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Talkin' The Star: What Went Wrong Against Tennessee?

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Talkin' The Star: What Went Wrong Against Tennessee?

"What if all you're breaking news alerts had a voice what would that sound like it would sound like today? Explain its daily news podcast from vox. I'm Sean Ramos grim every day my team, and I take one essential news story, politics, two movies sports science, and we break it down into twenty minute episodes. Perfect for your ride home subscribed today. Explain on apple podcasts or wherever you listen from Stitcher, and the vox media podcast network. Joe, what's? Star podcast. I know you have all been so disappointed that this is not the voice that has come over your your wonderful speakers last week. But I'm back. We're back. The talking to star podcast is back and we are here to discuss the Dallas Cowboys football team. I'm your host Connor lives. You can follow me on Twitter at Connor NFL draft. I'm here with my host Dalton Miller. You could follow him on Twitter. At Cowboys underscored GBM in coal Patterson. You can follow him on Twitter at Cole l Patterson. We are just under twenty four hours removed from the Cowboys twenty eight to fourteen loss to the Tennessee titans at home in AT and T stadium on Monday night football. A game. That is about as close as it can be doing must win game for team that was right in the thick of things in their division in the NFC east. And they one thousand percent completely cracked the bed at home against a pretty easy opponent. And I think that's just icing on top of the cake of the how the season has gone before we get to far into the game because we're going to spend a lot of time talking about this game. I want to ask my house co host how they're doing today and just see how they're doing after a very very disappointing Monday night football game. How you guys doing? Doom better than Jason gear. Now. Daunton are you better than Jason Gert? I don't know what you guys are sell upset about. I think Jason GARRETT'S doing fine. I'm doing fine. I think that there were parts of the game yesterday where all three phases or we're good executed while times the need to be better at certain times. I think that that they were. Okay. And I think that they're gonna be okay. Even at three and five with a tough schedule coming up. There's nothing to worry about guys. Dude. I mean, I I one hundred percent agree. I'm right there with you. I'm with you all so this is all we're going to we all agree panic the teams good. The playoff football team. Thank you. Thank you for joining a team. And we'll see you guys next time. We'll talk in the star. No. I'm just kidding. This team sucks. And that's putting it nicely. The coaching staffs atrocious. Quarterback is playing terrible football for the most part. The defense got. Bulldozed by one of the worst offenses in the league. The running back. I don't I don't even know under start. I don't even know what start because even the good players on this football team. Zeke Elliott seventeen carries sixty one yards. Three point six yards per carry. That's not good enough. I understand the offense line is in blocking will understand it to not all on him. But we maybe speaking for myself. I don't wanna put words in you guys mouse, if you guys disagree, but we I think we need to see more from him with hell bad. This offense has been in a no it's hard because the offense align isn't playing. Well, the play calling isn't well, I guess just with his his level. Here's yeah. I'm gonna cut you off here. Real quick. Here's here's the issue with with with as Elliot and running the football. The biggest issue is that so many times before they even lineup. I know if it's going to be a run or going to ask depending on down in distance, depending on what kind of formation, they are exactly that is a big issue. And I just put it up on Twitter. I started my my all twenty two gift thread that I'm actually doing videos on now instead of a gift so you guys can stop in Austin put the video exactly where you want it instead of just being forced to watch it over and over. Again. The biggest thing that I noticed with it is. They ran a play out of ten personnel last night, which they've they've they've done once this year and they spread the field out. Just outside of the twenty line on the first drive of the game and got like seven or eight yards on a run play an inside zone. Tyrants. Math Made a nominal block to get across the face of defender that was on the defensive tackle lined up and kind of like a five tech. And he got all the way over and kind of steel that often as equally it was able to take it up. That is what you can do when you leave tight ends off of the field and spread them out. You have just your five guys against five or six guys inside. There's less to go wrong. When there's less to go wrong. You are able to run the football with success. They did at one time last night up to the point where I'm at in the game right now. But just just running better situations if you're going to run the football. And I think that's the issue that we're having with the run game right now. Do there's one play that that I remember from last night. It was a run to the right? In he wasn't. There was a hole there. And we kept hearing the broadcast guys talk about the patients of Zeke, Elliot, and he does have very good patients. He has very good vision. But for some reason in the first half he had a lot of holes to run through it look like just from the live. I haven't even watched all twenty two yet. I'm still moving into a house. So I'll probably get on that tomorrow at some point. But there was a play that I remember from the broadcast where there was a run to the right? In between the it was off tackle, I wanna say. So it was kind of a wide run. And there's a slow developing run. I think the guards pulled any head space. But for some reason, he kinda hesitated. And it ended up being like a loss of lawn. But soon as the ball snapped. That was like he's gonna take that to the house. And I don't know why I need to see all twenty two for I talked too much. So was that that was roar early in the game. Right. Yeah. It was one. It was like the second series or something. Now, it was it was the first series. I believe and it was a sweep play. So what happened was they were in thirteen personnel. But they were in a bunch formation. So they had all three tight ends there. And it was it was an outside run. And there was room on the inside where he could have cut it back much. I just saw post it right here. Yeah. It's the same. What I'm talking about? It look like in. He did. That's what that's what I saw from the broadcast is if he would cut it back if I'm watching the play, but I'm saying right here. He would a house didn't look like. But for some reason, you of keep trying to be patient be patient. Let the blocks and they didn't develop in being a loss of two. It looks like, but a man, I don't know. I don't even know where to begin like, I said this football teams bad even the good players on the football team aren't playing good right now. Me. And Cole would would you see that really just kinda just shot you because the offense playing bad shouldn't have shocked you. I just don't think you know, after the firing Paul gender after bringing in Amari Cooper after coming off of a BI week. I feel like everyone should have expected them to do more than what they did. And they completely just laid again looked awful. What did you see that? Just really disappointed you that game whether from the offense or defense because neither side played all that. Well, yeah, you're touch often to lease on the run game off into line. I was shocked about the defense that that I know the often should not put them in good positions on a turnovers. Her gave Tennessee some good field position and things of that nature. But when Donna and I kind of predicted the game on Thursday last Thursday show. Oh, we didn't really see it's high scoring on that much first of all because the Cowboys defense have been playing so well for the most part the season, and Secondly, we're going over the titans offense in they don't really have anybody to put sphere in. Fear new. They don't have anybody that can take off take off a defense. They don't have a game changing running back. Mario spin up and down. I mean, they don't really have anybody that you think can put up twenty eight points on what we have said all seasons top five defense. So that kind of surprised me like I said turnovers gave time some good field position. But coming off a bye yet next week to to prepare for this kind of offense that has had their struggle as much like the cow. We off siding, not see them. I don't really seem scoring two touchdowns much less four touchdown to that was something that honestly surprised me. I thought I wasn't expecting the offense to be on all cylinders by dang expecting to be that bad either. However at that the defense would give give him enough to win this game as far as not Tennessee into the end zone. Yeah. So just real quick. I wanted to piggyback off of that. We co co brought up talking about nobody that instills fear into your heart. Yeah. On the titans offense last night when because I broadcast the game. At a at a bar do a live broadcast on Facebook. But that's neither here nor there. I take the roster in and look at it. And I literally had to look at who their second wide receiver was because path Corey Davis. I didn't know who the hell it was they had an unjustified free agent. Playing some meaningful snaps last night too. I mean, I didn't know his name. Charges short was like a fourth or fifth rounder a few years ago out of western Kentucky or something like that and sharp pulled up during warmups yesterday, and he still ended up playing. But I thought after pulling up after a guy that I've barely even know house as sharp, but I don't know anybody passed him. I mean, it's it's it's it's raw that offense is not good, caring Bateson. He he's. Yeah. Came right back. Yeah. Got some meaningful snaps last night. He's a guy that probably won't be on the vast majority of other teams fifty three man roster is much less playing in a big game on Monday night football. So it was a startling like, you know, eight catches for two hundred sixty yards and. Ashamed. Like he had that last night. No, it's crazy because obviously the offense stunk it up, you know, the in the bad thing is is a no the SIMS ridiculous to say. But I didn't think Dak Prescott was atrocious. It was just the interception was awful the fumble. Even though I still think it was blown dead was terrible in. He just looks like a deer in headlights ninety percent of the time now, but I didn't think his overall play was absolutely atrocious. It was just a mistakes he made enough to where you're like, what are you doing man that? And I think it was combined with how everybody's so optimisic Amari Cooper. Take his game to another level and factor into Monday night football game, which was a must win game to salvage the season. Hopefully, get back in the day. Everything just factored in like take his last few games early last since I guess. Last up until now factored into the market portray giving first-round pick and then Monday night football stage. I think I think it all like, I think it all hurt stack. I don't think he played awful, and he'd certainly pie. Great. Yeah. I think everything factor, Dan, just really hurt. Sam in just on the biggest fan in the world. But even I am having big question marks. And I thought last night you would have a better game. Just to remind us how good he can be done. Early in the game looked like he was gonna be having good gaming in mich- throw to Beasley after that. Guys, all went downhill, and that's kind of what I wanted to touch on real quick. Is that early in this game in early in other games? I've noticed that he plays. Well, you know, at least in the first quarter of games. I feel like he's played pretty well. I feel like on first drives they they've done pretty well. But then over the course of the game it just gets away from him. If I touched on it a couple times already going through the film he was more on schedule and early in his throes than he has been the entire year early in this game. And I don't know what happened later because I haven't gotten to it yet. And I can only talk about what I saw in the line, dealing, but. It's like is this team? I wanna look at it. They don't play well coming out at half. Am I right there? Like, I'm not I'm not crazy to think that after half time, they don't play. Well, no. The I think the most frustrating thing is with this offense in I hate that. We're kind of jumping around and going in sequence. But that's kind of what I've wanted to do is just talk about the things that frustrated us is. So when it's Tony one to fourteen they punt the ball to you you need in. This is where my frustrations come in not with a quarterback with the play calling. You just need you have to make something happen here there. I would say there was eight minutes left or something like that. They punted the ball back to they get the ball like twenty yard bun, and they go three now in it's literally a run in incompletion a screen pass. And then they put that makes me want to put my head zero wall that that is what they come up with in a I tweeted it out last night from the blogging boys account. I run that account most most game days I tweeted out I was like hopefully Scotland Eoghan can dig into his bag of tricks. Aka Colby's Lee who has yet to catch a pass to go down the field and put together a touchdown drive tide. You know, you don't wanna get me started on that one. What did he do? He ran the ball the first time he called a play action bootleg, I think that went absolutely nowhere. And I think there might have been a penalty on the I'm not I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. I wish I had the drive truck pulled up in front of me. But it was a third thirteen or something you might have lost some yardage on the run or something like that. But and then they throw the screen if it is third in thirteen or more it is a screen to the running back. I was actually funny. You said that I was watching the game with a good friend of mine that happens to be Tennessee titans fan. I forever when the boss now, he Joe. Going. So here's here's on the screen. They are running and intact pass Zeke news, we started laughing because how predictable I tweeted out from the account also about five times last night. Here comes the screen disease. Here comes the screen Araj Smith here the screen disease that is because all the second in every second long in third long. That's what they do. Yeah. I mean, it's literally it's not even like it doesn't take anyone who knows anything about football to watch three of their football games ago. Men every time the TV reads third in thirteen or more. They hide. Quarterback. Takes a step. The offense align starts moving forward. And then they throw the ball to the guy standing beside the run the quarterback. I mean, literally, my my brother, you know, a six year old kid could watch it and go that's what they're probably going to do here. Because this is what they done the last three hundred times in it's just so infuriating, like the fact that. I don't even mind the screen on third loans. But every once in a while throw it to wide receiver, you know, throw a wide receiver screen throw at least mix it do something different run draw. I don't care, but literally every one on defense knows that that is coming on third long day. No, it's coming Risley Woodyard yesterday every time it was third long. When the ball was snapped. He would take three steps backwards in flow to the sideline where the running back was then come up make the tackle seven yards short of the chains in the punt team would walk on. It is so frustrating to watch. And again, if the quarterback is that bad that you have that you know that much confidence that he cannot throw a pass thirteen yards. Then you need to cut him bench in get rid of him immediately that still falls back on the coaching staff. If you if you know your quarterback is. That bad to where the only thing you can do in ten plus yards is still a screen that I don't want him on the football team. But I've seen him make boys down the field before on second thirteen. You know, I've seen them throw balls into tight windows here. And there that I go, okay. You know, I seen them do it. So if he's going to if this before we go to break, this is the last thing I want to say, we'll come back and talk some more about the game. If that Prescott is going to fail let him fail. Don't fail him for the team. And that's what they're doing. Right now. Is there they are allowing either him or they're just calling the plays that they think work in it's failing. So they're either they're either fixing their play calling to go or quarterback isn't allowed to do this because he's not good enough. So we have to make it this way. So the offense can actually function. But I don't know. Maybe maybe I'm crazy. But is a head coach journal manager owner football team. I would go let the quarterback throw the football. Because that's what quarterbacks are supposed to throw the football led him. Throw the football down the field in he physically can't do it. Then that tells us all we need to know. And then we can get somebody else or let him use his legs. If he gets hurt it gets her in. We're already screwed at quarterback. So we'll be screwed than to. I just can't put up. With the the conservative. I guess a word, but it's it's even more than conservative. It's just dumb play call. It is stupid. They get in the thing. I don't understand is if it was consistent. I would understand it. But when they get the red zone, they might as well have Joseph Randall running back because Zeke Elliott doesn't exist anymore. They take him completely out of the the scheme when they get in the red zone for whatever reason they will two yard blind yesterday in instead of running the ball right up the middle like they do on third one or fourth in one they get into shotgun and try to run some, you know. I don't know exactly what it was. But they run a silly play out a shotgun on the two yard line. It's just stupid it. There's no way around calling the calling stupid at times most of the time. I should say in. If the quarterback isn't good enough. Let him show it in fail that that's just my opinion on it. I get you have to kinda use your play calling to to go at guys strengths of weaknesses. But to just keep keep pending your head up against a brick wall. And hoping something different happens is the definition of insanity in. That's just what it is doing the same things over and over again in expecting different results in for the first nine weeks of the season. That is exactly what we've seen them doing except in the giants game in Jacksonville game. When they allow Dak Prescott uses legs. They designed runs forum, and they actually look like a competent offense, but every other game since then it has been one or two Russia's per game. Play action bootlegs slants and throwing screens on long down distances. And it's just so frustrating to watch. Sorry. I took up like five minutes of the time going on. I agree everything we said, I mean, it's really much cover NATO. We're gonna take a quick break. Comeback talk a little bit more about this frustrating loss that we're going to get into some Jerry Jones's comments today with the guys at one oh five. Quick break. Be right back. We're back on the talk. The star podcast wanna give a big shot out. The blogging boys Espy nation, vox media. Those guys doing a great job getting podcasts out to you. Also want to show to all the other guys on blogging, boys. Staff who are also doing other podcast, the bruise boys podcast Ocho alive. 750 all those guys doing great great job, providing great content for all the Cowboys nation. Cowboys fans around the world. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Again. Thanks to blog into boys Espy nation box media. You guys are awesome. Let's dive right back in. I finished the first first segment talk in my head off some headed off to to the guys. Let them talk a little bit dotting kind of going off what we left with as far as just the play calling. Do you have anything to add to that? Do you have anything that you might not agreed with what I said? I just don't think there's any way that with in. It's been talked about on Twitter. It's been talked about all over all over that this quarterback. Would this coaching staff will never work? Do you think there's any way possible, but it can work or do you just think it's doomed from the start until something changes either with the coaching staff and or the quarterback? Amend it it obviously could what could happen is the coaching staff could get its head out of its, but and actually focused the offense towards the quarterback's strength. But since they will not do that. Especially in the middle of the season. I gotta say no, no matter what at the end of the year. Scotland Eoghan has Scotland ahead has to be gone. What needs to happen is they need to bring in an offense coordinator who is going to run. His offense is going to mold in offense around. What the quarterback does? I said it earlier today I was on with our attempt. You need to use your quarterback's strength. And that is what this team doesn't do doesn't even act like it wants to do if the court if they use his legs if they use his ability to get out of the pocket, if they get him in easier throws where they're using pick plays where the running bunch and stack formations to get easy throws underneath and allow wide receivers and running backs and tight ends to catch the ball moving horizontally or moving even downfield you need to do that. Because he is not the kind of quarterback who is going to be able to throw it into tight windows against zone coverage with anticipation to just pick you apart. That's what he will not do. That's what he will never be able to do. And this team wants to just try to continue to fit a square peg into a round hole and make him a POC. Quarter vac throwing balls in a windows on routes that are coming straight back to him. And it just doesn't work, and it's it's so so obvious to everybody except for the leadership on this football team that at is what needs to happen. There are ways where this coaching staff could be. Well, you know, okay. We've seen it before. If you have a quarterback in a league quarterback who can run the offense and just call his own damn plays. Check out of whatever he wants this offense can move because we've seen that. When the situation is perfect. The offense can move we've seen that in twenty sixteen with this quarterback in this system. But you are never going to get perfect conditions. Most of the time, and that's what we're seeing right now actually wanted to bring you guys I mentioned it very briefly on a podcast a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to talk about for a second. See started off coal Dalton. If you want to chime in. We always talk about two thousand sixteen. It's brought up a lot for some reason. Even though it was two years ago. People mentioned it being a fluke. People mention it as in. We've seen him do it before. Why can't they do it? Now. My theory for two thousand sixteen was that going into that year? The plan was for Tony Romo to be the quarterback for Zeke Elliott to be the running back. And then the third preseason in Tony Romo got her. And at that point Kellen Moore had already gotten hurt at that point dot Prescott was kinda thrown into the fire. Do you have time? I'm gonna say this, and it might sound bad. It might not come out the way that that. I that I wanted to. But can you have time with one preseason ago before the season starts to screw a quarterback up? Or are you kinda more? Like, hey, what can you do in this offense to make it productive since? We don't really know a lot about you. We drafted you in the fourth round you were third four string quarterback in training camp. You barely got any reps. You played in a couple of preseason games. Look good to me. I wonder in two thousand sixteen coaching staff wasn't able to screw these young kids up. Zeke Elliott Dak Prescott because they weren't familiar with the MIT. They didn't try to put their tweaks on every little thing. They kinda just let them go out there and play and that's kind of what I saw in two sixteen. That's a lot of quarterback runs. So a lot of play action. I saw a pretty accurate quarterback. Who could throw a ball short intermediate? Well, then even throw the deep off pretty well into sixteen. He threw the deep ball better than people gave him credit for. But now since then I've seen. Less of the quarterback running more of these quick quick note that I saw on Twitter the other day his passer rating on deep balls is like third or fourth highest in the past ten years. Tony Romo is one of the quarterbacks head of him. Yeah. No. That's that's kind of what you know. I've I've seen taping people always said dinkum Dak I think he throws volume fueled pretty well. When even when he misses Kobe's -ly up the up those seem yesterday. I I seriously he missed him. But it wasn't like a huge midst. He overthrowing just by a little bit. I thought it was actually a pretty decent play by he stepped up in the pocket out. There was a hold on that. I don't know if it was on Beasley. But he just missed Kobe's Lee. And that stuff like that happens all the time around the league. But I just I wanted to throw it to you guys. Just see if you think does that make any sense that the fact that Prescott was kinda thrown into things because he wasn't supposed to be the starter. There was real no game plan for Dak Prescott. They didn't change their offense to fit Dak Prescott because two weeks before the regular season started. It was Tony Romo Zeke Elliott. You know, this is what we're throwing out there. And then it all changed in that that Seattle game. And even after this Yatom game people were talking about Nick foles. It wasn't a necessarily full bloom thing that Prescott was going to be the starter until a week later from the Romo injury. What are you guys? Thank you think. That's a good theory. Do you think it was stupid? I don't know it just it just it blows my mind how? Again. I ran the numbers today. The Cowboys have been in the top five and total yards twice since two thousand two in one was in two thousand nine and one was in two thousand sixteen how do you go from being one of the most dynamic offenses into sixteen to turning into an offense. It literally can't put a series together when you have to get the quarterbacks not playing well. But I just think that like Dalton said they're trying to fit a square box into a round hole after maybe not doing that in two thousand sixteen because they weren't able to do what do you guys think about that? We'll talk about that a little bit before we get into some juries comments from today. Yeah. I mean, I can see some of what you're saying. How they like here's a fourth round draft big. He had a pre unit really good collegiate career. He had put a high Saney semi bottom is a day to pick before his delight. It was later. Way to drop something he had some talent coming to call. A call. Shane he really took a preseason by store, and I two games. He showed he has some Tana preseason. But he could do. I'm like what you said the plane was for remote is star in be the starter for the foreseeable future. And that's why draft Zeke obviously he was to build this offense. Make it an Muller to twenty fourteen when he got hurt people are still hoping that run. The would come pretty soon. Early in season from injury turnout. Didn't happen doc with playing well like you say. And really get a chance to narrow audience round. But not like, install what they wanted to install because I mean like you like you mentioned previously Prescott wasn't getting the reps in practice. Listen as experienced as Romo or even more. I no more not great NFL quarterback. I mean, at least he had the experience they can't force what they wanted to force in his head. So I get that they're a little bit. He played very well and the weeks going people are still Dakin at Roma would eventually come back eventually gonna be healthy enough to when the starting job. Adapt wasn't going airlink issue starting position. The way he was playing. So so you saw like a more creative offense in the sense that they're letting deck run a little bit more mining Cam. And provoked I stuff like that. So I don't know of it's all on that. I can see your theory on how they like you like you said screw up their quarterback within a week of the regular season. Now that they've had time to put the philosophies in his head. He's kind of like forgot you play on the I try to the way the way I try to like Domi explain it. If what I my long drive outweigh. It's hard to understand is like when you first start dating a new girl or new guy, whatever whoever's listening, you know, it's going to be different. But so you got a new significant other. You're not really gonna like express yourself in the full way that you normally would until like a couple months into the relationship. You're kinda like, okay, I'll let them kinda show me what they got now show them. What I got. But I'm not gonna try to mold them into anything right now. And it when you get to know the person in you start, you know, developing a longer more better relationship with that person than it's like, okay? You know, what I like, I know what you like not. Let's try to make this work better. Let's try to make sure that you do what I like. And I do what you like. And I just wonder if that's kind of what they're doing. Now. It's like at first new fresh new person new tool new toy. Let's see what he's got is still out there suit. He can do let him kind of do it in the you know, the season develops will tweak him a little bit. And then you get the training camp. And then it's like, yeah, we liked that you did that. But we wanna do this way now. And then you know, he's tweak them a little bit more. Now, you're tweeting more. And now you're into something. He's not and that, you know, it's kinda like a toxic relationship. He started off. It's all well, it's all great. And then a two years in you hate each other. Because you you just couldn't you couldn't be on the same page daunting. Foregin? Jerry's comments does that theory. Make sense. Sir. My just an idiot. I think that if the Cowboys did attempt to mold in all fence around back Prescott in this is the the product that they're putting on the field after that. I think that everybody needs to be fired. And I believe the Jerry needs firearm self is fired Steven, and I think he needs to fire Jerry junior just for being a part of it. All. In the even in the football perations. And just the crazy thing is you're saying that like in in like a little bit of a sarcastic way. And I totally see where you're coming from. But the thing is I'm not I don't. Is it like we could literally all three sit here. And be like, yeah, they thought this was what was going to. And they did. I mean, there's no denying that. They will like. Two. Joey, and Joey Eick's who is a great follow on Twitter when it comes to Cowboys content. Put it out there that. You know, this may be a bit of hyperbole, and Jeff Kavanagh set it on the radio today, it may be hyperbole. But I truly believe that there are people on Twitter media. You me coal doesn't matter who could go in there and do a better job of putting offense together. Yeah. Could improve the offense on day one. And they just refuse to even tempt things to help out this quarterback who is obviously struggling with both my mind is that all offseason, we heard the term doc friendly. I guess they just send it gain read a Dez Bryant letting Dak have Alan Hearns Deontay Thompson at thirty two in antiquity. Help him get out of his I don't know what they're thinking. I mean like like you're saying it's not you would think they would try to build an offense. They would go off Dax string. So let him do. What he does him before like an NFL quarterback. I guess stretch. I don't think now I was just say, I don't think Dax tear on me. I don't think is an elite quarterback or anything. I think about average quarterback about in that average range. I don't think Hemi. Mario two very different. Max. But. We're not seeing in offense Bill to strengths that. Let him play like a good quarterback. You would think they would at some point. They had a bye week. They could've made some adjustments. I know they brought in a Mari and everything. But instead of the same owed offense in it's like, they think it's just match gonna work one week in Dagan. Jacksonville mean. I mean, I get it. I'm with you. I don't really understand at all. And one of the things that I really don't understand. We'll probably end up getting juries comments in the last spinal segment because I did tell talking about the defense a little bit in this game. Because I thought that they were really really bad after a really really great start the first quarter. I don't think you could ask defense to play any better. And then it just completely fell off a cliff in the just completely lost it. Marcus mariota threw for mariota threw for two hundred forty yards two touchdowns. He only through eight incompletions they converted on in astronomical high-percentage of their third down. Dion Lewis had nineteen carries for sixty two yards. Derrick Henry had six carries for twenty seven yards. Both markets and Derek had a touchdown a piece Corey Davis. Had fifty six yards on six for -ception 's Darius Jennings. Thirty six yards Janis Smith thirty three yards two on Taylor. Twenty four yards. Cameron bats in twenty one yards. The titans offense from the second quarter on looked like a Super Bowl contender not as unacceptable as they coming into the league is one of the worst offense in the NFL. And they completely ran over the Cowboys defense. Sean Lee went out with a hamstring injury in the second half. I'd be surprised if he comes back this year. I'd be surprised if he plays the game in a Cowboys uniform ever again. But differences isn't the last when when Sean Lee mistime earlier in the years, you didn't really miss him. You missed him this game late in vendor h had a really bad game in my opinion. Jalen Smith had a not a very good game in the second half. We saw the lack of pass rush come back to haunt this. This defense align other than DeMarcus Lawrence and Daniel Ross the pass rushes pretty much not existent. What happened to the defense? You come off two week by week by week. You had a week to prepare for one of worst offenses in football. And they got bulldozed they gave up the most points that they have given up all year against by far the worst offense that they faced all year. How does that even happen? So here's what happened. All right. What happened was colon? I talked about positional grades and we gave the corners as and when we gave the corners as we automatically jinx them to not play. Well in this. Byron Jones was fine. I think he gave up a couple of catches, but he was off coverage Novick deal. Today with the. For a sticky as he can be in coverage getting him to turn his head around. And find the football is worse than pulling teeth. And once again, it was he was five for five being thrown against in man coverage. And he's been not good enough. It's just not good enough. I don't know if he's not one hundred percent. I don't know if he's not feeling comfortable out there. I don't know if this is a new technique thing that he's still trying to figure out. It's not good enough. If you need to put a Anthony Brown out there and put Lewis in the slot. Or if you need to put Anthony Brown outside and put to nobody who's in the slot. If you need the blue to nobody woozy to safety. I don't care what you have to do. He's not cutting it right now, do I think that he will be able to get it. Absolutely is phenomenal athlete. Like, I said he is sticky and coverage, but he's gotta fix his technique and getting his head around and getting his hand on the ball. And that's what hurt you and on third down over the middle of special. Early one awful. Absolutely all there's no way that you should give up thirty nine third seven third and eleven's consistently. They were eleven for fourteen on third down that is unacceptable in any way, shape form. However, you try to cut it that is terrible. Yeah. It was it was pretty much said. It was terrible terrible performance from the defense. It was even worse performance from the offense. And that led to a twenty. I gotta talk to you. I say you brought up as your to pass rushers being tanked Lawrence. And Daniel Ross one pretty sure two weeks ago was inactive he's a stud. Inactive two weeks ago? Why don't we talk about that more? We should've talked about that more. We should y. Because they had to get to play four tight ends done. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know I know, and, you know, talk with been non existent this week to he's. Doors Armstrong had a strong game soccer full full. But at least he's yeah. But pass rushes not exist in other than other than DeMarcus Lawrence Dana Ross the linebacker. I thought again I hid eaten so many crows for Leyton Vander ash, but he was pitiful in that game and coverage she had a bad penalty. He was bad against the run. He missed a couple open-field tackles that was in this bad. Because it sounds like I'm rooting against a player, but the performance on. Absol from Layton Vander s yesterday was the performance. I thought we'd be getting the whole season. And he's been really good. But last last night he wasn't able to keep up that pace that hot start and had a really rough game going in for Sean Lee. We're gonna take our final break comeback talk about some of the comments Jerry Jones made today own one five three two fan was Sean RJ. We'll be right back after a brief break. And were back on the talk in the star podcast. I'm your host Connor Livesey follow meal Twitter at Connor NFL draft. You can follow my co host on Twitter at Cole l Patterson and Cowboys underscore d be in. So today. After just a cruel, Ling, gut wrenching. Take your heart out stab it of billion times with the ballpoint pen loss to the titans at home in your own stadium. You get bulldozed by first year. Head coach a terrible offense a bad football team in Tennessee titans. Jerry Jones decides to go one five three the fan shortly after Jason Garrett was on one of three the fan. Telling us all three all three all three of teams played. Well, we saw some good things from all three all three factors the special teams defense offense. They all played pretty well. We gotta be better. We've got execute better. But all three of them. You know, they they showed some good things just shortly after hearing that from the head coach that can't you know, can't can't do anything. Right. Just putting that putting that nicely. The owner decides to go on. What if three to fan? In not only endorsed the head coach play caller, but he decides to drop a bomb, but the Cowboys will be extending Dak Prescott after a very very. Below average start to his third year in the NFL. And I just can't I don't know. I can't I can't you can't make this stuff up. That's the best rack input as you cannot make this stuff up. This is the last thing we should be talking about right now, which should have come out of Jerry Jones mouth in. I know you can't you can't say it is that we need to see more from my quarterback. We need to be better on the coaching staff. Our team isn't good enough right now, we have a lot of work to do. Instead, he endorses head coach endorses play caller. And he pretty much told us quarterback. He had nothing to worry about that. He was going to have a long-term job in the NFL. Cowboys starting quarterback. Boys. Would you think about that? Thought it was a really. Why would he say like you say why would he say that after that game? Why would he I don't understand the point to go on radio and say you're gonna extend your third year quarterback putting the performance and. Anybody knows me knows. I'm a huge dot Prescott fan. But I mean, he he's not earned a second contract at this point. Yes, not played to the standard. Did the Cowboys ain't into each spent less time talking about how? Because the Cowboys she's won't build an offense around him. But also because e s some liability aren't good enough in it just I don't know if it's just Jason Gary Jerry Jones stinker address. Stupid. And we don't know anything just go every we'll go along with it. They say or Royd by is when I that's exactly what it is. Yeah. I mean, when I when I saw that tweet I thought it was like crumley thought is from like this time to Dak was actually playing pretty well, I thought he was an old tweet. And then I realized it was Dismore Ning. I was like what after that. It was it was one o'clock gang talk gain on a Sunday as buried in schedules on a prime into Monday night football. We're in the whole nation was washing the Dallas Cowboys try to get to five hundred in there in a division. It's still very winnable in date lost by two touchdowns. And while. Gimme undock Dan play very well in that in that game through pay. You turn the ball over. He missed some throws. He I mean. This wasn't a great gain for him to say that was kinda like just makes me feel like they think were idiots like we don't know the game football. And it's just it's a spit face. I'm a Cowboys fan. Yeah. I'm not mad not because of supporting Dak whatever your feelings that. Why would you go on day after that game become say that you're not gonna make any coaching changes say that you're gonna stand your court? Acton atag. Everything's okay. Like like as a main another disappointing seizing that describes piling on in Jason Garrett era. Dalton thoughts on Jerry's comments. Oh, yes. I have thought. So something that I've noticed in the NFL and something that I looked at today earlier is when you go through and you look at the quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls in the past twenty years. It's all either hall of fame quarterbacks. Lucky ally who played against a Tom Brady who had two bad games. And he had a good defense with a good pass rush that affected Tom Brady. And then Nick foles who got hot and doesn't make a ton of money who had a good team around him even as a backup elite defense there as well with the eagles. And Joe flacco who also had a great defense and got hot in the playoffs. That's it. It's hall of fame quarterbacks don't face ally. Manning Joe flacco got hot and Nick foles over the last twenty years. Those are the only quarterbacks other than hall of famers that have won the Super Bowl and Russell Wilson on a rookie contract who rough by all accounts at this point is looking like he's on his way to a possible hall of fame career, but you either have a team who is built around a rookie contract quarterback or a whole. Famer win in the NFL the big game. So why would you extend? Why would you sign any quarterback that is not on the elite of the elites to an extension for big money? It doesn't make sense. It is proven over the past twenty years that those quarterbacks don't win Super Bowls. And I'm talking about the Philip rivers. I'm talking about the Tony romo's about the Matt Ryan's the all my God. Who else I mean? I know his one one, you know, I don't know. Russell will you could put Russell Wilson that category. Even though he has one Cam Newton. But my but my issue with Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson was on a rookie contract. Yeah. He had the legion. A boom it. Since NAT a great defense. What what I'm trying to say. Is you either have an elite top three to five quarterback in the NFL? And that's how you win the Super Bowl or you have a quarterback who's not making shit for money. I'm sorry. If you know if that should have, you know, be it's a family show. And I'm sorry. But I'm very passionate about the fact that you do not pay a quarterback fifteen percent of the salary cap when he is not the focal point of your team when you have a running football team. It doesn't make sense when you have a quarterback who can't will you two wins. It doesn't matter. If you don't have a quarterback with a good offense of mind to to scheme wins like Sean McVay, Jerry golf who Jared Goff also in his third year and play out of his mind, but he was top pick. This isn't a fourth router. There's a reason why twenty two the starting quarterbacks in the NFL were first round picks because you just don't see quarterbacks drafted. Afterwards have success at any sort of good, right? So it's just it's not gonna work. I'm sorry. You do not pay a normal starting quarterback in the NFL a serviceable one. You definitely don't pay Kirk cousins thirty million dollars guaranteed over three years. Every since we are ninety million dollars. You're the Vikings are a hell football team. And they already have a good team around him. They have the money to spend. But I don't see him being able to win the Super Bowl. I don't think he takes you over the top even with that team around him. They might not even make playoffs this year. That's what I'm saying. It doesn't make sense. And it's something that the NFL in. It's this isn't just a Jerry thing. But it's an NFL thing that the NFL just doesn't know that you're not supposed to do this. It's it's proven you have you have to keep drafting until you find that franchise guy that top-five guy or else it just doesn't work and eventually teams will figure out and the market for cubeys go down. And honestly, I don't think after pay back press got all that much because I don't think the week things all that much of them. I think the Cowboys do I think there's a good chance Mary Jones and Stephen Jones just say, hey, here's a Puckett load of money. But maybe they don't maybe they do try to play hard ball. And if you get him for ten million dollars a year. Okay. And then guess what keep drafting quarterbacks until you do find your franchise guy, but still build around him. If for some reason, you pay him, and you decide not to pay Byron Jones or tank Lawrence. I quit. I'm moving somewhere else. I'm covering a different team. I will still always love the Cowboys in. But it's it's not me. It's actually you. Now. Jerry's comments precisely I don't understand why he had to do it. It takes away as a businessman that takes away your leverage. When that agent knows that you do want to re-sign that quarterback takes away some of that financial leverage that you might have had on struggling quarterback. It doesn't make sense. I understand trying to have China exude confidence in your quarterback. You need to do that. It would be irresponsible. If he went out and said, oh, yeah. He sucks needs to get better. But to just go out there and say that he's twenty five he's gonna get extended is irresponsible as an owner as general manager and as a businessman first informers. That's all I gotta say about that. Yeah. We're we would a little over today. But the last thing I want to leave you with before we get out of here. It's just can be real quick is I didn't have a huge just huge huge huge. Shoutout to Scotland a hand for running the Dallas special. With two minutes ago in the fourth quarter down to scores. Just what a genius play. Call bus Scotland. What are the one of the greatest play calls? I think I've ever seen never seen it before my life. Mr. perfect time to call. It was executed perfectly. The defense. Definitely didn't see it coming because they did they didn't wanna play that one to. They didn't wanna play a few few quarters earlier that was pretty much the same fake to Colby easily. They definitely didn't set it up a few quarters before that. But what it just an excellent play. Call coming out of the two minute warning scores with zero chance to come back in the game. You you really fooled on there? Hey, that's what we that's what we got. So we're working with we're working with the best here in Dallas. Because they are America's team as you all know. But we still love him. We still cover them. We still support him for some reason. It's like a Furnao it's like a broken released just keep abusing me. But I keep coming back. And that's what we're gonna do next. Well, this week actually, we're gonna come back talk some more football with you talk some more. Dallas Cowboys is we prepare you for Sunday night. Football is the Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles on the road. In philadelphia. We're talking the star that he got listening. We'll see you guys next time. Hi, I'm Karen Fisher. I wanna tell you about another podcast. You should check out. It's called Rico decode every week. I talked to Tekken media's key players about how they're changing our world. I interview tech executives like Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, political figures, like Hillary Clinton and media personalities like John Kerry, you literally wrote the book on thoroughness once again the name of the show is Rico decode hosted by me Kerris wisher. You can find it on apple podcast, or whatever you listen to the show. See there.

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