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"antonio giovinazzi" Discussed on Motor Sport Magazine Podcast

"But I guess it taught me to be more resilient and taught me to work hard and look at things from a different angle in a different perspective because you're not always going to be in a scenario that you've got the opportunity to win. And I guess that also helped when I joined Williams, these two years of experience when I didn't win, helped me to accept the struggles of 2019 because I knew it's just a phase and I knew that those years wouldn't define me negatively if anything. They will mold me into a better driver. You responded well at Williams to that sort of situation. But in 2013, when you're much younger, did you respond well then? I'd say in 2013 with barrel I responded fine but potentially with a bit of arrogance that I would blame in the equipment. Which then hindered me when I got into F three with Carlin because I then 2014 I moved to formula four, I won formula four did some form of runner races European Championship one to race there. So the winning ways were back. And then I went to Carlin in formula three, one of the very first round of a field of 35 cars. And then I was off to pace. And I was blaming the equipment rather than looking at myself. So they were two quite different seasons. And I guess, in a way, because I knew in 2013, the equipment wasn't the best. I was quite at ease because I was outperforming my teammates quite drastically and then I guess also equally at Williams in 2019. I knew that we didn't have a car that was even close to being able to score points. So maybe one way I could have been a one tenth behind my optimal. You don't really recognize that. You don't really know that. But when you're really in the thick of it and fighting for it. And that one tenth of missing. That's where it becomes really difficult. And that was me to be honest during the 2015 F three season. I was teammates with Antonio giovinazzi, who was in his third year of former three. He was one of the favorites to win the championship. And for the first half of the year, I was a tenth and a half, two times behind. And I just did not understand why. And that naivety of saying must be car car car as opposed to what can I do to improve to maybe I haven't gone slower as a driver, but I needed to work harder to get more out of the car and my team and the end of the day you are one big package together. And that's where that was probably the killer year for me. That really helped me be years after. You mentioned 15. It was an incredible failed looking at it. I've got the list here. So Felix, Rosenthal won the title from Antonio from your teammate. You're talking like you really, really didn't perform well at all. But then it was in terms of rookies. Charles was fourth, lancet, you self sick, and Alex was 7th. So, I mean, that's a pretty strong field and strong set of results for everyone in that top 7. Did you know the talent around you at that point were you looking at these guys and going these are people I could end up if I can reach F one soaking these guys. You can say no, if not, I think you don't even recognize it during your younger days because, for example, with Charles or even max and ocon, you're racing these guys for all of your carton days. That was just for level. So we knew nothing else. This was just the level. And if you wanted to win, you had to beat these guys. As you went through the ranks, that just felt like that was the level. I guess it's only now, we are in Formula One. We look back. That was quite a grid drive as we were racing against and how we're obviously performing in Formula One today. So, but again, I think even for a number of us, it was tough because we went into a field, I think Felix Rodriguez was in his 5th or 6th season of formula three, Antonio was in his third season of Jay Dennis was there also in his third season. He's a guy who's had so much experience. We were young kids coming in. And we weren't with the top team who was prema were the team to be with. If you're in a primer, you got a good chance of winning. And so I think that was tricky for all of us and if anything, we probably performed worse throughout the mid part of the season because we weren't used to not being able to win every single week. And because we as human kids and trying to understand how to deal with this difficulty for us, they actually hold us back for quite a bit whereas if I went in with a mentality saying right. I am going up against guys who have been here for 6 years, 5 years, four years, who are probably in slightly superior cost to us. Driven actually for me was the man to beat that year for me. He was the best driver of the season, but I don't believe the Carlin car was anywhere close to the performance of the prema car. So I'm going up against the guy who was at the top of his game in a formula.

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