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"araj smith" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"He ran the ball the first time he called a play action bootleg, I think that went absolutely nowhere. And I think there might have been a penalty on the I'm not I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. I wish I had the drive truck pulled up in front of me. But it was a third thirteen or something you might have lost some yardage on the run or something like that. But and then they throw the screen if it is third in thirteen or more it is a screen to the running back. I was actually funny. You said that I was watching the game with a good friend of mine that happens to be Tennessee titans fan. I forever when the boss now, he Joe. Going. So here's here's on the screen. They are running and intact pass Zeke news, we started laughing because how predictable I tweeted out from the account also about five times last night. Here comes the screen disease. Here comes the screen Araj Smith here the screen disease that is because all the second in every second long in third long. That's what they do. Yeah. I mean, it's literally it's not even like it doesn't take anyone who knows anything about football to watch three of their football games ago. Men every time the TV reads third in thirteen or more. They hide. Quarterback. Takes a step. The offense align starts moving forward. And then they throw the ball to the guy standing beside the run the quarterback. I mean, literally, my my brother, you know, a six year old kid could watch it and go that's what they're probably going to do here. Because this is what they done the last three hundred times in it's just so infuriating, like the fact that. I don't even mind the screen on third loans. But every once in a while throw it to wide receiver, you know, throw a wide receiver screen throw at least mix it do something different run draw. I don't care, but literally every one on defense knows that that is coming on third long day. No, it's coming Risley Woodyard yesterday every time it was third long. When the ball was snapped. He would take three steps backwards in flow to the sideline where the running back was then come up make the tackle seven yards short of the chains in the punt team would walk on. It is so frustrating to watch. And again, if the quarterback is that bad that you have that you know that much confidence that he cannot throw a pass thirteen yards..

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