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"aphrodisiac natural shop" Discussed on The Unfiltered Real Talk Podcast

"To grow a successful business. My guest is low and she is an accomplished and successful. Small business older in edmonton. Neil has done so much so bear with me as i try to read some of the things. He's accomplished cheese first and foremost very passionate about promoting other enterpreneurs here in our community. She has grown her business from three thousand six two six figures. She's the founder and owner of aphrodisiac natural shop which offers service and products will lock a loose afro. Textured hair she runs. A magazine called mellon mystic magazine which features a new take on images at low karcher lifestyle with particular focus on the block. Experience neal is also a fellow pole caster and co host the black wilty verse fury. Podcast a podcast. That analyzes global current events. Music books aren't and answers questions on natural hair she's also a storyteller and an author and is behind the upcoming africa. India book fair showcasing the work from a variety of black authors. Here in our community. Did they manage to capture the essence of your accomplishments. I hope i did some justice to it nilo now. I was pretty good. All the afro book fair will be in mar that will be a digital presentation. But we'll have another one. Were thinking in july. And that will be in calgary so we just kinda had some conversations about being able to have a physical will welcome to the unfiltered Cast and thank you so much for giving me your time absolutely so i like to give you a chance to just tell us a little bit more about yourself. Your background in y. You're interested introduce competition around women in business in how to grow a successful business. I was born in guyana in south america and was raised in a family of entrepreneurs even from my grandmother making snacks making reams of lotions and so send all of the things that i do now as well that got handed down to my father who also and i. I grew up with him many years. Just doing different things. He had an art gallery. He also had a restaurant here in edmonton a caribbean restaurants. Oh yeah so. When i had graduated university and was kind of were king. I was in new york at the time and i was working for grant associates. Who held the contract for the bloomberg administration. Just really kind of corporate. So you've always been in business like in the blood like you've just hot back into her neutral spirit. I guess i think so. In a sense. I saw a lot with my daughter as well. 'cause i guess she wrote team me do those things but adds up about ten years ago mostly in business. I was helping small business owners on behalf of at the time of the city of new york. How did you. I guess you've told us a bit about how you were inspired by your dad and your grandmother. Did you know that you target your business for black people. Black experience No i don't think so. I think i always knew that. I would be in business for myself somehow. Did i really know what that was. So it takes a little bit further to utilize circle and figure out exactly.

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