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"antonia rego" Discussed on Louder With Crowder

"What about to tell you to be loyal what about to tell you to honor your mother and father what are that there are a lot of their lot of virtues that actually were seen as weakness for a long time before modern christianity or certainly judeochristian ideas mercy was not seen as a virtue so a lot of it runs completely it's very counterintuitive to your basic most carnal instincts and that sometimes white takes patients at this happens it takes same thing in a marriage whether it's being and classic lindsey shepherd dealing with professors life takes patients and sometimes you to see where you are maginness you know me in the changed my mind segment with the pro life in about forty minutes in go on okay what's happening what have i done what have i done wrong here what have i because usually i can make enormous okay i can acknowledge that that's a life but i'm still okay with with any but i can see your point of view in almost every case particular with prolific kind of one of my strong suit but imagine me at forty two forty four minutes in whatever it was going i am i must i must be i'm really screwing up here what am and if i have just stopped and given up i would have never gone to the point where she says i'm fine with abortions up to nine months anyway and that was the aha moment that was the breakthrough moment and a lot of people just need to go a little bit for that you can see this and you can see was and people that are people who naturally do it better or people who train themselves to do it better grades samples fighters in a lot of sports for the term front runner it's never more clear that and combat sports as good example a guy named antonia rego new year if you don't know who is globes highlight your on youtube and people look it up now and see his his losing record but early on when he was young he would lose every single fight badly until he won he he went he wanna fight against bob sack if if you don't know bob cepa was in the that that.

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