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Sherpa woman climbs Everest for 10th time, breaks own record

AP News Radio

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Sherpa woman climbs Everest for 10th time, breaks own record

"Hundreds hundreds hundreds hundreds of of of of climbers climbers climbers climbers who who who who scaled scaled scaled scaled Mount Mount Mount Mount Everest Everest Everest Everest over over over over the the the the past past past past few few few few days days days days are are are are taking taking taking taking advantage advantage advantage advantage of of of of favorable favorable favorable favorable weather weather weather weather conditions conditions conditions conditions to to to to return return return return safely safely safely safely down down down down the the the the mountain mountain mountain mountain British British British British climber climber climber climber Kenton Kenton Kenton Kenton cool cool cool cool scaled scaled scaled scaled Everest Everest Everest Everest for for for for the the the the sixteenth sixteenth sixteenth sixteenth time time time time setting setting setting setting the the the the record record record record for for for for the the the the most most most most Everest Everest Everest Everest summits summits summits summits by by by by a a a a non non non non Nepalese Nepalese Nepalese Nepalese climber climber climber climber Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Antonino Antonino Antonino Antonino samba samba samba samba Lobo Lobo Lobo Lobo hopes hopes hopes hopes the the the the message message message message from from from from her her her her climb climb climb climb is is is is to to to to be be be be aware aware aware aware that that that that in in in in Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine we we we we have have have have still still still still war war war war and and and and the the the the Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian people people people people are are are are still still still still fighting fighting fighting fighting for for for for their their their their freedom freedom freedom freedom of of of of for for for for their their their their future future future future and and and and we we we we need need need need help help help help from from from from all all all all the the the the sides sides sides sides are are are are sharper sharper sharper sharper from from from from Nepal Nepal Nepal Nepal who who who who now now now now lives lives lives lives in in in in the the the the U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. broke broke broke broke her her her her own own own own record record record record reaching reaching reaching reaching the the the the twenty twenty twenty twenty nine nine nine nine thousand thousand thousand thousand foot foot foot foot summit summit summit summit for for for for the the the the tenth tenth tenth tenth time time time time the the the the most most most most times times times times any any any any woman woman woman woman has has has has climbed climbed climbed climbed Mount Mount Mount Mount Everest Everest Everest Everest lock lock lock lock by by by by sherpa sherpa sherpa sherpa has has has has sights sights sights sights on on on on the the the the second second second second highest highest highest highest peak peak peak peak maybe maybe maybe maybe get get get get you you you you are are are are that that that that is is is is due due due due to to to to seasonal seasonal seasonal seasonal very very very very coming coming coming coming soon soon soon soon K. K. K. K. two two two two is is is is in in in in Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan I'm I'm I'm I'm at at at at Donahue Donahue Donahue Donahue

Mount Mount Mount Mount Ukraine Kenton Kenton Kenton Kenton Everest Everest Everest Everes Antonino Antonino Antonino Ant Lobo Lobo Lobo Lobo Nepal U. U. Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa K. K. K. K. Pakistan Donahue Donahue
"antonino  " Discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

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"antonino " Discussed on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

"To answer your question, this whole idea around exploration and having this natural curiosity is almost like a child. It gets trained out of you when you start to have these calluses in your body and your mind. And that's exhibited by failures, pain, friendships, relationships, financial loss, what it might be. And then it stops becoming fun and it starts becoming much more about work. And that's okay, but I think that there's something really unique around seeing someone who's 40, 50, 6 years old, that almost is childlike in their exploration around play. Just like someone who, I don't know, when you look, for example, when you looked at Ronnie Coleman and he's like yelling in the gym, he's like laughing, that's like a sense of play. This man's about to move 800 pounds on a back squat and he's like kind of like having fun with this. Warren Buffett, he knew the care about the money. He's all about playing the game. He's having a playful experience with his investing, right? So I think that there's this resurgence around, yes, you have to embody the work because it is a shortcut. And by the way, the lowest hanging fruit for anyone to accomplish something is just by doing the work because everyone is distracted. And so if by you to eliminate the BS out of your life and focus on what's really necessary and required, you're like light years ahead of most people. Immediately, that's from a competitive advantage point of view. That happens to be the standard now that you can surpass very easy. And so you combine that with this play of, I'm doing the work, but I'm also exploring in a way that's naturally curious. I think that's like a very powerful outcome. And it also, I think, helps with learning. Because you're starting to explore things that you find are fascinating. Okay, so in all of this, it's such a profound change. I'm curious, when did you stop hating your dad? I stopped I stopped hating my dad. I think probably when I was like 16. Okay, so still in the thick of the heart core shit. But something switches in your mind? Yeah. And I think that it was replaced with sport. Was it a realization that, oh, wow. He's really helped me become world class because by that point, you were a phenom. I was already winning. I was number one in the U.S., yeah. It was more of like my father also started to back off, the more I progressed through sport. He was still there, but he just kind of let me do my thing. Was he still dropping haikus? Oh, absolutely. All of the time. My father, even to this day, even like a couple of days ago, just the way that he communicates with me, right? Whether it's about just life in general, about travel about being grateful. About telling me and reminding me how most of the world lives. He's very in tune with that. Because I've had success. I've seen amazing experiences and experience things. I think I've just been like astronomical. And he always brings it back to center. He's like, don't forget, effectively the human experience for most people. And this is what's still important. So as you chase and you chase and you chase, don't forget to recenter and bring it back. And so my dad he's a beautiful soul. And I wish that he would write a book because I think it's really interesting how he views the world, his experiences throughout life of having to survive, having me at a very young age and deciding to take full custody and not knowing what to do. And if there's any listeners who are single parents, I'm sure it's hard, really hard. And there's times when you probably feel like you're just not going to make it and figure out. And my dad had those same exact conversations. And there's this picture that he sent me. I'll send this to you after we're done. He emailed this picture to me. And it's a picture of him sitting on a couch like this. And a picture of me as a baby. I'm like holding onto his pant legs. And he's like looking at me, literally just like this. And you can almost think in his head. He's thinking like, what am I going to do with this kid? I don't know how to raise you. And he writes this to me in the text. He's like, Yuki says, I don't know how I'm going to raise you. And it says oh, that's what he calls me AO, Paul antonino. AO says, don't worry, dad, I will raise you. And that was a super interesting. So I'm deeply grateful for those experiences. I'm deeply grateful to have experienced some of that hardship and that psychological trauma that was sometimes self inflicted. Maybe because I needed someone to compete against and maybe the teammates weren't there, so I needed to have it internally, whatever that might be. And even more grateful to be able to share that stuff with people today because I know that people are in pain. I know that they want more from life, and they deserve to experience it in the maximum way possible. And one of my partners has 86 86,400 tattooed on his on his left forum. And it's 86,400 seconds in a day. Got it. And I always wondered because when I first met this individual, I saw so many similarities in him that I saw 20 years ago in my younger self. This is like obsessiveness around maximizing every minute of the day. And I realized that he is doing this. He has a family. He has a huge business. It's very widely successful. Like he just operates at a different level. And so I was drawn into this idea around.

Ronnie Coleman Warren Buffett Paul antonino U.S. Yuki
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"Cake parole koby donning a union. No no no no no activity get the the it by jesse more. Get more super consol. Inter data motoric gotta mariah cynical blessed. The inacio she'll sue better under through paul e guandong at the annual democracy in seattle. More sunk camera. We out date you damn pencil ourselves solo. You can into hollow popular photo diary torah so to is inaudible dot e antonino. Gazette dos looney emergency. What that pedro solely landau the save yucky. Mostly you're not the word own gotten. Must young gal capacity you body gone gap persona case own a defendant through a basset hound. Rick areso emotional whether gear knob la dilara sony liebau aloe aloe they'll arizona poor lackey izzo lobby. This we'll do orlando the me. How lamastra center failing trial a win knowing where one of the bric-a-brac yoga regi. Gary marcy negoti. Not that the see no matter. What am i guess. China's hogan's who medical lanyo hustle el segundo formula show on the new in town. That cerro get. John got the woman fell to a gigi Who burien seconds. Who are well. E yes anchor gaga the data model. Unita your own got mental k. A. are going to moyle dismay as he get academy didn't aaliyah bhagwat because we lost cake. One more i guess. Number valenti komo by yasser llano seen all the pioneer in our community about one own. All project own travel at noble a mutually all knowing in locate separate. Look hectic que. Get of it. Was your effect agreed. Ghana better yoga. Okay cuando la cosa get your guy you know payroll geico khorasani. In hong kong so amplifiers see ula this religion guy every hotel enter the lasala me as well a but item on the air but a lot of mutual lingerie center for the comatose on something. They went over record in an essay on thin or in a hundred years. E ban therapy ki lag. The economist amir like three coordinator solo. Some wreck thought asana complement yellow. The in in this year helena. Orrick 'em datino quality senior book and a militia scenic. Am i. i'm jim. Accra has quarter nelson. You if any television a boy but the literary la acting a of some basic. Seo cottam logo multiple up at the end Lessee navy will bow holdall elfi sheep and diva dna Roberto the praemium. He's officially button. The i'm blue a console but montana allah. But if you media analysts and you'll be taught her owners daughter. Paula alexia e on the only that lindsey rally.

inacio antonino Rick areso lamastra center Gary marcy negoti koby aaliyah bhagwat valenti komo yasser llano mariah landau jesse pedro el segundo moyle seattle hogan paul orlando sony
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"antonino " Discussed on Therapist Uncensored Podcast

"We dismiss them to begin with which is why we're like that is so stupid. What needy gross blah. The truth is that if we can get ourselves with william weighed in begin to get a little not know everything a little Feeler our dependency feel our need for other people and tolerate it tolerate. There were not confident in everything which keeps us blocked from our vulnerability exactly so typically will go from blue to red to green. And we don't go from blue to green typically so those of you that again are identifying with any of this or that. You're in a relationship or have child or parent or whoever that you're seeing them in this part of whites so threatening to move is because we don't have the practice inside our bodies of regulating emotion and our little amid global freak out. You don't even have the practice of feeling them so yeah right. That's right so that's why we think feel as bad and that's also why would then mara rejecting when people are needy we end up repeating the same pattern because we've had to bypass it in ourselves. Which is one reason why when you said earlier that you're gonna ira roll. It's one reason for the role of the critical -ness of individuals. You might experience the because it's bringing up either you're seeing vulnerability and other people and on my god. Why are you doing that or it's activating something in you in so that is. Why do we need to do this. So it's a dismissive reaction to the other person but it's an order to avoid whatever feeling is actually coming up in you. That's right if you're actually in the green and somebody's trying to approach into personally it's less threatening and so if you're in a relationship with someone that is blue you often will feel just like an saying that you might get the iro or you might feel sillier stupid for your emotional needs. But i want to tell you you're not and the person who you're trying to reach needs you to keep trying and maybe to learn that artists abduction. You don't wanna yell at them like conduct jarring because in a what we call auto regulatory state which basically means they're taking care of themselves are not in a interpersonal state and all of a sudden poked. It's very verse so instead it's like you wanna maybe walk into the room and touch them and be like talk to. You is going to be ready soon. Do you think you'll be ready to wrap up on that computer. Their you learn the art of seduction. You don't give up but you also don't know that normal interpersonal relating might feel like an invasion. That's so important antonino to recognize that that feeling of invasion isn't about. You isn't about you being too much because it's really easy especially if you're in a romantic relationship with somebody being dismissive towards you to think that you aren't worthy are that they don't want you rather than recognizing that their system and love how you just put it. Sou- is so auto regulated so independent that somebody coming into that system actually throws the system off so it may engage in a negative. Get for me because their whole system. Just got overwhelmed. Yeah this kind of jarring and what health looks like and what the green looks like in the center. That's right we want to keep always moving towards that. That's what this whole point is is that you're able to be alone and independent perfectly well but you're also able to flexibly roll into an inch. Mormon interpersonal connected realm. And then when that you know when there's a parting or separation your them back to being okay in in an independent way..

mara william antonino
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Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

02:12 min | 11 months ago

"antonino " Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"The only thing bigger than my lashes is my heart jordan from west virginia with a question for antony plantini hyandi fish. I had to give a shot up from west. virginia. I heard anthony suspend time there. He grew up. There lived there years. Oh okay my question is how is koroma doing after his break up with his fiancee and have you tried to set up him on any dates yet. He has been open about this and public. So i can talk about it. He's dating somebody new. Oh you're kidding me. Wow miss my chance again. Thanks veterans jessica. Antonino that being on this show with another guest is like embarking on a thirty minute marriage. Where i get to be the third time runs out. I want to see just how compatible these two are with one to agree or disagree. I'm gonna pose some romantic questions and count one to agree or disagree. You will hold up your sides at the same time to see if your answers match. Here we go. You should never go to bed. Angry one to agree or disagree. You believe in going to bed when i need my sleep not be sold quickly. Love it. okay. It doesn't matter how comfortable you are with your partner. Never go number two in front of them very having each other's phone passwords is key one to agree or disagree. Yeah now. I know that it's possible successful relationship even if you have completely diametrical political views. One to agree or disagree are matching. Today's climate if you get upgraded. I had this issue and it didn't work out. Though if you get upgraded.

antony plantini koroma Antonino west virginia jordan anthony virginia jessica
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"antonino " Discussed on John Bartolo Show

"Magni i gotta zero gun. You just engaged steep a. That's a nice steep bay. Nice card dude. I gotta listen. I got a name from your past. I got a song you dog. You wanna down. You wanna react that song. Dong straight from the cody statement. Hitlist so i had a. I had a shirt. Good fight by the way that that said Staying young i sold shirts said stamen hashtag beat and like my little sister and i was like you guys should not be long shirts. Would you get up there being quiet just taking a peek. you being awesome nice packaging. Some nice i know these are nice. Can we talk a minute about these. If you haven't checked out the afc playing cards or whatever these are the what are they collectible. Autographs mottos are super nine. These are like the nice curve. Seen danny gay. But it's a shitty card. It's all beat up. It's gonna go on the ship pile. Valentina shevchenko on tina. Did i got it. I balance the makhmud murrah dove dan hooker kron gracie at the rob fonts. You're gonna rob flon. That's a good one date. Nicholson steep music. whatever. I can't say it's back deepest and this pack. I got a francis another francis and it's a it's a special one. He's he's fireworks so steep is fireworks. Got a cpa and fireworks with the belt at the belt. Yeah very many. Got the best pack here. And then i also got a Gunnar nelson got to know them. All back to frankie throwback baseball cards when your kids or near this nice. I've never seen cards. Nice nicest cards i've ever seen guys to anybody. That's out there Maybe we'll get a sean o'malley insert here. We can get it signed here. Take these last tax. So i can. I can narrate while you open air. I'll sign. I got like fifteen packs at the st pay fireworks. That's gotta be. I'm not moving fast. Ooh i gotta get here. I got a michelle waterson karate. Michael gimme that michael the man. Oh you gotta kiss got him like going to see that Donald surani. I gonna have cowboys on each yawn. Colby covington did. This is a good pack. That's a good pack. He's are gorgeous cards so finding antonia we have not found. Claudia if we keep our eyes for claudia or an antonino would be good. yeah angelo. Keep your eyes peeled. I got four more boxes coming. I gotta send. Who's just our little sampler. And then we have our hands full here. This is the coolest card. I've seen yet what cameroon loose mind. Yeah come on now. The roy wants an anthony because she flies. He's interested but that in his plane he can stare a canon near. You're gonna dust emporer and raquel pennington dominick cruz. I'll i'll see a green one. It's a green. Brian ortega evergreen wheelies. Hang god these are just so well done. I literally feel guilty touching these..

Magni danny gay Valentina shevchenko makhmud murrah dan hooker kron gracie rob flon Gunnar nelson francis Dong afc michelle waterson Michael gimme Nicholson Donald surani tina Colby covington frankie antonino baseball antonia
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"antonino " Discussed on Italian Wine Podcast

"And they've got several hundred people thoroughly trained and i've said in a bunch of the classes and i can tell you i would not pass and i know a lot about one so these people are very very educated and throughout the world everything from russia to china to the united states. East coast west coast all over the world. Are you guys integrating with the in italy international academy. I know you worked together. I know on italy and also on some of the other programs. What about the know academy. We have been conducting joint activity in the us market and out of the us so in the future. Of course we are going to continue this kind of activity. But as i mentioned we are there. You know standing by position because we are not in a condition to make investment that are going to be affected negatively affected by the fact that the people can travel people cannot move the people that cannot gather together as soon as we are going to to have the confirmation by the authorities data we can go back to the physical activity. We have plenty of projects that are going to stop. We like the olympic athletes. You know ready to start then. If the olympic is going to start we are going to be ready. This is the kind of situation where we are now. Okay let's you're from the government. So i think at an appropriate subject to talk about his taxes and the us government has just relaxed taxes on european countries. Italy was not a target of this Related to the airbus dispute but it. It hammered the french producers. Spanish producers and french exports to the us are declining. I think is significantly in italy. Has benefited from that. You have any comments on on the whole tariff issue. Well you don't. It's i don't want to talk about you know reasons and the any kind of this Political matter what. I can say that was affected. Also for the spirits sector will wine was not affected by the spits affected and this was a sector that where we have been investing considerably in the in the past because once again is a matter of cultural our idea was to to promote speed. It says Linked to the moment of we call the editor evil. This election moment. They need that lead that we think once again is going to offer the people the chance of not using simply a product that industrial province. But what's product the at absorbing some kind of culture. The cultural updated boys relaxing moment. That people have inserted in the afternoon or whatever is possible to do this kind of thing so the spirits affected and we have now try to conduct some activity to push the spaded segue. I think one that has benefited most is apple and the admiral spritz i mean one of the pleasures in my life sitting in the bra in verona having an apple spreads looking at the roman coliseum. I mean doesn't get more italian than that media. Creations you know that are many other interpretations so it is what is important for us is the fact that is not only a matter of spirits is what is coming with a spit. It is this this moment this this fraction of the life of the dental lifestyle. That the people now absorbing so you see more and more even in manhattan in many of the seats is that the people when they have thrown the something in the afternoon is just the sprints ended can be done with different kinds of spirits but this is very important so this means dot the affected in terms of wine. We went affecting themselves spits..

china russia manhattan united states olympic verona italy olympic athletes italian roman coliseum hundred people international academy Italy french coast Spanish one european
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"antonino " Discussed on Italian Wine Podcast

"Because this is the those are the partners that we are. You have used in the past we gotta using probably more more in the future particularly the social media because this is the way we can make people aware of what is happening in italy. I don't call it a revolution but definitely there is a change in the past that would only possibilities for a limited number of companies limited numbers of wines. Today we have one hundreds. We are now working for a partnership with a digital player and we know that they've already dealing with a more than one thousand of different labels. Maybe six hundred companies. What we intend to do is to add more companies from italy to this huge already huge offered. That is coming from italy. But i would like to say that. There are different kinds of projects that are intended for different kind of talk in the market and also objectives in themselves sales and promotion. I just mentioned the project. Sue that gives the as the chance to give companies that are emerging from the southern part of italy notorious for winds but for other sectors does the one for wine is a very important programs because we are going to facilitate the contact between this emerging companies and You as traders. We are going to work in order to make for the traders in the us possible to know more about some of the winds that you mentioned than some other ones that are not even been able to be known by the note even by the specialist so the future is in front of us and we are going to work on different levels with power lines but i insist more and more that would be information. They will be education. That would be promotion. There would be more partnership with a re organize her tail players important. And we're going to focus more on partnerships with companies that develop in the offline online business. Because we know that this is another of the strong point of the future ecommerce. You're talking ecommerce exactly ended up dead on companies that are specialized only ecommerce and digital trade but also there are players that they play with the two different lines of business. And this is this is okay for us because they will give us the chance to make demonstrations and wine tasting the physical place but at the same time they can take care of the sales on the digital channel so it's a a multichannel promotion system that is going to take advantage of basically what of this important growth of the digital trade in the us that in the past was limited only for somma small items of consumption daily consumption today the digital trade as been able to cover multiple sectors and food and wines becoming a very potent sectors in the digital trait so further to the point about leveraging assets. I think one of the most important ones is the vinitaly. International academy which stephen campbell is the publisher of this podcast and also the publisher of my book has initiated..

italy six hundred companies stephen campbell Today two different lines Sue one hundreds more than one thousand today International academy labels one
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"Dave Davies in today for Terry Gross. We're speaking with Russell short of who's written several books of narrative history. His latest is a memoir, focusing on his grandfather, who was an organized crime boss in the industrial city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In the 19 forties, fifties and sixties. The book is called small Time, a story of my family and the mob. You, um You trace the story back to your ancestors and Sicily, where Your grandfather's father, right? Your great grandfather was born in and immigrated to the United United States in 1901 Tell us just a bit about his story. Yeah, I really felt as I went into this that this is just the American immigrant story is just one variation of it. So you got all these waves of Italians coming southern Italians coming at that era. And I found I went to the village in Sicily that my great grand parents were from and actually found the house that my great grandfather was born in. He immigrates. First he gets a job working in a coal mine and punks attorney Pennsylvania Then he sends for his girlfriend. She comes over and she then eventually becomes my great grandmother. They move and at the time his name is Antonio Shell toe A C E O T T O And when they make the move from punks, attorney to John's Town, there's a name change, so they're no longer Antonino and Anna Maria. They become Tony and Mary Shorto. So you see them sort of Americanizing or trying to, but he's still working in the coal mines, and that generation remains immigrants. They mainly speak Italian or Cecily in that that's who they associate with. And it's really then their Children who are truly Americans. But still in this kind of limited discriminated against way yet tell us just a little bit about me. This is interesting is I think people think of immigrants coming over and You know, going through Ellis Island and then populating New York. A lot of them ended up in other places, including in these industrial areas in Pennsylvania. What kind of life did they have in the coal mines or the steel bills? Yeah, the second at New York and Pennsylvania are number one and number two in the migration of Italians to America, and it was mostly not to the city because it was mostly coal mines that were bringing them and they were on the outskirts and they were in places like outside of John's Town. And they lived first in mining towns where you had to shop at the company store and your movements were restricted and slowly. Then they moved into the neighborhood. You know, very ethnic. Neighborhood of John's town, and they had a very rough life. Their grandchildren who are now in their eighties would tell me about, you know. The house had rats and cockroaches, and they kept a pig under the front porch and and the pig got so big that they remembered they had to tear down the porch to get to pick out and they kept up goat in the basement, and then my great grandfather died. And she the great My great grandmother had to raise nine kids on her own, and she would go forage for for dandelions and mushrooms. And when they had meat to eat, they would eat everything. They said they would eat the lungs. They would eat the brains they would eat. So it was, you know that And that's what I mean. This is kind of, I think. In a way, a standard American immigrant story of that generation and that kind of hardship. That was your great grandmother kind of trying to manage with nine kids. What kind of discrimination did they face as Italians? Italians. You know, it's southern Italians. There was a distinction Southern Italians because they came in such waves. They were considered quasi black. So to speak, and people the Migration. This huge influx of southern Italians is what largely brought about the return of the clan, the KKK, which of course come about after the civil war, and then died out. But they came back with a vengeance to defend American values against especially Catholics, and especially these kind of darks skinned, swore the immigrants who were Threatening the American way of life, which meant this Protestant way of life, so they experienced real hardship and real discrimination. For example, the steel mill was the big employer in Johnstown. Blacks and Italians couldn't work there except in, you know, certain, very low level, dangerous jobs unless there was a strike, and then they were in his as the scabs. So your grandfather grows up really poor, one of nine Children of this immigrant woman. When Prohibition comes, your great grandmother actually keeps a still in the basement and your great grandfather carries bottles of this stuff around and coke bottles full of the hooch. How did he get embarked upon this life of gambling and guard sharking and all this? His story really tracks the rise of the mob in the country. It grows out of Prohibition. This was You know, these were people discriminated against. They didn't have access to the mainstream. So they sort of created their own system. And when Prohibition happened here was an opportunity. There was Demand everywhere for product and the legal what had been. The legal makers of it couldn't make it anymore. So they began doing it and it was neighborhood organizer's. In this case, there was an old Italian guy in the neighborhood who seems to have organized families to operate stills and kids would go out and sell it. And so he grew up with that, and after Prohibition, the mob generally and in the case of my grandfather, in particular, shifted to a different revenue stream and that was gambling. And so he's then we kind of see him his first. Arrests that I had the records that I got were of him running card and dice games out of the trunk of a car. So he's now late teens early twenties, and he's moved into that. And, um And that's how he kind of moves into that operation. Right. He's sort of taught by this guy named Phillip Barone teaches them how to palm cards deal from the bottom of the deck and to sketch dice, which is you can actually make dice Do what you want him to. That's what they tell me. I haven't tried myself but you can. You know it's not loaded dice. This is a way of how to hold them and throw them. And again, this protege of my grandfather's was talked by the same guy who took my grandfather and he he taught him to cheat as like a pro. When you just take a break here, let me reintroduce you Once again. We're speaking with Russell Short out. His new memoir is called small time a story of my family and the mob. He'll be back to talk more.

Pennsylvania Russell John New York Johnstown Sicily attorney United States Terry Gross Dave Davies Cecily Ellis Island Americanizing John's Town Antonino Tony Phillip Barone
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"Well risk The bulbous world risk the name your price tool only from progressive. The hour and afoul of the comatose coxswain Chris Casualty Insurance Company Pavilion, Special coverage Mental State Law the brain Use invoke Antonino Oh, nickel, Epee E Babel, a llama una mas musica. He must bury that. My last boy. Glad. More smart joke. I get this. Call me. You have my skin off. Suddenly you saw his keep my Dallas but us But how soon Charlie before I carry on where girl wrapped inside your baby, So JAG JAG, Please miss trapped inside my own little bit whole thing on me. For a man. Then you get on now. That's how they knighted. You. Takahashi. You my doctor, what you got in mind to show me Wait, Wait, wait. You think holding by this school? They're good. Come on, Somebody hear me. Live with Children on top of baby child become much chest cheap stuff, some much like no life. Thank you for the whole thing. Only imagine never having had it at you, girl with you. Sure, honey, hold me touch me. Love me. Wait. Yeah, man, kids, relevant marriage. Hey, we'll talk some other day. Okay. Man is in love. I mean, but I mean, we're finding in the race with A little bit. You, my girl. You that promise that you love me, baby sass me. Well, every rebel lunacy squad throw the net. A wannabe ass and Lucas.

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"Shocked mural scenic funding raise. Some kind. Of. A several of the percents equals vacuuming of McCain's file. Abu I Oklahoma so demise. If will give me Stucco Bus Textbook, AC character believe from your Acapella is a type of parameter. Don't from Tacoma Twain because you're following, lays down. With. The mice, your devotion damp. Wvu Gear. Medical colleges to. Monday con. Qui folkman stuck was seen bookie position allowed listen. To other intone about fighting push which is that you gotTA Say Russia? Ga Haggai. By loop is that there were sequence Jane She. Designed to know what there was sequencing. Missed W. Dodge but you. Don't mean. Why had I digest Nathan Peterman Foci Vibrant Palpable. Donovan cover them. WHO's Q. focusing lease with Sugar Elijah so Becsey COMMUNICA-. Escorts gave like the Meshes was seen whole lot them in. The follow on seeing seem. florida-based. Weapon Jacuzzi paint so chicken. Something school fear while. Picking. Him Is. Seeing. Wrestle! kickable decimal. Looking into bed Seaweed Salinas to Dazs. Kid Is. A bass in the band them whatever big gun outweigh! Being carried this couples carpenter. Alaska's. Pacific you helping? decided it was a little. The data processing pickup is. Justified Dialogue Essay sit on. Your video. Doku Usage Tile Bob Bruce Antonino, jere. Brand. What what the fuck got under! You. Go faster is that. The, you know the. Sea Quiz except. My splendor. Barely. Sabina. coys divide. By the cutaneous. Turned his instant guy. College. Looking bubbalicious. Stop on! Swear to. Be Kid. See is it animal idiom cuzner? Likud. Duties you, you. Up the. Cobra Apple, but in lower ormeau overstepping. So we'll what does not. Kill successful these parameters seeing. The former CO field today either. Don't the Buzzer Blue Eastern physical? Copies and we come is the g your? Veins participate forged Bluefin AFIA. Principal will say say tries metropole of. Cheese guess the main the commission shutdown. Keep vitamins picked. Come to an item equal. Cheek when they wanted. To US daily Lottery Kiko, equals. Prakash see it. She lost a lot of seeing. Out of them. Those loss Avi. CJ Thank you. His, other so. They got that year. Lots of times each booking booking you. Say. My l., flu. If he's got that I can remember a basin was a key data points no side to say that. This is the second one. The? Myth. Overtake has. been. Give us a coma saying. System allows you connect to the perfect who care teamed up with a Border Mason with with the. Just! Is My. Therapy the days. Start leader. Take. The meaning can have this is. All so Ashkenazi Keelan Emma. Will Acumen Bonus. Pleasure today's. The, it would bond coping Kobe's keeps going to freaking. Wool Keefer. On Africa IRA is this your for the Michelman to. Ross by. Doesn't and. We in. With a quick. Keep. Kind of? Get you know if we have to. Get up and. You look at all. I G pretty music from answer that humid a lot my show free Paris keep. Time? Also call Mapra Torah Data Malla Hathor. Or key to the past so polack keevil sit. Means coming. WHO's stood? You don't on I will say. To do set. Giving his. David Auto Porch affordable. You Honestly Temple told. You don't want you can't. Greg. School Aguado Brazil questions plans kicks it off as Zane branch. Shall Cayenne supplemental? Fish! This shock you. You start going to. Sony Secularity Michel. Kyoto quite Danta. because. I come inch Portugal your. Lives at. The the era. 'cause even put his episode. Kissing Kissing With Cinco job as you. Our. Possess domain playback economical car. Ally seem upsides. Biology Free Bites, coming. To represent website award eight. On my top. Producer orgies is missing Malaysia. Fee Put some your. Balance on your flies beach. Fees. On which Jesse's almost converse versus COOMBS congress. The president. Kees. Video. Poker producer. Taylor things in quitting syntheses overseas you can commits want from Pulitzer individual is. Zero Guam Quiz APR Speciale Tomato. vinnie dementia for the don't do them. Picking up the tour, the gingerbread you quote us at this subsidy. Visa Magic cash. Another says. By. WHO I Running the. It for me. A giants will. COMP road right prepared you. I knew Jacob travel tonnage. Apart to the fish to your did your engine Miami attacked people with the since you? Know.

producer Ross US Jane She Oklahoma Qui folkman Wvu Gear Tacoma Twain McCain Ally Russia Donovan Nathan Peterman Bob Bruce Antonino Ashkenazi Keelan Emma Likud Alaska Becsey COMMUNICA TA
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"In the streets of its elite this ending up on these in the sky police drones to watch anybody breaking limits on movement using every method to stop the flow of people on the virus the authorities have already hiked fines for violating the restrictions it's a desperate attempt to flatten the curve of new infections we need is to ease the pressure on hospitals in the northern region of Lombardy there were no spat intensive care beds thirty doctors have died even in Rome cases arising fost another hospital because of a local now opening a coronavirus wind Antonino mark has it is the medical director that he sees them as I don't know it's not a C. on equity telling health system in the northeast at a very critical point in Rome we've been able to learn from what they've experienced for my part I need to show all the courage I can because we have to fight with all our strength thank we don't know when the people to be maybe in Rome this weekend when Jonathan and I see you're not going to the worst hit town remains back among the Milan it's met George gaudy says the Italian restrictions should be the model elsewhere with a warning to those who delay this is running out please look down is the right decision and it's the one most European countries have taken sadly it's late other countries had an advantage of a few days over utility in the U. case case it was two weeks Britain lost precious time and there is a risk that he was caused to many lives losing those days could be a serious mistake in parliament when MPs.

Lombardy medical director Rome Jonathan Milan George gaudy Britain
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"So at this very early time in my career I was getting all sorts of people calling me and emailing me that I had met before asking me. What do we do like what happens if there is something you know major happens if there's a major you know catastrophe or if there's a major disaster late this what happens in their case to their properties because of course for a lot of people they are invested? In some cases all in in their real estate in some cases is just one of their holdings but for a lot of people with several properties into several of you. That are listening. That might be in this case. You were asking me for advice. And that's the one thing I want to make sure that you are doing right now is that you are not going to some random source especially online of all places and looking for opinions because that will make your head popoff. There wasn't that option in two thousand and three thankfully. So things were a little bit more rational. What I created at that time has been in place for me since then and what I what I called it then and what I call it now is the Toronto Slash. Gte Real Estate Portfolio Protection Program. What I did back then was created a protocol and a way of sort of keeping track of things for you. That was a little bit more hands on certainly a lot more irregular than the usual quarterly. Hello how you doing you know. Here's where your property value is Most of my clients enjoy getting. No some people don't want to know But my theory has always been an and you guys who've known me for a long time understand what I'm going to say here is if you if you check your bank balance every week or two you should be at least checking your real estate bank balance every quarter. It just makes sense. I'm not saying the check every week. But right now as things are unfolding and this one this particular Kovic Nineteen Corona Virus. Seems to be a lot more invasive than what we been through before so this is going to. I believe require a lot more in understanding as to how it might affect all of us. And there's nobody excluded from that list so I WanNa make sure that you guys are in a position where I'm able to help you now. The only way and this is all from past experience so I know what I'm talking about here. This is not. This is not a drill. Keep telling people that. This is not a drill. You can't you. Don't warm up to this kind of stuff. You have to be able to handle the turbulence and you have to have someone in the pilot's seat who is used to the turbulence that's who I am. That's what I have become very good at over the years with my thousands of hours of flight time. Especially in turbulent times going through being a realtor in two thousand three not easing going through a realtor going through two thousand eight financial crisis as a realtor. Also not easy to be something where you had to be able to understand how to maneuver through the storms and through the difficult times. Help everyone in that plane. Which is every single one of you. That's working with me But you have to be in the plane with me you have to be you have to be with with me on the system early which means now so after you've heard this podcast or even now make sure that you've reached out to me. You can go right to my web. Page and click on the button to sign up for the property that the portfolio protection program in the portfolio aspect of it is because for some of you over the years you've gone from having a property to having a portfolio meaning you've got four five or six units and that's what you have now and again. I'm telling you to you know be I'm not. I'm not at all telling you to worry in the long term but for some of you who are in a position where you might all more than you want or that you were thinking again getting rid of a property anyways for some of You. The weekly alerts. You're going to be getting from me when you're signed on with me when you're you know again when you're when you're a full member with me it's going to make a big difference and this isn't GonNa cost you anything. This literally is just what it's always been for me. Which is the the loyalty. The you know the being being there for you guys when you need me And of course you know me being the choice you you choose one. It's time for you to actually make that move so having a having a listing agreement signed is only. It's just a matter of the the beam prepared for when the dates and prices. Those are always flexible so but it helps me. Stay on top of what you have your complete and current equity position of all your properties. I can make sure that you get that now. And you're alerted all activity near you and I have automated system to make it even easier so I've actually have For every single one of your properties I will be making sure that you get alerts of all the activities so that you're not falling behind. This is a big thing for those of you with a lot of money in your real estate you do not want to take a risk on this part you should know you should already be on this system by the way but if you aren't yet consider this the day that you started the key decision making is where the value is going to be all from week to week during the turbulent markets during the times of crisis again. Because I've been through them before even if you've been with me since two thousand three when this happened it's only gotten better as far as like how to understand how to protect yourself and how to shield yourself from further damage. Antonino went to you know went to lands to know went to you know go up and altitudes to to know window to make important decisions and make sure that you are going to land safely. And that's really what it comes. Down to a leader removes fear. I'll keep saying that. And it's not the first time I've set up but right now I'm saying a lot. A leader removes fear and helps you get through these difficult times and whatever it is that concerns you right now especially because there's stuff that's out of your control stuff that's in your control that's part of you know when we meet and when we talk right now we're doing a lot of talking a lot of phone calls a lot of conversations like that are happening with people sometimes some. I've never met Part OF THAT FIRST CONVERSATION. I had with a lot of you especially right now which I've again had a little bit of time to practice over the last seventeen years Of being you know from the two thousand and three you know SARS thing to now is to explain how There is a list of things but fifteen things are so Half of those things you can control the other half you can't it's just there's just been no changing that regardless of what's happening now what will happen in the decade. What happened twenty years or whatever it is or was there are certain things that will be universal that you can control some things you can't and so the things that you can control are the things that you need to make sure that you are aware of of course this being on top of your equity position your property values whatever you WanNa call. It is something that you should be doing with me anyway. So you should be on my you know my property protection alerts anyways to make sure that you are getting you know the right type of information so make sure that you are again clicking on the button on my website and making sure that your registering for that and we can take it from there and hopefully make sure that you're in a good position and that you are safe throughout this whole thing and that's what's most important is that you and your family you're safe. You're staying away from open houses and hopefully none of you are going to them any waste because a lot of times it's just you just showing up and your fish in a barrel. You're literally getting a sales pitch from someone who's hoping that you're not working with anybody. And sometimes it goes bad from there so skip all that connect with me. Now make sure that we're in touch and let's let's do some good things together. Let me help you let me make sure that your again in the right position to make decisions whether that includes Liquidating or includes you know this the Holt? And that's that's really what we sort of you know. Break it down to his. What's the what's the right time right? Now what's what's the right thing to do right now for you and for a lot of you Right now it's too soon to tell but soon if anything changes were that isn't the were. Another answer is clear then. I'll make sure that you know about it. Okay thanks for tuning in have a great day..

Gte Toronto Antonino full member
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"Looking down Hey guys it's pretty happy all you can really do you have the right flashing lights what kind of struck me is the number of under covered I mean civilian vehicles a lot of people flooding police officers all kind of interactive just briefly and then the vehicle just take off all you can hear sirens is coming from pretty much any direction right now as well tell me any indicator winter where we might hear more from police Bob that I am not aware of decided where I'm standing I need maybe a few officers they look like they're directing billions out of the area as of right now but either third the officers on the scene I now happily on the movie you're getting something really trying to check out get information as well but I'm not getting any indication yet as of right now Antonino indicator yet as far as you've been able to collect information on how many people may have been injured or killed that is correct I am not aware right now all right tell me what you can to stand by with us it stand by collecting your information as best you can Greg has a little bit of new information yesterday trying to see through the imagery that we have here John and some of our in house feeds if there is a full scale evacuation or or how it's being treated on campus so with so many employees and so many different aspects of the complex at MillerCoors employees from what I can tell are being transferred to other areas of the building not sure about a full scale evacuation but you know folks who are in that you know that two were centered in areas that are nearby where the brewery is are being moved to other locations so looks like they're trying to to lock down one perhaps element of the entire complex and make it a quote unquote safe zone to get others out of that area on your State Street he is pragmatic I'm John work here to that point Greg a lockdown at Harley Davidson we're being told Harley Davidson their corporate headquarters is right nearby has also been placed on lockdown a major parts of the Miller complex placed on lockdown if you have information the phone number here is eight five five six one six one six twenty eight five five six one six one six twenty or if your law enforcement and can talk us through what typically happens in this sort of situation I would love to tap into your expertise are talking about an active shooter situation at Miller cores yeah I get a mortgage talking text line is eight five five six one six one at six twenty let's go to Connie Connie good afternoon you're on W. T. M. J. hi as they told her producer my son is an employee at the blue me about two thirty just to let us know I'm sorry you know please start over again your son's an employee and then go from there yeah he called me about two thirty and let me know that there was an active shooter at the brewery and that they were all on the line that he was safe he didn't know where the shooter what was considered an active scene and then he called me about twenty minutes after that that he was being escorted they were put in the blue house he works at the blue house was being escorted in that dear the person just said that they were being escorted to another area by the police my son did witness that there were one of it was covered and then the other one the paramedics were working on them so the victims Connie in the brew house for the in the area where he works he witnessed them is where there is a parking structure that the cross the street from the corporate building off of highland Avenue and then there's a walkway where you could walk down the hill I looked down toward the tree house he said it was in that general area is where the bodies were he was shaken up definitely I think he may have known one of them or at my husband also had worked there so between the two of Bombay my son felt that he may have known the department that they were in but I didn't ask him which one so funny was he allowed to leave or is he still locks down Miller core she he was they were being escorted your producer said not to say where they were going somebody else did say area that is not been allowed to leave he's still there at that right now no well Sir you're having to deal with this this is a very difficult situation where someone you love is down there in this Lisa sounds like he's okay yes that's the blessing and all that so my heart goes out to whoever the family of the victims are but I just want to give you that update thank you very much we appreciate it thank you very much there don't get similar information that that the employees are being transferred to other areas of the complex I I don't want to see where they're being transferred to but there is a a moving of process to try and get employees to what the forties believe it's a safe zone on that campus but as a caller just explain to you some of these employees are walking by victims of from this entire incident and that could be the quite disturbing I can only imagine what they're going through and and how their day has been flipped upside down but as we mentioned it's it's a large campus there's a lot of activity just a normal given day is part of the work week but this appears to be the area off State Street right around where the historic Miller caves are located maybe just west of thirty fifth street is the best we can gather right around the brewery area and while the area on highland which is the main access point to the corporate center is located it is there is police activity but it seems like the majority the activity is on State Street in the area of where the shooting took place I thank you very much Craig to update to an active shooter situation the big question right now amongst others is has the shooter been taken into custody is everybody still on lockdown this taking place at the Miller cores headquarters headquarters which is roughly the four thousand block of west State Street four thousand block of west State Street obviously stay away from that area if you try to get in that area you're not gonna have any luck if you have been in that area or know someone who you've talked to who is there we'd love to hear from you the accurate mortgage talking tax line is eight five five six one six one six twenty of course be safe but if you can get to us the number here is eight five five six one six one six twenty we're expecting to hear from please coming up here momentarily Harley Davidson is in the area Harley Davidson is on lockdown Miller cores is on lockdown this is in a very industrial area so not a lot of schools in that area but there is a neighborhood right there and there is a neighborhood school cool story elementary school is on about thirty fifteen Kilborn and do what it doesn't but up to State Street and you're not gonna walk from yard to yard for lack of a better term this is right around the time that school is ending if there is a school very close to that area so you can imagine the bus traffic in and out of that area right around thirty fifteen Kilborn just west of thirty fifteen Kilborn is where you'll find story elementary schools on and and that's going to be a situation too wow with kids three o'clock right I mean this came down about two thirty in elementary schools are usually get out around that time so story elementary schools another place that you're you're concerned about yes your level of concern grows with the entire situation but right now it appears as if right around the area of historic Miller caves where everything is taking place but there is a school in the area that that certainly is concerning all right great thank you very much also reports on that market high school market high school is not directly in that area but it's kind of up the hill a little bit market high schools apparently I'm locked down as well our police and law enforcement consultant Anne Schwartz is with us we're gonna get to any in just a second I want to bring in Steve Peterson he is a former detective member of the swat team on the Waukesha county sheriff's department C. thank you so much for being with us your background he Steve I know you can't talk a lot about this specific situation because it's fluid and rock gathering information but I wanted to tap into your expertise about how law enforcement handles this sort of situation you were a leader on the swat team for many many years they're involved here as part of this critical incident response how is this situation handled when calls like this come in we share and dynamic of that but I can tell you I was downtown on State Street near what you please headquarters in the city building when this was kind of jumping off and I cannot even tell you the last time that I saw that many emergency vehicles heading west on State Street dot of the downtown area so there is just tremendous law enforcement response obviously I think you'd be able to I'm sure he got the monitors there that you're clean and now what has happened is that swat teams are integrating together and they're going in and that the deal with the situation and even after that the matter is resolved ended there's still going to be a tremendous amount of Bob clearing of the building to make sure that everything is secure and you know it you know I look at what I what I ninety four year old kind of walk and I'm seeing three you know S. U. V. type vehicle stop reading blue light studies found into the city so there's there's gonna be a tremendous law enforcement response Steve Wynn use sort of law enforcement activity still moving towards the city is that any sort of indicator that this thing is not over contained or is that not a fair assumption to make yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily say that what I'm seeing probably is the law enforcement components that are on the scene are you calling in for additional assets and those could be assets from the Madison area either on the federal side of the house or from the state division of criminal investigation so I think this is pretty much all hands on deck for that's and and and as you mentioned it's very fluid and everything is changing on this but that there's gonna be a tremendous law enforcement response and continuing responses I think for a while yet Steve Peterson's former detective with the Waukesha county sheriff's department Steve walk through when swat arrived on scene and there's possibly an active shooter there's possibly casualties how that is divided how that work goes forward in trying to secure a scene secure a shooter take care of people who maybe are injured well you know I I'm not gonna get into a little bit of tradecraft what brought up the active shooter scenario is not just solely dedicated to the tactical team to the swapping it pretty much kills first responding officers more than likely uniformed up police officers responding to the scene are gonna go in and they're going to try to find where the shooting is going on and indeed that sugar and and eliminate the practice but what we're seeing is a complex like Miller cores probably capital assets are coming in because they're going to they're going to go in and do a more methodical about clearing out of the building and again with the building that size that probably is going to take us several multi jurisdictional teams to do that but again it's those first officers were responding whether it's one officer or you got ten shown up they're all gone and and they're they're gonna they're gonna try to find out where the shooting is and and stop you talk about the massive police presence unlike any you've seen in quite some time on scene how departments divide up who handles white who's in charge who goes where who stands down yeah that's that that's always one of the bigger the bigger challenges but you know the market police has a really good grasp on unified unified chain of command and belt they probably start up a command post as quickly as they could with everything all those responding law enforcement assets report into the command post and and they're given assignments they may be called to the stand down and hold off until we may need you to move to a particular area bucked up it it's it's it's controlled but believe me there's a activity going on as far as you know building out your sign to keeping track of who's there C. Peterson is with us Steve I can't imagine the horror that police officers see every single day and the adrenaline that must come as you rush towards danger when everybody else is running from it can you talk about the the the adrenaline the compartmental innovation that must happen when you show up on a scene like.

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"The second or third vehicle in the I. dot truck that responded to the first incident for personalized traffic on demand get the traffic Chicago lap it's approved by the mortgage experts of teen Hochberg just search TRA at that by ex Chicago in your forecast were hovering right around ten degrees overnight in the city a little colder away from the lake tonight this morning rather a consul build during these pre dawn hours we'll see those winds pick up as well with highs in the upper twenties today chance of like snow again by later tonight as we did back in the low twenties it's twelve degrees at here is fifteen at the lake front I'm Dick fallen on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN seven twenty W. G. and we're live in the skyline studio here eighteen stores were beautiful downtown Chicago here till five eight am Steve Kerr's image as the opening bell five the great Steve Cochran at six with your morning drive with me live in studio is Rick user who has all the sports song good morning everyone and we're doing odds and ends sports sports that we normally don't focus on that we wanted to give some attention to and tell me what that was I guess that was the Rocca Chang god by Antonino Rocca the wrestling legend from his nineteen sixty five album in this corner of the musical world of and then the no real guy right all right let's get back to it all right where you want to go why don't we go to track fifty four and on that track one of the the biggest names in tennis in the seventies and into the eighties Bjorn board he I was part of part of part of a song by the DJ and performer Dr Alban.

Hochberg TRA Chicago Dick W. G. Steve Kerr Antonino Rocca tennis WGN Steve Cochran Rick Rocca Chang Bjorn Dr Alban seven twenty W twelve degrees ten degrees
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"That's our monthly membership gives you access to all of our material that we've produced produced over the last four years or simply by donating to our ministry and you can do that by going to our website. Theo cast out work. We hope that you enjoy the rest of the conversation me ask this question and it may seem like a trick question but it's not an it's a grounder and Theo Cass. Yes we have rules. You don't throw grounders but you know you guys are new things. It doesn't take a nasty hop a right all right so does God need your obedience. No that's an that's a weird question. It is does God need your obedience. Jimmy yes or no. I'm already said no yeah. I know. They know why why not I mean first of all. I think the witness of the scripture is that what we are the ones in need of what only God can provide God is not in need of anything that we would bring to him so this matters for a whole host the things including how we think about obedience corporate gathering or a number of a number of things and so our obedience does matter our lives will be transformed. We're GONNA get here in a minute. We have been made for good works in Christ Jesus. I mean God has prepared good works for us to walk in so those things are gonNA happen. God is honored in that but honestly those good works in that obedience matters more for my neighbor neighbor in life here on earth than it dies so my thunder thunder man used against Denmark Hunter Bro all around I could say more I could saint were ahead fellas. Well what I was GONNA say. Is You know I I love the line what God requires in his law he gives gives in his Gospel and so it when we think about obedience does God require my obedience. It's we'll we'll know but you know I think as Justin said what what the scriptures attest to and I think even not require not requires the wrong word knee got got need right. Yes excuse me need but what the scriptures attest to and even what the confessions the reformed confessions speak of is that God produces obedience viant in his children you know and so like let me just let me just read this. This is the sixteen eighty nine backs confession Chapter Sixteen Paragraph Graf three where they they write this their ability to do good works you know speaking of Christians regenerate Christians their ability L. D. to do good works does not arise at all from themselves but entirely from the spirit of Christ and and as you think about out you know again pushing against this rugged individualism. I think what Justin pointed out so well is that these good works do not exist in a vacuum you know like if I think about my life and think about the good works that God produces in and threw me. It's not just so I can feel good in my prayer closet but rather the good works that God produces in me benefit my wife benefit my children benefit my church benefit my my neighbor her. You know that there is a real horizontal value to these good works that God produces they they don't exist just between me and God but these good works really do benefit people so here's a question here's a second question for you. when we think about again inside by the individuals individualization of the Christian faith where it's me and God we tend to read scripture in this way so go read efficient. Colossians go re Corinthians and the instructions that are given there. It's as if God is speaking directly to us for the application of our own personal life and we completely removed the context that Paul is writing to a church for the context of a church to be applied in obeyed in the Church so here's my question what what command has been given or what send can you commit. That doesn't directly affect. Is there a sense that you can commit that does not affect another another human being in your life. It's only an offense against God. Can you think of percents so my my answer again. Here is no I think that quickly people want to immediately object and say. Whoa what about these things that I commit on my own without anybody else knowing about it. Clearly that's not not affecting my neighbor I would just say that's a very short sighted and naive perspective because of a life lived indulging in the desires of the flesh or whatever is going to inevitably start impacting your neighbor whether that's your spouse your kids your friends other members of the Church your coworkers that is going to manifest itself and it's going to start cutting people to pieces in ways that you can't foresee in ways that you don't not even realize right then in that moment when you're committing that supposedly private sin right so if you go and read a just as an example go taken read read the latter half of the book diffusion starting in Chapter Four so all the first three chapters or the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ chapters four on Paul gives a lot of instructions but what's interesting about the instructions is that he does not individualized. They're all dealing with the corporate reality in that. If these trues this is true true about Jesus. This is what it should look like and he gives some pretty forceful commands and forceful instructions to the believer to be kind and gracious and patient to be. He to be a sacrificial to consider how to build another up and good luck. Eleven good works. He never equates that to the believers assurance. He never equates that to the believer standing. It's always what I would say the reflection of the Gospel. If this is true this is how it's applied it and it is for the benefit because he says when the body functions properly what does he say it builds itself up in love so obedience rightly understood understood is not the God doesn't need our obedience. Then who needs are dances justice said earlier our brothers and sisters do because that's how we maintain amy unity obedience is the form of unity because it draws. I mean we're all simple people. We have to obey these commands otherwise it's just going to be highly dysfunctional. That's right well. I think of offense to one to ten. I mean that is a you know that that's a that's a passage that I think everyone loves to quote you know it's one of the most clear Gospel God has done this for you. In Christ passages in the whole scripture right and then we get to verse ten that we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works and a lot of times there can be oh most a we get to that and and either we do this. How does this fit with the rest of that passage or we just hang on that and say Oh whoa this is where we need to live where when you look at the passage as a whole you know if you just want to isolate those ten verses one through four talks about our dead state before God that we are spiritually dead apart from Christ and then there's that that glorious shift where where Paul writes but but God being rich in mercy he then moves moves us to this reality that God has done this great spiritual saving work in our lives apart from us. You know we were dead in sin. You know not just face down in the water but at the bottom of the ocean dead in Sin and God has saved us and so when you think about this this idea that we are created and curse Christ Jesus for good works. How how can you move from this glorious presentation of what the Gospel says about us that we were dead but thank God made us alive and then all of a sudden get to this obedience. It's and it's almost like there's this mental shift or Rican. Weaken falsely believe verse ten is like God saying now. It's your turn your turn. I did my thyroid right now. It's your turn wherein reality you know yeah this. Is he approve. It proved that I've done this. You know Y- even think about this and relations you know you who began in the spirit. Are you now going to be perfected by the flesh no no that that again as the confession speaks. Wchs God produces these works this obedience within us yet so I think part of the issue here in our human human nature. We've alluded to this and other podcasts and I'm sure we'll continue to talk about the the legal spirit is hard wired into our DNA and so for us naturally from human level. We see two primary motivators for obedience. One of them is merit. We're GONNA earn something. We're going to be rewarded with something. The second is escape of punishment so when for most people as they think about this obedience question and you tell me that okay in Christ Jesus everything has been accomplished. That's necessary for my salvation. He's provided me with all the righteousness that I will ever need and I am safe. You have now removed the possibility of merit and you have now removed the the possibility of punishment so sometimes people look around and say all right. We'll why obey now. Help me understand why I I should pursue obedience if I'm really safe and secure and I can't earn anything that's a legitimate question that people always a wrestling within the church when they hear the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ well to quote the proverbs. The way of the transgressor is hard. I don't know about you but has had its course. It's not fun and that it's not what the motivation we're talking about but there is a side of me that says hey realistically you look at anybody who goes headlong into send. They're typically not a very happy person they might be on the outside of it. No the results of sin are never satisfied. Unfortunately all three of us men we still send because we think it will satisfy our flesh still hold on L. Desires it away. We're not supposed to we're all we're born ties and sanctified threat. We came out like John the Baptist Yeah I had this. I said this to my congregation. Recently I said if if I had the capacity within me it could God God gave me the spiritual gift to love my wife perfectly as Christ loved the Church to be the perfect dad to be the perfect citizen to be the perfect pastor. I promise you if I could do that I would because it would bring more joy and less pain in my life and it would glorify God to the supreme cream like the utmost but I can't do those things right. That's the problem. So just you know to to go back to something then. You said you know to the person you know we're speaking of hypothetical individual. The person who says will if I can't earn anything and if all all the punishment has been borne Christ which those things are true you know that then why obey and when you think about that that's not that's not what an Antonino Mian Spirit. You know. That's not a an anti law spirit what the that's a that's still illegal spirit. That's rat okay. I'm still operating on legal terms with God and so if I don't have to if I don't have to fulfil any legal terms than you know what you you know what the heck you know why why do any of this so biblically the best place to launch US may be.

Paul Theo Cass Justin Antonino Mian Spirit Jimmy Denmark L. D. Hunter Bro US four years
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"This is prince d._j. Now we had our ups and downs was heatwaves during the summer and i had to wait desperately for my trip that upcoming so close that you could just i run with it and on top of that i had to survive a whole week of way the with no food only still lured that helped me do it when when i was baking aching in heat no food in house there was times that i've got sick and that was the reason why i was late for a delight ministry ministry early for july and august knowing the car that it was going to be very hot and of course the the tail is always the adult date of august or the dog later someone august but you mean to tell me you mean to tell me me and with other people who had to to travel tomorrow going to hear their outside of the airport on a greyhound bus wherever is gonna have to travel double where he's going to heat them so fast in the morning that is literally dangerous The lift i get the florida it probably might be hard to me and god is going to have meaning the final how in the world going to have to get to a bus two-mile the way hey told i could get to either the main airport in orlando or go straight to the hotel which is right next. That's right across the street from the convention center. Do you not want me to pass out or have he stole i have heated austin and to the day of my flight is gonna be dangerous. He matter of fact backyards things won't won't even though i'm gonna be gone. They said it's going to be the second or maybe third hottest out of state. I don't know <unk> ninety five and according to the weather is going to be ninety six three that the high but they always say the real feel temperature. We got heat advisories. It started today and it's not going to are going to be a florida but it started today and in either gonna the to eight p._m. Tomorrow and it's still going to behind you know even on going. I'll be gone up until wednesday but then by the time i get back from my conference. I'm going to be black any heat. What are you trying to do. I got a month before i go mark cruise right outside. Come back and i'm trying to come back in time for you know the wednesday wednesday night re kickoff for fall short. Chat ain't gonna fill light barley. Why absolutely why. I gotta be endangered me and other people. That's going to be travelling and playing. He's changed inaudible. Bill is going to be endangered really really meanwhile. You can't take a drink. You can take food but you can't take a three because of the audit tack that happened in nine eleven. You can't take a drink unless it's a very teeny teeny tiny small glass and it had to be up to the pla bad about it can't take the heat so i'm going to do even flavors early in the morning. I you know what i'm gonna do. Oh i couldn't even i couldn't even take that. I wanted to take an. I wanted to take an app. I came home from great service arab baptist preacher. I wanted to take a nap knowing that i had it. I gotta get about five twenty in the morning. Just call my right at five thirty. Are you kidding me right. Now your better that i be safe when i get to even before i go to at least check my bag. I'm already checked in for my flight but at least i better be safe between the airport and get to the airport sanford and trying to get to the main orlando proper. I will never the next time i can because at hotel won a five hundred dollars to four thirty for the night that i'll be staying in the in the room to and then plus ten dollars a night for stupid antonino. They don't want me anything but i'm going to something there and i'm gonna have my flavor water. If you smell arou- what prestige jay and i thought it'd be safe in this tag on he is cooking okay. This is prince d._j. And upon further review there was no other match so because of everything they antic is a smackdown down and the <hes> the buddy murphy spilled the beans on trying to spill the beans on who try righted into roman reigns or bad everybody thinking that romi rain and daniel bryan was going to get a doormat matt summer slam nothing now and then it was tough rollin with the universal title weird i was aware at any because it was teed on appreciate when i'm when buddy africa attacked for being a snitch and with vince mcmahon keep writing at the last minute. Don't you think fans one of something now and with all these like i said before auto shows wrestling shows have been don't prediction any we have one position that could count because the match with that added last asked minute and it's like what the catman so this is. This is going to be not a part two of who want who have. I did in my perdition but this is gonna be the altro to this a day before a podcast moment traveling broadcast <hes> <hes> wow <hes> man. I'm gonna matches for good but the way the story life with this the summer slam it was confusing. I wonder why they're call crowd was bored and then travel with the toronto. They wanted to see their hometown. Hero lin and i actually voted for a couple of hometown hero. I voted for natalia see law. I voted for a tr- stratus she laws and the only good thing that happened with edge chain bag any other uh i believe he is from canada and so i guess when i and i'm going to give the number that you could call that you could always listen to the big deep down if you don't have any internet or wifi or or even data on your phone and your that you're gonna miss annetta episode of the big d down but if you are listening to down from fifty countries dot net over ever you hear the podcast including spotify and ain't good that f._m. And also and also google any anywhere that you give podcasting. You're in the right place so i guess these typically country strong and leaving a little bit of us so i am for three on my first i.

florida orlando austin google lin spotify Bill vince mcmahon toronto daniel bryan sanford jay canada murphy africa five hundred dollars ten dollars
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"And who the top challenges were? So when you saw rankings for like the. Awa the NWEA the WWF back, then Slava Charlotte, all of these places, including Japan, I had a guy in Japan as to talk to Koichi SS ally every week, and we would go over this. And that's how the top ten rankings were compiled, generally. And those guys were probably glad to work with you just to give their promotion, some some notoriety some some pub in a well-received magazine. Am am I correct because you know, back you are a lot of people say we were the the internet before the internet. And that's that's really true. I mean, I remember back in the seventies poll Jones who was a big star and the Carolinas and Georgia and a lot of other areas came to Madison Square Garden for one show since McMahon senior booked them for one Cheryl, and he came over to me after he had gone into the dressing room area. And he says, you know, what if I never realized? He says you guys have been doing stories on me for a few years people here knew who I was because of the magazine coverage, right? I always wanna I broken the business. It was back in nineteen eighty nine as you know, I was in nineteen ninety pro wrestling illustrated rookie of the year. And I have that I'm down here at the ranch Bill, and I had that plaque hanging right on the other side of the wall here in my office. I was very proud to receive that that award, but what are your first as low as you've been around the business? What are your first memories of the business like grown up as a kid what what attracted visits? How'd you get into it? Oh, growing up as a kid or any might my heroes. And it's mazing. They still have the passion for full wrestling slash splits into came in from the day. I I started watching it. And as we're talking today, whereas little kid my brother used to actually to come up on the bed with him. And he co move a little to the left. Now moving to the right topic. And he dropped kick me off the that's my older, brother. I have no idea what he was doing. And one night I passed by the TV, and I saw him watching this Di Antonino Argentina Araya. And that I said that was the drop kick came from. I started watching it with him. And then I remember this real cheap production show. I guess everything was cheap production that then called bedlam from Boston. And I was living in New York in Queens, New York, and as channel turning, and I saw this announcer and this wrestling dick, the bruiser talking with each other. He's an announcer was doing an interview and dick the bruiser was really upset at one of the questions, and he pull the announcement. The ring beat the crap out of and I find out later that that announcer was Lord Athol Layton, very well-spoken, British gentleman, and that kicked off that she, but I just. Something in that one moment. And that thing with Raka just sparked me they there was just so little by little I started cowboy Bob Ellis Johnny Valentine with his atomic skull crusher..

McMahon Cheryl Japan Di Antonino Argentina Araya Lord Athol Layton Slava Charlotte WWF Madison Square Garden New York Boston Bob Ellis Raka Jones Johnny Valentine Carolinas Queens Georgia