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"anton zander lavi" Discussed on Cults

"When Anton Zander Lavi founded the church of Satan in nineteen sixty six he wanted to make Christianity, which he saw as fostering stupidity and dull complacency obsolete. This was an organization for non joiners, the alienated individuals who rejected traditional religion and instead adopted Satan the original rebel as their patron. Anton Antonova founded the church out of his home in San Francisco, Victorian, home that was dubbed the black house. His many followers would gather here to bear witness to his weekly satanic rituals in nineteen sixty nine. He published the satanic bible, which has been described as the most important document to influence contemporary satanism at the height of his fame. Levine was considered by many to be the real life incarnation of Satan. In fact, he was so synonymous with the devil. So that when people would address mail to Satan, the post office would deliver it directly to him Levin hobnobbed with movie stars and boasted of affairs with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. He was high priest of the church until his death in nineteen Ninety-seven in two thousand one Peter h Gilmore was appointed. As his successor a position he still holds to this day. The organization's headquarters has since moved to hell's kitchen in New York City since the organization has never disclosed official membership numbers. The number of church followers is a mystery to this day, some estimates place membership as high as twenty thousand others as low as three hundred this week, we're going to take a look at Anton avai and how he transformed from a simple circus musician into a figure many consider the most evil man in the world next week. We'll see how the church of Satan grew in popularity to eventually become the largest, satanic organisation in modern times. But before we discussed the church of Satan, we must examine the life of its leader. Anton LeVine was born Howard Stanton. Levy on April. Eleventh nineteen thirty in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a liquor salesman named Michael Joseph Levy, his mother was Gertrude Augusta culture his Russian-born maternal grandparents who emigrated to a high on 1893 became naturalized American citizens in one thousand nine hundred soon after he was born Levinas family moved to the San Francisco Bay area, which is where he spent his childhood, according to vague, he had normal parents who had no interest in the dark side Levin said, quote, the story of my father's life was to blend into the woodwork..

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