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"antonia dari" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"A lot of brazilians i come from cities like sao paulo religion nato where sort of violence is sort of them is a constant menace street violence may be petty street crime and they they tend to stay together stick together with the people they know when and the situations they know it's sort of imagine you're driving in a city where perhaps every intersection could be dangerous in as opposed to drive me in the inner state in all the sun a car comes down going in the wrong direction and you don't expect it and i sense that this one for them is that interstate with a car coming and going the wrong direction and all of a sudden getting hammered by this event are any of these families that you spoke to deciding to take a more extreme measures and just move out of the united states where this is this issue isn't such a daily or weekly or monthly occurrence i don't know about that i haven't heard any anybody that is thinking of uprooting themselves in in in in hunting a new place of course they came here said down roots and i guess some will determine what they want to do in this situation but i have a feeling that they field that after this you know it's tough to be scared of anything these kids have been shot out there what are they gonna be scared of politics in and anything else the families that's a different story i don't know but i presume some who might be thinking of them or have the means to have a second home in another place avon thank you for being with us today on the takeaway thank you hey von antonia dari as a reporter with reporters without borders covering the caribbean and florida.

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