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61 The Iroquois Nationals Team | The History of Lacrosse

Iroquois History and Legends

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61 The Iroquois Nationals Team | The History of Lacrosse

"Hello welcome to Iroquois history and legends. Today we're GONNA be talking about the history of Lacrosse and current status of the Iroquois national team. Today. We don't have just one guest we have multiple group. I'm just going to let them introduce themselves one by one if you gentlemen could just give me a brief background on who you are just a little synopsis on how you're associated with the Iroquois national team. REX LINES MONOLOGUE NATION I've been a Lacrosse player has this as long as I can remember as I could walk at sticking my hand going up on Doug a nation it's been. A big part of my my life, my lifestyle the and I was on the First Leroy national team in eighty three and. Been in three tournaments and. The program at percents. I'm Leon Nolan multiple on Gatien. My mother's Aquasonichowie Mohawks enroll visit. Mohawk will clan. Lamb. I've been involved with your co-nationals across in about early two thousands and then k back. But you're a half ago and serve as the executive, director and board member. and. Tissue late at SMU and while the across like wreck, all my life and Real honor to be a part of the organization again to help with the many challenges facing us. So, we're very pleased to have this opportunity to give him a good historical perspective in a future perspective on warmer. Had IT. For us. And David Brian from the Seneca nation and the wolf clan I grew up playing cross started off with a new toll across went off to college played at Cornell University on a couple of national championship teams. I was also on the I Iroquois national team. And I've been a lifelong participant with your coin nationals as either as a player. Executive, director or board member and I'm still in like brexit it's kind of A. Lifelong journey to have our people be represented in Lacrosse whether it's at the college level professional level or international level. I'm Randy Scott some from six nations on -Tario A maternal clan. Mohawk like these guys are saying, I've started across when. You know I gotta stick when I was born. I've been playing ever since it's a big part of my life I played professional across for. The Georgia. Swarm. the Boston cannons and at the world stage with Uruguay nationals I've been playing with Uruguay national since. Two Thousand Eight Also. Went to Syracuse University got my degree there and. You know. Like these guys are saying, Lacrosse, has been a big part of my life in it's It's awesome. Thank you very much gentlemen. That's a lot of talent and a lot of experience for me growing up in Western. New York every. Year, has a Lacrosse program. Every College in university has lacrosse program, but there might be some people in the country that really might not know what it is or what the history of it is. So which one of you mind giving me a a synopsis of Old, this game is where it came from what the basic just of the rules are by I'll take that question. Well, it's part of our creation story so. know your guess is good as ours. You know it came from the spire creation story came from the Sky World. So in in our cosmology re talk about. Across in all being played in creators land. And before it came down to Turtle Island here. So it's as old as we are as Randy said, you know your mail you're one of three things you're born. You're you're a a speaker which measure speaker of ceremonies language or a singer, the singer of the ceremony or your across Blair. That's how significant across is to our culture. And you always have the exception to the rule where somebody's all And we have real lot of examples of that but let's how important it is to are. inherently. It's part of four yards culture. It's site in part of that responsibility to share the scheme. With others which we've been very successful at. Now, I believe sixty six countries have. Lacrosse organizations within her order states. Within our borders and it's been really I. Think we've done a great job of showing the green game with the many many around the world and or looking forward to continuing that and. One of the. Mainstays who are Bruh given this responsibility directly by the. Sedition confederacy in one, thousand, nine, hundred, three. And we were given that responsibility to golden compete internationally represent the initially in that regard play fair play hard and spread this game around the world. We as you know, we have our own passports when you've treated the Dutch the French the English and the United States of Jewish only do. It's really important about how we. Conduct ourselves internationally as a nation state. we have a government to government relationship with United States now based upon race. In Five, hundred, seventy, six better recognize American Alaskan native Indian nations in the United States, and one of them. We really take seriously our sovereignty is really something we respected will hold to the nth degree. Maria conscious of that many of our players. GROPE RECOGNIZING THAT ORLEANS? Great Great responsibility for us to carry that forward. We have had a lot of. Support from around the world. With this petition that you've seen from the shown for stations player up Nova Scotia of WHO said out a challenge to the world the. Over Forty Nine, thousand folks signed onto that supporting our entry into the Games and twenty, twenty two and eventually you know the Olympics in twenty twenty eight right now lacrosse on provisional status. With the. and. It's like it's a three or provisional status. Once set lift we Democrats will become a part of the Olympics team sports is always a bit of a challenge for the Olympics, the number of athletes who show up per country or team sports. A lot to maneuver in with a De Los Angeles. Again, the capability do just epoch were looking forward to being a full fledged as we should be, as you mentioned, I think of or the third ranked in the world's in-depth Field Gospel men under nineteen voice and second enrolled in indoor. Box We've won eleven medals of recent time really think improving our our steady further worth looking forward to Gold medalist India looks twenty twenty. Thank you so much Leo I. Don't know which it is I don't know if it's just amazing and incredible or if it's just of course, you are the fact that the national team is so successful I, mean, it is your game. But when you look at the pool of people that you draw from, I mean granted you all were born with sticks in your hands before you could walk but one hundred and twenty thousand people versus three hundred and thirty million people to pull from his every. It really is remarkable just the sheer determination and skill net men and women have when it comes to the game. We literally have just a few hundred jobs players you know playing the game United. States. has hosted five hundred thousand that play and so it's you know it's it is a daunting task but were certainly up to and I think we. Can showcase our talent. We have I believe two or three years the world with while Thompson Ready Stats Cody Jamieson folks like that that you've heard about in the are I know a young our young folks really revered else those guys I'm still of hero worship for shipping is okay you know. We all going to have role models have a good role model that does really a fantastic for our communities and we're really proud of these guys and guys that went before them like David, myself and other who you know we all say role models and we really try to live the correct way of living peace justice and unity and equity in such, and so we're really conscious of what that needs to our communities in these folks like Randy and others are the next generation to take over the leadership role and help continue move this move forward. It is our game in. The part of the support were getting that many many countries recognize it unfortunately, the United States and I think in Canada there's not enough about the true history of Jewish owning or the Oklahoma the native people. Of this country Canada and that's part of our response. We also do really represent the digits communities around the World Amal Race of New Zealand where I met with him the ask about Lacrosse it really enthralled with it. there. To hear about how we have managed to move this game from, you know a few countries now to sixty six, the aboriginal folks in Australia the same way. So I think we're really young indebted to their support, but also standing up for their indigenous rights almost exclusively. Unfortunately, that's going on were much about being inclusive as you can see on our flay. When you get a chance to look at it. There's two bars hang out on both ends with the Mohawks Senecas are, and that's our symbolic. A open arms to other communities join us in our quest to foster peace equity and injustice. So it's a great. Set of principles I think we live behind and we really pleased with how it's going. You know how after Games now, everyone shakes hands after the game show both Professional College High School Elementary School, and it really started with us and when I played back. Box Across the warriors I mean that was I. Think you did when you left when you're about to leave the field play game was over, you should pants. With your opponents and you. Friendship Chad before the game while rekindle our friendship after the shaky everyone's adopted that. So there's a lot more that we. Could teach. Can certainly show other folks on how to conduct themselves in A. Way. When it comes to across the spinoff in life in general ready to anything or I think for me you know like when we talk about not district representing the hundreds of people as a player you know growing up growing up on the. Reservation. Till now I still live here in getting to go to Finland, getting to go to British Columbia, go to Israel and all these different countries in interacting with all these different people. And feeling the support we have to win from not only. The hunting to showing people but other. Indigenous tribes from around the world. For example, when we were NBC last year we went and visited the cat see nation, it's probably like a five hundred people banned you know and they welcomed us with open arms. They Fed us they did a ceremony for us and and we exchanged kind of a spiritual spiritual welcoming bond. and a thank you. You know. So for me as a player, I'm getting goosebumps talking about it because the. I'll never forget as a player and you know. To know that we have outreach more than just our people is incredible to me. You know when we put on that Jersey, it's not just us. It's all these indigenous communities and It's amazing to see and it's an honor to represent. Represent them. Lacrosse is an ancient game for us you know as part of our social cultural and spiritual heritage. We. Use It as a medicine at times in our community. It's somewhat social. in that, you know every summer. a lot of where people gather for games growing up back and remembers. Our Arenas. Being all. Full with with spectators in the community just come together. I was a big game was against Onondaga. Against UVA in the dialogue that goes on. As the game goes on you know I'm playing but at the same time I know other they're sharing very stories updating on I'm Berry's family member so it's always been a very. Integral part of our community Could have these games going on I know this year because the the virus going on, you know we don't have lacrosse in it's really put a lot different Fuel in our community that were lacking a lot of us As as part of our social fabric. So you know I know the underdogs every springtime have medicine game for the game itself and for our people. So it's kind of a an old. Old Game For us but at the same time when we began to your co-nationals back in. The one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three were sanctioned by the grand. Council. To represent. The haudenosaunee, an international across competition You know we really had to think about you know where we're taking this game. And eventually became and I think is nine, hundred, eighty, six, eighty, seven accepted into the Federation of. International across or What it became a now is called world across. So, we were now. Part of the world community playing our game again, even though back in the nineteen, an eighteen eighties were playing against Canada and you'll see throughout history we played against many universities. Native People Senecas playing against Cornell Syracuse Harvard Army. You'll see Iroquois Onondaga Playing against these various college teams whether it's military on communities. So we evolved Full Circle in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six, eighty, seven into international world. With our passports, we had passports going since nineteen, seventy seven when we first went to the United Nations. So it's kind of an extension and logical extension going with what's called call. Now, the nationals nationals being you know we represent the Iroquois people. In, and as a result you know we had to. Have a flag. We had have a national anthem. It has at national anthem played at the first. International game. That I in snow now were participating in. It was quite an hundred to see other nations the United States Canada Australia. England. I'll stand to hear you know. At least in my lifetime for the first time standing up and respecting us as a as a as a nation state just as they we. The ERC white people. So. It was kind of a big honor for us. Now you know we do have hurdles were still continuing these hurdles as we go into the international? World Games, You know we've got a hurdle in front of us that we're trying to. Get by, but eventually you know we would like to make Ted Olympics in thousand twenty, eight which will be held in. LA, which will also be you know. Being from North America is part of our homelands and to have indigenous people Being represented at. The highest level of of sports I think you know we're doing the best we can With support from various people Throughout the world individuals as well as professional leagues as well as. Various countries United States Canada. China Hong Kong. Various countries have sent US letters of support. So we're we're kind of standing in good stead as we move forward. With this and you know where? You know under leadership with. Leo He's He's been doing a. Heck of a job, you know trying to address all these concerns and and. You know as a board member, I fully support. You know what's taking place and going forward representing the. Your confederacy. Thank you so much. Already answered a bunch of questions that I already had lined up and one of my next things was, and maybe you can elaborate on it more roadblocks to the nationals have they had to deal with and overcome to compete on the international stage I. I WanNa know ones that you have overcome in once that you are still dealing with and and why is it that way? I remember when I had a friend who this is a decade or so ago a friend who's a Tusk Aurora and he mentioned to me that he could get a passport and you can and it was just a at the time to me. It was just a totally foreign concept. Yeah. They should. I did I didn't know you you had your own passports and it was just a a unique revelation to me the solidified more of how the hood schone really are an autonomous confederacy. How do you guys raise awareness to people that are just maybe just ignorant just don't understand where you're coming from. That is part of the challenge I think as much lack of education knowledge, appreciation, understanding of our special status not only night states again but around the world and that's part of our our efforts like Some of these guys who said that we attend a world international competition. We typically are asked to come up come a week earlier or stay week extra to do workshops and clinics for youth of that. Particular nation. Where always the I believe. The most biggest fan base following not just the people. But now native folks also, we typically are the first game against the host country I became in every competition we've ended. Our merchandise or a Jersey such as off the shelves typically sell out we have a lot of. Popularity unpopularity. Already, used to these, and we got really take advantage of it. I think holding those clinics with young people in diverse countries really will help us. Get. Out that. Sense of who we are, what we're about sensible across. We've a lot of other think principles that we can follow. Certainly, we've had challenges with our passport. But Rex can talk a little bit about that but we are working on. Fixing that problem. We, we've As you've probably heard of twenty ten. We didn't get to Manchester to play unfortunately and. Again. It was a political issue, the United States Hillary Clinton was secretary of state time. Agreed that you know our passports be welcome. We left the country welcome back but. England still blocked from attending or a lot of different reasons but. We continue overturned overcome those. Issues. Were going to Israel and our team got held up in Toronto I think they're flying out caffeine was played and half was we miss the first play because he wouldn't let us on but with the Political Division that I think we were able to garner. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Joe sign others made those kind of calls for him. And he basically. Made the call to let us. Go usual by Canadian. Border and come back. Over you work on those issues. Is a challenge I mean it's not just us where those issues sometimes with these passports many countries have recognized ours passports as legitimate travel documents. So it's a matter of. A. So working out the. Nuances and details for insuring that we have. The right documents to travel like any other national community has and there's no tweet about it. Like any country we don't want. The furriers people at our communities you. Else does you re conscious of that so far we get visas. Why was folks? No head WHO's coming? into their country. We always. Expected letter welcome from that particular country. We will travel that way. We can then go get the proper documentation if there's additional things like visas and things that we have. Rex might on. Her passport challenges sure you know one of the one of the major challenges that we don't have a bar code you know and as you know, you don't ask for permission to be solved. In. That's just your Saban as you're. So when we issued our passports, we said this is going to be documentation of travel on it. In all. tigger leave it. You know we're not going to change who we are because we've been offered dual citizenship by the US and we said thanks. But no thanks because we know that we're still operating under the treaties that we have, you can't have a treaty with yourself. And also we we stand by. And we still get treaty cloth every year in Oh and we're still operating. We still have the original walkabouts. Still have haven't they're in safe keeping the now under you know at where we We refer to them when necessary one of the challenges that our territory spread out to US In Canada makes it very a little more complicated three entities to agree on the. Terms and conditions that everybody's comfortable with and as you know there are a lot of ongoing. Conversations issues in all that can be quite sensitive. So, we know it. It becomes extremely difficult to navigate and try not to address every issue as we try to. Implement our sovereignty. You know that we hopefully will develop has forward so that we can have healthy discussions and maybe a solve some of these disagreements and disputes. But for the time being we've always been Hoya Innocence European brothers you know came came over here and and There's been a lot of contributions that is taken from us and I think it's you know I always say it's really important today. That, they stop pretending. That, they don't know us. In all this is something that's done out of convenience and on a political agenda, you know even with the World Games, you know these are. If you take the temperature of society, people are really looking for change of diversity of inclusion and starts to right the wrongs that have been done in history, and also that we could get to a healthier place and everyone can prosper in participate in all not just the select few in the fortunate few. You know you could see that there. By illustration of that petition having forty nine thousand signatures is in and there's an it's an it's a wide range of big demographic. There are some lacrosse players Lacrosse community showed up and just fans and just public in general one of the misconceptions that US being such an established part of the world. Community and be Meta waiters they they had no idea that we're still dealing is issue they thought I'll can they still you know having trouble in traveling around the world either winning medals at every at every championship you know We asked the same thing. In all one of the challenges that we have is that as you know, the administration can change every four years. So they can be progress made and you'll have a whole new cabinet come in and you have to start from zero again. It becomes very, very taxing and. Sometimes. You won't have very friendly administration so it wouldn't bring certain issues to the table because it wouldn't be in our interest to do so. And I don't have to go into great detail kind of the situation we're sitting in. Now you know you we wanna make progress and resolve this once and for all because. As you know with with some of the research you've done the tree of peace is a It's a spiritual symbol that we that we operate under which represents the universal laws. That are in control of everything and that we understand intimately and that we respect and that we have intimate knowledge of and we have real context and understanding instructions out operate within the natural world and the Cross believe it or not is one of the ways we do that and just by the woods stick. Our stick makers when they when they go out into into the woods and they they look for a tree to make stick there's a relationship right from right out of the gate where. There are certain characteristics a tree needs to to make the best stick. So the tree kind of offers itself in relationship between the stick maker, the tree where there's a give and take. Is there's an understanding a conversation as stick maker is also planting trees as he thanks for giving his life so that he could be carbon, make these sticks and play the creators game. Now that Hickory in mate from the Hickory that's where the medicine is as we also make our water drum from the hickory from the Hickory tree. So there's a there's a heartbeat to our ceremonies. In Oh this is all encompassing where Now that you have the Hickory tree representing all the things that grow from the earth, and now you have the we've in the web. Of the traditional web there, you have the scene of the deer. Now, the dearest leader of all the animals because he's on every continent. So now you have the animal world represented in the Lacrosse, and then you have the traditional itself and those interlocking loops. Those are the clans that's the family in. Oh, coming together. United interlock interest wind cradling the medicine, which is the ball I said extraordinarily example of encompassing everything in all, and that's how we do most of our and that's how we are values. Nothing is separate. There is no compartmentalizing anything everything's relative and one of the reasons we have plans. As that, we have real kinship with nature. Those are relatives and that was pointed out to us as part of our instruction. We would never clear-cut hickory trees and mass produce them for profit. That's not how our values were. In, oh. That's not how we are and that's one of the fundamental difference between our society and some other societies should know the. The Western world that is very progressive. In their INARA idea progressiveness is a little bit. Lacking in the context of where the human being is in the big picture. 'cause they don't have the instruction that we have you know, and we are given responsibility not authority because of our intellect and the capabilities that our species hats is great responsibility and stewardship seven generation coming. Now, we have this lacrosse stick that we teach our young right away respect and a kinship, and we we have the connection with the natural world. How many how many cultures societies have that were? That's that's fundamental. When you start when you're taught that at such an early age, you understand how important is. You you're probably going to be less likely to make an unhealthy decision to jeopardize that relationship. So these are things that are instilled in us, and that's the game in Oh helps facilitate. And one of the best ways to facilitate instruct subjects of the young. He got to enjoy it. It's fun to play Lacrosse in all and I have this instruction. Ask You got you got this vitality attached to it. It's it's very strong reinforcement. So I guess I I like I understand this I want to be part of, and you know if you talked to any non native across player, they feel the spiritual with spirituality connected to Lacrosse but they don't understand. I've talked to a lot of them because they have the same obsession. It's like a lifestyle it consumes you. And anybody WHO's played Lacrosse. That's what they feel that. They don't understand the relationship between the natural world and it's spiritual connection to the create an all of life. Streets even further Andrew in two thousand sixteen where everybody to the White House to repulsed the chain between the United States in the. Confederacy and We had we had taught there. We had both elected traditional leadership there There was exchange a treaty cloth between US officials and and thus. You walk home with them Norther Group. You don't do this with individual people. You do this with other nation states and that's what they're really represent. That's just how significant. Treat is to our our existence and our our locking arms with united. States government you part of the US government is based upon our way of governing ourselves very democratic. Wait you're the one thing I. Tried My. non-native ties about the fact that wanting that Ben Franklin and the others who were putting this together forgot about was women. Right women in this country native woman has just salary hundred anniversary of the right to vote. We can't even imagine leaving up more than you know half of your population in any wish before from helping governor and helping steer the ship in the right direction but we've always had the reverence for women. Are Who are follow like I. Said we follow her mother's nation and clan. But. A lot of there's a lot of A. Thanks that should be given to us from the United States and other countries. What we've done I think in January net kind of democracy like that. You can really important for all of US staff. Some bad from what rex was saying you know from my standpoint. I get asked you know is the reservation is, is it gated? Is there like trinity? You guys have you guys TV's? In Housing and It's to this happened in the last five years, and that's crazy to me that people are that uneducated on how we live in. It's Kinda like a shock that we're still here. And you know Lacrosse. gives us a vehicle to bring awareness to that and I think. You know. The. Your co-nationals is being on the world stage is the best way to to do that. letting people know I don't know if it's you know ignorance I guess a little bit of it is or uneducated. But I think by us being there and sharing our word like. What rex were just talking about? You know people have to have open open mind to that because a lot of people aren't going to understand what that means you know. Because I think a lot of people are ignorant or ignore the fact that. That doesn't make sense to them the spiritual world or that connection it's not real to them. So I think if people listened a little bit better and had an open mind to to how we live and and what we believe in I, think you know they would walk away with a better understanding of of who we are and what this game actually is for us. Hey Randi Aikido same questions back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy. Crazy. And I used I used to. Do the still right around in covered wagons. Flooring in your house it's nuts. Yeah Andrew Andrew I'd be remiss if I didn't. Touch upon some of the. Know I've been very fortunate to travel around Turtle Island. And Being out in a gym boy country Watching the one stick version of a Lacrosse. or in Muskogee. in seeing this to stick version with Jerky that that creek and other civilized tribes down near. Lacrosse has been across to rely on for many many years and you know the version that we played along sick version eventually became what is commonly see today. Lacrosse is long stick version. Fed Down but universally, across turtle island, there was any double ball. Men and women play dull walk across the island and You know. So when sometimes I get asked to go to two camps and sometimes I'll have the kids. Make a double ball I'll explain to them you know the game a concept and and no, they'll go out and just grab a stick. And tied to balls together could be tennis balls could be in all anything you WANNA put inside of a sock and make. A double ball just to take time and and and see where the roots of the game came from. Thank you so much data that that really a double, my knowledge and actually the a good segue into another question that I had how has the game changed and maybe it hasn't because I know that there's still a traditional way to play versus a modern day. But how is the game changed from pre European contact to now when? People have colonial stent have gotten involved become playing in the rules become much more internationally CODA fide I know that there were rules and everything like that beforehand. But how is it so much different today and I know that there's Ocsta- Cross and outdoor Lacrosse, an indoor lacrosse and We just talk about all the different variations but. What, what is different between now versus a thousand years ago? Well, I think it's a it comes with any kind of anything that evolves evolution materials change. You, know making it. Maybe a little bit easier more convenient to in all things like that will change and you've all any kind of game that you're playing. Is for the better. The worst that's always up for discussion. In All The plastic stick is one of those things where that always comes to compensate because I know an international games they they want to expunge the wooden sticks not understanding its importance. I remember playing what I was playing this kind of dating back with Dave, played it all. You you really had to make your mind up go through the middle of his everybody used the wooden stick. And here's a big difference between would stick and a plastic stick. Let me tell you. So. You earned it. You went in the middle and you got to show you gotta go. You know you went through the middle. So you know I, think. A little bit of that is is part of this discussion but having the convenience of the plastic stick if you break is thank you can have three others just like it. One of the things about a wooden stick is they're all different and they're all personal to you. You get to understand it how it feels and how it balances and how it can connect us a real connection there. There's no other stick like it. There becomes a real relationship between you and the wooden stick. So that's a that's a that's a fundamental difference that happens between the contemporary and more traditional aspects of the. But I think as as time marches on everything kind of revolves it gets. A little a little adjustment to. Whatever whatever it might be the trends in other areas. I mean. When you can play you. Make the field smaller. They make the plainfield less less players participating in our becomes more of a I guess. Organized situation where before you know I played medicine game, there can be as many as one hundred players at once you might never touch the ball. He just wanted up down the feel opened Blake. Now hoping to touch the ball, and if you touch the ball, it doesn't stay in your stick very long you hard way in that's. You know that's part of the COMP as part of the contest and is about. Gifts. We talk about every gifts that the creator. Does about the Lacrosse player in the communities take real real reverence in those gifts that we have special across players or gift they can play the game exceptionally well, because it created was very generous with their abilities and on a given day somebody's gift prevail and they're the they win the game and you celebrate their gifts is because it's a celebratory just because of the spirit and the nature of the game. And I still think you find that in all aspects of wherever the Amos Plate. Yeah, you always WANNA win hope to win. But even if you're just playing a game, you know you could still enjoy the game and you might be in you might not be victorious but I think. You know when you look back if you've ever held one of those sticks there was real engineering to though sticks because they played great distances that ball had to run in the the webbing was a lot longer. So they could throw the ball hundred yards. No problem. Real engineering to that and and as the as things change that could have more control. So there was more passing I guess not as much stickhandling depending on your gifts and as things develop like anything it because like if you look at football out the pads became you know more instrumental or now you actually have a battering ram on your head before not so much. Any of those things those evolutions will will happen as things you know progress in the materials change and you know the I, guess the instant gratification that comes along with progress and. which kind of is there's another thing that we're always trying to navigate and trying to find some balance because I think. That's one of the things that. Is Ferry. To us that there's a huge imbalance between the natural world. And the contemporary world, and we're all wearing masks because of that imbalance that's a that's a as a direct. A direct direct. Consequence of human actions on this earth and not knowing and not having instruction of how they're supposed to interact with the natural world and what happens when there's imbalanced natual will fix it. And is in process right now she's balancing herself and we were extracted. Don't ever challenge those laws then I'll because you will not prevail. We, we've been we've been destructed. There's we have. We have prophecies telling us that this hard times are coming. In and they're not not pleasant and on and the more that you see we look around. Back, when I was a kid I can remember somebody's instruction and they were so the seemed to be such wild prophecies. Wow. That just sounds so far out and and some of them have already come to be when when back when just that's not very long ago. So it kind of gives you an indication of where we are. In the because these are these are hundreds of years old is it structures some thousand as we had three different instructions then all and and it's really Curious to be and where we are in this in this timeline. But you know what are the attributes of having hundreds and hundreds of players on a team when we played back. Thousand years ago is that everyone can contribute To the game every won't contribute to their team. So we don't want weed people out even the slowest player maybe debater he could contribute. SMART Lacrosse with but. You GotTa think about about about that it's really community. It's a community endeavor. Some of us are better than others in certain aspects of the game and some of our veterans, certain aspects of life, and I think that's a real attribute that we don't leave anyone else. Off You, WanNa, come out and try out for our teams. Great. We have other if you don't make the first team, there's other teams you play on, but the contribution everyone can make to this game, both men and women I mean now we have well over probably at least two dozen at least I know of a division one college players right now who players Playing Division One College. In the United States, we have a couple of kids in candidate at McGill University of Toronto. We have women not playing in college level nets opened up the doors for a lot of us like David, myself, and ready to go on to get our college degrees and move on to be a real contributor to our communities in a way that we could. So it's. It's a changing. Atmosphere for all of us now, just for the non native, I feel the need. To the to the to the wooden stick thing you know I, my dad kind of made me. You wouldn't stick up until I was like twelve or thirteen So I've always had I had one one stick for a really long time that was my baby, but you know after that. I. Think the biggest thing he stressed to me was you know get used to this. It's a part. It's kind of a part of me like Rex's talking about and you know he he stressed out on me and then you know I was laughing a little bit because when I when I switched to the plastic, stick him in my uncle, all my uncles played and What are you doing with this tupperware? You know they kinda. Kinda chirpy that a little bit. They, call it tupperware instead of plastic sticks they don't think. Think, it hurts as much as the would does, but you know I find it crazy. Now in the Pro Leagues, they won't let goal these wooden sticks. They won't let players what sticks and I find that kind of a little bit shocking I. Know Some people may use it in the wrong way which you know some people are tend to do Our history but I, think you know there's always a place for for the wooden stick and I. Think it's a powerful thing for us as a with our people I think it's very important. I also think to win REX's talking about. Winning and losing you know some of my my best games were in the backyard with my family you know playing against cousins plan against like my uncle's we three on three or something you know and that's Kinda the best time, and there's no mistakes out there and I think the way we play Lacrosse as Free flowing in kind of mistake free careless a little a little bit at times. And I think that all stems from generation to generation of impasse down to how creative. Individuals are I. Think the last thing I wanted to touch on Dave talked about this earlier it's a community thing and people. Of all ages old young come to our arenas still to this day. And watch US play I play senior Lacrosse for the six nations chiefs and you know I see I see Alzheimer's wheelchairs sick people strong people You know week people all these different kinds of people and and we say it's a medicine game. We're taught to play with a clear mind and that means you know have no negative thoughts and keeping things positive. The game can bring up a lot of emotions frustration, anger happiness joy sadness. You know it has all that stuff and and the thing for me that I see watching like a junior game, you see these old people watching the game and they're excited they're hopping out of their wheelchair you know other swing in their canine around. And that's the medicine right there. You know other things in life might not give them that joy but watching that game or that goal or that play or that hit you know that gives them the joy to make their day or the week, and they can't wait for the next game and then the next game or the next season. So it's Kinda cool to see that happen you know because. If you go to a game on there s you know you see these people screaming yelling and they're invested in the game as it being a part of us and our people I think that allows them to be more emotional in the game for wanting us to win. so I, think it's pretty cool to see. You know the the different emotions that can happen to to to people who don't even play the game. You know they feel sad if there's a loss feel angry if there's a miscall or hit feel happy if there's a goal or it's so cool to see the and it's it's cool that this game has that much power to bring happiness to to our people. Thanks so much Randi to questions put together as or anything else you gentlemen would like to add, and also how can listeners practically peak advocate for the Eric nationals to be recognized more in the international community That's a good question. I, don't think they can do is. is to follow us in and join our. On our twitter feed to stay active and stay a gate it really going to take some real. It's going to be some real change on on the political level. And we just need more support like we have. Now I feel like there's a lot of support that we didn't have at one time. You're always seemed to be standing there pretty much by ourselves is because people were unaware. On we didn't have social media, but now that you could, you can communicate so fast. It really helps to get to get. Issues out there and have everybody weigh in hopefully in a good way to have some change because what we bring to the table as. In all is. Is is peace friendship and healing. That's what that's how we how we conduct ourselves. And this is something that's very valuable and something that the world needs more. And I don't think there's any better ambassadors for the game of Lacrosse and shown. You know. Folks into commute in our communities and other skid. Really show their support by raising their voice. Supporting, our efforts to be in the road. Games. In Two, thousand, twenty, two and the Olympics. It's really important for me were share the concerns you know if it's Faux Pas. Hopefully, very positive statements about us being there. We're trying to conduct yourselves in hurry diplomatic. Respectful. Amicable way to ensure that we are at in Birmingham Alabama at the role games, and in the Olympics we're doing everything we can to ensure that we do all the appropriate protocols and processes that need to ensure that we are there as originators of the game. That alone can. Really. Help across world in general that the expectation is that we will be there for those troops are the future genucel truths as it recognized nation states real sovereign powers over our own entity. Well Thank Andrew, and in his podcast for you know interviewing us and spreading the word. It's very important for that work get out to. Various Communities In everything we do whether we're traveling with the team insurance in others expenses related to you know promoting our sovereignty. Alert are arm expenses that we have to cover it. Certainly, donations are are needed to help us in this struggle. Certainly. The support is is there, but you know financially sometimes we you know it is it is a difficult road. And So donations are certainly welcome in one last no WanNa give her thanks to stick makers that have helped build a game without those thick makers. Way Back. In Historic Times that you know I don't think the game would-be where it's at I know back in my younger day. So it wasn't for stick maker I probably would have been in the game you know. So it was just an important element to our community because a stick makers. I. Think what he's seeing is potential leadership in our youth to move forward often look to stick makers and just think that you know without those without those people I. Know I have traveled his journey is when a gun little shell for the for the stick makers, I just like to say gentlemen. Thank you so much for your ancestors for their contributions that they've made not only through the cross but through so many other contributions. There was one quote I wanted to get in and it's from the the Great Jim Brown who everyone knows, of course played with REX's father. He said I'd rather play Lacrosse six days a week and play football on Sunday and the man is in my opinion, one of the greatest athletes of all time in the NFL Hall of fame and the Lacrosse Hall of fame it just really is remarkable. How far this game has come to spread across the rule than in such a short time, and so I'm just so honored that you all could join today and I hope that this educates thousands and thousands more people on this wonderful sport. So thank you gentlemen I would ask everyone to please check out the Iroquois nationals website. You can also follow them on twitter please look up and please sign their petition and if you've not done so yet please subscribe on whatever podcast platform you used to this podcast and have a great day.

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