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"apex chemical corporation" Discussed on Steeven Orr Else

"Is how the first appearance of Batman Opens. I'm looking at detective comics. Issue Number Twenty seven from May of nineteen thirty nine by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. This is a six page story and at the top. The title of the the comic says the Batman. And it gives you that little description now. The first big change between the Batman of then in the Batman of now is that the way his name is listed. It says the Batman but Batman has bat Dash M. A. N. And every time they use the name Batman they say the Batman and then Batman is in quotes. I don't know when they decided to squish the letters together and just call him Batman. Which really when you think about it as kind of a silly name. But recently I realised just like I had with Superman I had never read Batmans first appearance and unlike superman. This is not an origin story the first Batman Tale. He has already established as the Batman. But for those reading this story for the very first time all six pages of it. They don't know who Batman is. They don't know his secret identity. Of course we we know now right. I mean I'm not spoiling anything. By letting you know that. It's Bruce Wayne. But the Bruce Wayne in this first story is actually quite funny. Because we open at the home of Commissioner Gordon and the book says the home of Commissioner Gordon. Who at the moment is entertaining? His young socialite friend Bruce Wayne so their friends. It's kind of a weird friendship. I think just right off the bat there. In Gordon's Home Gordon is sitting at his desk. Batman is sitting at the well Batman. Sorry sorry everybody. Bruce Wayne is sitting at the On the other side of the desk and he's smoking a pipe and he's just he's just very he just seems bored. He just seems bored with life. Gordon gets a phone call and finds out that Lambert the chemical king has been stabbed to death and his sons fingerprints are all over the knife. So of course Gordon has to go check it out. The he has to oversee the crime scene but he invites his young friend. Bruce Wayne to tag along and Bruce Wayne says oh well nothing else to do. Might as well because he's just bored. He's bored with life. Now when they arrive at Lambert's mansion Bruce Wayne. He is just at Gordon inside the entire time. Gordon is walking the crime scene. He's talking to the cops. They're they're filling them in on what's going on. They point out Lambert son who who is a grown man? He goes to talk to Lambert son the whole time. Bruce is just right there right next to him he might as well be writing. Gordon's back because he's not just standing next to him. It's like he's he's at his right shoulder at all times. He's like A. I don't know he's like a hanger on but he's just he's just bored smoking his pipe just to Well Young Lambert tells the story that he had come home. He was walking by the library and he heard a groaning from within and he goes any finds his dad on the ground. He's been stabbed he's groaning. He notices that his dad's safe is open and he falls to the ground and he picks his dad up and father. No and his DAD SAYS CONTRACT CONTRACT. Oh and then he dies so asking the normal questions. Of course Gordon asks him if his father had any enemies he believes that Young Lambert did not kill his father but did he have any enemies and he tells them that he had three former business partners. Steve Crane Paul. Rogers and Alfred Stryker. Will at that very moment. One of the police officers is on the phone. And he says Commissioner Gordon. I have Steve Crane on the phone. He's called to speak with Old Lambert but when I told him that Old Lambert because they call him Old Lambert Versus Young Lambert but when I told him that Lambert was murdered he got very excited and he asked to speak with you so he gets on. Gordon gets on the phone with Steve Crane. Crane tells him that yesterday. Lambert had told him that he had received an anonymous threat upon his life and now the same thing has happened to him. Steve Crane so Gordon tells them hang on. Steve Crane we're on the way Bruce Decides at this point not to go with them over to crane's house and in fact as he's standing there tapping out his pipe on his palm tapping pipe ash all over. Lambert's carpets. And you know probably the crime scene too. I might add. He says Ho home all leave you to finish your work. I'm going home. Because he's a bored socialite while we go straight from that panel to the next panel where we see crane sitting in a chair and there's a man standing there pointing a gun at him. He shoots crane kills them. Opens up the safe steals a paper and leaps out the window. All this happens in two panels. He climbs up to the roof of the mansion. Where he meets up with a partner then they're both like ha ha we did it. We've got the paper but then suddenly the Batman is there and they turn around and they say vote back man and so they fight and Batman beats him up and he takes the paper and then Gordon arrives down the street below. He arrives at the mansion and the Butler tells them Gosh Mr Crane. He has been killed. And then we go straight back to Batman or the Batman. And he's in his very ordinary looking car and he's reading the paper that he had taken from the murderer who had taken it from cranes safe. And he's reading it and he smiles. Then we see one of the other partners Rogers. He goes to visit the fourth partner. The only two partners that are left alive. He goes to visit striker. But instead of seeing striker at Stryker's house striker striker striker striker that was from airplane. I don't know if you're aware that but instead of striker answering the door his man jennings is there and Jennings invites him inside wax. Rogers over the head carries them down to the basement lab ties him up and places him under this big open glass cylinder like a dome like a big glass Dome and he tells them ha ha. This is the gas chamber as soon as this glass. Lid Lowers over you. The gas will stream out of the jet thing at the top and you will die and he pushes some levers and whatnot and he says I'm going downstairs because apparently there's a sub basement. I'm going downstairs to turn on the gas and so the Glass. Dome thing starts to lower and then suddenly Batman is there and with the speed of prowling cat Prowling cats aren't really all that fast With the speed of pouncing Cheetah he grabs a wrench off of the table and leaps under the glass. Dome with Rogers and has the Dome encloses them. It meets the ground and covers them. He takes a handkerchief not a bat handkerchief. They don't call it a bat handkerchief but he takes a handkerchief and he shoves it up into the tubing the jet thing where the gas is gonNA come out. And then he smashes the dome with his wrench freeing Rogers. And that's when Jenny comes in and he's like why are you? And they fight Batman Takes Jennings out and at that point. Striker comes in now. Batman is kind of on the floor behind some equipment subduing jennings so striker. See Him and he comes in and he says oh so jennings didn't take you out Well then I'll have to finish you. He pulls out a knife. I'll finish you and then throw your body and the acid take below. Really dark striker. That's really dark. But of course Batman leaves out from behind the equipment and they fight and Batman subdues him. He's like holding striker there by his collar. He just holding him. And Rogers is he's befuddled. I don't understand. Why would he do this? The Batman and Batman spells it all out for him. Rogers Lambert Crane. Striker were once partners in the Apex Chemical Corporation striker. One at all of it. He didn't WANNA share the wealth. He wanted the whole thing but he didn't have the cash to buy it all up from the other three so he made these secret contracts to pay them a installments every year until he owned everything but he didn't wait that long so he hired someone to kill the three of them steal the contracts which as I said Batman points out they are secret that is important because nobody else knew of these contracts so if they so if he steals them and burns them the no one will know that he was trying to wrest control of this corporation away from them and at that point that striker breaks free and he pulls a gun and he shoots Batman but he misses because Batman socks in the jaw. And that's when striker reeling from the mighty blow falls into the tank of acid batmans response a fitting end for his kind. That's.

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