'll get some restaurant person that doesn't looks at me. And they're like yellow, we don't have names are. Yeah. There are no other orders. And I'm like, hey, I'm just double checking because I'm not trying to walk away with marks order when I was supposed to be picking up for a lane. I guess invites the lake I had somebody on the receiving end that they were expecting door. Dash. I was like are you like Erica? And they were like, oh, no. And I was like, oh, okay. Will they live in the same building? So. Yeah. That was a good thing. I they work door bash. Just not me, right. No. That's that's serving. Yeah. It goes people safety in, you know, but I think right now, that's the most important thing is the safety of both the driver and the passenger abso verify driver or passenger you wanna verify you're getting into the right car. Always the person that's getting into your car is the right person, you know, that that's very important. I often ask my passengers when they get into the car where we head into. And sometimes I get the don't you have enough. They're like, yeah. I just like the verify the one of the right place. So, you know, but it helps me know that I'm got the right person in my car. Yeah. So just something to keep in mind for those of you out there driving or writing in righteous safety fast safety. I what do you got for us, Andy? Oh. Just some little silly things. Like, rob little. This went crack me up. So I had an address that I had to drive to drop off. And the driver nodes said something along the lines of my houses, the green one the addresses messed up. So it'll take you to the wrong house. Doug, green one Doug green one. So here I am on forty eight laying if you're in the Dayton area, you know, what I'm talking about Jake big road. It's not a street that you wanna be driving with your your flashers on rowing super slow looking for a house number that doesn't match up to the green one rate. So, but there I was on forty eight with right blinkers on looking for presumptive everybody behind you. And how. So I thought that was funny. You know, it's just one of those like as usual, can you guys please please fiction addresses. It's just not hard, right? Right. Olen? It finally happened to me was that I still customers during oh shit. Yeah. It was not. Okay. I've done that already. I only few for over east liveries. So. This is what happened. Normally, I will put drinks in the Cup holders of my backseat. And I do that. So that it's remind I also put the food back there. And that way, I have to get out of my car to deliver it and get the food and the drinks from the vaccine I have driven off of people's drinks before. And so I I have this check where I put everything in the backseat if there's drinks with. So normally I put them in the Cup holder. But this time they came in a drink carrier. And the drink care was pretty sturdy. It was one of the ones with the long toll sides. And so I thought well instead I'll put this whole Cup holder thing in my spare bag, and I have my bag situated in such a way that there next to each other nothing's likely to medal round, right? Well, I was wrong. Yeah. So when I got there, but the leather seats right now, they were actually in the floorboard creek. That's awesome. Yeah. Why better the floorboard them? See? I just so when I got there the guy was out front, and I pulled the bag out. I was like on. No. And I just said I have some really bad news for you. And he was like, oh, no avenues. What like, you know? You never wanna hear that from somebody bringing you your food. Right. And you know, I gave him food, and I was like putting a drink spilled. And I started crying because I felt so late my hands just flew up to my base. It started yelling at you. Right. No. He was like the nicest guy, I was prepared for him to be ticked off. Because that's my expectation of humanity. Or is that I'm about to get yelled at real hardcore. Right. And he was leaked so nice. He helped me clean it up. Yeah. I know on in the battle of the bag. Yeah. He was like, oh, there's a dumpster right around the corner. Let me have your bag in. Go dump everything right into the dumpster. You catch them in? He was like it's just drink. It's not the end of the world. Out he yells somebody this crying about spilled drinks. I told him I told him I knew, but it's like you had one job didn't even do that one. You you really it's. Okay. Right. Right. So so that was funny and. Oh, I have another funny little thing. Okay. So I was waiting for like ten hundred years at ten what exactly ten hundred? Thousand. Whatever. Hundred ten hundred eleven hundred. All right. So okay. So I was waiting forever at this chick Chick-fil-A, and normally Chick-fil-A is pretty good. They have their shit together, except I don't ever go into the one in the Dayton mall the mall 'cause it's the mall, reckless, mother episodes. Right. Well, not only do I not go into the mall. But even if I dig on some all that is the worst Chick-fil-A in all of date period the end, right? So don't do it guys. Anyway. So it it's number seventy six if it comes up declined. Is the only one that I know the store number. Anyways. So I was at this one not the Dayton mall one. And generally, they're pretty good there. And I've been there often enough now that they recognize me, and so soon as I walk in, and it's not just the red bag either is soon as I walk in like, even if the bags behind me or out of sight, or whenever they're always leg who you here for and, you know, they're really nice, even if they are always fast, but they're also very very busy lake. They are always moving a hundred miles an hour. So even if I have to wait, I see that they're not just standing around, you know, being decks. So anyway, this other girl when I came in had already been there. Good ten minutes, and she was getting peeved. She was getting mad and then this girl king after me. And so the girl that had already been there was like this is nuts about the una signed in. So she was like flip into her phone. She finally goes. And done I'm out. But while she was doing that. She was like basically trashing how slowly were digital words. They're always so slow will there was a guy filling straws right next. That was always the one that was friendly to me and just I felt really bad until I kind of like have heartedly stood up. I was like well. But at least, you know, the staff here's really nice though, because I didn't want him to like have his feelings hurt. And no he was working. And so she's like well fast slow deserve. What she say. No nice. Doesn't pay the bills of little. I do I understand. But then don't be a dick lay. Right. You have to reconcile. I need if you gotta go just on a signing. Go. Yeah. Yeah. There's no need to trash people. Sure. No. They're doing the best. They can everybody's doing the best. They can. Well, John is true. That is not true. I've been lots of places where people are absolutely not doing the best. They can't in this particular occasion. They were absolutely doing the best. They can. And they always do. So this is the one by the way at town in country near second Charles. So I love it there. So anyway, she stormed out. And then the guy called my customers name gave me the food and it came with a milkshake. And then he handed me a second milkshake in said here. I may join extra one nice. Yeah. And he's never done that before probably will never do it. Again. I have to believe it was because stood up form. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That's cool. So that was fun. I told him. Yeah. Don't be an asshole. Nobody likes an asshole by veterinary. Listen to us, isn't it because I'm an asshole. I don't know. Our cat seems to disagree. August. All right. So I had a car full of people guys that were from Nepal, and they were going. It was a bachelor party. I guess and there's taking him to diamonds which is a strip club here. Now, I'm sorry. Strip clubs cabaret, whatever sicker. Sicker. But if fancy because it uses the word cabaret, anyway, stormy Daniels came to diamonds should have Ray shoe. That's high cliff at advertising billboards, they did over ice five they shared that was a big deal. Right. You got arrested there heard about that. Yeah. Sorry. Okay. So diamonds, Nepal. Nepal. Case of like the whole way. They're like they were they were all so drunk already and the hallway there they were like asking me to sing songs, like note, not doing it. Do you wanna hear us on? And you're like fuck it. My only regret is not like asking a record it because it was like the best. So like the whole rest of the way to the strip club. These guys were serenading me. They kept saying my name. That's the only part. I could understand their serenading me all the way to the strip club like raw Jesse Jesse. Just like I mean as understand why he doesn't why how that was really bad. So I can't well, no, I asked me if they wanted to if I want to say women to sing in English. They wanted something might from their native land. I was like well, maybe win shirt. And so like, I can't do when you call a known. I don't know Nepalese you you can't do any language Justice. Let's not they want me to sing jesse's girl. I shouldn't do. Oh, one more sign. This is separate from this. But it's one of the stored out there. I was driving a relation like I didn't overnight like recently with the last couple of days, and I had to call nine one one holy shit. What happened? So this guy. I was I was getting ready to go through this green light. And this guy. Just blast through the green light earned his red light. And like squeals around the corner. I barely like I had to put on my breaks pretty hard to miss him. And he's wheels rob acquired drives into oncoming traffic on my God. Swings back drives up on the sidewalk. I'm like what the hell's? I'm like I had my bright on behind them like, dude. And I called my mom one might there's a drug ask he's gonna kill somebody. You need somebody out here. And then I started following him. And I was on the line with one and they're like stop following him. And I'm like. 'cause I'm like, this is gonna kill somebody legitimately gonna kill something trying to follow him because I like drama, and you guys if you knew my husband at all he's the opposite of somebody who likes drama, right, right? So I mean, you were honestly trying to make sure that he didn't kill somebody. Or at least I didn't. I wasn't trying to get involved to get involved. I was legitimately worry that he was going to kill somebody or himself. Right. I mean, it would it was bad. It was bad. So scary. It is scary. Where's the cops? When you need them. Right. Fi. I understand it. Don't even get me started. What's most? I get you started. But I think he did run a little bit short time here. Get some things you wanna people things stuff. You wanna thank I did. I did. I wanted to say that this episode is not not it's not rain brought to you by Dr Pepper. No. It's absolutely not being brought to you by. Till it's everywhere. I know that is my beverage of choice, and we are absolutely not being paid not being paid not being paid to tell you how much I loved archipelago in any way whatsoever. But more than that this episode is not being brought to you by this Cup that I got from carbon a- car from von on all that got us love lousy mug and the car. So I love my car, but more than my car almost I mean. Okay. No. I love my car more than the Cup. I hope so I do love my car more than the Cup. But you guys this is so I put a drink into it at noon when I left the house and at five o'clock there was still ice in it. Shut up. I'm not even lying. That's crazy. Have you ever had a coup- do that? Nobody. There are some good on this probably one of those good ones that like the right or whatever they know when you when you get. Free prize of good. Yeah. Right. Supposed to be junk is supposed to be like a dollar store. Ida? Right. This is not a dollar store gift. This is a very special Cup. So carbon is also not sponsoring us. But thank you for the Cup, your, thanks. Thanks, right. Given anything else or should we call it quits here? Oh, I did have really quickey. Keep a short. I never keep a short. Okay. So I can across something unusual. My gathered our. You just made a go on for NAR. Okay. I came across something unusual that I've never seen before. And I've done over six hundred fifty orders at this point. So that's nothing to scoff at right? I had a pickup in order from Burger King which said place order, but no need to pay. Now. I'm used to either place the order and used the red card to pay for it jerk. Totally make sense also used to this shit's all ready done been ordered in pay for just go in there and pick it up. Right. I've never seen a combo the two into what happened was this particular Burger King. They have a tablet thing. I guess that connects them with door dash, and I guess at some point it broke and they've never replaced it. So what you do. Is you go in as door? Dash driver, you go in you. Please the org. Order and eventually they match up the order to door gash eventually something, and they get paid for it got. But I just found that so odd lake didn't even really barely check my phone so late I feel kind of late if I go in and I just say, hey, I have a door. Dash order. I like the place in order is a free fooling it in my bag walkaway late. I don't know if that would go over well in I'm not tempted. I hope I have not. But that's why they would wanna new tablet because right? That's a possible Burger King picture, ship rights, just a tablet. You guys are multibillion dollar company not only that this is like in a nice area. It's the one over in Centerville right near where my sister lives. So I just don't understand. I dunno fixer ship Burger King chirp. All right. What we're going to go ahead and door money next. So stay turn will be back here in a minute. Hey, jesse. Hey ambi. I mean so much money this week on rolling cope bullshit. I brought home nine hundred ninety seven dollars and forty six cents fake numbers. No, those are real numbers but seven hundred fifty miles. Those are from the referral. So I actually brought home. I still do pretty good. I did two hundred forty seven dollars and forty six cents. I drove for twenty two point nine hours and that divides out to ten eighty one in our which isn't that great plummeted last week, actually. Yeah. As far as hourly and all that so. All right. So I. I drove for a total of thirty six hours made a total of five hundred and thirty nine dollars and forty three cents and my hourly wage worked out to about fourteen dollars ninety since our always to more than me while you could always dry for every week. And I'm not doing it. Okay. She guys bye. Okay. That's it for this. Week Email your funniest rideshare food delivery experiences. Two stories at side-hustle kerfuffle dot com, and we might share it in a future podcasts. Also, be sure to tune into side-hustle kerfuffle every Sunday. Can't thanks bye.

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How to learn anything by yourself | Tricks to learn anything

Relatable Stories with Rylan Banis

18:43 min | 2 months ago

How to learn anything by yourself | Tricks to learn anything

"Liberty stories podcast. My name is violence. And i'm your host and every week on this podcast relate everything in stories take you. You're listening to podcasts. How about making on this episode sponsored by angle than their service. You download the app on your phone and get started absolutely poverty. The editing tools are baked into the app and will distribute your podcast for you on popular platform suggests spotify and apple podcasts to begin your journey in broadcasting download the free app and go to ankle dot. Fm gets. That's ango no defense. We'll get started kinds of people listening to this podcast right now. One other kinds of people in the group would almost anything right. And you're the smartest ones goo and second other people who beg and of these people bugging them alone. Things fun fact. I used to be the who used to run. These people begging people to learn new things under. I read this one thing. This one thing that completed james the way away alone now. I know almost everything. Because i learned how to do it all by myself. And they share a this one bible skin region make you do this required love almost anything all by itself. But we begin this time here. I should live every week on this. Podcast will help. You never will again. Macy's of southern future puzzles. And we said let's get into today's episode. Give you the inventory. Have our own some of my funny banks. These of our this with the modern it was already. So let's go. Let's start with full. Revision iggy and do i get i again. There's always someone giving another rox. Let me give the devil of these allegations. That i just mentioned beaded of lewis. By the way this is the last mile is documented and emissions. Go on and on the eve making them so that is the problem is enough friends. I believe the patient will become an become judging people walking people because your leg off and then he started using it. I i've seen laura methods do once. They learned something that using then. What hasn't been last night and if the other was all about it and it's been about her so they also but then they will just make fun of you know the the problem. Is anyone start summit so positive during was getting more visit mobile. Also wendy begin to change and will come to your position at no more about and then start using them our regular speech and i was. Bob was me my more. Thanks so i had to go. I did this one thing and it is one thing. Enemy gives so good at and stuff that i was eating medicine. Iggy best friend again. I was literally reaching been how beating others. That's all i'm again but this is see this. One thing that i did was betty telling let's go onto the second thing that either. Okay unless you're a shoe straight you probably won the needs of these uses. What was up. Uses balenciaga and jordan's now for the vast majority of the population and the sports leader should this. You probably know what these are for you choose. I choose which tissue from nike adidas addidas by but so i was oblivious to what he's and jordan's but i you'll shoot somebody to basketball or you know this year easy easy bashing but within the germans would company added us and american designer arapahoe jubilo and personality on your best. Collaboration has also produced jackets pants. Socks bullish shoes and the newly need these like basically like a special edition shoe that lobbyism and jordan's or his heirs in every waited as the is of basketball shoes athletic casual produced by nike though. Isn't it edge. Orange z because who produced exclusively for my jordan in the early ninety four and released only in the late ninety. So let's do something like this. That i would've seen as a few years but the importance being these are because like i would say because by these things because these are very publish. It wasn't very expensive and very excellent gas. And even though but he's because i get a divinely always let's go with the the. How how do they do this. Do insists acknowledges me to this boy of shoes nine and he started talking about home issues. The ad the company's bribes and started mentioning jordan's and easy and balance the aca. I i didn't mention yoga's but you're allowed to the company like louis vuitton which makes up which which means that. We've made this show which is very expensive but it is wonderful but our in most absolutely ridiculous delay is very i guess comfortable but it's a family thing sure it's a shock social and stuff but might be the use and they're going of yeezy bullets jordan's one of these things that these online people's names that i choose the again the the thing is until ended this one thing. I did this one thing. I know what the thing is that the one wants to be left but before it. It is one of the problem. It's either it was again this. If you're hesitating ask your friends about it is your red nose. And you're hesitating to ask about it do reasons why not asking us in the sense to didn't know about this listed shoes. But you don't know what he's up jordan's up so you want to ask brogue or whatever you choose a new to the industry this as what jordan said now you but as you don't know the reason why is to one. Your athena been judged all of that that means that it goes maybe the you don't us is the same but from the other side. You're not asking because the boston thing is look like to you grow. You know that other friends vets. But when when it comes to the walking beam on this and if you have is that you don't let them go but elevate the situation by just one thing that i'll let the last thing i've downloading anything almost anything on that but for this example everything music all songs for example you may laugh meantime. That'd be digging songs eastern daughter on each listenable thousands on used listen to israel to them and used to give it to me. I get now is very easy but i. It wasn't as big on easy back then and the defense of the population is still on music. Because they're still using these music apps being keeping it in that it's fine for the vast majority of us in fee. We are on music. Music is actually very simple. If you ask me in my music episode vital people buy expensive your explain our music and the easiest with love but the interesting point be again and this time i did this one thing and after it in this one thing i will leave any movie any will need a song online in the highest quality and this bit betrayed i give us and all of these that we all these different dance but it is one thing others ninety one thing one day monday. While is this one thing you know. What since this episode you. The positive was dissolving. The notice the one thing that i did was at ge surging and learning about. That's all that's all donate. What are we inspecting inspecting. I bought this badge. Obvious wasn't nathan. Journal originated but indepth what we see. What did he do with only and none of the what are you watching and the more you were a lot of debris that better exam. Look what they call it. Today does not all your technical specifications the pows apply. See all these technical and does speed kilohertz on this for the average human being. You wouldn't know what is your by influence because of how they get that. Let you know by news. And that's if put in your budget but with the mason graduate but very interested in that's what coming from enthusiasts part of powerpoint of so. I know this. But i didn't know i get it made. The mistake is the episode. How mistakes you find god. love them. My biggest and most expensive mistake. That i did that caused me to tip over this point. And you know fall into this of ecology and get obsessed with that again so the bidders be. I read this episode. I said so an accident you know about how long do very few be delivered study another. What is what is the get over. I absolutely so and the was moved. Slowly goes up fair point and it wasn't asking people and i asked him. How old are you ready. We start the niece. Said you don't do this. Inhabits and that is everything changed after that i just wanted isn't vice and i will tell you the same thing because the after that wanted whatever they wanted to learn i saw about it and learn about it and watching limits. I i watching. Videos on is what i wanted to let makes me to learn. What are the basic over on this. What is the what is that. What is it as simple as that died. Complicated and even some basic us admitted and we'd introduce go against is and what do you have glasses of. Course if you're doing some of that subject you would like to take some big studying but you get easily get even got tons of you. Use being text wanting us and often among the initials which is basically about what is induced components. Me and of the video by because of that and you these things at once. It's then needed to move towards and the the more on all different words in the dictionary giving in another the you make these adverts different possibly be the same with all. These are all of these components of computers. I will about wanting more and more videos on these things that give us the end. Your duty duty was using these. It's not reading processor your idea by all things nephew. So darren even use. Okay this is this is this is. This is getting used. So i'm privacy is to this line of action. I sorta from the basic steps and get a busy of the subject and second get wanting movies after that it kept watching dangerous tegra and introducing the now. i'm independent. I saw the thing is nala to be sure that my knowledge point about microphones audited identical. Podcast so i ended on dynamic microphones and all the different microphone. The feed with audio doi all that stuff so and again i wasn't. I was looted unit. This but i didn't okay. And even if i didn't nobody was there was any good at this nation inventive. And what's tons of you because they sought what is an audience of some the. What is an executive knocking against the oriental. Probably watching you do you do simple. What is what do you what. Angela audience of research sorted. You have been powerless orange in your pocket. And he had the biggest platform right in your pocket. I knew refused to you. And you just get walk by events annually. Crying like a baby. I don't know how things that i and this is my about big independent. I'm telling you all started burning things by taking the initiative. Actually sauce just saw the movie. Like the goes. I've sorted can make independent from his losses. The world would be so much better than i ended and the funny thing is talking about holidays on the reason is getting. Is you know once you figure out in because that the division it makes you know how when i used to make the songs of cousin when house more. Because i didn't know what to do and stuff melissa. Is this because. I know these all these songs and movie soundtracks bro. How do you relate dollars. How do you give me some of this. This is the laziness. Why these initiatives donald zones and minute dollars is one of the easiest things. Do you like just download and before and just based on that music. That's not how honored so and there's so many articles websites kebab which can show you that. I really don't understand how people are. Don't they actually take the initiative to address lots of the our people like not in the m generally oblivious thing with our nominee almost oil in the sweet taste and the all the text of all of these terms and the west they use. Because i'm interested in technology. Getting deloitte mistake the most expensive mistake in one of the episodes but into one. What will take from this episode. How long do anything by the emissions and biff easy than jordan for example or in the leg moving forward after this episode. Anything that you've come across. What is if the google is giving one you did. What is you will be surprised at you. you'll be thinking that god is also owns. People want him to go the president the swimming love innumerable topics that you will have doubts on and you will ions that in mind as well as you promised once it stopped taking you're like sitting on the grind. I grew this and actually start from summit israel begging this guy actually taking initiative and by was installed that this is improved by process one is learning about the basics and the because they got the watching instantly regular bedroom and easter using her was let's not grabbing cebu when these men but you don't you all these individual parts now watching it would be and what is the you had better addict so whatever. It is london basis and then us constantly affiliated with all these dogs holiday. One day. Ansell one and i know you absolutely enjoyed this episode. I will love what what it was like this. The lid those leaders to watch this athletes yoda's of all was the nest. So that being said this week's episode. What god episodes riding guys.

jordan jordan arapahoe jubilo lobbyism nike basketball mason graduate balenciaga Macy Iggy aca wendy betty laura lewis apple james Bob louis vuitton ge